A few weeks ago I was tweeting my consternation that a man named Tara Hewitt (formerly “Tara Kitten”) was nominated to the UK’s Pink List in recognition of his relevance to the LGBT activist community.

tara hewitt pink list

Tara Hewitt is a conservative male politician who campaigns to limit the legal rights of women to access abortion services. He also campaigns against the rights of women to meet publicly for feminist activism outside the presence of men.

In this context, I mentioned in one of my tweets that I was surprised this gentleman had declined Cathy Brennan’s offer to pay for him to personally attend the RadFem2013 conference. He tweeted back thanking me for acknowledging that. And that was that. Life went on.

Brennan tweeting at me from her OWL account

Brennan tweeting at me from her OWL account

Earlier today blogger Terri Strange contacted me on twitter asking me about that tweet. I signed in and discovered that Cathy Brennan’s OWL (Organizing for Women’s Liberation) account had also tweeted at me. Brennan’s account directed me via link to a post sent out to 96,000 facebook users from the Organizing for Women’s Liberation page titled “Here Gallus Mag lies about a lesbian feminist for some reason”.

Brennan's post libeling me to 96,000 facebook subscribers

Brennan’s post libeling me to 96,000 facebook subscribers

I am not a liar. For whatever reason Brennan DID offer to financially sponsor male anti-abortion activist Tara Hewitt to attend Radfem2013. He declined. Just exactly as I mentioned in my tweet.

I'll pay 4 u

I’ll pay 4 u

I would like to ask Cathy Brennan to desist in libeling me and attempting to smear my reputation as a blogger. I also request a public apology posted to the same 96,000 facebook users she sent this false accusation to. I know there is no point in asking because Brennan uses her wealth and legal skills gained as a representative of Goldman Saks and the payday loan industry to abuse, threaten, and libel working-class lesbians and feminists that she does not like.

Terri Strange asked me to publish a response to Brennan’s libelous claim. I am doing so out of respect for her.

J. Michael Bailey

J. Michael Bailey

Sheila Jeffreys, Janice Raymond, Radical Feminists

Sheila Jeffreys, Janice Raymond, Radical Feminists

Alice Dreger

Alice Dreger

Janice Raymond, Radical Feminists

Janice Raymond, Radical Feminists

Ray Blanchard

Ray Blanchard

Cathy Brennan

Cathy Brennan


Kenneth Zucker

Kenneth Zucker

Radical Feminists

Radical Feminists

brennan gallusmag.com lies




psycho brennan

R.I.P. RadFem Hub

February 22, 2013


Radfem Hub was placed into a lifetime trust one year ago. Now it is gone because of what, a fifty dollar annual renewal fee?

My mama always said “Never trust your future to a payday lender”.

Hai. This battery pack leads to something in my ass.

Unbelievably creepy scary dude Reed Barrow aka Forrest Reed Barrow aka SissyKrystalTG, aka Sissy Krystal aka Sissy Reed Barrow aka SissyKrystalHot aka RedheadTransgenderedFox has been sending out threatening rape messages to women on Tumblr ALL NIGHT LONG.

Here is a small sample of his handiwork:

Barrow, 55, of Whitby Island in Clinton WA describes himself thusly:

“I’ve been Transgendered since 3 years old and this uniqueness I’ve been Blessed with has followed me thru my whole life. Most people aren’t sure what to think of Transgendered people or are scared of us, only because they have never been educated to the third gender ( Transgender ). I’m just like you in every since, except I enjoy dressing and being a female as often as i can, and I’m a complete sissy when I’m dressed.”

Reed haunting children’s playground

Reed haunting Cedar Valley Elementary School

He posts tons of photos of “the uniqueness he’s been blessed with” wearing pedomorphic female children’s undergarments and clothing and expresses his desire to publicly humiliate himself by adopting the clothing and mannerisms that he imagines young female children might enjoy. He considers himself as something of a minor “transgender celebrity” in the local Everett WA area where he haunts children’s playgrounds seeking attention from horrified young girls. This gives him erections, which he is very proud to discuss at every opportunity, under his real name online, as part of his “transgender rights”.

“..almost every person in the Seattle area knows that I’m a sissy baby and it has even spread to other states. Everyone tells 2 friends etc. etc.

so now every!! place I go people I’ve never met hold there nose when they see me. I never! poop in my diapers and I only pee in them. At first I was very bothered by the pointing and laughing, but as time has gone by I’m glad everyone knows I’m a sissy baby and I now go out in public all the time wearing the cutest sissy dresses you ever saw and I’m always wearing Pampers Cruisers 7t and nursery print plastic pants that you can very clearly see under my very short sissy dresses and petticoats.

No one has ever tried to hurt me yet! but I do get pointed at and laught at everywhere I go ,even in boy mode with no diapers on. And surprisingly very few people call me names, most people just tell me how cute I look and how pretty my dresses are. OK so I personally love the attention now! “

Hai. I’m here to work as a handyman in your house when you’re not home.

Under his real name, posting the same phone number that he uses for his business That Handy Man Guy  http://www.thathandymanguy.com/ (who the fuck would let this person into their home!) he describes how he trash picks used tampons and menstrual pads, sticks tampons up his ass, and dumpster-dives for soiled baby diapers which he then wears for his twisted erotic satisfaction.

This person appears to be completely unhinged. And it’s not his first time at the rodeo either. Apparently he has got himself into trouble with his disgusting antics before:

Whatever set him off: Lesbians, feminists, and gays on Tumblr awoke to find their in-boxes flooded with violent threats and abuse both under his http://sissykrystaltg.tumblr.com/ account and apparently anonymously from an ISP originating from Clinton WA:

From a Gay Male site Barrow threatened overnight

Although Barrow’s account has now apparently been suspended, in their infinite wisdom Tumblr initially suspended Lesbian Feminist attorney Cathy Brennan’s site ( http://bugbrennan.tumblr.com/ ) where she had documented Barrow’s spree of threats and abuse, and from where she had filed a complaint against him for personally sending her treats and abuse as well. That site has not yet been restored. Please contact Tumblr by sending an email to support@tumblr.com and ask them to restore it. It’s horrible to think a lesbian victim of Barrow’s abuse has had their account deactivated through administrative error as a result of that abuse. That is unacceptable.

Those who were threatened by Barrow please contact the Everett Police Department at:

Kathy Atwood, chief
3002 Wetmore Ave.
Everett, WA 98201
T: 425-257-8400
F: 425-257-6500
E: police@ci.everett.wa.us

or contact Cathy Brennan @ Iambugbrennan@facebook.com

Will the threats continue?  Stay posted…



More footage of the transgender attack on lesbian feminist activist Cathy Brennan at the NYC Dyke March 2012. Enjoy more insatanity from the psychotic Allyson Clarke’s flappin’ gums and lyin’ ass:



UPDATE: The YouTube has apparently been set to private but you may watch it HERE:  https://vimeo.com/45093846



Full video showing how original Lesbian Avenger Cathy Brennan is targeted, surrounded and terrorized at NYC Dyke March 2012 by transgender activists due to her lesbian feminist activism.

The reason for the attack?

Her statements that:

1.) Reproductive sex exists
2.) Homosexuality exists.
3.) Social roles based on reproduction are negative for females
4.) Legal protections for those who transgress sexist tropes should not codify and enshrine those very same sexist tropes into law
5.) Females have a right to gather and organize around female concerns free from male presence and oversight.

Click this link:



This video was edited and posted by Dyke March Organizer Ida Hammer who confronted Cathy Brennan to inform her that feminist dykes were not welcome at NYC Dyke March 2012.

Hopefully video of the entire incident coming soon. Updates will be posted.

Lesbian sign in support of Cathy Brennan NYC DykeMarch 2012

Participants in the 20th anniversary NYC Dyke March on Saturday were treated to a frightening surprise when groups of transgender activists surrounded lesbians who carried signs in support of feminists who challenge stereotypical gender roles – and those who speak out on preserving lesbian community and events from the incursion of anti-feminist practices. Once surrounded, the transgender bullies screamed, yelled and threatened the women, who the mob felt were “disrespecting” non-lesbians and non-feminists.

This is the first time in the history of the NYC Dyke March that lesbians have been accosted, attacked and threatened with violence. Unbelievably, one of the attack instigators was a trans activist calling himself “Ida Hammer” who actually claims to serve on the official NYC Dyke March organizing committee!  Like  “Hammer” , several of the other anti-lesbian bigots had strolled along the march route among the lesbians, some carrying signs saying “free blow jobs”, “free [convicted transgender murderer] CeCe” and chanting “We’re Here, We’re “Holes”, We’re Fabulous”.

The pack of anti-lesbian protesters focused most of their homophobic rage against lesbian feminist activist Cathy Brennan, who was marching with a few friends. The mob surged towards her, backing her up and surrounding her, screaming and cursing into her face as close as they could get where they had pinned her. The transgender and hetersexual protesters tightened around her to ensure that she could not move or escape.

Lesbian bystanders called for the mob to back up and give Cathy space and let her move: and to cease the harassment, the verbal abuse and the physical threats but the pack would not let her move and continued to terrorize and hurl abuse and profanity while threatening to violently assault her.

Many of the attackers were apparently enraged by Cathy’s public statements asserting that biology (reproductive sex) is not the same thing as social gender roles and internal gendered self-concepts.  Also, her definition of lesbians as females (who are sexually oriented to other females) and her belief that lesbians should not be sexually coerced or labeled “transphobic” for rejecting sexual relations with males. Some were angry that she has verbalized support for the right of females and lesbians to have gatherings and support services that exclude males.

Ultimately Cathy was able to break away but the harassers continued to stalk her and the other lesbians at a restaurant.

Not only did the Dyke March Marshal‘s fail to intervene and protect the safety of Cathy Brennan and the other lesbians present but according to photos recording the incident posted on Cathy’s website HERE, several of those assaulting her were actually wearing red t-shirts identifying them as March Marshals. Details on the perpetrators of the  2012 NYC Dyke March attack are being posted on Cathy’s site as they become known. Video of the attack will (hopefully) be posted on GenderTrender shortly, as well as updates on the investigation and the organizing committee response to the Transgender Anti-Dyke Attacks of NYC Dyke March 2012.

Other posts with more information on the incident are here:



[More links will be posted shortly- please contact me with updates-GM]

CALL FOR ACTION: Please contact NYC Dyke March Organizers and request a public statement denouncing this incident and demanding that Dyke March co-organizer Ida Hammer, seen in photos physically threatening and preventing Lesbian Feminist Cathy Brennan from her right to free movement- be removed from official position IMMEDIATELY.

You may reach them here:


Kelly Cogswell:



Gabrielle Korn:



From HuffPo:

Kelly Cogswell is an independent journalist and columnist for New York’s Gay City News whose work has been recognized by the New York Press Association. She was co-founder and editor of The Gully online magazine, one of the first online LGBT publications and the only to offer “queer views on everything.” A founding member of the Lesbian Avengers, she was co-organizer of the first Dyke March in Washington, D.C. in 1993 that mobilized 20,000 lesbians to march to the White House. Afterwards, the Avengers turned into a national and international movement, with more than 60 chapters worldwide. In 2009, she created the Lesbian Avenger Documentary Project.

Gabrielle Korn is a freelance writer, activist, and organizer. She received her B.A. in queer and feminist theory from NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study in May of 2011. She is the former editorial assistant at On The Issues magazine. Currently, she’s a member of the New York City Dyke March committee and a coordinator at the Lesbian Herstory Archives.”

A proposed new law which came about in response to death threats published on a social media site this summer against lesbian activist Cathy Brennan was introduced in the Maryland House today.

House Bill 8, introduced by Delegate Mary Washington would amend Criminal Law Section 3-805 concerning Harassment via Electronic Communication to include harassment via electronic communication other than email.

This law will correct a prosecutorial gap in Maryland’s criminal code which became evident last summer when Kentucky Fairness Campaign’s Anthony Casebeer and blogger Monica Roberts posted death threats against Ms. Brennan on Facebook with the following exchange:

Casebeer: “Pimp slap is not enough here: a nice home run swing to the head with a 38-oz Louisville Slugger is more in order. There’s no brains in her head to destroy to start with. It’s personal, and if I ever saw her in my windshield, I’ll be wiping blood off my white Buick. But I won’t be using the brakes.”

 Roberts: “and add a silver stake through the heart for good measure?”

 Casebeer: “Now that you mention it, I have a nice sharp double-bitted axe in the tool shed….”

 Roberts: “where’s Garth and the Capital One Vikings when you need them?”


Because of the gap in the Maryland criminal code Casebeer and Roberts escaped prosecution. The new law will enable the judiciary to impose misdemeanor conviction including imprisonment and fines for the first offense and up to three years imprisonment for subsequent convictions.

From Delegate Washington’s remarks:

“For the past 3 months, I have been working with Delegates Sandy Rosenberg and Luke Clippinger to develop legislation that would amend Maryland law by broadening the types of communication that are covered under harassment statutes. Maryland’s existing electronic harassment legislation was last updated in 1998 and applies only to “electronic mail” (email) that is sent and received by an individual “identified by a unique address”. By changing the language from “mail” to “communications” and striking the requirement that these communications be directed towards an individual at a unique address, “texts” will be covered and possibly direct communication from social media and networking sites.

Thirty-eight states, including Maryland, have enacted laws to sanction electronic harassment. Of those states, more than half (22) include language that is broad enough to include most forms of electronic communication. Maryland’s neighbors- Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware- all have electronic harassment laws that pertain broadly to most forms of electronic communication.

In developing this bill, we’ve solicited the technical advice of the Attorney General’s office to ensure that we address concerns about the protection of free speech under the First Amendment. As we all know, verbal and oral communications can be considered as speech that is either “protected” or “unprotected” based on a number of criteria. These criteria include a distinction between public and private forums. The challenge that we must address is that many of the newest technologies are, by design, intended to publicize interpersonal communications. For example on Facebook walls, photo album “tags”, blogs, posts and threads make public the individual to individual exchange of words and blur the lines just enough to allow individuals to use these to harass, intimidate and bully.

Despite these challenges, it is in the interest of public safety, that we take this clarifying and significant step to close this legal loophole in our harassment laws that allows perpetrators to evade prosecution and leaves Marylanders unprotected.”

Violent, Bizarre, Bloody illustration from Kelley Ann Busey's Planetransgender post "Cathey Brennan UN letter: Toxic Transphobia Death" (sic)

I was looking at Fab’s post about the Trans Panther Party’s terrorist activities and threats against myself and the women who sent a feminist legal submission to the UN . Reflecting on all the violent rhetoric and genuine threats that have come about and been directed toward the Lesbian authors of that UN submission (some of which I’ve documented on this blog), I thought back to where it all started.

I really think Bilerico and Pam’s House Blend need to be blamed for creating and stoking this campaign of disinformation, harassment, and stalking of Lesbian activists Cathy Brennan and Elizabeth Hungerford. Bilerico and PHB were the first LGBT media outlets to respond to the UN legal submission.

To anyone who hasn’t been following this:  the UN submission suggested that in matters of litigation involving males in female sex-segregated spaces, non-transgender males should not be able to claim “gender identity”, if they have no prior history of transgenderism. That’s it. Non-transgender males would be prevented from falsely claiming transgenderism to gain access to female sex-segregated spaces. Not unlike the caveat in the CT Gender Identity protections law which was passed this year and heralded as a success by the trans community. Nothing to do with surgical requirements, or any restriction whatsoever on transgender people. There’s nothing even vaguely anti-trans about the UN submission. It’s a pro- women’s rights submission. Not an anti-trans one. One could even say it was a pro-trans submission, as it proposed codifying the rights of transgender males to enter female spaces.

What freaked out the genderists is that two feminist attorneys drafted a letter to the UN that addressed “gender” in any way. That they spoke of that which must never be mentioned by women: Gender. Women who do speak of Gender must be attacked and silenced immediately. Which is what Bilerico and Pam’s House Blend did.

Bilerico and Pam’s House Blend, both mainstream LGBT sites, were the first to fire shots. Bilerico ran a hideously inflammatory and inaccurate post titled “Less Than Woman, Less Than Human“, which actually raised the topic of violent retaliation against Brennan and Hungerford. The Bilerico post falsely claimed that the UN letter sought to deny basic human rights to trans people. It claimed the letter sought to discriminate against trans people in employment and housing (which couldn’t be further from the truth). Then the post uncritically, and bizarrely went off to conflate the UN submission with Radical Feminism, solely because the post author apparently first saw the letter’s text on a Radical Feminist site.(Cathy Brennan has never been a Radical Feminist and has in fact spent considerable unpaid time advocating for the rights of transgender people.)

This was followed by descriptions of attacks and hate crimes against transgender people, claiming the UN submission would increase such attacks. It was the worst sort of “reporting”: inaccurate, inflammatory, and unrelentingly addled. The author Mercedes Allen never did post a retraction. Fellow Bilerico blogger Jillian Weiss later posted an appeal to decency to the violent rhetoric that followed, but Weiss never mentioned the original post that started it all: the Bilerico post. As an attorney Weiss was uniquely positioned to refute the disinformation. But apparently chose not to.

Pam’s House Blend published their version the next day, the disgustingly titled “Cathy Brennan and Elizabeth Hungerford Take Their Anti-Trans Hysteria to the UN”.

This post was bursting with the same outrageous level of untruth, hyperbole, disinformation and downright lies. The author Laurel Ramseyer claimed “… it would presumably allow any women in or near a public bathroom to become “panty police” and make a “show me your papers” demand of any other woman entering the bathroom.” – which is absurd since the UN submission only deals with civil litigation matters. It was another mainstream LGBT post filled with hateful anti-feminist rhetoric and pure shit-stirring fabrication. Not only was there no published retraction- but soon after Cathy posted a link on her long-term Pam’s profile to the blog set up to refute the disinformation  (http://sexnotgender.wordpress.com/) Pam Spaulding BANNED her, and deleted her account.

There will always be crazy-ass losers and unstable fringe activists that lack the social and intellectual skills required to discern nuance or legal complexity. OR EVEN REALITY. Violent bullies like Anthony Casebeer and weekend terrorist paramilitary warriors the Caucasian Trans Panther Party, cognitively impaired Kelly Anne Busey of Planetransgender, violence obsessed Marti Abernathey at Transadvocate and the disturbed Katrina Rose at Endablog have never read (or never comprehended) the Brennan Hungerford UN submission. But they damn sure read the mainstream posts from the “authorities” at Bilerico and Pam’s House Blend.


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