Saturday Night Double Feature-Eazy Edition

October 30, 2011

Yes that IS (ex-transsexual and post-op SRS regretter) Walt Heyer, in second vid.

Good One Walt! Marci B. got kicked out of Trinidad btw.

7 Responses to “Saturday Night Double Feature-Eazy Edition”

  1. Some Fella Says:

    The first video left me confused.

    I liked the second video. I don’t think anybody’s explained the absurdity of sex change surgery quite as effectively as that (as if it needed any explanation of its absurdity!).

    And the second video reminds me how psychologists and psychiatrists have no business messing with peoples heads and telling them that they’re women trapped in mens bodies or vice versa.

  2. Bev Jo Says:

    Excellent work again, Gallus! And again, I wish everyone saw your posts. I keep spreading the word.

    • GallusMag Says:

      He’s a conservative christian post-op transsexual regretter, like many trans.
      So much of transgenderism is formed by rigid conservative sexism and homophobia.

  3. Jack Says:

    i did want to comment again on your video of to-the-bone honesty. Truth recognizes truth – and it could not have been easy to share.

    You don’t know me – I stumbled across u first when u spoke so degradingly about FtMs. I was angered and wrote angry things. I am sorry for them. I strive to be a better person than that.
    I failed with you, and on the dirt on dirt and such.

    Yet I am reminded of an important moment of my youth
    – Before I could be honest with myself – Be honest with what I Knew TO BE since age 3. – Trans.. FtM. (I’m now 42)

    Full of shame at age 7 or so, I was walking alone. Across the street I saw an Obvious, No Care about how the world saw her, Dyke. And What did I do?
    I screamed “Dyke” “B#tch” – any and all the insults I knew – and LOUDLY!
    All the words I feared others would call me IF they could see inside my head and knew.

    And inside that head of mine I heard a much softer and quieter voice.
    YOU over there.. YOU are Strong. Stronger than me.
    YOU are Brave.. I wish I were Brave.. But I am weak.
    YOU are Truth.. I am all lies..
    YOU are what I wish I could be. (Not the ‘dyke’ part)
    the Truth-of-me part.

    So again…
    Seeing YOU Speak YOUR Truth?
    I am Proud to have witnessed it..
    for YOU are strong.. YOU are Truth seeking Truth..
    You are what we all must be – and I must be better at.

    Keep your head up. and if I may…
    I would be proud to call you Friend.


  4. Jack Says:

    the above comment was to Gmagmus (sp?)

  5. ” I stumbled across u first when u spoke so degradingly about FtMs”

    Sadly many FTMs speak degradingly about women too. The best example is Caz Bono and still people are kissing her ass.

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