“Transwoman” fights for experience of living in all-girls dorm

January 15, 2011


A 51 year old male, medically discharged from the Navy in 2008 “Went over to the female side they kicked me out” has decided to change his legal sex and has applied to live in the only all-girl dorm on the South West Texas Junior College Ulvade campus. John Brigman, now Jennifer Gellar says although he has a home in Ulvade he wants to “experience dorm life” in the only female dorm on campus. Gellar had a harassment complaint filed with police against him last march by one of the female students over an unfinished group project.  According to KSAT news: “Now undergoing counseling, Gellar also said she has not lost her temper since the other student “made me blow up a little bit and I started yelling at her.” Police Chief McDonald said Gellar was not charged because she later avoided that student as instructed by police.”

The teenage girls in the dorm are frightened “You have to kind of trust who your roommate is if you want to stay in that dorm, and I really don’t trust her. It’s not even about gender. She’s built like a man so automatically he’s going to be stronger than any of us.” They cited concerns about Gellar arising from the harassment incident with their friend. “I kind of blew up on her on that, but I never did touch her or anything, it was all words” the 51 year old Navy vet responded.

The girls also question why Gellar would want to live in their dorm when he has a home in Ulvade. “Basically so I can experience dorm life”, he stated.

“I’m just wishing that people would accept me for who I am.”

After deliberation, today Gellar was denied housing in the female dorm, and also limited to use of men’s restroom on campus. According to college spokesman Willie Edwards “Due to privacy concerns, we cannot go into the reasons behind this decision.”

Gellar’s response: ““Who said anything about it being over! Because of these girls, I’m now receiving national coverage. KSAT has done two stories on me, Uvalde Leader News has interviewed me and it should be in the Sunday paper, CNN and ABC is about to do a story on me; so who said it’s over! Those girls are making me famous!”
“I also forgot to mention that KTSA will do a live interview with me on Monday at 12:30″

“I do like attention, even if it is negative”

“Remember I’m now getting national exsposure just because of those sweet girls. Now I will become a household name.”





Gellar’s Teen Trolling on Yahoo:

*UPDATE* I just had to update this because it’s too fucking funny. I did a check for updates to this story and what comes up but this gem posted to Katie Couric’s Facebook Page! Hahaha. I bet five dollars we’ll be hearing from this Gellar fellow again, by hook or by crook!

30 Responses to ““Transwoman” fights for experience of living in all-girls dorm”

  1. Noanodyne Says:

    Those girls are so phobic – why can’t they just take his word that his intentions are good? (I mean her!) Why can’t they understand that this is really a woman who has every right to share their bathrooms, hallways, and rooms? You know, because he (I mean she!) says he (I mean she!) does.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I know- don’t they understand that honoring and protecting a male’s self-identity takes precedence over a female’s right to safety? Not ignoring their own sense of danger is a transphobic act! They should just all live in fear so this man can get his freak on. I’m anxiously awaiting all the outraged responses from the trans community about how his “rights” to frighten women have been infringed on.

  2. Loup-loup garou Says:

    Gee, when I was in college there were a few 50-something returning students living in the dorms out of economic necessity. It was not their first choice; they were kind of annoyed at having to mingle with us young ladies. Honestly, what sane middle-aged woman wants to “experience dorm life” if she can possibly avoid it? I know I wouldn’t.

    And why is it that young women (any women, but especially young women) are still not taken seriously when they report harassment, but everyone has to tiptoe around some obvious fetishist so as not to be labeled transphobic?

  3. That’s “trans woman”. Not adding a space is degendering and TRANSPHOBIC!!1

    Seriously, though, this Geller person sounds like a creepy pervert to me.

    • GallusMag Says:

      As if that space makes all the difference. This is the sort of cultish linguistic bull-shittery that one would expect from a political movement based on the “civil right” to force the public at large to participate non-consensually in one’s kink.

  4. FCM Says:

    he just wants to experience dorm life. in the girls dorm. as a man. what man doesnt?

    but seriously, good on the girls and good on the administrators for putting the kabash on this one. sanity rules for once. and the girl who said “its not about gender” is absolutely right. its not. this guy is male-bodied, and sex and gender are not the same. DUH.

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  6. Laur Says:

    This dude has ALREADY been accused of harassing womyn, which is something people should know wherever he lives.

    And yeah, as someone who currently lives in a dorm and is in her mid-twenties, I hate it. But, things were much worse when I was on a co-ed floor with men barging in on me in the shower. Womyn specify we want to be on an all-female floor for a REASON!

  7. Bluetraveler Says:

    It looks like this MTF has an unhealthy fetish about teenage girls, being one and doing all the things teenage girls do (and that I’ve never done, without any real impact on my femaleness). I’d never want to be near HIM (because, let’s face it, there’s no way this individual is a woman), he looks creepy.

    • GallusMag Says:

      On his MySpace page, the “person I most want to meet”: Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus. lol I kid you not. A 51 year old male military police officer. Unfrakking believable. And that Yahoo trolling for teenaged girls? Came right up with a cursory search of his “female” name. I’m sure some digging would unearth more pedo-gems but I’m too sickened to undertake it.

  8. Hexydezimal Says:

    That person is many shades of creepy, as are the pedophilic tendencies. That attention whoring is just unbelievable. We are not like this, by far. Unfortunately, being a creepy jerk-off is hardly restricted to the ‘normal’ world.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Whatsamatter Hexy? Don’t you think his self-identity as a teenaged girl should be honored, and legally protected? That’s what your team is fighting for, no?

    • Noanodyne Says:

      And you know, Hexy, the point here is that we usually have no way of knowing which one of “you” is on the level and who is a pervy fuck. And why the hell, after all women have to deal with in the patriarchy, should we EVER have to take that on?

  9. GallusMag Says:

    I had to update this post- too fucking funny.

  10. Laur Says:

    If this dude really wanted the dorm experience, why not just move onto a co-ed floor?

  11. FAB Libber Says:

    zmog. This dude looks as much ‘woman’ as I do a three-headed fish.

    It is obvious he has a fetish regarding teengirls/YW, probably imagining pillow fights in their nighties.

    Noanodyne said it all:
    And you know, Hexy, the point here is that we usually have no way of knowing which one of “you” is on the level and who is a pervy fuck. And why the hell, after all women have to deal with in the patriarchy, should we EVER have to take that on?

    Why-oh-why aren’t the trans community self-policing these pervy fucks? This one is so damn obvious that he is a creepy fuck – long blonde wig and insisting on living in an all-female dorm (when he lives in the town already). It is clear he is a sexual predator. Not only very obviously male-bodied (and larger/stronger), but male-bodied with military training FFS (and a history of abusive behaviour towards females). These YW have every right to be worried.

    Brigman: “I’m just wishing that people would accept me for who I am.”
    Yes we do. You are a pervy fuck.

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  13. As one who actually is a transsexual, I would truly like nothing more than as Fab Libber said “to police those pervy fucks!” But they outnumber us at better than 50 to one for those who get surgery and if you include all those men folk hard at work playing dress up, then it is more like 250 to one!

    The TG stole our narrative decades back, creating trans-gender from it and ever since. They have been hard at work twisting “trans” into this sick way for them to access and violate women’s spaces! So yes! While I would dearly and truly love nothing more than to kick em the heck out on their freaky butts, I’m about as impotent, outraged and frustrated in this as you are!

  14. One article photo down that came from the bandwidth of another site.

  15. RoseVerbena Says:

    He says he likes attention, even if it’s negative. That’s classic histrionic personality disorder talking. I hate that we have to give these creatures what they positively FEED upon: negative attention.

    I’ve said before that there is a strong sexually masochistic aspect to being twanz. Way too many of them appear to get off on gnashing their teeth and clutching their pearls while claiming that we “haters” want to kill them or want to see them dead: “You want to hurt me. Don’t you? Don’t you want to hurt me?”

    It appears obvious to me that this dude is quite literally getting his rocks off by avidly pushing, pushing, pushing the line until he gets the big backlash that gives him his jollies.

    It’s repulsive. Just reading his words makes me want to give my brain a hot shower. Ewwwwwww.

  16. Nicky Says:

    That’s so classic. I know i am all for gender neutral dorms that they have in New England, but for trans people like that. I would say Heck no. That is your classic M2T who doesn’t care about Biological women’s safety and only cares about himself. That clearly shows one of the most classic signs of Narcissism that pervades within the trans community.

  17. Carrie Bell Says:

    i hate that this article is making Grey look like a victim of prejudice, he is isn’t. i live in that town go to that school and Grey live down the street from my mom. I went to school with him and the Girl he harassed so here all i observed. That guy, girl which ever he claims was in my history class the semester before semester. he was a huge jerk that just radiated serial killer. weirdest part of this story that they totally played down in article above he has a house two miles from the college where he can live rent free. oh and the dorm he applied for were the girls only dorm that are smaller older and more crammed than the coed dorms that are available across the parking lot from the girls. the girls that filed the complaint about him are a group of sisters, one of whom Grey harassed and even followed to her work, so after that when moving back into the dorm after Christmas break finding out that your new roommate may be your stalker would u be happy or feel safe. The article above never mentions that Grey is like 6’1 or 2 and oh yeah had army training. the girl who filed the complaint is a twig with boobs how could she feel safe. oh and the average age for students living in that dorm she wanted to move in to is 19 i mean why would any person in there fifty want to live with bunch of teenagers. this article isn’t a show case of prejudiced in a small Texas town it about a crazy person doing some thing crazy and being award with attention.

  18. Onewman Says:

    This story really resonates with me, not necessarily because I’ve had the bad experience that these women in Texas have had, but because I’ve bought into at one time the idea that “Hey, we’re all the same right?” and have shared sleeping space with men before, and I have found it creepy and not being true to my own right to have privacy as a woman.

    I am really disturbed by the claim that transgender men (it always seems to be men) feel they have the right to claim themselves suddenly female because they put on some lipstick and wear a skirt. Its insulting to my experience as a woman and denies my experience as a woman growing up having to live in a culture that hates women and having no choice in the matter.

    I’m not anywhere near the advanced level of knowledge that many of you are here, but find this site very enlightening and also very gratifying — of my own thoughts on the matter that often I feel I have to keep silent on as an progressive organizer.

    I frankly don’t give a damn if men dress up like fucking monkeys, its just when they claim that somehow wearing a dress and heels makes them a woman that makes my blood boil. Does that mean conversely that since I like to work on things and like to speak aggressively sometimes about what I feel passionate about that suddenly I lose my femaleness? Does my uterus suddenly clamp up and fail to exist? Last I knew, my period goes on and the men look at my boobs whether I like it or not, its not a fucking choice.

    Also its not a choice that I like to do some things that the patriarchy has given license to men to do but not me. I’m not trying to be a man when I’m building a house, hey I just like building things. I’m a woman and nothing I can do will deny that fact. Men will rape me if they feel so inclined whether I’m wearing a tool belt or a fucking dress.

    In fact, I could be the ugliest bitch on earth and somewhere I know there is some sick fuck who would try to get one over on me. But just like every woman, I don’t know who he is, where he’s coming from or when he’ll show up. I just know that when there’s a man around I have to be on guard all by myself, all the time because the patriarchy gives him the license to decide when to take and as a woman I’ve been told all my life that if I trust a man its my fault.

    So yes, these fuckers, when it really boils down, are using their already existing male privilege to claim that they require us to step over and give up our guard and give them some fucking room. How is that any different than the guy in the car on a date after midnight whispering in a girl’s ear, “Trust me, I really just want to be your friend.”

  19. Lizzy Shaw Says:

    Ew creepy. The fact that he harassed these girls and has military training is just another layer of wrong. (Isn’t it interesting how many of these poor, trans “women” are ex-military?)

    I lived in an all-women dorm for two years and we did have one older woman who was there (she was in her late 30s) but that was because she didn’t have a lot of money and my school gave out grants to on-campus students to help them pay for housing.

    And yeah, what older adult wants to live in a dorm when they already have a house? Oh that’s right creepy pedophiles who have a college teenage girl fetish.

    I am glad at least the university did not put up with his behavior so good on them.

    I know this is an older post, but it’s still ew. I’m glad you run this blog Gallus Mag so we can know what they are up to.

  20. GallusMag Says:

    LOL transgriot blogger Monica “fishy” Roberts is sharing a room with this guy at the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference. HAhahahahahaha! Go Texas!

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