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“The Cotton Ceiling”

March 25, 2012


March 22, 2012

Queer trans women don’t want to force lesbian women to like them, but rather analyze why they don’t and see if trannies can become more attractive in their eyes.Trannies have the right to discuss how to positively change themselves and how others perceive them.Just as women have the right to “say no”, trannies have the right make themselves less unattractive to improve their sex and love lives. Trannies have the right to try.Furthermore, “Overcoming the cotton ceiling” is in the spirit of other workshops in the event such as”Pick [Me] Ups for Hungry Virginz: How to Initiate Luv Connections (Or At Least Not Die While Trying)”which helps overcome “barriers and road blocks in your quest to connect with others-– whether that’s for one-night stands or lifelong partnerships or fuck buddies.”As a dating coach helping heterosexual males, I can say that many possible factors must be analyzed. For example, if I were applying heterosexual criteria, I could say that apart from physical dislike, trannies’ high incidences of depression, anxiety as well as the the low social value & stability attributed to them do not make them attractive to women, who in men would find such qualities very “beta” or unappealing.Furthermore, if trannies have any male genes, they should know that new research shows that the mere idea of an encounter with a woman can impair men’s cognitive performance, and thus the female does not get a true picture of the male.Whatever it is, trannies have the right to discuss how to overcome their predicament.”—————————-The above Homophobe and Rape Apologist is responding to this:

Support Women’s Sexual Autonomy — No Means No!


Planned Parenthood Toronto is helping to sponsor a March 31 conference in Toronto that includes a workshop inviting participants to discuss and strategize ways they might be able to “overcome” women’s objections to these participants’ sexual advances.  We believe that no means no, that a woman’s right to say “no” to sex at any time is sacrosanct and that no explanations should ever be requested because none is ever necessary.   The name of the workshop proposed is “Overcoming the Cotton Ceiling:  Breaking Down Sexual Barriers for Queer Trans Women.”  The workshop facilitator has defined the “Cotton Ceiling” as follows:

The cotton ceiling is a theory proposed … to explain the experiences queer trans women have with simultaneous social inclusion and sexual exclusion within the broader queer women’s communities. Basically, it means that cis queer women will be friends with us and talk day and night about trans rights and ending transmisogyny, but will still not consider us viable sexual partners.

The term cotton ceiling is a reference to the “glass ceiling” that second wave feminist identified in the workforce, wherein women could only advance so high in the workforce but could not break through into positions of power and authority. The cotton represents underwear, signifying sex.

Please sign this petition and ask Planned Parenthood to withdraw their support from this workshop and to continue their legacy of support for women’s sexual autonomy.
Information about the conference can be found here.”


And this video:



















It takes a lot to be the sicko comment of the week. You know we’ve had some doosies. But this week’s prize winner is rapetastic sicko lesbian-hater “Olivia” who took the time to share his sympathies with famed stalker of lesbians Xander Sarkisova:

Olivia commented on What’s up with Toronto Sherbourne Health Center threatening Lesbians?

Submitted on 2012/03/16 at 11:51 pm

I know I’m late on this thread, but I felt I had to say something. One poster had said that men aren’t capable of love which for the most part is true. I have never and will never try to change someone’s sexuality, I fully understand why lesbians wouldn’t want to be with someone like me, but I still want to be loved with the depth that a woman can love with, because in case any of you forgot, committed relationships are about love not sex.

[You understand why lesbians don’t want males like yourself but you still want them to, and you equate homosexuality with love and affection, not sexuality.]

I can’t stand bisexuals because they always settle down with with men, I don’t associate with 99% of transsexuals because they’re desperate, needy, insecure, pushy, and excessively feminine as a cover-up (plus being seen with obvious transwomen is a surefire way to get read, and I’m anything but obvious),

[you are more genuine than other male transgenders who don’t “pass” as female as well as you]

but as previously stated, men don’t love, especially not trannies. We’re fetishes. No one loves us, ever, it’s not an exaggeration (well maybe a little bit). It gets agonizing after awhile.

[Again with the men. And the men not loving you, and how agonizing that is. On a lesbian feminist blog you’ve come to express your despair that men don’t love you and that you see relationships with females- no, Lesbians, since you eschew bisexual women and hetero women are out of the question- you see relationships with Lesbians, who you “understand” don’t want you as a male bodied person- as an affectational sexless alternative to the agonizing lack of male love that you are experiencing.]

One thing that upsets me deeply, is people’s obsession with me getting bottom surgery in order to “qualify” as a woman, it costs about $20,000.

[It upsets you deeply that women are female, and that a man (an adult male with a male reproductive biology) is not female. And it haunts you that some jurisdictions WILL “qualify” you as female if you get maiming cosmetic genital surgery which costs about the same as the price of a decent used car.

It is certainly understandable that you find disturbing the idea that legal government entities will classify you, a male, as “female” after undergoing needless disfiguring and disabling genital surgery. This is a deeply disturbing idea. However if you are implying that the general public at large will ALSO classify you, a male, as “female” after undergoing such a mutilation is, I’m sure you are aware, a total fantasy/fiction. No one will ever classify you as “female” regardless of what medical or surgical procedures you undergo. Ever. There was a time when people believed in “sex changes” but that time is long past. From now on, and forevermore, the general public sees males who claim transsexuality as MALES who WISH they were women. Never as actually female. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There’s nothing wrong with a man who wishes he was female! ]

I’m never gonna have that kind of money. This stuff costs a fortune, I do what I can afford and I try to be happy with what I have. I don’t think a woman should be defined by her genitalia.

[Women AREN’T “defined by their genitalia”. Only men like yourself frame females that way. Females are defined by their genetic sex, and women are adult females. Adult HUMAN females. No human is defined by their genitalia, because they are human beings. A male such as yourself is by definition NOT female, because of your Y chromosome, your sperm producing testes and your male biology. Males are NEVER female. That doesn’t mean your male genitalia defines you. It is simply a fact of your biological reality. Truly, when males who wish they were female invoke the trope of “females being defined by their genitalia” they are trying to colonize and reverse feminist messages against sex-based stereotypes and sex-roles by inferring that actual biological sex reality doesn’t exist. And that’s just silly. Because humans are a sexually dimorphic species, and all your willing that to go away because for whatever reason you wish you were female, is just silly. You take a feminist meme of “women are more than just our reproductive systems, we are full human beings” and you attempt to upend it into “there is no such thing as a female”. Well hon, no one is buying that except you. Sowwy. Females actually DO exist! WITH our genitals! Or even with them (god forbid) missing for some reason. We are still female, and we are still fully HUMAN, ergo, MORE than just our reproductive capacity. It’s actually an expression of male aggression and sexism to imply that IF our female sexed reality EXISTS than we are LESS than human. See how that works? Probably not, because I don’t think you give a FLYING FUCK about anything but your own entitlement to females, and anything you think females can do for you.]

I’ve only met one lesbian ever who was completely on board with dating a transwoman. I’m convinced there has to be a few more, and maybe one of them is a single vegan anarchist with great hips.

[Lesbians are by definition females sexually oriented to other females. As in homosexual. But you’re still CONVINCED there’s one “with great hips” (is that like a horse with great teeth?) out there FOR you.]

As for the invasion of female space, I don’t care. No, I’m not a “born woman”. No, I haven’t been subject to the societal control that many girls go through growing up (I do now as an adult however). I am a woman, I always have been. I don’t care what you say. Rules are meant to be broken. If I’m denied what I feel I deserve, I’ll find a way to take it, or get my head kicked in trying.

[You DON’T CARE what women want or need. You don’t care what women say. You see females as “meant to be broken”. You won’t be denied by females and will fight to the death if need be to ignore our needs and realities and boundaries because you “deserve it”.]

Long story short, transpeople are sick and tired of being denied access to everywhere [women] , of being invalidated and forced to spend a fortune to qualify as who they already are, of having to lie about our pasts to avoid discrimination, of being rejected [sexually by lesbians/women] by anyone they try to be more than just friends with, Some us have entitlement issues, and they tend to be the most vocal thusly giving us all a bad image. Men just want to f**k us and hide us like a dirty tissue, so a lot of us who may or may not be lesbians turn to women out need for love, or they date other tgirls.

[Your failure to get the male partners you desire results in your aggressive entitlement that females should- must- service your needs]

We just want to be treated like the women we are, and, whether you admit it or not, you disagree. So we get angry, furious, and we have every reason to. We criticize your values, your beliefs, your desires. Some of this is wrong and excessive but the collective anger of dealing with nearly universal oppression can be difficult to control. I don’t agree with a word this Xander guy says, but I can understand where he’s coming from. We wish someone would look past our flesh for a moment.

[You can “understand” where trans are coming from stalking and harassing lesbians because you feel that women are required to be available to you sexually and emotionally, even (or especially) lesbian women because you are “justifiably” furious that the males you desire have rejected you and you demand that gay women/lesbians/ any women service your needs or pay the price of your rage and fury. Your fury that gay people are actually gay and aren’t interested in the opposite sex no matter how modified or “identified” or “passing” or surgically altered.



YOU SIR are a PREDATOR. YOU ARE THE ENEMY OF ALL WOMEN. YOU ARE A FUCKING SICKO. And the fact that you would come here and spew your RAPETASTIC female-hatred is NOTABLE.

“We wish someone would look past our flesh for a moment.”

WHO GIVES A SHIT WHAT YOU WANT. There are plenty of people dying horribly of various diseases who wish biological reality wasn’t real. You don’t see them BLAMING WOMEN do you???


There’s seriously NOTHING females can do to salve your wounds. You are the ENEMY of females, and you will be recognized as such, on some level, no matter what drugs you take or what surgeries you get, how well you “pass” or how much you shake your fist and rage, for the rest of your natural born life. Even if we TRIED we couldn’t fix you.

 My god these guys are sick. To anyone who believes American male trans/genderists have any difference whatsoever between the guys that throw acid in women’s faces that don’t service them, between males that force girls into marriage/enslaved labor/breeding just read this scary fuckers words for yourselves.

I will say that I know several male transgenders who would never, ever co-sign this sick fucks’ rapetastic platform, so thank god there are exceptions. But they are too few and far between and seldom speak out against their brothers.

THIS brochure is to be used to educate and enlighten interested parties in the issues involved with “Gender Identity” legislation and the harmful toll that such sex-based STEREOTYPING takes on females.

Please print and distribute widely.


Google search: Lesbian

Lesbian.com and the problem with the Lesbian Profit Margin:

Watching the trajectory of the Lesbian.com website we can see in microcosm some of the forces aligning against a contemporary lesbian (female same-sex loving) politic and community. Namely, the lack of financial profit to be earned by representing Lesbians. We see the same forces play out in other groups that purport to represent lesbians but actually represent anti-lesbian and anti-female interests. Like the National Center for Lesbian Rights which was founded by lesbians and for lesbians but now directs its resources to male causes and concerns, many of which are in direct opposition to lesbian and female interests, while still promoting itself as a lesbian-centric organization. And GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation which now represents male interests only, and where lesbians and women not only lack representation but whose concerns are actively ignored. And The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force who only had ONE workshop out of 350 dedicated to specifically female or lesbian concerns at their 2012 Creating Change conference. And Planned Parenthood, who now sponsors seminars for heterosexual males on how to break through the “cotton ceiling”: the “barrier” men face when trying to have sex with women who are lesbian and who do not desire sexual relations with males. That’s right! Planned Parenthood now sponsors seminars for males who feel lesbians “discriminate” against them by eschewing sex with males. Stranger than fiction?

These are our “advocates”. These are the organizations that lesbians and women have built and supported, organizations who are now devoted to working against the interests of lesbians. And why? Money. Dollars. And lesbians just don’t have any. We lend our name to something, we work and advocate, and the money takes over. Male money.

And who is being purchased? Women and lesbians. Who in the LGBT can’t afford to refuse that money? If the Lesbian.com example serves as a template, it’s women and Lesbians.

People that desperately need money= women. All women have a price on our heads. For servitude, for compliance, enslavement, abuse, for our bodies and sexual selves, for our lives which are measured in sexual dollars. You can buy a woman for less than the cost of a used car. You can have her shipped to you.

The price for the Lesbian.com domain is high. A quarter of a million dollars. Why? Because men have money and want to buy it. Why? Because they can sell lesbians (or the pornified male-interpreted re-made marketed images of what they think we are ) to other men for  profit. And who is selling Lesbian.com to men? Women. Women who want money.

The Lesbian.com domain was purchased in 1995 by Sue Beckwith, who claims she saw the future and wanted to protect the domain against pornographic males and right-wing anti-gay and anti-women males. But she realized –as any woman does- that these men would pay a pretty penny for access to a space that most would recognize as being lesbian. Lesbian marketing is profitable- TO MEN. – and so Sue and partner Mel always kept the Lesbian.com domain free and tried to make bank off lesbians instead – they redirected all clicks (100,000 a month to hear them tell it) to a lame-ass site at “lesbianvoices.com” where they tried to force lesbians to pay $20. to post on the site. Haha! Whut? Hello? Internet = free, duh. Bad plan there. But they tried to gouge women anyway. No one bought, women just got depressed looking at the shitty site.

Lame Lesbian.com re-direct money-making scheme

And so failing to make bank off lesbians Mel Braman and her partner Sue Beckwith first offered the Lesbian.com domain to male pornographers in 2006,  for 2 million dollars. “The owners of the website Lesbian.com issued a press release on April 5 stating that the domain name is for sale, with a minimum requested bid of US$2 million.” No one met their price. More recently they are offering a cut-rate 250,000. And still no buyers. Why? Well hey. This is why. YOUR SITE IS NO LONGER PROFITABLE TO MEN. AND WOMEN HAVE NO MONEY. And any women who DO have money are not stupid enough to waste it on your domain.

Lesbian.com pay-to-play gambit

Why have Lesbian.com when you can have “lickin lesbos.whatev” and “lesbianpornmovies.juicy” and “lesbianvalley.org” and whateverthefuck else?

Google made a change, which undermined Lesbian.com’s planned paydirt. They separated porn from LGBT activist sites. Go figure!  Awwwww.. bummer. A few years ago if you googled “lesbian” you would be subjected to page after page of porn. Unfortunately for Lesbian.com, Google initiated changes to their service and also, Awwwwww, the porn designation “.xxx” (as opposed to “.com”) was initiated last year. So Awwwww….that Lesbian.com site is NO LONGER VALUABLE to “the menz”, except for a few male sexual fetishists that get off fancying themselves “real” lesbians ( like the idiots at LezGetReal).

Lesbian.com could have been an INVALUABLE resource for women. A PRICELESS resource. A resource WITHOUT MEASURE. A place for love and care and sisterhood for female loving females. But never a pay-off. Never would have paid!

Awwww, sorry Lesbian.com. Your porn payoff is no more. All you can do now is try to frighten some rich-ass lesbian into buying your site for more money than fifteen lesbians make a year to avoid the embarrassment of being further degraded, but hey, they would be a fool to buy. A quarter million dollars can make an awful lot of changes if carefully placed. Any lesbian would be a FOOL to place that money in your lame site. NO women would pay that money to a domain directed at UNPROFITABLE POOR WOMEN. Lesbians won’t pay a quarter mil when that money is better served elsewhere, and THE VALUE OF YOUR SITE TO PORNOGRAPHERS is GONE. Maybe one of them will pay a few dimes still, but hey the number one rule in exploitation is NOT LOSING MONEY. Awwwwwwww….. sorry honz. Just keep trying to milk that cow with no milk until it kicks ya. Lol. You could have used that site to help women find each other, but no, you had to make a buck. AND NOW THAT BUCK IS GONE. Buh-bye!


Ellory On Fake Vaginas

March 10, 2012

The following is National Gay and Lesbian Task Force director Sue Hyde’s response to rejected Lesbian workshops and complete lack of Lesbian-specific  programming at NGLTF’s Creating Change conference.

This response was NOT freely offered but was prompted by the following inquiry sent by Lesbian Caucus facilitator Shannon Avery:

Dear Sue,  Read the rest of this entry »

One of the last people one would expect the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation to celebrate on their site is notoriously sexist and homophobic blogger Monica Roberts.

Monica on left

Roberts, a male to female transgender has been widely criticized by lesbians and feminists for referring to females and lesbians as “Fish” on the Transgriot blog. Not only does Roberts refer to lesbians as “fish”, but in the previous months Roberts published and participated in violent gruesome death threats against a lesbian activist- threats so severe that the Maryland legislature saw fit to create a new law updating their internet criminal statute as a result.

Roberts frequently threatens to “pimp slap” women, and GLAAD is aware of this ongoing violent sexism.

Robert’s homophobic threats include the following exchange posted on the Transgriot Facebook page for the purpose of terrorizing lesbian feminist Cathy Brennan:

Casebeer: “Pimp slap is not enough here: a nice home run swing to the head with a 38-oz Louisville Slugger is more in order. There’s no brains in her head to destroy to start with. It’s personal, and if I ever saw her in my windshield, I’ll be wiping blood off my white Buick. But I won’t be using the brakes.”

 Roberts: “and add a silver stake through the heart for good measure?”

 Casebeer: “Now that you mention it, I have a nice sharp double-bitted axe in the tool shed….”

 Roberts: “where’s Garth and the Capital One Vikings when you need them?”

GLAAD is aware of Robert’s violent language against females and lesbians. They are aware because lesbians and feminists have been writing them asking for assistance and censure against Robert’s horrifically offensive sexism and threats of violence against women.

Not only has GLAAD ignored lesbian complaints, they have actually lauded the person who perpetrates such egregious, violent rhetoric against lesbians and women by promoting and celebrating said perpetrator on their own site (where Roberts is referred to as a “passionate advocate”) with today’s post where they proudly announce that “GLAAD worked closely with both Monica Roberts and EBONY.com to place this article”. And then GLAAD thanks Roberts for his great work and commends Ebony for publishing it.

What does it say about GLAAD that individuals who refer to women as “fish” and who perpetrate harassment and threats so vile that the legislature needs to intervene , are celebrated, and lauded on their OWN WEBSITE after ignoring a years worth of complaints from women and lesbians?

One of Monica Robert's many "pimp-slapping" posts

GLAAD uses donor funds to take out full-page newspaper ads complaining about lame sitcoms that involve males. They are quick to decry the slightest faux paux involving defamation against MALES. But when it comes to females, not only do they ignore, but they CELEBRATE people that openly, proudly call females “fish”, who take stock in trade “pimp slapping” females, and who perpetrate scandalous harassment –even terrorism- against lesbian feminists.

As per the GLAAD mission statement:

For over 25 years, GLAAD has worked with news, entertainment and social media to bring culture-changing stories of LGBT people into millions of homes and workplaces every day. 

Why? Because words and images matter.

What people see in the media has a huge impact and GLAAD ensures images of LGBT people and allies grow acceptance, understanding and build support for equality.

GLAAD as a Storyteller

GLAAD moves people. By combining our expertise and resources, GLAAD amplifies the voice of our community to keep equality at the forefront of America’s cultural conversation. Our impact on newspapers, magazines, blogs, radio, television, movies and more transforms attitudes to bring about real change.

GLAAD as a Watchdog

GLAAD creates change. We hold the media accountable for the words and images they produce. When media is used as a platform to defame and stereotype LGBT people, GLAAD takes action. We leverage 25 years of media relationships and countless hours of media advocacy to send important messages against homophobia and discrimination.

GLAAD as an Advocate

GLAAD unites the movement. We strengthen grassroots organizations so they can leverage media, engage local communities, and advance social change. Right now, GLAAD is working with local organizations in more than 30 states to build support for equality. This collaboration with LGBT leaders and advocacy groups is key to increasing the visibility of our community, changing hearts and minds, and securing full and lasting equality.”


One thing is certain today, March 2, 2012. GLAAD does NOT advocate for females, and they DO NOT advocate for lesbians. When someone says they’re going to “pimp-slap” lesbians, GLAAD says “Okay!”. When someone threatens to bash in a lesbian’s head with a baseball bat and then run over her with their Buick, and “Add a stake in the heart for good measure”, GLAAD says “Great!”. When women are referred to as “fish” GLAAD says “That’s Okay! We celebrate your misogyny. We’re not only going to ignore it, we’re going to CELEBRATE it”.

How bizarre that there is no place to report media defamation against women and lesbians when the supposed Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation is the organization perpetrating it.

I encourage everyone with media contacts to report this story. I encourage anyone who supports GLAAD to reconsider that support. If any mainstream press needs further documentation drop me a comment and your inquiry will be handled promptly. GLAAD supports people that call women “fish” and who “pimp slap” women, and who promote death threats against lesbians and feminists.

more Monica Robert's pimp slapping


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