Repeat Transgender Bathroom Offender Charged With Battery

September 6, 2013

Alberto Robledo with tattoos covered

25 year old Lewiston Idaho resident Alberto Robledo was served trespassing papers in April for repeatedly using a supermarket restroom designated for women. The store received multiple complaints from female customers who were frightened by the man using the stall next to them. They knew he was a man because he faced the toilet standing up and urinated from his penis.

The women were afraid, if it needs stating, because females are subject to the constant threat of violent and sexualized predation by males for their entire lives. They are particularly vulnerable in areas of public nudity or partial nudity such as restrooms. Public areas where women disrobe, or partially disrobe, such as bathrooms, locker rooms, hospital rooms, jail cells, etc. are sex-segregated for the sole purpose of limiting sexual violence against females by males.

Hearing a man voiding in the next stall was alarming to female patrons because they were unexpectedly and suddenly forced to be partially disrobed and vulnerable in the presence of a man without their consent in an area specifically designated to prevent that very thing from occurring. They also logically surmised that the particular man in question was either the sort of individual who willfully chooses to violate female protective space (therefore making him more likely to be the type of male who perpetuates sexual violence against women) or a male exhibiting the mental incapacity to apprehend social boundaries relative to female vulnerability to male sexual violence (therefore making him more likely to be capable of sexual violence against women).

Anyway you look at it, Alberto displayed behavior of the type exhibited by males who are at high risk of committing violence against women, and the women reported his alarming behavior to store security.

From the April NewYorkDailyNews report:

“A transgender woman whose use of a women’s restroom in an Idaho grocery store reportedly upset other customers has been cited for trespassing and banned from the store for a year, police said on Friday.

 A Rosauers supermarket in Lewiston asked police to charge 25-year-old Ally Robledo, who was born male but identifies as female, with the misdemeanor trespass charge on Monday, Lewiston Police Captain Roger Lanier said.

 “The store security officer said he had been dealing with a problem over a couple days with the person going into the women’s restroom and urinating while standing up,” Lanier said.

 He added that the store had reported that Robledo’s use of the restroom made other female customers “very uncomfortable.”

 Robledo said she was being discriminated against.

 “I’m a female trapped in a man’s body. It’s natural for me to go to the ladies’ room. Getting the no trespassing order for a public restroom was really painful,” she said.”

Alberto explained to police who questioned him and his boyfriend (who was waiting outside the supermarket) that he believed himself, although male, to understand the experience of being female (an assertion belied by his inability to relate to the rational, everyday female concerns about male sexual predation and violence). Further, he declared that his internal subjective beliefs about females should override the legal right of women to maintain boundaries in sex-segregated areas of public nudity. He claimed that the women he frightened were legally discriminating against his feelings and personal beliefs about women.

LGBT advocacy groups funded by males -such as GLAAD- agreed with Alberto. They lobbied on his behalf to eliminate protections for females against male predation in areas of public nudity.  They prioritized Alberto’s expression of his feelings about women (his male conception of what it feels to be female) over harm reduction measures (such as sex-segregated areas of public nudity) designed to stem the cross-generational international global epidemic of sexualized male violence against females.  GLAAD agreed that protecting women against male violence legally discriminates against male feelings.

Transgender males (“transwomen”) are male. They commit violence against females at  the same epidemic rate as other males. Transgender rates of male violence and sexualized violence against females does not decrease after “sex-change”, even among male transgenders who are chemically or surgically castrated.

At least one study- of the San Franciso transgender population- alleges that criminality among male transgenders is higher than any other social demographic, bar none. Male “transwomen” murder more female victims than all the combined male victims (some of whom were murdered by other “transwomen”) somberly commemorated by the candlelight vigils at the annual “Transgender Day of Remembrance”.

Our male “victim” of female harm reduction against male violence, Alberto, was charged this week with battery. He did it. He admits it. He blames the woman for his violence against her because his honor was offended. She correctly identified him as a homosexual male.


175 Responses to “Repeat Transgender Bathroom Offender Charged With Battery”

  1. michelle Says:

    trial is postponed until October 17th because the judge was concerned over the publicity “could lead to an unfair trial.”

    Puh-effing-lease…as if six weeks is going to change anything beyond giving the cocks in frocks even more time to rabble-rouse and try to taint the jury pool.

  2. mieprowan Says:

    How many more rounds of “Let us in or we’ll fuck you up” will women be expected to endure, in the name of civil rights? Must we all live in terror of failing to appease this self-appointed gender caste? Can no one but those of a radical bent see through this as the farce that it is?

    Justifying battery against a woman for pointing out that men are male is disturbingly reminiscent of the twisted thinking involved in blaming women for their own rapes. When one starts out with the premise that women are bad and men our victims, logic goes right out the window.

  3. anoner55 Says:

    Jeez. Talk about a total d00d.

  4. pantypopo Says:

    Reblogged this on OUT of My Panties, Now!!! and commented:
    THIS is Transgender. A sexual arousal-based social disorder.

    Women have a right to physical safety, free from sexual assault, voyuerism and exhibitionists. Legislation won’t cure Sex Dysmorphia. Gender Identity and Expression laws only enable public practice of sexual disorders. Appropriation of female by males is violent erasure of legal protections specifically set aside for women. it is an act of hate. Misogyny. Any male who attempts to acquire female sex class is actively, violently invading and dominating women. Appropriation, invasion & possession of female sex class by any male through medical-legal transition is aggressive act of domination. It is rape of the female class. Rape.

    • mieprowan Says:

      Yeah, all this garbage is about legitimizing boundary violations. The intended result is to erase all boundaries between men and women, thus ensuring unimpeded access to women for men. And what better way to erase boundaries than to claim membership in Woman? And what better way to insult women than to reduce us to an idea, hormone treatment, and a hole?

      The hole part is inconvenient for men, though, so now it’s just taking hormones that makes men women. That way they can always reclaim their male personhood, after trying on Woman like a suit of clothes, like an act they might later on get bored with.

  5. druidwinter Says:


    No words, except more should be done to stop violence against females.

    Agoogle search on transexual bathroom porn=2,390,000 results.

    There is definitely a bathroom fetish, but women/children should not be subject to this kind of non-consenting play.

    • mieprowan Says:

      I don’t think consent for this kind of “play” is possible in public spaces. Public bathrooms, locker rooms, shelters, prisons – sexual consent is not possible when a person is in a space due to lack of other options, when that person is there for entirely different reasons. Also children cannot give consent.

  6. 1899fcbarcelona Says:

    What a sick freak! Leave women alone!

  7. red Says:

    Yes on the bathroom fetish et al and danger, but I think we need to focus more on why this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as “female” is concerned. The trans supporters always start and stop their description of us being “prudes”. I truly think they don’t get where this is going. We must not fail to educate on the full meaning.

    (As has been done by Gallus several times, but it’s not used as much as it should be, or shared and explained by us to others as we should be doing.)

  8. Bev Jo Says:

    Thank you so much, Gallus. It’s hopeful that he is even charged with a crime. It’s hopeful that women still object. (Wouldn’t happen in this area — most too afraid to. Even when I posted on our local Lesbian list about Manning claiming to be a woman, I got the usual accusations of being compared to the worst right wing men, but the supportive comments were private. They were just too afraid.)

    Those statistics are VERY important to be spreading around. Of course they will be the most violent and dangerous. Combine the fact of being male with being the most narcissistic/pathological of men, and the violence is inevitable.

  9. Noanodyne Says:

    Reblogged this on Critiquing Trans & Gender Identity Doctrine and commented:
    Yes, this happens and yes, this is a form of violence against women and girls.

  10. Noanodyne Says:

    Excellent reporting. Your precise description lays bare what’s actually going on and cuts through all the obfuscating terminology and dissembling that transgender males and their supporters use to confuse. Thank you for creating a solid resource post that we can link to again and again as people claim either that this never happens or that there’s nothing wrong with it if it does happen.

  11. Rebecca Rice Says:

    As a Feminist, I am offended by almost all of the posters in this thread. Shame on all of you.

    One of my best friends is transgender. We go to the same church and are in writers’ group together. She was a woman for all of her life, inside, where it matters. She tried for years to live as the man her body indicated that she was, but she was depressed and miserable. As would any woman be if she woke up tomorrow in a man’s body. Now my friend is a woman physically, as well. For all of you haters out there, you have no idea what you are talking about.

    A person who is in any stage of therapy to transition from one gender to another is a Transgender person. Someone with parts of one or both sexes may qualify for that status if he or she is in the process of bringing his or her outside package into conformity with his or her inside being, through hormone therapy or surgery or whatever.

    This is different from a simple cross-dresser, most of whom, BTW, are completely normal, aside from the narrow-minded expectations society places on how fabric covers them. Cross-dressing males are often straight and attracted to women. Male cross-dressers have no business being inside a ladies’ bathroom, and if *that* is what’s going on here, then he should not be allowed in there. But She is not He. She is transitioning. She is a woman trapped inside of male parts, going through the process of becoming fully female, or as fully female as her budget will allow.

    You who think this is so simple have obviously never had to deal with anything difficult or complex, and for that I’m sorry, because it’s made you some pretty effing lousy human beings. Go out and meet some actually transgendered people before you start pissing and moaning about how violated you feel if one of them needs to use your precious frickin’ bathroom. You have no idea what ‘Hard’ or ‘Difficult’ or ‘Discrimination’ is.

    Sometimes, straight people make me ashamed to be one of them. Shame on you all.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “as fully female as his budget will allow” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

      And what’s with the “straight people” thing? Half the people commenting here are lesbian or gay. Bigot!

      • river Says:

        Isn’t that THE BEST!?

        I’m golng to be laughing out loud all week, every where I am, just bust out laughing.

        Thank you thank you thank you Rebecca.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “A person who is in any stage of therapy to transition from one gender to another is a Transgender person.”

      So you’re saying, straight lady, that therapy MAKES people “transgender”?

    • GallusMag Says:

      This is for you Rebecca:

    • mieprowan Says:

      “Woman” is not an idea or a role. “Woman” is a biological reality that does not include penis, sperm, and XY chromosomes. Cutting a hole in a man’s crotch and inserting his dissected penis, and feeding him female hormones, does not make him a woman. Putting a dress on him and growing his hair long does not make him a woman.

      With a few exceptions for chromosomal abnormalities, women are fruiting bodies, impregnable during part of our lives. That’s huge. It affects us physically and socially in many ways, many of which are quite unpleasant. But it is part of what makes us women.

      This culture makes it difficult for some men to be accepted into the standard male gender caste, and I appreciate the difficulty of this. But it is other men who make it difficult. When a gender role non-conforming man wants to use women’s facilities because he is afraid men will attack him for using theirs, this is a problem created by men that men expect women to tend to, as men so frequently expect women to clean up after them.

      When men give up their violence towards women and non-gender role conforming men, all our troubles will be over. Meanwhile, the shame lies with men for not making this happen, not with women who publicly discuss male violence.

    • Teal Deer Says:

      You did read the part where this individual assaulted a woman who didn’t validate “her” identity concept, right, Rebecca? Or is that acceptable behavior in your book? Because they’re mis-identifying me, am I within my rights to beat the shit out of the next person who calls me by my sister’s name?

      • mieprowan Says:

        I’m 56 and I’ve had a ton of facial hair since I was 19. I shave it every day unless I’m not going out. Occasionally a stranger addresses me as “sir” or refers to me as “him.” I just ignore it. It’s not important, because I actually am a woman. I don’t have anything to prove and I’m not worried about trying to “pass.” These guys endlessly trolling feminist sites trying to fool us are so pathetic. They could be acknowledging how painful it is for them to be male (I’m not talking about the autogynophiles) in this culture where men are in charge of allowing and promulgating so much evil. That could be interesting. Why be boring?

    • Anoia Says:

      So you’re going to church, eh Rebecca? That means you’re a Christian. Which happens to be that religions that includes:
      – females are property of males (see i.e. the 10 commandments)
      – females have to STFU and listen to their owner (see writings of Peter and Paul)
      – females can be aquired through rape (providing the rapist pays the owner (father) a price, because he damaged his property)
      And you call yourself a feminist?

      I am not surprised you buy into to the brain sex BS, as it confirms those stupid bronze age beliefs, after all it’s easier for fundies to deal with trans* than it is to deal with homosexuality. (see treatment of trans* and gays in Iran)

      • Rebecca Rice Says:

        I am a member of a Unitarian Church. We believe in the seven principles, which assert the worth and dignity of every human being and our responsibility to the interconnected web of all life. Look it up, and read a little before you open your ignorant mouth and make assumptions about me that are unfounded and untrue.

      • Anoia Says:

        @ Rebecca
        Nah, Rebecca, my assumptions about you were pretty much spot on: liberal cherrypicking (western) believer
        Btw, UU started of as Christian and then cherry picked its way through other religions, such as Islam or Hinduism (like Christianity known to be very friendly towards females, right?)

    • Motherhood Says:

      Okay what I glean from this is that a man is depressed. And somehow that is some big serious matter. Women take note man got the sads. And that women have to honor and believe him because he says so. Woman is not a feeling a man has. Woman is an actual human female. And as an actual human female XX I do not have to honor or role play in a man’s “feelings.” Call me ignorant and mean and attempt to shame me. I don’t care. I am in no way shape or form or can be compelled to buy into what is I know is a male fetish. There is zero science to back these men. Only fools with egos. There only hope is to attempt to bully, shame and silence women. These guys are male with their fetish and demands. They need to steer clear of me. I don’t shame and I don’t care how he feels or how any of them feel. There are women and girls that need my attention. But you go ahead and feed your ego thinking you’re a better person because you say you believe some man that “feels” like a woman.How poignant what a tear jerker. You are either really stupid or a liar. Every woman knows what these guys are about and tip: it isn’t a female brain (help let me out) trapped in a male body. It is a male with a ragging hard on based in misogyny. You want to suck that dick fine have at. Call it a woman. Call it a civil rights movement. Call it Ophelia. But do not ever expect other women. He’s not a turn on for me.

      • mieprowan Says:

        You do have a knack for summing things up.

      • Why does this ‘woman-feeling’ always translate to an overly sexualized, disheveled emotional mess that throws tantrums like little boys that don’t get their way?

        It is insulting that these men consider that ‘as women’ they should be classified as ‘disabled’ compared to other men. As if females are like lesser-human disabled males?

        Why go around saying that they are more female than females doing ‘woman-face’[like blackface]? Women do not go around saying that.
        ‘I am a better slave to the oppressors than you, my heels are higher’

        The older Chinese character that was the word for ‘woman’, was a person on their knees. It only changed in the last century, but it objectified women as property for thousands of years..

        We did pretty good in the last hundred years or so, and we are still the biggest and most under utilized source for invention and advancement that could benefit all human beings. Funny, but Gene Roddenberry strongly believed this. He wanted to make half the startrek cast, ‘women’. But it was so unheard of in the 1960s and they were all kicked off except the ‘nurse’ and ‘communication’ [switchboard operator] officer. . Originally, The second in command was suppose to be a woman and Spock was suppose to be a science officer on the bridge. They were not going to air the show until he made those changes.

        It is depressing and sad that now, all the women s’ groups are being taken over by men wanting to reclaim it as an open resource for failed men that is seen as ‘wasted on women’-or ran into the ground with death/rape threats unless they become refocused to promote the male right to pretend to be a ‘disabled-male-women’ first, and still retaining their over lord, #1 male status within the women’s groups over the actual women.

        They deny that women are oppressed and claim that they are more oppressed and more deserving then any women.

        They claim to know what it is to be ‘female’, but abandon wives with children. [You would have to be an actual woman to get how ironic that is]

        They expect women to drop everything to do with womans’ equality[which we are no where near] just to make sure they keep male privilege while they are pretending to be women, or at least be guaranteed that they will have more privilege than women in women’s spaces, like this should be our #1 focus..

        Meanwhile, women are still treated like a slave class that serves men, even by the men that want to pretend to be women. They must block out all the narcissism.

    • Tobysgirl Says:

      Rebecca, before you make all these assumptions, you really need to do some reading. I grew up UU and am very familiar with the liberalism to be found therein. This website is not for the faint-of-heart, but there are many other places you can go to INFORM YOURSELF about what men who insist they are women are doing. See, e.g., Anne Lawrence (herself a transsexual), Elizabeth Hungerford, Rachel Ivey.

      I don’t know what world you grew up in, but being female and living in this world has been pretty damn complex and difficult for me. And you really should have thought through “as fully female as her budget will allow.” She will never be female; she will never produce female hormones from her own body, menstruate, get pregnant, have a vagina that naturally remains open, go through menopause, etc. She will always be a transsexual, never a woman.

      • Kay Says:

        Actually, is not a vagina that doesn’t stay open, because it is not a vagina at all. It is a fuck-hole made out of inside-out dick skin. That is the only purpose for its Frankensteinian construction. I’ll buy a round a mental bleach for the house!

      • mieprowan Says:

        It’s an open wound with a dissected inverted penis inserted, that is held in place by scar tissues. Vagina means “sheath” and one of the most violent things about all of this is the association of knives and vaginas, the idea that vaginas are holes cut with knives, or to put knives into. It goes back a long way.

      • Tobysgirl Says:

        Thanks for coming up with a better description than mine. I should have just said “have a vagina.”

    • 1899fcbarcelona Says:

      “She was a woman for all of her life, inside, where it matters”

      I hate to break it to you Rebecca…no amount of synthetic estrogen (that his body is NOT designed to take) will turn your male friend into a biological woman. I’m sorry you skipped biology 101. For the record I know men produce estrogen but not as much in general as biological women.

      • Motherhood Says:

        “She was a woman for all of her life, inside, where it matters”

        Now I might believe that, if it was better stated.

        Maybe change it to read “. . .on the inside where it really really counts.” See that’s much more convincing. Yeah he is a woman I buy that.

    • Versa Says:

      “You have no idea what ‘Hard’ or ‘Difficult’ or ‘Discrimination’ is.”

      RIIIIIIGHT because none of us have EVER been on the receiving end of, say, sexism? Or homophobia or racism or anything else. Trannies are the ONLY victims of discrimination EVER, poor things.

  12. liberalsareinsane Says:

    Rebecca Rice, proud owner of a lady stick.

  13. GallusMag Says:

    “As a Feminist, I am offended by almost all of the posters in this thread.”

    LOL I want to know which posters were NOT offensive to Rebecca. Which among us passed your hetero feminist muster Rebecca??

  14. mieprowan Says:

    One of the things that bothers me most about the whole transgender thing is that I never see people saying, for example, that their dog’s dicks are female. That kind of talk would get you branded as batshit crazy pretty quickly. This implies that trans philosophy is about humans not being animals, being something apart. I can see how that would appeal to Pat Robertson.

    • Adrian Says:

      Well yeah, because no one knows the mind of their dog. They see the dog’s genitalia, okay, fine, then they see the dog’s behavior, okay, and they just ACCEPT it.

      It’s so refreshing, really.

      You can have an aggressive dog, and say “my dog is aggressive, but female, it’s interesting” BUT accepted. No one tries to say “hey maybe your dog is trans!!!”

      (…at least yet. Hopefully I’m not predicting the future here.)

      I think the same is true of humans. You have genitalia, you have a personality, there IS NOT any sort of “required” “matching” between the two. Female is about producing eggs rather than sperm and if you do that (as I do) and you have some very non-“femmy” personality or interests well then the proper response is to say “okay we’ve found some new examples of female behavior” NOT to say “oh you must not really be female!”

      But I get hate mail for saying that because I am apparently “transphobic.”

      • mieprowan Says:

        lol. Sorry to hear about the hate mail. When did this thing start where we’re bigots if hate mail makes us, well, if not quite phobic, then perhaps a tad anxious? After all, isn’t that the whole point of hate mail? To frighten the recipient?

        I’m not phobic of trans people as a loosely interpreted gender caste. As individuals, though, some of these dudes are downright creepy.

        I haven’t gotten any hate mail yet, though I did have some dude on my blog accusing me of censorship and attempting to waste my time debating shit about trans that is currently substantially documented on a number of feminist blogs. I spam-filtered him rather abruptly, after informing him that I considered my blog to be like the NY Times; they don’t publish everything anyone sends them, either.

      • Adrian Says:

        @mieprowan – I only wish I knew. But the usual line is that somehow I am responsible for the bloody death of various M2T because I refuse to accept their explanation of their “identities.” Somehow this is my fault, despite the fact that it’s other MEN who killed them, every damn time. It’s sexworkers killed by men who are enraged at being “tricked” – every time. (There’s an interesting relation of the trans movement and the “sex positive” movement in there too.)

        And mind you – I don’t think it’s okay to kill those people, at all, I would never suggest it. I don’t think it’s okay to persecute people, whatever odd notions of the world they might hold. But I don’t agree that my not buying into their favorite “lady brain” or “born in the wrong body” “lady brain but with a penis means I’m intersex, it’s purely physical, yes” explanation for gender dysphoria equals persecution.

        Today I ran across someone (not in email, thankfully) claiming that a full 45% of trans individuals will attempt suicide. That too is supposedly “radfems'” fault. Having someone deny this “identity” might as well be pulling the trigger on a gun, in this hyped up rhetoric. It’s just mystifying.

      • mieprowan Says:

        I believe suicide stats for trans are self-reported. In any case, “I am X because I have always known I am X,” when it is patently obvious that the person is not X, is delusional. If a guy claimed to be a hamster or a light bulb, he’d be off to the loony bin. The fact that they get away with this so much is because this culture sees women as roles, not people. Deciding you are a woman is treated like children playing pirates; put on the appropriate costume and act and all the adults will humor you.

        Men are a violent class and their violence is not limited to women. They attack each other a great deal, but the idea that women owe it to men to intervene is absurd, considering how little concern they have for our safety. Meanwhile this culture they invented and control is busy murdering everything, and they are not about to put us in charge.

        I also appreciate Gallus’ point that bathroom violence against males may well be largely imaginary, and that men who try to use women’s bathrooms are mostly just feeding their fetishes.

      • Em Says:

        @mieprowan 11:20

        “I believe suicide stats for trans are self-reported.”

        Perhaps, but I’m inclined to believe that, whatever the actual number, it is high. These people are bedeviled with mainly untreated mental comorbidities, including depression, which likely are worsened by the scandalously off-the-mark excuses for treatment they’re usually offered. In another recent post Gallus recently linked to a study that seemed to ssuggest high suicide numbers in this population.

        ” ‘I am X because I have always known I am X,’ when it is patently obvious that the person is not X, is delusional.”

        I have no problem with a statement like “I am X,” etc. as a reflection of a person’s felt reality. If all a person remembers is feeling female, and if those feelings make him cringe at being called by a male name, and make him love pink high heels and frilly panties and walking with tiny little mincing steps, then bless his heart. My problem begins when that person begins to think that external reality reflects his internal reality. And I become enraged when this–yes–delusional person expects law, medicine, society, and the entire universe to play along.

        ” … men who try to use women’s bathrooms are mostly just feeding their fetishes.”

        Urolagnia in action. And was it found a link to a read about a guy who got caught hiding in the hole of a (women’s?) outhouse, and ran out covered in shit? You know how much he’d have had to pay someone to do that to him on the up-and-up? Clever boy, figuring out how to get shit on for free.

      • mieprowan Says:

        Looking briefly around the Internet, I see numbers for attempted suicides amongst the transgender ranging from 25 to 90%. I have also been told that this population has unusually high rates of narcissistic and borderline personality disorders, and these studies can be found online. Thus my concern about self-reported attempted suicide statistics. Transgender people are also fond of telling us that transwomen suffer more violence than any other group, but I have read analyses of this noting that the data just isn’t there to support this. Indigenous women are much more likely candidates.

      • moira Says:

        Adrian…I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but back in the day I absolutely heard people say their pets were trans too and give misogynistic “temperament” arguments. It was kind of a joke but only kind of. :(

      • Versa Says:

        Come to think of it, a lot of female dogs will hump other dogs or humans’ legs. I’m not sure what they’re trying to accomplish without penises to thrust into the object of their desire (although to be fair it’s hard to imagine what male dogs expect as the progeny of their mating with human leg). Maybe those poor bitches are actually male dogs trapped in female bodies….

    • Anon Male Says:

      In a fit of irony, trans have deliberately coopted intersex so much in the minds of mainstream straight churchgoers that shit like this happens:

      So now they whine about their own rhetorical strategies.

      • mieprowan Says:

        “We want attention! We want attention!”

        “oh look, we have all this attention.”


        Excellent catch on intersex.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “…now they whine about their own rhetorical strategies.”

        Oh my GOD. Dana Beyer was whining over on Huffpo that only males who exhibit some objective criteria of transhood should be called Laydees. I KID YOU NOT. He is now actually advocating for MORE stringent requirements than the oh-so-controversial UN letter which resulted in years of graphic death rape and mutilation threats against Brennan and Hungerford (including one I received here at GT recently against their CHILDREN that included the KIDS NAMES AND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!! Believe me, readers -if the threats you see publicly are shocking you have NO IDEA how criminal and deranged these “transwomen” activists really are because the most horrific threats against these women and their families cannot be published for obvious reasons.)

        And Beyers CONTRIBUTED to this climate against lesbian feminist legal theorists and CONTINUES to do so. While at the same time he puts forward more stringent requirements than the FUCKING DOCTOR’S NOTE proposed by Brennan and Hungerford.

        See here:

        “”Here’s the problem. We’ve spent years creating a system to educate the media about the proper way to present trans persons to the public, and the Associated Press subsequently developed useful trans-specific rules in the AP Stylebook. We’ve been very comfortable with those guidelines. When local media stumble, particularly with victims of heinous violence, we direct them to those guidelines, and corrections are made. But those guidelines are clear: They come into play when a person has either undergone a physical change or a change in gender expression. As described in the GLAAD guide , the AP Stylebook provides guidelines for journalists reporting on transgender people and issues.

        According to the AP Stylebook, reporters should “use the pronoun preferred by the individuals who have acquired the physical characteristics of the opposite sex or present themselves in a way that does not correspond with their sex
        at birth. If that preference is not expressed, use the pronoun consistent with the way the individuals live publicly” (see AP, New York Times and Washington Post style).

        Manning has done neither, beyond making a declaration and leaking a photo en femme. There are many persons with such photos who have no plans to actually transition. A diagnosis of gender dysphoria in many cases may be necessary but not sufficient. Trans persons change their name, sometimes repeatedly. Desire is powerful, but the will and courage are often lacking. Trans women frequently make declarations and then quickly back down when confronted by the harsh reality of transition. Unless they back up those declarations with action, the prudent response is to be cautious, wait for evidence and then offer support. It’s what we’ve been demanding for years. The media reversals are actually a radical expansion of those principles, and while this is an unusual situation, it is a very public one, and we still need to consider the larger consequences, intended or not.

        Under these new rules any man can claim to be a woman without any evidence of a lived reality and expect to be recognized as such. When this hypothetical was presented by legislators to us advocates, we responded by describing the intricate transition process and acknowledging that the commitment to transition must be engaged before recognition would be offered.”

        UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE. Beyer’s criteria goes WAY BEYOND that of the UN Letter. The UN Letter proposed a doctors note or “evidence of a strongly held belief” to confer female legal status on men. THAT’S IT. Beyer’s proposal that these men “back up those declarations with action” goes WAY BEYOND what was proposed in the UN letter that Beyer opposed. And that Beyer’s pals have threatened the families and children and lives of these lesbian feminists over. FUCKING HYPOCRITE. These pricks HATE WOMEN. That is the only explanation for this hypocrisy. Bolding by me.

      • Em Says:

        @GM 6:51 AM, quoting from some trans whine: “Unless they back up those declarations with action, the prudent response is to be cautious, wait for evidence and then offer support.”

        No. The prudent response would be to insist on properly identifying m2t as a sexual fetish. That would put an end to a whole lot of crap.

      • Ave Says:

        GallusMag, it’s funny how that trans says ” the commitment to transition must be engaged before recognition would be offered.” as if that can prove anything. all it proves is that one is stubborn and boneheaded about keeping on transsexual path, it doesn’t prove that one is “really a woman inside.” they’re all just men, some have more money then others and are more stubborn and stereotypical

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Ave- True. It’s interesting: the “proof of persistence” thing is actually one of the standards used to qualify for religious protections. Religion and Transgenderism: both personal subjective belief systems.

    • Tobysgirl Says:

      I really appreciate you saying this. Homosexuality exists in many, many animals, but I cannot imagine a wild or domesticated animal insisting (in what way?) that it is transgender. Absurd!

      I will point out that this fellow in the women’s bathroom could have SAT DOWN and peed and maybe no one would have known the difference. Perhaps the point of standing up was to make it clear he was invading women’s space?

      • Violet Irene Says:

        Yeah bingo. That’s what creeps me out about the MtT I have to deal with irl right now. There’s a unisex bathroom in the space we share, and it is very nice, convenient, maintained well. And he could sit down to use the toilet in the ladies’ if he insisted on going in there. But no, he has to not only pee standing up, but leave the damn seat up when he leaves the ladies’ room. It is literal territorial pissing IMHO.

  15. moss Says:

    I’ve never known any female to use public bathrooms so often especially in a grocery store (in the US, grocery store bathrooms are generally hidden away way in the back in a non-public area, and I would think mostly used by parents rushing in their kids).

    • red Says:

      And pregnant women rushing in and women who are elderly struggling with incontinence and for whom soiling ones clothes brings harbinger of one on the short checklist for women being ushered into nursing homes at about her age.

      This guy, this linebacker hulk can go wizz outside against the side of a building like he’s been doing for years not even because he had no choice (a man’s urinary tract about four times the length of a woman’s, ditto bladder size) but because it’s a bro act of marking territory but grown dull. So he’s going to up the ante.

  16. Karen Topham Says:

    At the (rather incredibly high to the point of near certain) risk of exposing myself to your verbal assault, I want to speak from the depths of the apparently depraved, misogynistic, hypocritical, and otherwise twisted *other side.*

    I am Rebecca’s friend, and I am a transgender woman.

    I want to thank my friend for standing up for what she knew to be right. In wading into these rough waters, she knew, as do I, that she would be attacked. But she felt it necessary at least to try to add a note of temperance to what otherwise was a very one-sided and hate-filled conversation spawned by a very one-sided and pointedly anti-trans article.

    Now let me say something from the beginning that may surprise you. Heck, it may even surprise Rebecca. I agree with your assertion that violence against women is a problem we all need to be very wary of. Men in our society need to become more cognizant of its prevalence than they are and understand the fact that women are almost always, at any time, vulnerable. I know that I started feeling it almost the day I transitioned. And when you say that the transwoman in the article did not seem to exhibit a true comprehension of what this means, well, I do not know her of course, but I also agree with you that her remarks do not seem to indicate sensitivity to this key and universal truth that all women need to handle on a daily basis. In addition–and this may be a minor point, but it’s a pretty simple one–why the heck couldn’t she pee sitting down in the first place? It might have avoided a lot of issues. Speaking of issues, she seems to have more than a few herself, as her recent battery arrest would indicate: she does not appear to be the best example to select if you wish to understand transwomen.

    I need to tell you some things. First there is something you need to hear from a transgender woman about transgender women: we are as varied as cisgender women. There is no one-size-fits-all here. I am a high school English teacher. Someone else is a dentist. A third person may be a waitress or a college student or a homeless person or a lawyer. And no one’s journey is the same as anyone else’s either, except that we all have one thing in common: we have long understood (some, like me, for our entire lives) that we did not fit into the gender to which we were assigned at birth. We were not gay; that was too easy a label and it did not suffice in any way. I have *always* known I was a girl, even if the mirror was lying to me about that fact.

    And if you asked me what it meant to be a girl, I might, as a child, have given you a childish answer. If you asked today I might not be able to formulate an answer that is succinct enough to fit here. (I’m sure I could come up with one, but it would be very long and this is going to be very long already.) But definitions didn’t matter to me. Does a little girl ever consider what makes her one? Does a grown woman really ever ask herself that question: *how do you know you’re a female?” You don’t need to. You just *know*. It is inborn. It is in your brain. There is no “myth” of brain sex; it’s just there. And for me and others like me, I have always *known* I am female too, so much that I have also *known* that it was my body that was wrong, not my thoughts. If at any point in time someone had offered me a path to cure myself of these thoughts, I would have rejected it: I was never interested in changing who I am. All I wanted was for my body to reflect that person. And tell me honestly: how would you feel if you woke up tomorrow and somehow you were in a man’s body? (I mean other than radically empowered, a feeling that you and I both know would only last a little while.) You know you would not ever want to *be* one. And you’d do whatever it takes to get back to what you know you are, even if everyone around you did not believe you when you told them.

    That is what transgender is: a journey *back* to what should have been in the first place. Sadly, it is also something that is painfully misunderstood even by highly educated people, as you have amply demonstrated in these comments and the author of the very one-sided article that spawned them also demonstrated. Do yourselves a simple favor to prove my point: take a look at the place where she writes “Transgender males (“transwomen”) are male. They commit violence against females at the same epidemic rate as other males. Transgender rates of male violence and sexualized violence against females does not decrease after “sex-change”, even among male transgenders who are chemically or surgically castrated.” Now I could go on forever about the pointed and highly charged language there. I mean, really: “Trangender males (transwomen) are male”? (Whose assertion is that anyway? Based on what scientific study?) “Epidemic rate”? (Really? Oh my God: Call out the CDC!) Putting the word ‘sex-change’ in quotation marks? (Not at all inflammatory.) “Chemically or surgically castrated”? (Nope. Nothing wrong here. Move along.) That’s not what I want to do, though; if I did that for real I would need to spend about a month on every sentence of her article. I don’t wish to, so I’ll let this serve as making my point: the diction we choose colors our message.

    Oh, and by the way, the study she quotes? If says *absolutely nothing* about “male violence and sexualized violence against females.” She COMPLETELY MADE THAT UP. All the study discusses–ALL it says, is “crime after sex reassignment.” Nothing about crime against women at all. Go ahead. Click on the link and read it for yourself.

    The DSM-V has dropped Gender Dysphoria from the list of mental illnesses because it never should have been there in the first place. It was simply there as a result of phobia and prejudice, as homosexuality was for a very long time as well. But that phobic behavior puts transwomen at the top of the list for societal violence. Are women at risk? Of course! Are gays? Yes. But recently the murder rate among transpeople has dwarfed other alternative subgroups.

    It does not help when intelligent lesbians log into sites such as this one and validate each other’s ugly perceptions of those of us whose life paths have been different from theirs any more than when morons on Fox rant or rave about the GLBTQ community in general. Sure, there are individual people who can try harder to be sensitive. But also there needs to be the recognition that a transitioned MTF simply *cannot* go into a men’s room, both for her own safety and for her emotional security. The women’s room is the only *logical* place for her to go. It is up to each of us–cis and trans–to become more sensitive to the needs of the other, to set them at ease. And in all honesty I think the transwomen have more of the burden: they know what is going on and the ciswomen in the room do not. But if we can break away from the absurdity of hostile and accusatory language, of false information and fears, and begin to recognize the simple fact that we’re all in this together, as human beings trying to make an imperfect world work, maybe we can at last cut through to garbage and help each other instead of hating each other.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “I need to tell you some things. First there is something you need to hear …”

      Sir you’ve opened your comment by announcing that you fully intend to offend the lesbians and feminists on this site. When men like yourself come to feminist sites demanding that women “need to hear” your male thoughts this sort of dominationing and controlling male entitlement is bound not to go over very well with women. You may not be able to see your own male entitlement- so apparent to us- because you have internalized your male privilege so entirely.

      The same is true with your handwaving of epidemic male violence and sexual exploitation of women (“epidemic? Call the CDC har har”) since you have never had the experience of exposure to this predation, except of course as a male perpetrator.

      You say: “Oh, and by the way, the study she quotes? If says *absolutely nothing* about “male violence and sexualized violence against females.” She COMPLETELY MADE THAT UP. All the study discusses–ALL it says, is “crime after sex reassignment.” Nothing about crime against women at all. Go ahead. Click on the link and read it for yourself.”

      The study shows that male rates of criminality remain unchanged after “sex reassignment”. A large portion of male criminality is comprised of crime against women, including both violence and sexualized violence. It seems so obvious that I’m surprised you need to have that explained to you sir. Nice job trying to completely erase violence against women from male crime statistics though sir. You are a rape apologist. Quite frightening actually. Nasty.

      I suppose I should not be surprised since you’ve come to a feminist blog to “defend men” on a post about a man who terrorizes and commits battery against women. You should perhaps check out some “Men’s Rights” websites. They would seem to be more agreeable to sort of handwaving and erasure of female humanity that you demand women “need to hear”.

      You say: “I have *always* known I was a girl, even if the mirror was lying to me about that fact.”

      Karen, have you used your penis to impregnate multiple women with your sperm? Of course you have. That is not an experience of being female. Girls do not grow up and impregnate women as you did multiple times. Getting penile erections, impregnating your wives is not an experience of womanhood. Fathering multiple children is not an experience that any female has.

      You state: “And if you asked me what it meant to be a girl, I might, as a child, have given you a childish answer. If you asked today I might not be able to formulate an answer that is succinct enough to fit here. (I’m sure I could come up with one, but it would be very long and this is going to be very long already.) But definitions didn’t matter to me. Does a little girl ever consider what makes her one?”

      You are not able to formulate an answer because the definition of girl that you, a middle-aged man, supports would- if typed out- be a series of offensive sexist hackneyed stereotypes that impose certain non-reproductive characteristics onto women and girls. And frankly, I have to say that hearing a middle-aged man refer to himself repeatedly as a female CHILD is more than a bit disturbing. You are not now and have never been a female child sir. If you had been you would know the answer to the question “Does a little girl ever consider what makes her one?” Every girl learns that her reproductive capacity places her at constant lifelong risk of rape and violence across all cultures by males who seek to control that capacity, which they lack.

      You say: “But also there needs to be the recognition that a transitioned MTF simply *cannot* go into a men’s room, both for his own safety and for his emotional security.” Why is that? Why can’t this be changed? Until very recently homosexual males were thought to be unable to shower with other males in the armed services. The Gay Liberation Movement lobbied to change the culture. They did not suggest that gay men could be housed more safely with women. Why can’t males who cross-dress (or femulate, or transgender) lobby for a cultural change that allows them the right to use the facilities designed for males? Where are all the news stories about transgender males having problems in male bathrooms and locker rooms? I can find hundreds of incidents that involve transgender males frightening women in ladies rooms and women’s locker rooms, but I can’t find evidence that documents the lack of safety for males in male locker rooms and restrooms that you cite. There should be ample evidence, right?

      You say: “The DSM-V has dropped Gender Dysphoria from the list of mental illnesses..” Incorrect. The DSM has dropped the terminology of “Gender Identity Disorder” and substituted it with “Gender Dysphoria”.

      You say: “…phobic behavior puts transwomen at the top of the list for societal violence.” That is untrue. Transgender males commit male violence of (at least!) the same rates as they are victimized by violence by other males. The same cannot be said of women. Women do NOT commit violent crimes at the same rate that they are victimized by them. Transgender males, like all males, do.

      “There is no “myth” of brain sex; it’s just there.” Is this what you are teaching your students? That females have “laydee brains”? And that the scientific method is hokum? Do you also teach creationism by any chance?

      Look forward to your response.

      • anon male Says:

        There should be a law against saying “life is a journey.”

        Almost every time you hear it, it’s by someone who has fucked up big time.

        Like, politicians before they head off to jail. (I think Jesse Jackson Jr. said it about 500 times last month). Or trans before they stick their feet down their mouths.

        For 99% of humanity, life is the daily grind, you get up, you go to work, you get older. But these people? They always imagine that they’re Frodo.

      • red Says:

        LOLOLOLspitLOLOLOLOL This blog!

      • GallusMag Says:

        @red- this is the best blog ever, isn’t it? If I didn’t write it I would still read the shit out of it. LOLOL

      • GallusMag Says:

        Is it a thing for teachers to put on blue wigs and “perform” the poems of their female high school students on the internet? What’s that about. I think that would creep me out. Even if the teacher didn’t have a dick.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I wonder what the girl’s parents thought of that video.

      • Ave Says:

        “Until very recently homosexual males were thought to be unable to shower with other males in the armed services. The Gay Liberation Movement lobbied to change the culture. They did not suggest that gay men could be housed more safely with women. Why can’t males who cross-dress (or femulate, or transgender) lobby for a cultural change that allows them the right to use the facilities designed for males? ”
        that’s a very interesting view actually and is making me rethink my opinion i mentioned earlier about the pronouns stuff. indeed, why shouldn’t they focus on allowing males to be feminine in society instead of having to invade womens spaces? if it were allowed culturally, then there wouldn’t be such a pressure to transition, a trap that i unfortunately fell for in the past

      • mieprowan Says:

        “why shouldn’t they focus on allowing males to be feminine in society instead of having to invade womens spaces? if it were allowed culturally, then there wouldn’t be such a pressure to transition,”

        And there wouldn’t be all this pounding on women about what is actually a problem with men, caused by men, and enforced by men – gender!

    • Gene K. Says:

      “But also there needs to be the recognition that a transitioned MTF simply *cannot* go into a men’s room, both for her own safety and for her emotional security.”

      This is YOUR revolution YOU need to make happen – have a sit-in with 20 or 30 other trans activists IN MEN’S BATHROOMS, to make MEN’S BATHROOMS SAFE FOR TRANS. IT’S YOUR PROBLEM, YOUR BATTLE, YOUR FIGHT. GO FIGHT IT. Call up the media, get the media involved. This is YOUR MOVEMENT. You’re being lazy and giving yourselves an “out” – in the WOMEN’S BATHROOM. STOP IT!!!!!

      • mieprowan Says:

        If a man’s emotional security is dependent on being allowed to use women’s bathrooms, he needs to work on finding a more solid foundation for himself. Because if a guy falls apart every time anyone refuses to confirm his delusion, he is expecting the whole world to always be about him, and that just ain’t the way things work.

    • Motherhood Says:

      Oh good god Mister are you for real? Please don’t ask adult women to play along with you. You want to role play. Fine that is your choice. It’s a free country. But do not expect women to honor your male demand. If some do that is their choice. Mine is to see everything you say including and and the as bullshit. Oh heads up the National Institute of Mental Health trashed the DSM and they are coming up with new criteria. Don’t expect it to be quite so politically favorable in the future. So keep packing a penis because that is what this about. You know it and I know it. How sad. Really you are tragic and that is not women’s problem or fault. And it does not make me imagine for one second that you are not a danger to women. You are a real threat a physical threat. The more you get off crying and feigning the victim the bigger the threat. Ted Bundy used to pretend to have a broken arm and he killed women. You sir are living a hairs breath away from that and almost every woman you know, that you pass in the street knows it. And you are too fucking male and misogynist to even see it. You think women believe you? They don’t. 9 out of 10 women that have laid eyes on you are scared shittess of you and will be forever and always and this is good because it is what saves women from men. But you have zero concept of what I just said.

    • farishcunning Says:

      Your very male entitlement and paternalism drips from your every condescending word, “Karen”. Neither Gallus nor any of the rest of us needs to be told anything by you. There are women here who have done much research and shared it generously. Most of us are well-informed. We know nonsense–like yours–when we see it. We actively oppose males like you who impose themselves on us.

      And just for the record, I do hate (almost all) men. That’s not a bad thing. And I post under my own name. So stick it.

    • Versa Says:

      “Does a little girl ever consider what makes her one? Does a grown woman really ever ask herself that question: *how do you know you’re a female?” You don’t need to. You just *know*. It is inborn. It is in your brain.”

      Um, no. As a little girl I was well aware that it was my “private parts” that made me a girl and not a boy, and that I would grow up to be a woman and not a man, and that it was women who could give birth to babies and nurse them. That’s how I knew I was a girl. My parents explained those basics to me. Did your not?

      No, it wasn’t inborn. It wasn’t in my brain one way or the other. Babies have no concept of male or female until the basics of biology (or at least anatomy) are explained to them. Neither male nor female was in my brain. At least not until I learned that I was female because I had a female body. It was really simple.

      I doubt that most so-called “cis” people would say that they “just knew” they were male or female. They would say they knew because their parents explained to them what male and female are, and which they were. Only trans people ever claim to have some sort of innate understanding of what everyone else learns through education.

      It’s funny… the gay rights movement made the argument so well that you don’t choose to be gay just like you don’t choose to be straight, that it’s almost become a cliche. But it’s true, and it’s something straight people can totally understand, because none of us chose to be straight. And then trans come along and try to say you “just know” that you’re male/female, and… it falls flat, because it’s not relatable at all… because it’s not true.

      Your “just knowing” is actually a feeling that you don’t fit into gender stereotypes, which is a very, very different matter. Your focus should be on battling those stereotypes and enforced gender roles, rather than trying to reinforce them. You’re reinforcing them. You’re making it so that the next little boy who prefers dolls to monster trucks will think his body is “wrong” and needs to be mutilated. Is that really what you want?

    • tracywilkinson Says:

      Does a grown woman really ever ask herself that question: *how do you know you’re a female?”

      Having periods is a pretty good clue. Getting pregnant and delivering a baby is the ultimate answer of course.

  17. Adrian Says:

    I know I’m a woman because people told me I’m a woman, it’s a physical fact. End of.

    I don’t “feel like” anything. As someone else on this very blog ages ago wrote, “I’m a woman on the outside, a human on the inside.”

    • Teal Deer Says:

      Exactly how I feel. My femaleness is nowhere near inborn. It was indoctrinated.

      And if I somehow woke up tomorrow in a male body, I’d deal, because I’d still be me. My concept of self doesn’t depend on my physical body. It’s society’s concept of me that is influenced by my anatomical makeup.

      • red Says:

        Mine does. My physical body has been the thing that has defined me whether I liked it or not all my life. As for every Female woman. There’s all that pesky stuff that only Female bodies can do, and the removal or lack of one part of that is just that, one part: still Female.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        Fair point. Like every woman, my life has been shaped on the basis of my sex. I only mean that I don’t feel that the essence of my being is inherently gendered.

    • Annoyed Bi Chick Says:

      Yes, I’d really like these people who are so convinced that “brain sex” is a thing to explain why some of us don’t have it. (That might have been me who wrote “I’m a woman on the outside, a human being on the inside,” because that’s sure as hell how I feel.)

      If someone could please tell me what “feeling like a woman on the inside” actually means, down to particulars, I’d really like to know. All of the alleged descriptions thereof I’ve read over the years have left me saying “Yeaaaah, none of the above.” And yes, if I woke up male tomorrow, I’d still be me, I’d just have to do some paperwork, I guess.

      • Tobysgirl Says:

        I like these comments so much. Some of us identify ourselves first as human, apparently, but most people identify themselves by gender, job, religion, organizational membership, etc. When you lack a core self, you latch onto an external something — “I’m a woman in a man’s body!” — to give yourself meaning. But external things always leave us back in the same place we started, whether it’s a geographical cure or SRS.

      • Adrian Says:

        I’ve been asking for that definition for years, and no one ever takes me up on it.

        In order to say “I recognize a pattern ‘woman thinking’ in my thought patterns, so I know I must really be a woman” it REQUIRES that you have some concrete defined and bounded idea of just what ‘woman thinking’ IS.

        …and yet people don’t seem to get why saying that is offensive to actual women.

    • cerulean blue Says:

      “Feeling like a woman?” Is that the feeling I felt when my grandfather, thrilled after having four girl grandchildren passed out gold coins when my little brother was born? Or maybe it was the feeling when despite the fact that I had the highest standardized math scores in the class, I was passed over again and again for the math team, the advanced math classes, etc.? When I wasn’t allowed to be an altar server in my church but no one could explain why? Every time I watched TV and saw women’s bodily functions described as dirty and something to keep secret? When I was flashed by some pervert in a car, with a baby seat in back? When my PhD adviser told me bluntly that getting married and having kids would mean little possibility of advancing in my chosen scientific field? Oh. Wait That was degradation, being told that because of my sex I was somehow less than the men/boys in the room.

  18. mieprowan Says:

    This is the text of a comment Gallus posted here on a post this past March:

    White males have the highest suicide rates.
    There is no actual record of transgender suicide rates, except for studies which show a high percentage of hanging deaths (presumably from autoasphyxiation) are men wearing female undergarments.
    What we have are the results of various self-reported surveys, many anonymous, all unverifiable. The most recent ones cite a lifetime attempt rate in the neighborhood of 40%, which is around seven times higher than the 5-6% lifetime rate of the general public.
    Other groups with a 40% lifetime attempt rate include those suffering from bulimia and those diagnosed as bipolar, among others.
    We don’t see other groups claiming that disagreeing with their delusions causes suicidality- as far as I know. For example I’ve never seen someone struggling with bulimia claim that people telling them they do not need to lose weight cause suicidality.
    Nor claim that those who recovered from an eating disorder or body dysmorphia cause suicidality and should be silenced, or that they “were never really bulimic” if they did recover.

  19. Karen Topham Says:

    So…as I was saying…

    I knew what I was letting myself in for. But it is funny, now that I come to think of it. I write a very thorough, very thoughtful, and for what it’s worth very *nice* message, and all I get is vile, hateful, disgusting, personal bile in return.

    You guys really get a kick out of hurting people, don’t you?

    Is this what you do while you are hiding out from all of those males with their arrogant agendas who are lurking in corners waiting to attack you? Believe me, I have felt frightened on many, many occasions, both as a transwoman and as a woman (I know the difference), from potential predation, but I am still having some difficulty imagining the guys who would dare tackle with the likes of you. It is wonderful for each of you that you have found the others; that must be as wonderful as those people who are satisfied to believe what they believe because others who believe the same things as they do believe it. What do they call them? Oh, right: Fox viewers.

    I do not even know where to begin. And I do not think I will engage you all for as long as you will continue to attack. Unlike my friend, though, I tend not to walk away quite so quickly, though I will eventually. (I’m not so stubborn as to believe I’m actually so good a teacher that I can get through to people who have built walls around their brains as thick as the ones you have.)

    Let’s begin with the easy one: the video. The blue wig was for fun, and the poem was a “Spoken Word” poem she had never heard done out loud because she was not a performer. She enjoyed the video. If you don’t…oh well. I didn’t really ask you to seek and watch it, did I?

    “Every time you hear” the comment that life is a journey it is “from someone who has fucked up big time”??? Well, I said it, and I’m doing fine, thank you. And I don’t think that Ralph Waldo Emerson, whose original quotation it was, would consider himself much of a fuck-up either.

    And now, one and all, my response to the World Champion of Hate Speech, a woman who can say whatever she wants because, gosh almighty she is hiding in pure anonymity behind an internet username, Ms. GallusMag:

    One point at a time.

    “Sir you’ve opened your comment by announcing that you fully intend to offend the lesbians and feminists on this site.”

    Nope. Did no such thing. I said I was going to tell you some things that you clearly did not understand about the experience of transwomen. Since you are all about telling ME that I have no clue what the experience of CISwomen is like, one would think that you might recognize the fact that I am correct in my statement that you don’t know squat about what it is like to walk a mile in my shoes. And–if you were being even a *tiny* bit fair, you would admit this. But, of course, you were not and you did not.

    Any more than you made any mention whatsoever of all of the concessions I made in my initial post to the comments and perspectives you all had presented, tinged with hatred though they had been. Nope: just as most people who choose to see only one side of an issue do, you ignored all of that and dove into attacking what you thought you could.

    “When men like yourself come to feminist sites demanding that women “need to hear” your male thoughts this sort of dominationing and controlling male entitlement is bound not to go over very well with women.”

    Really? See my last comment and read my earlier post again. I never once said or implied that WOMEN needed to hear it. I said that YOU needed to hear it. And you do. You are full of bigotry and hatred, and it is fed by misinformation and recursive commentary, as almost all such matters are.

    “The same is true with your handwaving of epidemic male violence and sexual exploitation of women (“epidemic? Call the CDC har har”) since you have never had the experience of exposure to this predation, except of course as a male perpetrator.”

    Uh huh. If anything at all should go to prove my point about pre-conceived hatred and bigotry, it ought to be this line. You simply hate men. It is that simple. You hate men and you hate the fact that I ever was one. Well now: *there* is a point on which we can agree. Not the hating men part, but the hating that I was one part. I never asked for that thing between my legs. I never *wanted* it. I never *touched* it as a child because it wasn’t mine and I did not want to touch it. I used tissues to go to the bathroom. I did not masturbate. Only later, when I believed in my heart that transition was completely impossible and I had to try to be a “man” or die, did I give in and use the thing. I had ONE girlfriend, who became my ONE wife. We had sex–very lazy, unimaginative sex because frankly I hated it–enough to have three children, whom I adored and adore and raised as the far more nurturing parent. And after the third one we did not do it again. Ever. Because the only reason I did it in the first place was to make babies, even though it hurt deeply that I could not be the one carrying them.

    “Nice job trying to completely erase violence against women from male crime statistics though sir. You are a rape apologist. Quite frightening actually. Nasty.”

    Give me a fucking break. In the first place, actually the stats quoted show a 3% difference in violent crime propensity between men and women, and sure: a lot of the crimes men perpetrate are against women, but the category of “violent crime” includes any crime with a gun. This includes robbery, which is traditionally a male crime, and which I’d bet makes up quite a bit of the male percentage. Not to mention gang crime, though I don’t know if that is an issue in Sweden, where the study was done.

    BUT: “Rape apologist”? “Defending men” accused of violence against women? If the very words were not so utterly appalling I’d laugh. I am outraged at every story I read that once again shows how deeply mired we are in this rape culture. I rant against it. It is a cause dear to my heart, and it would be even if I had not myself been sexually assaulted. BUT I HAVE. So I’m sorry but a big huge FUCK YOU to that one. I don’t need that from anyone, especially not a hateful bitch with an attitude. BTW: Once again you might wish to go to my original post and, I don’t know, ACTUALLY READ IT. I did not in any way defend her. In fact, I said she had serious issues and was not a good example of transwomen at all.

    “Karen, have you used your penis to impregnate multiple women with your sperm? Of course you have.”

    Because you *know* me. And I believe I have answered this above: No, Miss Gallus Anonymous, I have NOT.

    “You are not able to formulate an answer because the definition of girl that you, a middle-aged man, supports would- if typed out- be a series of offensive sexist hackneyed stereotypes that impose certain non-reproductive characteristics onto women and girls.”

    Because, again, you know me so well.

    “You are not now and have never been a female child sir. If you had been you would know the answer to the question “Does a little girl ever consider what makes her one?” Every girl learns that her reproductive capacity places her at constant lifelong risk of rape and violence across all cultures by males who seek to control that capacity, which they lack.”

    Oh right. The little girls of whom I was speaking–children, mind you, *little* children–are aware of this? No. I raised three daughters. When they were “little,” they had no understanding at all that they *had* a reproductive system, or that males sought to control it. Once more you are imposing your own anger and hatred on the thoughts that I expressed.

    About the men’s room thing:

    You cannot argue it both ways. You can’t on the one hand say that men are monsters who will at the drop of a hat attack any unwitting female-appearing person and then, on the other, argue that these horrifying creatures can easily learn to accept that which they seem to loathe? If a transwoman walked into a men’s room she might be lucky enough to be ignored. Or she might be beaten. She’d be constantly concerned about the latter, though, with real justification. And why you don’t hear anything about FTM’s? Because they almost always pass well. No one ever notices them.

    About “Gender Dysphoria”: you prove here that you don’t know anything at all about this. “Dysphoria” is not a mental illness and is not listed as such. That is why the term was changed and the entire section was completely rewritten.

    You say that “Transgender males commit male violence of (at least!) the same rates as they are victimized by violence by other males.” OOO: I love the little “at least” in there. You know what that statistic really means? This: being or not being transgender does not change who a person is in other characteristics of his or her life. If he is a criminal, she is likely to be a criminal. If she is a loving parent, he will likely be a loving parent. If he loves to play guitar, she will likely love to play guitar. If this piece of information stuns you, then you must have been living in a hole for your entire life. People are people. Surgery and hormones do not change that.

    You wrote: “’There is no “myth” of brain sex; it’s just there.’ Is this what you are teaching your students? That females have ‘laydee brains’? And that the scientific method is hokum? Do you also teach creationism by any chance?”

    Well, if I did, I suppose I would be guilty of using exactly the same criteria in my research and belief systems as you apparently do: I believe what I believe because I have sources that support what I believe, and I simply ignore all sources that contradict me. So here’s the thing about brains: males and females have brains that are pretty much the same. However, there is one tiny area of the brain stem that does in fact differ, and studies show that in transpeople this part is usually closer to the non-birth gender. In addition, BTW, other studies indicate male and female brains do not work in quite the same way. The two hemispheres don’t have the same communications patterns. But that is another story.

    In conclusion, let me say once more and (once again) quite clearly: the woman in the article has serious problems. I agree with whoever noted that it’s a bit odd just to *use* a public washroom in a store on three separate occasions close together. Her response to the trespass in April did not show any more sensitivity than she showed, from the reports, to the women in the bathroom. And the bar thing? Something whacked there for sure. But as I said: transition does not negate who you are. It doesn’t make you more of or less of; it just changes your physical gender. What or who you are inside never changes.

    The funny thing is that we all agree on that. We just don’t agree *at all* about what it means.

    • GallusMag Says:

      vile, hateful, disgusting/ bile/ the likes of you/ World Champion of Hate Speech/ full of bigotry and hatred,/ hatred and bigotry/ simply hate men./ You hate men/ sure: a lot of the crimes men perpetrate are against women, but/ big huge FUCK YOU/ a hateful bitch with an attitude./ anger and hatred/ you don’t know anything at all/ living in a hole for your entire life/

      Blah blah blah

    • michelle Says:

      my gawd…is there NO end to the mansplainin’? Well, I mean aside from the point at which Gallus shows him the door and hopes it hits him squarely on the ass? And it does tend to take a while for Gallus to show someone the door, but I am guessing, “Karen,” that you are about to get your invitation to the exit…and not a moment too soon.

    • farishcunning Says:

      “Karen”, why don’t you get off Gallus? She has good reason to maintain anonymity, what with the gutsy, honest reporting she does, and given the many threats made against her. Your sniping at her for not giving you her real name just shows your ignorance, and perhaps malevolence.

      Also, you keep bleating about “man-hating” as if that’s a bad thing. Again you show your ignorance. There are many excellent reasons to despise males such as yourself, and we know that hating males can keep us alive. Males start wars, pass harmful laws against women, and beat, rape, and kill us. What’s not to hate?

      Signing my full name–
      Lisa Farish Cunning (Fare)

    • Kay Says:

      “Believe me, I have felt frightened on many, many occasions, both as a transwoman and as a woman (I know the difference), from potential predation, but I am still having some difficulty imagining the guys who would dare tackle with the likes of you.”

      So, you know the difference between feeling like a transwoman and feeling like a woman? Please explain! I thought transwomen WERE women. Period. End of discussion. I would honestly love to hear more about this, but I doubt you would attempt to explore this.

      As for the second part of that sentence, yeah, you are probably right, dude. We are probably all a bunch of aggressive, un-rapeable hulks, so fuck you and fuck off.

  20. Karen Topham Says:

    Shall we keep playing? If we do, maybe you should be careful that your sources are not on sites that are specifically biased against the notion of brain sexual differences and are not written by people like Anne Lawrence, who is well known as a person who has risen to prominence because she has “credibility” as a transwoman herself, yet clearly, from all of her writing, has about as much in common with most of us as, say, that woman in the story today. Almost everything she has written has been debunked. It figures she’d end up publishing on sites designed to agree with her.

      • Karen Topham Says:

        And exactly why does her publication on her own website make any of the garbage she spouts more credible?

    • Siobhan Says:

      Argh, the “newscientist” article. Totally refuted and exposed as massively poor research. Read more recent and better conducted research — there may be brain differences in transgenders similar to others with mental disorders, but there is nothing showing that mtfs have “female” brains. By the way, you may also wish to google “feminized brain schizophrenia” if you want to understand what some of these atypical for gender patterns (not “female” brains) really mean in those with self perception issues.

      • mieprowan Says:

        Much of this stuff seems to suffer from assuming correlation means causality. It’s linear thinking. And actions don’t just travel in one direction, they can be self-reinforcing. And then there is the question of sample size.

        A good epidemiological study would involve scanning the brains of tens of thousands of infants from different locales and circumstances, and comparing any observed differences to later self-reported identity issues. And it would have to be run by people who were not invested in any particular outcome.

        This would, I imagine, be horribly expensive.

      • mieprowan Says:

        And one would have to get consent from the parents, which would hugely bias the sample and ruin any double blind.

      • Motherhood Says:

        Yeah differnce and I’ll go out on a limb here and say similar to a whole goody bag of paraphilias. Their whole life is one long dry hump–but that’s on the QT we’ll pretend it is a femaie brain and they are in such torment and agony (hump hump). Oh they are becoming their “authentic” (hump hump) real woman self (hump, grunt) oh the danger (yeah . . .) most murdered ever (hump). So that’s the long and short and honest Trans narrative. And one reason people might pretend to buy it is because the truth is bad. Really bad, these guys can’t be cured. That’s them, they can’t mate or partner they can just get themselves off. And all the high drama is in the hopes we don’t notice how repulsive they are.

      • red Says:

        Succinctly and accurately stated MH.

    • cerulean blue Says:

      Since you are quoting from the New Scientist here’s an editorial– I’ll post in full as it’s behind a paywall:’

      “Transsexual children deserve better

      10 December 2008
      Magazine issue 2686.

      THE idea of delaying puberty in children and teens who feel confused about their gender will make many parents deeply uneasy. Yet that’s what the Endocrine Society, the world’s oldest and largest society devoted to the study of hormones, is proposing in draft guidelines issued last week (see “Puberty blockers recommended for transsexual teens”). Although it only advises such action in extreme cases and after careful psychological assessment, the idea is likely to provoke heated discussion among professionals, parents and the kids concerned.

      At face value, delaying puberty seems logical. It allows time for thought before embarking on gender reassignment – which is harder in a maturing 16-year-old than in a pre-pubescent child. Add to that the dismay a transsexual adolescent will feel when their body starts to develop in a way they find repellent. According to some estimates, half of transsexual teenagers will attempt suicide before the age of 20. Indeed, it is often a suicide attempt that brings them to the attention of doctors in the first place.

      But here’s another statistic: some 80 per cent of boys who experience transsexual feelings no longer feel this way when they grow up. There is some evidence that those who persist after the first flush of puberty are less likely to change their minds, but this has been based on a handful of cases. So too has our understanding of the side effects of delaying puberty – or in the case of those who go through with gender reassignment, preventing natural puberty from occurring at all.

      The issue becomes thornier still when you consider that the age of puberty is falling. Does, say, a 9-year-old have the emotional maturity to make a decision of this magnitude? Unlikely.

      Intervention to delay puberty could even be complicated by a broader issue: the possibility that the sexualisation of children at ever-younger ages is raising the numbers with temporary transsexual feelings.”

      • mieprowan Says:

        Not to mention the amazingly casual assumption that chemically delaying puberty won’t cause problems. Druidwinter made a good point here recently, that a natural stage in neural development involves self-“pruning” of neural circuits during adolescence. What happens to the developing brain if this process is put off for several years?

  21. Rebecca Rice Says:

    Karen, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bring you into a room full of haters.

    See, I offended some lesbians in here because I didn’t realize who they really were. I assumed because of all the hate flying around that they were straight. After all, lesbians ought to know what it’s like to struggle for people to understand that you’re not wrong, you’re just different. (And I am sorry that I assumed straightness on the part of the haters here– it’s just that most of the closed-minded bigots I know are straight, so this has been a valuable experience for me; broadened my horizons. Hate can take any form. Thanks, ladies.)

    There’s an irony in my wrong assumption, given the wrongness of their assumptions. Given the way they have treated me and you, people they do not understand, who mean them no harm and who have not intentionally stooped to disrespect.

    I was angry when I posted. So much intolerance of something so misunderstood. And I was ashamed that women, who have to struggle for equality all the time, uphill and against the current, could cut loose with such violence on someone they don’t even know, whose situation they *really* don’t understand.

    It’s kind of tragic. You would think that having to overcome society’s (slowly diminishing) stigma against people who aren’t straight would have taught at least the lesbians here a thing or two about compassion and justice and not leaping to paranoid conclusions about individuals before they actually have some facts to go on.

    And I’m sorry for them, because they assume enemies where they have allies, even after slamming both of us up down and sideways. We’re allies because we’re in the same (pardon my language) shitstorm as every other woman, living with the same inequalities, the same meanness of spirit in so much of our culture, as they do. Yet they still assume that difference equals sickness or wrongness. They sound like people I’ve heard on other websites condmening lesbians and gay men, condemning Unitarian Universalists and Jews, condemning women who work for a living and women who call themselves feminists.

    These posters don’t know me or you, and they have judged us both, based on what, 500 words? They think that the only thing that makes anyone a woman is having two X chromosomes. They do not, cannot understand. Being who they are is something they all take for granted. As a lifelong weird kid, I’ve seen their like before. I just didn’t expect to find so many of them, so violently hateful, here.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Straight lady hates lesbians. Shocking.

      • Karen Topham Says:

        Gosh I do love how you twist thoughts until you come up with whatever interpretation you desire to find.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Did you just equate Lesbians with anti-semites?! Yeah ya did.

      • Karen Topham Says:

        No, she did not. But Gallus Anonymous once again proves herself wonderfully adept at the intentional misreading of other people’s words.

    • GallusMag Says:

      It isn’t hateful for lesbians to recognize that males are not female Rebecca. Stop telling lesbians what we should do, think, or discuss. Thanks!

      • mieprowan Says:

        You forgot “whom to date.” One of the very first things that got my suspicions up about these guys was the piece on radfemhub where the guy is harassing the lesbian for not wanting to date him and his lady stick. Classic guy move, “you’re being too picky.” And treating us like malleable fools who can be guilt-tripped into anything.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Rebecca says lesbianism is hateful!

    • GallusMag Says:

      Rebecca Rice supports men coming to lesbian blogs and calling us “man haters” and “bitches”. Nice one Rebecca.

      • red Says:

        I guess it’s not possible to delete that whole detour? This post is too good to have that mess stuck on it’s heel.

      • Karen Topham Says:

        No one is calling you in the plural anything, Gallus Anonymous. I am calling YOU, in the SINGULAR, what you are.

        And frankly I hate to do it. I do not like to get into name-calling fights. I hate getting into internet fights with intractable people anyway. The futility drives me insane. It’s like arguing politics with my arch-conservative brother.

        And remember one other thing: I came here for two reasons only: to defend my friend, whom you pitilessly attacked for expressing her thoughts. Yes, she did so angrily, but it was clear from her context that she did not realize this was a lesbian blog. Her belief that you were intolerant straight women fueled her fire. I’m sure she would have phrased things differently had she known you were lesbians. Of course, it probably would have confused the living crap out of her, since she, like I, would have wondered how a group of women who ought to understand what it is like to be marginalized by society would be able to in turn marginalize and foster hate speech against another even smaller group.

        But hey: as the kids say, whatevs.

        As to the names themselves, Gallus Anonymous, it is 100% clear from every word you have posted that YOU are indeed a man hater. If a man wrote the bilious bullshit that you have written, but wrote it about women, you would be ALL OVER HIM, and you would be completely justified. Well, I’m calling you out on your own vile hypocrisy. You are a hater who hides behind her hate and denies it while she is spewing it: one of the very worst kinds of haters. And yes, if you are going to call someone you don’t know names, make hateful assumptions about her, insist on using words and phrases that you know will be hurtful to her, then I do believe that the word “bitch” is entirely apropos.

        But hey: wear it proudly, unlike your birth name, which you are too afraid to put out there for the world to see. I’m serious: wear it like a badge of honor! You’ve earned it!

      • mieprowan Says:

        What does “she would have phrased things differently if she’d known you were lesbians” mean? You guys have different acts for different audiences? Why are you singling out lesbians for special treatment? That suggests some kind of ugly agenda.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Oh hell no! This is all quite relevant.

      • mieprowan Says:

        Linearly relevant, even.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @the dood- “pitiless attacks”? “calling people names”? The only person who has done that here is YOU “Karen”. “Insist on using words and phrases that you know will be hurtful to him”? Jesus. Like saying males are male? Sir, women are ALLOWED to speak. Women are not OBLIGATED to “honor” your male delusions sir. Doing so is not “hateful” except to males who have the expectation that women exist to serve him.

        As for the anonymity? I’m damn glad, because you are clearly a very angry man and a very abusive one.

      • Karen Topham Says:

        Hey Moderator: why would all of the posts *attacking* my friend be allowed but all of mine *defending* her not be?

        Let me try again, all in one post:

        First of all, Rebecca is the last person to hate anyone. She has not got a hateful bone in her body. And as for lesbians, the notion of her hating any GLBTQ group just makes me laugh.

        No, she did not equate lesbians with anti-Semites. That is you, once again, twisting and distorting someone’s words into meanings that you desire to find.

        Males AREN’T female. However, transgender women ARE.

        NO ONE, neither Rebecca nor I, said that “lesbianism is hateful.” In fact, no one said a thing about lesbianism. Wow: can we get any more defensive? All comments have been addressed to *this specific group* and, more intensively, to YOU, Gallus Anonymous. Because it is YOU, not anyone else, to whom I addressed the two names you claim Rebecca supports.

        Now about that: what I said has nothing to do with her. I am my own person and I do not clear what I say with my friend any more than you clear what you say with everyone else on this blog. So this one is you and me. BUT: as is your habit, you have chosen to distort is and try to make it appear that I used these terms against everyone here. I didn’t. But of course you already know that.

        As to the terms themselves: I absolutely stand by them. Every single word you have written today shows you to be full of hatred toward men. If any man had composed the series of bilious bullshit that has come from your username this afternoon and evening about women, you’d have been up in arms, and with excellent case. Well, I am calling bullshit on your blatant hypocrisy. You are a hater, and you are the worst kind: the kind who enjoys her hatred, who lives to spew forth her venom, who hangs out on the internet so that she can find chances to get all self-righteous about people she does not know and groups of people who are unfortunate enough to be, in her almighty opinion, Lesser than she is. You are the essence of vileness. And that, Ms. Gallus Anonymous, also makes you fit the textbook definition of a “bitch.” You simply couldn’t ask for a better example.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I haven’t censored a single post Sir. Here to serve you Sir.

    • Tobysgirl Says:

      Rebecca, EDUCATE YOURSELF. And, yes, having XX chromosomes is what makes one biologically female. I read someone say a penis is not inherently male, a vagina is not inherently female, but brains are inherently female or male. That is the definition of insanity.

  22. mieprowan Says:

    I agree that there is something in your head making you think you’re a woman, though I’m not at all convinced it’s organic. But that doesn’t make you one. Chromosomes determine so much about us, why should sex be off limits? It’s really a silly idea.

    Also, all that stuff about how female you are because you were nurturing towards your children is dreadfully stereotyped. Very thin fare. Insulting to fathers, even.

    I am yet another woman here who is not obsessed with this body image stuff. The fact that you hated your penis does not make you a woman either. People who hate their bodies have problems, yes. Radical feminism helped me be happier with mine.

    • Karen Topham Says:

      Very good: latch on to two points, pretty minor ones at that, in the grand scheme of things, and believe that you have trumped me. Because I did not write two very long, very detailed, very thorough messages.

      And, gee, um…it’s all about the ‘somes, is it? Wel tell that to the myriad variations on the good old xx and xy binaries, OK? People with Klinefelter Syndrome, XXY, XYY, XXYY, XXX, XXXY, XXXXY, Trisomy X, Triplo X, Triple X, XXXX, tetrasomy X, XXXXX, Pentasomy X , or whatever: where exactly, in your very limited imagination, do they fit?

      I brought up my relationship with my kids to head off any stupid arguments you guys might have made about fathering. Didn’t work. Ah well. Of course I am fully aware that many fathers are nurturing. Frankly I am sure that they are far more nurturing than many women, especially the kinds of women who, say, spend their lives hanging out on websites waiting to spew forth venomous attacks against people they do not even know and groups of people with whom they ought to have much in common. I would not want to be the children of *that* sort of woman. Or that sort of man. Hmm…now that I think about it, *that* sort of woman seems to me to have an awful lot in common with some sorts of aggressively nasty men…

      (Please note that I am not encompassing *you* necessarily here. I should think it is obvious which posts that last comment is aimed at.)

      I dislike this, mieprowan. I came here with the best of intentions, as Rebecca said. I came with my real name. I came to inform, from personal experience, women who clearly had none of their own, what transgender really meant. But you all twist and distort everything I say. Example: body image. You bet your ass I had a body image issue. I had the wrong body! There simply could not *be* a bigger issue than that. But I managed to have that taken care of and I no longer have a body image issue. As radical feminism helped you, gender reassignment surgery helped me. We each find what we need.

      OTOH, I think just for the hell of it I will challenge one of our statements. “The fact that you hated your penis does not make you a woman.” Now I would never have thought to argue that it *did*, but then again (now that I consider it): are you seriously telling me that, if you suddenly found that you had a penis instead of a vagina, you’d, what, *embrace* the thing? Radical feminist that you are, I somehow doubt that. So just maybe it is evidence…at least of a sort.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Sir, you are not a child born with a chromosomal anomaly. You fathered three children for godsakes. Just leave the kids alone, won’t you? You are not a “little girl” and you were not born with a developmental reproductive disability. Take some responsibility for yourself.

      • mieprowan Says:

        I had a dream once where my clitoris swelled up into a penis. I thought, in the dream, “Well, isn’t that interesting?” That was about it.

        Lots of feminists blog anonymously. Some feminists get rape and death threats. From guys. Guys kinda like you, in fact. Guys going around looking for fights with women.

        So what are the “minor points” I’m addressing? Whether there is anything to your saying you are Really a Woman, other than your idee fixe?

        So, you believe attacking your body is equatable, as a fix, to coming to the realization that you are just fine the way you are. If everybody thought like you, the medical costs would break us all.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Thank god for anonymity. This dood is scary.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        “I came to inform, from personal experience, women who clearly had none of their own, what transgender really meant.”

        I’m sorry your explanation didn’t have the impact you’d hoped. The trouble is, we’ve heard the explanations before, but don’t necessarily believe it means the same thing you and other trans folk do. Also, at least for myself, I don’t understand why it means women born female-bodied have to remove all our safeguards. I do believe that quite a few MTF are without ill-intent and wouldn’t do me harm, but with the current “you’re a woman if you say you are” climate, we can never be sure if the male-bodied person in a dress in the ladies’ room is a transgendered person in transition, or a perverted, violent man who decided to put on a dress so he could gain access to spaces where women are vulnerable.

  23. margeaux Says:

    How sad that one of “Karen’s” daughters decided she need to try to become male.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Wow. No wonder, with dad’s love of sex-based stereotypes.

      • Karen Topham Says:

        My son has absolutely nothing to do with this conversation. I’m not quite sure how you all found out about him, but whatever: it’s public record. Just love how you enjoy using my family in your hateful little commentary.

        For the record, yes, he is transgender. He is in the process of becoming male, and he has been living as a male for many years now. End of story.

        Unless of course you are Gallus Anonymous, who loves to be (watch out, Gallus, I’m about to say it again!) a bitch. Oh, and Gallus? Just wondering: have you ever seen a chromosomal study of my genetic makeup? Didn’t think so. Are you aware than many of the combinations that I mentioned are able to reproduce? Didn’t think so. Are you going to continue making assumptions about me based on no knowledge whatsoever? Oh yes: that I knew full well.

      • mieprowan Says:

        No, no, no. *You* brought up your family first. In legal parlance, you opened the door.

        I agree with Gallus though that we should leave each other’s kids out of this exchange.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Karen- dear god man- have some pride. For godsakes. You are not an intersex child. You are not a “little girl”. You are a middle-aged lifelong autogynephile who transitioned in his forties after marriage and fatherhood. Let the shame go.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Man thinks lesbian feminist is “a bitch”. Shocking.

  24. red Says:

    I hope this guy’s wife is safe somewhere in a police protection program. This one’s a real nutter.

    We don’t know your genetic make up? Lol. You’ve been spewing your genetic makeup all over this blog. It’s unmistably male.

    I want to retract my wish you’d push the delete button on this one Gallus. This is classic sociopathic psychotic autogynephilia.

    Case study.

  25. Bruce Lills Says:

    Who else thinks that “Karen” and Rebecca” are the same mentally illl man?

  26. Motherhood Says:

    Mister we do not need to see you XY chomosomes they are eveident. Now is this getting you off. My bet is that your penchant for not taking responsiblity is linked to the little game you like best. I am betting it is orgams denial and it came (pardon the pun) that nobody wanted to play anymore so you tried to become the other half. And I bet that my little insight unsettels you. I’ll be honest I don’t know you from Adam but guys like you are a dime a dozen. Trying to cash out on pretending to be female. It is boring. There is not a thing you can do that has any meaning. Your proclivities and your bullshit destroyed your daughter. That is sad. That has meaning that you are too sick to see. And I am betting their was more to it. You are as transparent as water and as dangerous as acid in the face. Get back jack.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I bet he would throw acid in my face if he thought he could get away with it.

      • GallusMag Says:

        My “hateful bitch” face.

      • Motherhood Says:

        I am betting you’re right GM. Each and everyone of these men is a danger to anything female. Women failed them. And male rage being what it is–So they keep demanding. They are in some zone– If you want anything done right you have to do it yourself. That’s the loop playing over and over as they shove their feet into a size 13 pair of heals.

  27. onebravegirl Says:

    I honestly believe there is a difference between a transwoman and a man in drag claiming to be a transwoman. I think this man is the latter. If he honestly wanted to be a woman, he would not stand up to pee. Standing to pee is a MALE action. I can’t believe I had to type this…

    • BadDyke Says:

      “I honestly believe there is a difference between a transwoman and a man in drag claiming to be a transwoman. ”

      Except how are we supposed to TELL when we see them coming through the door of the ladies room? Look at their sparkly pink aura or somesuch shit?

      Again, we have the ‘real’ trans crowd, and the ‘fake’ trans crowd, whether the argument is about transgender versus transsexual, or ‘real’ (i.e. non-detransitioning trans) versus ‘fake’ (i.e. detransitioning therefore obviously never REALLY trans).

      All male, keep ‘em ALL out. Easy.

      • Priscella Says:

        it’s me again. look at Carmen Careers for example. Some men want to be physically female. some are drag queens taking it to a new level.

      • Priscella Says:

        Carrera* autocorrect these days. Oh, poor attempt to judge me as someone who associates being a women with colors, sparkles, and auras.

      • Choco Says:

        Yeah right, Priscilla. I’m sure these men who want to be physically female would jump at the chance to have a monthly period with cramps, back pain, headaches, etc. I’d love to see their faces when all their fetishes and fantasies come crashing down.

      • Ave Says:

        fuck off priscilla. ALL transes are males. the whole “real” versus “fake” argument is just propagated by vain transes saying the “hot” ones are “real” females

      • GallusMag Says:

        I lol’ed today seeing Janet Mock forced to revise his blog post to remove the transgender slang term “sickening”. “Sickening” means “passing as actually female and being attractive in a sexualized feminine way”. His original sentence under dispute (by fellow trans) was:

        “It is rare for an openly trans woman – no matter how sickening she is – to have a man who openly loves her”.

        White heterosexual male trans autogynephiles were confused. LOL.

        The revised sentence was: “It is rare for an openly trans woman – no matter how “passable” or attractive she is – to have a man who openly loves her”.

      • anon male Says:

        Hah, I’d say that There Are No Words but that’s only because I don’t get to make them up since I work for a living.

        I can just imagine all of their crowd rushing to

        to make sure their favorite one gets the thumbs up! Activism!

        I was thinking back to an article a poster here had on her own site about how often gay trans end up with felons and realized, holy shit, “Veronica Mars” totally had that figured out. I mean, the episode was libbylib fawning, but whoah, what a called shot.

        And yet all the pretendbians think they deserve to get with NYU students. This difference isn’t meaningful however!

      • red Says:

        Well you know Gallus:

        “Words have power and it’s important that they convey the exact meaning and concepts we intend.”

      • anon male Says:

        Mock got reposted at The Root (corporate pawns unite!) and people aren’t buying it.

        I love the angry crackers whining that “no, this has nothing to do with homophobia, transmisogyny* is a real thing” and trying to play the HBS “real trans” card.

        *I don’t understand that. Shouldn’t it be misotransgyny the way they mean it or something? And fuck, it seems like the vast majority have cooled off on the “transgenderED is hate speech,” too, which seems weird after making a big stink. But fuck it, I look absolutely sickening today. Make of that what you will.

      • My mother named me “Priscella”. Reading is fundamental ;) But, since the two of you are so certain that I am wrong, please bring it. I’m a biology major and professors have discussed topics such as these extensively.

  28. BelindieG Says:

    Considering “Karen” uses the kids as part of the official story, finding out anything isn’t exactly deep research.

    Yes, that’s right–Marquette University had a panel on Women’s Leadership. Thank heavens they got some men to tell women how to do it.

  29. KittyBarber Says:

    So who the hell goes to the grocery store–over and over again–to use the bathroom?

  30. Starfire Says:

    awe you girls are so cute wen youre angry


  31. Priscella Says:

    Ave: very feminist of you to tell another woman to “fuck off”. I bet you don’t say the same to men.

    And there have been advancements for transwomen to get their menses. Have any of you even researched this?!

    Lastly, my mother named me “Priscella”, not “Priscilla”. Reading is fundamental ;)

    • GallusMag Says:

      First of all Priscilla: you don’t thing women on a feminist blog would tell men to fuck off? That is a truly bizarre comment. Speaking of bizarre, all of the comments you just spammed my blog with are disjointed and quasi-incoherent. I don’t know if you’re high, have communication problems, or are just nuts. At any rate, I assume Ave took you to be an unhinged delusional M2T. So fuck off.
      Also, Ave is M2T2M. So there. By your definition,he gets to say all the fuck offs. LOL.

      • mieprowan Says:

        But Gallus, don’t you want to hear the heartwarming and inspiring story of how M2T’s can menstruate without uteri? I was just about to make popcorn.

        Last round I read on this one is how stopping taking hormones is ‘zactly like menopause. I’m dying to hear how this works in reverse.

      • Adrian Says:

        @mieprowan – I just ran into someone yesterday claiming that M2T are surely no different than infertile women, when it comes to women’s issues and discussions. So if I tell an M2T that the discussion isn’t about him, well, I’m hating on my fellow infertile women. Mmm hmm. *rolls eyes*

        So this male menstruation thing, does it involve Halloween horror props shoved up one’s bits? Now is the time to take advantage of the sale of theatrical blood bags I guess!

      • mieprowan Says:

        Adrian: Yup, we live in a culture full of humans who are happily buying into the idea that there’s nothing more to a woman than breasts, a hole, and a role. What pisses me off most is the casual dismissal of chromosomes. They determine all these things about us, but not sex because why? Because bullshit.

        I thought the same about faux menstruation. Like with vampire movies.

  32. Not once did I mention “hot”. It is a silly term used to further male gaze. Maybe some of you should learn to conduct yourselves as adults. I don’t see the author of this post insulting people, intentionally misspelling their names, or simply not researching claims before talking. Seriously, learn to debate. You’re embarrassing yourselves. If anyone of you wants to go toe to toe with me, I’ll link my FB here. Bring it

  33. It seems as though many here do not believe transsexualism to be a real thing, simply a fetish (to which many have claimed only men suffer from). In addition, many also seem to believe that transsexual women are obsessed with being “the hot girl”. While this was sadly the case for Carmen Carrera (Being a B cup wasn’t “good enough”), I doubt that every single last transsexual woman or man is obsessed with being seen as attractive. Furthermore, for those who believe transsexualism is merely a trend, what research do you posses to counter ones such as these:

    [Multiple links removed to the same boring old "brain sex" studies that have been de-bunked ad nauseum on this blog and elsewhere countless times.-GM]

    I came to this blog because I thought it would battle the idea that simply cross dressing makes a man into a “woman”, combat trans-women who think they “look better” than women because of surgeries, criticize trans women who enforce gender roles, and combat the notion that lesbian and bisexual women must have sex with a man with breasts. I didn’t think I would find people who would: say “fuck off”, intentionally misspell my name, flat out deny the existence of transsexualism,etc. I would prefer to have a thoughtful debate about transsexualism, its causes, treatments, etc. More importantly, I came here because I was tired of being called a bigot for simply stating that Bradley Manning (etc) is not a woman. Seems like I piss off both ends of the spectrum. Oh well, I’ll stick to science.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Good luck with the science thing. You’re gonna need it. I suggest you do some more reading on the topic before spamming my blog with comments. This is not a 101 site. My readers get bored with reading the same rudimentary trans tropes over and over.
      Since I am in a kindly mood I will direct you to an analysis of the studies you linked:

      Come back when you step up your game. Further troll comments will not be published. Thanks.

      • red Says:

        That pathetic study. I bet the lead author cringes everytime he sees an email from Destiny or Stephanie Rose, or Charmode or whatever. He deserves whatever he gets.

        Spain has a really bad economy. All these loosey goosey scienc-y studies are from Spain.

        Culturally bound gender has a nice phone sex dissertation. Help yourself Priscilla.

    • Adrian Says:

      Y’know, it’s possible for transsexualism to be “a thing,” a sincerely felt thing that causes pain in people, and yet NOT be rooted in any physical, hormonal, “laydee brain” or “born in the wrong body” origin. Perhaps it’s just a mental illness, a firmly held non-budging delusion.

      It’s possible for someone to truly and sincerely believe things that are not reality. Just because some male thinks (sincerely, with all his heart, thinks) that he’s “truly a woman inside” because he “recognizes” some stereotypical thought patterns in himself that he assumes are identical to the way (a female) think, doesn’t make it so, and doesn’t mean he actually has any flying IDEA “how women think.”

      Yes, he might be truly suffering. But that doesn’t mean he has a “female brain.”

      • BadDyke Says:

        “Y’know, it’s possible for transsexualism to be “a thing,”…..

        Agree totally. Just that we should be allowed to debate what is the best treatment for this condition, and not just told that we have to agree with the statements made by some sufferers that they ARE WOMEN.

        Except as we already know, those who seek a different treatment for gender issues other than transition soon get pushed out — such as the ‘Transgender: time to change’ conference that was cancelled, and where some groups (Charing cross gender identity clinic) said:

        “It now appears that the conference comes at trans issues from a very specific agenda, namely, to explore the validity or otherwise of gender diagnoses as medical and psychiatric phenomena. So long as this is the case, we feel we can’t support it.”

        That is, quite clearly, trying to talk about the medical or psychiatric validity is transphobic and not allowed. In what other health area would you be prohibited from investigating whether or not we had actually got it right? Only other cases that spring to mind are those areas where drug companies try to stop researchers pointing out that their money-spinning drug might not actually WORK………..

        Trans get what trans want, and trans is what trans say it is, and everyone else better just shut up seems to be the line over and over again. O, and as elsewhere, Julie Bindel is an evil old bitch……………..

        Bad politics, bad science, and bad healthcare.

      • mieprowan Says:

        “That is, quite clearly, trying to talk about the medical or psychiatric validity is transphobic and not allowed. In what other health area would you be prohibited from investigating whether or not we had actually got it right? ”

        And that is where the chancre gnaws. This is the core of how trans try to appropriate homosexuality: reasonable people do not consider homosexuality a medical disorder, and suggesting it be investigated as such is frowned upon by reasonable people, and rightly so. Trans want to be seen exactly the same way, as beyond questioning.

        But homosexuality is a discrete phenomenon, it does not try to pretend to be something it’s not, and being homosexual doesn’t overstep anyone else’s boundaries. It does not deny biology. It is in effect a private matter, that makes no demands other than equal treatment under the law. Homosexual advocacy does not threaten and does not throw tantrums, and it doesn’t make up crazy shit. A poor comparison, indeed.

      • BadDyke Says:

        Yes, that is really it, not that they ‘feel’ they are female/women, or that they think they would be happier trying to live and pass as women, but that we AGREE with their delusion, that they actually ARE women — hence that it isn’t actually a delusion or some problem with the development of their ‘gender identity’, or some sexual fetish, or a reaction to restrictive gender roles, or a reaction to a fear of homosexuality, or just something ELSE.

        Nope, we are supposed to ignore these manifold possibilities (or just label them fake or mistaken trans), squash any research that attempts to study the complicated and probably multiple ways that trans develops and manifests, and instead just BELIEVE in:

        1) Brain sex theory/innate gender call it what you will
        2) State that ‘brain sex’ is what defines women/female and that anything else (like ordinary biology) is just unimportant (and that we should sleep with you anyway cos your brain/jenduh are right).

        It’s just a religion/cult, and that is it’s creed.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Adrian, BadDyke, mieprowan, and of course Gallus: your posts are a balm to me. I am so glad your words are out there, showing that there is still sanity amidst the madness.

  34. Versa Says:

    Very well written piece, GM.

    I wasn’t aware that trans “women” commit more crimes, but I can’t say I’m particularly surprised.

    I’m starting to believe more and more that my allegedly “two-thirds gay” brother who occasionally jokingly (or not?) calls himself a “lady” is going to someday declare that he is a transgendered “woman.” He is a violent and abusive individual with a severe sense of entitlement, who always saw and treated me (and our mother) as somehow subhuman, with blatant admissions of hatred toward females.

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