April 9, 2012

The Cotton Ceiling



Support it

Defend it

Don’t choose males over females

Don’t attack your sisters for enforcing boundaries

Don’t sell out your sisters who want WBW Space!




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  1. KittyBarber Says:

    Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? So natural. So easy to agree with. And yet, the twanz-myth has so many women taken in by it, so many who would rather actual females (women) just shut up and left the real women (twanz) to do whatever they want, whenever they want, because they are ‘good allies’—women are just as misogynist as anyone in our culture until they have raised their consciousness (or have it raised) that I actually wonder where the tougher fight actually is.
    Today, I am disheartened and confused. GM, you are a voice of sanity for me in the land of the rabbit holes.
    I won’t fall in…I won’t fall in…

  2. Isn’t it bizarre that trans can have their own spaces and women deserve nothing?

  3. GallusMag Says:

    It truly is.

  4. Mary Sunshine Says:

    Time for WBW to become way bigger than LGBTQWTF.

    Those t-shirts would sell out fast at Michigan! 😉

  5. Bev Jo Says:

    I agree! I keep thinking that as more can come here and read the trans cult for themselves, they have to realize that it really is just the worst female-hating aspects of patriarchy. It is so clear that men claiming female and Lesbian identity are far more male in the most extreme sense of being sexist, heterosexist, female-hating, etc. They want us to use in the most sordid of porn fantasies or they want us dead.

    How can any woman still support them if she reads and hears what Gallus has posted? Gallus work of finding the horrific comments and videos and her brilliant commentary really is the most important

    • RoseVerbena Says:

      Absolutely. I came here like a spiritually parched person, crawling out of a desert of misogyny. It was like getting a drink of bracing, cool, clear, fresh water after all the “trans”-polluted lies I was encountering all over the ‘net. Truly.

      I’ll bet if you’d had a camera on me the first night I read this blog, I would have looked like a time-lapse picture of a parched plant taking up a delicious “drink” of water. I could feel myself get plump and juicy with the truth.


      That’s why I started my Tumblr blog; women need to find the truth out there when they start looking or when they’re lost and don’t even know that they need to start looking.


      • GallusMag Says:

        I felt the same way when I found polly and AROOO and Dirt and Feminazi and Miska and FCM and Bev Jo. SO IMPORTANT for the parched, and paying it on: Necessary. I encourage EVERY FEMALE reading this to SPEAK OUT NOW whether on a blog or by commenting on mainstream or LGBT sites, or in real life at the bar. SPEAK OUT NOW. Every voice is needed! Water for the PARCHED!

      • Darcie Says:

        YES!!! the first time I found this site I stayed up until the wee hours drinking it all in until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. Finally! I’m really not the only womon who feels this way. I always check in looking for a new topic, if there isn’t one I visit the previous trends, recent comments, and just look at that beautiful, long blogroll of other sites to visit while GallusMag replenishes the well. Thank you soooo much. Thank you thank you thank you.

      • GallusMag Says:

        love love love you right back.

      • RoseVerbena Says:


        Whew. Thank you!!!

  6. Bev Jo Says:

    Sorry — I was distracted by a question being asked. Gallus work of finding the horrific comments and videos, and her brilliant commentary really are the most important of all the work in the fight to save Women-Born-Women space! I hope this blog is still available for all to see. Thank you, Gallus Mag!

  7. GallusMag Says:

    I don’t hate trannies- I love me some trannies. And I actually think it’s “transphobic” when females can’t say to a trans male friend “bitch, get up out of this group”.
    It’s transphobic. It’s “othering”. And it’s a class thing. A middle-class/upper-class thing. And it makes me think you have no actual trans friends if you can’t say that. “Tranny get the fuck out”. If you can’t say that, you have no trans friends, you don’t respect trans people. You’re a fake-ass fakey fake whateverthefuck.

  8. RoseVerbena Says:

    Yay. Natural-born women need to protect our safe and private spaces from the dudes: dudes in jeans, dudes in dresses, dudes in whatever-the-fuck they happen to be wearing.

    We need to push back. We need to say no. We need to MEAN IT when we say no.

  9. SheilaG Says:

    Stand up now women. Or we will lose everything that we fought for and believed in for lesbian revolution. Just about everything could be lost if we don’t battle it out now! Count on that. When you are fighting men, you don’t back down and you kick them out in the street. You put up a road block, you bring in the big dyke bouncers and security guards… you guard your space from the eunichs!

  10. KittyBarber Says:

    I’m waving the red flag, color of my blood; females first. Womyn for womyn. Tranz–and ‘allies’–you are up against a freaking buzz saw. You are hardly the first to fall, and you will hardly be the last. Just good practice for us in the fight to come.

  11. Mary Sunshine Says:

    Beware the “lesbian” 1%. They have torn my heart out. Defined and advertised “lesbian” space, and invited a male into it, using some kind of fancy legal footwork.

    The “lesbian” 1% has conducted a campaign of personal humiliation against me.

    Don’t follow the leader.

  12. Bev Jo Says:

    That is such a great description. Water, which we thirst for, and need for survival.

    Yes, our champion, (((((( Gallus Mag )))))) !!!!

    You are sure right about class, Gallus. So much common sense, without the disconnect. I see too much of the heart and soul disconnect among the class-privileged. Not all, which make it even more glaring when it’s there.

    I feel like we have to keep fighting basic misogynist propaganda on fb, which hasn’t changed for decades. You mention how so many women are raped, and someone says, “Well, women rape too and men get raped.” As we say here, so who rapes the men? Men! And no woman can commit an actual rape which can result in pregnancy, AIDS and other STDs, etc. And only a tiny minority of woman do sexual assults.

  13. Bev Jo Says:

    Yes, the 1%. The Radical Feminists of the Seventies had no leaders. That was basic to feminism. Someone using privilege to set themselves up as a leader undermined our culture and community. Women and girls are not taught to think for themselves, so learning to trust our hearts and minds is crucial to feminism. The more someone is invested in patriarchy, such as professionals (like lawyers and academics, etc.) the less radical they are likely to be and the more dangerous to us individually and as a movement. They are also more likely to be class-privileged, which means that unless they have worked to unlearn patriarchal classist propaganda, they will feel they are superior to common women and Lesbians. That also means a serious disconnect because they are NOT superior. Having degrees and status and money given by men and male institutions does not make any woman better or smarter — but it does give her the means to hurt and oppress other women, as well as to have a much easier life. Even becoming part of the male power structure means learning those cruel methods.

    So when feminists would try to make some other feminists be leaders, the real feminists refused. A few did get into power positions, but used that to help our movement — not to set themselves above us.

    We can laud each other and learn from each other, but no one should ever be set up as superior. I’ve seen that in blog and fb arguments. If I recommend a Radical Feminist’s writing or work, I’m accused of being a follower. (Quite silly if anyone knows me.) It’s ignored that the person I’m supporting also supports me and has learned from me as well. That is what being a community is.

    At the point at which we just obey and have leaders is when we are easily taken over by a clique or cult who then insists we believe and obey other nonsense, like that men can be women. You can see how powerful the assumption of control is because those men and their supporters are literally shocked that we say no. We use our clear minds and hearts, unfettered to any cult, and we see that men can never become women, and we just say no.

    [snip- GM]

  14. GallusMag Says:

    I’ve decided not to host a discussion of the events of the last few days on my blog. The whole chain of events just makes me sad and sick to my stomach. I don’t even want it on my blog. Please keep further comments in this thread general to the topic of supporting WBW space. Thank you. If your comment(s) were not published please accept my apology.
    Bev, I snipped off the last paragraph of your comment. I hope you will forgive me. If you would prefer the entire comment be removed please let me know.
    Thanks again everyone.

  15. Bev Jo Says:

    No, that’s fine, Gallus. Of course. I always want everyone to know everything going on that affects us as a community because then those with deliberately bad intentions will be less able to lie about or deny what they’ve done. And others who are hurt will be less vulnerable, knowing it’s a pattern and not personal.

    But it’s your blog, and of course I support you! xoxox

  16. RoseVerbena Says:

    I just re-read. Please delete my previous post GM. I respect your right to limit discussion. (((((GM)))))

  17. bugbrennan Says:

    [Please respect my boundary. Thanks.- GM]

  18. bugbrennan Says:


    [Please respect my boundary. Thanks. -GM]

  19. yttik Says:

    I’m all for WBW space for all the usual reasons. In the groups I’m involved in, we also have a couple of meetings for lesbians only, for WOC only, for mothers only. Nobody has ever complained, yelled discrimination, demanded their entitlement to invade somebody else’s space. That seems to be a man thing, because I’ve never heard a woman demand she be allowed in.

    It’s almost comedy to think about it, can you imagine a bunch of het women demanding they be allowed into a lesbian discussion group? How about a bunch of white women demanding they be allowed in to a WOC caucus? Maybe it’s happened somewhere in the world, but it’s such an alien thing for women to do, it makes me laugh.

  20. Bev Jo Says:

    That really describes it. It’s all about being male and wanting to mark every single space. Meanwhile, again tonight in a feminist group, a Radical Feminist posts about how badly we are treated and the trannie supporters harass us endlessly with the same arguments.

  21. Darcie Says:

    After a decade and more than a million miles of driving a truck surrounded by men, the gaze of men, the smell of men, the unvarnished behavior of men, I NEED womyn’s space so I don’t lose my fuckin mind. Can we just fast forward to August already?

  22. Lesley Says:

    Thanks for this, I totally agree. I have just found this blog and it is like drinking water when you are thirsty. Where I live virtually all lesbian and women’s groups/spaces are open to trans men now and I am sick of it.

    So many lesbians I know just see it as being compassionate to let trans men into our spaces and don’t understand the arguments atall. I get tired of it. So thank you for speaking the truth here, that these are men trying to and often suceeding in, getting into the few tiny spaces as lesbians and women we have to ourselves.

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