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How to masculinize my room- how can i masculinize my room ive gotten rid of all the feminine things but its still rather androgynous looking.

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female-driversHang some trinkets with feathers or fuzzy (pink) from you rear view mirrorhang things from the center inside rear-view mirror. Any kind of trinkets or flowers will do nicely.Steering wheel covers–can’t be burning your tender fingers on a hot wheel or freezing them on a frosty one. Leopard print is a good choice.Little bitty small stuffed animals–tucked into an open door panel, cup holder, corner of the dash or rear shelf.  Read the rest of this entry »

I must admit that when I heard about the ongoing rash of death threats issued against the University of Pittsburgh in the last three months the FIRST thing that went through my mind was “the trans”.

For those not in the know, Pitt has been subjected to over ninety death threats in the last three months. The threats have been issued via email by proxy to news agencies through overseas servers, and in written threats on both men’s and women’s bathroom walls at the university. The university has suffered repeated lockdowns and evacuations as a result. Classes have been disrupted repeatedly. The Feds have gotten involved.

“The investigation now involves the Department of Justice, FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force.

New security measures went into effect this week banning backpacks, book bags and packages from buildings. In addition, non-Pitt residents are not allowed in residence halls.”

Concurrently, Pitt has been challenged by genderist activists over the rights of those who believe in “gender” to use cross-sex facilities based on their genderist beliefs. The couple at the center of this controversy faces subpoena by federal grand jury tomorrow as persons of interest in the bomb threat investigation.

McCloskey/Ross and Johnston face Federal Grand Jury subpoena Tuesday

The issues at Pitt began with a female student now known as Seamus Johnston aka Jamie Johnston. She was charged with indecent exposure and expelled from Pitt a few weeks before the death threats began.

Johnston, 22

Johnston, a female bodied pre-op transgender was expelled for allegedly repeatedly entering the communal male shower area at the university and disrobing, and inserting her female body into the male shower area. The male students complained about being forced to shower with a female person. It made the male students uncomfortable to disrobe and shower next to a naked woman.  From what I can find in news reports, Johnston is a former Computer Science major, is receiving total SSI disability on the basis of “Gender Identity Disorder” related dysfunction, and was enrolled in only one class at Pitt at the time of her expulsion: “Men’s Weight Lifting”. One could speculate that this student is targeting Pitt for genderist activism based on the fact that their single college schedule is a single weight training class, the goals of which one imagines could be met more economically and effectively at one of the many fitness centers in the nearby region. University officials arranged months ago for the staff/trainer shower to be made available to Johnston but she refused to use it and continued to disrobe and shower in the area set aside for male-bodied persons-  in apparent protest of the males complaints.

“Johnston said his intent is to fight for the right to shower in other men’s presence.”

Gabe/Katherine Ross/McCloskey 2010

Ross/McCloskey 2012

Johnston’s spouse, Katherine Anne McCloskey aka Red Katie Anne, aka Caitlin Aine, aka Caitie Anne, aka Katie Anne,aka Gabriel Ross, aka Gabriel Kierran McCloskey- Ross, aka Rua Cáitlin Áine, aka Gabe Ross, aka Dr Katherine Anne McCloskey, 56was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct in a November 2011 incident apparently involving his female partner trying to force her way into the male showers.

 These pictures show Ross/McCloskey encountering police chief  Grady in the November incident- stills from a YouTube video shot and posted by Johnston and since removed. [UPDATE: Copies of the videos have been located and posted in the comments section below.]

McCloskey, (who describes himself thusly :

“Interests: My faith (I Am a Eastern Rite Roman Catholic) My wife and family are most important things to me in this life. I was born in the working class and with all workers of the world I cast my lot. My country is very important to me and I have held elective office twice. I teach Kyusho Kempo- Aki-Jujitsu and I hold 7th dan ranking after 40 years of practice. I also hold rank in Judo, Akido. several styles of Karate and I have boxed, kick boxed, and I have competed in MMA( geezers division) and submission wrestling. I hold two masters’ degrees, one in Labor Relations and one in Economics. I captained both my college soccer and rugby teams. I studied for priesthood and hold a graduate minor in divinities. I play the guitar.banjo, cittern, penny whistle, harmonica, and bodhran and I am mad for Celtic music. I am employed as the executive director of Social Democrats,USA–Socialist Party, USA; League for Industrial Democracy”) later accused chief Grady as being “the cop who punched me in the back of the head” and said he was “beaten up earlier today by campus police and township police” over the incident:

Ross, a member of both “The Art of Manliness: Reviving the Lost Art of Manliness” and “Lesbian Chat” currently cites his employment as “Acting General Secretary of the Social Democrats, USA”. He refused to hand over his computer to investigators on the grounds that private political activist materials and member lists may be exposed . But on Saturday the Social Democrats USA issued the following statement:

Gabe Ross (aka Katherine Anne McCloskey)

Statement from the Chairs:

Recent bomb threats at the University of Pittsburgh have led authorities to question Seamus Johnston and Katherine Anne McCloskey. Katherine, who is in reality Gabe Ross, told authorities he would not turn over his computer because he is executive director of Social Democrats USA and his computer contains organization files.

Gabe was SDUSA executive director from 2007 to 2009. During the time that Gabe was director, Jaime (aka Seamus) Johnston was youth chair. They were living together as partners. Following Gabe’s dismissal, he refused to hand over SD files on membership and accounts. This led us to a lengthy and expensive reorganization. Needless to say, Gabe and Jaime are no longer members of Social Democrats USA and are not connected to our organization in any way. Any files that they have are not related to the current SDUSA or it’s members.”

As of two days ago Ross/McCloskey claims that his genderist wife Johnston has recently been charged with multiple counts: “ The summary charges against Seamus were withdrawn and he now faces misdmeanor charges for Incident Exposure, Disorderly Conduct, and defiant trespass..” [sic]

Johnston and McCloskey will be subpoenaed in federal court on Tuesday and say they will file a grievance for discrimination against Pitt on the same day. *UPDATE- Johnston filed her compliant against Pitt today, on the eve of the bomb threat subpoena.

Predictably, trans activists protest the federal investigation of the transgender couple as inherently discriminatory due to the fact that the expelled and dual- criminally charged couple are of the genderist faith. Are they guilty? Who knows. “Targeted” for investigation? Hardly. The first thought that came into my head when I heard about the death threats was this couple. Trans people really, really like to issue death threats on people who don’t share their gender beliefs. And although according to at least one study trans have a 2/3 rate of criminality and incarceration - a far higher percentage than any other demographic in society, everyone should be considered innocent until proven guilty. Should be an interesting case. Will be updated here.

An unofficial twitter has been set up to track incoming threats and developments in the case:!/PittBombThreats

also a website set up by Andrew Fournaridis, 26, a marketing analyst in Pittsburgh, called Stop The Pitt Bomb Threats.


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  1. GallusMagJanuary 15, 2012 at 6:33 AM #

    This is just sad. This post and thread is really gross. You’ve trolled everyone because you were confused (and lazy) but hey, that’s cool. Could of happened to anyone.

    The Genderism conversation has moved on over the years…. This is like reading Rumplestiltzkin’s thread. Trans people don’t give a shit about “twanz”. That’s THEIR fucking dialect. Their fucking 4chan “the internetz” fucking invention. For realz.

    Even the titles, about how “Nine-duece utters the word trans” like it’s a dirty fucking word. Like you are getting your white gloves dirty. Like trans are blow you. (puns are fun). Well guess what trans isn’t a dirty word. And unlike your philosophy, trans aren’t fucking mutants because they shelled out for some fuck-hole insertion. They are human beings who are suffering INTENSELY due to “Jenderz”. At least some of them are. And unlike you we are offering them a nice cold refreshing glass of FEMINISM. We’re not running after them, throwing it in their face. We’re OFFERING it. Because we KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT suffering intensely due to Jennnnndahhhhhhh.

    Seriously you crack me up. And I truly believe that you mean well. Truly. At least I think you probably do.

    But body mods making women men and men women- or making people mutants as you propose? NO.
    What about all the nullos? Are they “not men” because they had their gear redacted? Are they mutants? What about the guys working an executive model neo-vag that they bought themselves on a Thailand vacation because they always masturbated at the idea of having one of their own? Are they women? No. They don’t feel they are. Are they “no longer men”? No. Are they mutants? No, they’re guys who did body mods. So what? Better get used to it. We’re on the verge of the age of trans-humanism. (google it).

    Just because someone does body mods that put you into cognitive dissonance ) doesn’t mean that reality itself has shifted. Get ahold of yourself! Or don’t. But leave those of us that DO have something to offer and that AREN’T snooty people with white gloves who can’t handle the reality of modern life to do our work. Or don’t. It doesn’t matter. We’ll go on without you. Here, you keep the canteen. It’s cool and refreshing. We’ll send help back for you when we get there.


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Libra Tampons Commercial

January 2, 2012

Boy Things / Girl Things

December 29, 2011

FTMs: Girl Things I won’t get rid of after transition-

Pink pajamas, fuzzy bunny slippers, pink slippers, conditioner, lotion, pink hoodie, pretty teardrop knife, colorful socks, yoga pants, jacket, hair care products, knitting, pony stuff, jewelry, birth control, stuffed animals, anime and manga, prom dress, baby clothes, pajama pants, crochet, nail polish, eyeliner, pierced ears, beadwork, knitting, sewing, conditioners and shampoos, facial mud masks, bubble baths, stuffed animal, striped socks, boots, jacket, dolls, skirts, sewing, embroidery, stuffed animals, nancy drew books, shampoo, conditioners, scented wall plug-ins, knick-knacks, belly-dancing stuff, jewelry, knitting, colorful socks, jewelry, engagement ring, painting my toenails, stuffed animals, prom dress, conditioners and shampoos, nail polish, hair stuff, notepads, pink things, knitting, jewelry, make-up, pants, stuffed animals, knitting, purple clothes, socks, musical instruments, feminine behavior habits that I taught myself to “try to be normal”, crochet, jacket, jewelry, stuffed animals, painting drawing and sculpting, stuffed animals, underwear, socks, tops, jewelry, stuffed animals, dolls, purses, make-up, skin products, hair products, bright patterned socks, puppies and kittens, jewelry, clothing, hair straightener, lotion, stuffed animals, hair straightener, twilight series, lesbian books, DVDS, hope chest, Tegan and Sara CDs, knitting, Backstreet Boys CDs, nail polish, stuffed animals, plushies, yaoi manga, paintings, teddy bear, shampoos, shower gels, underwear, pink diary, pink horse grooming tool box, scarves, nail polish, floral sheets, stuffed animals, dolphin and puppy stickers, underwear, dresses and skirts, crotchet, beadwork, ceramics, yarn, armpit shaving, nail polish, ponies, nail polish, Gilmore Girls DVDs, stuffed animals, chick flicks, cooking, stuffed animals, artwork, pettypoint, stuffed animals, stickers,  stationary, pajama pants, clothing, teddy bear, wig, stuffed animals, pants, nail polish, underwear, “Labyrs-like pendant”, Lesbian books, pink flower bed linen, old photos of me, my “sense of style”, stuffed animal, skin care products, lotion, stuffed animals, pajama pants, Christmas sweater, perfume, the color lavender, stuffed animals, acting, decorating and photography, being afraid of snakes, coloring books, HS senior picture, dresses.


MTFs: Boy Things I won’t get rid of after transition-

Male sex drive, interest in “exclusively gay stuff”, poker, football and hockey, “maturity and general good taste”, good music, playing drums and starting an all M2T band, guns and knives, hunting and fishing, fast cars, weight lifting, video games, jacket, technical things, engineering and physics stuff, football and baseball, violent video games and horror movies, jackets, combat boots, fast cars, big trucks, fishing, guns, more guns, jackets, comics and video games, real rock music, baseball, black powder weapons, heavy metal music, “outright enjoyment of confrontation”, my addiction to porn, nerd games, need for girlfriend to feel protected by, and proud of me, sci fi and fantasy genres, time with male friends, colognes, $400 sunglasses, band t-shirts, Vans and Converse shoes, jacket, NY Yankees cap, boxers, Xbox, snowboard, cars, racing license, watching rugby, action anime, fart jokes, saying the word “bro”, my “guyish personality”, being the big spoon when spooning, boxers and boxer briefs, bacon, woodworking tools, rugby, hockey, loud bands, pom poms and tight jazz pants from HS dance team, weight lifting, sports, football, baseball, guns, target shooting, fishing, metal music, expensive suits and bespoke shoes, woodworking tools worth $10,000, video games, football and baseball, being a huge nerd, beating people at driving games, cars and trucks, cowboy hat, toy collection, hunting compound bow, games, anime, manga, video games and guitar playing, “Real Rock” music, flying- solo pilot’s license, learning to sail, maths, physics and science, computers, geeky stuff, my penis, video games, my sense of being protective over my sister, competitiveness, geeky stuff, cologne, sports, buffalo wings, “my  career”.


Compiled from the “Boy/Girl Things I Won’t Give Up” threads on a trans forum.


This week’s winner is a F2T expressing her disfavor with the Gender Agnosticism displayed on this blog:


Submitted on 2011/11/29 at 7:31 am | In reply to Grace Skrobisz.

Haha. I think some ugly bitch is jealous that us men find trannies more attractive than her ugly cult.
Please get some liposuction and facial reconstructive surgery. You need it a loooot more than the MtF’s. Nasty. :)



Submitted on 2011/11/29 at 7:22 am

You are transphobic, all of you. It’s funny how nazis like you can call themselves feminists. All you are is a bunch of psycho republican bitches who need to get back in the kitchen. I’m sure you’re all bitter because no men love you. Bawww.

———————- [sic]

One thing you can say about the contest entries submitted by F2Ts- they are incredibly brief compared to those submitted by male contestants. Enjoy your victory Al- you earned it!

*Sorry your trophy is so small…

Well this week’s contest was fairly slim pickins; seems many previous contestants have been banned from competition for entering too frequently. Don’t get me wrong, there were still quite a few stand-out submissions. But this one was the easy winner in the judging categories of: Randomness, Woman-Hating, Extreme Verbosity, Reversals, ‘Splaining, Attention Seeking, and Cry For Help.

Hits all the marks easily, with extra points accorded for: Drama and Paranoia.

Why, oh why does Suzan of Women Born Transsexual leave crazy-ass rants on my blog??? To show his dedication! He is one of my biggest fans, and thereby feels compelled to inflict share his feeeeewings on with me, whether I’d like to hear them or not. He’s trolled, he’s reverse-trolled, and he’s smeared worn his heart on my his sleeve. So Suzan, you WIN! This trophy also entitles you to a One Year Complete Ban! You deserve it- this is your moment!

And now, with no further doo…. The Winning Entry:


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RadFem Dictionary

September 14, 2011

Can there ever be an alliance between trans and radical feminism? Can you imagine any way in which the interests of genderists and the interests of women can co-exist? Or even align?

As a jumping off point I am posting this thoughtful comment left by a male transgender addressing this very question.

Soran Says:

September 7, 2011 at 12:15 pm e

Warning…looooooooong post.

I’m not sure if there’s a quote feature, but…

SheilaG wrote: “Soran, that was a thoughtful comment. And perhaps T is a poison. Whatever it is, it is unfortunately M to Trans are attacking the very group that finds them horrifying in the extreme.

So the best that can come out of this, is for all male to trans to work on MALE society…. to challenge male authority, to leave women alone.

Male who transes will know that like Columbus, you bring harm to the native peoples. When you enter female land, female sensibility, you still cannot escape the male …. and no, you don’t have benefit to bring radical feminism, you have ruin intentional or not.

Attack the patriarchy of men’s worlds, challenge them. Leave born women to our own liberation from male anything.”

Wow, I really have to apologize for the long-windedness below. I don’t have a great deal of emotional intelligence to apply to my situation. The radical feminist critiques of trans culture help me apply my analytical intelligence instead. It’s calming, in the same way as being around other trans people (especially those who don’t like the ‘community’). The trans community weirds me out because of the high heels and the makeup and the drag shit, and radical feminists are the only other people who seem to see this. It’s utter doublethink, but it sucks less than thinking that I’m obligated to deform my feet to be myself. For me, the radfem criticism of trans culture has taken the pressure off.

I can’t vouch for other transwomen, and I don’t know what they mean by ‘woman.’ I don’t know what I mean by ‘woman’ in reference to the one in my head, beyond the body I think I should have. Any ‘gender role’ can only be described in stereotypical terms that simply don’t ring true for me. This is a strictly biological aversion for me. I don’t mean that I’m ‘neurologically intersex’ or whatever. I think that’s a possibility, but for now I’ll stick with what I know.

For all of human history, a rather stable proportion of the population has ‘known’ (at least in the sense that I know my mind exists) that they could not sanely carry out the physical sex role assigned to them. By this I don’t mean BS gender roles, but the act of carrying the organs themselves. This population will never disappear. Like comic-book mutants, it’s moot whether they should exist because ‘normal’ humans will keep giving birth to more. It’s also moot what the cause is, because we can’t prevent it. There are other people who reject traditional gender roles but not their genitals, but I’m not talking about them.

So am I woman, or man? Wait a minute…lemme take off my Anglo lenses (I suppose my black ass should do that more often)…

Oh! It’s a false dilemma. The transgender population does not have to subscribe to Western ‘transgender’ ideology in order to reject their birth sex. Obviously most do, but that’s the Anglo lenses. Some Native American cultures see us as a third sex with a specific role that bridges the divide between men and women. In Thailand, a kickboxer named Nong Tum continued to fight and beat men after her ‘transition’ from man to kathoey (‘ladyboy’). I wonder how interested in women’s space she is.

I think I could be very grateful for a third-sex role. I think I could find more peace there than as an American-style Transwoman®. I think trans women reject the third-sex role for what they perceive as female ‘privilege’ (passing on patriarchal terms) and a larger community to be part of. I think I lucked out here in that I’ve always been a loner, so that’s not as hard for me. For the rest of this I’ll still use the term transwomen, because that’s the closest Western description I have for men who ‘should have been born female.’ By this I do not mean that I *am* female.

The group won’t disappear. But the ideas (western transgender ideology) are horseshit. So…maybe the group can get new ideas. I realize this isn’t your problem. I’m not asking you to solve anything, but I do consider your perspective necessary to this task.

As trans women have had the harmful effect on women that we’re discussing, I think that such a reformation should be treated as ‘with-women-or-against-them.’ By this I mean that however possible, trans culture should consider itself obligated to take cues from radical feminism (on issues where they would otherwise be sure to conflict). If radical feminism changes, it shouldn’t be to better fit trans culture, but to better use it. Trans culture should be subordinate to natal women, and in a pathetic cargo-cult fashion I think it tries to be.

Reason numero uno that I think trans culture should learn from radfem culture: A mutual enemy (patriarchy, whether trans women realize it or not). If women aren’t safe and free, I’m not safe or free. I think trans women should operate on this assumption, especially when it’s false (in order to check their own male privilege).

Reason numero dos: In this culture, a person who considers ‘hirself’ a third sex will feel compelled to use the same medical and therapeutic services as a Barbie-doll transwoman. Whether this is a good thing or not, it will happen. Since the money is already flowing, I think the harm can be reduced by applying radical feminist reasoning. I also have to admit that yes, I myself want these services. If I’m going to do that and add to the demand, the least I can do is tell my therapist that I’m not there to learn gendered stereotypes.

As for OCD, most trans women I know are rather messy. Especially their cars. Beats me.

Not that I’m qualified, but I feel that the above comments are saying that a man is obligated to carry a working penis. You can’t tell me that radfems saying ‘what about the menz’ and mourning some guy’s balls isn’t kind of funny.

TRIGGER WARNING – the next paragraph pertains to rape, and it IS offensive.

PIV is natural (like rattlesnake venom and hurricanes). Rape (not consensual PIV, but rape) is the natural mode of reproduction for half of the life on the planet. Ducks are engaged in an evolutionary arms race to see which sex can convolute its genitals more, to either facilitate or prevent rape.

The evolutionary psychologists are right IMO (and aren’t trying to excuse anything, largely – laymen are doing that). It’s nature that’s wrong. And I don’t mean that sarcastically. As animals, I think patriarchy is in our genes.

By evolutionary standards, Warren Jeffs is perfect. Utterly perfect, alongside the shark and the Venus’ flytrap. He created an entire culture to spread his seed, and when he could no longer do that he self-destructed. His is the standard to beat among living things, in terms of natural selection. Conscience would have been an impediment.

But we have gained abilities beyond those of other animals, and obligations beyond them as well. Lions are entitled to patriarchy because they can’t question it. As a human I have the ability to propose that our biology itself is obsolete. And I reject it. Apparently involuntarily. What I mean is that patriarchy is a symptom of a more fundamental problem – the existence of a 50% male population. You don’t need ten men to provide DNA for ten breeding women. Or a hundred women. If men find themselves in a role where they’re expected to turn wrenches during the day and be used as communal sperm dispensers by night, I don’t think they’ll mind too much.

And joy of joys – it’s easier to neuter or hormonally feminize men than to ‘fix’ women who’ve had enough fixing.

Maybe nature does have a conscience, lol. Maybe Nature (look Ma, no balls!) has decided that men have cultivated enough farmland and should start putting down their weapons, eh? That would explain why there are so few f-to-trans and so many masochist men and voluntary eunuchs and ‘sissies.’ Not to mention the deterioration of the Y chromosome, or the fact that an active process is required to maintain it once an embryo turns male.

Of course, one must ask what magical genetic programming I assume all women have that I am missing. I don’t know. I suspect that Nature’s role for women (derailed by accidental overbreeding of male children) is to create communities, which are defended and supplied materially by men. In a sense, that women are the head and torso, while men are the arms and legs. Now imagine a person whose limbs attack them and drag them into trouble against their will. That’s humanity.

I’m thinking of your statements about acting upon male space vs. female space. First, here’s what I can tell you about the privilege I have. As it stands now I present on most days as a man. A feminine man who’s frequently called ‘she’ and ‘her’ and ‘Miss’ even when I’m in dad jeans and a tucked-in gray polo shirt, but a man. A six foot, 230lb mulatto man. So people generally leave me the fuck alone. Until I open my mouth and they realize I’m not Antoine Dodson. Then suddenly I’m Mr. Very Articulate African-American Gentleman Friend of Mine. Colorism works to my advantage. “Good hair” fetishism works to my advantage. Truth be told, I get my ass kissed even racially.

But I worry a lot about other trans women. Many trans women aren’t part of the community at all, and many of these have such feminine bodies (without any type of treatment) that they can’t pass as male. Some are almost unaware of trans culture or don’t understand it. I see them all the time in the Hispanic community. For these and many other trans women, acceptance from natal women is the only safety they have (and many get that acceptance without a second thought).

I remember one woman I saw on the train, whom I didn’t ‘clock’ until some man did. She was maybe 19, 5’4″ and 110lbs, and dressed for a casual day out, nothing I don’t see on lots of young latinas. She froze solid in absolute terror when this man started asking her if she was ‘a dude.’ I asked the guy why he didn’t mind his own fucking business and proceeded to keep his attention on me. Then I sat between him and her. That was all I could do, and then she was alone again when she got off at her stop. I think she felt just as alone when I was sitting next to her. All I could offer was basic physical safety, and she probably couldn’t be sure of that.

Imagine how much genuine love this girl would have for any natal women with whom she could travel in a pack. Said natal women would probably laugh if you asked them whether they feared the trans girl. That pack is a female space that I hope to find myself in one day, but you are right – if I push my way in, it will disappear. For one, my own mind is not yet part of that space.

And if I find a safe third-sex space, will I be comfortable with women there? Will I be comfortable with men-born-women there?

Staying away from Michfest, etc. is easy. I don’t understand what it is that trans women think they can ‘soak up’ there. Yes, my psychology is bereft of female socialization and estrogen. It’s also missing memories of moonlit summers on the French Riviera, and a Ph.D in computer science.

But what a trans woman gets by barging into a WBW space is not female socialization. It’s women responding to what they see as a man. If someone’s going to play safari and ‘study’ WBW in their ‘natural habitat,’ they could at least realize that pushing themselves into the situation changes the dynamic.

As for challenging men in their space (the streets, office, home, the moon), I don’t think trans women will be properly qualified to ‘represent’ women’s interests unless they are listening to women. Otherwise all trans women can bring against patriarchy is uninformed Nice Guy mentality.

My only suggestion to radical feminists is this: I hope that men who want to ‘disarm’ themselves eventually become useful to you, and I hope that women gain the ability to control the male birthrate.

ALL non-abusive comments which are thoughtful and which relate to the feminist topic of THIS post will be approved. Comments like “Go fuck yourself” will not be approved. For those who have already posted responses to this comment on the other thread feel free to re-post them here. Please keep nested comments to a minumum, instead quote the portion of the post you are responding to when possible.


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