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November 30, 2011

This week’s winner is a F2T expressing her disfavor with the Gender Agnosticism displayed on this blog:


Submitted on 2011/11/29 at 7:31 am | In reply to Grace Skrobisz.

Haha. I think some ugly bitch is jealous that us men find trannies more attractive than her ugly cult.
Please get some liposuction and facial reconstructive surgery. You need it a loooot more than the MtF’s. Nasty. :)



Submitted on 2011/11/29 at 7:22 am

You are transphobic, all of you. It’s funny how nazis like you can call themselves feminists. All you are is a bunch of psycho republican bitches who need to get back in the kitchen. I’m sure you’re all bitter because no men love you. Bawww.

———————- [sic]

One thing you can say about the contest entries submitted by F2Ts- they are incredibly brief compared to those submitted by male contestants. Enjoy your victory Al- you earned it!

*Sorry your trophy is so small…

Hey guess what? Females get stalked and harassed. Do you know why so few women run for public office? Because women get stalked and harassed and get graphic mutilation, rape and death threats from men. It doesn’t matter what the woman’s political platform is, and it doesn’t matter how she presents herself or what she says. Women in the public eye get death threats and creepy male stalkers. Not only do men obsess about, stalk and threaten, but often they follow up on their obsession and kill the female public figures they fixate upon.

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I HATE Being A Girl

November 16, 2011

The above selection is Andrea James’ new video, filmed and narrated by himself. It’s part of his new fundraising drive for TYFA (pronounced “typha”).

Typha” is the ancient Greek name for Cattails and perhaps refers to the “smoke-like” (“typh” is Greek for “smoke”) mass dispersal of seeds.”

The seeds that TYFA- Trans Youth Family Allies- is mass dispersing are the seeds of Genderism: the belief that sex-roles or “Gender” is biologically based and hard-wired to one’s reproductive sex at birth. Their agenda? Putting children as young as 18 months old into a medical “treatment path” to sterilization, experimental and untested puberty-blocking drug regimes, lifetime synthetic hormone dependence and disabling and mutilating cosmetic surgery. They claim to help families of sex-role non-conforming children get “back to normal” (an exact quote from the organization’s president) by medically and surgically trying to force children into conformity with cultural gender norms. Their official motto is “T.A.C.T. – Trust. Accept. Confidence. Treatment. “

TYFA activist Andrea James’s interest in children first became apparent when he shocked the academic world by stealing photos of a sexologist Michael Bailey’s elementary school-aged children and posting them online with pornographic captions such as “cocksucker” written on their faces in a campaign designed to silence the author and researcher.

Here is Andrea James’s last video production: “Liking Big Dicks” (NSFW):

There are two other videos in the TYFA campaign, one featuring founder Kim Pearson, whose minor child medically transsexualized before maturity:


In the video Pearson sounds exactly like the old Christian Children’s Fund commercials. Including the promise of a handwritten thank you note from a sponsored child!

Pearson says:

At this point I think we really need to move or propel the organization to a different level. We’ve been operating on a very tight very minimal budget for quite a while. We don’t charge families for our services, schools really don’t have a lot of money at this point for our services, and so we have been dependent on individual donors, whether it be five dollars or twenty five dollars, a hundred dollars, five hundred dollars. We’ve been very grassroots, and I think it’s time to really professionalize the organization to take it to the next level, to have even larger and more visible national and international presence. We’re very, very certain that right now we’re only reaching the tip of the iceburg. And we need to be able to be more proactive. We need to be able to figure out how to work with kids who DON’T have family support. And there are far, far more children who do not have family support than those that do. And we know from research at the Family Acceptance Project [A survey of 245 white and Latino LGBT youth ages 21-25 “ who were open about their sexual orientation to at least one parent or primary caregiver during adolescence”.  Family acceptance measures “included positive family comments, behaviors and interactions related to their children’s LGBT identity” Nothing to do with drugs and surgeries. PDF here]that the most important piece, for a healthy outcome all the way around, socially, monetarily, emotionally, for these children is to have family support. And we can help that happen if we have the financial backing that we need.

If the school’s not picking up that tab, and the parents aren’t able to pick up that tab- which we don’t require anyway- You know, who picks up that tab? We have to fund that somehow. If we have regular monthly donations coming in we know we can commit ourselves to a number of -a certain number of school trainings every year. And we know that if we have more than we need for that then we can take on bigger and better projects. There are conferences that we attend every year to reach greater numbers of families, and to reach greater numbers of providers. These are very costly. But we reach huge numbers of people in one setting in a few days. So when you give monthly we know that we can meet the demands of those schedules and we don’t have to say wow, we can’t go to that conference. We can’t fill the need. Because there aren’t enough dollars. YOU have an opportunity to make a difference. Just as our trainers make a difference, you can make a difference.

crying for money

You can sponsor a family. You can sponsor a program. You can literally change a child’s life. You can literally save a child’s life [ gets choked up] by donating. Wow! [laughs]. This is something that you can do [tears up like Tammy Faye]. It’s something we do every day at TYFA but you can get involved. You can make a significant difference in the trajectory of one of these children’s lives, or many of these children’s lives. By the signing up for monthly donations [sic]. Making a difference. We’ll have the children write you the thank you note, instead of me. But you can do this. It is an amazing opportunity, and you can come, and you can see the work that we’re doing, and you can feel the same sense of satisfaction that I feel every day when I go to work and when my head hits the pillow at the night [sic]. At the end of the day I know that I’ve made a difference. I know that I have saved lives. And you can have that sort of satisfaction too. “

The third new TYFA fundraising video follows the exact same formula. Co-founder Shannon talks for five minutes about how she realized her son was transsexual at the age of 18 months, how much TYFA needs your money, gets choked up and tears up in the last 90 seconds to drive the fundraising pitch home.

James’s campaign seems designed to appeal to pedomorphic  middle aged white male heterosexual crossdressers and “retirement transitioners”, many of whom are obsessed with the idea of pre-pubertal transgenders, and are also the market for  lush, sexualized pedo-tinged “art photo” books that feature the puberty-blocked children as if in the latest underage Calvin Klein ad campaign.

Incidentally, when TYFA gave a presentation at last month’s WPATH convention where the new international transsexual “treatment guidelines” were unveiled, Kim Pearson and TYFA refused to provide any documentation or research to substantiate the claims they were making about childhood transsexualism, even though such claims go against all established research into childhood gender non-conformity. TYFA also refused to participate in international research studies on transgender children. Pearson claimed they had no right to know where TYFA drew the conclusions of their presentation from, and no cooperation with international data collection/research would be forthcoming, because the researcher’s work did not agree with their childhood transsexuality program and thus made their job harder.

Research shows that over 94% of children who are referred for professional treatment due to gender dysphoria experience spontaneous remission in adulthood if left alone. The other 6% continue to have some form of dysphoria or discomfort  and may or may not request psychological or other treatment. The vast majority of the children , if left untreated grow up to be well adjusted Gay and Lesbian adults. 

Not only does TYFA’s program run in opposition to credible scientific research and the Lesbian and Gay Liberation movement, it also goes against the research and experience of Intersex activists: “In adult life people chose gender expressions, sexuality and roles they never could have anticipated as children. We should not let parents or medicos limit life options for children by offering sterilization and medical dependency as part of package deal to “fix”gender/sex missmatch. The possibility that a child might grow up to be gay, genderqueer, or even a non-op transgender person is denied these children. “


Autumn Sandeen is a man who enjoys acting out the subjugated sex-roles enforced upon females for his pleasure. He is a public figure due to his blogging at ostensibly Lesbian site Pam’s House Blend (where actual lesbians are not represented and are in fact censored and banned for discussing concerns of female persons) and also his gig at San Diego LGBTWeekly  writing about the interests of Gender Affiianados (those who celebrate and enjoy sex-role stereotypes inflicted on women).

He is also a long term military man known for impersonating and mimicking female military by chaining himself to the white house gate wearing a female naval uniform as a costume while claiming to be female.

Not only does Mr. Sandeen perform “women-face”, and co-opt and colonize females, he also quotes MLK in every post, and sometimes Cesar Chavez, both men, and both non-white men, in his screeds about his right to not only perform women-face, but his so-called right to force the public at large to play along with his sexist female-objectified pantomine.

Mr. Sandeen, a white male, postures himself, and seeks to align himself with  American civil rights activists who fought for (men’s) rights and (men’s) equality against white supremacists and colonizing white capitalists. But what is the relationship between a white male colonizer and fetishist who enjoys female impersonation, and the male leaders of civil rights and anti-capitalist movements?

Well Sandeen has conveniently chosen dead men to align his Genderist activism with, so we can’t ask them. But we can ask ourselves.

What would MLK think about a white man who claimed that Black and white men  have different brains?  What would he think about white men who claim to be happier in the “Black Role”? And get their skin made-up and “pass” as Black?  And who have hundreds if not thousands of websites filled with tips on acting Black and “embracing their inner Blackness”? What would he think of privileged white men calling themselves “Jamal” and stepping and fetching and speaking “ghetto” in some horrid racist pantomime? Would MLK like to see whites pantomine racist stereotypes of Blacks as they claim Black Brains? And watching themselves in the mirror masturbating at the idea of themselves as being Black? And having hundreds of websites about white men whose most profound desire is to have sex with a Black person who believes the white man is truly Black? What would he think about whites getting their legal race changed to Black because of how they “felt Black since childhood”? What would he think about recording white males as African American when collecting statistics? What would he feel about including white males in Black health initiatives? Would he like white men in blackface to be in leadership positions at the NAACP?  Would he like white men to receive college scholarships set up for Black students? Would he like affirmative action programs to include whites who select “Black”, since Blackness is an optional “identity” that one can embrace or deny based on one’s self-concept and a cheap afro wig?  Would he agree with white men who claimed Blacks have “cis-privilege” over whites who wear blackface? Would he agree that Blacks oppress white men doing blackface? Would he agree with the concept of “blackfacephobia”? What would he say when white men in blackface told MLK that even though they were born and grew up as white, they actually had “black childhoods” since they absorbed racist attitudes indirectly, and secretly internalized them? Would he like a cottage industry of voice coaches claiming to help whites “talk Black”? Would he like psychiatry to diagnose which whites are “black inside”? What would he make of blackface minstrels who factor in purchasing a “Black-friendly” automobile as part of their “trans-ition”?

What would he think of the following random trans blog excerpt with sex switched to race:

“The Ups and Downs of Switching Race

I gave the issues I last wrote about some more thought, and have a few ideas to share.

For me, being Black is a joyous and intense state.  I am sociable, flirty and “on.” Being a white is more of a contented and relaxed, comfortable thing.  Appropriate white adjectives include strong, aware, capable.

Being Black is still quite stressful for me – not so much about being discovered, or worrying about danger any more, but more about doing things that are outside my white comfort zone.

I still have so much to remember to do (and not do) when being a Black, from voice to manner to posture – things that are not yet completely innate to me.

And then, socializing is not something that comes easily to me.  Though I have revelled in the friendships and interactions that I have achieved as Black, meeting people has never been without stress for me.

I am so much more a social creature in my Black guise, and getting out and partying and enjoying the company of others tends to acquire a certain momentum if I keep at it consistently.

However, once I stop and go back to my white comfort zone, inertia takes over.

…and that can be hard to overcome…

But, when I have had the benefit of perspective instead of being caught up in the moment of how I feel, my sense is that I have grown increasingly dissatisfied with the confines of my white comfort zone as I have gotten older – and my Black emergence was part of that.  There is always the potential for backsliding, or conversely, for my white self to displace the Black by finding his own excitement, but my best guess at this moment is that I will walk my road to happiness and fulfillment in sexy heels and hose sexy blackface and afro wig.

Of course, forecast is subject to change…”

Chris Tina Foxx Bruce is a failed bodybuilder, unable to qualify in male competition. He is also the latest crossdressing dude who thinks a brow-shave and some breast implants entitle him to shit all over female athletes by using forty years of testosteroned musculature and male frame to compete against females in, what else? Musculature. The 6 foot 1 inch father of two had to drop 40 pounds of muscle in order to qualify for entry into the Border States Classic Bodybuilding competition on Oct. 29th. I was too lazy to look for pictures, and as far as I could tell with a cursory search, he didn’t place in his first competition. This contest is a low grade physique competition which is more like a “fitness stripper” sort of display. These contests are highly policed for enforced sexualized femininity, which explains his interest. Nonetheless, this is yet another example of failed male middle aged athletes embarking on late-in-life competitive sports careers courtesy of women’s sports.

Contrary to the claims of Genderist advocacy organizations such as the National Center For Lesbian Rights (a former Lesbian advocacy organization now representing heterosexual males), males who take estrogen for a year or two don’t become female. Which is why we see guys like CTFB launching sports careers in middle age by exploiting female athletes. A legacy started by Renee Richards, who started a professional tennis career in his forties in women’s tennis after failing to qualify for men’s competition. (He now says that he was wrong to do so, and he is against transgender males competing in female sports).

There have been plenty of others. Like dickhead Michelle Dumaresq who shut women out of female competition for downhill mountain bike racing because he “felt female inside”.

Michelle Dumaresq

Lana Lawless, a retired SWAT officer who began his professional golf career in his late 50’s by exploiting female sports and is writing a book called “Golf Without Balls”. Lana tells ABC News “”I’m the only professional women’s golfer in the United States. I’m the champion.”

From Salon, according to the NCLR’s report ““to date, there is no available research or other reliable scientific evidence to either support or refute the position that transitioned athletes compete at an advantage or disadvantage compared with physically born men and women athletes.” Unfortunately, the rational response to such findings — a call for more research — may come up against significant roadblocks: “In view of the lack of available research and the methodology requirements for credible new research, the answer to that question may never be known with certainty given the low prevalence of transitioned individuals in the population.”

Well hell, that’s easy. Show me one single female transgender that embarks on a professional sports career in men’s sports in middle age. Just one. Ever. I’ll wait. But I won’t be holding my breath. But luckily all the competitive male athletes- those that haven’t failed at competing against other males- are staying in male sports. For now. It’s only the total dickheads doing this to women athletes. And the huge breast implants get in the way too.

In more This Week in Men Shitting All Over Women’s Sports: After females are finally permitted to compete in Olympic Boxing in the 2012 London games, the governing body is trying to force the women to compete wearing skirts internationally. Poland has already made skirt-boxing obligatory for females. “By wearing skirts, in my opinion, it gives a good impression, a womanly impression,” Poland coach Leszek Piotrowski told BBC Sport. “Wearing shorts is not a good way for women boxers to dress.”

Jesus. That just might get male transgenders interested in the sport.

From the BBC: “Ireland’s three-time world champion Katie Taylor, who won her fifth consecutive European lightweight title in Rotterdam, said: “It’s a disgrace that they’re forcing some of the women to wear those mini-skirts. We should be able to wear shorts, just like the men.

“I won’t be wearing a mini-skirt. I don’t even wear mini-skirts on a night out, so I definitely won’t be wearing mini-skirts in the ring.”

Mike Tyson in a skirt

Mike Tyson in a skirt

“As we investigate the story of Karen Carpenter’s life and death we are presented with an extremely graphic picture of the internal experience of contemporary femininity. We will see how Karen’s visibility as a popular singer only intensified certain difficulties many women experience in relation to their bodies”

Warning- GRAPHIC

Benson Mugshot

Benson Mugshot

Total fucking skumbag baby raper Thomas Lee Benson claiming his “internal Jender identity” made him dress up like a woman and plonk himself into a hottub full of little girls in the women’s lockeroom, even though he is a designated predatory sex offender for raping elementary school girls, and forbidden to be near children. Claims his internal “female gender identity” made him do it. Says it’s his right to be around naked little girls- his preferred victims- cause his Gender Identity Rights say so!

There’s a puke inducing extended interview with the babygirl rapist at the bottom of this link, if you have the stomach for it.


Try this link if you want to see Trans peeps defending him in the comments. Even more puke inducing.



Eww the rapist pedophile goes on in the interview about how he trolls Lesbian bars because he’s obsessed with having sex with women who don’t want to have sex with him. He wants to have sex with Lesbians who don’t know he is male. Guess he trolls elementary school girls for rape and switches it up with targeting some Lesbians.

I won’t say what I hope happens to him, except that there’s no coming back from it. From my mouth to god’s ears.


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