Male called “Dyke”, Five Year Lawsuit Ensues

January 25, 2011

It all started back in 2006 when a male who self identifies as transgender was allegedly verbally harassed by a subway worker whom he had asked for help with a non-functioning metro-card. From the NY Daily News: “When she sought assistance, a female transit worker called her a “dyke” and ridiculed her”.

Now, for anyone not familiar with the predominant demeanor of New York Municipal Transit Authority workers, let’s sum it up in three little words: Unbelievably Fucking Rude. That’s right. To illustrate, note this comment left on the above quoted article:

“a friend of mines came to visit me from jersey last week. when it was time for her to go home i walked her to the train station. we went to the turnstile and she swiped her card it said swipe again it kept saying the same thing over and over. finaly we went to the pod that says u can check the amount on your card. and it said to see agent we went to the booth to see the agent. and she went off on us. mind you my friend brought that metro card that same day a 24>oo unlimited so that she could also use it to go to work since she works here in nyc. that clerk kept on being nasty until finally i said fugg that !! and began taking down her info. when she noticed what i was doing. she got really threatening to me. telling me how she was gonna whoop my ***. i told her. bring your a$$ from behind that booth n lets see who gets their a$$ whooped.she wouldnt do that. but continued to be threatening and talking ****. it took the clerk who worked with her to just give us the info on turning the card back into mta for a refund and allowing my friend to go thru the turnstile so that she could get home. some of these clerks act as if. its coming out their pay. wtf is up with that. its not our fault the dayum cards stop working.”

OK did you get that? The MTA agent THREATENED TO BEAT A RANDOM CUSTOMER’S ASS. Rude, huh? Actual threats towards customers. It takes a special person to spend 8 hours a day locked in an airless underground bullet proofed cement coffin down in the subway alone with lord knows what kind of wackos pulling all sorts of fucked up shit 24/7. Some of the booth agents are half out of their mind, and who could blame them. There but for the grace of god and all that.

With that bit of background established, back to our story.

The male who was yelled at and called a “dyke” filed a formal complaint against the mouthy booth agent. Order thus being re-established, he trotted back to the subway the next day, taking a gander at the ticket booth to enjoy the downcast eyes of the now-chastened service worker.


Thus began the male ego’s five year (and counting) legal battle, not only for revenge, but for lucrative monetary compensation for mental and emotional injury.

The NYTransit responded to his complaint by setting up a disciplinary hearing for the employee which the plaintif failed to show up for even though he was under supoena and even though it was rescheduled three times. Smith was then transferred to another department with no formal discipline proceedings since the complaintant failed to show. The transgender-identified male instead pursued legal action against the NYTA claiming that they were financially liable for alleged damages caused by a worker’s rude-ass mouth.

The worker, Lorna Smith already had #16 complaints on her personnel file for rude behavior towards commuters (none of which involved gender or orientation complaints).  I was unable to determine the average # of complaints on MTA employee files but let’s just say I doubt it’s zero. The female-identified male, Tracy Bumpus alleges that MTA is financially responsible for the rude behavior and the epithet verbalized by Ms. Smith, and that Ms. Smith is also financially responsible for bruising his ego and embarrassing him- oh no wait- for  the DAMAGE caused. What damage is that? From court records:

“Bumpus, a transgender woman, alleges that she was verbally harassed by a NYCTA employee Lorna Smith, when Bumpus was on a NYCTA subway platform.

During her deposition, Bumpus testified that as a result of the incident and the alleged discriminatory conduct of defendants, that her two-year relationship with her partner, Magic Wilder, has suffered. Bumpus testified as follows:

“Because I had felt inadequate. The relationship for the most part is functioning as a heterosexual relationship. This incident made me feel insecure about who I was. I didn’t want him to touch me. I didn’t want to be bothered because this whole thing that me being trans and this issue [sic], that had not been issue, became an issue for me and because of that, you know, I questioned myself.”

He was made to QUESTION himself. By being called “Dyke”. It made him question his “heterosexuality” and damaged the “heterosexuality” of his relationship. Wow. Tough times.

The case has gone on ever since and last week received it’s latest court ruling allowing it to continue, ruling that the NYTA can be sued for the verbal first amendment actions of it’s employees if those words are discriminatory against a protected transgender class under NYC law. If the worker had called the transgender male “fat and ugly” for example there would have been no case. Or if an actual lesbian had been called “Dyke”. Or if an actual woman had been called a “twat”. You get the picture.

Nobody should be treated like shit. And no one should have epithets spewed at them by surly transit workers. And it’s good that if you’re really pissed off the NYMTA will set up a disciplinary hearing at one’s behest. That sounds like good practice. But that’s just not enough for some guys.


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  1. joy Says:

    Yeah, does anyone else remember the woman who was raped on a subway platform (on the G line, just across the Bklyn line into Queens) in 2007?

    And helpful subway employees, train operators, and trainfuls of passengers ever so helpfully refused to either intervene or call for help, instead either watching (!) or going right by?

    Yeah, because I do.

    As I recall, she never got a goddamned lawsuit. AND she has to live with what happened to her, every fucking day she lives. So do the rest of us, every time we go down into those fuckforsaken tunnels and hope to shit there’s no one lying there in wait.

    “Men’s greatest fear is that people will laugh at them. Women’s greatest fear is that people will kill them.”

  2. Bluetraveler Says:

    The policewoman was rude, yes, but this person was also CHILDISH AS HELL. I get called “dyke” every so often, you know? But apart from the fact it’s wrong, I don’t think it’s really an insult, because…being lesbian is not wrong! How hard is it to understand? It also doesn’t magically change my sexuality. Just because some guy in a bus thought I was lesbian doesn’t mean I am, just as lipstick lesbians are often thought to be straight. Spoiled brat, using the “transgender” card too despite the fact the woman didn’t know. I think this person needs to be slapped with reality.

  3. FCM Says:

    Gallusmag, this made me lmao. I love the pics. Thanks.

  4. Noanodyne Says:

    And how much of this is because a real, live female called him a name? How much of his reaction AND how much of the official reaction has to do with punishing a real live female for getting above herself? If a man had called him a dyke, would the NYCTA have found a way to ignore it, laughing their asses off the whole time? And how many of the complaints in the real, live female’s file are because she was acting above her station in life? Uppity bitches always get taken down. Uppity bitches don’t get support from their employers, fellow employees, or the legal system. The message is always: men are on top, bitch, and if you forget that you’ll pay with whatever we can cut out of you.

    And never forget, all you trans apologists: the whole point is to gain or retain male privilege. This incident just illustrates for you knobs how the system actually works.

  5. Tracy Bumpus Says:

    Wow, your levels of ignorance, transphobia, and hatefulness is off the scale.

    This just tells me why it’s so important to fight this battle, and it makes it very clear that in spite of what you or anyone else might say I must above all remain a brave, heroic, strong woman to persist in the struggle for decency and justice here.

    I will never let bigots like you get to me. You all really seem so bitter and unhappy with life you really should get that checked out with a professional.

  6. GallusMag Says:

    Thanks for your comment Mr. Bumpus. And for the unsolicited medical advice. If feminism could be “cured” by the male medical establishment they would have done it a long time ago, lol. Since you offer no specific criticism of my piece I assume you have none to offer. I’m glad you found it inspiring. 🙂

    • Tracy Bumpus Says:

      Oh sweetie I don’t think you need medical help to fix any medical problem or anything that can be cured. I think you need to see someone to address your misguided anger and hate. I think you need to see someone to help you catch up with the times and get out of the burn your bra era.

      I have no specific criticisms of your piece because it warrants none. Its your opinion and by all means you are entitled to that.

      The funny thing is you who know nothing about me but what you read have and continue to insult and disrespect me. I could easily sink to name calling but I won’t it’s not very ladylike. 🙂

      I did find your article many things unfortunately I can’t say any of them were inspiring or even interesting for that matter. But since you found my life and the things happening in it so amusing I thought I’d just thank you for taking the time to notice me.

  7. Frances Blaikie Says:

    “Because I had felt inadequate. The relationship for the most part is functioning as a heterosexual relationship. This incident made me feel insecure about who I was. I didn’t want him to touch me. I didn’t want to be bothered because this whole thing that me being trans and this issue [sic], that had not been issue, became an issue for me and because of that, you know, I questioned myself.”

    Tracy Bumpus needs to GROW UP.

    She got a called a name and it made her sex life suffer?

    Maybe her partner should sue HER for making him feel inadequate by not wanting him to touch her. That’s WAY more hurtful than being called a name.

    Sounds to me like Tracy has some serious doubts about the validity of her own transition, and is blaming someone else.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “Maybe her partner should sue HER for making him feel inadequate by not wanting him to touch her. That’s WAY more hurtful than being called a name.”

      I disagree. No male is harmed by a partner choosing to make themselves unavailable for sexual services. And a male who requires access to the body of another to confer “adequacy” on him is a rapist in the making.

    • Tracy Bumpus Says:

      Thanks sounds like you have me all figured out. Seems you are only able to read into this what you want it to be and/or say so no point in me trying to refute you. But I am glad you’ve figured me out so well.

  8. GallusMag Says:

    Thank you for your comments Tracy. I’m sorry you feel hurt by my criticism of your case. And I hear that you believe that feminist critiques are outdated. That is the most common refrain made by males on feminist blogs, so you are certainly not alone in your views.
    I respect the grace you’ve displayed in responding to a piece that is critical of your case and that you disagree with. Thank you for taking the time to read it and respond.

    • Tracy Bumpus Says:

      Funny how all in the same breath you apologize for offending me and then you offend me yet again. It’s kind of like running someone over, saying you’re sorry and then doing it again just as soon as the words I am sorry escape your lips. Typically I would say don’t call yourself sorry but in this case I think you’ve made a fair assessment of yourself. You must often offend transgender people by reminding them that they are biologically male. Well I am all too familiar with my biological sex so no need to keep repeating that I am a male it doesn’t bother me. Besides I don’t own a document that identifies me as a male so hey its your word against mines huh. I didn’t transition to maintain male privilege as a person of color when I identified as a male I wasn’t privy to male privilege and of course we know there is no female privilege so my transition was not to join the special club that you think you hold the key to. It was not to force my way into any space that I am not wanted and it damn sure was not to be able to sleep with woman. It was because this is what made me feel the most comfortable.

      With reference to the case it has nothing to do with how much of woman I am or if I was born a male. Its a simply matter of human decency. I mean if you find it acceptable that the MTA are allowed to say whatever they fix their mouth to say and they claim free speech then I can’t be upset at you. But I refuse to be treated inhumanly because I am a transgender woman.

      And of course I know you know this but let me say if for the record.

      A person is born MALE and FEMALE.

      They are socialized or taught or teach themselves by watching others to become men and woman. Rather you are willing to accept it or not there is a difference.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I said I’m sorry you felt hurt, not that I was apologizing for critiquing your case. And I do appreciate that you as a male do not appropriate the word “lesbian” and demand entry to lesbian places because you are not a heterosexual male. And I hear what you are saying, and agree that Native American men like yourself and other people of color (especially Black men) receive less privilege than white men.
        With reference to the case I agree that the nasty-ass woman working for MTA should have kept her trap shut. I disagree however that she singled you out as a trans person. I say this because she already had 16 complaints placed against her, all unrelated to gender or orientation. I think she treated you like shit because she treated everyone like shit. Unlike everyone however, treating someone transgender like shit is actionable, unlike treating women like shit, or actual dykes.
        Here’s what I want to know- If it was all a matter of human decency, why didn’t you show up at any of the three disciplinary hearings that were set up for you to make your complaint, and that you were subpoenaed to? You could have placed your complaint, she prob would have been fired. Why did you skip all 3 of those hearings and sue for monetary damages in a case you’ve prolonged for FIVE YEARS. What is the monetary damage that a man like you deserves for having his pride wounded by some disrespectful shithead in a subway terminal???

      • GallusMag Says:

        Also, a person is born biologically male OR female, not both. At least that is true in 99.9999999999% of cases, where no anomalie of sexual development has occurred. It’s actually quite easy for biologists to determine whether we are male or female, even by our bones, long after we are dead.
        I’m 100% in support of men trying to be womanly btw. 100%. I think it’s awesome! I just don’t think it’s fair to females when males claim they actually ARE female. You can read my “Injustice at Every Turn” post on this page if interested in more info on that.

  9. GallusMag Says:

    Note to other blog visitors besides Tracy, who has right of response here:
    If you are going to comment on my blog, please convey an actual point. In other words, simply saying “I hate you” or “You are an ASSHOLE” or “Fuck You!” is not entertaining for my regular readers to have to wade through in comment after comment. Please settle down and offer a coherent reason that you find my critique problematic. That is how conversation- even virtual conversation- works.
    To the males who commented about how I am “less than human” and “not even human”, I find your charges disturbing. Dehumanization is usually what men do before they undertake to kill a bunch of people, as in war. I will never approve such comments, not about me, not about trans people, not about men, not about Tracy.
    I think I saved any comments with actual content, if any were shit-canned by mistake I apologize.

  10. GallusMag Says:

    OH and to the guy that complained I was TAKING TOO LONG to review my comments- HAHAHAHAHAHA. Well well well sir, sorry I wasn’t steppin’ and fetchin’ quick enough to serve you, lololoololololol.
    What a typical privileged-ass man.
    Fuck Off.

  11. Tracy Bumpus Says:

    You know I owe you no explanations and I was willing to engage in a civil conversation in which we were both respectful of each others point of view. I have not once disrespected you yet with each post you continue to find a way to drop in a wise crack or make a mocking and transphobia comment so with that I will do what any Nobel “Woman” should do and bow out gracefully and say you got that. I could easily stoop to your level but since you are so heavy handed with your moderation controls I won’t bother. I will say I again that I feel sorry for you that your life is so sad, pathetic and miserable that you can’t find anything better to do with your time then bash men and hate on transgender people. But whatever it takes to help you and them demons sleep at night by all means keep up what works for you.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I have not said a single wisecracking or mocking thing- or anything transphobic even. Where do you see that???????
      I guess that’s your way of saying that the answer to my question is something you aren’t willing to admit. And that is that it’s all about making a dime for you, not justice.

    • GallusMag Says:

      LOL the “male bashing”. lolololol. There you have it.

  12. GallusMag Says:

    ” I could easily stoop to your level but since you are so heavy handed with your moderation controls I won’t bother.”

    Let me make myself perfectly clear. You have right of rebuttal. I will publish absolutely ANYTHING you wish to say in response to this article about your case. So don’t blame me for your silence.

    • Tracy Bumpus Says:

      Listen Gallusmag,

      I am finished with this. While I may not agree with your position I’ve not made any negative comments about feminist or lesbians. Yet you have repeatedly called me a man, sir and him despite the fact that you know I personally identify as a transgender woman. If you can’t see this as disresectful then I am just wasting my efforts. So opposed to continue to be insulted trying to hold a civil consversation I will just politely step aside and let you have your space to continue your blog. Say what you need to say to make you sleep well at night.

  13. Tracy Bumpus Says:

    I assume this is the question you wanted answered.

    “Why did you skip all 3 of those hearings(Because she would of gotten fired and that would of been the end of that. The MTA would then still be free to harass and treat other people like shit.) (For the record the case changed the law for all people in NYC who ride the subway not just me or transgender people) and sue for monetary damages (monetary damages are to let them know this kind of behavior is unacceptable) in a case you’ve prolonged for FIVE YEARS.(actually we didn’t prolong the case they did) What is the monetary damage that a man like you deserves for having his pride wounded by some disrespectful shithead in a subway terminal???”(I won’t even bother dignifying this question with a answer because I understand your kind and the problems people like you have I will say though I live in the Bay Area and if you ever want to have this conversation offline and say some of the things you feel so comfortable saying herein just drop me a line and I’ll treat you to lunch and give you the option to express your feelings to me Mano e’ Mano.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “For the record the case changed the law for all people in NYC who ride the subway not just me or transgender people”
      Can you explain to me how your lawsuit which sued under the public accommodation clause of the New York City Gender Identity Protections Act of the Human Rights Commission, changed the law for all people in NYC who ride the subway? How is the law changed for the average joe who has an expletive uttered in his direction by an MTA worker?

      • tracy Says:

        I suggest that you back and reread the case because obviously your comprehension skills when you read the part you read were low that day. Maybe in your anger you missed the main point of it. What I won’t do sir is to continue to go back and forth with you and give your dead ass blog life.

      • GallusMag Says:

        The main point of it is- there isn’t a real woman alive who can sue the MTA for having her gender identity disrespected. That is a privilege reserved for males like you.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Also, I don’t see what was undignified in asking a plaintiff what monetary value of damages they are seeking in their case.

    • Noanodyne Says:

      Mano e Mano? I assume you mean “mano a mano” (the colloquialism referencing hand-to-hand combat) – to see which of you can outdo the other? Will you sell tickets? I think this public forum is much more appropriate for this discussion – your lawsuit is causing public funds to be used to assuage your wounded pride. I think we’re all owed an answer to why you think your special feelings are worth public funding.

    • Noanodyne Says:

      @Tracy: “I understand your kind”

      Everything you’ve provided in this forum shows plainly that you don’t understand. At. All.

  14. tracy Says:

    Mano e’ Mano.

    Man to man, one on one, usually used in the context of a physical confrontation / altercation between two gentlemen.

    I suspected that you were male and after listening to things you wrote you sound more and more like a white priviledged man.

    Good Day Sir.

  15. GallusMag Says:

    CALLING LORNA SMITH: Let’s hear your side!

  16. GallusMag Says:

    Tracy what monetary value of damages are you seeking in your case?

    • tracy Says:

      I don’t have the power to grant you permission to do anything. And if you noticed I’ve not discussed specifics of the case nor will I Maggie.

      Interesting that you’re 6ft tall wow that’s pretty big for a female and you were a bar bouncer in NYC now I understand why all the manliness and aggression.

      “Tracy Bumpus thank you for granting your permission for defendant to state publicly her response to alleged charges on this blog”

  17. GallusMag Says:

    Tracy how does your case help female women in seeking monetary compensation for damage to their gender identity?

  18. tracy Says:

    I do not give you permission to do anything.

  19. GallusMag Says:

    Tracy thank you for your email. As interesting as it would be to undertake a correspondence with you, I simply don’t have time right now. I wrote about your case because I blog about trends in gender. A case where a male who wants to be treated like every other woman gets to sue in defense of his gender identity- unlike any other “woman” on the planet- is certainly reflective of current gender trending. Your case was featured for this reason. Not because I hate everyone named Tracy or dislike you personally or dislike transsexuals. Gender is a system of oppression designed against those born female. My readers are interested in this topic for varying reasons of their own. Quite a few transgender people follow my blog because I post topics of interest to them, whether they agree with my perspective or not. Everyone on this blog is pro-nouned according to their sex, not their “internal gender identity”. Blog policy. Not the “hurt Tracy’s feelings” policy.
    I gave you the opportunity to post any rebuttal to this critique of your case that you desired. As you stated, you have no intention of discussing the case. Therefore I have allowed you to post your non-specific displeasure with my piece. Several times actually. If you ever decide to address the content of the critique I have actually written by discussing your case, feel free. Otherwise, I bid you farewell. Take care. -Mag

  20. Tracy Bumpus Says:

    Male who wants to be treated like a regular woman wins case against regular woman who was rude and transphobic and she laughs all the way to the bank.

    • Noanodyne Says:

      Man acting like a man gets his dick sucked by a judge. That’s life in the patriarchy. It’s so trite and silly, one can’t even find the tiniest mention of it on the major news sites.

      You won your little battle (though I doubt with your whiny tone here that you’ll ever be a happy person), but in the process you gave everyone a very clear picture of what your type is really about: narcissism. It’s a personality disorder, not something to be proud of.

  21. GallusMag Says:

    Tracy you’re too much. I guess the MTA employees will have to confine their rudeness to real women now (like they mainly do already). God forbid they treat a man in the same way. There are special laws protecting him from being treated like a woman, even if he claims he “is” a woman.
    So what are you going to spend all that money on? Therapy to heal the damage inflicted on your ego?

    Thanks for the update BTW- five years of litigation finally over, huh?

  22. FAB Libber Says:

    There are special laws protecting him from being treated like a woman, even if he claims he “is” a woman.
    Absolute WORD.

    My gawd, if that is the worstest thing ever to happen to Bumpus, then he really has not been living as a ‘woman’ that long.

    Yanno, the last time I got called “dyke” in the street by strangers (me and my friends) it was a bunch of four or five dudes that looked like they were about to pound us into the ground. Did this transit worker, all one of her, look like she was about to pound you into the ground Bumpus???

    Nah, didn’t think so. Hurt fweelings are worth way more than physical safety. $$$$$

    Hopefully you used the vapours after the incident, you delicate little flower you.

  23. Tracy Bumps Says:

    LOL I am bitter? Reread your posts and look in the mirror and you will find who’s really bitter.

  24. GallusMag Says:

    TracyyYYYYYYYYYY !!!!!! Bitter? Who said that. Yeah, I’m a bitter old homo Tracy you’ve got me there. That is you isn’t it? “Bumps” and all? A typo?
    That’s so weird that you commented. I was totally thinking about you yesterday. Must be a psychic connection. Cue theramin. Seriously, it’s eerie.
    I was wondering how you were doing.

  25. Sargasso Sea Says:

    There are special laws protecting him from being treated like a woman, even if he claims he “is” a woman.

    The pinnacle of male privilege!

    And that was the most aggressive lunch invitation I have ever seen. Not surprising.

  26. Tracy Bumpus Says:

    Its sad that you seemingly (key word) intelligent folks would be so disrespectful I have once to be anything than respectful but then of course if I wasn’t you’d delete my response. I am whinny yet you created a whole entire blog post complaining about the fact that a court of law wouldn’t allow a city employee to violate my human rights. I was in fact born a male. So I am unmoved when someone refers to me as a man its their ignorance. I refuse to allow their opinion to become my reality.

    You know I feel sorry for you all that some man has done you so ugly in life or the institution of maleness have treated you so unfairly that you go around with malice in your heart for people you know nothing about.

    Unlike you suggested I am quite happy with my life unfortunate for you anyone with such malice in their heart could not possibly be happy. No matter what you say or call me you know the truth and that truth you have to sleep with at night.

    You can post or not I really don’t care you read it and that’s who it was for I started working on my PhD this week and I have lots to do and entertaining you and your bitter biddies in your hate-mongering is not part of it.

    So try and enjoy life and stop being so bitter and hateful its not a good look.

  27. GallusMag Says:

    “I am whinny yet you created a whole entire blog post complaining about the fact that a court of law wouldn’t allow a city employee to violate my human rights.”
    Your HUMAN RIGHTS??? How did Lorna Smith Violate your human rights? Why didn’t you just contact the United Nations if your human rights were violated? In between work on genocide, human traffiking and war crime tribunals they could have worked on your human right to be free from lippy service workers who treat you like the average woman.

    ” I was in fact born a male. So I am unmoved when someone refers to me as a man its their ignorance. I refuse to allow their opinion to become my reality.”
    That’s right you were born male. Then you grew up to be an adult male. An adult male is called a man. It’s a simple fact, not an opinion or a matter of ignorance. It would really be silly for you to be “moved” by someone referring to a male as male, so it’s good that you don’t mind. I guess you only mind if someone refers to you as a “dyke”- a pejorative for a female homosexual. Then, your HUMAN RIGHTS have been violated by someone’s rude talk. I guess if you hadn’t heard her say it, your “human right” not to be treated rudely would not have been violated, since Ms. Smith made no attempt to restrict your freedom in any way.
    “You can post or not I really don’t care you read it and that’s who it was for I started working on my PhD this week and I have lots to do and entertaining you and your bitter biddies in your hate-mongering is not part of it.”
    You say you have lots to do and entertaining me and my bitter biddies in our hate mongering is not part of it. Then WHY did you come here and revive an old, dead thread yesterday? Why go out of your way to get our attention? Clearly you DID want our attention. This old post was completely dead until you chose to revive it and seek our attention. And then you protest that attention? None of us posted about you. We didn’t come to you, you came to us, seeking more attention. You want something from us. You want to understand our point of view perhaps? Or did you just want to share the good news of starting work on your PhD?
    Congrats on the PhD work.

  28. Noanodyne Says:

    Someone that whiny and entitled will never, ever, never get through a PhD program. The first correction from his female better will have him running to the U.N. commission on human rights. And professors tend to get kinda peeved about that kind of thing. But you can always sue! Hey yeah, start working on the arguments now. Someone’s gonna dis you cause of your special snowflake status and we can’t have that. The Dept. of Justice thinks your rights are more important than ours. I can see it now, it’s only a matter of time before our Tracy is in court again, wringing her lacy hanky, sobbing about the unfairness of it all. Antonin Scalia is on your side, though, so play it up darlin’!!!

  29. FAB Libber Says:

    You know I feel sorry for you all that some man has done you so ugly in life or the institution of maleness have treated you so unfairly that you go around with malice in your heart for people you know nothing about.

    Ha ha ha, Twacy just admitted his maleness there!
    See, you Twacy, would actually know what being a man or maleness is all about, and that we would have no insider knowledge of it.

    And why defect if the institution of maleness is so full of the warm fuzzies? Maybe that is where you are doing your PhD eh, the Institution of Maleness? LOL LOL
    I am feeling a bit naughty today 😛

  30. GallusMag Says:

    It’s with great sadness that I report that Tracy has passed on. Tracy was found at home deceased of unknown causes.

    We had a lot of fun with Tracy, who shared privately that we were in agreement on much of what was posted here. Tracy had just begun work on a PHD program. Tracy did a lot of work helping homeless men and men with HIV and was a very spiritual person. Tracy is mourned and will be missed by many.

    Rest In Peace, Tracy- you were a pistol!

  31. SheilaG Says:

    If someone refers to “bra burning” or how feminism is old fashioned, that really is what men say about women all the time. It is a typical male comment about feminists, and when I read trans writing this, it is a dead give away, that the inner thoughts continue to still be very male and very woman hating. When I get called a Dyke, it’s been by men who threaten to attack me in the street. A woman calling a man a name will just not do will it. No sympathy.

  32. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel Says:

  33. GallusMag Says:

    Thanks Fab.
    Wordpress automatically removes embeds from comments (except youtube).

  34. GallusMag Says:

    From Housing Works:

    When Tracy Bumpus died Friday, the Housing Works family lost a fiery former employee, a warrior for transgender rights, and a woman willing to make personal sacrifice in the name of social justice.

    “She believed in fighting,” said Daneisha McCoy, Bumpus’ roommate and close friend. “And that’s what I admired about her. She didn’t take any mess.”

    Bumpus, who turned 45 this month, was known for one fight in particular.

    After she was the subject of, among other things, a virulently transphobic tirade from a transit authority employee, she sued the NYCTA. As a result of her lawsuit, the transit authority amended its policies and procedures to include gender sensitivity provisions. Important precedents were also set, most notably a ruling that the NYCTA’s 40,000 employees are not exempt from the New York City Human Rights law, including its provisions prohibiting gender identity discrimination.

    “Tracy had the courage to challenge injustice,” said Housing Works Senior Staff Attorney Armen H. Merjian. “In so doing, she significantly enhanced the rights of transgender New Yorkers, for which, sadly, we still must fight.”

    (Cases do not end when a plaintiff dies, so the suit continues until further notice.)

    Born in Oklahoma, she lost her mother at a young age, experienced homelessness and spent many years in prison. By the time she came to Housing Works in 2003, though, she was an inspiration for other transgender women, encouraging them to go to school and to stand up for their rights.

    “She’d done all the things that they’d done,” said Lynn Walker, who hired Bumpus as a residence manager and life skills trainer at Housing Works’ Transgender Transitional Housing Program. “It was she who could speak to them about her own experience and be very combative about it, be very in their face about how they needed to shape up and get with the program.”

    The transit authority lawsuit was not the first time Bumpus put her name on the line to pave the way for others. According to McCoy, Bumpus had sued the Oklahoma correctional system for discrimination. She also spent years pushing New York City’s Human Resources Administration to implement best practices guidelines for working with gender-nonconforming people.

    When Bumpus died, she was living in California and working as a program assistant at the AIDS Project of East Bay. She was days from completing a master’s degree in social policy from Empire State College. She had already signed up for a second master’s program—this time, in teaching.

    She was also doing quite a bit of baking.

    “She had this thing for Paula Deen, so she made her own cooking show name—Pammy Bubbles,” said McCoy. Bumpus would pull on a blue wig and blue clothes and whip up a batch of macaroni and cheese.

    “Tracy was smart, very smart. She had wonderful ideas, but she never talked down to you,” said McCoy. “She was so real, and she got comfortable with who she was. And that’s why so many people respected her.”

    Please join the Housing Works family for a party in Bumpus’ honor on Thurs., June 30 from 3 pm to 5 pm. Come to the East New York Adult Day Health Care Center, 2640 Pitkin Ave., Brooklyn.

    Posted by Julie Turkewitz , June 22, 2011 at 5:48pm

  35. GallusMag Says:

    Putting this thread to bed until the case is updated.

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