The Cult language of Gender Fundamentalist Trans Youth Family Allies:

In T.A.C.T. = Trust. Accept. Confidence. Treatment.

Kim Pearson is Executive Director and Founding Member of TransYouth Family Allies, “the only national organization dedicated exclusively to education and advocacy for gender variant and transgender children and youth.” TYFA is a tax free non-profit  organization devoted to lobbying for and promoting the medical/surgical “correction” (or as they put it, the“affirmation”) of gender-noncompliant youths. This means they advocate chemical castration of pre-teens followed by surgical sterilization. In the first year (2007) Pearson claims they “affirmed” 15 children, but as of May 2010 were “affirming” 150-180 children annually.

Kim Pearson: “I think this is pretty much the tip of the iceburg, I think for probably every ten kids that come to us-  ten families that come to us- there are maybe a hundred that don’t- that aren’t seeking the answers or aren’t supporting their children. So I think we’re only going to see this grow and grow and grow as people become more aware.”

When TYFA says “Keep your gender variant child IN T.A.C.T.”, they actually mean chemically castrate them and surgically sterilize them, then force them into lifetime drug dependence. Not “Intact” AT ALL.

We already know CONCLUSIVELY that the majority of these kids would turn out gay/lesbian without this corrective “treatment”. So why do this to kids? Perhaps a look at the Board of Trustees will be illuminating…

The board members and advisors of this tax-free transgender pediatric lobbying agency are a very interesting group – including Director Andrea James, who famously posted pictures of author J.Michael Bailey’s elementary school aged children online with pornographic captions superimposed, Andrea disgustingly and illegally captioned the purloined photo of Bailey’s prepubertal minor daughter:  “cock-starved exhibitionist.” and Johanna Olson MD, of Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles which has “treated” over 500 children with gender-nonconformity and who presents workshops called Toddlers to Teens: Comprehensive Health Care For Your Transgender Child” (and no, health care does not refer to illness, these are healthy kids being “treated” for sex role incongruence. Healthy toddlers being put on the path to medically recommended sterilization and a lifetime dependence on drugs. At least recommended by Dr. Olson, one of the few MDs condoning such practices.)  The text from one of Dr. Olson’s promotional blurbs: “Early intervention with proper medical care and mental health care, can greatly increase the success of a child’s transition. While medical and mental health expertise for transgender children are currently a rare phenomena, this workshop will vigorously address this deficiency and empower participants to find the proper care for their child. Session I will focus on initial evaluation of the child, counseling child and family, social transition and the medical screening of younger children“. Treating transgender TODDLERS. Rigggght. Reminds me of the guy who beat a 17 month old to death for not acting “manly” enough.

Quite a few other interesting Board members and Advisors- I’ll post them all in comments.

TYFA anti-discrimination policy:

Hello. What’s missing from this non-discrimination policy that’s included on every such policy in the known universe? Sex. Freaking sex discrimination. TYFA reserves the right to discriminate on the basis of physical sex. Go figure.

If you’re a parent of a child insisting he’s a girl or she’s a boy, RUN RUN RUN from these people! Don’t sterilize your kids and place them on a lifetime regime of drugs! Love them and support them to be the person they grow up to be, even if that person breaks all the lame rules of “gender” in our society! Give them the skills they may need to cope with being different!

Chrissy Don’t Play

April 26, 2011

Chrissy Lee Polis was not attacked for using a restroom. A teenaged girl (who assumed Chrissy was female) started a fight with Chrissy for “talking to her man”. Chrissy had already used the restroom without incident when the confrontation occurred. There was no bathroom incident and the confrontation had nothing to do with bathroom usage and did not occur inside, or relating in any way, to the bathroom. Chrissy was treated exactly the same as a female because the teens assaulting him thought he was female. He was beaten “as a woman” by a woman who accused “her” of talking “to my man”. That’s why the teens called him “she”, “her” and “bitch” on the tape. According to Chrissy he was attacked as a woman by a teenaged girl for talking to her man.

A female McDonald’s employee broke up the fight but the teen returned and when Chrissy defended himself and ripped out the girl’s weave and put the teen in a chokehold the girl’s friend got involved and the beatdown accelerated. Nothing to do with a bathroom. This “beatdown” video, like hundreds (thousands?) of others was posted online. Go to YouTube and search “beatdown” or even “McDonald’s Beatdown” and you will see what I mean. There are hundreds of them. Public violence filmed on cellphones is a huge infotainment trend.

The confusion seems to stem from the fact that Vernon Hackett, the dickwad who filmed the skirmish, a McDonalds employee, knew Chrissy was transgender and said on the recording Yo that’s a man, not a woman. And when he uploaded the video on YouTube and linked to it on his facebook page (what a shit fuck) he was apparently confronted about his ethics and tried to “defend” his actions by stating that Chrissy was a man, not a woman, a crossdresser, not a transgender (as if crossdressers aren’t the biggest category of transgender!), had not had SRS and had a penis and testicles, not an acceptable neo-surgi-hole, and that the incident was over bathroom usage. None of which was true according to Chrissy.

Chrissy was regarded as female by the police and the Baltimore Press, and his transgender status was never mentioned in the initial reporting of this incident. The fact that Chrissy was treated as female was very confusing to transgenders.

Chrissy was outed as being male by the website of “sex worker” and pornographer BrittanyTS (BrittanyTS.com- NSFW) which was then picked up by Bilerco, who outed Chrissy as male to the wider media.  “This is absolutely disgusting. After an unidentified transwoman tried to use the bathroom at a Baltimore McDonald’s, two patrons started attacking her in full view of other customers and employees” they erroneously reported. Then The Smoking Gun outed Chrissy as Chris and posted his criminal history of prostitution and public disturbance (resulting from a complaint of assault against a woman). Bilerco outed Chrissy because they believed at face value the facebook posts by the amateur videographer that Chrissy was a male crossdresser with male tackle who was confronted in a bathroom incident and they thought use of Chrissy as a figurehead for the transgender bathroom meme of “women being horrible oppressive abusers to men” would be helpful to the transgender agenda regardless of Chrissy’s wish not to be publicly outed or placed in such a public role. Facts couldn’t stand in the way of their agenda.

“She was beaten for trying to use public accommodations by people who thought she had no right to do so, Cathy. And bystanders laughed – you can hear that on the video – because they thought she had no right to do so either. That you ignore that obvious fact and try de-railing says a lot about your wilful blindness on this issue. Zoe Brain | April 22, 2011 11:10 PM”

Dozens of posts and thousands of comments ensued from transgenders filled with self-righteous rage about the inhumanity of woman to men. And hundreds of incredibly racist comments about the female teens. An eruption, as it were from male transgenders towards females and blacks and especially black females. There were so many racist comments on various trans sites that  Bilerco  wrote a post to address them.

“this is why black people are all scum and white people have class an decency. f****ing black animals.”

“Haven’t we reached a point in this country where it is entirely okay to knock a bitch out if she’s on the verge of killing someone? Negroetta easily had 60 pounds and a sidekick on the trans woman.”

“This has nothing to do with race, it is transphobia. They are transphobic, horrible bitches.”

But come to find out Chrissy wasn’t playing. Rather than playing victim he made a video statement about how he was attacked as a female talking to another female’s man. And how he was fine except for a bruise on his knee and a faint facial bruise and the stretching of his earlobe piercings which now caused his heavy earrings to fall out. He was most upset about his privacy being invaded and his governments being dredged up online. Chrissy wasn’t following the script at all but was telling the truth. Chrissy was not dumb enough to follow the advice of privileged middle-aged males who wanted and needed to make him into a victim martyr for the idea that females violently oppressed him by treating him as female. Chrissy was used to passing as female and being treated as female and didn’t have the male sense of outrage over the female treatment he received from the teenage girls who gave him the beatdown. Chrissy wasn’t playing and faking a head injury and making up a violent bathroom attack the way the transphobic McDonald’s employee filmographer and the transphobic outing transgenders at Bilerco wanted to believe. Chrissy said it was NOT a fight over a bathroom, was NOT a fight over being transgender, but rather over a presumed female talking to the teen’s “man”. Because Chrissy wasn’t a liar, and had some pride. Unlike the haters and Bilerco posters. And misogynist transphobic Pams House Blend blogger Autumn Sandeen too, who called for a national campaign against female bathrooms to be called “the Chrissy Lee Polis Bill”.  Nevermind the fact that the fight had NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH BATHROOMS, or even being transgender. Never let a good story get in the way of the truth.

Over and over the trans decried the way McDonald’s employees were all transphobes who did nothing to stop the fight, despite the fact that a black male employee is clearly seen on film physically breaking up the fight when it first occurred, and another black male attempting several times to put himself physically between the combatants after that. They only saw the white woman stepping in, and hailed her as a hero. Which maybe she was. Same as the black employees who put themselves in the middle. But not to the transjacktivists. The black defenders were invisible.

The trans wanted a figurehead for their meme that females are brutal oppressors of males but what they really protest is a MTF being treated as female. There are no cases of female violence against trans, even in bathrooms. The only violent trans bathroom incident I’m aware of involving male transgenders is the one in New York years ago when a woman told a male crossdresser to leave the ladies room and he punched her in the face and knocked out five of her front teeth and went to jail for it. He’d had a long violent felony history prior to that event.

So Chrissy wasn’t used to lying and pretending and playing victim like fake-ass upper class trans activists who wanted to use him and lie about his experience of being treated like shit: like female. He was drunk, he went to McDonalds to use the bathroom, he exchanged witty repartee with fellow customers on the way -one of whom apparently had a jealous girlfriend, he used the bathroom without incident and then got attacked on the way out of the restaurant by a female who took umbrage to another female talking to “her man”. Trans-activists are desperate for any example of how females are tormenting them for being male. But Chrissy aint playin. He took his experience as one encountered by females, which is how he presented, and viewed himself. Hard for many transactivists to understand.

A “protest” was held last night across from the McDonalds by transjacktivists and a few members of Chrissy’s family showed. But Chrissy didn’t. Chrissy just wanted to live his fucking life, and is too smart to get pimped into some bullshit. LEAVE CHRISSY ALONE !  If you really give a shit just send money, don’t try to use a person. Cause Chrissy aint playin.

Sheila Jeffreys Brain

Meghan Murphy has published a wonderful podcast titled “Where have all the Radicals gone? When feminism gets moderate.” She addresses the current backlash against feminism, “funfeminism”, “sexpoz”, the re-writing and misquoting of radical feminist thinkers, the future of women’s liberation, and so much more. The highlight for me was the brand spanking new interview with the brilliant Sheila Jeffreys, which was conducted on April 10, 2011. Do give a listen. Highly recommended.

A brief excerpt from Sheila Jeffreys addressing the McCarthyism of Transgender and the Sterilization of Transgender Children is transcribed below.


“Radical feminist theory was and is particularly revolutionary because it means a total transformation of male domination. So it means the removal of it at its most basic level. It means the total transformation of culture. It means for instance no respect for culture.  And I’ve been writing recently about multiculturalism because my new book is on religion, called “Man’s Dominion: the Rise of Religion and the Eclipse of Women’s Rights” (which is coming out later this year).  So I’ve been writing about how multiculturalism becomes multi-faithism and how there’s this  requirement in multicultural society is to respect culture- which is of course completely impossible since all cultures are based upon the subordination of women and the creation of two different  sexes and two different genders and the construction of oppression out of that. And that- if you walk in any street, just look at the way people are dressed , if you look at anything that’s going on on the television, the extraordinary length to which the expression of women’s subordination and men’s domination go is immediately clear to you and that’s in major cities of the western world that I’m talking about. So of course the radical feminist critique is about overthrowing that deep, deeply cultural construction of women’s subordination. Its perhaps clearest on an everyday level, in what women are required to wear. The showing of their bodies: the short skirts, the shaved legs, the high-heeled shoes. The extraordinary lengths to which they have to go to punish and be cruel to their own bodies and be degraded in public places.

Now that’s very very clearly about male domination as far as I can see. But it cannot be recognized. It simply cannot be recognized. So that, there’s a tremendous forgetfulness of the construction of what is these days is called “gender”. Of course I would call it  “sexual oppression”  I think is that is probably a more reasonable way of looking at it.  And its strongest manifestation of course takes place in what’s called “transgenderism” which is a practice  in which persons who do not  adhere to the  correctly gendered practices that have been placed upon the biological sex are considered to have something called Gender Identity Disorder and they’re expected to cross over into the other sex. Not criticize the gendered system as it exists, because that’s unthinkable but to make some kind of “journey” by mutilating their bodies and taking dangerous drugs for the rest of their lives in order to supposedly represent the opposite sex.

Now that shows to us how clearly, and to what an extraordinary depth the idea that there are two genders, with different behaviors, constructed from how different we are biologically  has entered culture. Because of course,it doesn’t make sense. I mean, I don’t have a gender.  I’ve no intention of having a gender. I don’t do masculinity which is the behavior of male dominance, and I don’t do femininity which is the behavior of female subordination, women’s subordination. I hope to engage in human behavior and I hope at some point in the future everybody will be able to do that too, but gender I definitely do not have. I am a conscientious objector to gender as I would be indeed to being drafted into the military – and I see these things as having some connections (laughs).

So, the problem with transgenderism – which is obviously an expression of men’s sexual rights as well of course( it’s very much about the right to be sexually excited by female clothing, and subordination and so on).  But it also comes out of  the gendered system. And it means that in order to support  transgenderism , gender has to be supported. So the subordination of women has to be supported in order for transgenderism to be supported.  Transgender as a phenomenon is the clearest possible indication of the strength of the structures of the male domination going on right now. Of course we know that in Iran homosexuals are routinely transgendered because they’re not allowed to be homosexuals.

I’ve been looking at the stuff on transgendered  kids in the U.S. There are lots of organizations now to support transgendered kids and their families. There’s lots of clinics and therapists, who can identify “transgender kids”. And they’re being recognized as transgender from four or five years old even though the literature tells us, and they tell us themselves, that 70% of those recognized as transgendered  will end up as homosexual in later life. So one of the things they are trying to do is eradicate homosexuality at it’s very possible origin, (or they’ll profer a connection necessarily between homosexuality and gender) but they’re maybe being bullied for having the wrong kind of behaviors and so on.  So what’s happening in the states is that children are now to be identified in school, to be identified by their parents. This is what we – you know in the seventies we fought against the idea that there were “correct” forms of behavior, “correct” toys and so on for children. It wasn’t radical to do so, that was quite mild I thought. Now these children are being put on programs, where- and this is the big demand now- they have drugs to prevent them, hormones to prevent them from developing the body of their biological sex. So they’ve got to be on these hormones for about nine years – you can see how the medical profession loves this: the drugs, the medical expertise and so on, it’s a very big money maker for them. And very conservative that they even believe in gender. So these poor children are not going through puberty in the normal way, they’re not having the ordinary biological changes. Then by sixteen they’ll be put on the cross-gender hormones of the opposite sex which will make them sterile. So they’re actually being sterilized. It’s the sterilization of the “un-fit”. When it happened in the thirties and the Nazis did it , you know it’s now considered that was unacceptable to do it: it went on until the sixties, in America, the sterilization of the disabled , the unfit. It’s happening now. Those who do not conform to correct gender stereotypes are being sterilized and they’re being sterilized as children. At eighteen years old they’re expected to move on to surgery, so parts of their bodies are going to be lopped off. And then they’ll be on these drugs for the rest of their lives.

Eventually I’m sure, within – because things are moving fast and there’s a lot of criticism of this particularly by young radical feminists now- within the next ten, twenty years it will come to be realized as a horrendous human rights violation. But for these children and young people who have been sterilized, this is a terrible, terrible cost. Because they’ve lost parts of their bodies, they’ve lost the ability to reproduce. It really is a human rights violation on a massive, massive scale.

Now, because I criticize this, I am sort of “no platformed” pretty much, by lots of feminist , lesbian and gay organizations who will not allow me to speak. Even in my own city I was not allowed to be invited to speak at the Reclaim The Night  because I was seen as “transphobic”.  A major conference in Britain that invited me to speak this year is basically not going to happen because some others said  that I was transphobic and shouldn’t  speak and everything collapsed and so on. The kind of McCarthyism that’s going on around transgenderism now – if you criticize it , or if somebody who is your friend knows you and you’re known as a “transphobe”, they also are now getting told they cannot speak. So it’s spreading out, and it’s spreading out . The National Union of Students in Britain , their Lesbian and Gay Bisexual Transgender Conference , the agenda I’ve just been looking at actually has a resolution saying that Julie Bindel- who’s also a feminist critic of this practice in Britain and a journalist “is vile”. (laughs) That’s all it says: “Julie Bindel Is Vile”.  This is a resolution of the National Union of Students Conference. And of course she is no-platformed, no students organizations may invite her to speak anywhere because she’s also critical of transgenderism.

So really, gender is of course the sort of last bastion because it is the foundation of the subordination of women. And it’s being defended to the death in this extraordinarily grim way. Which means that any radical feminist critics must not be allowed to speak. A reading group that discussed my book and said online that they’ve done so has been told that they were transphobic and that they should not be allowed to discuss my book, so it is an attempt to eliminate, expatriate, from the public discussion and the public forum, any discussion, writing and so on that could possibly criticize gender. Because that’s what it’s about, really.  It’s criticizing gender.  And that’s the very foundation of feminism and we really have to hold onto that.  We’ve got to claw back the ground now. And I’m very pleased to say that there are quite a lot of radical feminist blogs that are not only being very critical of transgenderism, but even dare I say it, laughing at it.  Which is a very very naughty thing to do.  But sometimes the oppressed and the subordinate have to laugh at the dominant ideology that oppress them.


This is a tiny excerpt from a long and brilliant podcast that is worth every moment of your time. Thank you so much to Meghan Murphy for creating it. <3

Life Size Barbie = Scary

April 20, 2011

College student Galia Slayen created this Life-Sized Barbie as a visual aid for her activism educating the public about eating disorders in young women. The figure stands almost six feet tall and has measurements of  39″ bust, 18″ waist, and 33″ hips.

From BarbieFest: “Barbie is wearing the actual skirt that Galia Slayen wore when she was a sized-zero cheerleader because Galia wanted to show the world some of the pain she felt as a result of her own struggle with eating disorders and the pressure to look perfect that she felt as a cheerleader.”

From her HuffPo article: “Barbie would have a BMI of 16.24 and fit the weight criteria for anorexia. She likely would not menstruate. If Barbie was a real woman, she’d have to walk on all fours due to her proportions. Slumber Party Barbie was introduced in 1965 and came with a bathroom scale permanently set at 110 lbs with a book entitled “How to Lose Weight” with directions inside stating simply “Don’t eat.”

Quick follow-up on this Post: Transgender: Time to Change

Fundamentalist sex-role essentialists have been successful in efforts to prevent Lesbian and Gay Psychiatrists from meeting to discuss treatment of sex roles in their field. Transgender lobbyists claim that lesbians and gays have no right to discuss increasing medical sterilization of children who fail to conform to traditional sex roles. They also maintain feminists have no right to publicly discuss sex roles, as such discussion offends their belief in the essential nature of sex roles.

Christian Conservatives, Muslim Fundamentalists, Orthodox Jews, Transgenderists and other right wing groups believe sex roles are innate to one’s physical sex.  In many cases these groups demand sex role incongruence be “corrected” with drugs and surgical “treatment”, altering the appearance of physical sex to protect the status quo. This extends to children as young as eight years old whom gender essentialists advocate treating with drugs to prevent sexual maturity in expectation of surgical sterilization. Most of the children being “treated” for sex role incongruence are lesbian and gay.

RCP sponsors of the Lesbian and Gay conference announced today that the conference was being cancelled due to poor ticket sales leading up to the May 20th event following weeks of complaints from sex-role fundamentalists that the conference, which featured sex-role critique was offensive to their beliefs.

Prior to the cancellation Charing Cross Hospital, which runs the largest “Gender Clinic” in the UK  (and claims to “treat” individuals suffering from sex role dysphoria – distress associated with a mismatch between psychological sex role and natally assigned sex) publicly withdrew it’s support from the Lesbian and Gay group when it realized that the event may include some critique of the sex roles they claim to treat.

The RCP is to be complimented for attempting to arrange a conference critical of the sex-roles held so dearly by gender fundamentalists and also for bravely addressing the practices of many of their professional colleagues in promoting sex role compliance.

Gender believers may have bullied yet another Gay and Lesbian group into keeping their sex-role conversations private but they cannot and will not stem the increasing tide of awareness of how such sex-role fundamentalism is harmful to women, to gays and lesbians, and to children.

MOAR Simplr

April 17, 2011


Transgender activists have successfully lobbied the UK government to fund chemical castration studies on twelve year old lesbian and gay children. In a stunning success for transgender lobbyists the NHS this week approved medical experiments which will chemically castrate gay children in attempt to correct gender-nonconformity. The children have all been referred for psychiatric treatment due to non-compliance with sex-based gender stereotypes. The large majority of these “feminine male” and “masculine female” children are not transgender, but homosexual. The experiment is designed to test the effects of powerful sterilization drugs on gay children, preventing natural puberty from occurring. Trans activists say this is important because it will increase the attractiveness and gender-conformity of a tiny minority of these children who may be transgender, by preventing natural puberty from ever occurring. They claim that the long term physiological and psychological effects on the predominately gay and lesbian kids are acceptable casualties for such an outcome.

From the Mirror: “The controversial treatment halts puberty, stunting sex organs and preventing the growth of facial hair and sperm in boys, and breasts in girls.

The injections, previously available only to over-15s with gender identity disorder, are being made available to younger people under an NHS study after pressure from families and doctors.

Doctors admit most children with the problem do not go on to have a sex change, often turning out to be  gay.”

The experiment will follow the effects of stunted sex organs on gay children. It is expected to cause atrophy of sexual organs and gonads, eliminating hormone production, causing cessation of menstruation, halting sperm production, stopping bone growth (and height/growth spurt), decreasing bone density (leading to possible osteoporosis), preventing normal body fat distribution, interrupting natural insulin resistance and other unknown effects, some of which will not become apparent until years after the gay children are exposed. It will also track the psychological and social effects of preventing children from undergoing natural puberty at the appropriate age and the elimination of the onset of normal adolescent sexual desire. Since the vast majority of children referred with gender compliance issues or GID = Gender Identity Disorder become asymptomatic in adulthood (and largely homosexual) the studies will also test whether GID symptoms will be prolonged with treatment.

Transgender lobbyists claim that male transsexuals have a harder time “passing” as female if they are allowed to undergo natural puberty and then desire sex change surgery as adults, and that 1 to 10% of these children may turn out to be male transsexuals in adulthood. The psychological and health effects of chemical castration on the majority non-transsexual children are considered an acceptable price for the increased future “attractiveness” of the tiny minority of the boy research subjects who may wish to adopt transsexuality and “pass” as female as adults. The tiny minority of females who may grow up to be transsexual will partially “pass better” as male because breast growth will be halted, but aborted bone growth will cause decreased height causing them to be shorter than most females.

Studies on children seeking treatment for GID (a psychiatric diagnosis introduced in 1980) before these chemical castration experiments are scant. According to the overview of research in Current Problems Adolescent Health Care 2009 “GID in Children and Adolescents”:

“The studies clearly show that the majority of children

with gender dysphoria will not remain gender

dysphoric after puberty. Children with extreme gender

dysphoria or GID are more likely to have persistent

GID than children whose behavior and cross-gender

identification is weaker or less persistent. Concerning

sexual orientation, there is a strong linkage between

GID in childhood and later homosexual orientation or

bisexuality, as most children with GID later become

homosexual. It should be noted that there are no

reliable predictors of continuing GID or gender dysphoria.”

“One could argue that,

from the point of view of psychosexual development,

in early adolescence, a teenager’s clarification about

his or her own orientation in sexual desires and

fantasies should precede any fixed identification with a

prospective adult gender role. As puberty-delaying

hormones are suppressing libidinal impulses, this process

of clarification about libidinal object orientation is

likely to be inhibited, too. Other arguments against

early hormone treatment are that the effects of puberty-

delaying hormones on brain development are not

yet known, that the children are too young to make a

decision of such far-reaching consequences, and that

many children with GID have serious comorbidity or

live in extremely adverse life circumstances.

The majority of children outgrow their wish to change sex and gender.”

From “Gender identity disorders in childhood and adolescence: currently debated concepts and treatment strategies” (2008):

” Gender identity disorders (GID) can appear even in early infancy with a variable degree of severity. Their prevalence in childhood and adolescence is below 1%. GID are often associated with emotional and behavioral problems as well as a high rate of psychiatric comorbidity. Their clinical course is highly variable. There is controversy at present over theoretical explanations of the causes of GID and over treatment approaches, particularly with respect to early hormonal intervention strategies.

As there have been no large studies to date on the course of GID, and, in particular, no studies focusing on causal factors for GID, the evidence level for the various etiological models that have been proposed is generally low. Most models of these disorders assume that they result from a complex biopsychosocial interaction. Only 2.5% to 20% of all cases of GID in childhood and adolescence are the initial manifestation of irreversible transsexualism. The current state of research on this subject does not allow any valid diagnostic parameters to be identified with which one could reliably predict whether the manifestations of GID will persist, i.e., whether transsexualism will develop with certainty or, at least, a high degree of probability.

CONCLUSIONS: The types of modulating influences that are known from the fields of developmental psychology and family dynamics have therapeutic implications for GID. As children with GID only rarely go on to have permanent transsexualism, irreversible physical interventions are clearly not indicated until after the individual’s psychosexual development is complete. The identity-creating experiences of this phase of development should not be restricted by the use of LHRH analogues that prevent puberty.”

An upcoming conference of The Royal College of Physicians Lesbian and Gay Interest Group “Transgender:Time To Change” is scheduled to address lesbian, gay, and gender issues in psychiatry. Transgender activists are planning to protest the discussion, another chapter in the increasingly adversarial rift between lesbian/gay and transgender political, social and activist agendas.










Neo Phallus









Private Parts

That Thing

Downstairs Bits

The Short and Curlies



My Royals


Hanging Bits



Front Hole

Tranny Cave

Bonus Hole




Male Slot


Tranny Cock

Clit Dick


Up Front

Down There

Guy Pie




I received a comment on my “Transgender: Time To Change” post about the upcoming Lesbian and Gay psychiatry conference from Kai Weston, NUS Trans Representative and organizer of a planned protest against the conference.

It was such a long and thoughtful comment that I thought I would respond to it in a new post. Kai un-ironically used the nick “Jacktivist” for her comment, a term used by feminists to refer to those who use silencing techniques in attempt to quell feminist critique.

The following is her comment and my response.


Kai Weston

Submitted on 2011/04/07 at 4:33 pm

wow, I wish I could say that I was shocked by this post, but sadly I’m not. The venom with which this is written seems almost pathological (maybe I should plan a psudeo-scientific conference?) The issue which the trans community is trying to address through this protest isn’t about feminism, or Julie Bindel, but about a particular strand within the psychitric community which is pedalling these theories, and refusing to share an equal platform with academics which hold opposing views. Ok, yes, Julie Bindel does have something to do with it. She seems oddly misplaced amongst the other speakers on the bill, who whilst holding views with which I disagree, at least have an academic background on which to stand. How is an opinon columist whose only grounding in the subject appears to be writing articles based in charicature and stereotyping qualified to speak on this platform? This isn’t some just abstracted topic, but one which has a very real impact on the way people live their day to day lives.

What I find most disturbing is the fact that what seems to be advocated by this conference is an approach which is analogous to the “talking therapies” which used to be (and sometimes still are) used to try and “cure” gay people. No, it is not homophobic to be trans, and no, it isn’t anti-feminist. Mainstream feminism is in itself divided over the topic of trans lives, and many of the people planning on protesting this conference are doing so due to their feminist principles. Please, before you go speaking about the lives of others, do your research throughly. Don’t just look into medical discourses, but look at the cross-cultural and trans-historical evidence for the existance of people who lived lives in gender roles which were chained to their emobodiment. Finally, these speakers are about as scientific as the early sexologists and psychatrists were; try reading “psychopathia transexualis” and look at the homophobic and transphobic nauture of the argument it lays out. You’re making the very same asusmptions here; “these people are actually gay, and their gender identity is a delusion” the only difference between you, and these earlier writers is that you don’t advocate the use of “gay cures”, but you’re still trying to fulfil the early psychatrist’s aims of “curing” trans people of their gender identities. Unfortunately for you, there is much evidenc for the psychological harm that this does, rather than there being evidence to the contrary. One such case study (Rosario: 1992), invovled a gay transman who was being held in a psychatirc ward, but not being allowed to express his gender idenity who also had a series of comorbid mental health conditions. In the case study, they found that allowing him to express his gender identity, rather than worsening his mental health, alleivated many of his symptoms. What was the reason why he wasn’t allowed to express his gender idenity? He said he was attracted to men, and this was in spite of the DSM regulations being updated in 1986 to acknowlegde that gender identity and sexuality were in fact seperate, thus breaking the damaging tradition of assuming that all trans people were simply gay. Please, please do not lead us back down that path, by placing the two under the same category and then pathologising trans people, you take us back towards and understanding of gender and sexuality which pathologised gay people. It is the speakers at this conference which are regressive and obstructing progress, not the protesters. Before you ask, no I do not think gender reassignment is the answer for all trans people, but nor do I think that it is an invalid response to gender identity issues. Rather, I think that the treatment indviduals receive should be taylored to their needs, many people live as trans without hormones or surgery and are happy to do so, but this does not neccersarily translate to the correct course of treatment for all.

I see my positon on this as antihomophobic, antitransphobic, and pro-feminist. Ideally, we should be questioning the way in which society treats gender rather than pathologising indviduals whose genders do not fit into societal models. In this sense, my vision for the world would be one in which people are free of societal constraints on gender expression, regardless of if they make use of hormones and surgery or not.



Here are some of the ways in which your protest is women-hating, homophobic, and transphobic.

Women have a right to critique the apparatus of their subjugation. Not only a right, but a duty. Blacks have a right to critique the social constructs of race. Homosexuals have a right to critique sexuality and heteronormacy. Only the most venomous, pathological racist homophobic hater-of-women would deny the truth of this. That would be YOU.

Your assertion that a respected feminist who widely publishes and presents on the nature of gender is not “qualified” to critique the apparatus of female subjugation at a psychiatry conference dealing with gender is offensive at best. Your misogynist assertion WILL BE PROTESTED.

And don’t try to pretend that your views represent all gendered people or even all of those who want access to medical/surgical sexed body modifications. You only represent a particular strain of genderism, one that is trying to dominate and silence diversity and the voices of women. History will look back very poorly on your strain of gender supremacy. Your future grandchildren will look back on your actions much the way we look back now on those who protested desegregation. Future transgenders will look back and shake their heads at the twisted way their foremothers took a colossal side-step into socially conservative gender fundamentalism.

You try to equate psychiatric practice which supports gender transgression with homosexual aversion therapy designed to support hetero-supremacism. Transgression and Conformity are opposites so your analogy makes no sense. A better equation would be a medical treatment that “cured” homosexuality vs. talk-therapy that supported homosexual transgression despite hetero-supremacist cultural norms. YOU want the psychiatric establishment to treat people who transgress sexuality and sex stereotypes with drugging and surgery, so they can be “cured” of their transgression and slotted nicely back into heterocentric sexist roles. Further, you want to chemically alter children who rebel against hateful oppressive (and increasingly antiquated) cultural norms before they are old enough to apply informed consent.

There was a time when a six year-old boy found wearing mom’s clothes would be told “That is wrong. You must not do that”. Feminists want the kid to do and wear whatever he wants. What YOU want to tell him is “You have a birth defect. There is a thing called an essential male and female essence (unsupported by science) and you must be a defect of nature born in the wrong body. Doctors can fix you with drugs and surgery, removing your natural healthy organs and body’s natural endocrine balance and feedback and replacing it with a lifetime of synthetic hormones which will tie you to doctors and lab tests and pharmacies for the rest of your life. And we’re going to start that process right now because you need to make this decision soon, and you can never change your mind about it later.” That’s what you want. You ARE the aversion therapy advocate.

Ninety-eight percent of children who insist they are transgender, the kids whose feelings and behaviors are so pronounced that they are actually referred for professional treatment as children, 98% of those kids change their mind in adulthood. The majority turn out to be homosexual. Those gay kids are the ones YOU want to rob of a normal healthy physical puberty and maturity. YOU are the homosexual aversion therapy advocate.

Which makes your false equivalency all the more offensive homophobic and hateful. Not only that, you PROTEST the RIGHT of HOMOSEXUALS to EVEN DISCUSS IT.

YOU will be protested.

You are actually going to PICKET a woman for criticizing the construct of sex-based female-hating cultural myths.

You are also going to PROTEST any funding or support for GID clients who don’t agree with you. And those who desire talk-therapy support. And those who decide against chemical and surgical “correction” and want help coping with their physical dysphoria. And help for those who are medically unfit for the drugs and surgery you demand should be the ONLY treatment OPTION for trans clients.

You throw your trans brothers and sisters under the bus, and gender non-conforming children, along with women and homosexuals. That’s what you’re protesting for.

“I see my positon on this as antihomophobic, antitransphobic, and pro-feminist. Ideally, we should be questioning the way in which society treats gender rather than pathologising indviduals whose genders do not fit into societal models. In this sense, my vision for the world would be one in which people are free of societal constraints on gender expression, regardless of if they make use of hormones and surgery or not.”

Then what the hell are you protesting?

Oh that’s right. Women, Gays, Lesbians and gender-nonconforming people.

Pornified harassment twitter account set up yesterday by Transgender protesters of the Lesbian and Gay RCP meeting targeting feminist presenter Julie Bindel

Finally, a partial victory for qualifying female athletes fighting for the right to compete in Olympic Ski Jump events. Today the International Olympic Committee removed the Medical Gender Reassignment requirement imposed on female skiers to compete at the Olympic level in small hill ski-jumping events. It’s been a long protracted battle against entrenched sexist ideas about female athleticism in the male sports establishment. In 2005, Gian Franco Kasper the president of the International Ski Federation explained the prohibition against female ski-jumpers: “Don’t forget, it’s like jumping down from, let’s say, about two meters on the ground about a thousand times a year, which seems not to be appropriate for ladies from a medical point of view”.

In 2008 the Olympic Committee claimed gender exclusion of female ski-jumpers was not discriminatory. President Jacques Rogge stated that the decision “was made strictly on a technical basis, and absolutely not on gender grounds.” “This is not discrimination.This is just the respect of essential technical rules that say to become an Olympic sport, a sport must be widely practised around the world . . . and have a big appeal. This is not the case for women’s ski jumping so there is no discrimination what so ever.”

But the numbers contradicted his claims. According to Mother Jones: “When the IOC voted in 2006 not to add women’s ski jumping, 83 competitors from 14 nations jumped at the top level, less universality than required to add a new event. But in the same year, women’s skier cross claimed just 30 skiers from 11 nations. The committee added it. (There are also too few male ski jumpers to qualify, but as one of the original 16 Winter Olympic events, their event isn’t subjected to the same rules.)”

A group of athletes sued the Vancouver Organizing Committee for gender discrimination over the issue in Canadian court in anticipation of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games. The Canadian Supreme Court ruled that exclusion WAS illegal gender discrimination, but that the Canadian Court had no authority over the activities of the International Olympic Committee on Canadian soil. One of the plaintiffs was Lindsey Van, the athlete who held the world record over all other male and female competitors for long jump on the 95m hill at Vancouver- the very hill she was not permitted to compete on. According to the Olympic Committee the only way she could qualify for competition was to undergo surgical sterilization followed by a two year course of masculinizing testosterone injections and governmental documentation proving that she had renounced her gender. She declined.

Her world record held for two years until the 2010 Olympics (which she was forbidden to compete in). Who knows what would have happened if she had been allowed to compete that day. We’ll never know.

Unfortunately many of the early female groundbreakers in ski-jumping have passed the apex of their careers in the time these policies have been in effect. But thanks to them with today’s ruling females can compete in one ski-jump event without undergoing gender reassignment. Females who want to compete in large hill, team event and Nordic combined are still subject to gender reassignment requirements. But at least the door has been cracked open for female competition in the last male-only events in the Olympic Games.

(The sex-change requirement for female athletes who sought to compete in Olympic boxing events was lifted last year and now all summer Olympic games are open to qualifying females.)


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