Jack and Jill Trailer

July 12, 2011

7 Responses to “Jack and Jill Trailer”

  1. Chonky Says:

    Oh Adam Sandler.
    (runs for the vomitorium)

  2. kurukurushoujo Says:

    It’s always infuriating that comedy like this only “works” if the female character is a gender-non-conforming woman or is supposed to be one. And I guess you could write your thesis on movies which use men to impersonate non-normative women because hiring an actual non-normative woman is too risky.

    • GallusMag Says:

      And the whole trope of the female acting out one’s “id”. Not unlike the trans narrative actually: “finally can act like myself” “being myself” ie. by embracing sex role stereotypes one can finally behave according to one’s natural inclinations- as long as one is “wearing” an unnatural sex “costume”.
      The “freedom” of the mask, etc.

      • moira Says:

        That is a brilliant point. Thinking a lot lately about the idea of mtf transition/identity as a way for some males to destroy the only real social barriers they’ve encountered. The Bob Tur types seem certainly to be acting out of this id-indulgent impulse.

  3. I have always hated Adam Sandler. Whenever I tell people this, they act shocked, like how could I dislike him, he’s so funny?! Puh-leeze. I recall watching him years ago on the MTV Music Video Awards, and he was laughing so hard at his own jokes he could barely even read them.

    I’m really NOT a fan of men who think they are the best thing since the goddess herself.

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