Always “Crying”

August 11, 2011

8 Responses to “Always “Crying””

  1. Chonky Says:


    Tranz ALWAYS crack me up. Hah!

  2. The comment on the YouTube upload (because I wanted to see if it was the genuine product, not just tranz spoof):

    A viral for the women’s sanitary product Always. Featuring some of East London’s finest transvestites.

    Lawdy, if they were East London’s finest, I would hate to see what the not-so-finest looked like – I shudder to think.

    Bloody minstrels.

  3. rebel13 Says:

    I thought those Summer’s Eve ads were bad… 🙂

  4. kurukurushoujo Says:

    On Shakesville this was called transphobic. OMG, why? Because it reminds MtTs of the fact that they will never be women? Because every man in a dress is automatically trans? Once there shall exist an entire book written on the groups of people called trans by the trans because of gender non-compliance.

    And… am I supposed to use always now because if I don’t it makes cross-dressers cry?

  5. Noanodyne Says:

    OMG hilarious!!!!!! and so fucking true. someone’s been spying on their super secret convos. and that person GETS IT!!! better call the waaaaaaambulance, the funfems are wailing at least as loud as trans nation.

  6. maggie Says:

    Brilliant. So delighted you didn’t put up a ‘trigger warning’ LOL!

  7. stone Says:

    Shakesville is just a laughing stock. Maybe their buddies over on Pharyngula can explain Biology 101 to them. That or we can have a “transphobic” commercial with FtTs crying because no-one makes jock straps in size 0, and jock strap cos telling men to stop bragging about how big theirs is, because that upsets the FtTs.

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