One of the saddest reports yet on the sterilization of a gay child to “cure” him of his sex-role nonconformity and homosexuality. He is also framed as a deformed child with a medical birth defect for his “unacceptable” tastes in toys, activities and clothing.

The whole Boston Globe article, titled “Led by the child who simply knew” is an exercise in the triumph of conservative homophobic sex-role norms, and the promotion of heteronormativity through reparative experimental medical and surgical “therapies”.

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Follow up to this post:

Coming this Fall on ABC and NBC.

Last night ABC aired a show about “Transgender Children” that was, surprise surprise, 100% male. That’s right, not a single female trans-itioner (F2T) was featured or interviewed- or even mentioned. It was all male, all the time. And not a single trans or LGBT blog has mentioned this fact in their follow-up. Why? Same reason the plight of females are ignored and erased in every “mainstream” transgender discussion. The fact that females actually exist, and the fact that gender is entirely based on sex-roles designed to oppress women and maintain male supremacy and power, must be suppressed in order to uphold the Genderist Belief System which informs transgenderism. Transgender is an entirely male-supremacist philosophy that leaves no room for female reality.

That ABC News could manage to fill an entire hour of a show dealing with sex-roles, without mentioning a single female human being, is truly mind boggling. Especially considering the enormous female adolescent trans-trending epidemic of young women desperately seeking to become- not “males”, but to pass as “not-female” to escape the horrendous sex-roles inflicted on young girls.

None of which is worth even a mention by ABC Nightline or any trans or LGBT media source. No, ABC is reporting on news here, and that means stuff that concerns males. Gender? An entire hour on males. Just males. None of the transgender blogs writing follow-ups even noticed that females were entirely absent:

 “Nightline aired an extensive, five-part examination of the issues facing transgender people.”

“From 10 year Jack (upper left) to pop star transsexual “Kim Petras” the show presented an intelligent look at the trials facing our culture.”

 “Despite the politically correct presentation, there was at least a modicum of balance.”  “shouldn’t be missed” “in-depth report

The program consisted of five segments. The first featured the boy that likes glam from “My Princess Boy”, and his Mom who’s cashing in on him big time, trotting him out to transgender conferences and autographing tons of books.

The second featured a ten year old boy who kept getting beaten up for being a “fag” and whose mother began researching transgenderism when he was AGED TWO and already showing signs of faggotry. At least she didn’t beat him to death for his lack of masculinity, she sought a medical cure for his “wrongness” instead. And now the kid is on puberty blockers in anticipation of chemical/surgical sterilization, and goes to school wearing a full face of make-up and fake boobs (yes- at age ten!).

Third was a 19 year-old young man who started popping black market hormones ages ago and works as a prostitute specializing in the “tranny-chaser” market- closeted gays who want dick, but only on a person who acts out femininity for them. This guy funnels all his cash into Mexican plastic surgery procedures that he thinks will make him beautiful ie. happy. He’s already had six procedures and is planning a bunch more, but not a sex change op because that would ruin his niche prostitution income, plus he likes his dick.

Next was a segment on Charles Kane, the British dude who got a sex change then changed his mind after 7 years and had it reversed. Or at least near as the surgeons could, of course he’s on synthetic hormone injections for life now.

Last was Kim Petras the youngest boy to ever get a surgical sex change (at the age of 16 in Germany). He is marketing himself as a novelty act based on being a transsexual pop singer.

So there you have it, all the boys and their sex-role medical treatments.

You can watch the segments HERE. 

The Rainmaker- Johanna Olsen MD

Oh, and Johanna Olsen, MD got a lot of face time. She’s the rainmaker at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles who runs her own damn clinic doing nothing but setting these kids up for a lifetime of drugs and medical dependence.

Lots of people require lifetime drugs and medical dependence, but the problem is those people have some sort of disease process. Like diabetes, or a congenital heart condition. And diseases end up costing money, which eats into profits. The beauty of Dr Olsen’s clinic is that all the patients are perfectly healthy at the start! And they’re children, so very resilient and very teachable. So the medical lifetime dependence that Dr Olsen installs into these healthy children is pure profit! It’s a form of “therapeutic disability” performed on healthy children with a 100% profit margin for the medical industry. It’s a form of Cosmetic Medical Disability, and Dr Olsen is one of the pioneers. Plus she’s locking them into lifetime medical treatments before they are old enough to change their mind- and who signs the consents for it all? The parents of course! It’s a marketing marvel. Pure genius. Pure Gold. And Olsen recruits children nationally. She sits on the board of TransYouthFamilyAllies, which markets the medicalization and sterilization of sex-role non-compliant children to parents nationally. Their motto is “Trust. Accept. Confidence. Treatment.” And Dr Olsen provides that “treatment”.

Dr Olsen shares TYFA board space with Andrea James, the male transgender who famously posted purloined photos of sexologist Michael Bailey’s elementary school aged daughter with captions over the child’s face saying “cocksucker”, among other things. Andrea James doesn’t just represent children (!) but also makes videos. Here is Andrea’s latest work:

(Come to think of it – No females in that video either)

If you are the parent of a gender non-compliant child- RUN RUN RUN from these people. Give your child the skills they will need to be themselves, just as they are, in a world that is hostile, crushingly hostile to females and gender non-compliant males.

Together we can build a better world!

Always “Crying”

August 11, 2011


An unprecendented blogpost today from an alleged LGBT website. Bil Browning’s Bilerico raises a discussion of whether Threats and Violence Should Be Used against Lesbians by Transgender so-called allies! The question of whether threats and violence should be used against Lesbians was raised by a male transgender Mercedes Allen who is sponsored by the Bilerico website. He posted that he personally was against violence against Lesbians by Transgenders: “ And I want to be clear that I am not advocating threats (or worse, violence) to try to silence the authors — on the contrary, I’m perfectly happy to hold Brennan and Hungerford’s views up for all to see, and let the public be the judge.”

What On Earth??? Who on Earth in the LGBT umbrella IS ADVOCATING for violence against Lesbians? Transgender males, according to Mercedes Allen. Apparently transgender folks are upset that two Lesbian women wrote a letter to the UN in support of sex-based protections for women. Why are Transgenders so upset with Lesbians who support protections for women? So upset that the question of violence against them is on the table? Apparently such protections for females impose on the rights of males to use funds allotted for female sports programs under title IX. And male “rights” to use female-only gyms, female college dorms, female support groups, domestic violence programs for women, women’s prisons, etc.

Bilerico, an LGBT website actually raises the issue of whether or not threats and violence should be an appropriate response to women who support such female rights. I can’t imagine a purported LGBT website discussing whether or not violence against gays or transgenders is appropriate or not. Or whether Lesbians should be attacked or not. Or whether females should have sports programs or not.


 But there it is. Front Page on Bilerico.

Mercedes’ piece titled “Less than Women, Less than Human” claims that Lesbians acknowledging that male-bodied people are (gasp!) male-bodied is the same as “calling them less than human”. And that threats and violence against Lesbians that acknowledge male-bodied people as male-bodied is an option worthy of debate. Well guess what guys, just because some women are Lesbian, and have a sexual orientation to the same-sex,  doesn’t translate into Lesbians “thinking males are less than human”. Lesbians don’t think males are subhuman. Really guys, it’s not all about you. Are we really having a conversation on an LGBT website in the year 2011 about whether women should have their own sports programs and whether Lesbians hate men, and whether THREATS AND VIOLENCE ARE AN APPROPRIATE ACTION for transgender males to take against Lesbians who acknowledge their male physical sex??? Mercedes says yes.

Read it and weep.


Rigggghhht. If by “female” you mean “male who mistrelizes and acts out the oppression of females for his pleasure”.

I thought it was a really strange headline, since paraphilias like transvestitism and fetishism and exhibitionism and voyeurism and pedophilia and shitting in your diapers pretending to be a baby- are an overwhelmingly male phenomenon (and those with one paraphilia tend to have others). Well of course my “gut” was right- it’s an autogynephillic man, not a “female”. But for Jezebel, who bills themselves as a site for “Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for Women, Without Airbrushing” there is no such thing as a female. The only thing getting Airbrushed out of Jezebel is existence of the female sex. Great Job on the Women’s Liberation thing, Jezebel.

If you can stomach a man pretending to be a female pretending to be a child, here he is, courtesy of the Discovery Channel. And remember, when you hear about a female doing something really wack, or read about it in a newspaper or on a website, and it just “don’t sound right” to you: It’s probably a male transgender.

Awesome Graffiti left outside Calgary Radio Station 90.3 Amp in response to their

dumb-ass Breast Implant Contest:

Good Job, Taggers!

Jack and Jill Trailer

July 12, 2011


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