RadFem4Dummies #8273691

December 7, 2011


10 Responses to “RadFem4Dummies #8273691”

  1. Wow this makes me really upset. The phrase “the feeling a man has” sounds incredible disgusting and cold hearted. As if being female is nothing but a thing in someones head…and sadly for many sick people it is. But you nailed it as always GM.
    I also want to thank you for this blog because it made me think about feminism. I wasn’t a feminist before not only this – I really didn’t liked it but thanks to you and other radfem blogs I changed my mind.

  2. Bev Jo Says:

    You got it! Brilliant, Gallus!

  3. SheilaG Says:

    You nailed it once again Gallus!

  4. Talk about male’s feelings. There is a post on Shakesville talking about Plan B, the morning after pill for GIRLS! But, everyone has gone out of their way to use words like “zie” and “hir” and “People.” The only ‘people’ who will need the morning after pill at 11 years old, will be GIRLS, FEMALES, raped by MALES!

    No one wants to offend the poor men who cannot get pregnant, even by rape.

    Can you hear it?

    “How dare they didn’t consider how inhuman it is to remind me that I could not have possibly gotten raped and needed the morning after pill when I was 11! Don’t they ever think about the tranz! If only, if only, if only, I could be raped and pregnant at 11! But, I am denied that privilege. Oh, the world is so cruel……so cruel….”

  5. Bev Jo Says:

    So true. And how many of the poor men claiming to be women have raped girls and women? I’m guessing a lot.

  6. Noanodyne Says:

    Not to be all pedantic or anything, but here’s my take.

    What is a woman?

    99.998% of all the humans on earth: Adult female human

    Radical feminist: A member of the sex class in the patriarchy

    Trans-Genderist: The feeling a man has of wanting to be a member of the sex class

  7. Nicky Says:

    Gallus, your a genius as always.

  8. sincerelyfuckyou Says:

    Wow, this is probably the worst image created in the history of mankind. Your a genius as always, Gallus! Please go hide in a cave for the rest of your life and stay away from other, non horrible human beings.

  9. In response to ‘The Fabulously Mean Mutineer Queen of Power Kitty Glendower’; remember transgender men who haven’t had hysterectomies can also get pregnant, both by choosing to have PIV sex or by being raped. Of course the MTF’s wont get pregnant. They were being repectful of all female bodied individual’s feelings.

  10. Nicky Says:

    in response to sincerelyfuckyou, It seems to me that your either an MRA or a trans who doesn’t like what Gallus has to say.

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