Gender Pay Gap by Industry

February 17, 2011

7 Responses to “Gender Pay Gap by Industry”

  1. FAB Libber Says:

    Most industries/sectors still seem below the 80% of men’s wages mark.

    I am tempted to switch over into construction…
    very handy with a hammer, but such an unfortunate accident if I happen to nail any scrotums to a plank of wood.


    Seriously though, that is fucked up.

  3. FAB Libber Says:

    Bear in mind that these are averages. That means some women might be getting slightly more than the 80%, but, there will be some getting LESS than 80% of the male wage.

  4. […] a big capitalist waste of money spending dosh on all this crap – when females still only get 80 cents on the dollar compared to the male wage, and are overly represented in redundancies/budget cuts during this recession, as well as the […]

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