Transgender Names For Females

October 14, 2011

1959-1989 (pre-internet)




Genetic Girls



Born Females



Bio Females



Cis Females

Cis Women

Cissies (pronounced “Sissy”)

FAAB (Females Assigned At Birth)

Muggles (Harry Potter term for humans lacking magic)

For Butch Lesbians: Fibbers (Female Identified Butches)


2010- Present:

Cis Females

Cis Women

FCAAB (Females Coercively Assigned At Birth)

CAFAB (Coercively Assigned Female At Birth)

For Butch Lesbians: MOC  (“mock”) Females (Masculine of Center Females)


42 Responses to “Transgender Names For Females”

  1. GallusMag Says:

    I must be missing a few. Anyone? Kathrin?

    • Kathrin Says:

      This is actually the first time I’ve heard most of them. I had to look up CAFAB the other day.

      I try to stay away from gender theory, and don’t associate with anyone who would use any word for female as a pejorative. The term I’ve heard people use generally is “cis”, but it’s used as an adjective to discriminate between those who do and don’t face some degree of gender dysphoria. If anything, it’s typically used as a term of respect – the unobtainable goal, as it were – to be seen by the world as “female” instead of female-with-an-asterisk. I was invited once to a “trans-gender” party, and it still haunts me. I want nothing to do with the kind of people, behaviors, attitudes, morals, or environment one can find there.

      The trans[gender/sexuals] individuals who are deeply women-hating, yet feel the compulsion to transition to try to be one never cease to amaze me. I may not agree with them, but the “best of both worlds” crowd are at least intellectually consistent.

      I’d offer to do some research, but there is enough good in this world that I really don’t need to be trawling through the cesspools of self-loathing, female-hating, phallocentric writings of disturbed human beings. Sometimes what has been seen can not be un-seen. Still, I try.

  2. DaveSquirrel Says:

    Well, FAAB was invented by radfems a couple of years ago (it was not their invention). It does piss me off that in the last few years they have ripped it off with variations to suit themselves.

    And I have always hated cis-, and cissies – frickin obvious hatred at us.

    I really thought ‘fish’ had died out. It has been around for as long as I can remember, and the general term males have always used for us. The fact that M2Ts use it, well, just illustates their maleness.

    • Kathrin Says:


      “Cis” came from Cis–trans isomerism in chemistry. In that context, “cis” is a latin prefix meaning “on the same side”, as opposed to “trans”, or “on the other side”. It wasn’t intended to be hatred at all, merely a prefix for “not trans”.

      As for the term “cissies”, that one is a lot more insulting. They took a term that is intended to be clinical and benign, and turned it into an insult. I’ve heard this term a time or two, and they were from people who were not supporters of females, to say the least.

      • DaveSquirrel Says:

        Yes, I am aware of where they SAY it came from.
        After-the-fact, when called on it.

      • Kathrin Says:


        “Yes, I am aware of where they SAY it came from.
        After-the-fact, when called on it.”

        Perhaps. I don’t know, but thank you for bringing it up.

        I can only speak from my own experiences, and the explanation that was given to me. If it is a bit of historical revisionism, I would be interested in knowing. I have no use for language rooted in hatred or misogyny.

      • Barbara Di Bari Visconti Says:

        I studied cis-trans isomerism in organic chemistry when I was in college, and the terms do mean what Kathrin said they do in chemistry. I still think it’s pretty insulting the way they apply it to us, especially the derivative term “cissies.”

  3. spindel Says:

    I’m pretty sure I remember Mary Daly writing something about the term ‘natal women’ in the Wickedary, so that one must have existed at least since 1987.

  4. Barbara Di Bari Visconti Says:

    If anything is conclusive proof of their female hatred, this list is it.

  5. Feuerwerferin Says:

    “woman born woman” eben though everyone is born as a baby.
    why fish? isn’t “faab” a term used by feminists?

  6. Sargasso Sea Says:

    I see a pattern here…

    Fish? 7th grade, fellas. But, of course, that’s your PEA (Point of Emotional Arrest) isn’t it?

  7. Bev Jo Says:

    I agree, Davina, and all! How dare these female-hating men define us/name-call us?

    By the way, patriarchy teaches us that men are at the top of evolution, with nordic men the pinnacle, and then women, mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, etc. I’ve been told by those who eat fish rather than mammals, that fish feel less. But I have found that after spending time with fish in their environment, they have every emotion I’ve seen in humans (and perhaps more). They are incredibly intelligent and social. You can make friends with them quite easily, if you know what to do (and I don’t mean tricking them with offers of friendship to kill them, like men do on television). I’ve been able to communicate and receive communication from wild fish, which I’m still amazed at. Some species are all female, or the females become “male” briefly, just to reproduce. We are taught to look down on fish, just as all people are taught to look down on females.

    So, I don’t mind being identified with fish, but the fish have to do it — not misogynist men.

  8. That picture reminds me of Stargazy pie. Those zany trannies. I think it is an attempt to say we stink. We all know who really stinks. And, we don’t have to give them a name in order for everyone else to know it. The stench is just there for the world to smell.

    • Feuerwerferin Says:

      Yes, I remember now. Men think that vaginas smell like fish.
      And as you said, it’s men who stink and not women or fish (I would like to add). This is not only a reversal. It is men thinking that women are stinking f*ckh*les. Thanks for the objectification.
      They can go f*ck themselves.

    • DaveSquirrel Says:

      Yeah, well you only have to smell the difference between the Ladies toilets and the Gents toilets to know who “stinks”.

  9. Bev Jo Says:

    You are right, Kitty. They are stinking up the world. It shouldn’t be an insult to be compared to other animals, but yes, they certainly mean it that way. And since that is exactly what men do to ridicule females, these men show that their claiming to be women is such a lie.

  10. No. Says:

    Mock Females?
    OMFG these are such great terms! THANK YOU! ^_^

    • No. Says:

      You can add this IP too, I’ve got 65536 addresses in this range alone 🙂

      • GallusMag Says:

        Internet stalking is highly illegal in your country. I bet you stalk lots of women. You’ve made your intention to harass quite clear. I’ve lost all patience with you. Goodbye.

  11. The Masked Lily Says:

    I can’t believe I’m expected to take being called a “fibber” or a “mock” with a straight face (or without getting insulted..).. Or that we are meant to just take any of these terms because we’re so ~*privileged*~

    it’s so true, the entire trans doctrine is based on hatred and fetishization of women..

    Mary Daly was so right about the power of naming..

  12. Feuerwerferin Says:

    Btw, I wonder how tras refer to men in general, without insults I assume. Them they wouldn’t dare to call sissy?

    • Kathrin Says:

      Depends on the context, and the group.

      The generally non-hateful ones would use “cis male” or “cis female” when there was a need to discriminate between trans and not trans (for example, when addressing bathroom issues with a FTM). Those same groups would use “male” or “female” when such a distinction wasn’t necessary.

      “Cissy”, on the few occasions I have heard it used, was more a rant against gender or sexual norms and those who supported and/or followed them. It’s roots are still based in misogyny, though. When I heard it, it was used against men and women, but the individuals were still anti-female.

  13. Noanodyne Says:

    “woman born woman” was coined by feminist women in the 70’s and has a very specific history and context

  14. SheilaG Says:

    cis-gender is the term female impersonators invented for born women… again, men assuming they can “name” born women. So here we go again with more male degredation of women in general, which is what all these names are about anyway.

    Do Female to trans get subjected to this? Trans doctrine is about the final violation of women, and our space and our moral and spiritual integrity. Trans lies con lesbians into letting the wolves into the field in the first place, never really knowing that Mary Daly was trying to warn us decades ago.

    Just what is it going to take for all women to pay attention to the radical feminist lesbian elders who were the pioneers, and yet still women allow the impersonators, fettishists and creepos in the gate!

  15. dyksfunctional Says:

    As a dyke who is only romantically/physically involved w/other FAAB dykes, I was called out for my… “monosexual cisgender privilege”.

    OoooOoooh… The BURN… the burn hurt so bad.

    • WTF is that supposed to mean?

      • Loup-loup garou Says:

        It means they’re annoyed that someone else has a larger dating pool.

      • dyksfunctional Says:

        Loup-loup garou pretty much covered it. LoL! Doc J if you haven’t personally experienced this yet let me explain…

        In some VERY desperate attempts to look ALL “encompassing/accepting/open minded” in the **cough**cough** community online, some folks are not only transgendered, but also poly/bi/bdsm/dom/sub/aspergers/physically challenged/poc/faggydyke.

        Btw… all of those are often used together if not allllll together… especially the back in the mid 2000’s the Aspergers.

        It was always Aspergers.

        So the point is this:: because they are SO INCREDIBLY “unique”… **sad face icon here** they are discreminated against and no one will ❤ them.

        Monosexual = not poly
        Poly = getting laid isn't complicated enough for some folks, they need a group vote.

  16. The Masked Lily Says:

    Monosexual cisgender privilege. LOL.
    I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything when I read that.. hilarious

  17. Kitty Barber Says:

    Funny thing that the men in the bar in Chicago couldn’t recognize a man–gee, just because he looked like a woman, and had the body of a woman, how could they not know he was a he-man? After all, HE knew he was a man! And that’s all that matters, right? Having identified as a lesbian separatist, and also having worked as an activist with gay men, I am shocked–SHOCKED–to see that there are so many gay male separatists out there! OK, I’m not shocked. I have dealt with more gay men who are separatists than with lesbians who are. The men just don’t have the nerve to call themselves what they really are.
    And by the way, ‘m really a rich person, but I was born into the body of a poor one. Where do I sign up to get my money?

  18. Kitty Barber Says:

    Oh, sorry. NEVER AGAIN!

  19. Kitty Barber Says:

    Just kidding with the NEVER AGAIN thing. I am a totally burned-out activist/organizer, and I never pass up a chance to make fun of movement jargon. I love your blog, I am so grateful that I’m not nearly the only one who can see that the Emperor isn’t wearing anything. Thanks!

  20. FeistyAmazon Says:

    Yeah, that Masculine of Center debate occurred at this year’s Butch Voices as an umbrella term for Butches and others…when they denied the term, along with others: BUTCH WOMEN! So much woman hatred. And not just trans call females ‘fish’, gay guys did it to me all the time back in the ’80’s telling me “I don’t want to be seen with any fish tonight” (meaning women, dykes, whathave you, since they think our genitals smell like fish).

    It was one thing that turned me onto Separatism, and away from gay men.

    and MTF’s would refer to me as merely a ‘genetic female’. Yep, baby it’s in the genes..and so much more… me an ‘essentialist’ all the way baby….no penis between us friends!

  21. Loup-loup garou Says:

    If you were hanging around groups like ACT-UP, Queer Nation, WAC, or the Lesbian Avengers c.1990, you likely remember how people used to have cheap stickers printed up in neon colors and slap them on everything in sight, but particularly onto their leather jackets. (Those were part of the activist uniform at the time, sort of like the funny hats the OWS dudes seem to go in for.)

    At any rate, there are a couple of those stickers I remember fondly:

    Female-Hating Fags Fuck Off


    Call Me Fish and Die

  22. dyksfunctional Says:

    Btw::: Hello! I posted to your blog and never introduced myself because I have “issues” w/even leaving a voice mail. I’m sure it’s not neurological or some “sexual” issue. I’m just not good w/HellO!!

    Everyone thinks they are so charming and interesting… meanwhile they have plastic cow collections or are buying Avon? Who still buys Avon?

    OMfG… the plastic cow collectors are going to be after me now!!!
    I’m plasticCOWphobic!!

    I’m not good at hellos. Hello. **insert smiley face here**

  23. GallusMag Says:

    lol I love this. Dude stumbles into radical feminism after finding this post when looking for a new “female name”, tumbles out of the rabbit hole, detransitions.

    From the awesome


    Hi, I’m 25 and male. Lets just say I fit pretty neatly in to the trans narrative. For years I have been questioning whether I had legitimate “GID” and feeling awful about myself. I come from a mixed race/ mixed religious family so I had a lot of crazy expectations of hetero-normality placed on me from different directions. My mom, although Buddhist, believes gay people are evil and if I told her I was trans and tried to explain gender dysphoria to her she would probably think I was seriously possessed by a demon, hence my choice of name: Lilith (har har iamsoclever).

    Anyway, I fell on some pretty hard times and after the compensatory ‘overly male’ phase complete with beard I decided that I was almost certainly transgender and took it upon myself to start HRT on the do-it-yourself route. I didn’t have money for therapy and knew how much of a rubber stamp gender therapy was anyway from research I had done. At some point when it was necessary I planned to just get it done online, easy-peasy, and that should have been a red flag but for some reason it wasn’t. I also didn’t want to tell my father, who I was living with at the time, because I was afraid he would judge me, this time from the Christian side of things, just lovely.

    Anyway, skipping ahead a bit, I finally decided to start coming out to more of my friends as transgendered. The hormones were doing their thing and I was feeling better about my appearance, my part-Asian genes helped with that a lot, but my feelings about my identity were still torn. I didn’t feel more integrated like what was supposed to happen. I felt like I was just acting out a part, I had made this decision because it felt like the only option. I believed I was a ticking time bomb, either I would transition now, kill myself, or try to transition when I was older and turn myself into a freak. I set July of this year as the month I would officially be going full-time as Lilith. This generated a huge amount of pressure and passing became an almost 24 hour obsession. I thought passing was the key that separated the angry/creepy/bdsm trans from the true feminine trans that disappears into society.

    I knew on some level that was becoming clearer to me that I was being delusional. I could escape my masculine identity but the feminine identity I was building felt increasingly forced. The feeling that I was “just being me” was harder and harder to come by. This put me in more of an identity crisis than I had ever had as just a plain old male. I tried to motivate myself by reading more about trans issues but that was little comfort. I found more circuitous logic and horror stories about unsuccessful transitions than healing. After a while I was only being driven by the supposed inevitability of my condition, trying to build my own philosophy of what or who I was since I couldn’t find anything truly affirming in the transgender literature whether fictional/nonfictional, young/old, agender/transhumanist. This is about the time I had my first truly suicidal thought. Unlike many trans people I had never really had a suicidal thought and I prided myself on that. While I never gave into ideation of specific ways to kill myself I suddenly found myself seriously considering that as an option. I rejected it but there was all of a sudden something appealing about it. I squashed this feeling and just took it as a sign I needed to take it easy on myself.

    This is where radical feminism comes in. After coming out to more of my friends one of them suggested I pick a different name since my first idea was to use a genderless pronoun but that would create confusion with other trans people who wanted to go by that pronoun. So I just typed “transgender names” into Google. I accidentally stumbled upon a big list of names transgendered people have called women over the years. Many were obviously offensive and came from a place of jealousy/anger but I had come to expect this and had been distancing myself from mainstream trans in my mind. I read the comments and quickly realized I was reading a radfem blog, I had heard of radical feminism before and seen jokes about TERFs being akin to Catholics in their beliefs on gender so I was pretty dismissive of it and never really bothered seeking out any more info from these people who obviously hated me. However I became engrossed in this comments section, I agreed with the feminists who found many of the terms demeaning but couldn’t understand why some didn’t like the term “cis”. It seemed pretty innocuous to me, that was the least offensive way I could think of saying it. I mean, I had never heard it used in the context of “cis-priveledge” before. Not to mention the term “cissy” which is just, wow.

    I clicked some of the links feminists in the comments posted and the hours just slipped away. I found myself agreeing more with the radical feminists than any of the trans people who tried to debate them. I was distressed that I, myself, couldn’t really refute most of what they were saying. A lot of it was really harsh and I could barely stomach it but I realized I wanted to be challenged. I had come out to many of my close friends the previous day and most of them didn’t bat an eye. “I don’t care, that’s cool with me” was the most common sentiment. I mean, that’s great and all, it’s the dream, really, but why didn’t they care? Wasn’t what I was saying to them, on some level, crazy? The acceptance felt hollow when I realized none of them have ever thought critically about gender, they accepted what I said without question because that’s what you have to do to be a good person in this society. I don’t fault any of them for that, but it’s not what I needed to hear, and I knew that on some level.

    This all culminated in me watching Rachael Ivy’s presentation: The End of Gender. That woman is amazing, I feel like I owe her my life, the integration I hoped to get from becoming trans and doing HRT came immediately upon watching that simple presentation. I don’t think I can overstate the effect gender critical ideology has had on me. It has not only alleviated my “gender identity” issues by showing me gender is a man-made construct used to oppress women but has also exposed me to truly radical and revolutionary organizations like Deep Green Resistance that I never knew existed. Gender was only one of the things oppressing me, the idea that we can effect change in the world through political action to dismantle all oppressive power structures is endlessly appealing to me. I was already distrustful of our somewhat sick, unthinking culture, so this way of thinking came so naturally to me I am a bit ashamed I ever fell for the trans narrative I got from the media. After I finish college I would like to join DGR and help bring down the root cause of this and other social/geopolitical issues.
    I feel truly integrated now, so thanks to all you radfems out there for continuing to fight gender uncritical ideology and for giving me my life and time back. I’m not a ticking time bomb anymore, I’m a human being who is sick of going with the flow, just like I always was. I am me again!

    Also a big thanks goes out to the other former trans people who posted their stories on this subreddit. Those helped me out a lot. We really should consider building a support structure for trans people who are searching for an alternative to mainstream liberal gender politics. I don’t know how much time I could devote to it right now but I would like to get more directly involved and it’s infinitely better than trying to look pretty all day.
    Much love, you guys rock! ❤

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