Men Love The Ladies Restroom- Transgender Edition

May 28, 2011

Transgender Activists always dismiss the realistic concerns that women have about allowing males into spaces that are sex segregated for female privacy from male predators. Such as restrooms, locker rooms, showers, hospital bed assignments, jail cells, homeless shelters, rape crisis centers, etc. These activists deny and disregard the real threat to females by males, even males who want to dress in feminine clothes or who “feel like women inside” or who have a psychiatric disorder that causes them to claim they are actually female, even though they are male. These men do not give a shit about the actual people they want to minstrelize and dress up as and mimic. They not only deny that we are oppressed because of our sex, they claim our sex doesn’t even exist! But they do more than deny female reality and make kooky claims: They are using the political capital of Lesbians and Gays to pass laws enforcing their male-centric female-phobic sexist views. “Gender Identity Protections” are laws that eliminate sex-based protections for females.

Examples of such protected areas are:


Hospital Bed Assignments


Locker rooms

Sports competition

Statistical Data collection

Title IX endowments

Women’s Health resources, statistics and research endowment

Sex based crime statistics

Support Groups

Rape Crisis Centers

Communal showers

Children’s sleepover camps

Women’s Shelters

Women’s colleges

One of the tropes Transjacktivists use to promote and legalize their desire to eliminate female spaces is to assert that males with GID are speshul snowflakes or claim that males wouldn’t adopt transgenderism in order to prey on women. Or that males who are arrested repeatedly for getting off on watching women perform intimate activities (in places they assume they are free from males) wouldn’t go through the trouble of putting on a wig that makes those same activities legal. Whut??? Are you out of your mind? Why wouldn’t a guy who risks arrest repeatedly to invade women’s space comply with measures which make his activities legal?? It’s considerably less inconvenient to put on a skirt and some lippy than to be arrested and processed, make bail, go before a judge, etc. etc. One might say it is quite more convenient indeed!

Transjacktivists claim that arrest statistics for peeping and perving don’t show a sharp increase in states where men are allowed in women’s spaces. Well of course they don’t! Making a formerly illegal behavior LEGAL seldom results in more arrests for (now legal) behavior. Duh!

The truth is guys do this shit all the time. And they’ll do whatever it takes to perv on females. Here are some of the things they’ll do to get into female spaces:

  1. Hide cameras and microphones in female spaces.
  2. Crawl through ventilation ducts to view female spaces.
  3. Install double mirrors to view female spaces.
  4. Drill holes in walls to peep women’s spaces.
  5. Place cameras in shopping bags next to females wearing skirts.
  6. Risking arrest –and repeat arrest- sneaking into women’s restrooms.
  7. Dress up as and try to pass as female.
  8. Claim they are female.
  9. Try to pass laws permitting men who claim they are female to legally enter spaces where females do not want men.
  10. Try to pass laws that state that females don’t actually exist.
  11. Force law enforcement and media outlets to report male crimes against women as woman-on-woman crime, if the male is diagnosed with GID.

Let’s face it, males commit violent and sexual crimes against women. Statistically, it is indisputable. And criminal actions by and arrests of men don’t decrease after SRS (sexual reassignment surgery). In fact post SRS males have higher rates of criminality than the general public. There are voluminous incidents of transgender male violence against women. Murders, rapes, assaults. There are infantesimal reports of crimes against male transgenders committed by female perpetrators. Statistically minute. What does that tell us? It tells us that females should have the right to sex-segregated areas in places where they are especially vulnerable to male crimes against women. And that includes males who suffer from GID.

EVERY TIME I see a trans claim that male transgenders in female spaces don’t hurt women I’m going to add a link to this page. And if they keep it up, I’ll start a list of violent crimes committed against females by male transgenders.


It Was The Hairy Hands That Gave Him Away!

“A man in Saudi Arabia who was sick and tired of always looking at women in abayas, hatched a plan to catch a glimpse of women without their traditional black robes on.

He decked himself out in an abaya, right down to wearing black shoes and a face veil and calmly strolled into a women’s public restroom.”

“The 22-year-old from Edgbaston was seen sneaking into the women’s toilets “dressed like a mannequin with a mask and a wig” earlier this month. When security guards nabbed him after he emerged from the locked cubicle, Hardman admitted to performing a sexual act and said: “I’ve been a bit weird.” He also told police he found the sound of women on the toilet sexually exciting and said: “It’s good you’ve caught me — maybe now I’ll stop.” Police found three images of women’s feet taken beneath cubicle doors on his mobile phone, and an audio recording of a flushing toilet, the court was told. Hardman told Birmingham Magistrates’ Court he felt “sexual gratification out of everything that goes on in women’s toilets”. When asked to explain his outfit, he said he wore the clothes to a fancy dress party and then tried it out at the shopping mall.”

Cross-dressing Peeper Infiltrates Cal Women’s Locker Room


Anneli Rufus —  Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 12:00 PM

“A man dressed as a woman has been spotted peeping at females and photographing them in a UC Berkeley locker room.”

“North Little Rock Police arrested 39 year old Scotty Vest for sexual indecency outside a women’s bathroom, near a playground at Burns Park. Vest was arrested Monday after police say he exposed himself and masturbated in front of three children, two are 11 and one is 12, while trying to lure them inside the bathroom. Those three children ran to a group of adults nearby and asked for help. “They came up to me and they were waiving at me and next thing I know they’re running down the hill you know, ‘call the cops, call the cops, there is this man there’s this man dressed up as a woman and he’s playing with himself,'” says Mary Stafford.”

Police: Cross-Dressing Peeping Tom Arrested Again

November 24, 2010

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. –” Police said a cross-dressing man accused of being a peeping Tom spent Tuesday night in jail.”

“A cross-dressing man claims another transvestite bit off the tip of his nose during an assault in a restroom at popular south Omaha nightspot. That club is now being sued.

A cross-dressing man who was assaulted in a club restroom has filed suit against the nightclub. The suit states “Tquila and its employees should have known that when there was a gathering of numerous patrons in the restroom that there was trouble and the potential of physical harm to one of its patrons.”

“I don’t know if we need to put up a different bathroom,” says Israel Fuentes, who co-owns the Tquila. “They were dressed like women and they went into the women’s bathroom.”

“Polk County, TN – What happens when a registered sex offender and his cross-dressing boyfriend show up at an elementary school on Grandparent’s Day? Not much. What happens when the sex offender’s cross-dressing boyfriend enters the girl’s restroom to drain the main vein? People get weirded out and start investigating shit. When staff members saw the cross-dresser go into the bathroom, they grew suspicious and checked the school’s sign-in sheet, cross-referenced it with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Sex Offender Registry and found 49-year-old William Baker’s name in both places. “They were more concentrated on the cross-dresser when it was actually the man with the cross-dresser that shouldn’t have been there,” said Polk County Sheriff’s Detective Brian Fields. Baker was convicted of criminal attempt to commit aggravated sexual battery of a 6-year-old girl back in ’94 and is not allowed near children. Plus, Baker doesn’t even have any young ‘ens enrolled at the school, he and his boyfriend were merely dropping off a neighbor that day and decided to hang around for the festivities. Once Baker and his companion realized they had raised some eyebrows, they left school grounds. Deputies caught up with Baker a few days later and placed him under arrest. He stands accused of violating Tennessee sex offender regulations. Aside from being on school grounds when he shouldn’t have, Baker did nothing illegal. “You don’t want the fox going into the hen house,” said Polk County Director of Schools James Jones. “It’s a safety issue for our children. And the law is very specific about when and how a sex offender can be on school property.”

Hong Kong -” A transvestite man caught dressed as a nurse in the female washroom at a Hong Kong public hospital has been jailed, a news report said Thursday.

Chung Kai-lun, 29, was found wearing women’s clothes and a surgical mask in the hospital toilet less than a year after being given a suspended sentence for dressing as a schoolgirl in a school canteen.”

“”I wanted to see women naked,” he was quoted as telling investigators. “Dressing up as a woman was a step to do that.”

GREENSBURG, Pa. — “A 48-year-old man allegedly dressed as a woman and went into a girls’ locker room at Greensburg Salem High School, ”

Purdue police investigate report of

man taking photographs in

women’s restroom

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -” Purdue University police are

investigating a reported incident in which a man dressed as

a woman was seen taking photographs under the wall of a

women’s bathroom stall in Yue-Kong Pao Hall of Visual and

Performing Arts.

The incident was reported to police about 3:30 p.m. Monday

(March 31).

According to a police report, a woman was in a bathroom

stall on the third floor of the building and saw a hand

holding a blue flip-phone camera beneath the door. She left

the restroom and then returned to confront the person. At

that point, she realized the person was a man dressed as a


2009 “Richard Rendler, 60, of San Jose, a registered sex offender, found that out on Friday in Campbell, when he was arrested at the PruneYard Shopping Center on misdemeanor loitering charges. Campbell Police Sgt. Dave Carmichael said Rendler was arrested after having been caught in the womens’ restroom of an unnamed store for “several minutes.”

Police were tipped off to Rendler’s whereabouts shortly before noon on Friday, when a witness called authorities to say a man was getting out of his car wearing fake breasts and a wig and carrying a purse. The witness saw the man near a bank and thought it was a little “weird” to see a man wearing what seemed to be a disguise, Carmichael said.”

According to the Megan’s Law Web site, Render has been previously arrested on charges of child molestation and indecent exposure.”’s-bathroom-at-Calhoun-Walmart?instance=home_Most_popular 2010- Georgia –Rome man arrested in women’s bathroom at Calhoun Walmart

by Calhoun Times

“A Rome man was released on bond after being arrested for allegedly taking his clothes off in front of children in the women’s restroom of Walmart in Calhoun. Police officers arrived to find Burnes wearing a dark woman’s suit including a short skirt and jacket, black leather coat, black high heals, red nail polish, green eye shadow and women’s jewelry. According to the witness, Burnes had been in the women’s section of the store with his skirt “kicked up showing his white girdle and dark thong underwear.”

A man has been arrested in Hokkaido for putting on some make-up and a blouse and hanging out in a women’s public toilet:

“Tsukasa Okazaki, 45, the banker from Monbetsu, Hokkaido, was arrested for trespassing. He admits to the allegations.

I wanted people to see me as some sort of weirdo,” he told the police.

Mission accomplished.”

Transgendered suspect stole $3G from women in restrooms, cops say

Posted by the Ocean County Observer on 07/25/06


LACEY — A transgendered Floridian stole more than $3,000 from women at the Forked River service station, police reported yesterday. Gwendolyn (aka Edward) Scott, 49, of Miami, was arrested Saturday after she was observed at the women’s bathroom at the service station on the Garden State Parkway, State Police Trooper John Steet said.

The bathroom had been the scene of several thefts, dating back to May 20, Steet said. The suspect would target middle-aged and older women who hooked their purses on the bathroom stall door, he said. Some victims also reported being escorted or directed to a specific stall.

Generally, they would not notice their purse had been taken until they saw it returning over the stall door, either hitting them in the head or falling to the floor, he said.

“Emory Police Department (EPD) officers arrested “Coco Dorella,” whose legal name is William Frazier, on Sept. 18 at the Dobbs University Center (DUC) for carrying a loaded weapon onto school property.

Frazier was reported by an Emory staff member, who said that a black male wearing a multicolored mini skirt and a wig had entered the women’s restroom, said Lt. Cheryl Elliott of EPD, adding that the DUC staff had asked him on many occasions not to use the restroom.

According to EPD reports, the semi-automatic gun had a magazine with seven rounds of ammunition.Frazier also had a box with approximately 37 to 40 rounds of ammunition.”

LINK ADDED as promised – this one’s for you Zoe Alan Brain:

Male Transgender sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison for assault on woman in women’s restroom:

“Hagan was convicted in July of punching a fellow bar patron in the mouth. The victim, 40-year-old Cheryl Partsch, lost five teeth and could end up paying as much as $60,000 in medical bills.

“Hagan was accused of battering Partsch because she questioned his presence in the women’s restroom.”

LINK ADDED as promised: This one’s for you Gina S. –

“Police said Isaiah Johnson, 20, of Stamford, and “two other males dressed as females in the area of Veteran’s Park Bus stop” coerced the teenage boy into the bathroom of the food court of the Stamford mall on April 26, where a sexual encounter took place. The next day, the student told a school administrator, who reported the incident. Stamford police charged Johnson with second-degree sexual assault, second-degree unlawful restraint and risk of injury to a minor.”

LINK ADDED as promised. -This week RServen posted an article on the Daily Kos which asked “Has there ever been a case of a transperson committing such an act in a public restroom?  Research comes up empty.” I wish RServen luck on improving his research skills, or at least his ability to lie more convincingly. In his honor I post this link from last week:

July 6, 2011-

MILWAUKIE, Ore. – A registered sex offender dressed up like a woman, went into a women’s locker room at a pool and talked with several children before being chased down by a good Samaritan, according to a Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office spokesman.

Friday around 3 p.m. 39-year-old Thomas Lee Benson put on a bra, lipstick and eyeliner and walked into the North Clackamas Aquatic Park in Milwaukie, Detective Jim Strovink said.

Strovink said Benson wandered around the center talking with children, went in the women’s locker room and took a dip in the hot tub.

The pool was full of children at the time, including many on a summer field trip with the group Self Enhancement, Inc.

26-year-old Tayo Cotton and other adults were supervising kids on the field trip when he noticed Benson walk into the locker room. He said Benson was wearing a bikini at that point. He next saw Benson leave the men’s locker room dressed in men’s clothes.

“It looked just like a man wearing a bikini bottom and he had a white t-shirt on with a bikini top, you could see the bikini top,” Cotton said.

Cotton tried to stop Benson when he came out but Benson took off running, Strovink said.

Cotton gave chase as Benson ran into the parking lot and through a Sears department store. Cotton said Benson was trying to open several car doors during the chase.

Eventually, Strovink said Benson found a car with an open rear window and was able to open the door. There was a startled woman in the car.

Before Benson could get into the car, Cotton grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him away. During the tussle, a Clackamas County deputy arrived and handcuffed Benson.

“I just ran to him, grabbed him, kind of wrapped him up and then just kind of rolled on him,” Cotton said. “He didn’t say one word to me, make any eye contact from the moment I saw him until he was arrested.”

Benson was taken to jail and faces charges of unlawful contact with a child, unlawfully being in a location where children congregate, robbery and attempted unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

“That’s horrifying, because some people let their kids go change in the bathroom,” said parent Tisha Rayson.

Benson has a history of similar behavior. In 2007, Portland Police said he dressed up as a woman and went into the women’s locker room at Mt. Scott Community Center.

According to the state sex offender registry, Benson was convicted in 1994 of sex abuse and was known to target girls between five and nine years old. The state lists him as a “predatory” sex offender.


For Gemma Seymour, author of “Potty Panic” (oh those silly women!):

He Just Wanted to Shake Women’s Hands—as Cross-Dresser in Restroom

Strange report from Grossmont Center details man dressed up as woman, but considered an isolated incident.

People often dress up for movies—Harry Potter fans being the latest example. But one visitor to the Grossmont Center cinemas was acting up in the wrong place at the wrong time Sunday—a man in the women’s restroom.

That afternoon, a possibly middle-aged man was reported to be wearing older women’s clothing and a face mask, pretending to be a woman, La Mesa police said Wednesday.

The dressed up man came out of a stall inside the women’s restroom at the movie theater at Reading Cinemas Grossmont Center 10, said police Lt. Dan Willis.

“At the time, the reporting person, a woman washing her hands at the sink counter, was approached by the dressed up man, who asked the woman if he could shake her hand,” Willis said.

“When the woman said ‘No,’ the subject left and was walking around the lobby of the movie theater asking to shake the hands of women.

A police “calls for service” report mislabeled the incident as indecent exposure, Willis said.

But it was merely a Municipal Code violation—an adult being in the opposite sex bathroom.

“There is no further information on the subject, and we have not had any similar calls,” Willis said.


Police: Man in bra and wig found in women’s bathroom

Police: Man in bra and wig found in women’s bathroom

by KOMO 4 Staff
Updated 08:27 p.m., Friday, March 16, 2012
 EVERETT, Wash. – A man wearing a bra and wig was arrested Friday after he was spotted in a women’s bathroom at Everett Community College, police said.

Officers responded to the scene at about 1:30 p.m. after a college staff member said she saw the man go into the women’s rest room and alerted security personnel.

An investigation found that the suspect had gone into the rest room while two women were inside, according to a police report. The women were later interviewed and said they had no idea that the man was there.

When police interviewed the man, he claimed that he had gone into the bathroom to use the facilities.

But the investigating officer noted that the man was wearing a wig and bra. A search also turned up a pair of woman’s panties in his front pocket, according to the police report.

The man, later identified as Taylor J. Buehler, 18, of Lake Stevens, was placed under arrest.

He admitted to officers that he was the suspect in an earlier voyeurism incident at Everett Community College on Monday, police said.

In the earlier incident, he said he took a shower in the girls’ locker room for sexual gratification, acccording to the police report.”

348 Responses to “Men Love The Ladies Restroom- Transgender Edition”

  1. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel Says:

    Brilliant resource, thank you Mag.

    Of course transjacktivists try to ‘distance’ themselves from the cross-dressers and other perverts. However, transjacktivism ‘rights’ for access to female-only spaces does not specifically exclude these obvious predators, it will give the predators more ease in accessing female-only spaces.

  2. Amazon Says:

    These perps are bad enough but there’s the whole class of men who kill and rape women to get into prison and try to get srs on the state’s dime.

    Then there’s Paul Denyer, an Australiam murderer regarded as virulently hating women and who’s gaming the system to get into a women’s prison and who happily has the unconditional support of transjackivists down under.

    • kurukurushoujo Says:

      There has been a case like this in Germany, too. Only he’s locked up in a psychiatric ward where he has already reportedly been accused of raping another woman. Has the full support of his psychiatrists who believe that he will stop raping and killing if they perform SRS on him.

      For serial killers and rapists transsexuality is just another way of projecting the responsibility for their crimes on someone or something else than themselves. Trans who support murderers and rapists are ideologues who do not like to be questioned, not to mention stupid because I’ve yet to see gay & lesbian rights activists defending someone who basically says “My suppressed homosexuality made me rape and kill a woman”.

  3. KatieS Says:

    Thank you, GallusMag for this important post! With adding the specific incidents, there is no doubt about why this IS a danger to women. I don’t expect it will change the minds of many people who are transgender about their agenda for invading these spaces. However, it may help women who have been propagandized to understand the reality.

      • Misty Says:

        My thoughts as well, KatieS. I live outside of LA. Incidents such as these appear in my daily news at least once a week. I have been repeatedly hearing the pro-trans movement state that there have been no such cases. I know that’s not reality. A woman no longer has a reasonable expectation of privacy and the decriminimization of previously illegal activities now leave police powerless in California. Considering the only reports that make it to the news are ones that involve children and actual rapes I’m quite sure there are many more crimes against women & children that are not being reported.

  4. Holly Says:

    it doesn’t seem like there’s been nearly as much activism for FTM access to male spaces. true?

  5. jilla Says:

    Where’s that pix of the restaurant women’s bathroom door with the perv peeking over-the-top cutout?

      • jilla Says:

        There is probably a different one for every day of the week. It’s just so humorous. 😐

      • Lawrence Says:

        Hi Gallus,
        Thanks for your post. As a gay man I have only recently come across the trans community and from what I have read online in their responses to questions on a wide range of topics I am very certain that their are quite a few psychological issues that are not being addressed or are being covered up by doctors and psychologists who rather than challenge these people to accept themselves as who they are, to instead mutilate their bodies to become what they are not. I for one, being gay, do not see this group as being anymore than either a bunch of glorified drag queens or autogynophiles. But their demands are really over the top. I 100% support that they should not be able to use your, a natural born woman’s bathroom. It is your place, not theirs. No matter what they might say they are still biologically XY no matter how good the surgery (at least male to masquerading female transsexuals). I believe there are many narcissistic behaviors that are exhibited by the community too. For instance, quite a large amount in the community who consider themselves to be “straight women trapped in a man’s body” claim no responsibility to tell their straight male sexual partner that they originally had a dick. They say it the straight males responsibility to ask. I am sorry but that is beyond deception. If you are so good at pulling it off because you paid some doctor to change your genitalia around, it is truly unethical to say that the other person in the relationship is at fault for not knowing. I consider that predatory. Believe me, there are quite a few straight guys I am totally bonkers for, but I am not mutilating my body and lying to get some of that action. So it is not a stretch to think that male to female transexuals claim they are either lesbian or who are females trapped in a males body secretly might be straight males with a perverted and extremely narcissistic mind, not a stretch. At the end of the day, I hate to say it, but in this one instance the only way to protect the two sides, is the separate but equal solution. A unisex bathroom is the only place a trans should be able to go as it is the safest place for both parties.

    • FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel Says:

      I think it might be this one you are thinking of Jilla. A friend of mine photographed it at a pub in London. It is real, it is not a photoshopped picture.

      • jilla Says:

        That’s it! Thanks. It says sooooo much. If I had a blog it might be on my masthead. cough.

  6. SheilaG Says:

    OK, just have them be subject to the same fear women go through. Men in dresses and lippy still required to use men’s room. Sure, men might beat them up… tough, too bad. Just stay the hell out of our spaces, and force the men to change, and arrest the men who attack MTFs in male places…but women should never have to tolerate dangerous males or the threat they always pose.

    • yttik Says:

      I was thinking the same thing, Sheila G. If they really want to be authentic women, use the men’s room and learn to deal with the threat of male violence. That constant threat is what shapes about 80% of a women’s “identity” anyway. I’m not sure I’m even being sarcastic.

      • FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel Says:

        That constant threat is what shapes about 80% of a women’s “identity” anyway.

        Certainly a large portion of how we act, think, behave. And it is not really the threat of beatings either, it is primarily the rape threat, and much of that fear is rooted in being impregnated against our will. Fake vaginas just don’t cut it with this type of fear.

      • Betty Taylor Says:

        wow…really? why don’t you go in the mans room if you want to feel “authentic” you bitch….

    • GallusMag Says:

      Here’s an interesting blog post from a male transgender and pro-trans legislative lobbyist who says his wife, who is also a pro-trans activist, is afraid to use the women’s bathroom at trans events. He says:

      “What the fuck?!? This is what the legislature and the general public thinks of when they want to pass anti-trans legislation. I can not blame them. They saunter into women’s restrooms with out batting an eye. My wife who is a huge trans-rights supporter wants to lock up these idiots. She will not go to the bathroom at the meetings anymore. She is afraid for her safety and I can not blame her.”

      • FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel Says:

        This is where I look around the room. Aw Hell !!! 75% of the room is full of wacko nutjobs who are off their rockers. (For clarification let me state that there is not one FTM member in attendance.)[…]
        These guys that throw on a skirt & heels and fake boobs to get their jollies fuck my world up. I can not be around it. They are ruining my life. I hide and they prance around with hard cocks under their skirts. What the fuck is wrong with this world?

  7. I would like to personally THANK YOU, for posting this, Gallus. You do such an excellent job with this blog, and I know you get way too much shit for it. The way you listed out all the “Gender identity protections,” that eliminate laws specifically for women is just heartbreaking.

    Please keep doing this bathroom related posts….they’re important to me, and others I’m sure.

  8. Cizzir Says:

    I wonder what the trans people say to this. Perhaps they defend all these perves. Disgusting!

    • saridout Says:

      here’s what i say: comparing someone who dresses up as the gender they do not identify with to commit crimes to genuine trans people makes about as much sense and is just as offensive as saying that all gays are pedophiles.

      • GallusMag Says:

        How do you figure that? First of all how do you know the personal internal self-identification of any of these men? Secondly, cross-dressers are, by the definition of your own movement, transgendered. So comparing trans people to being transgendered “makes about as much sense as saying all gays are pedophiles”- Huh??? Your comment makes no sense and is just an excuse for you to use your homophobia as a deflection so you can avoid and obfuscate the genuine concerns of women for their safety in areas that are sex-segregated for their protection. Way to go hater!

      • GallusMag Says:

        How do you suggest we distinguish those men who are sexually oriented to other men and who have sex with other men from those who “identify as” homosexual?
        How do you suggest we distinguish males who disguise themselves as female from those who “identify with” females?

      • saridout Says:

        it’s a pretty simple comparison. y’all suggest that since some people who self-identify as trans or who people label as trans commit crimes, ALL trans people must be criminals or criminal apologists. that’s an identical argument to how the religious right says that since some gay people are pedophiles or nambla members, all gays are a danger to children.

        if you’d like, we can stick with the bathroom issue. many conservative politicians have said that gays should not serve in the military because straight personnel will be forced to use community showers with gay personnel. the implication is that all gay people are lechers who would spy on their fellows for sexual reasons. if we followed that logic, it would be fair to demand that lesbians not use public bathrooms. obviously, this is ridiculous, just like it’s ridiculous to suggest that any remarkable percentage of trans people wants to peep at you in the bathroom. i would also like to point out that in all of the links above, i didn’t see any of the criminals actually self-identify as transgender.

        trying to identify the gender identity of people going into the restroom would be an impossible undertaking, and frankly, beside the point. you could argue that it’s the thought that counts; that the small percentage of trans people who identify as gay shouldn’t be in the bathroom they identify with just because they would be in the same room as the gender they are sexually attracted to. but then you are back to the argument that gay people shouldn’t use public bathrooms. what you want is to keep people from committing criminal acts in bathrooms, and unfortunately, anybody with any type of genitals can be a criminal.

        since i’m using gay people as the innocent control example in this comparison, i don’t know why you would think i’m being homophobic. i hate very few people on this earth, and there aren’t any gay people among them. i would say that hateful behavior is making harmful generalizations about groups of already marginalized people.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “y’all suggest that since some people who self-identify as trans or who people label as trans commit crimes, ALL trans people must be criminals or criminal apologists.”

        No one but you even remotely suggested such a thing. You’re just a typical woman-hating anti-feminist troll who thinks every time women discuss rape they are suggesting that every man is always a rapist. Weak. Really fucking weak.

        But not as weak as your argument that women are afraid to go out at night for fear of being attacked by Lesbians. Truly idiotic.

        Funny how you’ll do anything to tap dance and back flip around the basic truth that females have genuine reason to fear male violence, including sexualized violence. Not only that but you try to handily equate MALE violence with “homosexual” violence. You truly hate women. And gays.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “what you want is to keep people from committing criminal acts in bathrooms, and unfortunately, anybody with any type of genitals can be a criminal.”

        I suggest you look up some violent crime statistics before trolling my blog, women-hater.

      • saridout Says:

        your implication in the article above is that there is something to fear from trans people.

        [Blah blah blah. The implication is that women have genuine reason to fear men, regardless of what the men are wearing. I asked you to consult some actual crime statistics before trolling onward- Since you have no apparent awareness of violent crimes and sexualized violence against women. You really don’t give a FLYING FUCK about crimes against women. Do not post on this blog again you rape apologist.
        FUCK OFF -GM]

      • saridout Says:

        [What does the word NO mean to a man like you saridout? -GM]

      • GallusMag Says:

        What woman or girl wants to share a dorm room, a shower, a hospital room or a toilet with a man like yourself who doesn’t understand the word “No”. Or “Stop”.

      • saridout Says:

        [Holy Shit. You are a realllllly creepy dude with very serious trouble respecting the boundaries of women. -GM]

      • saridout Says:

        [Keep it up. You make my arguments for me. -GM]

      • saridout Says:

        [Serious Mental Problems. -GM]

      • Shocker. Another male with no regard to women’s boundaries. And they seriously wonder why we have a problem with them in the ladies loo???

      • saridout Says:

        [No. Still No. -GM]

      • saridout Says:

        “[No. Still No. -GM]”

        tell me this, ruth: since you disregard transition as being ineffective at changing someone’s sex and consider people to be their birth sex, are you willing to use public bathrooms alongside straight transmen?
        do you actually identify as a lesbian these days? 4 years ago, you said that you didn’t, so what made you change your mind?
        do you still have family in oakland? what’s the weather like in chicago?
        heh, you coward. won’t let them see after all.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Kids- this sort of creepy is why radfems blog anonymously. Seriously.
        And obviously women don’t care if females want to risk male violence by using male facilities. Only a women-hating delusional rape-apologist genderist would ask such a question. Our concern is maintaining sex-segregated facilities which protect women. Obvious to most.
        This nut is a great example why women are not safe questioning gender roles on the internet, and why we blog anonymously. Really fucking scary.
        – “Ruth” lol who thought she wasn’t a lesbian 4 years ago and has family in Chicago. wtf.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Even the anti-feminist MRA’s never sink to the level of stalking harassing threatening transgenderists.

      • saridout Says:

        does Lark know what kind of attitudes you’re harboring?

      • saridout Says:

        [NO PLEASE STOP- as if you would ever]

      • saridout Says:

        [NO STOP- as if you would]

      • saridout Says:

        [No means NOOOOOOOOOO]

      • GallusMag Says:

        I guess posting someone’s OKCupid profile for a couple of minutes does the trick. Good to know.

      • Gawd, what a dumbass, using the same email addys for different things like blogging and dating.

  9. SheilaG Says:

    Remember that graffito icon of WWII “killroy was here.” Might be interpreted as a perp looking over a women’s bathroom stall!! Just realized this! American GIs scribbled this little graffito all over Europe.

  10. GallusMag Says:

    Thanks everyone. 🙂

  11. Layna Says:

    [Layna I said No. You are no longer welcome to comment here.- GM]

  12. […] Of course, fetishing female bodily functions is not unique to some M2Ts either, the non-twanz pervs cannot get enough of it. And of course, M2Ts are not exceptional either in this regard. […]

  13. Mary Sunshine Says:

    Another round of applause for you, Gallus Mag.


  14. thebewilderness Says:

    The picture for the post does raise the question of whether sex segregated public restrooms will be required by law to provide urinals in the womens room for the MtF who choose not to have surgery.

    • FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel Says:

      But they must be pink urinals!
      (I know you were serious TBW, I just could not help the obvious irony)

  15. […] have the opportunity to prey on female victims by getting closer to their victims, either in female-only spaces or out in general public areas like parks. [I would have provided more links, but have lost all my […]

  16. SheilaG Says:

    Just say no 🙂 Good on you Gallus! Gallus the pirate Galleon sailed into the sea, and that was the end of the pa-tri-ar-chy! Move over Gilbert and Sullivan!

    Or should it be Gallus and Sullivan … tee hee

  17. Chris Says:

    What gender someone is has nothing to do with what gender person will peep on them. Women and girls can and do peep on other women and girls.

    [Are you a fucking idiot? Seriously, no snark. It’s a genuine question. You come on a feminist blog to ‘splain that there is NO SUCH THING as a WORLDWIDE EPIDEMIC of MALE on FEMALE violence, SEXUALIZED VIOLENCE, and PREDATION?

    Are you out of your fucking mind- or just profoundly stupid?
    I think it’s the latter. With a huge helping of women-hatred and rape-apologist on top. IDIOT.

    You’re welcome to come back when you can show me all the arrest reports of females who have set up hidden cameras to watch people urinate, shower, change clothes etc. Show me the female peeping tom arrest reports. Show me the statistics of a male being raped by a female every three minutes in the U.S. you dumb shit.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Serious contender for Female-Hater of the Year here.

      • Well, he won the Serious Moron of the Year Award without contest. I guess he could go for more?

        All that stuff you said about “show me…” so damn true. I cannot believe there are so many idiots and liberals out there not seeing the giant elephant in the room on this one. Dudes are perverts. Dudes are sexual predators. Dudes have the privilege of getting away with most of the stuff they want to do most of the time.

      • GallusMag Says:

        lol he’s going for more alright- I already spammed two more freakish rape-denial comments from him. Hey Chris- I’m not even reading them past the first sentence- fuck off. I should never publish any of these idiots but I think people would never believe the type of bullshit comments (and worse) I get here if I didn’t let some of them through.

      • Well, the pisser was really:
        Women and girls can and do peep on other women and girls.

        Yeah? Seriously?
        Perhaps in very low budget porn perhaps…

      • GallusMag Says:

        “pisser” hahaha. good one.
        Just spammed a third comment from this troll. What is it about trans and the ability to understand “stop” and “No” and “this is my space you are not welcome in it”. ????????

        Not ALL trans, mind you. But a defining characteristic for many.

  18. SheilaG Says:

    The latest issue of “The gay and Lesbian Review” July-August, 2011 had an article by Sheila L. Cavanagh called “You are where you urinate”– full of lies about how safe it is when MTFs use women’s rooms. They claim there is no evidense that any trans person does any damage to women this way.

    Wow, talk about clueless research, no mention is made about how sex inclusive bathrooms would impact on women, no mention that it would be an issue at all. You might want to flood that magazine with info on all the arrests of men in women’s spaces and restrooms. I’m willing to be Cavanagh is MTF! In light of this research on this blog, I was shocked at the omission of ANY concern for the safety of women in women’s rooms at all!!!!!

    • GallusMag Says:

      Sheila Cavanagh is a total crackpot. Every time Cavanagh opens their mouth they only help us. I agree Sheila is probably a closet M2T. Or just a kook. Sheila’s big thing is that bathrooms are places where people should have sex.

      ” I definitely argue that we need gender-neutral toilet options, but I’m not suggesting that we do away with gendered spaces entirely. What I’m suggesting is that we build spaces that are gendered, but spaces that are less exclusive. Because I think gendered space is important.

      Certainly, the male bathroom is a very important site for public sex, cottaging and for building queer male communities. I wouldn’t want to lose that. And similarly, women have sex in bathrooms as well, but it’s also been a really important site for sociality to form. It hasn’t happened in the same way in other spaces.”

      Yes, someone should post a link to my “men love the ladies restroom” post in the comments when sheila is published. But I have a feeling that like many men Sheila would think such predation is “hot and sexy”.

    • Betty Taylor Says:

      we don’t care really about your safety…because it really isn’t threatned. what IS real is the risk WE have if we use the mens room. and there isn’t any REAL documentation of “Trannys gone wild” in womens restrooms. That shit above is fake or misrepresented. believe me, we don’t go in there to do anything else but to piss ,fix makeup, and gtfo. to assume anything is is mere self-flattery.

      • Magdalena Z. Says:

        We don’t care about your safety either “Betty”. If you don’t do anything but piss and fix your woman mask then you can do that in a gender neutral bathroom. Stay out of our bathrooms dude.

      • morag99 Says:

        Spoken like a dyed-in-the-wool male supremacist: women’s fear of rape and sexual assault is “self-flattery.” Because, according to your disordered mind, rapists flatter their victims.

        Fix your makeup, eh? Talk about putting lipstick on a filthy pig.

      • morag99 Says:

        Oops … I didn’t notice at first that this comment is from a couple years back.

        Perusing through the thread, however, I noticed that “Betty” couldn’t find enough suckers to buy him big, fake breasts. He had said that his lack of Double-Ds was a life-threatening condition. Perhaps he didn’t make it? That is, perhaps he dropped the transwoman act and went back to being an ordinary male-supremacist pig in trousers?

        Idea for blog: Where are They Now? (Virulently Misogynist Trans Edition).

      • Misty Says:

        If this is a M2T safety issue then why is a Transgender or neutral bathroom vs invading women’s spaces not an acceptable solution? I want to respect your safety and privacy, why am I not entitled to an equal amount of dignity, privacy, safety and respect? I will continue to support LBG but never again the T.

      • GallusMag Says:

        You’re a dude.

        Edit: My bad. I misread and thought you were pretending to be a woman. Yes, you men should lobby the other men in charge to get protections you need instead of imposing on scant women’s spaces. Agree.

  19. GallusMag Says:

    Isn’t there some sort of Godwin’s Law about that: If there is a bodily function men will make porn about it and jerk off to it?

  20. SheilaG Says:

    Good additions Gallus and gang. Back in the day, gay males expected lesbians to get on the civil rights bandwagon everytime some gay man was arrested for having sex in public restrooms or hitting on men in the restrooms to solicite sex. Somehow gay men think this is ok? Crusing for sex in parks… there is no point low enough on the scale of creeponess that these men won’t sink to and then turn into a “civil rights” issue. Larry Craig anyone? Daughters of Bilitis was founded (in 1955) with the notion that the “homophile movement” at that time had nothing to do with lesbian issues, and that it was one big male toilet arrest.

    If you are caught having sex in a restroom, jail time.
    Sometimes I think men are actual pieces of dirt, of sexual obsession and perv factories.

    Yeah, Sheila Cavenagh mentioned the thrill of male sex in toilets; it was a very weird article.

    Just a sample of one here, but I have never seen women have sex in toilets, never was hit on by a woman in a restroom, and fortunately never had a bad experience with any woman in a restroom. So the idea of men coming into the restrooms dressed as women, pre-op, post op or whatever is horrifying.
    I will not use the restrooms at our gay and lesbian center because of the trans invasion, the drag queen invasion… all of which FAABS are subjected to.

    And it’s all about invasion of women’s spaces, as if men have to spray their pee on all of us everywhere all the time.

    The telling point of Cavenagh’s article was NO mention of the safety of women! That is a dead giveaway of either transness or pervness, I’m not sure what’s worse these days. We need to get letters to the editor of that magazine in protest. Goddess to Betsey I hate this weird stuff, hate it and more hate it!!!

  21. SheilaG Says:

    I have no sympathy whatsoever for men who get arrested for doing this weird stuff. Then you have little boys with mothers in the restrooms, and that creeps me out too.

    Is there no place on earth where men and boys are NEVER allowed no matter what?

  22. SheilaG Says:

    Lesbians have just gotta get out of the alphabet soup… what’s wrong with a movement that sticks with the L, and stays focused on the L alone?

  23. My my, Chris is a spammy troll, isn’t he…
    GM, you have angered teh beasty.

  24. GallusMag Says:

    Seriously, trans act like they are being prevented from using the facilities. They’re not. No one is being prevented from peeing by using sex-segregated restrooms. Everyone gets to pee in the same bathroom they always have. No one is being prevented from using the facilities. Just use the toilet like everyone else does. K Thanx.

  25. GallusMag Says:

    If you’re a dude who looks like a lady- GOOD FOR YOU. More power to you. Rock on. Just use the toilet like everyone else and stop trying to force women to undress in front of you. Use the facilities for your sex. K Thanx.

  26. […] trans who have been told they are no longer welcome to comment here. One of them stated that they tracked me down IRL and KNEW WHERE MY PARENTS LIVE. Threats […]

    • BerlinInSpring Says:

      [I can see your IP address Chris. You idiot. Same jerk who pissed all over my blog after being asked to leave repeatedly, now posting under a different name. Really creepy Chris. Go stalk someone else now thanks. -GM]

      • I saw this comment before you edited it. It was a duplicate of the death-threat-outrage one – what the fuck the comment was doing repeated over here, we will never know.

        It does however, allude to his sanity – rather, a lack thereof.

  27. WhitneyRice Says:

    [I can see your IP address Chris. You idiot. Same jerk who pissed all over my blog after being asked to leave repeatedly, now posting under a different name. Really creepy Chris. Go stalk someone else now thanks. -GM]

      • What the hell is it with M2T and IT? For starters, programmers should have a solid grounding in logic. The concepts of gender, brain gender and tranz are all illogical.

        I almost went into programming several decades ago – thank goodness I didn’t. I would have been surrounded by a sea pancake make-up and pink crap. I would have looked like a stone butch in a department of laydees.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I don’t like to do this but he gives me no choice.

      • GallusMag Says:

        If I tell you to leave me alone. Do it. Sure, a comment or two whining about it might be understandable. Emotions are high, we’re only human. Or showing up two weeks later and leaving a sensible comment on another post and hoping it flies under my radar or that all is forgotten (hell I think I’ve actually let that one go by a few times). BUT POSTING THIRTY TIMES UNDER MULTIPLE NAMES TO FORCE YOURSELF INTO MY SPACE IS UNACCEPTABLE AND YOU WILL REGRET IT. I’m only getting started Chris- don’t push your luck.

      • GallusMag Says:

        He deleted all his info since I posted this but I capped it.

      • GallusMag Says:

        He should stick to writing code since he doesn’t know how the internet works.

      • With him – all of them – they want to convince everyone (including radfems) that they are laydees, just like FABs.

        However, they will NEVER convince us – they behave always just like all the other dudes who don’t wear dresses and make-up.

        Trotting out my new saying of the week:
        You can take the prick off the dude, but you can’t take the prick out of the dude.

        All the stalking, the insistence on accessing female spaces, not taking no for an answer, self-obsession, obsession with fetishes and sex, obsession with femininity and gender binary (that is gender roles/behaviour, not biological sex btw).

        Congrats dudes, you are like all the other dudes who don’t wear dresses. It makes you exactly like them, not us.

      • And when was the last time you saw a radfem go onto a tranz blog/site, and leave serial comments, over and over again?

        That’s right – never.

      • One more snark whilst I am on a roll…

        Nice Doris Day lens on the FaceButt photo Chris.

  28. jilla Says:

    Gallus women cannot say no to men. Chris is a man.

    Men do not allow women to refuse their attentions. He is never going to quit until he gets his way. You will acknowledge him, and let him have his say. He is MALE, and he is proving it over and over.

    Way to go Chris. Atta boy. You show her.

  29. GallusMag Says:

    Links updated as promised. Interesting that the trans activists want to make the actions (confronting and detaining a suspected sex offender) described in the latest link as “heroic”- illegal. Yes, they want to make it illegal to confront a registered sex offender. Because his “inner gender fantasy” may be disturbed.

    • Thanks! Brilliant!

      I like your *personal touch* dedicating new links to the various tranzjacktivists and their supporters, I thought the dedication to RServen and his research skills, particularly touching…

      Sadly, he’s not the only one to claim “no such incidents by TWs or cross-dressers”.

  30. GallusMag Says:

    Don’t forget to keep sending me links, yo. Your help is much appreciated.

  31. KatieS Says:

    Here’s a report of one trans attacking another trans in a woman’s bathroom and biting off the tip of his nose. Both were cross-dressers. A lawsuit claims that “Tquila and its employees should have known that when there was a gathering of numerous patrons in the restroom that there was trouble and the potential of physical harm to one of its patrons.”

    Now, I don’t think they mean “a gathering of numerous patrons” as much as they mean “a gathering of numerous male patrons in a women’s rest room.”

    I’ve never felt threatened by being in a women’s rest room with a bunch of other females. In fact, it’s safer to have a bunch of other women in there if you are a woman.

  32. Did you notice some of the comments:

    by Time on Jun 3, 2010 at 09:42 PM
    Wow, NOTICE, if your a pervert dress as a woman and you can go into a womans restroom.
    by B on Jun 3, 2010 at 06:40 PM
    If you have a penis stay out of the “WOMENS” bathroom..problem solved!
    by Cindy on Jun 3, 2010 at 02:50 PM
    If men can be allowed to wear a dress and use womens bathrooms, more men would be wearing dress. James Martin davis the ambulance chaser.
    by Debbie on Jun 3, 2010 at 02:21 PM
    As A woman, I would like to sue this man for being in the women’s restroom. If you are a man, go in the men’s bathroom. Period.
    by anon on Jun 3, 2010 at 12:03 PM
    First of all I find it disturbing that trannies think it’s acceptable to use the womens restroom. Second, maybe HE should stop spending all of his money on fancy clothes and make-up and he wouldn’t have to blame outside sources and look for someone to pay for a situation he put himself in…when he can’t pay his own medical bills!
    by concerned on Jun 3, 2010 at 08:14 AM
    I know that they can’t put cameras in the johns but they can put a guard in there. Just make it a female guard. and no I do not want a unisex bathroom because I like my privacy. maybe have a 3rd bathroom that is a single occupancy just for “them”. I do not want a man in my bathroom.
    by What on Jun 3, 2010 at 06:36 AM
    Playing dressup doesn’t give men the right to enter or use the “ladies” room! Perhaps the sign on the door should read “Real Ladies Room?”
    by Jamaal on Jun 2, 2010 at 08:28 PM
    Just because HE wears makeup and dresses like a woman, does not give him the right to use the woman’s restroom. He is not a woman. I think any REAL women who used that bathroom should sue the bar for allowing MEN to use the women’s restroom.

    My favourite just had to be “Real Ladies Room”, rotflmo

    • KatieS Says:

      Yes, I thought the comments were worthwhile. Apparently those of us commenting on these blogs are not the only ones who feel this way. And that’s a very good thing!

  33. Nik Says:

    Yeah, I bet some of those sicko’s even posted pictures of those poor people just trying to pee on the internet! (And I’m not sure how the visual was relevant anyways, the person depicted was clearly using a men’s restroom)

    It seems to me that you posted somewhere in the range of 20 cases from across the world which, while I’m sure that was a time intensive task, has to be balanced by the fact that every time one of these criminals is arrested, it’s going to make all the local headlines. It’s anecdotal evidence taken to the extreme.

    I readily acknowledge that we have outrageous and unconscionable levels of rape, sexual assault, and violence against women. I have yet to see actual evidence that trans people are more likely to commit these crimes than the general populace. I’m not also not convinced that we face an epidemic of male-bodied people taking pictures of women’s feet under toilet stalls (a crime that I’m not trying to make light of, I hope that all of these people were convicted and punished to the fullest extent of the law). Which makes me have a hard time seeing why we should maintain laws and policies which encourage people to be frightened of me because I don’t always dress in men’s clothing.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “Yeah, I bet some of those sicko’s even posted pictures of those poor people just trying to pee on the internet!”

      Yes, that’s true. There are many websites whose sole purpose is to feature illegally obtained pictures of women in bathrooms, and “upskirt” photos taken by men who place shopping bags with cameras in them next to unsuspecting women wearing skirts, pictures of women in locker rooms, etc. Men masturbate to these pictures, it’s a whole genre of porn.

      “(And I’m not sure how the visual was relevant anyways, the person depicted was clearly using a men’s restroom)”
      The female impersonator in the picture is using the appropriate restroom. How is that not relevant to the post?

      “It seems to me that you posted somewhere in the range of 20 cases from across the world which, while I’m sure that was a time intensive task, has to be balanced by the fact that every time one of these criminals is arrested, it’s going to make all the local headlines. It’s anecdotal evidence taken to the extreme.”

      You’re saying more than 20 cases should have been cited in my post? 20 cases were not enough for you to get the point of the post? How strange. But what is really strange is that you think dudes perving on females in restrooms is headline material. LOLOLOL. Damn, you must live in an alternate universe. Dudes perving on females is not only back-page material, it’s not even newsworthy in the slightest. I’m sure 99% of cases are not even reported and of those that are, a tiny minority ever reach print much less make “headlines”. Jesus. Are you for real? The reason dudes perving doesn’t make the news is because it’s so common as to be unnewsworthy. What a bizarre commentary you offer. Not reflective of reality in any way. That really says something about you.

      “I readily acknowledge that we have outrageous and unconscionable levels of rape, sexual assault, and violence against women. I have yet to see actual evidence that trans people are more likely to commit these crimes than the general populace.”

      Men are men, whether wearing dress or not. I have never seen evidence that men wearing dresses behave any different that men not wearing dresses. Did you see someone say somewhere that trans males are more likely to perve than non-trans males? The only difference is access, not intention. Male trans have more access to perv when they are allowed in female spaces. That is indisputable.

      “I’m not also not convinced that we face an epidemic of male-bodied people taking pictures of women’s feet under toilet stalls (a crime that I’m not trying to make light of, I hope that all of these people were convicted and punished to the fullest extent of the law).”

      I’ve never heard of men taking pictures of women’s feet under bathroom stalls. Thank you for letting me know this occurs. It doesn’t surprise me. There are many sites on the internet for men to post pictures taken in public of women’s feet, which men masturbate to. So taking pictures of women’s feet in restrooms is not a huge surprise when men are in women’s restrooms.
      But I almost wonder if due to reasons of your own you have reframed the cases of males voyeurising females and taking pictures of them when performing intimate acts in presumed privacy (such as restrooms) into “taking pictures of someone’s feet” which is a really strange re-framing of males who take photos of women urinating. It seems to be an attempt to mock or demean the experiences of females who are violated by male voyeurs and minimize them into a more benign (?) “photographing of something that is not considered private”. It really creeps me out that you would try to do that. It really shows the level of disrespect that you as a man have for women who are preyed upon by men like yourself.

      “Which makes me have a hard time seeing why we should maintain laws and policies which encourage people to be frightened of me because I don’t always dress in men’s clothing.”

      Why should you interject yourself into women’s spaces during those times when you choose to wear non-traditional garments? The fact that you have 1.) minimized and tried to re-frame male perving as something less harmful, and 2.) stated that 20 examples of male predation in a post is not evidence enough for you that such predation occurs, and 3.) your ABSURD notion that males who cross female boundaries and perve on them is not only “newsworthy” but “headline” material (!?!?), and 4.) Your selfish, misogynist, disrespectful, hostile disregard for the experience of females in a male supremacist rape culture, which DEMANDS that you be allowed into female restrooms, locker rooms, hospital rooms, women’s colleges, etc. etc. ALL BECAUSE YOU DECIDE TO WEAR A SKIRT AS PRICE OF ADMISSION forces me to conclude that YOU are EXACTLY the reason that female rights to sex-segregated spaces to reduce crimes against women are NEEDED and NECESSARY.
      YOU PROVE the point of this post quite nicely. Your total disregard for women which you feel entitled to because you “don’t always dress in men’s clothing” is sickening. And that’s putting it mildly. No one gives a shit what you wear. Leave women alone. Leave us out of it. Wearing a certain type of clothes does not mean we should have to deal with your UNWANTED presence. LEAVE WOMEN ALONE.

      • It was Joel Hardman who was caught with pictures of women’s feet on his mobile. His actual thrill was listening to women pee, and he dressed up in twanz gear in order to gain access to women’s bathrooms.

        Anyway, the feet photographing was a sideline to his main fetish, listening to women pee. Doubtless if he could actually photograph women peeing, he would. There have been plenty of cases in the past whereby hidden cameras have been found in women’s bathrooms and changing rooms, some even inside the toilet bowl. A well established perv genre.

      • GallusMag Says:

        That’s right Fab, thanks. There was one small mention of it in this entire piece. Perhaps Nick couldn’t be bothered to read further. The other possibility is that he chose to re-frame the entire post by that one small mention.

    • I believe it is that well established MRA-troll tactic of down playing the harms to females.

      “it was only photographs of feet” etc etc

      The other thing is, ALL of these fetishes always escalate (just like porn viewers and their porn). It starts of small, then they need more or greater “fixes” of their fetish in order to reach the previous highs.

      So perhaps someone “just photographing women’s feet as they pee” gradually morphs into “just installing a webcam that photographs them in the cubicle” that morphs into “installing webcam in the toilet bowl”. So Joel Hardman would have escalated to more and more, probably along those lines. The thing is he got caught in his relatively early stages. That is why I will not dismiss these things as “merely such and such”, because they will all get much worse.

      The other thing, particularly about the toilet-based / voyeuristic fetishes, is that that is also part of the thrill. This is a rapist mentality, because they are non-consensual victims.

      M2Ts insisting on entering female spaces when females don’t want them there – again, rapist mentality.

      Common denominator: Male.

      That’s why the nouveau-laydees just don’t cut it as “one of us”.
      Fetishes, rapist mentalities.

  34. Nik Says:

    OK, first off, if “leave women alone” means stop posting here, feel free not to accept this post in moderation and I won’t post here again. And, since the internet is great at portraying tone, I want to make it clear that that’s not intended as a snarky comment, but as an admission that I can’t tell if my posts are being invasive and am thick enough to need it spelled out for me because it is not my desire to intrude.

    The posted picture disturbs me for the following reason. When it is posted at the head of an article describing how MAABs wearing dresses are threats to women in bathrooms, despite the person in question being in a men’s room, it certainly doesn’t communicate, “look at this, this is how it should be done.” Instead, it further reinforces the societal belief that the very connection of transgendered people and bathrooms, that, by doing what every human must do, we are a threat. And, unless you know the photographer or the person in question, the person’s consent or even knowledge of this photograph is unclear. Acknowledging that it’s possible that this person feels differently, I wouldn’t want a picture of me going about my business in a men’s room, which is usually presumed to be an area where photography is impermissible to be used to head an article about why MAABs wearing dresses are threats for using a women’s rest room.

    Moving on, I’m not saying that you should have cited more than 20 cases. I’m saying that anecdotal evidence is ineffective at showing whether something is prevalent. And, while you may see these as cases of men perving on women, that’s not how the media or society in general sees it. Skipping ahead a bit, you might not give a shit what I wear, but many, many people do. Without ever having gone into a women’s restroom in my life, I am already a perv and a threat in the eyes of most, not because of my penis (although that is certainly a factor), but because I am breaking rigidly controlled gender norms. More importantly, we’re interesting and, when one individual gets caught doing pervy things, the whole world wants to know about it. Any examination of transgendered people in media that I’ve seen reinforced the belief that the mainstream media looks for opportunities to confirm what they already think they know about us.

    “Men are men, whether wearing dress or not. I have never seen evidence that men wearing dresses behave any different that men not wearing dresses. Did you see someone say somewhere that trans males are more likely to perve than non-trans males? The only difference is access, not intention. Male trans have more access to perv when they are allowed in female spaces. That is indisputable.”

    Well, for starters, we wear dresses, which given most men’s attitude towards femininity, is a pretty big difference. Just for the sake of intellectual honesty, I identify as genderqueer, not as a transwoman and, as such, I haven’t and don’t intend to use the women’s restroom. But, for you to say that there is nothing different between me and male-bodied people who perceive themselves as men feels, from my vantage point, ludicrous. We’ve already established that I’m selfish (you’ve said it and I won’t dispute it). As a selfish person who chooses to dress in what is perceived to be a feminine way, I get taken less seriously, I implicitly alienate myself from those around me, and I am much more likely to be perceived as threatening. In short, I still experience male-privilege, but it’s a much more bitter flavor of it than the typical experience. If I could have chosen to be like most men, why in the hell wouldn’t I have? The only conclusion that I can jump to is that there is something unchangeably different between trans people and most. Whether that affects your likelihood to assault someone, I can’t say but anecdotally, I’ve seen far more trans people who have been the victims of assault than the perpetrators of it.

    “I’ve never heard of men taking pictures of women’s feet under bathroom stalls. Thank you for letting me know this occurs.”

    Really? I just took your first example:

    “Police found three images of women’s feet taken beneath cubicle doors on his mobile phone, and an audio recording of a flushing toilet, the court was told.”

    “But I almost wonder if due to reasons of your own you have reframed the cases of males voyeurising females and taking pictures of them when performing intimate acts in presumed privacy (such as restrooms) into “taking pictures of someone’s feet” which is a really strange re-framing of males who take photos of women urinating. It seems to be an attempt to mock or demean the experiences of females who are violated by male voyeurs and minimize them into a more benign (?) “photographing of something that is not considered private”. It really creeps me out that you would try to do that. It really shows the level of disrespect that you as a man have for women who are preyed upon by men like yourself.”

    I’m going to preface this part by saying that is was not my intention to mock or demean any of the women who have had these crimes perpetrated against them. However, that’s clearly how I came off and for that, I apologize.

    I did not frame it as “taking pictures of someone’s feet.” What I said was “taking pictures of women’s feet under toilet stalls” which, as I perceived it at the time, left intact the full level of creepiness involved.

    I know that this is getting pretty long, but one last comment on the bathroom issue and the unwanted presence of MAAB in bathrooms. I go to a college in which the vast majority of bathrooms are gender-neutral, with the exception being women’s only halls, which have women’s only bathrooms. Well over 90% of women who attend my college choose co-ed halls and bathrooms. Now, it’s entirely possible that those decisions are socially coerced, but consider this. After finding out what it’s really like to share bathrooms with men, the number of women in women’s only halls doesn’t increase, it dramatically decreases. There are fewer 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year women combined who live on women’s only halls than 1st years. And no, that’s not because of an infiltration of MTFs, I’ve never heard of a trans person living on one of the women’s only halls. This doesn’t take anything away from the legitimate safety concerns of those women who do want women’s only bathrooms, but it does suggest that the issue is more complicated.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “I’m saying that anecdotal evidence is ineffective at showing whether something is prevalent. And, while you may see these as cases of men perving on women, that’s not how the media or society in general sees it.”

      You seriously need more proof that male predation of females is prevalent? Sick. That is a symptom of your female-hatred and total disregard for reality.

      “As a selfish person who chooses to dress in what is perceived to be a feminine way, I get taken less seriously, I implicitly alienate myself from those around me, and I am much more likely to be perceived as threatening. In short, I still experience male-privilege, but it’s a much more bitter flavor of it than the typical experience. ”

      Who cares?

      ” Well over 90% of women who attend my college choose co-ed halls…”

      Women choose co-ed dorms when they want the option of having male guests, not because they like sharing the bathroom with you. Only the most twisted mind would think otherwise. That would be you.

      Nick no one cares what clothing you wear, my special snowflake. At least no one here does. Good for you for always using the male facilities and not inflicting yourself on women in that way. Maybe you can educate your brothers to do the same. You could also educate them that some men wear dresses, and that should be acceptable. Good luck with your male concerns.

  35. Noanodyne Says:


    That’s exactly it. Leave us the fuck alone. If you want to play dress up and indulge your fantasies, do it in the company of other men, MAABs, people with dicks, people who used to have dicks, and XY chromos of every stripe.


    If you’re such a special snowflake that deserves extra special attention, go hang out with men and convince them of that.

    Go spend time with Men’s Rights Activists

    Go hang out in the woods with survivalist men
    Spend your time with violent biker gangs in their meat bars
    Spy on men in their bathrooms, locker rooms, and spas
    Pledge a fraternity
    Join an all-male lodge or private club
    Go bang the drums with men in the woods

    and LEAVE WOMEN the fuck ALONE

    • GallusMag Says:

      “Go spend time with Men’s Rights Activists” – His entire comment was all about that, wasn’t it?

      • Nik Says:

        No. No, it wasn’t.

        You can tell me as many times as you want that what I said means that I don’t think that “male predation of females is prevalent.”

        It doesn’t make it true.

        You can quote me in such a way that makes it look like I was asking you guys for sympathy because people treat me differently.

        That doesn’t make it true either. And I hope that differences between male-bodied people who identify as men and male-bodied people who wasn’t actually misinterpreted as a plea for pity by anyone who read my post.

        You can also make it look like I think my entire college revolves around me.

        That doesn’t mean I do

      • GallusMag Says:

        ” Me, I, I, me, I, me, I, my, I, me, I”

        Bored with you now.

      • Me too. Totally bored.
        What dribble.

    • Misty Says:

      Exactly. Nik’s issues are men’s issues in every sense. Well said! I’m still shocked that Planned Parenthood now provides trans-hormones! WTF does M2T have to do with women’s or mens reproductive rights?

  36. myrtle Says:

    Crikey I’m walking into walls on a Sunday morn, and look at you go! Superb.

    Brava Gallus.

    He comes here to trivialize and minimize, doing exactly what the media does with instances of men perving on women. Doing mental backflips. Not a problem according to men, dressed in whatever.

  37. SheilaG Says:

    Actually, when we moved to a women only dorm floor, and a women’s dorm after dealing with horrific “co-ed” facilities the previous year, people constantly made fun of women who wanted women’s only space. Our female only floor was constantly made fun of by the other students, and so most women don’t want to be called “lesbians” or joked at, so they give into going along to get along. That’s the real truth, and if I had to do it over again, I would have gone to a women’s college and gotten one hell of a better education free of men, pervs, rapists, frat parties with drunken men on campus… and sexist pigs in the classrooms. Male free is one of THE most radical things women can demand, so what do women want here? We want male free spaces to discuss important issues, free of the male cluelessness, the narcissim, the attacks, and the penis entitlement they can’t seem to shake.

  38. KatieS Says:

    Sheila, your post make me to go back to college and start all over again at a women’s college.

    Perhaps it’s time for women to start sueing to get their money back for the crap that interfered with us getting a substantial education. You know, the kind where our minds are not constantly being hampered by male presence, including by horrendously misogynist professors.

  39. […] spaces set aside for female privacy is a huge male fantasy. I’ve done a few posts on this topic in the past and I can tell you that finding serious articles or news reports on the subject is difficult […]

  40. […] Total fucking skumbag baby raper Thomas Lee Benson claiming his “internal Jender identity” made him dress up like a woman and plonk himself into a hottub full of little girls in the women’s lockeroom, even though he is a designated predatory sex offender for raping elementary school girls, and forbidden to be near children. Claims his internal “female gender identity” made him do it. Says it’s his right to be around naked little girls- his preferred victims- cause his Gender Identity Rights say so! […]

    • Purplerage Says:

      Every time I think I know of the depths to which heterosexual males will sink in the name of the male-supremacist sexuality they hold so sacred, they always think up yet another variation of a way to phallicentrically invade or intrude upon the female sex and violate our bodily autonomy – this male, is indeed, a female-hating, creepy fucker with a rapist mentality and his whole life ahead of him in a porn-soaked, male-supremacist world. There will be females who love and care for him, live with him and value him oblivious to how he inwardly regards them. I actually dread to think what he’ll ”move on” to?

    • Rhonda Says:

      oh. my. god. Every woman on the planet should read this. I didn’t even think of this, and I constantly run scenarios through my head of any bad thing that could happen. Seriously…holy shit

  41. la redactora Says:

    Ewwwwwwwe. I swear to god, they just can’t take it, can they, that a single woman on the planet might never come into contact with the almighty peen. Besides being a completely disgusting pervert thing to do, countless women (because I doubt he’s the only one) have now been exposed to whatever nasty diseases he’s been slogging around.

    You know, I always, always discard the first few pieces of toilet paper, just to be on the safe side. My wildest imaginings about what I was being “safe” about, hygiene wise, would never have skimmed the surface of what he did.

  42. Bev Jo Says:

    Thank you so much, Gallus. Some of us have been continuing the fight on a very large “Feminist” facebutt group about what men appropriating our identity are doing (while being called the usual insulting names.)

  43. RoseVerbena Says:

    Bottom line: men forcing themselves on women.

    Same as it ever was.

  44. lovehearty42 Says:

    I understand that this may be edited all to shit, and my point will be skewed to say something like “I AM AN EVIL MALE OVERLORD HERE TO RAPE ALL YOUR PUSSIES AND IMPREGNATE YOUR WRETCHED FEMINIST SOULS!” However, that is simply not the case. Before I begin talking about the article, let me say that I know nothing about any of you, I’m not some crazy stalker, and I have no idea how to hack into my own e-mail if I forget the password. Just to make that clear.

    On to the article! You (the author) take a few fuck-wad tranny-wannabe (and they aren’t even actually transsexual, to boot) cases, laud them as the reason that all transwomen who have actually taken steps toward physical transition on their own outside of a prison setting where it all gets paid for by taxpayers in that country are inherently unfit to exist in female-only spaces. I get it, you have misgivings about people with dicks. I’m sorry. I mean, I really do get it. There are assholes with a lot of sway in the US that want to give parental rights to rapists after forcing rape victims to carry a child they were forcibly impregnated with. It is a serious fucking problem, and I’ll do what I can, by voting and by speaking with my representatives, to stop things like this from becoming law.

    However, some of the people in the comments here have basically stopped short of wishing violence on us. And then, you’ve got people like that Bev-Jo character jumping off the cliff and wishing genocide against the trans community.

    So, like I said, I get the problems you have with people you perceive to be male. However, I have a problem with RadFems. I have a problem with you lumping every singly trans person in with these fuck-tards. It’s about as bad as saying Saddam Hussein (a secular leader) works with al-Qeada (a religious organization)… and you see where that got us. So, I won’t apologize for these fucks. They are not “our people”. As far as I’m concerned, they lose their trans license when they get off on anything female-related (with the exception of healthy, consensual sexual relationships with other adults who know they are trans even after bottom surgery). It is called “autogynephelia” (sp? too lazy to look it up right now), and it is pretty much the antithesis of what it means to be trans in the first place.

    Walk in my shoes. Imagine that you are born with a body that you don’t want. Would you still be the radical feminist that you are, today? If you were born male-bodied and you weren’t trans: would you be just as misogynistic as you claim a lot of men are? To me, this article and this entire movement makes me think of evangelical Christianity. There is no discussion. There is no exchange of ideas. There is only a proclamation of beliefs and the other side of any given issue just gives up trying to reason with the believer. In the end, the believer takes this as a victory rather than the stalemate that it is.

    • GallusMag Says:

      First of all, I love your nick. lol.
      Secondly, it isn’t the responsibility of women to parse which of you assholes are assholes and which are well-meaning dudes. NOT OUR PROBLEM. NOT OUR DUTY TO SERVE YOU. Sorry if you are a well-meaning dude- sincerely! STILL NOT OUR PROBLEM.

      • lovehearty42 Says:

        It’s the responsibility of the assholes to not be assholes. Furthermore, why should we be blamed for what they do? Are we going to say that because some women have committed crimes, we shouldn’t sparse who is a criminal and who is not a criminal? If not, then you are holding a double standard.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Violence against women is OVERWHELMINGLY committed by males. Most males are aware of that explicitly- every time a woman crosses the street to avoid them after dark. Absolutely REPULSIVE men like yourself (we call you “MRA’s”) fail to understand that basic fact.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “However, some of the people in the comments here have basically stopped short of wishing violence on us. And then, you’ve got people like that Bev-Jo character jumping off the cliff and wishing genocide against the trans community”

      OK this is total crap. The fact that females don’t prioritize your MALE problems isn’t an “attack” on you. So fucking tired of this bullshit. FUCK OFF OF FEMALES. How clear is that?????
      How fucking hard is that to figure out?
      PISS OFF.
      There are several male trans that comment here that understand that. Why don’t you?

      • lovehearty42 Says:

        I just posted a comment. One single, individual comment. Furthermore, it’s not crap if it’s been said. Unless every single commentator that wrote that transwomen should subject themselves to violence in the men’s facilities REALLY meant that transwomen should just use the facilities in their homes and crap their pants if a bathroom emergency arises.

      • GallusMag Says:

        It is FUCKED UP that you men – who perform epidemic violence against women- ALSO perform violence against each other for “appearing” female, or for being “insufficiently” oppressive and “masculine”. THAT SUCKS. I AM AGAINST IT. Male on male violence is WRONG. Homophobia is WRONG. I still FAIL to SEE why women’s safety needs to be infringed on because of MALE PROBLEMS. It is NOT the fault of females that other males oppress you. Females are NOT obligated to give up the TINY amount of protections we have to protect you males from each other.

      • GallusMag Says:

        YOU are afraid of using the men’s facilities because of MALE violence. Females should NOT be required to accommodate VIOLENT MALES because OTHER MALES fear them. Start YOUR MOVEMENT against MALE VIOLENCE. Do NOT inflict violent males upon women. Thanx.

      • lovehearty42 Says:

        Right. Once again, you are grouping me, a transwoman, with males. Males who are pieces of shit for oppressing women in the ways that they do. I think we can both agree on the latter. On that note, are transmen really “women” in your eyes?

      • GallusMag Says:

        “you are grouping me, a transwoman, with males.”
        YOU ARE MALE.
        YOU ARE MALE.
        YOU ARE MALE.
        And by the comments you have posted you are an incredibly entitled and woman-hating male.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Being a “transwoman” doesn’t make you NOT MALE.

    • GallusMag Says:

      YOU ARE A MAN.
      THAT IS ALL.

    • GallusMag Says:

      HEY there are guys who comment here who go into the men’s room wearing skirts. THEY ARE REVOLUTIONARIES. You? Are a fucking whining crybaby blaming females for your troubles.

      • lovehearty42 Says:

        When did I blame females for my troubles?

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        “When did I blame females for my troubles?”

        At your blog, asshole. And now here. You attack and insult radical feminists (all born women, really) rather than, say, the males who are actually doing you harm. It’s so much easier that way! And so much less scary! That’s misogyny, pure and simple, but you are not introspective enough – nor brave enough – to recognize that.

        However, you do recognize that males can present danger: “transwomen should subject themselves to violence in the men’s facilities….” Okay. So. In your warped worldview, MtT – many of whom do not pass as female, sad to say – should be allowed to use women’s restrooms and lockerrooms but the born women therein should not feel at all threatened by what appears to be (is) a six-foot man in drag in areas that are designated for women’s personal activities. Because apparently we born women have some sort of inborn radar that tells us that you mean no harm! Really! ‘Cause you’re really a woman yourself! Got it.

        You’re an idiot. An extremely, extremely self-absorbed idiot, wallowing in male privilege. You also, I noticed, didn’t address any of the very valid points GallusMag brought up. Because they’re just too damned inconvenient for you, I’d say.

        Oh, and: YOU ARE MALE.

    • lovehearty42 Says:

      Y’know, I tried to be nice. I know I probably failed at it. Okay, I failed miserably at it, but that’s not the point. However, GallusMag, you have proven that you are not interested in a dialogue. You are interested in simply stating your opinion as loudly and crassly as possible, and insulting anyone with a differing opinion. What if I were a “real” female, with “real” female feelings that didn’t mind trans women sharing the restroom with me? Would my ideas be null, then, because they aren’t in line with your ideas? Even though I am in this theoretical sense a “real” female?

      • GallusMag Says:

        Women are not CRASS for telling males like yourself to FUCK OFF. And “what if” you were female? YOU AREN’T.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        This is so fucking predictable at this point, isn’t it, Gallus? The MtT come in and “explain” their “side.” We don’t buy it, for so very many legitimate reasons. Then we’re accused of not liiiiiiiistening, for surely if we liiiiiiiistened we’d agree with them! And this: “I tried to be nice, and you are so meeeeaaaan!!” But no, in their eyes we’re all uppity and stuff, and accused of putting our fingers in our ears and not being “interested in a dialogue.” No, lovehearty42, this is what women saying NO looks like. I don’t care one whit that you’re not enjoying it. We don’t exist to make you feel better. Get it now?

        We’re not buying what you’re selling. We’ve read and read and read, and talked and talked and talked, and have come to the quite logical conclusion that YOU AND YOUR THEORIES ARE FULL OF BULLSHIT. And most definitely damaging to born women. Get it now?

        Go “dialogue” your dick. Oh wait, you’ve already done that all over this thread.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Ashland Avenue-
        You’ve touched on something- a particular dynamic that is incredibly galling and disturbing to me about many of the male transgenders who comment here in the years I have been running this blog.

        I would say nearly every non-trans commenter here has independently done an incredible amount of research into the trans point of view, the trans perspective, before sharing their trans-critical thoughts publicly. THey have listened to trans people, read their blogs and articles and comments, considered the points the trans politic makes carefully, after making sure they fully understanding them.

        On the contrary, nearly every trans commenter here and on other feminist blogs and articles -has done nearly zero research into feminist points of view, and in the case of male transgenders, into the perspectives and experiences of actual women.

        This is incredibly galling and disrespectful and entitled and offensive and unforgivable. But I also find it incredibly DISTURBING that males who insist they are actually female have done zero research into the lives and experiences of the actual females that they claim sympatico with. None. No basic understanding of women’s lives or the women’s liberation movement.

        The trans critical speakers do their research not out of any inherent fascination with genderists but out of ethical responsibility. They want to make absolutely certain that the critiques of transgender that they make are well-considered, informed, not marginalizing or unfair in any way.

        The trans commenters give zero shits about ethics when addressing the lives of women. Zero. But they also LACK ALL CURIOSITY OR INTEREST in the lives of the underclass they claim membership to. So much for “sympatico”. Zero.

        It really is all about porn and fuckholes for them. 100%.

        Actual females just get in their way.

        The very very few male transgenders who express any interest in feminism whatsoever are generally autogynophile pretendbians who proclaim themselves the new torch-bearers of feminism despite failing to understand even the basics. Their stated goal is to divorce feminism from actual females. Examples would be Joelle Ruby Ryan who teaches women’s studies and has written voluminously about radical feminism without ever addressing any actual radical feminist views- either because he is incapable of understanding them, or more likely, he has never, like the commenters, bothered to research or understand those views. At all. He claims the word “female” itself is “offensive and outdated”. Another example: Julia Serano, whose version of feminism declares female experience a “fab mentality” that should be silenced at all costs and who declares that the foundation of women’s liberation- reproductive autonomy- is “alienating”. Bonus points: his assertion that the complex of social rituals which demand the constant performance of female subordination (“femininity”) is liberating for women. Also: his platform that sex-based oppression “goes both ways” ie. in a bizarre exception to all oppressions, lacks a hierarchy of power. Dear Lord. Last example: Natalie “Transfeminism/Mansfeminism” Reed whose 4th wave MANfeminist MANifesto could not be more male-supremacist if it was written as MRA satire.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        OMG yeah, Gallus. When trans-related crap first started coming onto my radar several years ago, I was very sympathetic towards them. And as they were gradually becoming more affiliated with the LGB movement, I thought I ought to know more about transsexualism so as to be an informed person, an informed lesbian person. I was curious too. (I just thought of the song “What’s This?” from Nightmare Before Christmas!)

        So I read and read, mostly things that trans people wrote, but also trans-related news items at both LGB and mainstream sites. But gradually…the demanding, the mansplaining, the co-opting, the appropriation, the sheer obnoxiousness began to reveal itself. You brought up Serano – a major turning point for me was watching one of his “performances” on YouTube in which he told – no, sneered – to born women that we “just needed to get the fuck over it” with regard to hell I can’t remember what, but I’m pretty sure it had to do with MtT in women’s spaces or women’s bars. His total lack of comprehension, awareness, and empathy about womens’ lot (and histories) in this world astonished and repulsed me. He is truly an enemy to women; a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

        So yeah, I’ve noticed that complete lack of information-gathering on their part too. Of course it does not surprise me. Consider the source.

  45. [ALL of your points have already been addressed repeatedly in this comment thread. -GM]

  46. Velicoraptor Says:

    Newly “converted” radfeminist here. I just want to express my gratitude for writing about all this in such a great way. For years I have supported the GLBT movement. And I still do, partially. I fully support gays/lesbians having all the full rights to love and marry each other as hetero humans can and do. Same with bi-people. And for that I thought I should fight for whatever rights trans-people wanted, because, hey, they’re human too, right? But something inside me was bugged with their fight to access whatever gendered-space they claimed to belong to. I did not know why. As well as how exactly does one go from one gender to another. Is a M2F more woman than me because he wears makeup and I don’t, despite being born with a vagina?
    And what about the male privilege he has lived with and used for all his life?

    And then, thanks to blogs like this, it dawned upon me: trans-rights means eliminating some female rights. Rights to safe space. As well as it promotes rigid gender stereotypes. If I’m not behaving feminine enough, will I be deemed to be a male? Who gets to decide? (Well, males of course, but who?)

    The day I will fully support the trans-rights movement is the day when men abuse and violate women in the same rate as women abuse and violate other women. It will be the day when sexist jokes are funny because they are so outlandish and weird because the content of the joke never happens. The day gender stereotypes happens to be just a lifestyle choice like goth and hipster, for both men and women. In other words, I will support the transactivists the day men and women are actually equal.

    Just my thoughts.

  47. […] As transgender male rights activists are fond of pointing out: laws don’t prevent all crime from happening (much as laws against speeding don’t cause all drivers to obey the speed limit). Men still rape, assault, murder, peep, install hidden cameras, etc. in women’s restrooms BY THE SCORES even with laws against it. I can cite dozens if not hundreds of such reported, citable cases on a weekly basis, 52/365, even though such “incidents” are so common they are seldom reported, much less investigated. Some of those cases involve transgender males. […]

  48. the problem as i see it is that each and every incident you have provided is in a city/state that prohibits males to enter such privacy areas, and yet they still do it regardless, so limiting a geniune transsexual person from entering those premises is not making any difference except that those people encounter full on physical harm through rape and beatings in the male facilities they are forced into, does this mean that these instances are any more or less important? of course not but I would suggest that there is in fact a way to make the trans side happy while maintaining the laws that are in effect if not going farther to strengthen them (which should be done) and that is to use the ID of the individual to determine if they should or shouldnt be allowed in there. It’s one thing to dawn a skirt and wig to cop a peek but far be it for that same perve to actually prove to a medical doctor or licensed psychiatrist that they have gender dysphoria and thus be allowed to after paying a generally steeper fee get their name and gender marker on their ID changed and in most instances you probably would need to show up at the DMV as the person you claim to be to even get approved there, therefor asking for the ID while being something that a true transsexual person could and should go through the process to obtain allows the state to maintain its laws in place to easily prosecute these peeping toms and rapist, I also would avocate for stiffer sentences for such acts and if your jurisdiction does not have in place additional laws to govern what activity in a restroom is inappropriate than you should lobby to make sure that it will. I think we can all establish that playing with yourself, aiming a camera into the stall next to you, looking over it, and other such similar acts are most definately inappropriate and if not just a red flag, should also be considered breaking a crime, tack on as much as you can to punish someone as harshly as possible for doing such things and maybe at the very least a messege that you arent going to put up with this crap will reduce more instances of it occuring.

    • BadDyke Says:

      The PROBLEM (which you can’t see for obvious reasons), is looking at this from a womans point of view. IF males aren’t allowed into womens rest-rooms, then a woman who spots someone she thinks is male (hey, I’m a butch dyke, I’ve been ‘misgendered’ more times than I could shake a stick at!), whether that is a straight male, a transwoman, a drag queen, or just some creepy straight dude in a dress with a voyeurism fetish, then she can do whatever she needs to do to try and protect herself. Doesn’t require IDs, or any legalise.

      The PROBLEM with the current legislation is that it requires such women to be able to magically tell the difference between a male who is pretending to be trans, and an ‘actual’ transwoman (i.e. a male who THINKS he is trans/female). Frankly, since my limited mind-reading abilities don’t work that well on males, I posit that such a system for female protection is garbage. THAT’s the rub, not that transwomen are a threat as such (that’s a debate for another day), but the fact that the fiction that we can tell the difference between a ‘real’ transwoman and a male pretending to be trans, leaves women without a reasonable way to detect a legitimate threat.

      O goddess, mansplaining at it’s best, why do I bother!

      Another gem: “It’s one thing to dawn a skirt and wig to cop a peek..” Who apart from a male would describe it in that way. ……………..

      More gems: “that those people encounter full on physical harm through rape and beatings in the male facilities they are forced into”
      Well, we have the safety of ALL women to be affected by the inability to act appropriately when ANY male (or suspected male) enters the womens room. Trans want to hide out in the ladies, cos they’ll feel safer, whilst ignoring the fact that by so doing, they will be REMOVING the very factor that made the ladies room any safer in the first place!

      Of course, as males, they have no idea of what they’re destroying, just as those males who think they’ve snuck into womens space and now know what women-only is all about have no idea either……………………………….

      • michelle Says:

        not to mention the fallacy that is the twanz claims of so much rape and beating in the men’s room…seems rather interesting that such stories are rarely publicized even in their own social media.

        Let’s face reality, “katelyn”- the media LOVES tranny stories. You really think the media is going to pass up an opportunity to discuss such an event? I don’t. If those events are really going on and not being reported upon, then that leads me to the obvious conclusion that, once again, twanz does not want THEIR rights infringed upon by having to report a situation to police but would rather infringe upon the rights of females.

        Oh, and the whole canard of ‘but these stories are only in places that passed laws to forbid…’ -another red herring from twanz. After all, if it has not been outlawed, then females are unable to get someone to make the arrest precisely because someone will claim they were really just a misunderstood soul that was ‘really a woman’ based on self-proclaimed identity. And if you do not believe the perverts know those provisions, then you are truly deluded (all you have to do is look at the ones like Paul Witherspoon to see how the convicted pedophiles manipulate the system for access to female-only spaces even while still on parole supervision (as a side note, that particular perverted male STILL does not list ‘paula’ as a name he is known by for the purposes of his sex offender registration nor has he changed his Texas driver’s license).

      • No I agree each and every reason presented here is of a legitimate concern, I am merely pointing out that I think its rather horrid that the only solution you see is to force someone to endure violence to protect a what if scenario, however yes is does disgust me that these perverts do these things, and makes me very uncomfortable to think that I have possibly been a victim of it as well without realizing it ( the only joy in this is the thought that maybe the moron might have realized mid stroke that there was more to me than initially met the eye and ruined his pervy time) but to simply say that I have absolutely no understanding of your fears from a personal perspective is presumptive, I personally rarely am noticed for being other than a woman in public and thus would also be attacked no less than any of you would in any situation, I feel fear walking somewhere alone at night, not because I think some gang of homophobes is going to beat me up, but because I am afraid some creepo is going to see me as easy prey because I to him am an alone female. I nor any other woman in this world should have to fear this but it is a grim reality of this world we live in. I do not claim to have every solution nor do I have any expectations on anyone in this world to have special abilities, but I can suggest that situational awareness should always be employed no matter what you are doing, whether its going to the bathroom in hoped peace or getting a cup of coffee, you should always be aware of your surroundings and those in those surroundings, does that mean you should be able to tell the difference between a trans and a fake man? well in some respects yes and in some no, there IS a big difference in the appearance of someone who is obviously faking and someone who is actually undergoing treatment to physically change their body, I for one hope that I am very distinguishable from this look because if not we have some seriously blind people in society who if they cant tell the difference between me and a obviously butch male skirt and wig you mocked they might as well own a red tipped cane, but alas it is not necessarely the appearance of the individual that i recommend being the red flag, it is the actions, someone who doesnt belong where they are exhibit many obvious traits in their actions, if you are observant of that you will know the difference instantly, I know I would, and I would do whatever it took to remove that threat from my presence and other women around me. Just please do understand that I do feel just as much disgust as you all do with each and every case that actually is reported and even more with the ones that arent, let alone the lack of action being taken, and would be willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with any one of you in this group to see to it that action is taken to put a stop to this, this boys will be boys mentality was ludacris when it was first coined, and beyond ludacris that it is still thought of as a legitimate concept, I say end that concept with perves will be punished

      • GallusMag Says:

        “..does that mean you should be able to tell the difference between a trans and a fake man? well in some respects yes and in some no, there IS a big difference in the appearance of someone who is obviously faking and someone who is actually undergoing treatment to physically change their body..”

        Women should be able to tell exactly what?! about men in the women’s restroom.
        Top transgender activist Joelle Ruby Ryan is six foot eight and 350 pounds, takes no hormones or surgery, but he (exactly like yourself) claims he is “a woman”. Calliope Wong who is a man fighting to be admitted to Smith Women’s College takes no hormones and is indistiguishable from any other man yet he claims to be a woman. And on and on.

        You literally demand that women should stop their own natural fear reaction at seeing a man in the women’s rest room and stand there trying to guess whether or not the guy thinks of himself as female even though he is not?? You ignore all the issues and concerns raised by actual women here. Frankly this is offensive.

  49. I think you misunderstand my position a little, I dont think just anyone who claims to identify as a woman should instantly be protected, if you arent on hormones and have no plans for surgury you obviously do not fall under the classification of transsexual and therefor as a result are merely a crossdresser and I do not believe they deserve all of the protections being given. And personally I think these goofball trans activist actually hurt more than they help to begin with in both sides of the debate. By the way that actually was a typo the difference between a transwoman and a fake man should have been fake woman(ie someone impersonating for malicious reasons) sorry for that I noticed it only too late. I myself am not an activist just merely someone commenting via the anonymity of the internet because at some point I do wish to be far enough in my transition to go under the radar and be thought of as nothing more or less than another woman and not a freak, and yes these people standing out there screaming their point actually hurt that as much if not more than they help

    • oh and in regards to paul witherspoon, pretty much proved my stance in regards to that change not being undergone by a pervert, if they truly were transsexual they would actively pursue all of the changes necessary to complete their transition, not to mention that sex crimes should be the last thing to cross their mind, I for one think doing anything sexual with another woman is icky so i cannot wrap my mind around how anyone who claims to be one would actually assault one, seems more like an escape plan minus actually following through with the transition requirements

      • Motherhood Says:


        The “gender” policies and laws that your bowling buddies are pushing for are vague and meaningless and only serve men that want access to women’s spaces. Stating identity is a “feeling,” supports men who may or may not have a penis. Okay, fear is also a “feeling”. Now what makes a mans feeling need to be legally enshrined as more important than a woman’s feeling—your buddies. “Trans” hate women, they are 100% misogynistic. No exceptions, it is part of the illness.

        So in order to the widest swath of the sickness, they want law based on feeling, because a women can have a penis and if a women says anything about that he will smack that bitch up—you know this. So,that’s the position they have taken and they are too arrogant and stupid to change it. So this whole discussion of who does what is ridiculous—(only men that had their penis turned inside out and take estrogen are real.) None of it is real, surgery is not real, pills are not real, make-up not real, high heals not real. It is all cross-dressing, a compulsion and delusion that men have. Fine, okay well with in your rights. But your rights end in my spaces. You seem to think that for women there is some kind of hierarchy of “pervs” good pervs and bad pervs—there isn’t. All carry an inherent danger, no such thing as harmless. That is a male myth—and I am not shocked you adhere to it. It is just what triggers, or sets them off. And as you well know it is all based on erotic thoughts and addictive compulsive thoughts. Which by nature escalate– need more and more to get aroused—right. So there is real danger. How should women know –Does he just need the heals and skirt today or has he moved it up a notch and needs more? Women do not know because we are not mind readers. So no men in women’s spaces.

        Part of the illness is that the “identity” needs to be affirmed. That is called a symptom. In what alternate reality do you imagine women have too pander to men’s symptoms. Do I agree with the paranoid schizophrenic that he is being used by the government to talk to aliens? I am sure he would love that. But it isn’t my job to privilege the perceptions born out of illness over my healthy mind. And that is called sanity, mine and I like it. There is no law that is going to force anyone to lie to themselves in order to feed a symptom of a known documented mental illness.

        And you can share our “disgust” and pose as a sister. But that is rather disingenuous. You can’t share our fear, or history or pose as a woman and a mother and there is no change of name at DMV or new wording in the DSM that will change that. We live and die in the world. The real world not some driving compulsive thought looping over and over in our brains, not some phony language and happens to be in fashion this spring politic. I promise you are noticed. And the knife of high profile “being heard” cuts both ways. The more attention, the more attention and people will realize that this whole “trans narrative” is just mental illness.

        So frankly I am glad for all this “we’s be happy trans” as this expends and get more demanding and louder everyone will have their “peek trans moment.” Trans should get their head out of their asses. It is happening—Self defenses classes, Tasers, more police. Taking a piss near me will be any trans nightmare. Why because I am just that adorable—5 feet, 110 lbs, really just a cutie pie. And I and other women scream get out. I promise Mr. Policeman will be protecting me.

        Be realistic. Women who have been voctims of rape and other sexual violence are about 1 in 3. You really think they will prosecute all those mommies that zapped some guy with a raging hard on in the ladies room? How many of us can the prosecute after cameras are in every bathroom and men are seen beating it. And you know as well as I know that will happen sooner rather than later. And even if my state rep is a himself a cross dresser you think he isn’t going to respond to 1000’s of signatures and emails. Ever since my peek trans moment, and the threats that followed I have amassed contacts with.

        The names and list of all the men who claim are really women and also really rape women grows every week. You can have your “grim reality” of the world we live in because it isn’t, no matter how much it turns you on; it is not your reality. You forfeited your reality for I don’t know what, some phony crock you were told to make the illness more interesting and generate maximum profits.

        You, and other men got it over all of us on height weight and bone mass. The only thing that’s gonna take men down is a 45 or themselves. As for us we will zap and leave the piss stained prick on the bathroom floor. Spring for a book on punctuation—and meet the period. I highly doubt you have been a victim of anything other than some profiteer medical folks. It is not the kind of thing that you don’t notice—although it maybe a turn on to fantasy it. As laws don’t prevent neither do they obscure completely and women will not have a problem protecting themselves. The body count is too high. We can tell the difference—and “trans” are not women. They are men that had maybe had some cosmetic surgery. Nobody is passing—that is part of the delusion. I seriously would urge you to recognize the illness and demand real treatment. Be honest with yourself. Because you don’t get second chances in this life.

      • lonesomefeminist Says:

        “I for one think doing anything sexual with another woman is icky so i cannot wrap my mind around how anyone who claims to be one would actually assault one”

        And this proves jsut how male you are- you think women are raped because a guy finds them so sexy he can’t help himself? What the fuck is wrong with you?

        You aren’t female and you never ever will be no matter how long you grow your hair or how much make up you slather on. You are a disgusting, evil excuse for a human being to even think of writing something like this on a website for women.

    • Em Says:

      No true Scotsman …

      BZZZZZT. Logic fail. Thanks for playing.

    • farishcunning Says:

      “I personally rarely am noticed for being other than a woman in public”

      Just because most people are too polite to call you out doesn’t mean they haven’t noticed. Judging by your avatar, I’d say you don’t stand much chance of going “under the radar”. Like most trannies, you seem to have an unrealistic image of what you look like. All the hormones in the world can’t disguise those male-sized and -shaped head and features.

      You’re a male. You look like a male. You will always look like a male. We don’t want you or your brothers in our space. If you all have trouble in your space, settle it amongst yourselves. Leave us out of it.

  50. Bev Jo Says:

    “Transsexual” is a myth, not matter if the men try to appear as much like men say women should look or don’t. I have known enough and read enough and observed how none of these men appropriating women’s identity are allies to women. It is all about them, every little bit of it.

    “Katelyn’s” “I for one think doing anything sexual with another woman is icky” as a reason he can’t imagine sexually assaulting a woman is so clearly male and female-hating.

    These men just do not get it and will never get it. They are not women, cannot be women, and will not be women. Their fear of being attacked by other men because they are in drag is not our problem. We are constantly being threatened, including by the trans cult.

    • farishcunning Says:

      Bev Jo: “I have known enough and read enough and observed how none of these men appropriating women’s identity are allies to women. It is all about them, every little bit of it.”

      Well said and thank you.

  51. Motherhood, I was with you right up to the point you chose to insult me and put a presumptuous label on me, #1 i actually don’t associate with trans people simply because I do not see eye to eye with 90% of them or their preconceived notions, #2 my actual male friends is nearly as limited because most that i have met on a friend level are just plain disgusting pigs, and i feel bothered to be around someone like that, as for me being mentally ill, get a psychiatry degree before you decide you are qualified to make that diagnosis and lastly you actually have no knowledge of my medical history to make any assumptions on what I am to begin with, the only real thing you have to go on here to make your assumption is that i am making statements that dont coincide with your all men are evil monologues, which you attribute to automatically being male which an intelligent person could attribute to you considering the hate you fling around is actually quite a masculine trait, so it is best not to assume lest you make an ass out of you and me. lastly if you think I have some sort of physical advantage over you by bone structure or muscle you are sadly mistaken, height maybe but even then only by a little, i am quite petit actually but again another assumption on your part as for you Bev Jo not liking the thought of having sex with a woman is manly? that is a new one for the books cus last i checked men prided themselves on how many they had sex with. but it becomes obvious to me that you who have commented are simply choosing to ignore the whole of the messege and simply see “blah blah blah your concerns are fake” even tho i have repeatedly aknowledged them and even realize i am no exception to any one of them except pregancy from being raped which puts me essentiall on par for fears with a woman who happens to be barren, but that also doesnt matter because my assumed to exist Y chromosome automatically disqualifies me from being valid in anyway to you. sorry I tried to engage any of you on an intellectual level.

  52. BadDyke Says:

    ” I for one think doing anything sexual with another woman is icky so i cannot wrap my mind around how anyone who claims to be one would actually assault one”

    Usual trans nonsense aside, how many spotted this GROSSLY HOMOPHOBIC comment. Plus, again, does the usual male job of thinking sexual assault is about SEX, rather than power.

    Plus AGAIN ignoring the fact that the issue ISN’T about whether or not males who feel they’re female attack women (i.e., it ISN’T about you!).

    What ‘protection’ is being asked for here, for ‘real’ transwomen as opposed to fake ones? The ‘protection’ for feelings (I am a WOMAN, really I am……………), the ‘protection’ from getting your head kicked in by males for wearing a dress in the mens room……..Yeah, WE’D like protection from male violence too, but we don’t get it, and we’ll get it even LESS if we let males-who-believe-they’re-women into the female washroom. Except no trans idiot is going to actually answer this, because it would mean busting their little fantasy that they can slip under the radar, and we’ll never guess…………….

    “because at some point I do wish to be far enough in my transition to go under the radar and be thought of as nothing more or less than another woman..” NEVER gonna happen, no matter how much surgery/hormones, the dick in the brain is still where it ALWAYS was, and we can still spot you a mile off, and in every word you say, and in your attitude to women. It just screams male. But we’re just females, our opinion (or safety) doesn’t matter, as you show in every post……………..

  53. yea you are right, was an arrogant thing to say and I realized that of course all to late because I already posted the comment, of course a rapist isn’t attacking sexually out of any sexual interest, to my knowledge via psychology it is agreed they attack out of some sick need to establish dominance over their victims, but alas I would say that if you really were true in your messege of making a difference you would choose to educate ignorance instead of just attack it, more over you actually have the potential of having allies who could actually somehow manage to bridge that gap, if not in the cases of those “physically advantaged” trans offer protection of a sort, which many would offer without second thought i am sure, not because they feel some masculine need to protect women, because they see even themselves being violated in more than just 1 area, not only as the woman they identify in but also the very reason their lives are being made to be difficult, and maybe perverts need to be physically attacked to get the clue that this is unacceptable, maybe that violence that you attribute solely to men is the only thing these men will understand, maybe you yourself do need to beat the crap out of the next peeping tom who sticks a camera under your stall and maybe trans would be more than happy to help out, but maybe the whole reason you get attacked by so many trans is because you draw blood first before you really try to understand where they are coming from and as a basic human nature reaction they get defensive and thus angry. Maybe if you didn’t just off the deep end of extreme unadulterated hate people might take you seriously and change actually would happen, maybe you are going about things in the wrong way but you cant see that because you are blinded by hate, you are reacting without stepping back and thinking clearly which is not something a woman is by nature, men rush in without thinking, not women and that is what keeps this world from falling apart at the seams. I finish this off by saying, if you find me so ignorant why not try and educate me where i come up short, i would be more than willing to listen to the things you have to say but try not being on the attack with me if you dont want me to get defensive, think about it this way, have i yet to make threats of any kind? have i yet to insult anyone? this in and of itself should tell you something maybe I do want to understand both sides here but to do so we need to speak rationally without venom in our words, maybe I am wrong about a great deal many things but I am willing to accept that, and the only way to correct that is through education no? cus last i checked beating someone up verbally or physically did nothing to change the person except make them angry at you for the assualt

    • michelle Says:

      oh look…more mansplainin’…and yes Katelyn, no matter how much you want to claim you are different from the *other* twanz, you are STILL engaging in that masplainin’/transplainin’ tactic so common in your ‘community.’

      Perhaps if you would take the time to truly attempt to educate yourself on WHY we take offense to such things, you might take the time to think before trying to type such offensive things…

      What you don’t seem to want to grasp is that our collective experiences mean a LOT more to us than your perception of whether you felt that our experiences are somehow ‘extreme unadulterated hate.’ That you refuse to do so is not surprising- as Gallus so aptly noted in another post, few of your ilk seem willing to take even the most basic of steps to educate yourself. Instead you take to the keyboard to, in one manner or another, preach to us about how we are apparently doing the female experience entirely wrong.

      You even pulled from the twanz playbook by trying to equate hurt feelings with a physical assault. So classic…

      Oh…and another thing…paragraphs. They are a wonderful thing. They make reading things, even the shit flowing from keyboards such as yours, a far easier task.

      • GallusMag Says:

        My favorite part was where he suggests that violent men (transwomen) would inflict violence on other violent men on our behalf if we would just serve them and abandon our own needs and concerns. Where have we heard that before? Every man ever.

        Hey Katelin (one of the top baby names the year Katelin created his “female persona”)- we don’t want men like you to be violent in our defense. We want you to stop being violent at all.

        Try that.

      • Ok so time and again fault in my words is pointed out, lets go one step further than shall we? I am wrong in my first impression of your female experience, but if I am not mistaken that could be corrected. So let’s go about it this way and let us assume that I am nothing more than any other male who was brought up to be arrogant single sighted, never having been taught even a single thing of the struggles of women. The reason I think this approach would be best is because it offers a blank slate as it were.

        So going from there where would you start in educating one, myself even on this experience? What caused you to feel this way? And what solution do you see to make the changes necessary so no woman ever has to deal with the wrongs that have been done to you?

        The thing is I do actually see a whole lot more validity in your arguments than you may think. Perhaps my way of addressing those concerns was offensive, and most likely out of shear ignorance of other peoples experiences altogether, but alas in that respect no human is innocent of such things, nor are they innocent of casting judgment on those experiences without effort to try to understand them.

        Oh and about my comment style… guilty as charged, I do tend to pay more attention to the words I type than actually putting them into a coherant and gramatically correct format to which i apologize for

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Katelin- If you are curious about the lives and experiences of women do the same research you would about any other group of people who are different than you. Right?

        When you are done your research you are welcome to try again. Take care.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        “Katelyn”, if you were really that serious about wanting to be educated, well, the entire fucking internet awaits you. Libraries too, if ya wanna go old-school. Keep reading at this site, and you will learn much.

        Also: in all the reading I’ve done, I’ve noticed that a very favorite thing of trans people to scream at others is this: “IT’S NOT MY JOB TO EDUCATE YOU!!” Seriously, I cannot count the number of times I’ve seen that shrieked at people who dared asked a trans person a question. So I think turnabout is totally fair play here: IT’S NOT OUR JOB TO EDUCATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

    • gchild Says:

      The idea that women should participate with, validate, and indulge the the whims of males (transwomen)in exchange for protection is insulting, degrading, and exactly how men think.

      Your basically saying: let transwomen perv on you and call it “female bonding and solidarity”, then we will protect you from cismen who perv on you with our ‘physical advantaged’.

      Being guilted, forced, pressured, coerced, manipulated, bullied, thought-policed, and silenced into believing that transwomen are women (and therefore should be treated as such by all women but not by MEN) is no different from being forced, guilted, pressured, coerced, manipulated, bullied, thought-policed, and silenced into believing that men are superior to women . Same shit, different package.

  54. yea uhhh GallusMag I wasn’t asking what the female experience was, I was asking what HER experience was since that was what she was stating. Each and every womans experience in life is unique there is no research out there that can blanket that whole experience for all women being exactly the same so research would do nothing to understand where Michelle was coming from in particular and the same would go for each and every one of you indivudually

    • GallusMag Says:

      Ah, the man telling women there is no universal female experience, and, it follows, no class of oppressed people or need to organize on the basis of that sex-based oppression. Sir, there actually IS a universal experience of sex-based oppression among women and girls- (something of no importance to you whatsoever). Thanks. You reminded me I should update the transgender tropes site soon. Also, you are now banned. Too bad. I tried to be nice but as usual I should not have bothered. Good riddance dick.

    • BadDyke Says:

      “So going from there where would you start in educating one, myself even on this experience? What caused you to feel this way? And what solution do you see to make the changes necessary so no woman ever has to deal with the wrongs that have been done to you?”

      It’s not our job to educate you, we just want you to FUCK OFF out of OUR space (and restrooms)………..

      Plus I see a hint of the man-hating lesbians trope going on here……………

      “Each and every womans experience in life is unique there is no research……………”

      Usual individualistic claptrap, and mansplain’ ‘where’s the science’ nonsense. Of course, what SCIENCE there is — i.e FEMALE biology, and its difference from male biology, and how that IS common to (almost all) women, and something that no trans can EVER experience, is conveniently ignored…………………..

      “the same would go for each and every one of you indivudually” women as a sex class DON’T EXIST, because I say so, and want to join the (whatever) class women………………………

      Image just popped into my head, a la Life of Brian, the trans crowd standing there intoning in unison ‘yes, we are all individuals, yes, we’ve got to work it our for ourselves…………..’ and of course unable to see the irony of this.

      • BadDyke Says:

        More Life of Brian flashbacks…….

        ‘Fuck off!’…………..

        ‘How shall we fuck off……………..’

        You know what I mean. 🙂

  55. anon male Says:

    Katelyn and LoveHearty, did they even notice that they’re the only people here with “selfie” icons? Transwomen, the only people with a “femininity” so fixed that it doesn’t EVER adapt to local community standards.


    I feel bad for any gay guy who still believes as a christian, but please, if you have pics online of you towering over *every* female in the photos, don’t lie about “oh, I’m sooo petite.” (Not that photobombing a WNBA team would reinforce your point, so don’t go do that, either!)

    And good country-fried grief, if you’re in the salon industry, don’t pretend that that effeminate males face dire discrimination.

    Being obssessed with public bathrooms (even on behalf of more advanced and genuine trans than yourself) is no way to go through life, son. Not having to use public bathrooms is the very best part of being employed. I realize that sounds like a Catch-22 to you, but I think it’s important for you to know that the rest of us *don’t* get to spend all our time being ourselves while guarding against threats to our fantasy lives, either.

  56. Bev Jo Says:

    Mr. Katelyn’s demands just reek of maleness, entitlement, and privilege. Yes, it’s the same classic male crap, only with an extra edge of …. maleness, really. It is almost like the trannies are one person in terms of how they talk, write and think, and that person is the most male of men.

    Notice how it’s only trannies who seem to describe themselves as “petite.” Real women cringe at that word.

    Gallus was more than patient.

  57. Evelyn Says:

    This blog is painful. FtMs are completely ignored by the public as far as bathroom issues are concerned. It’s all about MtFs, every sexist jerk assuming that FtMs won’t do any harm being forced to use the womans room but at the same time actively putting MtFs in danger of being attacked in the Mens’ room.

    MtFs are being dehumanized, it’s only a matter of time before we’re forced to wear badges on our chests stating our birth gender as soon as we come out of the closet.

    The sign on the door isn’t stopping a pervert from entering the restroom, these laws only target transwomen. How evil are all of you people? Actively denying not only Transwomens’ gender identities but Transmens’ identities as well. After all, if you were born with a vagina it’s impossible for you to rape/assault anyone right?

    • GallusMag Says:

      “This blog is painful.”

      Painful to whom? Male supremacists? The Male Ego?
      Your comment is painful. Painfully ignorant. Or worse! Painfully dismissive of the worldwide systemic cradle-to-grave epidemic of male on female violence and rape.

      “FtMs are completely ignored by the public as far as bathroom issues are concerned. It’s all about MtFs, every sexist jerk assuming that FtMs won’t do any harm being forced to use the womans room but at the same time actively putting MtFs in danger of being attacked in the Mens’ room.”

      Very astute observation sir. That’s right. “The public” isn’t worried about females raping them. Any idea why that might be sir? Oh, that’s right- because of “sexist assumption”. Evelyn, women do not fear the males walking behind us on a darkened street, or breathe a sigh of relief if the walkers are women, because women are sexists making sexist assumptions. Gentlemen such as yourself (“transwomen”) may choose to deny and invisibilize the female experience because you give less than a fuck about real women and less than less of a fuck about the epidemic of male violence against us. No, Evelyn, “the public” (unlike you sir) rightly acknowledges the danger women face from men. Violent sexual predators are overwhelmingly male. The victims of violent male sexual predators are overwhelmingly female (and children). Please make a note of it sir. That is why no one fears being sexually assaulted by women, including the testosterone-injecting variety, (unless such women are mistaken for being male, and therefore a possible predator).

      The transgender restroom issue revolves around the critically important issue of women’s safety from male violence and predation (an issue that apparently lacks all meaning for you sir). “Transwomen” are men. Studies show that “Transwomen” exhibit the same male levels of criminality regardless of the extent of medical or surgical body modifications (“transition”). You are male.

      Also, there is no objectively observed criteria used to identify a man as transgendered. Therefore there is no objective method to distinguish a transgender male from a non-transgender male. Trans activist Joelle Ruby Ryan is 6 foot 8, 350 pounds, takes no hormones, has had no surgeries. Calliope Wong, the man campaigning for his right to attend Smith (women’s) College similarly has not taken any objective measures to distinguish himself from a non-transgender man. Transgender is a personal, subjective, internal self-concept that is invisible to an observer.

      As we have established:

      Women are subjected cradle-to-grave to a worldwide epidemic of male violence and sexual predation.

      Harm-reduction policies which provide some protection for women against male predation are critically important. (obviously not to you sir but to women and those who – unlike yourself- care about our welfare)

      Transwomen are men.

      There is no objective means to distinguish a transgender male from any other male.

      Hope that clarifies things for you sir.

      “MtFs are being dehumanized, it’s only a matter of time before we’re forced to wear badges on our chests stating our birth gender as soon as we come out of the closet.”

      Recognizing that transgender males are male is not “dehumanizing” unless you believe males are not human. Some men feel “dehumanized” when their supremacy is called into question, or when their subordinates (women) assert their own humanity. This is why we have male “honor” killings and acid attacks on women and the like. Your feeling that the rights of women to seek their own protection “dehumanizes” men would fall into this category.

      As for your scenario of being forced to wear markers identifying your true sex: I lol’ed. The only guys who have issues accessing female facilities are those of you who are objectively observed to be male. If this was not so, there would be no “transgender bathroom issue”. Duh. We don’t need to put a badge on you. We see you. Sir.

      “The sign on the door isn’t stopping a pervert from entering the restroom, these laws only target transwomen.”

      Motor vehicle laws don’t prevent all vehicular manslaughter. Laws against murder don’t prevent all murders. Seriously? You propose the elimination of all laws because they do not result in the elimination of all crimes?

      As for laws protecting women in spaces sex-segregated for privacy, they do not “target” males. They exist for the protection of females. The only males affected are those who seek to infringe on the rights of females to protect ourselves from male violence and predation. That would be you sir.

      “How evil are all of you people? Actively denying not only Transwomens’ gender identities but Transmens’ identities as well.”

      Women are not “evil” sir.

      No one has the right to have their subjective internal thoughts about themselves confirmed or “honored” by others sir. I may identify as a holy man and want people to call me “Father”. That doesn’t allow me to require others to recognize me as such. Our subjective internal beliefs are personal, and ours alone. We may want to surround ourselves with those who will comply. We may have the right to our personal beliefs, but we have no “right” to enforce our subjective reality on others, who also have their own rights of belief. Only the most rabid fundamentalist would claim that non-believers are “evil”. That would be genderists like you. Many many people don’t believe in genderism, don’t believe in sex-based personality theory, don’t believe that sex is mutable. We are not evil due to our lack of faith.

      “After all, if you were born with a vagina it’s impossible for you to rape/assault anyone right?”

      Again, your total denial and disregard for the overwhelming reality of the epidemic of male on female violence and rape. What could be more disgusting? What could be more divorced from the reality of actual female lives? That would be you. Evelyn. Sir.

      • Evelyn Says:

        Holy shit you’re that Cathy Brennan girl aren’t you? I can tell because you immediately jump to the assumption that due to my penis I hate women. You’re a very good lawyer, being able to take the things I say to extremes that I never expected.

        No subjective criteria to identify someone as transgender? What criteria do you follow to identify yourself as lesbian, or a radical feminist? Nobody can tell you that you aren’t lesbian or that you can’t be a feminist right? Why is it okay for you to do it to trans people?

        I’ve seen enough of the things you’ve done/said to know for a fact that nothing I say is going to get through to you and since I’m out of anxiety meds I’d rather not try so I’ll just say a couple things.

        Are you any better than the men you’re demonizing? You aren’t physically raping people no; but you’ve caused a lot of grief to people that don’t deserve such hatred. You keep denying my gender identity with a passion but what good does that do you? What do you get from the people you out to their families, or their photos you post online, the people you hurt?

        These people that have done nothing wrong themselves you attack for the sake of what? You have every right to be a radical feminist. You have every right to be an activist. But you’re hurting people Brennan. You’re hurting a lot of people that have little to do with your movement. How do you justify it? By telling yourself that we rape people so it’s okay? It hurts more how you claim I think rape is okay than it does you calling me a boy.

        You know, I’m nineteen. I have agoraphobia, major depression, and bipolar disorder. I’ve been sheltered inside the bubble of my home for most of my life so no I don’t have the experience to talk about how people act outside of the internet. I have morals though, and in my opinion this machine gun style of attacks against people are not okay. Hell you’d probably get more done by focusing on more important things than bullying the trans girl that was rejected from college.

        I have way too much empathy to not be upset seeing the way you carry out your movement. In my opinion you are no better than the people that beat and ostracized me in school; but I can’t hate you like I do them. Rape is a terrible thing, I can only imagine how much worse it is when it’s more personal than simply being beaten. Don’t you dare say that I don’t care because I do. You have no idea how much I care about this stuff. I believe you’re targeting the wrong people and there is going to be a lot of collateral damage.

        Why aren’t you lobbying for harsher sexual assault laws or petitioning the government to take steps to prevent the rampant discrimination against women? You get near the same prison sentence for raping someone as you do for stealing music. Why aren’t you dealing with fucked up stuff like that instead of this assault against trans women that in the end won’t do a damned thing for your movement?

        Am I naive? Am I ignorant? What am I missing Brennan? Why aren’t you focusing on things that will change this country instead of hurting people? You have the ability to help get things in motion that will help people so why aren’t you doing them?

        I have no idea on what should be done. It’s messed up that permanently changing someone’s life is only worth a few years in prison but how is a few extra years enough to atone for it?

        I might not know how things could get better, but I know that attacking a minority with a 41% suicide rate isn’t going to get you anywhere.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I’m not Cathy Brennan but I can assure you that Cathy is an adult female and not a girl. As for Brennan believing that “due to my penis I hate women” I’ve never seen anything like that said by her, ever. Neither have you. But that reality won’t stop you ejaculating lies and misinformation will it?

        Homosexuals are objectively identified due to our same-sex relations. Are you daft?

        “Are you any better than the men you’re demonizing? You aren’t physically raping people no; but you’ve caused a lot of grief to people that don’t deserve such hatred.”

        Sir, women aren’t “demonizing” men by acknowledging, naming, and taking harm-reduction measures against the epidemic of male rape and violence. You equate rape of females with your male feelings of “grief”? That tells me everything I need to know about you sir. Outrageous female-hating man who equates the “harm” done his self-image by female non-compliance with actual violent sexual assaults of women. You are sick, and awful.

        “You know, I’m nineteen. I have agoraphobia, major depression, and bipolar disorder. I’ve been sheltered inside the bubble of my home for most of my life so no I don’t have the experience to talk about how people act outside of the internet. I have morals though, and in my opinion this machine gun style of attacks against people are not okay. Hell you’d probably get more done by focusing on more important things than bullying the trans girl that was rejected from college.”

        So….. you are young and mentally ill, sheltered and internet-bound. Which means what? You should be given a pass for your behavior? Women should pity you? The man Calliope Wong seeking entry to a women’s college based on nothing but his say-so that he “feels female” is unimportant? Because what? The act of women discussing his case is “bullying” of men because why? We should give men like you a pass because why? Mentally ill? Young? Saving the whales more important? You are disgusting.

        “ In my opinion you are no better than the people that beat and ostracized me in school”

        AGAIN equating women who disagree with you with violent assault. This is an extremely disturbing equation that you make. Women who disagree with you are not violently assaulting you sir.

        “Why aren’t you lobbying for harsher sexual assault laws or petitioning the government to take steps to prevent the rampant discrimination against women? You get near the same prison sentence for raping someone as you do for stealing music. Why aren’t you dealing with fucked up stuff like that instead of this assault against trans women that in the end won’t do a damned thing for your movement?”

        Are you fucking kidding me sir? Have you heard of the Women’s Liberation Movement? It exists well beyond that tiny part that apparently interferes with you getting your freak on. Google it.

        And again you equate the act of women discussing the best way to defend ourselves against male violence with an “assault” against males. Fucking sick. Disgusting. Inexcusable. Gross.

        “I might not know how things could get better, but I know that attacking a minority with a 41% suicide rate isn’t going to get you anywhere.”

        You have disregarded all female concerns and all measures (the few we have) used to protect women from an epidemic of male rape and violence. You have characterized feminism as an “attack” on males. You have equated feminism with rape and violent assault against men. You are one hell of a woman-hating toxic male sicko. Oh and your suicide threat: there is no population with a 41% suicide rate. Idiot woman-hating sicko.

        To recap:

        Female verbal disobedience to males is equivalent to the actual rape and assault of women.

        Women should focus on “more important” issues than those which prioritize harm-reduction for females.
        Women are too stupid to know what our priorities should be, so dude-bro will inform us.

        Women are obligated to ignore our welfare to caretake young mentally ill men who are stupid and ignorant and hate women.

        Women should obey dudes who threaten suicide if we disobey.

        Evelyn, move on with your bad self sir. Your toxic and bizarro female hating transgender sludge doesn’t play here. Disgusting. Pathetic. Incredibly offensive in every way. Unbelievably foul. Ta!

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        “What do you get from the people you out to their families, or their photos you post online, the people you hurt?”

        I feel the need to step in here. The above comment is a bald-faced lie. Contrary to popular trans rhetoric, Gallus has never outed anyone to their family or to the world at large via the internet or any other way. The pictures she’s posted have already been posted online by the subjects themselves. They post pictures of themselves (by the tens and scores, oy), and I.D. themselves. If these people really wanted to stay under the radar they wouldn’t be doing those things. So can it with the “outing” bullshit.

        “These people that have done nothing wrong themselves….”

        Oh reeeeeallly? You mean, besides bullying and threatening born women both online and IRL into accepting you into every women’s private space (rest rooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms, etc.), into every support group, into every online forum, and into every shelter? Into repurposing funds and resources meant for born women toward care for MtT instead – e.g., the now-worthless National Center for Lesbian Rights, or women’s charity medical offices that now have to use some of their precious monies to offer men hormone treatment? (Yes, that last one is happening in my city.) Screaming that any born woman who doesn’t agree with each and every trans statement is “transphobic!” and should be evicted from women’s space or the feminist movement? Oh no, “Evelyn” (or Pete, or Joe, or whatever the fuck your real name is), nothing wrong with that.

        Then you go on to claim your young age, mental illness, and sheltered life as if this should excuse you for coming here and mansplaining about – no, demanding – the issues we should be working on, in your not-so-humble opinion. Fuck you, you arrogant sanctimonious prick. We are being assaulted, and we are fighting back. It’s your problem, not ours, that you don’t like that you’re one of the bad guys.

        Then claiming the 41% suicide rate. FFS.

      • Betty Taylor Says:

        stop with the “sir ” crap. you know we dontlike it…so shut it with the “sir” bullshit.

    • Adrian Says:

      Well yeah. That’s because gender isn’t a binary. It’s a hierarchy.

      Putting on a costume to move down means a very different thing from doing the same to move UP.

      I mean, come on. There’s a reason blackface is a problem but “whiteface” (if it’s even a thing) isn’t. You can’t just appropriate the struggles of those in the hierarchy below where you are. Why is it not okay to appropriate any other thing, but appropriating “woman” (complete with crazy stereotypes!!!) is just fine?

      And yeah, I get that there’s hordes out there who view “women” (or worse yet, “feminist women”) as somehow stomping on and privileged over trans* or specifically trans women. But it’s not REMOTELY a settled question, and so yeah, you can expect to find people who think that you have privilege over them standing up to protect their safe spaces. That whole thing about “you need to center the most marginalized voice” – okay, but people don’t all think (at ALL) that “trans women” are anywhere remotely close to the most marginalized anything. Hence, conflict. Deal with it.

      I get what you’re saying, that if people “pass” to the point that it’s not obvious they’re trans*, no one complains. Well, so be it. We’re not all so lucky as to be beautiful, we’re not all so lucky as to be born strong, or white, either. Again, sucks, but… it’s not like it’s any sort of specific horrid thing just you have to deal with.

      • Motherhood Says:

        Good call, parts of this blog are painful, (too bad you are so narcissistic) that you missed the painful parts) the threats against women, the violence against women and the self absorbed sense of entitlement voiced by men. Self-serving posts like yours. But I read from a woman’s perspective and not a man’s so I think therein lies the difference.
        That fact should be a tip off, that you have a male perspective, based in your sense of entitlement. Maybe another man told you, maybe a whole movement of men told you that you could be a woman—I have no idea. But they were wrong. Maybe you spent a lot of money, and damn it you want what you paid for. Well you were gyped, ripped off, as they say. Think about it– if some identifies as a women than would not pretty much tell people they are not a woman (quick note to the boys gotta change the lingo). I do not “identify” as a woman because I am in fact a woman—lucky me. I get to spend my time making sure men like you do not rape women like me. Your fetish is not our world. We see you for what you are and that is male and dangerous.
        In fact the laws do help to stop perverts (how are delusional enough to remove yourself from this category is beyond me). The law creates a boundary that alerts people to women and children safe spaces. The law states women are of value and their safety means something to the society at large. The law states that we as a society recognize women’s are the victims of assaults by men and we believe the safety of women and children to be more important than that how a man feels inside. So yes the law is to keep men out—good catch. In addition women who have been the victims of male violence and suffer from trauma and PTSD must know they have safe places. To assume a man’s feeling of disphoria and his need to have the delusion accepted (which is a symptom of the illness) overrides women and children’s PSTD, which is a result of an attack, fails to recognize women and children. And that my friend is a male perspective. So much for the claim of “sisterhood” you guys are just bullshit from A-Z. It would behoove you one and all to leave women alone and not demand entrance into women’s spaces because it will backfire on you—this I promise, It in part your lack of sanity and empathy and the constant demand for attention (another symptom) will bring this whole little movement to a grinding halt and cause people to recognized the compulsive, delusional and fetishistic behaviors. Political perceptions change quickly as information becomes public. So scream and howl “transphobic” women will say 1. No such thing or 2.damn straight scared of men, oh you better believe that mister and you will not be in a bathroom, changing room, locker, hospital, shelter or prison that is for women. And if you can’t live with that—go jump in the lake as my granny used to say.

        As far as numbers go women who have been victims of male violence out number men who “feel like the have a female brain” about 100 to 1. Add to that the known numbers of “men who feel like they have a female brain” who have been convicted of rape and murder of women and children. Every guy in jail that has a diagnoses of “gender dysphonia” and they hand out that Dx out like a Dx for herpes is a nail in the collective coffin of the fight to be recognized. Oh yeah it will be recognized. So you see you boys have a little problem here. Supporting your brethren in prison for the rapes and murders of women and children or dropping them like shit on fire. Oh and then the brilliant defense of gender disphoria for violent crimes—My prediction sexual psychopaths will become statically safer than you guys. And then how will you all cry that you are the most oppressed ever, in such danger of violence—yeah kind takes the wind out of those sails. And society does not killers and rapists them very much. Yes the laws should keep MEN out of women’s spaces—I am committed to this and do a lot of work on the ground with several groups in several states.

        Quite frankly I for one do not much care about your “identity” it is yours, in your head not mine. Get it through your head—your identity, your diagnosis, your falsies or blind pouch (not a vagina) it is not a contract that any woman has entered into with you. Let your shrink tell you that you are a woman, call a hotline, make a recording of yourself saying you are a women—fine. But do not expect or demand women to identify you as anything other than a man. Women are not the public records office, not the department of motor vehicles—not here to join your delusion. So yes Evelyn, you maybe able to fill out forms legally, But there is no law that says women have to accept a man as a woman—none. And that is not discrimination, it is not illegal. You are free to fantasize, to dress, to role-play whatever you like, at home, in public—whatever. And women are free to see you and treat you as a man, a male, a guy. Again we owe you nothing, you are not our husband, father, brother—nothing. Now get back jack.

        And for god sake stop whining it is very unbecoming.

    • Anon Bio Lezbo Says:

      Hi Evelyn, I like what you’ve said in your comments here, and I’m so sorry for the hate pummeled your way. Your comments made me think.

      There will always be people who disagree with you, and it breaks my heart to see how violently GallusMag attacked you. Just know that for every GallusMag, there is a good, kind, respectful, LOVING person out there who accepts you as you are and sees and appreciates the beautiful heart and mind that you have. Please don’t ever forget this and try not to focus on the nastiness and negativity. Life is too short and precious, so surround yourself with the love that you can find and that you so deeply deserve. That kind of love and respect is sorely missing from hate sites like this, and the bigger world, but there are pockets of it!

      Physical violence is not the only or worst kind of violence — emotional and psychological violence is JUST AS damaging and painful. To refute this is to be an abuser demanding his or her right to keep abusing.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Here are some previous comments “Anon Bio Lezbo” has left on BevJo’s blog:

        “Feminist Pirate says:
        December 24, 2011 at 8:28 am
        I am a lesbian feminist activist and I support you 100%. I believe that men should stop oppressing women by lusting after them sexually as all heterosexual intercourse is rape and involves the subjugation of women. But many men and boys are brainwashed by the patriarchy and believe erroneously that their desire to sleep with women is innate. We must raise a new generation of sexually liberated and enlightened men by encouraging males to turn to each other for sexual intimacy from an early age. We must reject the heteronormative, patriarchal stigma that deprives children of realizing their sexual desires and help teach them to love their own sex physically and emotionally starting in early childhood. Let’s start by deconstructing the heterosexist terms “pederasty” and “pedophilia” used to vilify adults helping children discover their natural sexuality.”

        “Feminist Pirate says:
        December 24, 2011 at 4:33 pm
        Ummmm NO, it is not child “rape”! Rape is when women have sex with men and brainwashed to think that they want it. Rape is the institution of female slavery known as marriage. When little girls are introduced the magic of the female sexuality through the guidance of adult wymyn that is not rape. I said it before, and I’ll say it again(in language that you hopefully will better understand and not misinterpret): We must reject the heteronormative, patriarchal stigma that deprives girls of realizing their sexual desires and help teach them to love wymyn physically and emotionally starting in early childhood.

        And don’t you DARE oppress another feminist sister by calling her “he” ever again!!!”

        Nice try Sir.


      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Whoa whoa WHOA. “Bio Lezbo” my ass. What we have here is a child-raping pervert of the first order. Congrats, “Evelyn,” look who you have on your side!

        Shit, Gallus, any way to report this freak?

      • anon male Says:

        eh, the NAMBLA stuff sounds vaguely cointelpro-ish to me; I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the authorities.

        Well, I would be surprised (probably just another MRA taking a page from the FBI playbook), but not shocked, anyway. That was my first thought when that dude accused us of defending Kosilek ten seconds after making a completely cogent post.

  58. Crysta Says:

    I’m curious as to when you will start listing the Transgender WOMEN who have been not only hurt, but KILLED for merely trying to live their lives…

    The fact is, the “danger” transgendered women pose to cisgendered women, is not even a thousandth of the danger that they face if they are rudely shoved back in to places that they not only don’t belong in, but face mortal peril on a daily basis…

    The VAST majority of Transwomen, just want to have a safe place to pee and poop, same as everyone else. (And this is well over 99%, since some of them, same as cisgendered women, do occasionally like to primp in front of the mirror, and occasionally make a little conversation…)

    If you want to rant and rail about “womens safety” do it for ALL women, not just the ones you deem “female enough”…

    Cheers, Crysta

    PS, try to harm my little sister, and you may just get a personal demonstration of how my mother taught her little girl how to “gut a fish…”

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      “I’m curious as to when you will start listing the Transgender WOMEN who have been not only hurt, but KILLED for merely trying to live their lives…”

      Boo-fucking-hoo. There are websites that do exactly that. Get off your lazy ass and find them. We are not here to serve you, asshole.

      As to the violence toward trans people you bring up (“face moral peril on a daily basis”, FFS) – do you ever watch T.V.? Read the news? ‘Cause I see born women being murdered for simply being women EVERY. DAMN. DAY. Women have been murdered for walking down a street, for attempting to leave a relationship, for studying the “wrong” subject in school, for sleeping in their bed at night, for having brown hair, for having a job, for having the “wrong” job, for being pregnant (murder IS the leading cause of death for pregnant women), for asking not to be hit, for attempting to protect their children or pets, you name it. Small, young women have been snatched from their beds, raped, and killed. Why? ‘Cause they were female, and could satisfy the deranged urges of a pervert. Nothing more, nothing less. Or, if it’s not murder, a woman is beaten in the U.S. every fifteen seconds. Violence against trans people doesn’t even come fucking close.

      Why do you think that almost every true-crime show on television features a female victim? Or with fiction, on Law & Order: SVU? You don’t notice it because we’re all so inured to it, the violence against women. So spare me your stories. We have enough of our own. The war against women is hardly over, and you want us to already step aside for YOUR needs? Won’t happen on my watch.

      “…how my mother taught her little girl how to ‘gut a fish…'”

      Aaaaaaaand BINGO. Here we are again. Grown-ass male thinking of himself as once “a little girl” (and probably enjoying the ensuing hard-on): check. Male making sadistic physical threats against women for not complying with his every demand: check. Thanks for proving our points, “Crysta” (or Christopher, or Jack, or Lloyd, or whatever the fuck your real name is).

    • Adrian Says:

      Killed by who? That’s right. MEN.

      You need to take the fight where it belongs – to MEN, the MEN who are apparently willing to hurt and kill non-conforming male-bodied people in the toilet. In that fight, I’m on your side.

    • farishcunning Says:

      Threats. How very male.

      Chrysta, if you’re so concerned about M2T victims of violence, do something about it yourself. We women–and that’s what we are, not “cis” anything–reserve the right to use our energy and resources in defense of ourselves.


    • Misty Says:

      From everything I have read hear today, from the horses mouth/ass… I believe that M2T are the most threatening and prone to violence & abusive group of narcissistic men I have ever encountered. I definitely feel the need to protect my identity now. I’ve haven’t heard so many blatant threats of physical violence made against women and their families in a public space in so short of a time in my entire life. Certainly not the behavior of women. Instead of fighting for women’s spaces and hormones perhaps the better fight M2T should undertake would be for anger management and mental health services. Not my monkey, not my circus. Man Problems.

  59. KittyBarber Says:

    And WHO is it that harms women? Right. Men. And there isn’t enough room here to list all the women who have been killed–never mind beaten, etc.–by the men in our lives. Not ‘transgendered women,’ but the female of our species. It isn’t up to women to keep you safe. We are not safe from men. Nor are we safe from YOU–here is yet another threat of bodily harm and murder…from yet another man.
    You got a lot of class, ‘Crysta,’ or Christopher, or whatever your name is. Threatening to gut us like a ‘fish.’ You just keep it up, and you’ll be welcomed into the ‘sisterhood’ with open arms.
    One thing I’ve learned since I began to look into this transgender crap is that no one–really, no one–hates women more than men like you. Is it envy? Or just another symptom of your deep-seated illness?

  60. Motherhood Says:

    Get over yourself you and your fellows are NOT BEING KILLED–that’s a lie.

    I am sure Gallus Mag, has a much better response but q quick one.Women protect all women. Physically, economically, spiritually–it is going on every minute of every day. We do not do it for men and M2T is male. Fact: There were 14 Trans murdered in 2011–not the high numbers you boys like to claim (300 something world wide) this is documented. Compared to 3657 women killed the same year in the United States alone. Now who do you think is more at risk. More women have been KILLED by trans and RAPED than 14. This is not a horse you guys want to whip. As for Trans murders in 2011– 3 were killed by other trans (one had a fight with another over who was prettier) none were killed by women. 2 in a bad drug deal. And 12 were people of color. So yeah you boys are killing a whole lot more women. As a political leverage I would drop it because it is a lie and lies don’t last long.Those facts are what brought the vote in for MD last month.

    Pee and poop–not our problem. BTW No trans was killed in a mens room. A list is in the works in fact planning a page on the internet on Trans Who Have Killed and Raped Women and Children Day. In the victims memory. You can like it and share it on Facebook. Except this one with all the names and pictures of the women and children murdered and raped by “trans.” And will include the other facts I mentioned before on this blog–out of the 411 prisoners in CA prison that are M2T 49.9% sexual offenders and 24% Violent crimes including murder and serial murder. That is 1 state. You boys are killing women at a rather clipped rate–same as any man. 14 trans killed in 2011, Not quite the numbers you guys claim as such “terrible danger”. Never has a women killed a M2T.

    The facts kind of rip the wig right off that little “in danger” falsehood–so you guys are not such victims are you? About to loose all that pity you have been begging for. So save the cries of phony victim for your bedroom, mouth them to yourself as part of the whole fantasy. It’s all the erotic you have.BTW I did list a few maybe 15 killers of women all M2T in these pages–look it up. Names and victims. You are not a woman–you are a male as all M2T–male, man. Trans are a huge danger. You know that recent vote in MD–yep I provided the state rep with every name of every women killed by trans and the names of the rapists. And your little threat to women–is now a screen shot. Nice threat–you make death threats against women often?

    • Betty Taylor Says:

      wonder why trans are not killed in a mens room? because we are smart enough to not use one you bitch. you are so full of it when you insinuate these lies about trans killing women and kids…you are such callous, hating liar. and never has a mtf woman ever been killed by a women huh? better read the gwen araujo story and the girl who get beaten in mcdonalds, or how about the HUNDREDS of us who have died in the past year. THEY are documented! unlike your made up boogey-man bs about trans women attacking and killing kids and other women. you are the killer of hundreds without picking up a knife or a gun…you do it through your virulent hate speech.

      • Jen Says:

        The only instance of the word “bitch” came from this man, Betty.

      • Elle Driver Says:

        For posterity’s sake…

        *googles Gwen Araujo*

        (From Wikipedia) “Assailants Jason Cazares
        Michael Magidson
        José Merél
        Jaron Nabors”


        Gwen was murdered by four MEN. That’s M-E-N men. They are the ones that committed this terrible crime, not girls, not women.

        In 2013 there were approx. 300 trans persons murdered in the world, via the Transgender Europe’s Transgender Murder Project.

        In 2013 there were approx. 45,000 girls and women murdered in the world, via the UN/WHO. And this data only represents the countries that reported it to the UN/WHO; many countries in Africa and the ME can only be estimated.

  61. weirdward Says:

    do occasionally like to primp in front of the mirror, and occasionally make a little conversation

    More equating enforced femininity with female. I rarely even look at my reflection when I go into a public bathroom, let alone stand about over the sinks chatting to random strangers.

  62. SheilaG Says:

    It seems as if trans have no idea that there is a universal experience of being female in a male dominated world. They think that our biology can be co-opted and that it isn’t real, or that even our biological selves make us univerally connected.
    Born women are a sex class, we are an oppressed class by males. People who were raised males will still act like them, even after they attempt to role play “feminine.” It is a “feminine” imitation of women, not actual born women’s lives. Trans Mto Trans are men, and like all men, they feel they have a right to do whatever they want to, include invade women’s safe spaces. What they need to do is educate men, and use male spaces because they are male, they need to train born men not to rape them, they need to dress in ways so men won’t rape them. If they dress as feminine, and they don’t do the work of educating born men about how NOT to oppress women, they have no right to be in our spaces. Why don’t they do something useful for once, rather than pestering us all the time with their male supremacy, that was born, bred and raised in them for decades sometimes? I never get this about MtoTrans, and the more they say they are women, the more they seem to act like all the entitled men I have ever known. Funny that.

  63. Leina Andersen Says:

    this is not over you racist bitch

    • michelle Says:

      Wait? How did this become race-related?

      Damn you twanz fuckers have some distorted thinking patterns.

      The judges have, howeve, noted the use of the implied threat that is de riguer for the M2T demographic…

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Yeah, how did this become a race issue? And “Leina” – your house or apartment or hovel, whatever the hell it is, is really ugly. You should work on that. After the Adam’s apple, of course. Priorities. I also have to snicker at the endless number of selfies – surprised there’s not one of you tucking it in and dancing in front of a mirror, Bill.

      • Evelyn Says:

        Since your tantrum has turned into displaying my girlfriend’s picture on your hideous website it’s only fair that you post mine as well.

        Evelyn Grace Drolet

        All you have been doing is jumping up and down saying how much you hate men. Tantrums blanketing straw man arguments. You just bully the person and hope your bs doesn’t get uncovered.

        You point your finger at trans people like Hitler did to the Jews. Just a scapegoat for your hate. It’s appalling that you’re using the women’s rights movement in such a way. You aren’t helping your cause, you aren’t saving any women. You’re hurting people. That’s all you’re doing in the end, that’s all you’ll ever do. That’s all people like you can do.

        You have nothing. All you can do is bully people. Go to hell.

      • Adrian Says:

        Well, people are talking feminism, and currently on the internet it’s popular to equate feminism with racism. Because reasons.

        Someone just resorted to reflex arguments, that’s all.

      • GallusMag Says:

        It’s crazy the way silly bitches throw lady tantrums when violent men threaten to “gut us like fish”. Isn’t it? That’s right sir, feminists are man-hating genocidal murderers who cruelly bully the men who simply want to gut us like fish for disobedience. Bad, self-defending female fish. Ammirite? You and your male “girlfriend” who calls you his “little sister” (puke!) are truly disturbed violent transgender men. You illustrate every argument for the need of female safety against males who consider themselves transgender. Men like you will always be what you are: violent female-hating porn-soaked male sexual fetishists. No one will ever mistake you for anything else. Women will forever feel you coming from a mile away, the way a gazelle senses a jackal. And thank god for that. Because that is what you are. You are the violent men that women need protection from.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        Why am I not surprised that Leina has furry porn on her FB?

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        “Evelyn”, if your only take-away from this site is females throwing “tantrums” (nothing arrogant or patriarchal about that, no sir), then you have the reading comprehension of a frisbee. You use the phrase “straw man arguments” without any real understanding of what a straw man argument is – as Adrian brought up, you’re just another idiot grasping at popular internet reflexive arguments.

        This site? This is what women fighting back looks like. Here, we are not gaslighted into believing that our concerns and beliefs are “straw man arguments”, or “bullying”, or simply man-hating. We see right through your bullshit. YOU – and your boyfriend – are hurting women. You. You can go rot in hell.

        I’m loving “violent female-hating porn-soaked male sexual fetishists,” Gallus. Sheer perfection.

      • Evelyn Says:

        interesting… I wonder how well I’m going to get to know you, XXXXX XXXXXX.

        – Love Evelyn

      • GallusMag Says:

        Violent rapey male transgender stalker Drolet of Fresno Ohio.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Also, that is not my name. Lazy lazy “Evelyn”. Dumb Fucking Violent Prick.

      • Evelyn Says:

        Oh it is your name. That profile with the same image on a site linking your myspace and a seattle times newspaper that’s incredibly transphobic? No, no it’s you and I know it’s you. Nice try though. If it wasn’t your name you wouldn’t have bleeped it out.

        A female bouncer from the 19th century. Interesting idea for a name. You don’t look like someone that would be so evil. It hurts to think of someone that grew up in a time period you have to be so mean.

        Fresno, so you’ve found me! Or have you? It doesn’t matter either way.

        You can edit my posts? That’s devious. Did you click the link I sent you? Could you please change the false study information? Just a type-o I’m sure ^,^

        – Love Evelyn

      • GallusMag Says:

        You are the dumbest, laziest stalker ever. Don’t give up your day job Son.
        Oh! That’s right- you don’t have a day job and live in your mother’s basement like a parasite watching porn, playing WOW and elfquest2 and skyping with a male “girlfriend” you’ve never actually met.

        Why don’t you get a job. What do you think Mom is going to do when the cops knock on the door asking why threats against lesbians and women are eminating from

        That’s right- I removed the name of the woman you are stalking and harassing. Glad to share that info with law enforcement tho.

        If you think you know my name contact Autumn Sandeen- he is apparently offering a $10,000. reward for that info. LOSER.

      • Evelyn Says:

        I can do so much with a name. And since you work for the Seattle Times I can find out even more about you; and no, it isn’t stalking. It’s public info. You deserve far worse than I’m willing to do.

        – Love Evelyn

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        A man is stalking a woman?! I’m shocked. Simply shocked. Jesus, I didn’t think it was possible for you to act more male, but damn, you just kept right on going, didn’t you? Threats and violence and threats of violence. Same trannies, different day. *yawn*

      • GallusMag Says:

        I work for the Seattle Times?!? WOW! That sounds so glamorous! I probably work there due to my excellent command of the English language! HAHAHAHAHA! Too bad I’ve never been to Seattle.

        You are the dumbest laziest violent male stalker ever “Evelyn”.

      • GallusMag Says:

        it must be frustrating to have all that male violence pent up and ready to let loose – but nowhere to go! Awwwwww. Violent Male Problems.

      • Evelyn Says:

        We could be having a calm conversation if you would settle down.

      • Evelyn Says:

        Take Leina’s picture down. As well as the comments, hers and the ones responding to her.

      • Evelyn Says:

        do that and I’ll go away ^,^

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        So “Evelyn,” is your dick hard at the thought of threatening a woman? Seems like it from your language. So many men get really turned on at the thought of making a woman cower. Congratulations, you’re a misogynistic piece of shit. Now go play Grand Theft Auto in your mom’s basement some more.

    • BadDyke Says:

      “violent female-hating porn-soaked male sexual fetishists”

      “Violent rapey male transgender stalker”

      NOW we see how very little it takes (saying no to the man who imagines he is a woman) before it all comes spewing out.

      And I’m really coming to believe that trans HATE women even more than other men. Let’s face it, other men at least admit that women are perhaps necessary to ensure the survival of the species. But that is female biology, the thing that the trans cult has such a blind-spot about. Seems to me that in transworld, the ideal would be the one that the dear, late, Joanna Russ wrote about so many years ago, where the surgically-constructed women that men construct for themselves would be seen as superior to us fish. Just get the little problem that someone has to carry the uteri (hey, perhaps the transmen could do that!), and then you’d have the perfect world — men confirmed/constructed in their own image, of perfect maleness, and (trans)women constructed in the male image of perfect femininity. Actual women either go along with that (although of course we wouldn’t do it as WELL as the transwomen — as so many like to keep telling us!), or are rendered obsolete/extinct. Die cis scum anyone?

      Yes, I know Joanna Russ supposedly apologised/recanted before she died about what she wrote as regards trans in The Female Man, but that doesn’t change the validity of what she wrote, even if her own opinion had changed. Unlike in cults, it’s not actually necessary to agree with every word someone says, if you happen to agree with some………………….

      Ah well, the same ole male hatred of women, just wearing a dress and heels, with a bit of added womb-envy………………

  64. Evelyn Says:

    Fine, we’ll continue this game.

  65. crystal white love Says:

    genotypical females like you are just pissed off cuz no matter what happens you owe your safe places to men as well as the violations of said places.. men are in charge and will always be in with it !!! submit to’s what you
    were born to do..a man can never be a woman right?
    ok..well then what role does a woman play but to
    submit to the man..the fact you don’t see that is parrell with your points of a tranny not understanding that no matter what they are a gave you your rights men can take them away..
    you want your cake and eat it to…you have made excellent points but didn’t see that the knife cuts both hurry up and suck my dick before you make my dinner 🙂


    ALL HUMANS fail to realize that we are hypocrites, born from original sin, falling short of the glory of God…

    let the one free from sin cast the first stone…


    jesus christ is lord and saviour..

    God bless us all (feminists and trannys alike)
    we are all God’s children.
    Love is the answer.
    do unto others as you would have them do unto you..

    crystal white love.
    (a catholic tranny who loves sex,drugs,&rocknroll)


  66. michelle Says:

    yet another one…but twanz continues to tell us that these events NEVER happen. They must just HATE the media for making this shit up…,0,7242301.story

    And yeah, if camera dude bro is going in wearing bra and wig, then trans* gets to claim him since clearly he fits their ‘gender expression’ mantra…

    • Betty Taylor Says:

      ummm no he don’t. a wig, stuffed bra does not a transwoman make. these are isolated incidents of creepy men looking for sex thrills, and this guy would NEVER hope to pass. transwomen for the most part are hotter than the everyday cis women and better put together.

      • Motherhood Says:

        Yeah that laydee dick is really hot, and the laydee walk. Sure issolated “creepy men.” Look in the mirror

      • Tobysgirl Says:

        Ewwwww is absolutely right.

      • Jen Says:

        Just based on the tiny photo of you, “Betty,” you have a manly, strong jaw…most trans femulators like you have massive shoulders, five o’clock shadows…straight men don’t want you, lesbians don’t want you…

        “Hot,” my ass.

      • Jane Says:

        Putting the onus on women to magically know the difference between “creepy men” and more-oppressed-than-thou low-effort trannies like Taylor is a sterling example of anarcho-tyranny. And yes, I know that’s a paleocon term, but it fits the current anti-female, anti-lesbian paradigm like a glove. In anarcho-tyranny, the government refuses to control criminals and other destructive boundary-violators, and instead clamps down on the freedom of law-abiding citizens. Not for nothing does Kitty of A Room of Our Own refer to entitled males like Taylor as “tyrannies”.

      • kesher Says:

        Anarchy-tyranny is a great description of the trans-appeasing law in Washington state. Uncomfortable with an anatomical male staring at you with an erection as you undress in the women’s locker room? You will be invited to use the “gender neutral” accommodations, which don’t exist.

  67. Betty Taylor Says:

    well, ill just say this…with all the hate speech going on above,it makes me afraid, but I will continue to use the womens bathroom. Most all trans women don’t dig cis women. if you think we are in there for any other purpose than to piss and maybe fix our hair, don’t flatter yourselves. I haven’t used a mens room in years, and I sure as hell aint starting now. Im a self preservationist… I am not going to go into a mens room where I can be beaten, raped and killed. Not for you mr blogger-guy,and not for other women’s comfort. My safety trumps yours…sorry.

    • Gefjon Says:

      “My safety trumps yours…sorry.”

      Wow. Way to convince us you’re not an entitled male.
      You have no respect for women’s boundaries.
      You are exactly the kind of male women are afraid of.

    • Teal Deer Says:

      “My safety trumps yours… sorry.”

      Trans arguments in a nutsack. Oh, sorry, nutshell.

    • Motherhood Says:

      Do you imagine we care what men that are living in a delusional fetish “dig” or don’t? You’re lucky if you can catch the attention of some dude need a dude blow job out behind the dumpster of the white castle –what you dig–hahaha. You are not what any imagines as partner mateterial. What you dig–unless people dig all kinds of clinics and tests I am betting your dance card is pretty empty–who knows is there an STD fetish now. In fact I could not care less about your safety. Let me introduce myself and my non rad fem, straight mommy from hell group. We are the whistle ladies–yep dude–grass roots, PTA and nursing bras, toddlers in tow–women sir women, no hard on’s, We are your worst nightmare. We are not queer or dyke or any of that and we owe you nothing and you can take your indentiy and shove it. We catch you in the ladies we start blowing the whistel, and they are freak you out loud, people comming running loud, call the police loud.–I know that is deeply disapointing. Oh and girls in schools will getting them too. See women and girls have the right to protect themeselves and well the recent publicity has not been so convicing. We have spoken about our concerns with enforcement in several meetings and they are very supportive. They said if we do not feel safe by all means make as much noise as possible and call for help. They will come and get the dude out. No matter what. And no woman gives a fuck about your “feeling or idenity” Still feeling brave Sir? You will not get out of the ladies rooms unless your taken out in handcuffs–and not a single womens has had to think twice about this. You think the mens room is unsafe for you–wait till all the men come running when women scream. I hope for your sake sir no father catches you with your dick out in 100 meters of his daughter.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      “My safety trumps yours.” Well, if that doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what does.

      You’re not a woman, dude. You’re a fetishistic cross-dresser. Your Facebook page, which YOU linked to, speaks volumes. Now fuck off.

    • lin Says:

      Why can’t you get beaten, raped or killed in the women’s restroom?

  68. Bev Jo Says:

    Mr. Betty sure explains why we never for a moment think these female-hating men could be women.

  69. “In fact post SRS males have higher rates of criminality than the general public”

    This is your quote but the study you linked to actually says this:

    “Female-to-males, but not male-to-females, had a higher risk for criminal convictions than their respective birth sex controls.”

    That is quite different from your claim and not only doesn’t support your argument it qualifies as a counter-argument.

  70. LQ Says:

    Great thread bump here. Looks like Betty from above is having an extremely hard time raising the dough for his new grapefruit titty ballz! There is also a gem of a video upload on his Facebook from a couple days ago. Spoiler: The genre is low budget horror and it involves a taser.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Double D’s won’t hide that browridge. *Protip*

    • Jane Says:

      Betty Taylor left several angry messages on this article about a trans who won “Miss Congeniality” in a California university pageant.

      It’s a right wing website, so most of the comments are bluntly derisive. Taylor seems to think the trans got the award because real women don’t act feminine enough, rather than because liberals love to signal their moral superiority while letting other people deal with the real life consequences of their choices.

      maybe its a memo to your va-jay-jay havers out there to start acting like women instead of dudes with pussies then, huh?


      LOL…..maybe the “born with a pussy” crowd should get on the ball and stop trying to act like men…don’t ya think?

      The teeth gritting rage over women failing to embody his fantasies is interesting. You bitches just aren’t embracing your subordinate status with enough enthusiasm, so we men have to show you how it’s done. Yet of course trannies don’t ever truly accept subordination, they just beat off over the role play while expecting real women to defer to them. They hate the “truscum” who actually try to melt into the female population rather than expecting everyone to celebrate their transness (maleness).

      …the difference is that we tg’s are FORCED to be what is between our legs by the patriarchal, misogynist society, while its okay (and encouraged) for a female to act like a dude with a pussy. And if we are playing a better female part than you, and it pisses you off, don’t ya think you would try harder to be more feminine?? just sayin’

      I see. You are free to define sex roles for yourself, while also telling us how to be women. No patriarchy there, bub. LOL at his assumption that women are annoyed at trannies’ minstrel act because they do femininity better. As if.

      Also, it follows for Taylor that admitting women to historically male dominated institutions means it’s only fair that he gets to force us to pretend he’s a woman.

      hey, you support bitches in combat, right?the opening of male institutions to females, yes? so….SHADDUP!

      False equivalence there. Leaving aside the issue of combat, one never needed to be a man to perform occupations like college professor or business executive. Men just didn’t want to share. There’s no sharing female biology or the resulting socialization. You’re either born into it or you aren’t. Men aren’t entitled to redefine or erase our experiences to suit their desires.

      yeah, I know right? makes me glad I carry guns and blades with all these evil hate mongers around.

      I can’t imagine any woman hesitant to run into Taylor in an empty restroom. *shudder*

      It’s obvious Taylor thinks it’s actually a privilege to have the opportunity to act out his autogynephilic fantasies without the need for hormones or surgery. The people who refuse to acknowledge this malignant narcissism need their heads examined.

      • kesher Says:

        Isn’t Miss Congeniality basically the token award in a beauty pageant?

        And I just looked up additional photos of that trans woman. I looked pretty similar to that when I was in college, and I didn’t entertain any illusions about being attractive enough to enter any beauty pageants. Considering the extremely strict beauty standards of those things, it’s kind of absurd that Vincent entered at all.

        I’m not even trying to imply that Vincent is objectively unattractive, but that kid is not pageant material, not by a long shot.

    • RR Says:

      Hello. My name is Betty and im (sic) a broke transgendered college student who is struggling to pass as woman. Im (sic) just going to lay it out in plain english…i need a breast augmentation surgury (sic) in a bad way. I am very unhappy with my cup size and feel it could be detrimental to my health, both physical and mental, if i am unable to have breast augmentation. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves, and if you can help me, i would be eternally greatful (sic).

      LOFingL! His itty bitty titties are bad for his health! He NEEDS and DESERVES new boobies!

      The world doesn’t owe you anything, sir-you are just another entitled prick in lip gloss.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        Awww… poor thing. Tiny boobies are impacting his physical health too! Must have been why I had chicken pox and so many ear infections as a small child. I didn’t have my mammary-based immunities yet.

      • ImNoCissie Says:

        I’m gonna off myself next Thursday if my cyberbegging doesn’t net me enough for a super deluxe teeth whitening and a pedicure. One look at these calluses and I fall into the abyss of depression, I tell ya. Raggedy toenails are just so detrimental to my health.

      • WordWoman Says:

        Teen girls and younger women are often pretty flat-chested until pregnancy, when for many their breasts stay larger after that. This is a natural female process. Yet another problem for trans.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      I’m laughing my ass off at the fact that after seven months, the most these losers can come up with is 160 bucks. God, that’s pathetic.

      • LQ Says:

        Honestly! You would think he would have died by now of the horrible, EXTREMELY fatal disease known as flat chestedness. A-Cupitis is no joke. See your doctor immediately if you think you may be suffering from this condition.

  71. river Says:

    Is this the most popular article on GT or what? It just keeps on.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Trans like to perform a slight of hand where they distill all the harms to women caused by replacing sex with legal “gender identity” into a single bathroom issue. Cause gosh, everyone can relate to the discomfort of not having a place at hand to relieve oneself in public!

      This allows them to gloss over the fact that Gender Identity laws remove the rights of women to female-only space in prisons, women’s sports, women’s financial scholarships, women’s equality incentives in business, domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centers, locker rooms and saunas, hospital bed assignments, feminist organizing meetings, support groups, public lesbian gatherings, women’s health services, women’s colleges, female-only gyms, etc. etc. etc. Basically all the spaces that were set up to allow women full participation in civic life and safety in the face of overwhelming male violence and predation based on sex. (Although obviously, as outlined in this post and elsewhere, the women’s restrooms are as fraught with male predation as every other female space, particularly those where women are vulnerable, and involve nudity).

      This doesn’t even begin to address the harms caused to women and girls by having our legal status re-defined by the very cluster of sex-role stereotypes which are harmful to women and which feminists are seeking to redress.

      They use the “gosh don’t ya hate not having a place to pee” meme to distract from the broad issues raised by “Gender Identity” and the harms that erasing legal sex categories do to women, and the right wing has assisted them in doing that by also using the “bathroom meme”.

      So yeah, this post gets a fair number of hits. Especially because men who are trying to roll back women’s rights in the transgender movement are constantly claiming that no man with gender feels has ever committed crimes against women in restrooms, which is patently absurd. In fact, part of the reason this post has such high stats is that men access it while looking for “transgender bathroom porn”.

      So, yeah.

      • Loup-loup garou Says:

        There’s rarely any ackowledgement that gender-nonconforming women only have a very conditional place to pee. Using the women’s restroom always brings the risk of being stopped by a security guard, or a random male bathroom vigilante. Then there are the reactions of some of your fellow women, who may or may not believe when you explain that you are in fact in the right place. Some just don’t want to hear it, and keep yelling “Get out!”

        If my oh-so-pc workplace follows through on its plan of creating “gender neutral restrooms” alongside the men’s and women’s, I fully expect to have to explain to some security guard that nope, sorry, I’m not “gender neutral,” I’m female, and no, I will not be herded into the trans restroom because someone doesn’t think I’m girly enough for the ladies’.

  72. […] on October 13, Especial said, “Males who are crossdressing prey on women in the bathroom all the damn time. And since the only difference between a crossdresser and a trans woman is a statement of […]

  73. silverside Says:

    Not sure if this case totally fits the criteria, but it was a case from about ten years ago. A father who stabbed his daughter to death in the school bathroom.

  74. […] is now shining the spotlight, all right. On this guy, and this one, and this one, and these guys, and all of […]

  75. […] in stereotyped women’s clothing have engaged in sexual violence in women’s bathrooms/toilets: l The range of acts they engage in includes secret photographing of women using the toilets and […]

  76. mayimoktoo Says:

    “A 35-year-old woman and her 5-year-old daughter told police they were using the restroom when the woman noticed a flash and saw a mirror protruding from under the next stall.

    The victim then exited her stall to confront the person in the neighboring stall. A man dressed in woman’s clothing then exited the stall and fled the scene on foot after a brief struggle with the victim.”

  77. […] could possibly go wrong with the introduction of a new protected legal status that has no characteristics but which is […]

  78. Kimberly CARROLL Says:

    This is a very misleading article and the fact is heterosexual men are the problem and not trans women the psychiatric evidence you give for increased violence after SRS surgery shows that trans women do not commit crimes against women and law enforcement statistics show there has never been a trans woman commit a crime against any woman in any in bathroom in America If I’m wrong about this please send me the information citing the case and location

  79. Sarah Says:

    You state that transgender people have a higher criminality rate than the general population but the link does not show this. It shows that trans women have the same offending levels as men and that trans men have higher levels than women. Trans men have levels closer to men.

    This study is often misquoted. I too think natal men who have not undergone SRS should not be able to access womens spaces. To give the best case for this I think our evidence should be accurate.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “You state that transgender people have a higher criminality rate than the general population but the link does not show this. It shows that trans women have the same offending levels as men and that trans men have higher levels than women.”

      Women are members of the general public. Did you know that, sir? Hope that helps.

      “I too think natal men who have not undergone SRS should not be able to access womens spaces.”

      As you just stated, men who undergo SRS criminally offend against women at the same rates as any other men, so there is no surgical cure for male violence that necessitates an exclusion for post-SRS males from the prohibition of males from female spaces.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        Odd and @Gallus_Mag I am [still] at a loss as to why there are still those who deny the levels of criminality in the T portion of the community. Let alone why it is embraced as a means of gaining some type of ‘legitimacy’.

        All one needs to do is read through the research….which will bear this out. Painfully and directly. It is not pretty or PC. Most hard research is not that. Also one has to wonder how some can deny the increase in criminal activity, when this site pointed to a warning that as bad as the numbers are, the crime and incarceration rates are going to get worse in the coming years.

  80. Gum Boocho Says:

    Pulbic Group restrooms shud be abolished; have single user only restrooms without gender designation – one at a time (defecation & urination are not group activities, but private).

  81. Shane Says:

    Yall are deeply disturbed

  82. Aleana Says:

    I know that this is a old thread and all but I believe that this is a topic that has had a lot of publicity these past months and is still a ongoing debate. FtM transgender people don’t have to deal with this as much as MtF transgender people. I see this as unjust because yes men do sexualy assault women but you can not force a MtF transgender to go to a space where they will be harassed, beaten, and even sexually assaulted themselves. Transgender people have all most the highest chance of being sexually assaulted. Do you know why this is? This is because people like you look only at the people who do bad things with the laws that are being passed to help good people! Most transgender people I know are some of the most caring and outgoing people! And it is not just pervs who try to use laws that are meant for good people in their favor. Look at a lot of recent cases. A lot of bad people will plea for insanity or another mental disease and all they have to do is sit through therapy and spend time at a psychiatric ward. It is essentially the same situation just with a different setting.

    I would love to hear what you have to say and to have a friendly argument over it. I do not appreciate hate speech or saying what I believe is wrong but if you would like to express your beliefs to me please go ahead!

    • GallusMag Says:

      You are wrong.

    • Imnocissie Says:

      Go yell at the men who you claim are assaulting trans women in bathrooms.

      Women aren’t to blame for what men do.

    • Teal Deer Says:

      “I would love to hear what you have to say”

      Read the article. Read the comments. Perhaps read a few of the recent articles on this blog. Why do you need everything restated just for you?

      • cerulean blue Says:

        Because (s)he is either a man who thinks women exist to serve men , or a handmaiden who thinks women exist to serve men… but let’s be honest, it’s probably the first.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        I figured either of those possibilities may be the case, or yet another person coming here, not actually bothering to read anything, and trying to get a debate started so they can walk away and say how unreasonable we are.

    • Elle Driver Says:

      “Transgender people have all most the highest chance of being sexually assaulted.”

      No, this is completely untrue. In the US, the population with highest stats for sexual assault during their lifetime are American Indian and Alaskan Native FEMALES. And I’m pretty certain the stats are the same for First Nations FEMALES in Canada as well.

      And even though I know for sure you can’t back up your assertions, I’ll back up mine:

      If you actually gave a shit about women and girls, you’d know this; I know this, and it took me all if one minute of googling to pull up the DoJ stats.

      So Aleana, will you be taking up the cause of Native women now? Will you be raising awareness about the actual, real dangers these females face? Will you be fighting against the systems that perpetuate these cycles of poverty and violence, of governments and councils that do not provide these women and girls with adequate access to clinics and counseling? Will you give them the same consideration and compassion you’re so ready to provide to “transwomen”? No?

      Didn’t think so.

    • michelle Says:

      so in other words, because men are, as a collective whole, a group of assholes that will harass or perhaps even assault another male for being different, women as a collective whole have to suffer? FUCK YOU!

    • Janetwo Says:

      I honestly find disgusting that you try to minimize the violence done to FtM without any stats backing up your claim that they dont have it as bad as MtF. In that, you are just so typical of the tranny crowd which amount to nothing more than some pity party cock centrist cult.

  83. Women are not responsible for male on male violence.

  84. Here are my 2.5 pennies as a transwoman. Trans friendly bathroom laws DO NOT legalize peeping. If someone is peeping they should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. The only thing these laws might do is make it easier for peeping tom to enter the women’s bathroom. When I go into a women’s bathroom I do so to go pee. I bet that’s the case for most transwomen. Really though I don’t need a trans bathroom law. I use the women’s bathroom without issue. I think most transwomen who have been on hormones long enough and are free of facial hair, don’t need bathroom laws. I am against trans bathroom laws simply because they bring unnecessary attention on trans people. If you are undergoing medical transition and conduct yourself as a reasonable human being; you shouldn’t have any issues using the public rest rooms.

    • GallusMag Says:

      It is not women’s responsibility to psychically decide which creepy dudes in the ladies room are “reasonable” men (who nonetheless choose to violate women’s boundaries) and the “unreasonable” kind. So just continue using the men’s room as you have all your life, or make other arrangements, such as using the family or unisex facility. There is absolutely no reason for men like you to impose yourself on women like an utter creep.

  85. vaeyle Says:

    You say srs males commit more crimes and you link to a Swedish research abstract. The abstract mentions only this: female-to-males, but not male-to-females, had a higher risk for criminal convictions than their respective birth sex controls. If you’re going to try to back up your beliefs with scientific research, get it right.

    • vaeyle Says:

      I just read a little more into this website. Crazy town. I am a woman. I was born one. I don’t want to be a man. I don’t live in fear of men nor do I know any women that do. I’m thankful I don’t think like you. What an awfully way to live. Sure there are a lot of dangerous things in the world. But I don’t want to be so fearful of everything that I’m afraid to really live. Funny story: I once attended a party were almost all the people were gay men. Some were having fun watching people going to the bathroom. No curtains. When I needed to go to the bathroom, I went. It was a little weird but I wasn’t scared or anything. I figured they weren’t interested in my lady parts. And they weren’t. I enjoyed getting to see a different sub_ culture. If I was afraid of everything I would have missed out on lots of interesting experiences.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “Get ir right” is amusing coming from someone with apparent reading comprehension issues. Men maintain their male crime rate after medical transition according to the Swedish study. No one stated otherwise. However, M2T are vastly overrepresented in incarcerated populations, particularly sex offender populations.

  86. […] anything else, as they are more likely to face violence in a male toilet. Nor do I believe, as some feminists do, that men intending to sexually harass women need to dress up as women and enter women’s […]

  87. […] – Que los hombres quieran acceder a espacios donde las mujeres están desnudas o semi desnudas no es algo nuevo (otro ejemplo reciente); lo que es nuevo son las leyes haciéndolo legal en tanto el hombre use “ropa de mujer” y apele a la “identidad de género” […]

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