More footage of the transgender attack on lesbian feminist activist Cathy Brennan at the NYC Dyke March 2012. Enjoy more insatanity from the psychotic Allyson Clarke’s flappin’ gums and lyin’ ass:



UPDATE: The YouTube has apparently been set to private but you may watch it HERE:



Full video showing how original Lesbian Avenger Cathy Brennan is targeted, surrounded and terrorized at NYC Dyke March 2012 by transgender activists due to her lesbian feminist activism.

The reason for the attack?

Her statements that:

1.) Reproductive sex exists
2.) Homosexuality exists.
3.) Social roles based on reproduction are negative for females
4.) Legal protections for those who transgress sexist tropes should not codify and enshrine those very same sexist tropes into law
5.) Females have a right to gather and organize around female concerns free from male presence and oversight.

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This video was edited and posted by Dyke March Organizer Ida Hammer who confronted Cathy Brennan to inform her that feminist dykes were not welcome at NYC Dyke March 2012.

Hopefully video of the entire incident coming soon. Updates will be posted.

Lesbian sign in support of Cathy Brennan NYC DykeMarch 2012

Participants in the 20th anniversary NYC Dyke March on Saturday were treated to a frightening surprise when groups of transgender activists surrounded lesbians who carried signs in support of feminists who challenge stereotypical gender roles – and those who speak out on preserving lesbian community and events from the incursion of anti-feminist practices. Once surrounded, the transgender bullies screamed, yelled and threatened the women, who the mob felt were “disrespecting” non-lesbians and non-feminists.

This is the first time in the history of the NYC Dyke March that lesbians have been accosted, attacked and threatened with violence. Unbelievably, one of the attack instigators was a trans activist calling himself “Ida Hammer” who actually claims to serve on the official NYC Dyke March organizing committee!  Like  “Hammer” , several of the other anti-lesbian bigots had strolled along the march route among the lesbians, some carrying signs saying “free blow jobs”, “free [convicted transgender murderer] CeCe” and chanting “We’re Here, We’re “Holes”, We’re Fabulous”.

The pack of anti-lesbian protesters focused most of their homophobic rage against lesbian feminist activist Cathy Brennan, who was marching with a few friends. The mob surged towards her, backing her up and surrounding her, screaming and cursing into her face as close as they could get where they had pinned her. The transgender and hetersexual protesters tightened around her to ensure that she could not move or escape.

Lesbian bystanders called for the mob to back up and give Cathy space and let her move: and to cease the harassment, the verbal abuse and the physical threats but the pack would not let her move and continued to terrorize and hurl abuse and profanity while threatening to violently assault her.

Many of the attackers were apparently enraged by Cathy’s public statements asserting that biology (reproductive sex) is not the same thing as social gender roles and internal gendered self-concepts.  Also, her definition of lesbians as females (who are sexually oriented to other females) and her belief that lesbians should not be sexually coerced or labeled “transphobic” for rejecting sexual relations with males. Some were angry that she has verbalized support for the right of females and lesbians to have gatherings and support services that exclude males.

Ultimately Cathy was able to break away but the harassers continued to stalk her and the other lesbians at a restaurant.

Not only did the Dyke March Marshal‘s fail to intervene and protect the safety of Cathy Brennan and the other lesbians present but according to photos recording the incident posted on Cathy’s website HERE, several of those assaulting her were actually wearing red t-shirts identifying them as March Marshals. Details on the perpetrators of the  2012 NYC Dyke March attack are being posted on Cathy’s site as they become known. Video of the attack will (hopefully) be posted on GenderTrender shortly, as well as updates on the investigation and the organizing committee response to the Transgender Anti-Dyke Attacks of NYC Dyke March 2012.

Other posts with more information on the incident are here:

[More links will be posted shortly- please contact me with updates-GM]

CALL FOR ACTION: Please contact NYC Dyke March Organizers and request a public statement denouncing this incident and demanding that Dyke March co-organizer Ida Hammer, seen in photos physically threatening and preventing Lesbian Feminist Cathy Brennan from her right to free movement- be removed from official position IMMEDIATELY.

You may reach them here:

Kelly Cogswell:!/NYCDykeMarch

Gabrielle Korn:!/Gabrielle_Korn

From HuffPo:

Kelly Cogswell is an independent journalist and columnist for New York’s Gay City News whose work has been recognized by the New York Press Association. She was co-founder and editor of The Gully online magazine, one of the first online LGBT publications and the only to offer “queer views on everything.” A founding member of the Lesbian Avengers, she was co-organizer of the first Dyke March in Washington, D.C. in 1993 that mobilized 20,000 lesbians to march to the White House. Afterwards, the Avengers turned into a national and international movement, with more than 60 chapters worldwide. In 2009, she created the Lesbian Avenger Documentary Project.

Gabrielle Korn is a freelance writer, activist, and organizer. She received her B.A. in queer and feminist theory from NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study in May of 2011. She is the former editorial assistant at On The Issues magazine. Currently, she’s a member of the New York City Dyke March committee and a coordinator at the Lesbian Herstory Archives.”

It’s hard to be controversial on a website whose sole purpose is portraying lesbians and feminists as the giant insects one must shoot to advance in the FallOut video game franchise. But someone on “RadFemScorpions” managed to post a meme so anti-gay, so “corrective-rapey”, so “cotton-ceilingy” that even people who applaud the verminizing of lesbians and feminists as their reason du jour were offended. The meme was ultimately scrubbed from the site after comments from site-supporters like  the one below:

Now, heterosexual male pornographer and transgender pretendbian Tobi Hill-Meyer, who calls himself a “butch dyke” and holds benefits for anti-female sympathizers to support his campaign against the rights of females to gather among themselves, has admitted that he is the author of the censored meme.

Here is his statement yesterday defending his actions:

“A while ago I put together one of those memes for RadFem Scorpion.  With two sentences and an implied connection between them, it’s hard to make it misinterpretation-proof and with all the radfem harassment of trans women I took the easy route and posted it anonymously.  But other folks were misinterpreting it too, so I wanted to discuss it here and provide some context.

The concern raised is that this is the same logic that men use to convince lesbians to have sex with them, as in, if you like dildos, you should have sex with me – it’s often put in that context “how about a real cock.”  Of course, it’s hard to speak about sexuality as a trans woman in this specific moment in internet history without the aura of “trans women are trying to force lesbians to have sex with them” being at least an undercurrent of thought.

These memes usually go with a common statement in the first sentence and conflicting or contradictory information in the second which points out the hypocrisy within the prejudiced idea presented.  In this case, the prejudiced idea is that having or liking a “penis” invalidates lesbianhood.  My message is strongly condemning the invalidation of lesbian identity and use of pressure and control around disapproved of relationships to genitals.  Note that the action point is to stop attacking/invalidating trans women and our partners.  I know folks are sensitive to this issue, but it should be apparent that arguing *against* condemnation of one set of experiences is totally different from arguing *for* condemnation of all other experiences.

Cis women who have trans women partners (and trans women as a whole) are told that we can’t be actual lesbians.  I am condemning that invalidation and contrasting it with high popularity of dildos even in strong holdouts of radfem transmisogyny.  The conclusion is that lesbians who have sex involving a dildo (sometimes called a phallus) are hypocritical to attack and invalidate lesbians who have sex involving a trans-clit (sometimes called a phallus).

So why do I argue this is hypocritical?  Some have suggested that I am arguing there is no difference between having sex involving a dildo and having sex involving a trans clit.  That is ridiculous and they are entirely different.  For one thing, dildos are always hard.  That’s not the case for trans clits, many of which operate best when soft.  So when several responders said “but a dildo isn’t a real penis,” my response is, “neither is a trans woman’s genitals, yet radfems refuse to make the distinction in either case”   

There is also further historical context that is really important to understand here.  The idea that all phalluses are the same is not something I created or advocate – it was a radfem invention.  Shelia Jeffreys said of dildos “like the penis, they symbolize male power and the ability to violate women.”  The conceptualization that condemned heterosexual penis-in-vagina sex as inherently patriarchal made no exceptions for dildo-in-vagina sex, going so far as to try to make dildos illegal in some instances.  In Dworkin and MacKinnon’s anti-pornography work, they included women being penetrated by inanimate objects as one of the criteria that would make erotic material “pornographic” and thus illegal under their proposed law.  Sara Smith wrote about this issue of radfem hate for dildo-using women in her essay A Cock of One’s Own, “All women–lesbian, bisexual, heterosexual, and solo-sexual—are denounced as traitors if their desires include penetration.”

Mich Fest itself has a long history of condemning the “wrong” kind of woman as not really being a woman.  Right now it’s trans women, but there had previously been just as strong a prejudicial sentiment for leather women, and just a decade or two ago there was strong condemnation of dildo-using women and debates were had around whether or not dildos should be allowed on the land.  Tribe 8 was famously protested at Mich Fest because of their inclusion of dildos in their performance.  I interviewed one well known dildo vendor at Mich Fest who said that the first year they went to Mich Fest they sold a few dildos out of their backpack and had a steady stream of women surreptitiously asking for them as if they were an illicit material.

So while radfems are currently much more pre-occupied with policing the sexual behavior of trans women and our partners, let’s not forget that many of them would just as strongly condemn dildo-using lesbians.  The argument that liking penis means you are not a lesbian did not originate to condemn cis lesbians in relationships with trans women, that is only its current incarnation. The hypocrisy I aim to highlight is when those who were once subjected to this very same argument then turn around and use it against us.”

[Sic. Bolding by him. –GM]

It’s interesting that Tobi/Toby/Tobias who was raised by lesbian parents has recently taken to calling himself “female” even though as he explains to his mother here, he would prefer to be addressed with the pronoun “Z” to denote his speshul snowflake genderqueerness, but no one will go along with it so he chooses “she” as a default.

Tobi/Toby/Tobias, who has banked his laydee-sperm from his trans-ovaries for future use impregnating the type of female who is non-sperm-producing, knew he wished he could be a “lesbian” long before he decided to be trans.

What oh what is a hetero male who fetishizes lesbians to do but call himself a transbian and bully his way into lesbian spaces and communities??? And “correct” lesbians who claim female homosexuality exists? Instruct the laydees that his peen is a female peen??? Tell the lesbians they are “discriminating” against his dick???

Yes. All of the above.

FauxMo Beatty reclaiming the word “Fag” for hetero females everywhere


More on Beatty:



June 14, 2012

Not what we usually hear from a trans blogger

Proving that delusional genderists know no bounds, Monica “Fishy” Roberts  claims his internet access at Netroots Nation was sabotaged! Who, pray tell, could be responsible for such malfeasance? The same folks who are responsible for every bad thing that ever happened to a transgender person: Radical Feminists! Yanno, the massive and all-powerful cabal of females that RUNS THINGS (apparently). LMAO


Moni reports:

“I was unable to access TransGriot on the Courtyard by Marriott Downtown’s computer after writing an initial post on it announcing my arrival in Providence at 6:26 AM EDT on June 6 with no problems or issues . 

My plan was to give you readers posts chronicling my thoughts as those days events unfolded and my take on the convention.  That plan went out the window because some Rad Fem Borg drone (or somebody else) had a problem with my post announcing that the Conway Hall venue that was supposed to host the July London rad fem conference was backing out due to concerns about violations of Britain’s Equality Act and the hateful transphobic rhetoric coming from keynote speaker Sheila Jeffreys and company.

I suspect a rad fem because the hotel computer browser history indicated somebody read radfem hub that day. 

So why was TransGriot blocked?  According to Uniguest it was for the word ‘hatemonger’.  Interesting coincidence that the most recent post with that word in it is talking about the rafems being called on their transphobic bigotry.

I was frustrated and angry that at one of the biggest progressive blogging conferences in the nation I was attending for the first time, my ability to blog about my experiences on TransGriot was thwarted by some BS. I was also pissed about the inability of the staff over the time I was a guest in that hotel from June 6 when I first brought it to their attention to June 9 to satisfactorily rectify the situation.”

Send the Trans Swarm Signal!

Ohhhh MiGodddddddddddd…. SOMEONE AT NETROOTS READ RADFEM HUB ONE DAY!!!!! Danger! Danger! Thought Crime Alert! A dastardly RadFem is among us! Sound the Alarms! Call out the Trans Swarm!


Hey Fishy: we’re the ones that made that mint on your fucking pillow so stale too! lolololol

F2T Trans Activist Ira Dalton Gray ‘splains to Lesbians how rejecting the peen is damaging and discriminatory to males.

TLDW: Start at 2:55

Ira conducts “Consent Workshops” for LGBT youth.

More on Ira Gray here:

Parents Claim this drawing displays daughters “battle” with “Gender Identity”

“My son, Aaron, is a seventeen-year-old transboy.  Looking back, I realize that Aaron has never truly changed.  Aaron has always been a boy – a boy that was dressed in girls’ clothes, given girls’ toys, and held to the social expectations of a girl.  When Aaron was three, I registered him for an art camp for four- and five-year-olds.  Aaron demonstrated exceptional artistic talent at a very young age, and I assumed that she would be able to blend in with the group of older children since her artistic talent far surpassed that of most young children.  Upon arriving to pick up Aaron at the end of the first day of camp, the teacher approached me and said that he “needed to have a word with me.”  Being a teacher, I knew exactly what that meant.  Read the rest of this entry »

June 9, 2012

Originally posted on Radfem Hub:

Since when is “Majority Rules!” the battle cry of an oppressed minority?

Recently, male-to-female transgender Joelle Ruby Ryan pointed out how well organized, well-supported and well-attended the 11th annual Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference (PTHC) was expected to be, and contrasted that to the relatively tiny and unsupported Radfem 2012 conference which has had to relocate after trans* activists successfully lobbied for its booking to be canceled by London’s Conway Hall.

Which is the David, and which is the Goliath in this scenario?

View original 1,223 more words

From KGWNews:

“PORTLAND- A manager of the Wells Fargo bank at 5730 NE M.L. King Blvd., discovered a broken window and an unlit Molotov cocktail inside the building Wednesday morning.

An email sent to KGW took credit for the bomb.

It read in part:

“This action has been committed in solidarity with CeCe McDonald, a trans woman of color who rightfully defended herself from assault and has been sentenced to 41 months in a men’s prison, despite her gender and valid safety concerns, as transgendered women face high instances of physical and sexual assault in men’s prisons.”

McDonald was sentenced to prison this week in Minnesota for a bar killing. She was found guilty of killing a man in a bar in Minneapolis.

Before being sent to prison, McDonald, who is making a male to female transition, said the incident was fueled in part by the fears generated by going through the transgender experience.

 The email to KGW also said “Wells Fargo stands as an easy target, funding the prison industrial complex along with the policing and judicial system which uphold the banking system and its profits… With such institutionalized corruption forcing beautiful queers like CeCe through such immense hardship, attacking these institutions directly is a small but necessary gesture. Just as the police attack our comrades to reify (sic) their position of power, we queers and dissenters attack back to assert just the opposite — that police and state control is illusionary.”

Portland Transgender Activists dispute these reports and insist that the device was activated and that the bank was burned. From the Anarchist News Dot Org website:

“As a small gesture of solidarity with CeCe, and all others who suffer under the hand of the racist, trans-misogynist capitalist state, a Molotov cocktail has been tossed through a large window of a Wells Fargo in Portland, Oregon late last night. The flaming bottle flew easily through the window spewing fire and glass into the building, a delightful and brief escape from the monotony of the endless spectacle.”

Wells Fargo covers transgender surgeries- including breast implants for males who want larger breasts- for all their employees

And received a 100 percent rating on the HRC’s corporate equality index for the last seven years.

One transactivist recently threatened to bomb the London RadFem2012 Feminist Conference:

Transwoman “Kevine” threatens to bomb feminist conference

Updates on transgender bombings and bomb threats will be posted here as investigations continue.


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