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howard collage 

Male? Check. White? Check. Upper class? Check? Hetero? Check.

Howard is a business development consultant from Phoenix Arizona who flies frequently via US Airways as a high mileage executive preferred customer. For years now he has been entertaining himself by traveling in his tiny underwear and high heels and various sexualized female gender coded crossdresser ensembles. There are whole websites devoted to collecting photos of him in various airports over the years, and many a YouTubes. He has been accorded the nickname “Terminal” by afficianados and is regarded as something of a folk hero.

Well Howard is getting his 15 minutes of fame this week after someone linked Howard’s behavior to the incident of College football player Deshon Marman getting into legal trouble over refusing to pull up his pants that were hanging off his ass and his ejection from a US Airways flight. “Look at the carte blanche the white guy has to run around in sexay underwear while a black guy gets kicked off a plane for having his ass hang out of his pants” is the refrain. “look at the privilege”.

Not only has Howard been well treated as a preferred flyer while exhibiting his satin ensconced Nutts to the public, and has posed for pictures and videos which litter the internet, but when his 15 minutes of fame started he requested that media outlets not publish his NAME –even though his name is already ALL OVER THE INTERNET (and he gives it out freely to those photographing him). That’s somewhat surprising. But what is downright shocking is that the media RESPECTED the REQUEST of the public exhibitionist!!! Now THAT, my friends, is PRIVILEGE.

Can you imagine the treatment a woman would receive wearing these travel clothes? What about a 65 year old female executive with a droopy flabby gut? Would she be a preferred customer? What about a poor woman?  A Black woman? They would all be frikkin treated like dirt- at the very least. More likely they would be intercepted by law enforcement. Or beaten or raped. Or given a psychiatric evaluation. And would the media withhold their name which is plastered all over the internet at their request? Hell’s to the No.

This is what Privilege LOOKS LIKE. “Terminal” Privilege. I just thought you might want to have a look.

Of course, I believe everyone should have the right to wear whatever they want and be treated like gold. Should “Terminal” be stopped? Of course not. Privileged men should dress however they want in a free society – not that my opinion matters on the subject, or yours, or anyone’s you know because it’s Men, especially Rich White Hetero Men who make those rules.

And speaking of privileged men-  the male transgenders, especially those who have pursued voluntary medicalized disabililty (removal of healthy endocrine systems etc ) in order to bolster the superficial illusion that they are actually female are livid- livid I tell ya!  That a male would dress in whatever gendered clothes he wants without upholding genderism (by claiming that if he wears female gender markers he must actually be female). Heresy! Get your wig on NOW, mister!  How DARE an American wear whatever he wants- it’s transphooooobic for males to wear skirts! It’s transphooobic for gays to perform drag shows! It should be outlawed! Only those who claim to be the other sex in their “brain reproductive system” should be allowed to break the rules of gender! Obey! Obey! Obey!


Transgender Tropes 101

June 20, 2011

Transbian "Butch" blogger Tobi Hill-Meyer

You’re not even gonna BELIEVE this one.  About four years ago while looking for Lesbian sites on the internet I was confused by a site called LezGetReal. By all appearances it seemed to be one of the most active Lesbian blogs on the internet. But something seemed off about it. Like the fact that contributors all had big giant hair. And tons of makeup. And the articles were more often about M2T transgenders than Lesbians. And that  it seemed strangely off key, non reflective of any Lesbian community I had every been a part of. And the fact that none of my friends ever posted on it. I was quickly informed that LezGetReal was a proxy site- a Lesbian proxy site, or more accurately, a Transbian site where transgendered males pretended to be Lesbians. A site for “Trykes”. But not for out proud Transbians, but for ones that thought they were “on the down low”: Stealth. I haven’t gone back to it in years although it pops up with annoying frequency on internet searches of Lesbian issues.

WELL WELL WELL. Come to find out, courtesy of  The Washington Post: The editor of LezGetReal, Paula Brooks “is actually Bill Graber, 58, a retired Ohio military man and construction worker who said he had adopted his wife’s identity online. Graber said she was unaware he had been using her name on his site.

Brooks’s identity came under suspicion after news broke that a woman called Amina Arraf on the blog “A Gay Girl in Damascus” might not really be a Syrian lesbian.

Over the weekend, as journalists, bloggers and fans of Amina hunted for clues to the identity behind the blog, Brooks came under review as a possible suspect. Liz Henry, a Web producer at, questioned Brooks’s involvement with Amina, as Amina had started to write about the Syrian uprising on Lez Get Real before starting her own blog.

MacMaster came forward Sunday to admit that he was behind the persona of Amina, but questions still remained about Brooks.

Brooks had told reporters at The Washington Post that she could only speak on the phone through her father because she was deaf. She provided a photograph of her license as proof of her identity, which showed a woman named Paula Brooks.

On Monday, we continued to question her identity. We spoke to the man who identified himself as her father, who finally admitted after numerous telephone conversations: “I am Paula Brooks.” That man turned out to be Bill Graber.

Graber said he started the site to write about gay issues after seeing the mistreatment of close friends who were a lesbian couple. He said the site was “done with the best of intentions.” As a former Air Force pilot, he also said he used the site to argue in favor of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal.

“I didn’t start this with my name because… I thought people wouldn’t take it seriously, me being a straight man,” he said.

He felt secure that no one would discover his true identity until the story of Amina started to unravel. He said his connection to Amina was purely coincidental and started when Amina commented on a post on the Lez Get Real site in February. It “was a major sock-puppet hoax crash into a major sock-puppet hoax.”

In the guise of Paula Brooks, Graber corresponded online with Tom MacMaster, thinking he was writing to Amina Arraf. Amina often flirted with Brooks, neither of the men realizing the other was pretending to be a lesbian.”

"Lesbian" Editor of "Lesbian" website LezGetReal: Bill Graber


Holy shit. Men will go to ANY LENGTHS to play Lesbian, to infiltrate the Lesbian community, to colonize, co-opt, pollute, dilute, ruin, and destroy the Lesbian community. And always the same excuse “I just wanted to have access to a community which excluded me as a heterosexual man”. “I wanted to force my way into a community of women”. “I wanted to feel like one of them”.

Yeah, Lez DO “GET REAL” fellas. I wonder what percentage of online Lesbians are actually female. And IRL also. All the creepos and lurkers so famous for frequenting dyke bars are putting on their “women suits” to bully their way into Lesbian space where they are not wanted. Or jerking off at home playing with their sock puppets.

Please watch both videos before commenting.

I’m pleased and honored to present a Guest Post from Radical Lesbian Feminist Bev Jo on RadFemHub. Click on the pic below to read:

*UPDATE- I was BANNED from the RadFem Hub “Collective” for sponsoring this post!  Check it out! You can see only ONE collective member commented on the post or even hit the “like” button! Then FCM suggested they LEAVE ME on the masthead/list of members so “No one will know”. Hahahaha. And REFUSED to remove me, even as she had time to Edit and/or Spam MY comments to my OWN post! If your comment was deleted, or edited without your consent: It was NOT DONE BY ME as I had been removed after publishing this post. I think it’s a FABULOUS article, and I’m glad so many of you agree. Especially the Lesbians. ;)

I STILL don’t know exactly what they found so problematic in the post. No one has been kind enough to share that with me. If you figure it out, LET ME KNOW. Thanks for the really shitty treatment RadFem Hub! And thanks for treating an icon of the Radical Lesbian Separatist community – who was kind enough to lend her support to the collective by writing the post- like SHIT. You’re TOO MUCH. No, really, I MEAN it.

This guy is hilarious- claims on national television that a bee sting in middle age, after marriage and children caused him to spontaneously “change sex” by “resetting his endocrine system”. Hahahahaha. omg. Of course the reporter never bothered to get a scientific confirmation- ruins the story! Lolol. Seems like the typical trans narrative- middle aged dude, lifelong crossdresser and autogynephile who obtains sexual excitement by imagining himself a woman, decides during mid-life crisis to take advantage of his privilege to live out his lifelong fantasy of embodying the sexualized female existence he has fantasized his whole fwapping life.

But that would take an element of honesty. And if there is one characteristic lacking in fantasies, especially those which require affirmation and participation of the nonconsensual bystander to be realized, it is honesty. But no matter. The nonconsensual participants are mere fodder for the greater purpose- which is the fantasy. Rubes. Marks. etc.

Which is a perfect introduction for the miraculous spontaneous bee-sting “sex change” of Chloe Prince:

Lord this dude gives Zoe Brain a run for his money- noted public figure and transactivist Zoe/Alan Brain claims he spontaneously underwent a gender change in mid-life after marriage and children due to a miraculous and unheard-of case of a spontaneous intersex condition- a miracle! unheard of in all science! Concurrent with his coincidental ingestion of testosterone suppressing androcur and estrogen. Brain also insists he is a “rocket scientist” although all objective information indicates he is a nine-year software engineer grad student PHD candidate. It takes nine years for high-schoolers to become an MD. So a nine-year grad student is pretty much a failed PHD. Sorry Alan! Not a rocket or any other type of scientist! And not intersex! The saddest part is how he exploits his 12 year old son (who has since disowned him) in his fake intersex transsexual fantasy as shown in this video:

Why don’t transsexuals admit they chose to become artificial “girls”? And why do some cling pathetically to a false intersex condition? Or to a “birth defect” of being born with a “female brain”? For some it’s shame. For others internalized homophobia. For example Zoe Brain is a rabid homophobe. Prior to his “miraculous” condition at the age of 47 he was an anti-gay blogger, stating that homosexuality “should be discouraged” and relaying when hearing about a friend’s gay union “The sound you hear is my skin crawling”. This from a man who now considers himself to be a heterosexual female, through no “fault” of his own, mind you. He’s not a dirty fag like the rest, and he’s not a shameful tranny either. It was the miracle! The fated bee sting! Not the shameful autogynephilia!


These are pictures of Iranian Olympics Women’s Soccer Teams. One of these pictures is pornographic. That is to say the athletes are displaying themselves sexually in an obscene way that invites male erections. Can you spot it? Which women are decent and which are not? Which depicts honorable athletes and which displays females whorishly enticing innocent men to rape? It’s not a minor issue, your answer means the difference between women competing in the Olympics and being locked in the house so look again. See it? The exposed necks? The whorish naked nude necks? There, in the second picture which shows Olympic approved head coverings.

The Iranian women’s soccer team withdrew from Olympic contention today because Iran refused to allow them to obey FICA rules which forbids uniforms which can constrict an athlete’s neck. 

Team poses for pic as they withdrawal from competition over the neck porn issue:

Transgenders celebrated a major victory this week in a landmark case representing one of their own: Massachusetts child rapist Sandy-Jo Battista.

McDermott Will & Emory, one of the largest law firms in the world, representing over 50% of the Fortune 500 companies globally issued a press release this week announcing their latest landmark victory. After six years of free pro bono representation a team of McDermott Will & Emory litigators has won “the right” for the rapist of a ten year girl to receive tax payer funded sex change treatment while he remains incarcerated. The law firm, established in 1934 by Chicago lawyers Edward H. McDermott and William M. Emory called the ruling a “Major Win in Landmark Transgender Rights Case”.

Transactivists and McDermott Will & Emory believe that child rapists have a right to receive tax payer funded “sex changes” if they claim to begin suffering from symptoms of a disordered “gender identity”  during incarceration for their violent pedophilic sex crimes. The law firm provided six years and unknown thousands of dollars in free legal representation to secure this “right” for Sandy-Jo Battista, formerly David E. Megarry Jr.,  who was convicted of robbery, kidnapping and the rape of a child. He- or as transgenders claim- “She” is currently detained via civil commitment in the all male Massachusetts Treatment Center for Sexually Dangerous Persons facility without limit of sentence due to his legal status as a “Sexually Dangerous Person”.

Battista was apprehended in 1982 for hiding in the woods and abducting a ten year old girl, forcing her into his car, abducting and driving her into the woods known as Lombardi’s Grove in Milford, Mass. where he tied her up, gagged her, raped her, and left her there. He was also charged with robbery for taking the money she had earned selling fudge door-to-door to raise money for her skating club (which is what she was doing when he abducted her).

From the Dedham, Mass. Daily News Transcript:  “When he was 14, Batista assaulted a 6-year-old girl. A year later, prosecutors say Batista took another young girl into the woods, but stopped short of assaulting her.

He spent three years in a Department of Youth Services program at Medfield State Hospital for the juvenile incidents. Behind bars for child rape, Batista got slapped with 64 entries on his disciplinary record.

In a 1986 case, Batista got caught making obscene phone calls to young girls he picked out of local newspapers. About a decade later, Batista was penalized for keeping pictures of young girls in his jail cell, said Assistant District Attorney Peter Pratt.

At about the same time, Batista realized he was transgendered, Machado said.

He began to wear women’s underwear and cosmetics, got tattoos of naked women and had his name legally changed to Sandra Jo Batista in 1995.”

Transgenders say that the ten year old girl may have been “asking for it”. From the trans website “A Gender Variance Who’s Who” site administrator Zagria  in a post defending Megarry and concerned about the rapists’s welfare in a post titled: “What will happen to Sandy-Jo?” speculates about the ten year old rape victim: “Was it real forcible rape? Was it statutory but consensual? Was it mainly a misunderstanding? The various mentions online say nothing between these options.”

The Department of Justice, which unlike transactivist Zagria doesn’t consider child rape and kidnapping as an “option” took a different view than transgenders and sentenced the baby-raper to 18 years in prison. Transactivists may be surprised to learn that no legal entity in the country considers rape between a grown man and a ten year old child consensual. Go figure! As for Megarry/Battista, he remains civilly committed by the state of Mass. Due to his – “her” – frequent infractions behaviors and incidents during his – “her”- incarceration which deems him an ongoing threat to girl children.

Sandy Jo Battista

Transactivists claim that men like Megarry/Battista should be given taxpayer funded “sex changes” and transferred to women’s prisons. Supporter Zagria cites the Canadian case of “Synthia Kavanagh” a male murderer who was given a state-funded “sex change” and then transferred to a women’s prison.

In countries with Gender Identity Protections, (which override sex-based protections of women in favor of the “internal gender identity” of males) state funded “sex changes” of male rapists and murderers of women and subsequent transfer of the perps to women’s prisons is commonplace. In some cases, like John Pilley’s, the perp decides women’s prison isn’t as fun as they thought, wants to change back, and demands “sex change reversal” treatment, also paid for by the state.

From the victorious McDermott Will & Emory press release:

“The injunction obtained by McDermott on behalf of the Firm’s pro bono client, Sandy Battista, requires the State of Massachusetts to provide necessary medical care for Ms. Battista’s gender identity disorder (GID). The opinion reinforces the fact that GID is a recognized disorder that, if left untreated, creates a “substantial risk of serious harm,” and “can be extremely dangerous.”  The First Circuit found that an unjustified failure to treat GID gives rise to a constitutional violation. Judge Michael Boudin wrote the First Circuit opinion, joined by Judge Norman Stahl and retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Souter, who sat on the panel by designation.”

“This case is about one’s right to medical care while incarcerated,” said [Former actor] Neal Minahan,  an associate in McDermott’s Boston office who argued the case before the First Circuit. “Incarcerated, transgender individuals have as much right to medically necessary care as any other person in the State’s custody.  The First Circuit recognized that waiting nearly a decade to fill a medical prescription is inexcusable.  In this case, it violated our client’s constitutional rights.”

“Ms. Battista, a transgender resident of the Massachusetts Treatment Center, was first diagnosed with GID in 1997 and has struggled to receive treatment for the disorder for over a decade.  In June 2005, Ms. Battista filed this case as a pro se litigant in the United States District Court of Massachusetts in response to the DOC’s decision to block her prescription for GID treatment.  That treatment, which included hormone medication, had been unanimously approved by the DOC’s own contracted medical providers.  In November 2007, District Court Judge Douglas P. Woodlock appointed McDermott as pro bono counsel.  Years of intensely fought litigation culminated in a bench trial before the U.S. District Court in June 2010.  The McDermott trial team was lead by Minahan and Dana McSherry, a partner in the Firm’s Boston office.”

“The District Court found that Ms. Battista “may not be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment which consists of the neglect of her serious medical needs, nor may her serious needs become a pretext for the infliction of additional punishments. And that is what has happened here.”  After trial, the court issued an injunction requiring the DOC to provide GID treatment to Ms. Battista, including access to hormone medication.   That injunction was stayed pending the DOC’s appeal to the First Circuit panel, which issued its unanimous opinion on Friday, May 20, 2011.” [Italics/bolding mine-GM]

“The McDermott team working on this case also included partner Mike Kendall, associate Benjamin Franklin, legal assistant Christine Slyman, and former McDermott partners Christopher Man and Emily Smith-Lee.”

Another inmate, convicted strangulation killer Robert Kosilek, now “Michelle Lynn Kosilek” since developing transsexuality during his life sentence for murder- filed papers yesterday  in response to the ruling, demanding state funded electrolysis and plastic surgery to construct a superficial approximation of female genitals. He has already been receiving tax funded hormones.


It is currently unknown whether the murderer and child-rapist will be transferred to women’s facilities upon completion of their cosmetic transformation. Also unknown is if state funded FFS (facial feminization surgery) will be mandated, although according to medically accepted WPATH standards-of-care facial surgery along with breast augmentation IS considered medically necessary care. 

Some transactivists feel tax payer funded breast implants, electrolysis and “sex change” surgeries are not enough to “affirm” the “gender identity” of rapists pedophiles and murderers. Transjactivist Monica Roberts complains today about transgendered murder suspect Nina Kanagasingham, who is accused of throwing another male transgender under the wheels of a subway car, “My British trans cousins have been more than a little pissed about the sensationalist and transphobic coverage being generated in the British media concerning this case. They are also not happy about how Kanagasingham has been treated by the British legal system either.   In addition to being housed in a men’s prison, she was hauled into Old Bailey unshaven, a point in which the British press took great glee in pointing out in their stories.”

It’s unknown if trans advocates will win the right for police to hand suspected murderers claiming GID a razor prior to arresting them so that their “right” to look clean shaven is “protected” but after these recent transgender victories for male murderers and child rapists, who knows? With the advocacy and unlimited resources of the law firm of McDermott Will & Emory, anything is possible.

To the woman, almost 40 now, who was abducted, tied up, gagged and raped 30 years ago at the age of ten by this serial pedophillic predator and monster: My thoughts and prayers go out to you tonight as you struggle to deal with the “victory” of this man through the work of McDermott Will & Emory and trans activists worldwide. YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN.


June 2, 2011

“An entertaining and revelatory “secret history” of Feminist Art, !Women Art Revolution deftly illuminates this under-explored movement through conversations, observations, archival footage and works of visionary artists, historians, curators and critics. Starting from its roots in 1960s antiwar and civil rights protests, the film details major developments in women’s art through the 1970s and explores how the tenacity and courage of these pioneering artists resulted in what is now widely regarded as the most significant art movement of the late 20th century.

For more than forty years, filmmaker Lynn Hershman Leeson (Teknolust, Strange Culture) has collected a plethora of interviews with her contemporaries—and shaped them into an intimate portrayal of their fight to break down barriers facing women both in the art world and society at large. With a rousing score by Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein, !W.A.R. features Miranda July, The Guerilla Girls, Yvonne Rainer, Judy Chicago, Marina Abramovic, Yoko Ono, Cindy Sherman, Barbara Kruger, B. Ruby Rich, Ingrid Sischy, Carolee Schneemann, Miriam Schapiro, Marcia Tucker and countless other groundbreaking figures.

!W.A.R. opens in theaters in early June 2011″

June 1-7 IFC Center New York, NY

June 10 The Screen at Studio 2 Santa Fe, NM

June 15-19 Museum of Fine Arts Boston, MA

June 17-23 Laemmle’s Music Hall 3 Los Angeles, CA

June 17-23 Northwest Film Forum Seattle, WA

June 23-26 Oklahoma City Museum of Art Oklahoma City, OK

June 24-30 Denver Film Society Denver, CO

June 24-27 Northwest Film Center Portland, OR

July 1 Real Art Ways Hartford, CT

October 5 International House of Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA


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