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February 28, 2012



POST UPDATED 02/29/2012 :

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I’m typing this on a caviar-smeared blackberry from the VanityFair afterparty on the biggest most glamorous awards night of the year, that’s right it’s the Academy Awards!! We’re swimming in Cristal, the “lines” in the bathrooms are long 😉 , I hear taffeta tearing in the distance, and Nick Nolte keeps trying to steal my gift bags. And I’m sitting at the WINNERS table, baby! It’s MY NIGHT. The night of my Lifetime Achievement Award!!!! No, not a stupid Lifetime Achievement Award from the Academy like the silly one Oprah Winfrey got tonight.

My prestigious award came from respected Transgriot blogger Monica “Fishy” Roberts! That’s right! GenderTrender WINS “Fishy’s” 2012 “Lifetime Achievement Award”- AND IT’S MY FIRST NOMINATION! What greater possible honor could I receive?

“Fishy” Roberts is so known for his charming (?) affectation of calling the females he impersonates “Fish” and “Fishy”, (as in: “Some of my young sistahs that wish to transition either don’t have the funds or don’t want to give hormone replacement therapy the time required to make them look ‘fishy'”). He was honored this year with the creation of an actual STATE LAW in response to his propensity for threatening to “pimp slap” lesbians and feminists, and for hosting and participating in gruesome bloody death threats against a lesbian activist on his public facebook wall.

What an honor for GenderTrender (which he calls a “radfem trans hate blog”) to win the 2012 “Group Award” (who is the “group”? Presumably all of YOU, my lovely readers and commenters! So CONGRATULATE YOURSELVES! Yes, the trans commenters too- PAT YOURSELVES ON THE BACK! I couldn’t have won this without you!)

Also winning this year is “radfem trans hate blogger”  gay male activist Dan Savage! Congrats Dan! Keep up the good work!

You LIKE ME! You REALLY LIKE ME! And I’m going to LIKE YOU RIGHT BACK! I’m going to SPREAD THE LIKE! Thank you for this lifetime honor! (tears up a little) I’m going to make sure my work continues to LIVE UP to this HONOR you have bestowed on me. (blows kiss).

I also want to thank my agent, and the stylist that found me the awesome Valentino haute couture that I wore for the occasion. (Presenter Monica “Fishy” Roberts wore flats and was accessorized by a “six inch neo-clit”.)

Idiot of The Week

February 15, 2012

This is a follow up to this previous Action Alert and post:


Thanks to your action and support, today the Reddit site banned all sexual content featuring minors. The notification as posted (click to enlarge):

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who participated in the Action against Reddit. Congratulate yourselves- Our objective was met. Victory against the sexualized exploitation of children has been achieved. NICE WORK EVERYONE!

Buh-Bye Pedo scumbags! Go back to hell where you belong!

Thank you to Kathrin for forwarding the hot off the presses capped update.


Very Big Book

I’m starting this post in response to fmnst’s excellent suggestion, which was:

fmnst Says:

February 10, 2012 at 10:33 am e

I would like to request some help from everyone – for all of us.


I’m re-submitting my request to GallusMag to create a post (today!) of things that trans have complained are “transphobic!” Even if it is just to ask *us* to list such things, in the comments below, so that it isn’t a big project for GM. (Please stop holding out on me, babe.) Let me know if there is any way I can help.

Then, via our submissions in the comments, we can all begin building what will become the basis for a draft of things labeled “transphobic!” Purpose: to create an email/handout for activists, electeds, policy makers, guilt-tripped liberals, and anyone else to see how anything and everything has apparently been the recipient of that epithet, to the point of it really being meaningless and not to be intimidated by.


I (we) need a pamphlet! Since I started reading this blog a few months ago, the info that GM has so kindly and brilliantly assembled for us, and all of the insights from GM and rest of you here in comments, have really gotten me alarmed about transpolitics on the move, everywhere, with political inroads, coalitions built, and precedents being set that can eventually cause SERIOUS, MAJOR erosion of women’s rights.

Tonight I attended a meeting of a local public women’s commission, and in idle conversation with a commissioner afterward, inarticulately warned that women really need to watch out about trans politics, they could really erode women’s rights. She asked for an example (in 2 seconds or less, as is the case with most activists/appointees/electeds) which I could’t provide that quickly. Opportunity lost.

I told her the name of this blog, but I’m sure she doesn’t have time to read it, she’s so busy in her volunteer position dealing with dozens of issues, and running her business.

If we want to influence activists and policy makers, we need to have a concise, well written pamphlet with our position, the basic issues laid out about the problems and threats of TG politics, with examples of alarming laws and precedents being set.

Is there any article (or blog post) that would fill the bill? Or can we have a second blog post from you, GM, in which, in our comments, we can to list/outline the issues to include in our own pamphlet, and examples we can use? We could basically draft the pamphlet in the comments section, then send it around.

Would you please create a blog post to allow us to do this, too, GM?

What do you all think?

Thank you.


Please leave your suggestions/entries in comments.

Spinsterella has already started the list:

Submitted on 2012/02/11 at 12:31 am

“transphobic” :

– lesbians who don’t want to fuck transwomen who still have cocks
– female-only space (Michfest, Rape Relief in Vancouver, women’s public restrooms, women’s sports)
– talking about abortion as a women’s issue
– saying that women don’t have penises
– talking about femininity as a tool of the patriarchy
– anything that criticizes gender identity or trans politics in any way
– anything that points out the obvious differences between FAB women and M2Ts (like menstruation, fear of pregnancy)
– tampon commercials
– drag queens
– mentioning male privilege in reference to M2Ts

I’m sure I can think of a lot more, but that’s what I came up with so far off the top of my head.


Let’s see what we can all come up with!

For females, being transgender means:

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