Ryan Cassata Keynote Address- Trans Health Conference 2012

June 5, 2012

46 Responses to “Ryan Cassata Keynote Address- Trans Health Conference 2012”

  1. “I have noticed a lot of sexism.”
    Observant little thing arent’t ya?

    It’s so sad, she’s so young.

  2. doublevez Says:

    This is all so average 18 yr. old anybody. Her insights have nothing to do with transgendering . But she’s So sad that she’s had some surgery.

    • anon Says:


      She makes me want to say “right on” during a lot of what she says; otoh, the implication is that if femininity and masculinity don’t have anything to do with gender, then instead of the sex vs. gender debate we’re currently having, you have:

      sex, performance, and gender.

      And somehow gender remains the most “real” to these people, never mind that at least sex and performance are based on things actually observable to outsiders. Hence her “boyhood” is the only unassailable feature she possesses since only she can see it.

      Which I guess is good because most of us mortals are eminently assailable. Maybe that’s the attraction. Even if you have to spend half your day on tumblr arguing with people on steroids; doesn’t sound safe to me…

    • GallusMag Says:

      Cassata is an interesting young woman. Lesbian trans-trender, the whole YouTube/Tumblr trip. Did a spate of “transgender children” talk-show appearances. Maury Povich or whateverthefuck. Parents-of-means put her on puberty blockers at 14 to halt her bone growth and sexual maturity. Each dose made her sick as a dog with nausea and hot flashes for weeks until she was forced to stop “treatment”. Normal maturation resumed. Got a cosmetic double mastectomy last January (she’s now 18) but not taking cosmetic cross-hormones – because she is marketing herself as a singer/songwriter and she doesn’t want the testosterone induced “little person” voice that females who inject testosterone get. She has endured incredible abuse and harassment from the F2T community for her non-compliance with the approved transgender narrative. Will be interesting to see what she does in future.

  3. SheilaG Says:

    Oh me oh my…. a lifelong butch dyke, every day I get called SIR or Mame— who know why this happens. So without any trans anything, just a woman who doesn’t act male pleasing, and who never has loved men, this lifelong butch dyke really wonders what this is all about.

    If my face is serious, and I don’t male please or shuffle and jive to a male pleasing beat, people think I am male. A woman who does not bow down, down not male please, does not “smile” the ingratiating smile of the het woman house slave…. well to not conform at all to the behavior demanded of the sex class woman, that must be male right?

    Well not! This speech seemed a sad travesty, because what this young woman is doing is saying, hey butch dyke doesn’t exist, I must be male than.

    Oh gee whizzz I just darn discovered that there is sexism in the world. So therefore I want to “be male” I want to play act, I don’t want to just be, and not take on the shuffle and jive of the barbie woman male pleasing sell out women, who think hey, I’ll marry a man, I’ll sell my body for a house, a car, social acceptance…

    The butch dyke stands solid against the world of the male pleasing simpering sell out women, who don’t really get what radical lesbian revolution looks like on a daily basis.. This young woman’s story is no different from mine, only I chose to be a fully free woman, I chose to fight the chains of male pleasing het-like conformity. That’s the difference.

  4. feral opera company Says:

    The conference website says the conference and all workshops are free. A big event like this is expensive to put on. Where did they get the money? This is an important question. Was it funded by surgeons, endocrinologists, gender therapists, drug companies? The site has an invitation to become a sponsor, but I didn’t see a list of sponsors.

    • GallusMag Says:

      EXCELLENT question.

      “Our Sponsors & Partners

      The 2012 Philadelphia Trans Health Conference Sponsors are:

      Arcus Foundation
      Philadelphia Department of Public Health
      Open Society Foundation
      E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation
      The Robert I. Jacobs Fund of the Philadelphia Foundation
      dmh Fund
      Rumer Cosmetic Surgery
      Johnson & Johnson
      TD Bank

      Sponsoring Specific Events during the conference are:

      Human Right Campaign Foundation- Tara’s Crossing
      United Church of Christ- Tara’s Crossing
      Arch Street United Methodist Church- Tara’s Crossing
      Community Partners

      While the Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference is a program of the Mazzoni Center, the programming is planned by volunteers and made possible through collaborations with a variety of community partners.

      Community Partners support the conference in a variety of ways. Some participate in the planning process or provide leadership for workshops. Others provide funding or in-kind support. Some of our partners even develop special events before, during, or after the conference. To inquire about supporting the Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference, please contact jacsen@trans-health.org.

      Key Community Partners from 2012
      We would specifically like to celebrate our ongoing partnerships with:

      Trans Masculine Advocacy Network (TMAN) which continues to provide leadership towards making PTHC better able to serve communities of color.
      YES! Coalition which will assist in coordinating spiritual opportunities again in 2011.
      TransFaith Online which continues to provide leadership around spirituality and development of trans-inclusive religious leadership.
      The William Way Community Center which will be hosting this year’s opening reception
      The Attic Youth Center which will be helping to host this year’s Teen Space
      The Lena’pe Nation which will be helping to open the conference a provide spiritual opportunities during the conference
      GenderReel which will be hosting a mini-film fest on Thursday evening at the conference
      Giovanni’s Room which will be selling books at the conference and donating part of their proceeds to help fund the conference.
      The Art of Wellness which will be providing community acupuncture, massages and yoga during the conference.
      We are also excited to have new and evolving relationships from 2011, including:

      Philadelphia Family Pride
      GenderQueer Revolution (GQR)
      The Leeway Foundation
      Drexel University
      Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Mental Retardation Services
      Old First United Church of Christ
      Unity Fellowship Church of Philadelphia
      Female to Male International (FTMi)
      Midwest Trans and Queer Wellness Initiative
      Transgender People of Color Coalition (TPOCC)”


      • RoseVerbena Says:

        Hey, it’s easy to get funding if you’re not radically challenging the status quo, but rather reinforcing it and perpetuating it.

        Same patriarchy, different day.

      • doublevez Says:

        These poor, few, marginalised people.

        Sure, the clinic will be awash in pharma money, the golf tourney the fundraising run the tissue matching software; pharma. I guess we couldn’t get in on that, but hey, that (lgbt) org, the one that also save the Apes. Surely, there?

      • doublevez Says:

        $50,000 plus donors for the Mazzoni Center,which sponsors the conference, and does all the surgeries and treatments, I expect. Then, there are a couple hundred individual donors under $50,000.

        AIDS Activities Coordinating Office Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
        City of Philadelphia
        Department of Human Services
        Department of Public Health
        Office of Housing & Community Development
        Family Planning Council / Circle of Care
        Pennsylvania Department of Health
        The William Penn Foundation
        $5,000 – $49,000

        AIDS Fund
        American Cancer Society
        Barra Foundation
        Broadway Cares/Equity Fight AIDS
        Connelly Foundation
        Fund for Children, Administered by the Philadelphia Foundation
        Golden Rule Foundation
        Independence Foundation
        Lincoln Financial Group
        Mel Heifetz GLBT Fund
        Pennsylvania Community & Economic Development
        Philadelphia Corporation for Aging
        Philadelphia Foundation
        Susan G Komen for the Cure, Philadelphia Affiliate
        The School District of Philadelphia
        United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware
        W.W. Smith Charitable Trust

      • GallusMag Says:

        @doublevez- Very very interesting. Can I get a link on those $ numbers?

      • Excellent research there GallusMag & doublevez. Note too the churchy groups in the mix – if religion is involved, it’s bound to be bad for females.

        Of course Tranz will continue to claim that they are poor, marginalised, and without support – clearly another lie – they have so much backing it’s not funny.

      • GM, you should blog the bigpharma & govt funding of the conference & clinic.

        A good companion to:

        “Most oppressed group eva” – kinda rings rather hollow with all that backing.

        And a big “thank you” to Joelle Ruby Ryan for being the bragging dickhead that he is for the tip-off. They really cannot keep their mouths shut.

      • well well well, the Church and the tranz are bedfellows

      • doublevez Says:



        The donors to the Mazzoni Center clinic, which itself donates to/sponsors the trans health conference. Interesting (!) website.

      • hearthrising Says:

        Thank you for providing this list. I was actually thinking about this myself, but didn’t realize info on the funders was so readily available. Should have known; donors like public recognition.

  5. feral opera company Says:

    Found it: it’s sponsored by the Mazzoni Center, “Philadelphia’s LGBT healthcare and wellness center.” It appears to be a private medical group. I’d like to know much public money it gets from grants, tax breaks, etc. I suspect anyone with investigative journalism skills will find things of interest…Although this type of medical group is a great idea, that doesn’t mean there isn’t something off about how they fund everything. The red flag here is how a relatively small practice can put on such a big show for free.


    • feral opera company Says:

      Philadelphia Dept. of Health. So the taxpayers are helping market elective mastectomies to teenagers, and some of the other sponsors are profiting.

      • RoseVerbena Says:

        Yes, to put this in context, other taxpayer-funded entities are cutting back on things like vital dental services for people in agonizing pain from bad teeth or children’s immunizations against deadly childhood illnesses or transplant services for indigent cancer patients.

        But hey! we should always dedicate money to perpetuating the patriarchy!


      • hearthrising Says:

        Might need to get more information to make a determination on this one. Sometimes organizations allow themselves to be listed as sponsors to lend legitimacy to the event. They may give a token donation or none at all. Not saying that’s what’s happening here, but it’s a possibility. Also, there are reasons other than promoting mastectomies for a public health department to want to sponsor a conference that is calling itself a “health conference.” It would be interesting to know if they have a booth and if they’re promoting any of their own health priorities with this group. I’m troubled by some of the other sponsors here, such as the conflict of interest of for-profit companies that benefit from surgeries and hormones, but the endorsement of the Health Department does not seem out of line to me.

      • doublevez Says:

        Agreed Hearthrising. Mazzani does offer some legitimate health services for Lesbians for ex. But it’s looking uncomfortably close to the disgraced Sherbourne Clinic in Toronto, with their rape-culture enabling Cotton Ceiling workshops.

    • I don’t have a clue about how orgs are structured/organised in the US, but on Mazzoni’s donation page, this info:

      Mazzoni Center is an affiliate of United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware. SEPA Donor #2304, Delaware Donor #7951.

      Contributions to Mazzoni Center are tax-deductible. A copy of Mazzoni Center’s official registration and financial information may be obtained from the PA Department of State by calling toll-free (within PA) 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.

      So I guess if you want to dig deeper, some info may be under “United Way”.

      • Darcie Says:

        I saw Mazzoni was also listed as a sponsor of Sisterspace Weekend in Darlington, MD again with United Way. Thank Goddess Michfest doesn’t need sponsors. This is how we lose womyn’s space

  6. RoseVerbena Says:

    I could only stand to listen to about half of it, but does anyone else notice how close she is to de-transitioning…?

    I give her a couple of years at most.

    It was smart of her to shy away from the testosterone, to recognize the inherent sexism of sex-role stereotypes and to call out the pervasive sexism of the “trans” culture. Pretty soon she’s going to start putting 2 + 2 together and understand that she can just BE WHO SHE IS as a fully-realized human being without the artificial constructs of “trans”, without the unnecessary silliness of calling herself a “boy” just because she rejects the sex-role stereotypes associated with “girl”.

    • Nicky Says:

      if they want to see what happens to people on Testosterone, go look at Intersex people and see what kind of health effects testosterone can do to an Intersex body.

      • cherryblossomlife Says:

        That’s a really good point. When is anyone going to start listening to women when we say: nature knows best and DO NO HARM. Patriarchal quacks dose intersex people (and others) with hormones and operate unecessary in order to uphold the gender binary.
        WHy can’t people just be left alone?

  7. […] Check out the massive list of funding for the Trans Health Conference. Hardly marginalised, hardly struggling. Very accepted by the […]

  8. Bev Jo Says:

    You are so right, Feral. The sponsors are drumming up business.

    Yes, Aileen, but you’re young too. She’s choosing to not identify with you or any of us, withdrawing support we could share.

    I bought produce at the Farmer’s Market from an F2T a few days ago. Clearly female, with her tank top gaping, showing scars were her breasts used to be, the warbly distinct voice, not female and definitely not male. No way was this a Butch, but a Fem identifying as male. No acknowledgement of me as anything but another customer.

    I agree, Sheila. So many ways women can sell out, and this is one of them. Too bad it hurts Lesbians and all women also. I hope she changes her mind, since she is so aware of so much else.I agree, Rose — she doesn’t seem male at all, like she’s not making much of an attempt. But why the adamant determination to not identify as Lesbian? I can only think…it’s better to be anything than a Lesbian for these women.

    I went through hell to be a Lesbian and could not be prouder.

  9. DaveSquirrel Says:

    I finally got around to watching the video.

    There’s not one way to transition, but many

    Great, I am off to buy a fedora and call myself twanzmanz.
    (More seriously, at least she is not poisoning her body with T)

    We’re already an extremely small group of people. And within this tiny group…

    I like this definition of tiny, yanno, when a tranz conference is ten times the size of a radfem one, and has a truckload of government and corporate sponsorship. Tiny like an elephant in the room maybe?

    But, see the invisible SEX hierarchy going on?
    Full of open criticism for transmen (born females) but not transwomen (born males). Because the rule of patriarchy is that you can never criticise anyone further up the hierarchy than yourself. Sex matters, taking T, throwing on a fedora, ain’t gunna get rid of it, no matter how much you pretend. Everyone in the world knows that transwomen are born-males, and still retain a position higher up on the SEX hierarchy than any female, fedora or not.

  10. ibleedpurple Says:

    Touching on what others have already said in this thread I still do not understand how you can call yourself a man which is a characteristic that you share with others (so non-individualistic) and then claim that everyone’s definition of manhood is different. In the latter case it wouldn’t make sense to call yourself a man because the dissolution of group boundaries makes the term “man” meaningless. It sounds like they want to sort themselves into a box, are then made uncomfortable by their action and have to relativize it again so it re-aligns with their beliefs.

  11. Sheela Says:

    Thanks, GM, for that great detective work. The list of that conference’s sponsors really gives the lie to the ‘radical’ trans community’s claims about being anti-capitalist.
    The American Carcinogen (sic) Society! Susan Komen Foundation! Citibank! Walgreens! Wow. That list of pharmocorporate, big finance, union busting sponsors just nails the whole underlying status quo reinforced conservatism of the whole thing. As does their need to try and silence anyone (like Sheila J) who puts the trans phenomenon into a larger historical or economic context, or the hysterical labelling of anyone raising questions (eg like why it’s happening now, who’s funding it) as transphobic. just all such a cover up. But sometimes the truth will out…

    • doublevez Says:

      Sheela, this is exactly the way the medico/pharm industry works, most notably with drugs like HRT, Vioxx, SSRIs. It’s not healthcare anymore, it’s stockholder’s share.

      The medical profession is hugely complicit in this mutilation and human rights infraction of this population’s right to proper treatment for their mental illness, yet looks the other way because any violence is accepted when it’s coupled with sex.

      • doublevez Says:

        Should add I don’t think women transgendering are mentally ill, as are the heterosexual males, just suffering the usual female hating misogyny sexism toxic slough dished up by the malearchy.

  12. FeistyAmazon Says:

    Many are though. Especially when you see the same phenomena with the ‘transdisabled’ folks, and then that whole ‘otherkin’ thing. I’ll have to watch the video. Anyhow, all these queer organizations are getting huge nonprofit dollars to cater to trans, but NOT to Dykes, Butch Dykes, DykeAmazons or Dykes of any (born female, proud to be female) stripe! Same old, same old sexism: if you don’t cater to being feminized, then you MUST be a ‘man’! Better than that, than, gasp, a LESBIAN who is autonomous from men! And especially a Lesbian/Dyke who is nonfeminine.

    I was just reading that the BIGGEST opponents to healthcare reform IS the ‘healthcare’ industry, and whereas San Francisco’s brave Congresswoman and proud former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is proud of the Healthcare reform act, and defending it as a very proud moment once that passed, Obama again is doing his backsliding thing, and saying it may need to be ‘revisited’ to satisfy the ‘healthcare’ industry and nonpartisan vote influenced by the rightwingers connected more than likely to that richbitch industry! A pill/drug for EVERYTHING for everybody, whether you need it or not!

  13. FeistyAmazon Says:

    Damn, if she came out when I came out, she’d be a proud young dyke, instead of having cut her breasts off, and having to decide whether she’ll take ‘T’ or not, a potentially life threatening and harming drug/hormone in the long run that brings so much violence to the Planet! And there are those young trans like her that cannot tolerate testosterone in their bodies, that if they could find their FEMALE pride, just as they are and that FEMALE is NOT necesarily femininity, but an innate quality EVERY born female shares, would be PROUD to be Dykes, and women.

    It is true, what she says, there really is a hierarchy that goes like this: Butch is not enough to them or Lesbian(and I would agree she is NOT Butch, maybe androgynous, but NOT Butch), and so they call themselves ‘genderqueer'(which is essentially the ‘new’ Butch, but more male identified, and not exclusively Dyke only, but also open to bisexuality), and thusly genderqueer is Not enough, so then ‘trans’, and open to experimenting with ‘T’ and growing mustaches, facial hair and beards, some get the ‘T’ illegally, or use it for a sort of sexual high. That’s not enough, because of the pressure, so they decide to have their breasts lopped off, pump weights and become as male appearing as possible. But most stop there because the bottom surgery is extremely expensive and simply doesn’t work!

    I am surprised the doctors agreed to cutting off her breasts without insisting she also be on ‘T’. Or maybe she went off it. Yes, I do hope she ‘wakes up’ and becomes a detransitioner, but the sexism she talks about in the FTM/Genderqueer community is EXTREMELY real and hierarchical. And of course we know just how sexism most MTF’s with their born male experiences are as well!
    -So glad for Gallus Mag,
    -I hope that we can support the detransitioners and allow them a strong voice, just like the intersex who refuse this, and the young Butch Dykes also trying to resist going down the ‘T/breast surgery road’. Used to be, that OUR Dyke rite of passage was cutting our hair short! And I certainly did that, and as my Butch identity got stronger, my hair got shorter! Course hair can grow back! But to use hormones and surgeries as a rite of passage as a price into a community? How dangerous, and we KNOW it all supports the Man, the pharmaceuticals and the rich doctors pushing all this, and their ‘nonprofit’ lackeys!

    • “And I certainly did that, and as my Butch identity got stronger, my hair got shorter! Course hair can grow back! But to use hormones and surgeries as a rite of passage as a price into a community? How dangerous, and we KNOW it all supports the Man, the pharmaceuticals and the rich doctors pushing all this, and their ‘nonprofit’ lackeys!”

      And that’s exactly it, so many of my peers and younger are happy to accept it without thinking of long term consequences. I was a teenage goth, no biggie, all I have now is embarrassing photos and an interesting LP collection, these CHILDREN (and they are, legally until the age of majority in their area and in terms of physical and emotional development,) are physically altering their bodies in ways that we do not understand the future ramifications for.

      Trans is essentially, in my opinion, a pseudo scientific farce.

  14. Are there any more videos from this conference? TY.

  15. feral opera company Says:

    Moar free stuff for the trans: I saw this free poetry workshop for “queer youth” being promoted at Stephen Ira’s blog. A few FTM blogs are promoting this, so I’m guessing tranz will be heavily in attendance. The site says the poetry camp is a $600 value and asks for donations. I didn’t see a list of sponsors, but I assume they will be as well-heeled as the Philadelphia event. Even though it’s only a day camp, they’re providing lunch and guest poetry readings from real poets, so this is pretty lavish.


  16. […] the conference was very well supported both politically and financially, specifically, PTHC was sponsored by Big Pharma, local government, and religious organizations, […]

  17. doublevez Says:

    No surprise about the erasure of female, or even that women would be going along with it, believing that is the solution to something. As told to us.

    The website HERS FOUNDATION has a stat on 600,000 hysterectomies in 2004 in the United States alone. Ovaries, breasts, tubal ligations, anything that is distinctly FEMALE separate form that, and they are going to remove, going to advise a woman to remove as “prevention”. Of that 600,000 figure, very few were to treat disease. Women are advised to have mastectomies also for no definitive disease reason, or because some other woman in her family had her breasts/organs removed– probably also with no disease reason. The war on women proceeds today with trans. Same entree different sauce.

  18. FeistyAmazon Says:

    That was a great article: Trans Activism is supported by patriarchy….so agree! and here: “Rumer Cosmetic Surgery
    Johnson & Johnson” both supporting this conference above!

  19. […] Yes, sir, you do. Share this:Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post. Category : Trans Tags : Joelle Ruby Ryan, Joseph Nolan Ryan […]

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