New Wave

May 18, 2011

As the so-called Third Wave (or “No Wave”) of feminism begins to wane, many women have been discovering (or re-discovering) and embracing Radical Feminism. There’s been an explosion of new writing, new blogs, new voices, many of them from young women who came of age in the era of Fun-feminism and Post-modernism and Queer theory. The third wave told them “Hey, feminism isn’t about women, because female is only a “concept”. Now feminism is about being sexy! Loving porn! Embracing gender!”

But young women  are saying- “Hey, wait a minute. This feminism is not actually addressing my concerns. It has no real platform besides mindless consumerism and accepting things the way they are. This feminism isn’t CHANGING anything. It doesn’t MEAN anything.”

And they’re finding the feminism that does. The feminism that cuts at the roots of patriarchy. The feminism that dares to change the world.

Tonight, a large gathering is taking place. A place in cyberspace, for women to talk, and challenge, and teach and learn, and just plain shoot the shit. It’s the launch of a bustling new Hub for Radical Feminism. Introducing:


5 Responses to “New Wave”

  1. Love this!

    !4th WAVE!

  2. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel Says:

    the so-called Third Wave (or “No Wave”) of feminism
    LOL, “No Wave” – so true!
    Perhaps we should also rename it from fun-feminism to funky-feminism?

    On a more sensible note, it is pleasing that a gradual awakening is happening from at least a few from the libfem/funkyfem camps.

    And perhaps SlutWalk will be the final nail in the coffin for funkyfeminism?

  3. Noanodyne Says:

    Beautifully said, Mag

  4. yttik Says:

    That’s exciting! Life is crazy right now, but give me a few days and I’ll be over there hanging out at the Hub!

  5. Cathy Brennan Says:

    Good stuff.

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