Jezebel Headline: “Female Adult Baby Wears Diapers 24/7″

July 29, 2011


Rigggghhht. If by “female” you mean “male who mistrelizes and acts out the oppression of females for his pleasure”.

I thought it was a really strange headline, since paraphilias like transvestitism and fetishism and exhibitionism and voyeurism and pedophilia and shitting in your diapers pretending to be a baby- are an overwhelmingly male phenomenon (and those with one paraphilia tend to have others). Well of course my “gut” was right- it’s an autogynephillic man, not a “female”. But for Jezebel, who bills themselves as a site for “Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for Women, Without Airbrushing” there is no such thing as a female. The only thing getting Airbrushed out of Jezebel is existence of the female sex. Great Job on the Women’s Liberation thing, Jezebel.

If you can stomach a man pretending to be a female pretending to be a child, here he is, courtesy of the Discovery Channel. And remember, when you hear about a female doing something really wack, or read about it in a newspaper or on a website, and it just “don’t sound right” to you: It’s probably a male transgender.

68 Responses to “Jezebel Headline: “Female Adult Baby Wears Diapers 24/7″”

  1. GallusMag Says:

    What I wanna know is why they refer to him as female but they refuse to honor his identity as “baby”. Using their standards the headline should read “Female Baby Wears Diapers 24/7″.

  2. KatieS Says:

    OMG, I laughed so hard I cried. That is one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen in a long time. The minute I saw the photo I burst into laughter. The video, even more.

    No one could make this shit up!

    All those misogynist songs and movies that say, “Hey baby” in them and address adult women as babies. They will now make me laugh, too.

  3. LOL, you beat me to this one GM.

    I was going to headline mine “proxy perverts”, because yeah, the paraphilia gig is hands-down, male dominated. Every single one of those that I have seen “pretending to be a baby” (which actually includes the ones getting off on breast feeding) have all been male.

    This one only distinguishes himself by, as you say, minstrelising female minstrelising baby. Can anyone (except twanzphobic radfems) not see that obsessive minstrelising shit is a mental illness and should be treated as such?

    Think you are and live like you are, a baby, when you are an adult? ~ go see a shrink

    Think you are and live like you are, a female, when you are a male? ~ go see a shrink

    rotflmoa, because yes, I will have to add Twanzagephobia to the list of my big meanie phobias.

    ~ Dave Squirrel
    wot?! you don’t believe I am a twanzsquirrel, how twanzsquirrelphobic you are – haters!!11!!!! bigots!!!

  4. As an aside, does “Riley” qualify on the list of Lazy Tranny names? Just askin’.

    • myrtle Says:

      Yes yes yes. I know both a boy and a girl who have that name. Even Moar Lazy Tranny, you don’t have to change the spelling!!

  5. Another aside:
    Babies don’t have adam’s apples
    Females don’t have adam’s apples
    Just sayin’.

  6. Luckynkl Says:

    They already claim women don’t exist. Is the next step to claim babies don’t exist either? I can’t wait until dudes start claiming tigers don’t exist and get eaten by one.

  7. rebel13 Says:

    I wonder who cleans Riley’s toilet and cooks Riley’s dinner while zhe is too busy lying in hir crib and sucking on hir pacifier for 12 hours a frigging day.

    Wanna bet it’s mom? Either that or Riley is a software engineer by day and pays some other woman minimum wage to clean up hir messes.

    • GallusMag Says:

      You got it. Good call. He’s a prostitute who runs porn sites for pedophiles on the side. He got paid to do that show too.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Maybe I should state that more carefully: “He runs porn sites for men who get aroused viewing sexualized images of people who appear to be children”.

      • He’s saving up for one of those Thailand manginas, according to his website.

        Of course, if they make those stupid adult disposable diapers in the sexed varieties, he will have to stock up on the “female” ones. LOL if he finds those ones difficult to come by, given that 99.99% of these infantilists are dudes.

  8. yttik Says:

    Good catch, GallusMag. I saw that too and thought, female? I don’t think so! One thing that people don’t seem to understand, women simply don’t have time for these types of identity crises. Heck, we’re lucky if we’re allowed to have any identity at all! Oh, we’re quite capable of a neurosis or two, we can eat a box of tissues or something, but actually having the time and money to lay around in diapers? That’s male privilege all the way. There’s that old joke, I’m too tired to have an affair and too broke to have nervous breakdown. We can hardly afford diapers for our kids, let alone diapers for an identity crisis!

    Women have spent years just trying to create a room of our own. We still haven’t got it. There’s no way we have the time and the freedom to lounge around in our nurseries, wallowing in our “identity.”

  9. Scribe Says:

    This is my first time commenting here, but I really enjoy your blog.

    To me, this particular paraphilia is about perverting something that’s pure. I’ve interviewed people who are into this, and it’s always about playing with the taboo.

    Trannies are about becoming women to be sex objects, while this guy is about becoming a little girl, who is still a sex object but has that special taboo “zing” that would get him off.

  10. Noanodyne Says:

    And he’s keeping his penis by god — he’s made note of that various times on his blog. He’s adamant that he’s a “girl with a penis.” You know, that or a delusional asshat who should have to wear a device that warns everyone of what a creepy, dangerous perv he is. Because the kind of penis-bearer that he actually is is a BDSM dom who likes to humiliate women. Shocking, right?

    We need a law that allows us to tag and/or brand every transgender man who keeps his dick. Then all the “la-la-la M2T’s are women” trans apologists can see exactly who and what they’re defending.

    • I have not bothered to read much from either of his sites, but it was on this thread he said about the SRS

      SRS seems like a reality, Thailand by winter seems like a reality, doing something really powerful seems like a reality… life is good. I feel so awesome, I’m going to say some silly things…

      I can’t waaaaiiiiiit to have girlparts! I still have tons of fun with my boyparts, but videos like this make me always get excited about how things are going to be after SRS. I just hope my vagina isn’t all blurred out like hers.

      I’m really looking forward to that feeling of pulling up a pair of panties snug to my body, or that feeling when you’re being changed and a nice clean diaper goes over your exposed crotch, making you feel all warm and snuggly. Me and my body are going to have such fun together, and with other people too.

      Just ewwwww.

    • Davida Says:

      Ok I agree but they should get to choose though. You can’t have both, either you have a penis or a vagina. There is no “both” or “both gender”

  11. GallusMag Says:

    Interview questions for Riley:
    Dear Riley: When you are stealthing it in the ladies room and a little girl enters the stall next to you to void, what goes through your mind exactly as she pees? Do you masturbate?
    When you visit a nursing home and see adults wearing incontinence protectors does that excite you?
    When you see an attractive woman in the hospital wearing a diaper and dying of cancer does that get you hard?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

    • lisa simpson Says:

      this is a very sick, upsetting train of thought, from what of Riley i’ve read and seen, this is absolutely not the way she thinks or acts. The kinds of people that do things like this are disturbed, need mental supervision and don’t go on television to out themselves. She just likes diapers and cuddles, why does your mind immediately go to a place of unconsenting dark perversion and death?

  12. ” paraphilias like transvestitism and fetishism and exhibitionism and voyeurism and pedophilia and shitting in your diapers pretending to be a baby- are an overwhelmingly male phenomenon (and those with one paraphilia tend to have others). ”

    I didn’T know that a man with one is more likely to have another. Obviously the most worrying of that group is pedophilia.
    When you posted that Howard thread (the one about the exhibitionist who liked wearing women’s underwear at airports) someone here said that, for women, alarm bells start ringing when they see a man aggressively flaunting himself in that way. To a woman, it *can* appear predatory. We *don’T* want to end up sitting next to a guy like that on a flight.
    Perhaps we have finely tuned survival instincts or what?
    ANd yet these days women are required to be “open-minded” about all of men’s sexual perversions. She is being “narrow minded” if she doesn’t indulge him. Nobody stops to consider the fact that maybe she is reacting in a visceral way to a man she subconsciously perceives to a threat to her children or self.

    • It was me. No way I would sit next to a dude like that. If he could brazenly walk around the airport in sexualised clothing, what are the chances of getting any sleep if you sit next to him on the plane?

      You are right though, more and more women are being asked to accept all this ‘kink’ and perversion as ‘healthy and acceptable’ – yet this is over riding our normal warning signals. The demand that females accept this crap is a form of grooming victims. And heaven help those victims if they ever go to court – she will be blamed for ‘not reading the situation right’, even though malestream is telling her to accept this ‘new normal’. It is always a lose-lose proposition for women.

  13. Mary Sunshine Says:

    Aaaaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhh!!!!!11!!11! :-(

  14. Bev Jo Says:

    I just saw this. You’re amazing, Gallus. And all of your for the comments. Yet one more narcissistic piece of male shit. They absolutely wank off on playing with oppression. Who on earth would want to be a baby girl, considering what happens to most (because of men). What a completely vulnerable, powerless, terrifying position to be in, yet it’s more wank fodder for this putrescent prick. Oh, I wish him the very worst of what happens to little girls against their wills.

  15. myrtle Says:

    “You are right though, more and more women are being asked to accept all this ‘kink’ and perversion as ‘healthy and acceptable’”

    What a bilious read at Shakes/stingIsteAbel to see them pronounce “It’s all good” and then lay out the dissembling tortuous trail of arriving there.

  16. Oh ‘goody’. UK viewers can now see Riley the idiot adult baby on TV tonight.

    Can’t wait to miss it.

  17. Rich Says:

    I did a doubletake when I saw this, wondering if it was the same dude:

  18. fwancis Says:

    Why’d they even bother to write FEMALE in the headline? It’s stupid, clunky and adds unnecessary extra length to the headline. Methinks they would not point out his sex in the headline if he wasn’t twanz. Got to be appropriately obsequious and shoehorn a reference to any twanz’ preferred jender wherever possible! “Hi, female friend!”

  19. Nicky Says:

    Also I would like to add that Riley has been seen with a bunch of FAB at a TopFree Protest in New York City. Here’s the Photo’s as proof of a transsexual barging in on a FAB Topfree protest and showing off his Manboobs
    2011 Central Park Topless Day

    2011 Central Park Topless Day

  20. Anon Says:

    By no means would I defend this guy; anyone who converts their entire life into a ridiculous sexual fantasy and obviously gets off on the idea of SRS deserves all of your scorn.

    But by the same token I feel compelled to defend the adult baby community. Not all of us are Riley. On one hand, it IS a fetish, but you’ll find that the vast majority of adult babies do not flaunt their fetish even semi-publicly. And on the other hand, there’s also a nonsexual component to it. Sometimes we just want to curl up with our stuffed animals after a long day and not have to worry about anything. But certainly not anywhere close to 24/7.

    The adult baby community is hardly a unified group, though, and does include Rileys and hyper-sex-crazed males as well as those of us who understand what moderation actually is. And it’s not all male, either. It’s just that the aforementioned sex-crazed males make it very hard for females to find a place in the community ( You’ll also be hard pressed to find a female adult baby who isn’t completely and utterly disgusted by people like Riley, which would explain why he hasn’t met any.

    The effect that has on someone like me is extremely negative. Every day I spend time thinking about what my gender actually is. My transgender leanings are completely separate from my adult baby fetish and wanting to be female is not something I find to be sexual. I KNOW that I’d really rather be female and it has nothing to do with wanting to wear skirts and makeup and pretty little girl dresses. But people like Riley here will always leave me with a seed of doubt that maybe I’m wrong about that.

    I won’t bore you with the nuances of my gender confusion. But most things in this world are reasonable in moderation, and adult babies are no different. People like Riley that go crazy with it and then flaunt their insanity really just make things worse for everyone, both by casting a negative light on the rest of us and making us wonder whether or not we’re as bad as they are.

    So, for the record (and if anyone actually reads comments on old posts), he does deserve all of your scorn, but please don’t direct that scorn at those of us who try to find a reasonable balance in our lives.

  21. Davida Says:

    Wow that’s sick… I understand wanting to act like a baby there is nothing wrong with that. But this is crazy! I’m a guy and your note on guys have a dominant phenomenon in stuff like this scares me. That’s wrong I like how testosterone makes you develop and so on so forth but really? Is that a really necessary side effect? I try to keep my sexual brouhaha to myself and really all I know is a like girls that are no more than 1 year younger and two years older. I respect people for making decisions to like different things but I some people are just wrong… Like if my friend or girlfriend or whoever told me that they liked diapers and acting like a child I wouldn’t hate them or stop dating them. I’d just say thats okay, cause it us but Im not obliged to change them. But if it was for stuff like this. I don’t know what I would do. And for all of those people who think the world would prosper without males. Go back to reproduction 101 because you obviously arent smart enough to realize that that would destroy the human race. Thanks for you time people.

    • Nicky Says:

      That’s why vast majority of those who act like AB or Sissy are MEN. Their are no women in that diaper community. That’s why you see a lot of men whine and complain that their are no women in their community and the closes thing to a women to them is a sissy or a M2T

  22. Bev Jo Says:

    We don’t need the putdowns about “101” or about how “smart” we aren’t. Males as a group are destroying the earth. The few kind exceptions are as desperate as we are to stop humans reproducing to death. Have you really not noticed that there are 7 billion humans, and most of the water is contaminated, the earth poisoned and leached of nutrients, and there is no more room? 200 species go extinct every day because of human greed and overpopulation. Are humans more important than any of those other beings?

    I think it’s such a giveaway when any feminist (and I have gay male friends who agree) says women should stop reproducing men or any humans, that the response is a completely irrational, frantic warning that that “would destroy the human race.” Does that look remotely likely? And, if you are into “101,” haven’t you read yet that women are quite capable of reproducing without men?

    • Lizzy Shaw Says:

      I’ve had people accuse me of single-handedly destroying the human race because I don’t want to reproduce. I’m a lesbian and my girlfriend can’t get me pregnant. I’ve still had people flip out on me though for not wanting to do artificial insemination and I even had one woman tell me that I should have a kid because men were jealous of women’s ability to carry a fetus. (Third-wave “feminism” everyone.) Yes, having a kid out of spite is such a great idea. *eyeroll*

      If I ever become financially stable and decide I want a child, I can always adopt or be a foster parent because there’s no shortage of kids who need homes. Plus, I have endometriosis and I started developing polycystic ovary syndrome and I really don’t want to stop taking all the nice drugs that manage that shit because I don’t like being in horrible pain.

      Anyway, I hate idiots who think that we should just keep reproducing to death. They should go visit a slum and then say that we need more humans because by the end of the century about 1/3 of all people will live in a slum.

  23. Riley Says:

    Wow, what a hateful group you have here. Sad, sad corner of the Internet.

  24. RoseVerbena Says:

    Anyone who sexualizes INFANTS needs to spend the rest of their lives behind an 18-foot brick wall topped by barbed wire.

    Just saying.

  25. Bev Jo Says:

    You are so right, Rose.

    I like your style, Gallus. We’re not sad, we’re mad — at all this crap of men playing at being female and caricaturizing us. Hateful? Men always think women loving and defending each other against men and their female-hating is “hateful.” We wouldn’t be thinking about you men at all if you would get out of our faces.

  26. Riley Says:

    I have to say, this site has been a good laugh, there will always be oppressive cunts, calling yourselves radfems is just a disguise for what you really are, a bunch of close-minded bitches who fear anything outside the norm. Yeah, I’m the male oppressor by using those words, but honestly, if this is feminism, sign me up for some good old’ patriarchy, at least we (queer/non-normative gender folks) had something to fight against, not just judge each other while pleading for acceptance ourselves. Enjoy your little hate group, I’ll just keep doing my thing and let you respond like much of the rest of society, with ignorance and misunderstandings. Thanks for reading my blog.

  27. GallusMag Says:

    “…sign me up for some good old’ patriarchy..”

    You’re already signed up for the maximum.

    Don’t you get enough attention peddling your female-child objectifying pedo-porn?

    I always give someone who’s been written about the right to respond- even totally disgusting predators like Riley. I don’t know why I even have this policy when idiots like Riley just spew “you feminist cunts are oppressing me by critiquing my pornography business which objectifies female toddlers!”

    The only ones who’ve ever responded with an ounce of class (or sanity) have been Paris Lees and Tracy Bumpus. Maybe a couple others that I’m not immediately recalling. Oh well.
    Riley you’ve had your chance. Now good riddance.

  28. Bev Jo Says:

    It’s really important that you let Riley show his female-hatred, Gallus Mag. I think of that as what your work really is about, as well as giving support to those of us who already know. As much as they think it’s all about them, it isn’t. We are trying to reach the women who support these men so they finally see how incredibly nasty, disgusting, and male they are. Everything they say like this will help more women to wake from the brain-numbing fog of the trans cult and see reality.

    It really is like a hypnotic chemical is being used to con women and you provide the antidote.

  29. Riley Says:

    I pity your friends and children, you backwards chauvinist maniacs.

    Reach out to any women that I know (cis or otherwise) and you’ll draw back a stump, your attempt to validate your message of fear is as transparent as your sadness.

    [this was too hilarious not to publish-GM]

  30. RoseVerbena Says:

    Yep, Bev Jo. It’s all grist for the mill. Any time I am confronted with someone weeping over “teh poor, ‘ppressed twanz” I’ll just link them up to a bracing dose of reality.

    Women need to know what these ass-hats are up to and how they really think.

    • Nicky Says:

      RoseVerbena, Amen to that and Bio women, lesbians and Intersex people need to know what these ass-hats are up to and what their agenda is all about. Someone needs to wake them up and show them how deluded these MEN are.

  31. Dana Says:

    I just want to remind people that there are disabled people with real medical problems who lead normal lives who have wives and children and are incontinent thru no fault of their own, who must wear diapers because they can not control their bladder’s, we do not enjoy it, we do not get our thrill’s from it, and it’s part of our medical history not something we are making you tube video’s about or going on daytime TV to tell the world about. not all adult sized diapers are sold to weirdo’s looking to abuse their body organs ( your skin is alive and as a whole is considered an organ)and sitting in wet or soiled diapers for fun is unhealthy and definately a Mental Health issue for the Individual and these people who actively seek ways to become incontinent have no idea what they are wishing for,to be blunt “it’s an extra burden thats a pain in the ass to have to worry about all the time”. I just wanted to make sure you remembered these products where made for valid reasons and hijacked by the mentally unbalanced .


  32. Insurgence Says:

    So telling that even though the original post did not contain a SINGLE insult, that’s all Riley could respond with.

    Thank you Gallus for your wonderful website, and thank you to all the commenters for posting in solidarity.

  33. Michiru Says:

    I know I’m late, but Riley I was still a little uncertain on where to stand on the trans issue, you’ve just opened my eyes; you misogynist patriacrhy stroking prick. The first thing you do (a part from being fetishising girlhood scumbag) is call feminists cunts  then pull the passive aggressive ‘I wish you the best, you terrible people’ (Irony~) seriously that’s text book shit.

    Why do want to be female if you hate females so much? Do even like children? (not in that way) children do more than just lie around all day, why do think being a mother or child minder is so difficult? You couldn’t handle looking after kids for an afternoon let alone years (would you share your toys) I am concerned about you not for my personal safety but for the women you abuse in bdsm and for the safety of children particularly girl children. 

    P.S I feel sorry for however has to change your diaper and bib you, a woman I assume.  

  34. Michiru Says:

    Please excuse my grammatical errors but my point still stands. Riley, no just no.

  35. Sebastian Khaira Says:

    my friends are incontinent…. they have bladder incontinence & bowel incontinence… )X

  36. […] stories emerge in the media about women who live as fake mountain-climbing paraplegics or live as adult babies in diapers shoving marshmallows up their ass, or who are cited with multiple felony rape charges, or who are accused of multiple sadistic sexual […]

  37. […] about the man who pretends to be a woman adult baby and wears diapers and sleeps in a crib?  Of course, yet another National Geographic television documentary that tells us that this is a […]

  38. Brian B. Says:

    Riley Kilo was molested when he was a child. He says as much here, in this clip, beginning at about 4:10. I feel sorry for Riley, and he ought to turn his abuser in, in my opinion.

  39. druidwinter Says:

    So he was ashamed of being openly gay and dressed like a girl in Highschool to have sex with grown men. Kind of like Janet Mock, that shame made them dress up because people are more likely to say something if a middle age man is feeling up a 14 year old boy, but may pass by saying nothing if it were a 14 year old girl. So, if boys dress like girls, it has a connection with being ready for sex.

    I had the fortune/misfortune of looking exactly like a boy, short hair, boy-clothes wearing, and middle aged men would approach me to ask. Well , first they offer shit like McDonnalds food- but then money if you keep saying no.

    I thought of what creeps these guys were, offering money for dignity, but I am aware some take it.

    When I looked like a girl, [exact same personality- this is why the trans -crap doesn’t work on me, I was naturally boy -looking for years and enjoyed some everyday male -privilege set aside for boys. At first, it made me want to be a boy, but deeper logic demands an answer as to why women are treated as lesser beings as the norm] they would be more forceful and use money as an apology for being inappropriate.

    So, his molestation at the hands of middle age men, he declares, was so fulfilling, he carries on the abuse years later as his fav sexual fantasy, because he has sexualized it- or he has become the abuser to escape being a victim].. The problem I see with this, is when he no can look like a boy-girl[and these guys look way different at 40-50], and has to play the other role in his sex fantasy, I just hope he carries on with another adult and not try to find another 14 year old

    • druidwinter Says:

      I was approached twice by a middle age guy that gave out cigarettes to boys. A friend of mine, a boy, convinced me to go along with pretending I was also a boy to get cigarettes from this guy. He would start offering booze and cable TV at his house if you accepted cigarettes from him. I got him 2x for cigerettes before he found out I was a girl and he turned really hateful after that. He would give cigs to the guy that I was friends with and tell him not to hang out with me or any other ‘girls’, so I am aware how pedos play children.

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