Valentines Day Gifts for Women/Men

February 9, 2011

for Women

for Men


17 Responses to “Valentines Day Gifts for Women/Men”

  1. GallusMag Says:

    I’d rather crawl through the core of a nuclear reactor full of razors on my hands and knees with that ugly fucking lingerie shoved up my ass than receive the “Choo choo choose you” t-shirt.

  2. The “I choo choo choose you” thing is from an old (i.e. back when it was still funny) Simpsons episode. It’s cute if you get the reference, but it’ll look pretty silly to anyone who doesn’t.

    Personally, I think it’s pretty telling that so many of the “for her” gifts are lingerie. Because the ultimate gift for a women is looking sexy for a man, of course!

    • GallusMag Says:

      whut? well hell if it’s a pomo ironic gen x media reference then I LOVE it! 😉

    • GallusMag Says:

      Right? the female gifts are 1. porn clothes to wear while you sexually service the guy that gave you the gift 2. Thing that helped the male express his affection 3. Game that helps sex with guy that gave it to you seem more…like a board game 4. More porn clothes to wear while you sexually service the guy that gave you the gift 5. nesting-doll related merch (cause chicks like nesting yo) 6. Sexy pajamas 7. Jigsaw puzzle with message on it that requires work to read 8. and my new fave tshirt – lol.
      Male gifts: 1.Thing that helped the female express affection 2. something to facilitate business 3. coupon books of services female pledges to do for him 4. a “snuggie” to have sex in while snuggling 5. my fave shirt 6. bored game 7. comfortable monogrammed underwear 8. electronic devices/watch.
      All very sad. Where is the male thong???

      • Bluetraveler Says:

        Well most gift by males are essentially gifts to themselves that objectify women to boot. Doesn’t surprise me a bit considering in what society we live in :S

    • Bluetraveler Says:

      Wasn’t it something Ralph said to Lisa for a Valentine? I remember something about that. I can’t decide if Ralph is a genius or mentally challenged, it seems to change from season to season (Futurama is better still)

  3. Bev Jo Says:

    Yes! I love how you express yourself, Gallus Mag!

    What a bunch or grotesquerie. (I made that up.) Heterosexuality is beyond revolting, and the dolt who by this garbage can’t even be original enough to write their own crap.

    This alone proves that something is seriously wrong with hetness.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “Grotesquerie” what a splendabulous word!

    • Bluetraveler Says:

      I absolutely agree that there’s something seriously wrong with this grotesquerie! At the same time though, I can’t really say all heterosexual relationships end up like that, not because I’m straight (again, I don’t think this has an impact on my logic train), but because I have been raised by both my grandpa and my grandma, who were a straight couple (well, duh) and were more or less like this: . So much in fact, that when my grandpa died my grandma has never really been the same. I consider a great deal of who I am in the positive sense to be due to both of them and the bond they shared, and the sex they respectively were I consider absolutely irrelevant, if not for the ways society of course made it relevant. So in conclusion I don’t think hetness is inherently wrong.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I agree Blue- gays and lesbians are every bit as tacky in their selection of shitty VD presents.

      • joy Says:

        My grandparents were also bonded very tightly. I tend to see it as a result of a society that encourages and prioritizes hetero couplings, then isolates these pairings, making the wife economically, socially, and emotionally dependent on the husband.

        Because otherwise, those uppity bitches might get too inclined to just LEAVE.

        I’m not sure it’s love and not codependence.

      • Bluetraveler Says:

        My grandmother worked as a seamstress and was relatively independent financially. My grandfather was a factory worker (and thus developed a socialist / communist conscience), he didn’t really gain a lot of money. She would have never left him, and vice-versa, because they loved each other. If you see love as co-dependence, well that’s your viewpoint (and one I held for years to tell the truth). I’m sure that if my granny died instead of my grandfather my grandpa would have been even more depressed. He also was a very modest man and hated porn and what goes for “woman” nowadays. It’s really a pity my mom preferred listening to those funfem magazines rather than him. Not that he was perfect, because he had some very glaring flaws either, but not ones I consider character-killing.

  4. SheilaG Says:

    grostesquerie lingerie… i like it…

    i hate valentine’s hetero day anyway..

  5. Bluetraveler Says:

    I LOVE THAT WATCH! I don’t even know how to read it, but it’s beautiful. There, I had to say it.

  6. GallusMag Says:

    This would have been a better post if I had the time to look up stats on what females/males ACTUALLY give each other for VD, rather than what a gift site recommends. Cause I bet it looks a lot like: Roses, candy, dinner out, lingerie, jewelry for the gals, and cologne (and what else?) for the guys. Blow jobs probably. lol

  7. Bev Jo Says:

    Um, V.D. had gone out of use these day, but still….I do think a lot of the VD gifts will be accompanied by VD.

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