A mother in Townsend, Georgia is seeking ACLU representation to sue the McIntosh County Public School system after her 7 year old daughter was denied special permission to use the boy’s locker rooms and bathrooms at Todd Grant Elementary School. The child’s biological mother Tommy Theollyn, 28, claims that both she and the child’s co-parent are female-bodied “males” and that her daughter is also a female-bodied “male” who was diagnosed with transsexualism by a unnamed medical doctor. She also claims the physician is “treating” the seven year old girl for transsexualism, though the specifics of the medical treatment were not specified.

Tommy Theollyn

Theollyn states that her daughter is a Female to Male transsexual just like both of her parents. “My child is transgender; put simply this means he looks like and identifies as a boy, but has the body parts assigned to girls.” Theollyn alleges that the government has an obligation to disguise her daughter’s sex and that the right of secrecy for children pretending to be the other sex takes precedence over the privacy rights of other children. Theollyn claims that the disclosure of her daughter’s true sex would endanger her, because the deception would be revealed and there is social pressure against deception.

The mother claims that sex segregation in elementary school private areas should be assigned based on strict adherence to cultural sex role stereotypes and not by actual sex.

“Forcing him to use a bathroom that does not match his presentation effectively discloses his status as a transgender child and thus endangers him.”

Theollyn’s beliefs echo those of the Transgender Rights Movement: That the government has an obligation to uphold sex role stereotypes by actively assisting in disguising the biological sex of those who don’t conform to such stereotypes. Transgenders maintain that individuals who don’t conform to cultural stereotypes based on physical sex must hide their true sex in order to avoid undermining cultural sex roles, and that the government is obligated to assist them. They claim that dismantling stereotyped sex roles is undesirable and that the government should have an interest in maintaining them.

Theollyn, (who claims to have “become a male” 12 months after her daughter’s birth) feels that locker rooms and restrooms segregated by biological sex cause irreparable harm to children who don’t conform to stereotyped sex role presentation- hair cuts, clothing etc. and hopes to engage ACLU litigators to force the school board to eliminate sex segregated locker rooms and restrooms at her daughter’s elementary school.

From the Georgia Voice:

Theollyn says that his son began expressing his own gender identity as early as age 18 months.

“The first time he told me he was a boy he was about 18 months old,” Theollyn said.

In early 2010, D. began insisting that he be identified as a boy. Theollyn said that D. asked to have his head shaved and began throwing away and hiding his girl’s clothing.

“For a while he was saying he really didn’t care, that he was above all that gender stuff. Then one day he asked us to shave his head. He said, ‘I can’t wear girls clothes. I need to look like a boy.'”

Theollyn said at first, he thought D. was just emulating him. Other people who knew D. also expressed the same feelings.

“That really did not go well in a lot of ways,” Theollyn said. “He was very disappointed by the response.”

D. was home-schooled prior to this year. Theollyn said that his son wanted to go to public school because he wants to be a veterinarian and he wanted to interact with children his age. Theollyn said that D. felt being in home school would hurt his chances of becoming a vet.

“He was so ready,” Theollyn said. “It’s such a disappointment. He’s got a bookbag full of supplies he can’t use. He’s very clearly frustrated and disappointed.”

Theollyn said that he and D. have been working with a doctor.”

Transgender activists have started an online petition against elementary school locker rooms and restrooms that are segregated by physical sex.  Over 2300 transgenders have signed.

From the same Georgia Voice article:

“Theollyn said that he reached out to the American Civil Liberties Union earlier this week to discuss the incident. The state chapter forwarded the case to the organization’s main office in New York, according to Theollyn. He said he has not heard back.

Theollyn said he will present members of the McIntosh School board with educational material and a copy of the Change.org petition during a mid-September school board meeting.

“There’s several things I want to discuss,” he said. “I have no idea how that’s going to go.”

In the meantime, D. is back to learning at home.

“I don’t want to give him the message that it’s OK to treat people this way,” Theollyn said. “At the same time, I also know where that leaves us — back at home school.”



Washroom Dilemma

August 24, 2011

This weekend’s national Butch Voices conference, being held in Oakland, has finally reached critical mass for the “othering” of women and Lesbians that has been a part of the organization since its inception in 2008. The organizers have split over the complete erasure this year of Women and Lesbians from the conference platform. The words “Butch” and “Women” have been replaced in the BV platform by the term “Masculine of Center”.

Masculine of Center , or MOC women (“mock women”) is the latest terminology forced onto Butch Lesbians by the transgender F2Ts and hetero “queer” women who have colonized and taken over Lesbian Butch/Femme spaces and meeting places. Previously they tried to force Butch lesbians to define themselves in opposition to trans “Butches” by inflicting the term “Female Identified Butch” , or FIB women – often shortened mockingly to “Fibbers” according to the trans philosophy that all femininity non-performing women and Butch Lesbians are “Transmen in denial” (because if we were “real” women we’d be performing femininity, doncha know).

The removal of Butch Women and Lesbian from the population served by the Butch Voices organization, and the adoption of the incredibly offensive “Mock Women” terminology is the biggest “Fuck You” imaginable to Butch Lesbians. And it was done willingly and knowingly because according to ButchVoices own website, programming committee member Jeanne Cordova has been protesting the change for the last 18 months. Their response according to Sasha Goldberg, an F2T2F Butch Voices organizer, was to schedule the annual board member retreat during the one week of the year that Cordova would be unable to attend due to a scheduled surgery.

This is not the first time Butch Lesbian voices have been silenced by the Butch Voices organization. At the last national conference in 2009, every single proposed Butch Lesbian presentation was rejected by organizers, most of whom refer to themselves as “ex-females” and “ex-Lesbians”.

Butch Voices President and Conference Co-chair Krys Freeman has previously stated “I don’t even like to call myself a lesbian because I feel like it’s politicized. Well, I could be. Some people think I’m a lesbian. It’s a fair assumption. I like women.

And “ex-Lesbian ex-female” Butch Voices founder Joe LeBlanc defended the removal of Women and Lesbians from the Butch Voices platform and the need for Butch Women to be identified by the MOC terminology, apparently because eliminating Lesbians and adopting the Transman/MOC-female language will decrease Butch Lesbian visibility and erase the fact that Butch/Femme  spaces were created by Lesbians.


Ex-Lesbian "Ex-Female" Joe LeBlanc

The only misogyny Joe is concerned with, according to his PR release responding to the split, is the so-called “misogyny” of females protesting total erasure of women from a national Butch conference.

  It is misogyny when people dictate what pronouns we can use for ourselves, the identities we can hold, and what spaces we are welcome to uphold,” Joe responds.

If representation of women is what ex-Lesbians Joe LeBlanc and Krys Freeman consider “misogyny”, the institutional silence that organizers Jeanne Cordova and Sasha Goldberg met for the last 18 months begins to make more sense.

The following is an excerpt from a post by Sasha T. Goldberg that shows her months of  correspondence- her UNANSWERED correspondence on the issue to other ButchVoices organizers. (Click on the link to read the correspondence in its entirety). 


JUNE 14TH, 2010

Hi, friends–

Joe, thanks for your well thought out essay. I appreciated reading your thoughts. I also want to second some of Jeanne’s thoughts, here. Jeanne offers many of my deepest sentiments, but there are some things I’d like to say, as well.

In the spirit of an injury to one is an injury to all, here is what I think is important to add:

All of you know me now, to one degree or another. You know how committed I am to Butch Voices, to what we do, and to our mission. I know these things about you all, too. And perhaps you also know that I commit my time, energy, and resources to run a monthly Bulldagger group. And maybe you know, or maybe you don’t, that I had to fight very hard for us, Butch Voices, in that group, hours spent trying to convince people (many of whom had even been to the conference) that Butch Voices is about Butch women. That there is room (insult to injury, really) for Butch women at a Butch conference. In this way, I have defended Butch Voices to so many Butch Women that I’ve lost count–and now we’ve gone and changed our motto to “Masculine of Center people.” What shall I tell us Butch women now?

Because here is the truth: If I myself just happened to stumble across a conference that was for “masculine of center people,” it would never occur to me to attend. I am not a masculine “of center” person. I am a Butch. I am a woman. I am female. That has been the history–and the persistent present–for so many of us Butches. Additionally, I am not even sure where this supposed “center” is “supposed” to be. I am sure, however, that this world keeps erasing Butch women–from history, from literature, from film, from television, from our streets, from our families, churches, employment markets, housing, and with continued, persistent pressure to be men–and now we, Butch Voices, we have gone and erased Butch women from the first sentence of our mission statement. Now that is just something that I don’t have the heart to defend, friends.

I know you all, just like you know me, so I know and trust your intent and I hope that you know and trust mine. But again and again I say: We are not the same, us Butches who are women and use female pronouns and folks who live on a ‘transmasculine spectrum’; we are not the same, and though we can support one another in a thousand ways, I absolutely refuse to have my Butch identity and history blended in, watered down, or erased. And if this sounds like a political platform, you know, maybe it is–I have been fantasizing about a keynote on solidarity at BV for some of these exact reasons. But as we all know, the political is the personal and this is what is true for me, and for so many other Butches:

Without protecting and defending the space that Butch women have carved out, created, survived and built in addition to trans-spectrum folks, we are not doing justice. We are not doing me right, we are not doing Jeanne right, and we are not doing many, many other Butches right. We are not doing right by our past, we are not doing right by our present, and we are surely not doing right towards ensuring our future.

For all of the above reasons, I strongly ask that you to re-consider the current language. I also strongly second Jeanne’s suggestion of “butch women and all trans-masculine folks.” We simply cannot stand in solidarity without making a stand alone space, literally, metaphorically, and linguistically, for Butch women.

With continued dedication,


Goldberg, Cordova, and at least two other Butch Voices organizers have left the organization in July over this issue and are founding a group for Butch Women called BUTCH NATION. Butch Nation organizers are holding unauthorized scheduled sessions for Butch Women in various hotel rooms throughout the conference venue, since they have been denied a platform to speak.

On Wednesday night Butch Voices posted a message on their Facebook page that a “Town Meeting” was being scheduled for both groups to speak: at 12 noon on Friday before the conference start. None of the Butch Nation women were notified or invited, and Butch Women complained that they had no time to schedule a day off from work at such short 36 hour notice to attend. It seems the “Town Meeting” was scheduled in such a way that very few women could attend.

I hope to receive updates and reports here from readers who are now attending the conference.



So what’s all this fuss then about Transgender people and bathrooms? Seems every few weeks there’s a different “Bathroom Bill” being proposed in some state or municipality or another. Laws designed to allow males to use women’s restrooms and locker rooms and other designated female private spaces, as long as the males either perform some sort of female sex-role stereotype (wearing make-up or clothing gendered-female for example) or who simply claim to “feel like a woman inside” (what transgenders call a psychological “gender identity”).

Transgenders call this “using the bathroom they identify with” which means that facilities which are sex-segregated for privacy and female safety from male predation should be disregarded in cases where males are willing to claim that they, at least sometimes, “feel like a woman inside”.

What possible justification can males have for entering female spaces that are set up for female protection against males, and are not even designed to physically accommodate male biology during elimination? And make no mistake- at least 80% of male transsexuals now choose to forgo “sex change surgery” and elect to retain their male anatomy. And 100% of male transgenders and those under the transgender umbrella (transgenders, cross-dressers, femulators) retain their original male anatomy without alteration. Stating the obvious here but: Male restrooms have urinals. Devices designed for male-bodied people to urinate in. So why would males who appear superficially female want to use women’s restrooms that aren’t even designed for their bodies, instead of say, educating the public and doing activism around the reality that some males choose to appear female, and that these males may also use restrooms like any other person born male?

The answer is that gaining access to spaces set aside for female privacy is a huge male fantasy. I’ve done a few posts on this topic in the past and I can tell you that finding serious articles or news reports on the subject is difficult because there is so much porn around the topic of male transgenders in ladies restrooms. Just google “Tranny restroom” or “crossdresser restroom” if you don’t believe me. Transgender males like the one in this video (don’t worry, this one is safe for work) film their excitement at being in the female restroom in female disguise, and upload them to YouTube for other transgenders to enjoy their thrilling conquest of female intimate spaces.

Sometimes that conquest involves excitedly flashing their crotches at random women who are simply trying to take a leak, as seen in this one. “In this particular video Fanny greets an innocent woman in the ladies room and tells her a surprise menu option she won’t soon forget.”

 Oh the thrill of it all! The sounds of the unsuspecting females talking amongst themselves, washing their hands at the sinks, urinating! It’s total wank material for these guys. There are volumes of written testimonials, fantasy fictions, and video links on internet sites and publications catering to the male transgender audience. Entering female spaces is an entire subgenre of pornography, created for transgender consumers. It’s a huge sexualized fantasy for male transgenders. Same as it is for males who are not transgender, which is why we see thousands of men arrested for hiding cameras in female restrooms and locker rooms for example. The difference is that transgenders and males who are willing to claim they “feel like females” can indulge this predilection legally in places where transgender bathroom bills have been passed.

Of course this isn’t what transgender activists claim when they are lobbying for “bathroom bills”. They get bathroom bills passed by using the political capital of the gay and lesbian movement and frame the issue as one of “LGBT Rights”. They claim that males who superficially appear female, or who are willing to claim a “gender identity” have a legal right to bypass sex-segregated legal protections for females. And they frame this “right” as one of safety. Safety for males from the potential violence of other males. They claim that males are so overwhelmingly sexually violent by nature that males who gender-bend must seek refuge in female spaces to avoid the potential for that violence from other males. But the truth is that men are not overwhelmingly sexually violent to other males, even males who adopt visual cues coded female. All a transsexual male in a men’s room needs to do to diffuse potential confrontation is abandon his falsetto and say in his male voice “Don’t ask”, or “Mind your own business” to any other male who may challenge his presence in the men’s room, and the other dudes leave him alone.

Men aren’t afraid of other men in the restroom. They are not afraid of male sexual predators. Why would they be? Statistically, the overwhelmingly target for male sexual predation is females. The only thing males are afraid of in men’s rooms are homosexuals. Men are not afraid of females. Or males who look female. They’re worried about someone thinking they’re queer and coming onto them the way men come onto women. That’s called homophobia. And the only bathroom incidents involving male on male violence have been those involving homophobia- fear of gay males. There has never been a single incident cited of a hate crime in a male restroom against a male transgender. Not one. Which is astounding.

The only “bathroom incidents” involving male transgenders are related to males entering female-designated spaces.

According to widely respected transsexual activist and researcher Lynn Conway, one in 500 people are transsexual. Not transgender, but transsexual (those who live 24/7/365 performing the opposite sex role). Many feel Conway’s numbers are overly conservative. According to the HRC, perhaps one in 100 individuals in the US population are transgender. That is over 3 million people in the US alone. 69 million worldwide. The Gender Centre calculates the number of people with “intense transsexualism” at one in 250. That is 28 million people worldwide.

28 million people who navigate the process of medically and/or surgically changing their social appearance from one sex to the other. Again, not including the vastly larger number of others who fall under the “transgender umbrella” such as transgenders, cross-dressers, genderqueers, gender-benders, and others who identify themselves as transgender. According to a study released from Finland last week, the number of people requesting hormone “gender reversal” is increasing by 100% Annually.

And they all pee every single day. Several times a day in fact.

The exact numbers don’t even matter. Whether there are 69 million transsexuals or 28 million transsexuals or 14 million, or ten million, or half a million, or half a dozen, we would expect to see some instances of this supposed danger to male transgenders who use male restrooms. I mean, this is why transgender activists have lobbied for the right to enter in spaces set aside with laws designed to protect females from male predation. So where is the predation on male transgenders in male facilities? Where are the hate crimes against male-bodied people who use male facilities? They simply don’t exist. There are none. Out of 69 million, or 28 million, or 14 million, or whatever number of transgenders you want to trust, where are the victims of discrimination for using the facilities one is already legally entitled to use? Such cases should be easily cited, should be widespread, considering that female rights to sex-segregated spaces are being eliminated due to them. Where are they?

Even a cursory internet search can pull up tens of thousand of incidents of male predation against females in areas such as restrooms and changing rooms which are legally sex-segregated for female privacy. Hidden cameras, peeping toms, etc. But one can find no such incidents of male predation against male transgenders in male spaces. Not a one. And there should be thousands, considering we are overriding laws which protect females. Or at least a hundred. Or some.

Americans are protected by Title VII against sex discrimination: discrimination against folks who don’t conform to sex role stereotypes. So males who are discriminated against while using male facilities can sue, the same way females can sue for sex discrimination. So where are the cases? Out of millions of transgender people there must be at least a handful of cases of males who have been discriminated against by being prevented from using male facilities because they looked female? No. There are none. Not a single fucking one. Simply put, no one has had a problem with male transgenders using male facilities. There have been no hate crimes, no epidemic of sex discrimination against males who are transgender. I can’t find any. And if there were we would hear about it, believe me. There would be a “Transgender Day of Bathroom Remembrance” outlining each and every incident. But there isn’t. There are no such incidents.


Where is the evidence that there is a statistically significant problem of crossdressed men/transsexual males/other transgender males suffering predation in male restrooms/male spaces? It doesn’t exist.


Please show us the statistically based study (or studies) that backs transgender claims regarding how dangerous men are to transgenders in men’s public restrooms/men’s spaces.


Where is the solid evidence that there has been an uptick in violence or harassment –or any hate crimes whatsoever, ever– against male transgenders in the male spaces where males are protected against sex discrimination?


There isn’t any.


There’s nothing.


Just a bunch of porn.


There is no demonstrable need for male-bodied people to use female facilities, regardless of how well they conform – or not– to gendered sex-roles.




Bev Jo

Women don’t have it easy and Lesbians have it even harder. We are oppressed in patriarchy — by institutions and individuals – we are oppressed by males, by het and bisexual women (who women choose to love is a choice, not something as trivial as “sexual orientation”), and also by men who claim to be women and men who claim to be Lesbians. Not only do they appropriate our identity, including some saying they are more woman than real women (though that’s true in terms of men’s definition of women). Anyone who protests gets death threats. (I have witnessed horrific Lesbian wars since 1970, but I have never seen or heard another Lesbian, no matter how severe the disagreement, threaten another Lesbian with death.)

When you let a woman think for herself and don’t bully or threaten her, don’t call her a “bigot” and “transphobic,” compare her to nazis, and don’t use pseudo-feminist politics against her, what actually is her instinctual reaction to men claiming to be women?  From what I’ve seen and read, it’s an immediate refusal to accept an obvious lie.

But then the pressure starts and most succumb to the harassment and also the flattery, impressed with the attention of these men since, of course, most women have learned the patriarchal rule of valuing men more than women and “keeping the peace” at any cost. Those who think for themselves will see the incredible narcissism of these men. They will also see how these female impersonators have no clue about what it means to be female. If asked, the “transwomen” men will reveal their fetishized, pornified, and objectified image of women that has nothing at all to do with us. It’s also obvious that they have been watching too much male-directed “lesbian” porn.

You can see female impersonators talking endlessly about themselves, groping Lesbians they don’t know in sexually invasive ways, and you can hear them trying to imitate their idea of what a woman is, but their domineering and aggression still comes through.

It is all so obvious, yet Lesbians try so hard to understand and be compassionate and not hurt anyone’s feelings.

But far more than feelings are being hurt. Real women and Lesbians are being bullied and stalked, lectured about how oppressive we are for staying with the truth, and we are losing our last tiny bit of remaining female-only space. We are also getting death threats.

You know what we call men who don’t take “no” for an answer?  Try saying no to these men and see what happens.

I’ve been trying to say no for over forty years to one who stalked me as a teenager right into my Lesbian community, and I still can’t get away. (When he could not get me to be his girlfriend, no matter how hard he pushed, he changed his name to one as close to mine as possible and now slanders me and other Lesbians.) Do know that some of these men have learned well what lies to tell. This one is now saying that he always felt like a girl, which is not at all what he said when he first went after me. He was incredulous that I was in love with another girl, and my being a Lesbian meant nothing to him until he later figured out that he would get a better deal with Lesbians than het women. As a typical het male, he was too pathetic to get into the power positions he later got into in the Lesbian community.

No female should be forced to be in “women’s” space with any man who has sexually harassed her. How many of these men have raped?

These men have histories. Many of them don’t declare they are Lesbians until decades after living with full heterosexual male privilege and sense of entitlement (including the much higher incomes that men get) with wives and children.

But having het male privilege is not enough for them. Some write about hating and being bitterly jealous of little girls who they fantasize as having the “pink bedrooms and ballet lessons” that they were denied. Not many girls want or get those things, but most little girls do get sexually assaulted and all are sexually harassed by boys and men. Why are these men so oblivious to the reality of what real girls suffer?

I have yet to read or hear a story from a man claiming to be a woman that sounds remotely like what a girl felt growing up. On the television series, “Sex Change Hospital,” a man says he knew he was meant to be a woman because when he was four, he got excited seeing his mother’s bra and put it on. Do you know of any girl or woman “excited” from seeing her mother’s bra?  (There is nothing about a bra that is intrinsically female – it’s a device men manufacture and tell women to wear so their breasts stick out.) This man’s wife was surprised he wanted to be a woman because he was such a “macho” man.

Female impersonators never look like real women. They are obsessed with the artifice that men demand women adopt. Their idea of “womanhood” is male-defined, male-identified “femininity,” so that they look like drag queens with their heavy, ugly makeup, plucked unnatural eyebrows, garish costumes, etc. When this man’s surgery was finished, he asked his father to look at his new “vagina.” Does that sound like a woman to you?

Meanwhile, the wives of these men have lost out on the deal that het women make with their husbands, which is heterosexual privilege. (Although some do still get the monetary benefits since some men who claim to be women get a contract guaranteeing their male salary post surgery.)

And then there are the 80% of “transwomen” who don’t have surgery and are some of those who invade our last spaces like the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival so they can expose their pricks to girls and women.

Besides the immediate knowing that these men are not women, why do those who are conned believe that a male medical system with male surgeon, synthetic hormones, and castration can make women out of men? Do they really think that we are just the absence of male parts? Would women so easily believe that someone could use those means to change race or species?

“Transphobia” is a lie. Of course women object to and find it offensive when men mimic us with misogynist ideas of “womanhood.” It’s like expecting African Americans to like Euro-Americans putting on blackface and doing minstrel shows. It’s insulting and oppressive. Do Lesbians bemoan how oppressed transvestites and drag queens are? They are caricaturing female oppression, which is exactly what men claiming to be us are doing.

Part of the problem is that throughout patriarchy there is an ingrained sense that all females somehow belong to all males, to comment on, to order, to possess, to oppress, to own. That is part of why men can feel so comfortable with just appropriating our identity. We are their possessions to play with as they like.

Drag queens and “transwomen” ridicule us. We are not “transphobic.” They oppress us.




It’s a basic weapon of patriarchy to divide women. Men are appropriating Lesbian identity and re-writing our Lesbian history and getting into power positions in our Lesbian community. They go where they want and take what they want, ignoring our objections, which is a very male trait. They enjoy the attention of getting women to fight over them. They have no respect for Lesbian culture and community and try to destroy what little we have.

I know very few Lesbians who do not defer to these men and obey them by referring to them as “transwomen” and give them our pronouns. Those of us who refuse to betray our own kind are yelled at, insulted, and threatened. (If you don’t believe me, try it.) Our Lesbian culture, which is SO liberal and tolerant, does not allow any Lesbian to respect her own heart and mind about how she thinks of these men. The men simply come first.

The enforcement of this mass lie is like a brainwashed cult, with absolute obedience demanded. You are not allowed to think for yourself or speak for yourself on behalf of other Lesbians. Your wanting to protect and defend your beleaguered and almost destroyed people is called “hatred.” Middle class rules of “etiquette” and manners are enforced. (I have literally been told to obey Wikipedia’s etiquette on how to properly address a “transwoman.”) And we certainly are not encouraged to make a fuss over something as irrelevant as the truth. We are treated in parental and controlling ways where we are virtually told “How dare you talk back!”

Some “radical feminists” have been so desperate to try to figure a way to not lose more of what we have that they have resorted to betraying themselves. They are trying to work with some of these men as allies, hoping that they will police other female impersonators. They don’t seem aware of past feminist history in regards to trusting men. It doesn’t work. It never will. Those who don’t know history are condemned to repeat it.

The point at which you give up your basic knowledge to participate in a lie, you have lost the struggle and they have won.

What these men want more than anything is for us to accept them as women, publicly refer to them as “transwomen” and give them our pronouns. Agreeing to call them “transwomen” is betraying real women and giving these men exactly what they want. It also opens the door to losing everything. They can then call us more names, such as “misogynist,” for refusing to give into their increasing demands.

It is not sensible strategy to cooperate with defining us out of existence by defining men as any kind of women.

The next stage of complicity is to disrespect and betray other Lesbians and women by telling us to shut up on behalf of these “special women” who are actually men. It is considered more important that they might be offended by us telling the truth than that real Lesbians are insulted and silenced. This has happened on more than one “radical Lesbian Feminist” facebook thread. How is this any different than what has been happening for years where men are lauded at the expense of the Lesbians and women who are oppressed by them?

Have these “radical feminists” changed their plan for their own status and careers or because they mistakenly think this is a good strategy? So few of us have the courage to say the truth, yet you still want to silence us? For men?

This reminds me of Neville Chamberlain triumphantly waiving his worthless piece of paper with Hitler’s signature, declaring he had secured “peace in our time,” while betraying Czechoslovakia to Hitler.


Why Not Try this Strategy?


Instead of trying to work with men who are part of the problem, why not organize a much bigger group who could get righteously outraged over the issue of men invading women’s space? I’m talking about het women, who certainly outnumber the “good” men claiming women’s identity. I think this has never been attempted simply because of fear of their lesbophobia and Lesbian-hatred.

Though the loyalty has only gone one way, in terms of Lesbians supporting gay men, many Lesbians are afraid to break rank even to be publicly opposed to NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association.) I think the fear is that all of het women’s fear of queers will surface and that somehow we will be betraying gay men and “transpeople,” as if we really have anything in common with them.

Lesbian Feminism came out of alliances with het feminists. Lesbians soon separated because of het feminists’ Lesbian-hatred (though a lot of het feminists also came out.) But really, we are more natural allies with women than any kind of men, especially since it is all a choice and any het woman at any age can decide to join us. They are also oppressed by men and patriarchy. At this point, I think I trust even non-feminist het women to recognize “transwomen” as simply the men that they are more than I do some Lesbian feminists. Certainly these women would not want female impersonators using the same public restrooms as their little girls. This isn’t “transphobia.” This is sensible women recognizing that these men, like all men, are prurient and dangerous to girls.

So how about it?  Has anyone fighting to stop female impersonators from invading our space considered allying with het women on this issue? I would think we might even get a few concerned het and gay men who are fed up with the bullying of female impersonators and are worried about laws changing that might make their daughters vulnerable.

Whatever strategy you choose, remember that it is important to not be conned or mindfucked in any way by men claiming our identity. They are not our friends or allies, no matter how much the LGBTQuerty is shoved down our throats. That group has never supported Lesbians. We have always supported ourselves. So let’s not give them any bit of what they are demanding – FEMALE IMPERSONATORS ARE NOT WOMEN!  Please, do not support them by calling them “transwomen,” “transsexuals” or “transgender.”

Instead, please do what Lesbians rarely do — support other Lesbians. Put females and Lesbians first for a change, since no one else does.

For more of Bev Jo’s writings visit her site at:  Bev Jo Radical Lesbian