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Interesting article in the Telegraph about the controversial experimental sterilization treatments being conducted on Lesbian and Gay children by the UK’s National Health Service, and how ongoing transgender campaigns of harassment against researchers are preventing scientists from addressing difficult questions about the efficacy –and the ethics- of such treatments.

From the article:

“The operations are being paid for by the taxpayers, although I don’t think that’s the issue. If the state can pay several thousands to save a person from a life of misery and eventual suicide then I for one think that is money well-spent. And yet the strange thing is that, taking aside the fact that “blockers” may affect cognitive ability and bone density, there’s actually no accepted medical proof or consensusthat sex change operations actually help someone’s mental health; we may one day find that it does, but we simply don’t know enough at the moment.

Yet that hasn’t stopped the growth of a political orthodoxy that boys and girls are sometimes born into the wrong bodies – their gender does not match their physical sex – and that this is best fixed by hormone treatment and/or surgery later in life; and that anyone who finds this uncomfortable suffers themselves from a psychological condition, apparently, called transphobia.

This is the only explanation acceptable to the media and, indeed, the state, which spends a fair deal of money (which we don’t have) combating transphobia. Yet at the moment science is still quite confused about Gender Identity Disorder, and what is acceptable to say about it is constrained by taboo and threats, and academics who argue against the standard political narrative tend to get persecuted.”

Of course there are over a hundred comments on the article by the usual suspects: straight middle-aged men who adopted a transgender lifestyle (at least online) after decades of male privilege, heterosexual marriage, and careers. They echo the thoughts of career-military man turned trans-activist Autumn Sandeen when he states that the future of the entire transgender movement should be based on the meme of “transgender children”, because it “take[s] the sex right out of the trans experience”.

From TYFA interview with Kim Pearson:

Sandeen: “ I’ve always said there are two groups that are going to make change in transgender legislation and the “gender identity and expression” related language in legislation. It’s going to be trans youth because they take, you know, they demystify it and take the sex right out of the trans experience.”

Trans Youth Famly Allies director Kim Pearson: “They do. They do.”

Sandeen: “And then, transgender veterans – or people doing service like police. But it’s going to be military, veterans, police, fire, those kind of folks who are serving to send a message- especially veterans. It’s hard to tell a veteran, you know, “we don’t appreciate your service because you’re transgender”.

Pearson: “Right. And it’s hard to say no to kids, and the needs of kids and “keeping kids safe”. And you know, “being respected in schools” and things like that. It’s really hard for people to say no to that.”


Adult transgenders use children because they have decided that using children obscures sexism and the sexualized/fetish aspect of the majority of the trans movement. And what creates more sympathy than a suffering child?

Pay no attention to the 50 year old retired military police officer with anger management problems who wants to share a dorm room with your seventeen year old daughter because he demands his “right” to a pretend-girlhood he’s always masturbated about.

Pay no attention to the convicted serial child predator who demands his “right” to sit in a hottub full of children in a women’s locker room because of his “gender identity”.

Pay no attention to the ingrained culture of pedomorphisis practiced by the very adults who promote these treatments on children and shout down academic medical and scientific study.

Pay no attention to the children who are committing suicide after graduating from “transgender youth” programs.

Pay no attention to the teen-aged transitioners now filled with regret.

Pay no attention to decades of intersex activism from people with first-hand knowledge of the damage done from performing medical “corrections” and experimentation on minor children.

Pay no attention that this treatment causes unstudied changes in brain growth, insulin resistance, bone density as well as lifetime sterilization, “elective disablility” and drug dependence of gender-noncompliant children.

Pay no attention to the fact that there has never been a SINGLE follow-up study on the youth who have been medically experimented upon in the name of “gender” AND that activist groups funded by adult transgenders to actively lobby for such experiments on children REFUSE to participate in any of the proposed international research BECAUSE WHAT LITTLE RESEARCH HAS BEEN DONE on gender-noncompliant children into adulthood CONTRADICTS THESE TREATMENTS.



Seriously, People talk to me now and I talk to them. As a woman I am not seen as a threat.  Read the rest of this entry »


Update to this posthttp://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2012/01/18/creating-change-2012-lesbian-and-womens-workshops-rejected-call-for-action/

As a result of pressure applied by women and lesbian activists- many of you readers of this site- the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has responded to the outcry over the lack of representation for lesbians and has agreed to host a 60-minute Lesbian Caucus on Saturday January 28 at 6:30 pm.

If you are attending the 2012 Creating Change conference in Baltimore please add this event to your schedule and attend this important session. This newly added one hour session remains the ONLY event at Creating Change 2012 that addresses the needs, concerns and future of specifically female and lesbian activism.

Please attend, support, and participate in this caucus. Please distribute this update in your Lesbian networks as soon as possible.

GenderTrender continues to compile a list of women’s and lesbian workshops which were rejected from this year’s Creating Change conference. Please continue to contact me with information about rejected workshops and events. As always, your information and comments will not be published if you wish to share this information privately. Thank You.

by Pippa Fleming

I’ve been holding silence for quite some time but now it’s time for me to speak.

When a Black child presents with signs of internalized racism, we want to protect them. We want them to know they are perfect as they are and loved for exactly who they are. If we are conscience Black folks, we try to infuse our young people with the knowledge, skills, wisdom and support necessary, so they may survive and thrive in this racist society.

If little Lakesha comes home with “mommy I hate being Black and I want to be white” we are shocked, dismayed and sadden by her self loathing and rush to find the source of her oppression. Is it school, the media, her peers, society or all of the above?

So why when little butch Lakesha comes home with “I hate my body and I want to be a boy” is she encouraged to take on male identity or the subject matter is avoided all together and she is left to flounder in a sea of gender conforming beliefs that lead to dysphoria and a life lived in the shadows?

From the moment a female child presents as butch she is loathed, feared and rendered invisible by her peers and elders alike. Why are we not outraged by butch oppression and willing to explore gender oppression like we look at race or class oppression? Why is it seen as status quo for young butch girls to hate their bodies the goddess blessed them with? Why are we ushering our baby butches towards male identity rather than exploring the causes of this type of self hatred?

We are quick to say that a Black person is suffering internally if they want to bleach their skin white or have plastic surgery to look more european… but if a child wants to cut their breasts off and get rid of their vagina this is acceptable! In turn, if I question this as a butch female, I am seen as transphobic.

I am a gender non conforming female butch, who uses the men’s bathroom, is perceived as a man everyday I walk out my door and rendered invisible by society. Instead of expanding the boundaries of female identity to include all of it’s nuances, we have fallen desperate prey to that 1% we claim to despise!

To be Black, female and butch is to be a warrior, let us pray that more of us have the courage to love ourselves wholly and be outspoken mentors to young butches struggling not to conform to the impossible.

And ain’t I a woman!



[Writer, director, choreographer, DJ and vocalist Pippa Fleming originally posted this powerful essay on her Facebook, and I am absolutely thrilled that she has agreed for me to re-post it here on GenderTrender. Thanks Pippa. -GM]


Was your workshop rejected from the 2012 Creating Change Conference?

Creating Change is  (from their website): “Only the premier annual organizing and skills-building event for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and their allies”.

 “The conference is run by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and attracts more than 2,500 people from all over the country every year. Presenters and participants come from all walks of life and include members of the business community, elected officials, students, faith leaders and staff and volunteers of non-profit organizations. Our five-day program features over 250 workshops and training sessions, four plenary sessions, and tons of networking opportunities.”

The 24th National Creating Change Conference is being held in Baltimore, Maryland on January 25-29, 2012. This year’s conference features 350 workshops and is notable for it’s TOTAL ABSENCE OF LESBIAN, female, or sexism programming. Out of 350 accepted workshops, there is a zero percentile representation (0.28%) of programming directed to Lesbian/Women/Sexism concerns. Out of 350 accepted workshops, only ONE  (“Lesbian 60 and over caucus”) deals with Lesbian issues and concerns. There are NO workshops addressing sexism. There are NO workshops addressing women’s issues. ZERO. As in NONE.

In contrast, there are at least 29 workshops on transgender issues, 20 on issues of race and racism, and 32 on religion. There are ZERO on sex and sexism. There are ZERO on women’s issues. There are ZERO on feminism. There is only ONE MENTION of Lesbians in the accepted 350 workshop schedule of this “LGBT” conference.

 Are you a woman whose Creating Change workshop was rejected?

The National Gay “and Lesbian” Task Force refuses to release a listing of rejected workshops. We know some of these were specifically directed to female and Lesbian issues, because we know the women who submitted the rejected workshops. If you are a woman whose workshop on Lesbian or female-specific concerns was rejected by Creating Change 2012 please post the details in a comment to this post. Your anonymous comment will not be published. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Please spread the word.

The following is a color-coded list of the accepted Creating Change 2012 workshops: Read the rest of this entry »

  1. GallusMagJanuary 15, 2012 at 6:33 AM #

    This is just sad. This post and thread is really gross. You’ve trolled everyone because you were confused (and lazy) but hey, that’s cool. Could of happened to anyone.

    The Genderism conversation has moved on over the years…. This is like reading Rumplestiltzkin’s thread. Trans people don’t give a shit about “twanz”. That’s THEIR fucking dialect. Their fucking 4chan “the internetz” fucking invention. For realz.

    Even the titles, about how “Nine-duece utters the word trans” like it’s a dirty fucking word. Like you are getting your white gloves dirty. Like trans are blow you. (puns are fun). Well guess what trans isn’t a dirty word. And unlike your philosophy, trans aren’t fucking mutants because they shelled out for some fuck-hole insertion. They are human beings who are suffering INTENSELY due to “Jenderz”. At least some of them are. And unlike you we are offering them a nice cold refreshing glass of FEMINISM. We’re not running after them, throwing it in their face. We’re OFFERING it. Because we KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT suffering intensely due to Jennnnndahhhhhhh.

    Seriously you crack me up. And I truly believe that you mean well. Truly. At least I think you probably do.

    But body mods making women men and men women- or making people mutants as you propose? NO.
    What about all the nullos? Are they “not men” because they had their gear redacted? Are they mutants? What about the guys working an executive model neo-vag that they bought themselves on a Thailand vacation because they always masturbated at the idea of having one of their own? Are they women? No. They don’t feel they are. Are they “no longer men”? No. Are they mutants? No, they’re guys who did body mods. So what? Better get used to it. We’re on the verge of the age of trans-humanism. (google it).

    Just because someone does body mods that put you into cognitive dissonance
    http://www2.b3ta.com/bigquiz/trannyorgranny/ ) doesn’t mean that reality itself has shifted. Get ahold of yourself! Or don’t. But leave those of us that DO have something to offer and that AREN’T snooty people with white gloves who can’t handle the reality of modern life to do our work. Or don’t. It doesn’t matter. We’ll go on without you. Here, you keep the canteen. It’s cool and refreshing. We’ll send help back for you when we get there.


    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

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January 13, 2012



A proposed new law which came about in response to death threats published on a social media site this summer against lesbian activist Cathy Brennan was introduced in the Maryland House today.

House Bill 8, introduced by Delegate Mary Washington would amend Criminal Law Section 3-805 concerning Harassment via Electronic Communication to include harassment via electronic communication other than email.

This law will correct a prosecutorial gap in Maryland’s criminal code which became evident last summer when Kentucky Fairness Campaign’s Anthony Casebeer and blogger Monica Roberts posted death threats against Ms. Brennan on Facebook with the following exchange:

Casebeer: “Pimp slap is not enough here: a nice home run swing to the head with a 38-oz Louisville Slugger is more in order. There’s no brains in her head to destroy to start with. It’s personal, and if I ever saw her in my windshield, I’ll be wiping blood off my white Buick. But I won’t be using the brakes.”

 Roberts: “and add a silver stake through the heart for good measure?”

 Casebeer: “Now that you mention it, I have a nice sharp double-bitted axe in the tool shed….”

 Roberts: “where’s Garth and the Capital One Vikings when you need them?”


Because of the gap in the Maryland criminal code Casebeer and Roberts escaped prosecution. The new law will enable the judiciary to impose misdemeanor conviction including imprisonment and fines for the first offense and up to three years imprisonment for subsequent convictions.

From Delegate Washington’s remarks:

“For the past 3 months, I have been working with Delegates Sandy Rosenberg and Luke Clippinger to develop legislation that would amend Maryland law by broadening the types of communication that are covered under harassment statutes. Maryland’s existing electronic harassment legislation was last updated in 1998 and applies only to “electronic mail” (email) that is sent and received by an individual “identified by a unique address”. By changing the language from “mail” to “communications” and striking the requirement that these communications be directed towards an individual at a unique address, “texts” will be covered and possibly direct communication from social media and networking sites.

Thirty-eight states, including Maryland, have enacted laws to sanction electronic harassment. Of those states, more than half (22) include language that is broad enough to include most forms of electronic communication. Maryland’s neighbors- Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware- all have electronic harassment laws that pertain broadly to most forms of electronic communication.

In developing this bill, we’ve solicited the technical advice of the Attorney General’s office to ensure that we address concerns about the protection of free speech under the First Amendment. As we all know, verbal and oral communications can be considered as speech that is either “protected” or “unprotected” based on a number of criteria. These criteria include a distinction between public and private forums. The challenge that we must address is that many of the newest technologies are, by design, intended to publicize interpersonal communications. For example on Facebook walls, photo album “tags”, blogs, posts and threads make public the individual to individual exchange of words and blur the lines just enough to allow individuals to use these to harass, intimidate and bully.

Despite these challenges, it is in the interest of public safety, that we take this clarifying and significant step to close this legal loophole in our harassment laws that allows perpetrators to evade prosecution and leaves Marylanders unprotected.”

Gender Identity

January 10, 2012

I-dentity (aka trans) politics is fundamentally LIBERTARIAN. It is ahistorical and acontextual. It essentializes sex stereotypes by renaming them consensual “gender identities.” It invisibilizes power structures that give rise to female oppression. It is anti-feminist.


[by UP]

“Shit Trannys Say”

January 10, 2012

Oh look! A sense of humor!


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