The Hypocrisy of Transition

May 29, 2012

A female child whose normal reproductive maturity was halted chemically at the age of thirteen, started cosmetic cross-hormone treatments at fifteen, had her breasts surgically removed at the age of sixteen, reflects one year later in this video on the nature of “gender” and the hypocrisy of transition.

She is one of the children featured in yesterday’s NewYork Magazine article on the medicalization of gender in children:

16 Responses to “The Hypocrisy of Transition”

  1. anon Says:

    Important video, given the context.

    OTOH, whenever I heard the term “social justice” drop, I have to wonder, “really?”

    People with visibly missing teeth are discriminated against in employment. And not even just fancy jobs, even at flipping burgers in this economy. I’m guessing they outnumber trans by a huge factor but where’s the The Internet when it comes to helping them out?

    But everyone can band with 4chan to get someone into a beauty pageant or a new set of breast implants or harass a feminist out of a speaking engagement. NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!

    Uh huh.

  2. RoseVerbena Says:

    “…a person like myself…who is saying ‘I don’t believe that there is a correlation between sex and gender’ is perpetuating the idea that there is a correlation between sex and gender by saying ‘Because I’m this gender, I’m changing my body to mimic this sex’…”

    Yes. That’s EXACTLY what’s wrong with the whole “trans” mythology.

    Radical feminists have been saying this for decades: the very idea behind “trans” is a false correlation between “gender” (sex-role stereotypes) and sex (physical, biological reality.)

    The current “trans” fad is reinforcing and upholding the idea that there is such a thing as an innate “gender identity”, i.e. “things that only girls like and do” vs. “things that only boys like and do” outside of those very few behaviors and attributes directly tied to biological sex (e.g. menstruating, making sperm, ovulating, etc.)

    It’s very interesting to see her circling around the core falsehood at the heart-center of the entire “trans” myth, the idea that “gender” is natural or innate.

  3. feral opera company Says:

    NY Mag article: “The testosterone also initiated the emotional maturation that the puberty blockers had delayed. … Now, at 17, he is less volatile than he was as a preteen, and the anxieties that plagued his childhood (he was terrified of fire drills) have mostly dissipated.”

    Terrified of fire drills? I don’t want to judge, but it sounds like she has other things going on that weren’t diagnosed or treated. Sure, if you self-medicate with testosterone and the adventure of transition, it’s going to mask anxiety. I don’t want to nitpick one kid’s story, but I’ve read this sort of thing over and over.

    Where is the “transgender” child that doesn’t have a bunch of other issues? To put the fire drills in perspective, when I was a little non-trans tomboy, we didn’t just have fire drills, we had air-raid drills to practice for nuclear war. They didn’t terrify me.

    Why didn’t Isaac’s extreme anxiety get any attention? Not edgy enough?

  4. Finally! A transperson that actually gets it!

  5. fmnst Says:

    I bet she full-on regrets this by the time she’s 20 or 25 and seeks to be changed back.

    And maybe by the time she’s 30, she’ll sue her parents and doctors for letting her do this in childhood.

    • RoseVerbena Says:

      I’ve been predicting a ground-swell of lawsuits to start any day now. How long before young people who were pressured into transition start a class-action suit against one of the “trans” mills? Tick-tock.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I’ve been thinking about the law that passed in the senate in california today that would make pediatric anti-gay reparative therapy illegal:
        If “talk therapy” is damaging to children when it promotes a particular affectational/sexual orientation than literal chemical castration and medicalized sex-role correction of children can also be arguably damaging and therefore illegal. This law, if adopted sets precedent in California. I will be doing a post on this.
        We need feminists to be doing political and legal organizing around this.
        Oh and BTW many of the psychological and psychiatric organizations are FIGHTING LIKE HELL to STOP this law from passing. Put all their lobbying and professional power behind fighting it. And are losing. Verrrrrrry interesting.
        I’ll have a post up about this in the next week or two when I can do it justice.

      • RoseVerbena Says:

        Yes, GM please do a post about this. It set me thinking, too, about how this legal precedent might either enable or constrain the “trans” mills…

  6. I wonder…if the emotional maturity is also delayed…how can those children decide that they really want to change their gender? Do you know what I mean? I heard that the dysphoria often goes away with when the maturity starts.

    • RoseVerbena Says:

      Excellent point, Lilly. I think any time we give hormones to children (or to anyone else) we’re playing with fire. How much do we know, for example, about the effect of these hormones on the children’s gametes? For example, remember all those DES babies who ended up with vaginal cancers?

      Have we adequately studied the long-term side-effects of Lupron on subsequent generations, e.g. if a girl takes it from 10 to 13, stops and decides not to transition, then goes on to become pregnant later? What happened to her ova as a result of this “therapy”? (Ditto the impact on a boy’s spermatozoa?)

      How would they even research this other than using animal studies and trying to extrapolate to humans? There hasn’t been enough time to adequately study this and there certainly haven’t been enough cases to form any kind of epidemiological study. Are these kids being used as medical guinea pigs?

  7. amym440 Says:

    I take the opposite view of him it is hypocritical of the “Transgender” to claim to be the same as a Transsexual when its all about gender role for them (sex stereotyping.) With a cross sexed identity comes crossed wiring for the genitals and that is where the discomfort with them comes in. A transsexual could in fact play the male role but still desire correct genital configuration to match their crossed sex genital wiring and cross sexed identity.Very rare is the true Transsexual and they are much more varied than you think because of difference in family values and the balance between nature and nurture don’t let Transgender fool you into thinking its all about roles. I also think its hypocritical of all of you to fault a female identified person that has the opportunity to advance in the male world through no fault of her own.

    • cherryblossomlife Says:

      “. I also think its hypocritical of all of you to fault a female identified person that has the opportunity to advance in the male world through no fault of her own.”

      This is my new favourite quote.

      • cherryblossomlife Says:

        I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the trans person that had this epiphany was female. Females think on a higher plane, full stop.

  8. fmnst Says:

    Ah, and a boyhood of male privilege has nothing to do with that advancement?

  9. FeistyAmazon Says:

    “Why can’t a person have a female body and have it be a body they’re comfortable with?” THAT is the crux of the question. I felt the same way at a young age, between 8-12 years old, and afterwards, but most distressingly at those ages, I so wanted to be a boy, when I SAW how girls and women are treated, and opportunities they are given, and how I was treated differently than my brother and forced on fancy occasions to dress up in feminine clothing. And what girls were expected to do, and what I did, as a hardcore tomboy. I had this SAME distress. The ONLY thing that saved me WAS Feminism in the late ’60’s/early ’70’s and coming out as a Dyke in ’81, with strong Dyke and Feminist communities at that time. I never gave up my tomboy nature, and came out, loud and proud as a Butch Dyke and thank goodness for PROUD Feminist Butches as mentors!

    My answer to her? ‘Because those with female bodies ESPECIALLY are trained to feel distress if they do not conform to what’s expected and the diminishment of roles and opportunities by LIVING IN a female body and made to wear clothes that often demean us and make us feel vulnerable or like sex objects, and where violence against females is practically a cultural norm, and victimization is how females bond, NOT through Amazon empowerment, and belief and teaching that FEMALES CAN BE STRONG AND POWERFUL and have access to all the opportunities life has to offer, whether social, political, spiritual, religious, or workwise.’

    That is WHY she feels the distress, and wants to ‘be a man’, to give flight FROM the female condition of victimization, lack of opportunity and demeanment. It cannot be separated. Nor do I believe for a minute that females are really male and males are really female and that a ‘body’ means nothing, only what’s in your head. I DO AGREE that feminization(femininity) and masculinity are social constructs!

  10. FeistyAmazon Says:

    And nobody buys into those social constructs more than the trans, and of course most masculine heterosexual men, and feminine heterosexual women.

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