Kentucky Fairness Campaign’s Anthony G. Casebeer : Lesbian Feminists Will Be Gruesomely Murdered – by Him !

August 8, 2011

Anthony G. Casebeer, Treasurer of C-FAIR, the Fairness Campaign Political Action Committee had this to say yesterday about LGBT and Women’s Rights Advocate Cathy Brennan:

“Pimp slap is not enough here: a nice home run swing to the head with a 38-oz Louisville Slugger is more in order. There’s no brains in her head to destroy to start with. It’s personal, and if I ever saw her in my windshield, I’ll be wiping blood off my white Buick. But I won’t be using the brakes.”

Who is the Kentucky Fairness Campaign and why is one of their representatives planning a  Hate Crime against a Lesbian ? From their website:

“What is Kentucky Fairness Alliance and FAIR PAC?
Kentucky Fairness Alliance is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to ending discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in Kentucky. The Full and Inclusive Rights PAC is a state political action committee (PAC) that helps elect candidates who support fairness for GLBT Kentuckians.

The FAIR PAC Board is made up of approximately eight volunteers who are committed to civil rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in Kentucky. These volunteers include both members of the Board of Directors of the Kentucky Fairness Alliance and non-members. We make every effort to insure statewide representation. Staff support is provided by KFA’s executive director and lobbyist.”

Kentucky’s Fairness Campaign claims they believe in non-violence:

Then where does the Kentucky Fairness Campaign stand on one of their representatives advocating for the murder by means of  “a nice home run swing to the head with a 38-oz Louisville Slugger” of a Lesbian and Women’s Liberation Advocate?

According to recently updated filings Mr. Casebeer is the Treasurer for the Fairness Campaign’s PAC :

Mr. Casebeer, a former transgender  “Anne Casebeer” was a second tier leader of the transgender civil rights movement active mostly at the level of state politics who resumed his “male identity” after many years living “as a woman”. As Anne, he was a founding member of TransFair Kentucky which later became part of the Fairness Campaign.  Mr Casebeer took issue with Cathy Brennan’s co-authorship of a letter to the UN in support of Women’s Rights.

The Fairness Campaign’s Political Action Committee endorsed Greg Fischer for Mayor of Louisville, among others:

Greg Fischer – Mayor of Louisville
Marty Meyer – Kentucky State Senate District 38
Representative Tom Burch – Kentucky House of Representatives District 30
Representative Darryl Owens – Kentucky House of Representatives District 43
Representative Joni Jenkins – Kentucky House of Representatives District 44
Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh – Metro Council District 9
William Cohen – Metro Council District 17
Justin Chelf – Metro Council District 19
Mike O’Connell – Jefferson County Attorney
Judge Sadiqa Reynolds – District Court Judge Division 11
Stephanie Pearce Burke – District Court Judge Division 14
PVA Tony Lindauer – Property Valuation Administrator

Please contact the Fairness Campaign  and let them know you do not support murderous death threats being issued against Lesbian Activists by their organization.

Fairness Campaign
2263 Frankfort Ave
Louisville, KY 40206  

(502) 893-0788
(502) 896-0577, fax
Chris Hartman, Director
Laura Reece, Administrative Coordinator

Click this link to go directly to the CONTACT form on the Fairness Campaign’s website:

Board Members:

Keith Brooks

Yana Baker
Maurice “Bojangles” Blanchard
Kat Crawford
Julia Crittendon
Ernie Flores
Brad Hampton
Alyson Hill
Reverend Ryan Kemp-Pappan
Carol Kraemer
Sam Marcosson
Kate Miller
Alana Montgomery
Gil D. Reyes
Meg Stern
Dr. Kaila Story
Nick Wilkerson


Thanks for your help. We must speak up when Lesbians are threatened with gruesome violence and murder by LGBT representatives. And a special thanks to the wonderful women and supporters of Women’s Rights who helped me research this post.


51 Responses to “Kentucky Fairness Campaign’s Anthony G. Casebeer : Lesbian Feminists Will Be Gruesomely Murdered – by Him !”

  1. LOL, back in his tranny days – what was he trying to do – his bestest impression of The Joker? I might have to add him to my tackle tally.

    On a more serious note, one has to wonder at the calibre of members of orgs such as the “Fairness Campaign” if their members routinely throw around death threats to the very people they supposedly support.

    This has certainly cast doubt on the authenticity of Fairness Campaign.

  2. myrtle Says:

    Is the Kentucky Fairness Campaign a 501 status org?

    I wonder what the federal charities act says about 501 officers uttering public death threats?

  3. Luckynkl Says:

    I think it is high time the GLBT organization, a predominantly male organization, was reported to the FBI as a terrorist/hate group who uses the protection gay, lesbian, bi, and trans folks as a disguise and front to terrorize, stalk, violate and murder females who object to their perverse demands. They’re nothing more than another he-man woman-hating club.

    Kentucky, eh? I’ve had to pass through and stop in Kentucky more than a few times. They’re backwoods, hillbilly, redneck mfers who are inbred and share the collective IQ of a toad.

  4. I note that the Chairman [sic] of the Fairness Campaign, listed as a Ms Dawn J Wilson, and wonder if she knows that Casebeer is such a rampant misogynist and anti-lesbian?

    If she is a FAB (and lesbian) she should be worried.

    If ‘she’ is M2T, then Tony and Dawn probably sit around laughing and joking about ‘silly real women’ and how males make better women anyway.

  5. allecto Says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated on this, Gallus. So seriously fucked up. Have sent them an email… for all the good that it will do.

  6. Nik Says:

    This is unacceptable. I’ll be emailing them.

  7. Lee Says:

    Thanks for the research and call to action. Message sent to the director, administrative coordinator, and committee coordinator; it appears the contact form is only for signing up for the organization’s newsletter.

  8. Jaye Jill Says:

    I emailed a complaint. I’ll post their reply if I get one.

  9. Jaye Jill Says:

    Any info on why he’s not a tranny anymore?? I thought they popped out of the womb just craving that red lipstick. You mean it’s actually possible to *gasp* get over it?

  10. KatieS Says:

    This organization appears to have had some problems with getting along with others in the past.

    Perhaps there is an issue of organizational culture not being so fair after all. Are these ethics problems that run deep? Usually when something like this comes up, it is not an isolated problem.

  11. KatieS Says:

    Perhaps the victims of this hate crime might like also to file a report with the Kentucky Equality Federation, since they have a procedure for that. They might have a unique take on the Kentucky Fairness Alliance since they had already issued a public statement about unprofessional behavior by the KFA. Plus, their motto is “peace, liberty, equality” which suggests they would not be in favor of baseball bats. Part of their statement regarding the KFA:

    At the Jan. 5, 2008 meeting of the General Advisory Council of Kentucky Equality Federation, those council members present voted unanimously to rescind all past statements of solidarity with the Kentucky Fairness Alliance.

  12. That front page article is really good. The author, Peter Smith, actually quotes Cathy Brennan and is openly criticizing the violent threats. The end of the article discusses the FAIR PAC board holding Anthony Casebeer accountable.

    Finally, a trans woman may be held accountable for hate speech against women. Hopefully this will set a precedent.

  13. GallusMag Says:

    Yes I thought Peter did a very good job. Thank you for picking up the story Peter!

  14. FCM Says:

    thanks for covering this gallusmag and for saving screenshots. that will turn out to be crucial wont it…funny how they deleted/went private but the newspaper et al had to admit that they’d seen it, because someone saved the evidence. well done.

  15. GallusMag Says:

    Fairness Campaign did the right thing.

  16. redirect Says:|topnews|text|Home

    Casebeer offers to resign. Note the language: He was “angered”, meaning it was Brennan’s fault that he threatened her with battery and death by Louisville Slugger and Buick.

    She did it. He’s just a poor male who was forced to threaten bludgeoning. That justification can be heard in every court room where a man is up on charges for brutalilzing, raping, and murdering a woman. It’s page 3 in the Batterers’ and Rapists’ Handbook of Lies.

    it was her fault. She shouldn’t have said that, done that, dressed that way, been there.

    It’s never the batterer’s fault. It’s always the woman’s fault. This theme has also been expressed in several Casebeer-supportive blog posts written by *trans*women.

    They blame the victim. .

  17. redirect Says:

    Ooops sorry GM posted at same time.

  18. redirect Says:

    The last paragraph quoting him in the “resign” story:

    Is he saying the error was not in him saying it, only wrong that we “heard” him say it.

    Moje Cris Tabernac!

  19. Noanodyne Says:

    Here’s Casebeer’s apology postscript, where he proves that he isn’t sorry for saying what he did, he’s sorry for getting caught: “In this day and age, incredibly, a few intemperate words one says without thinking on Facebook can get published in one’s local paper, as if it was real news, unlike a real-time conversation with a friend –— and anyone who hasn’t said something intemperate to a friend in realtime, is probably lying.”

    He was being “intemperate” you silly girls, now quit with the hysteria.

    Look for Casebeer as a blogger on Transgriot or some such trash pile. He’s going to become a trans hero, just watch.

  20. redirect Says:

    From that Bilerico link:

    “In no area other than trans issues do we see (…) so many comments that include ad hominem attacks.”

    The writer must be willfully blind, or male to be so ignorant about the violence men visit upon women. Millions of women have been brutalized, raped and murdered *only* because they were women. In context of blogging, women have run for their lives and those of their children at the threats from men. All types of men.

    This comment elucidates so clearly what the problem is. A man making judgements about something he can never know. In other meeting halls, it’s called “appropriation”.

  21. rebel13 Says:

    Not in hir defense or anything, but clearly feminism, women’s struggles, whatever are not on these people’s radar. They are ONLY thinking in terms of the LGBT rights movement. The best way to shoot yourself in the foot — refuse to work for common ground with other movements. Insist on your demographic’s specialness, no matter what the issue. Watch your movement crash and burn.

    (We can only hope, I guess.)

  22. Noanodyne Says:

    The majority of them don’t give a damn about gay men’s rights. They don’t give a damn about lesbian rights. They don’t give a damn about bisexuals’ rights. They don’t give a damn about the movement that those people built through blood, sweat, and tears. They care about only themselves. They have proven this over and over and over. They will destroy whatever they have to destroy to get their way. I’ve seen it in person. I’ve seen it online. They regularly trash anyone and anything that gets in their way. And they perceive anything that isn’t 100% about trans as getting in their way.

  23. Cathy Brennan Says:

    I want to thank everyone for the kind words and expressed support. I’ve gotten some amazing calls and emails from people from all walks of life, including people of trans* experience. The response affirms for me that these issues are worth talking about and that people do care, and although death threats may silence a single voice, we are a many headed hydra who will continue this critical fight in the political arena.

    Also, Gallus, you are an amazing woman. Really, truly a champion for justice and fairness.

  24. redirect Says:


  25. redirect Says:

    Men agree, he apologized now let’s move on to an interesting subject, what he was angry about. Transgender rights.

  26. redirect Says:

    Oh and? Poster does not want to hear from haters.

  27. Chonky Says:

    “….said in sarcastic jest”

    My ass.

    Pennywise is not behaving very ladee-like is he? Now THAT is sarcastic jest, you nincompoop.

  28. GallusMag Says:

    “I’ve lobbied Congress for passage of a TG-inclusive ENDA and hate crimes reporting, but at the same time, I think that women that have kids out of wedlock don’t need to ask for my tax money or my sympathy. ” -Anthony Casebeer

    • kurukurushoujo Says:

      One woman-hating asshole, that Mr. Casebeer.

      • stone Says:

        Because as we all know, women get pregnant on their own. Or it’s a miracle, like the woman who impregnated a man who had a baybee and dad’s now breast feeding, and a former C-Fair exec thinks it’s a miracle. (And they dare point a finger at Christians?)

  29. […] are by no means unique in the harassment of Brennan and Hungerford. Who can forget such classics as Casebeergate, Monica Roberts‘ so-called “didn’t see” defence[3], as well as the actual […]

  30. […] greets said challenge with severe overreactions, which often includes insults about fuckability and death threats (and stuff like this, which is […]

  31. […] dude has a permanent tattoo proclaiming it. The baseball bat is a nice touch, reminds me of the former M2T (now lives as a het dude btw) who threated another feminist with a baseball bat. Well, him and his […]

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