Transgender Activists escalate violence, Bomb Threats

June 6, 2012

From KGWNews:

“PORTLAND- A manager of the Wells Fargo bank at 5730 NE M.L. King Blvd., discovered a broken window and an unlit Molotov cocktail inside the building Wednesday morning.

An email sent to KGW took credit for the bomb.

It read in part:

“This action has been committed in solidarity with CeCe McDonald, a trans woman of color who rightfully defended herself from assault and has been sentenced to 41 months in a men’s prison, despite her gender and valid safety concerns, as transgendered women face high instances of physical and sexual assault in men’s prisons.”

McDonald was sentenced to prison this week in Minnesota for a bar killing. She was found guilty of killing a man in a bar in Minneapolis.

Before being sent to prison, McDonald, who is making a male to female transition, said the incident was fueled in part by the fears generated by going through the transgender experience.

 The email to KGW also said “Wells Fargo stands as an easy target, funding the prison industrial complex along with the policing and judicial system which uphold the banking system and its profits… With such institutionalized corruption forcing beautiful queers like CeCe through such immense hardship, attacking these institutions directly is a small but necessary gesture. Just as the police attack our comrades to reify (sic) their position of power, we queers and dissenters attack back to assert just the opposite — that police and state control is illusionary.”

Portland Transgender Activists dispute these reports and insist that the device was activated and that the bank was burned. From the Anarchist News Dot Org website:

“As a small gesture of solidarity with CeCe, and all others who suffer under the hand of the racist, trans-misogynist capitalist state, a Molotov cocktail has been tossed through a large window of a Wells Fargo in Portland, Oregon late last night. The flaming bottle flew easily through the window spewing fire and glass into the building, a delightful and brief escape from the monotony of the endless spectacle.”

Wells Fargo covers transgender surgeries- including breast implants for males who want larger breasts- for all their employees

And received a 100 percent rating on the HRC’s corporate equality index for the last seven years.

One transactivist recently threatened to bomb the London RadFem2012 Feminist Conference:

Transwoman “Kevine” threatens to bomb feminist conference

Updates on transgender bombings and bomb threats will be posted here as investigations continue.

83 Responses to “Transgender Activists escalate violence, Bomb Threats”

  1. RoseVerbena Says:

    Is anyone of the “trans”-enabling persuasion paying attention to what these dudes actually say and do?

    This fire bomb incident came to my attention after having several nightmares last night about being targeted by gender-obsessed creeps. I kept waking up and drifting off to have another nightmare, three in all, I think. In each I was being stalked (as I actually am in real life) but not from a distance, and not by just one man.

    Women are the preferred targets of these radicalized, mentally disturbed whacktivists, but of course it makes sense that they would widen their scope beyond just harassing women.

    Maybe NOW more apologists will start waking up and realizing that enabling someone who has serious mental health issues is perhaps NOT the best idea in the world? What part of “has delusional thinking and is in denial about reality” are the medical/psychological/legal professions and institutions just not getting?

  2. bugbrennan Says:

    Reblogged this on Pretendbians: Exactly Like Lesbians, Except Not and commented:
    My gay rights movement
    respects that difference exists

    respects that lesbians don’t want to have sex with males

    is anti-violence and does not bomb anything

    is anti-systems of oppression and does not support legal initiatives to prop up systems of oppression (e.g., hate crimes legislation).

    My gay rights movement is a dream.

    This is disgusting.

  3. cherryblossomlife Says:

    Males threating females with death?

    Quelle surprise!

  4. doublevez Says:

    This “anarchism” is crap no matter who does it. But hey, feminists do not. And no, don’t talk to me about those poor Stockholmed women following the occupiers around.

    Brava!! Rose. xxx

    “Maybe NOW more apologists will start waking up and realizing that enabling someone who has serious mental health issues is perhaps NOT the best idea in the world? What part of “has delusional thinking and is in denial about reality” are the medical/psychological/legal professions and institutions just not getting?”

  5. feral opera company Says:

    Molotov cocktails? Very sad. Only last night on the L Chat, a young lesbian activist from East Europe mentioned that she and others were being threatened with molotov cocktails at their upcoming Pride parade. The other people on that thread pointed out that gays and lesbians in the US and Canada don’t have to deal with molotov cocktails.

    Other point: CeCe belongs in a men’s prison. He has already demonstrated that he gets violent if someone disses him. So if he does his prison time with women, they will be at great risk, because as a man, he is much stronger than them and more likely to resort to violence.

  6. DaveSquirrel Says:

    That is a rapid escalation from “glitter bombing” (at Germaine Greer) earlier this year, and rapid escalations are a worrying thing – it has certainly surprised me to escalate that much so quickly. The fact that tranzjacktivists will target anybody/anything, even those that are fairly ‘tranz friendly’ should set off some alarm bells.

    Perhaps now maybe people will start believing us, that we have been saying this is a bunch of people with various mental problems and many of them dangerous.

    The “Kevine” dude has made a specific terrorism threat against an event, and in the UK, terrorist threats are treated rather seriously – so a call to TheMet is probably in order.

    • Kathrin Says:

      As is often the case, the violence has nothing to do with their claimed ends. It’s a lie, and a distraction.

      These are people who want to be violent, and are looking for any excuse to do so. The more common any kind of violence becomes, the more excuses they have.

      This should indeed be setting off alarm bells.

  7. amazondream Says:

    These are losers that need a cause to feel important. At least they make our case for us–lol

    • doublevez Says:

      Kevine explaining the meaning of a communist flag:

      “Anarcho-Syndicalist/Communist flag. Someone told me though that the red should be on top. It means workers arising from Anarchism. #Anarchism #Anarchy #Communism #AnarchoCommunism #DIY”

      kevine_justine is using Instagram – a fun & quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Snap a photo, then choose a filter to transform the look and feel of the shot into a memory to keep around forever.

  8. Nicky Says:

    This is why, I have been sounding the alarm bells within the intersex community about the Transgender Activists violent acts, but instead it falls on deaf ears. Either because they got coned by the Transgender Activists or duped by the Transgender Activists .I often wonder, when is the Intersex community going to wake up and smell the coffee and see what transgender people are for.

  9. Violet Irene Says:

    I don’t get why these people think “Cece” should get off scot free. You don’t get to murder someone because they *said* something nasty. It’s not “self-defense” if you pick a fight with someone over words. The guy who was killed isn’t the one who caused Cece’s injury, either. I feel that a prison sentence is just and called for in this case. As an “uppity” woman I rely on it remaining illegal for a man to assault or kill me for words that I speak. I’m all for Cece getting locked up, and for longer than 3 years too. I’ve been really disgusted at the mindless, absolutist support for “free Cece” I’ve seen on many liberal feminist blogs. Really, feminism is now about protecting men who kill other men in bar fights from facing the consequences of committing murder?

    Meanwhile, Marissa Alexander–an ACTUAL African-American woman–sits in prison for firing a warning shot while a man tried to kill her in front of her kids.

    • radicalwoman Says:

      Indeed, Marissa Alexander came to mind – she is the only injured party in that incident AND she is serving twenty years. Where are their tears for her?

      It just further goes to show these dudes aren’t women. Women are harassed and insulted all the time walking down the street and are expected not to say anything about it or serious violent consequences to their person result. I know that because I am a woman who has sometimes talked back – just talked back, not fought back – and I’ve had angry men beat me simply that. The unspoken rule for women is “keep your mouth shut”. CeCe didn’t understand that rule, because CeCe is not female-socialized – not female.

    • Adrian Says:

      A lot of the blog coverage by supporters (conveniently?) left out the fact that people yelling slurs were across the street, and that CeCe’s group actually had to cross the street to join in the argument (not yet a fight, just an argument). Meaning, there was ample opportunity to just yell something back across the street (in order to “not just take it,” even) and yet keep on walking. Some of the posts made it sound as if they were all in the same location at the bar from the beginning and everything instantly started from an actual fight. If someone read ONLY those, I can see where they might be led to think it was an “obvious self-defense” case and wonder why it went to trial.

      Quite a few of the threads I read did change character somewhat once people came in with those extra details (or just linked newspaper articles for that matter) and some lawyers explained the rules. At the very least some of the established witnessed events meant it couldn’t be “obvious self-defense” so it needed a trial and then when it went to trial (and particularly when details of the fight came out), well. The slur yellers might very well be scum and yes the violent woman who cut CeCe’s cheek also committed a crime but that doesn’t mean you get to kill people.

      I am curious if CeCe will be permitted to continue hormone treatment and the rest while in prison.

      • RoseVerbena Says:

        Adrian, would you please link me up with any articles you find documenting the fact that McDonald’s group crossed the street in order to engage with the people who were cat-calling them. I read this in earlier news reports but now I can’t find it. People have called me a liar for point out this escalation on the part of McDonald’s group; I know I didn’t just make it up. It was key to my assessment of McDonald’s shared culpability for the brawl.

        I have also been called “murderous” for pointing out that unlike McDonald who escalated the fight, women tend to KEEP WALKING when we get verbally harassed on the street, not cross over and get into it with the men cat-calling us. I have been harassed on the street a thousand times and never once have I done more than flip them off and keep walking, or if I was being followed and cat-called (i.e. when on my bike or walking, being cat-called by a man in a car or men in a pick-up truck) turned and entered a place of business to call for back-up in the form of a police officer or a friend in a car to pick me up.

        The reports that McDonald took the fight TO THEM, pulled out a pair of long, sharp scissors and stabbed to death a man that McDonald knew was unarmed (and also knew was not the person who hit McDonald with a glass) are the reasons that I have concluded that what McDonald did was second-degree murder (murder in the immediate heat of anger), not self-defense.

      • Adrian Says:

        @RoseVerbena – I’m still looking for most of the ones I recall (lots of the original articles were just regular Star-Tribune articles) but a quick google search now brought up the City Pages, May 9th edition. Link to the story is CeCe McDonald murder trial – behind the scenes of the transgender woman’s case.

        You want page 2, there is a tiny map, and also in the article says: “Moments later, as [CeCe’s group] neared the intersection of 29th Street East and 27th Avenue South, they heard catcalls from across the street, outside the north entrance to a three-story red brick building on the corner. Above the building, a sign read, “SCHOONER.”

        Standing on the corner was Schmitz, a man who looked to be in his mid-40s, with a heavy build, mustache, and sandy blond hair. Flaherty, his ex-girlfriend, stood next to him, along with Jenny Thoreson, his current girlfriend. The three had stepped out of the bar for a cigarette. That’s when they saw McDonald and her friends walking by…

        What Schmitz and company called out, exactly, is subject to debate. In later interviews with police, Thoreson would only recall that it was something “derogatory” and “sarcastic.”

        “They were very feminine guys,” she said, “something about their walk.”

        Flaherty’s memory was even less specific, though she gave a similar description to police about the group’s fashion, noting that one of them “was wearing booty shorts and a tank top,” and that “he looked like he was ready to go to a recital.”

        Thomas’s (one of CeCe’s group) recollection of what he heard that night was far more detailed:

        “Oh you faggots, you nigger lovers, and whoop-de-woo, you ain’t nothing but a bunch of nigger babies,” Thomas (one of CeCe’s group) later recalled in a police interview. “So as they said all that, I go over there and talk to [Schmitz]…

        CeCe’s group crosses over to the bar side, the argument starts, that then turns into the fight.

        Still looking for the others. A lot of the good stuff was actually linked from the comments of one of the pro-CeCe posts I’d read, trying to find that one.

        (Here’s hoping I didn’t completely mess up the HTML…)

      • GallusMag Says:

        From the “Support CeCe” website, crossposted on Feministe:

        “To get to the store, the group had to walk past a dive bar called the Schooner.

        Dean Schmitz and his friends were standing outside the Schooner’s side door. All were older – Dean was 47 – and all were white. When they saw CeCe and her friends walk by, they started yelling – “faggots” “chicks with dicks” “n*****s” – a litany of vile abuse targeted at a group of much younger strangers.

        CeCe McDonald has a strong sense of justice – she decided to confront Dean and his friends. So she and her group walked toward the bar.”

        Chrishaun Reed McDonald blames a friend for the murder:

        Excerpt from police report:
        LARRY THOMAS also said that DEAN SCHMITZ had two beer bottles, one in each hand. At that point LARRY THOMAS said that he took off his belt and began swinging it around. LARRY THOMAS then said that he backed up to the middle of the street and dropped his belt like he was read to fight. LARRY THOMAS then recalled DEAN SCHMITZ say that he was done. At that point LARRY THOMAS said that MOLLY FLAHERTY began to fight with [McDonald] and all hell broke loose.

        “”The point of it, is a group of people are walking down an alley, if you will, minding their own business, going to a store to get some food. They believe a group of people said some derogatory remarks. They walked up to confront the group,” Orput said. ”

        “Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald admitted Monday that an inner rage brewed long before an exchange of words that ended with the deadly stabbing of Dean Schmitz outside a bar in south Minneapolis last year.

        The pressures of being transgendered — namely, fear of rejection and of hostile reactions from others — resulted in spite and hatefulness, said McDonald, who is transitioning from a man to a woman.

        That pent-up fury exploded on the night of June 5, 2011, during an argument when McDonald stabbed the 47-year-old in the heart, killing him instantly.

        But McDonald, who on Monday was sent to prison for 3 1/2 years, said the responsibility for what happened is mutual. “I’m sure that to Dean’s family, he was a loving, caring person,” McDonald, 24, told Judge Daniel Moreno. “But that is not what I saw that night. I saw a racist, transphobic, narcissistic bigot who did not have any regard for my friends and I.”

        “Moments later, as they neared the intersection of 29th Street East and 27th Avenue South, they heard catcalls from across the street, outside the north entrance to a three-story red brick building on the corner. Above the building, a sign read, “SCHOONER.”

        Standing on the corner was Schmitz, a man who looked to be in his mid-40s, with a heavy build, mustache, and sandy blond hair. Flaherty, his ex-girlfriend, stood next to him, along with Jenny Thoreson, his current girlfriend. The three had stepped out of the bar for a cigarette. That’s when they saw McDonald and her friends walking by.”

        Incidentally, Chrishaun was on Social Security disability at the time of the murder because of disabling mental dysfunction due to his gender identity disorder.

      • Adrian Says:

        @GallusMag – I just found that “This is what happened to CeCe” post on Feministe myself just now. That’s the post I remember reading, it has plenty of comments to it with quite a bit of discussion of “self-defense or not” which are worth reading. Appreciating your other links too.

        @RoseVerbena – In doing this search, I ended up clicking on a bunch of trans* sites (some which I’ve read before, others not) and I just gotta say, DAMN, that Zoe gets around!

      • GallusMag Says:

        Thank you Adrian-
        BTW I’m interested in the transcript of Chrishaun’s testimony at his sentencing hearing when it becomes available.
        Also, Molly Flaherty (the women alleged to have thrown or “pushed” a glass into McDonald’s face) court date is June 15.

      • Adrian Says:

        @GallusMag – Speaking of Molly Flaherty (the woman who smashed a glass into CeCe’s face, cutting the salivary gland), you’re right that she’s on trial for assault (as she should be).

        Turns out that the complaint against her is available on line as a pdf.

        The relevant part to this thread is that a description of the fight is in it, because of course this is the same fight. In it, a “J.R.T” who is a friend of Molly’s says that CeCe’s group walked over there after the yelling started. On the very next line, “Z.S.” (one of CeCe’s group) agrees: “Z.S. with with [CeCe] and substantially corroborated her statement. Z.S. said that after hearing homophobic and derogatory remarks from the group outside the Schooner, they walked up to the group and [Molly] smashed a glass into [CeCe’s] face.”

        Also in that document it says a witness not associated with either “side” says the last thing anyone saw Schmidt do was reach into the fight to pull Molly out of it. He was (apparently) stabbed by CeCe when he bent in there. He accused CeCe of stabbing him, that’s when CeCe said the “Yes, I did” line.

        Over on the long Feministe thread the issues are spelled out too, but the fact that CeCe’s group crossed the street, the fact that they were yelling (as it turns out, WHAT they were yelling would also be relevant) and the fact that the dead guy wasn’t the one who injured CeCe (Molly did that), means it had to go to trial. Self-defense claims are picky. People (on Feministe and elsewhere) who wanted to say it should never go to trial are just naive.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Well I wasn’t there but anytime the sole female present is singled out for prosecution, persecution or demonization my bullshit detectors go on full alert.

        Was she singled out and targeted by the men who crossed the street to confront the group outside the bar? Did she act in self-defense? It would be interesting to hear her side of the story. Unlike the male murderer she won’t have any sort of community support or legal representation of course. She will be thrown to the wolves as a scapegoat regardless of what went down that night. She is well and truly fucked even if CeCe and the other men who decided to escalate verbal taunts into a physical confrontation ganged up and targeted her. In my experience females do not usually target groups of angry males for violence. In my experience groups of men, including (especially?) some of those who call themselves transgender DO target women. I’d like to hear her side of the story. There’s been a shit-ton of lies and disinformation propagated about this case so far.

        One thing is known. Although visibly injured she stayed and tried to stop the stabbing victim – who was allegedly murdered for pulling a group of attackers off of her- from bleeding to death. Unlike Chrishaun who disposed of his weapon and fled the scene she remained at the site until police arrived. (Chrishaun’s friends boarded a bus to flee the scene of the crime).

        We’ve heard CeCe’s side of the story: first denying the stabbing, then confessing, then retracting and blaming a friend, then finally (six months later) claiming self-defense, but we haven’t heard hers. Unlike Chrishaun who wrote letters to the local paper blaming the victim for his death: “none of this mess wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for the victim and his group being rude and disrespectful to people they never knew.” Molly Flaherty has not yet made a public statement. Likely she is terrified and unlike the murderer does not see this incident as a passport to celebrity and a future as a violent counterculture object but rather as a situation where she is well and truly fucked regardless of what really happened that night.

      • GallusMag Says:

        In my world when a woman strikes out violently at a group of men it’s because she has no other option and she’s gonna go out on her feet, go out fighting. But hey, maybe in other people’s world women violently attack groups of men just for shits and giggles. Seems strange that witnesses can’t even say whether she allegedly threw a glass from a distance or from some reports “pressed” it against his face. Something really weird there. Big red flags for me.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Fuck yeah this! It’s not “self-defense” when you and your buddies willingly cross the street to start it up. When you do that, you then can’t turn around and cry “self-defense!” when things go south. CeCe is damned lucky he only got three years, which I found unbelievable.

      You brought up the libfem blogs – when I first read about this case at one of them, I knew there was more to the story. (Of course, the blog only linked to a website set up for supporting CeCe, and some trans site.) When I read more details about what happened in mainstream sites, the bigger picture was revealed – that CeCe did not kill the person who injured him, that he and his friends crossed the street to engage, etc. The libfem sites did a tidy job of making CeCe seem like a complete victim, which is NOT the case. The reportage of libfem sites on this is appalling; it’s as if they don’t trust their readers to draw their own conclusions with all the facts. That’s insulting, infantilizing, and highly deceitful. If they’re lying by omission with this, what else then? Heaven forfend some trans reader gets upset, I guess.

      And not a word from these blogs on Marissa Alexander.

    • RoseVerbena Says:

      The radicalized “trans” whacktivists are constantly referring to brutal violence and/or death as the “solution” to people who disagree with their take on “gender identity”.

      It seems to follow that they would consider McDonald stabbing an unarmed, older man in the heart with scissors to be the PERFECT way to solve a verbal harassment problem. When you throw in the fact that a woman had thrown a glass at McDonald and cut his face, the hysteria in that crowd would naturally rise to a fever pitch.

      I suggested on HuffPo that WALKING AWAY and at the very most reporting the cat-callers to the police after getting out of their sight would have been how 99.9% of women would have handled drunks yelling at them as they walked down the sidewalk. For acknowledging the reality that McDonald committed second-degree murder (not pre-meditated, in the heat of anger, not self-defense, not accidental) got me branded as a “murderous” person on tumblr.

      Why? Because the on-line “trans” hoards have no understanding of the law, no ability to be rational when confronted with facts they don’t like, nothing but raw emotion and a child-like (pre-schooler-level) rejection of reality when reality conflicts with their own ill-conceived desires.

      They think “CeCe” is cute. They think “CeCe” is 100% a victim. They think “CeCe” is a “REAL girl”. They think “CeCe” was imprisoned for absolutely no reason, because to them, stabbing someone in the heart and killing him is no big deal if he “misgendered” you or was “transphobic”.

      Take note women. Please, please take note!!!

    • Kathrin Says:

      The word “terrorism” is used way too often these days. “Cyber Terrorism”, “Economic Terrorism”, “Eco-Terrorism”, and “Narco-terrorism” are buzz words for anyone who wants a headline.

      This is actual, honest-to-goodness terrorism of the home grown variety. Whether the molotov was lit or not, this was an attempt to control and influence others through fear and terror. The message is clear – do what I want, or face the consequences.

      The perpetrators of these kinds of actions should be caught and prosecuted accordingly, not people like Marissa.

    • hearthrising Says:

      Yeah, the Marissa Alexander thing is incomprehensible on so many levels. 20 years, and no one was injured! I guess it had something to do with mandatory sentencing laws, and she had been in trouble before. Grave injustice all the same.

    • DaveSquirrel Says:

      The unspoken rule for women is “keep your mouth shut”. CeCe didn’t understand that rule, because CeCe is not female-socialized – not female.

      So right. Many of us have been harassed in the street (for lesbiphobia), and you keep walking or go into a shop – the one thing you don’t do is go up to a bunch of rednecks and challenge them (particularly in the US where they may be packing gun).

      I guess the CeCe crowd thought they outnumbered the redneck crowd by number of male bodies?

      And not a word from these blogs on Marissa Alexander.

      So very telling. I didn’t blog it because a lot of it hinges on US laws (stand your ground) which are very different to the UK, but many of those funfem sites are American – so what is their excuse? I have been following the FB support page for Marissa:

      Marissa had an injuction against the dude, who also had a string of prior DV complaints against him. She tried to leave but was basically trapped in the house (without the car keys to escape him) and fired a warning shot into the ceiling. No one was even injured. The two kids were her step-kids I believe. For that, she gets a mandatory 20 year sentence, compared to CeCe who stabs a dude to death and gets three and a half years. The grave injustice is in Marissa Alexander’s case.

      Even with all the public support, Marissa Alexander is still in jail.

    • “I’ve been really disgusted at the mindless, absolutist support for “free Cece” I’ve seen on many liberal feminist blogs. Really, feminism is now about protecting men who kill other men in bar fights from facing the consequences of committing murder?”

      Can I just say thank you for this comment? I thought the CeCe case was a bit off from the start and as I have read more on the case this is exactly what is happening.

      These men are using “social justice” as a wall to hide behind, when in reality their motivations are vapid and narcisstic at best and insidious and homicidal at worst.

  10. luckynkl Says:

    LOL, Frankenstein’s monsters are now turning on those who created them. It’s pretty predictable. What is also predictable is the trans boys will push the dude bros too far. The dude bros will respond by rising to the challenge and destroying the monsters. I hope no one expects me to cry in my beer all night over it. As far as I’m concerned, men deserve each other. I have some concerns tho that lesbians will also thought to be under the trans umbrella. LGB needs to seriously kick the T’s to the curb ASAP otherwise trans will be their undoing. The T doesn’t even belong there in the first place as they are the anti-thesis to the other three.

  11. […] is this more obvious than recent protests and terrorist actions by transactivists – they even target organisations that are trans-friendly, GallusMag has more on the failed […]

  12. bugbrennan Says:

  13. bugbrennan Says:

  14. GallusMag Says:

    This is a historic moment in the LGBT movement.
    Can’t separate the LGB from the T and Q soon enough in my opinion.
    Terrorism and violence against women and random targets with the tacit support of LGBT orgs and the explicit support of transgender activists.

  15. GallusMag Says:

  16. Nicky Says:

    Reblogged this on Living Kallmann’s Syndrome and commented:
    This is why Intersex people who think they can cozy up to Transgender people and the Transgender community, better be thinking twice about themselves and their community. If they want to cozy up to those who use Violence against Biological women and Lesbians then they should have NO part of the Intersex community. Intersex people need to REALLY wake up and smell the Coffee.Intersex people need to stop, think and see what the Transgender community is doing to Biological women and Lesbian. Intersex people need to ask themselves this question, Do you want the same crap that Biological women and lesbians are facing right now, such as threats of Violence, Threats of silence, Intimidation, bullying and threats of bodily Harm on them. Intersex people need to think about their cozy alliance and need to step back and step away from being too cozy to them. I do not want Intersex people to being subjected to the same threats of violence that Transgender activist are doing to Biological women and lesbians. We intersex people have enough already to deal with from the medical community and don’t need anymore coming from the Transgender community and the Transgender activist. It’s why I am calling for all Intersex people to cut off all ties and alliances from Transgender community and instead support RadFems, Biological women and Lesbians.

  17. michelle Says:

    How fitting that a bank that seemingly caters to the trans whims and demands was targeted to die in a fire…the whacktivists really will eat their own.

    Would be nice to see Homeland Security treat the freaks as the domestic terrorists they have proven themselves to be but I doubt the current Administration will allow that to happen.

  18. Ashland Avenue Says:

    I think most of these Twitter posters are very young people who think that they’re being all radical and shit! They’re mad as hell and won’t take it anymore! They’ll change the world and show us how it’s done!……Yeah, get in line, kid. There’s a lot of angry people in the world, and some of them are angry at you, however righteous you believe yourself to be.

    I wonder how they’d react if a bank bombing resulted in the death of a security guard, cleaning person, or a bank teller barely making above minimum wage. Hell, you can even accidentally blow yourself up while constructing the bomb. Because that’s the risk you run with dumbass, terroristic stunts like this. Just ask Bill Ayers. The fact that this hasn’t seemed to occur to them just reveals their immaturity and profound lack of intellect. But they don’t care. They’re too busy being tough and radical and shit. I can only hope they end up in a men’s penitentiary, where they belong.

    • Adrian Says:


      I’m not condoning tossing molotov cocktails anywhere over this, but in addition to the violence (though yeah, it wasn’t lit) it was just plain LAZY, in a way.

      If they really think this is THE battle to be fought, that they must start some “war” to “free CeCe” then they should at least be aiming their actions (and accepting any possible “collateral damage”) at some actual people who are maybe involved. Why not the jail, the courthouse, or even a bank in Minneapolis? Well, that’s just too risky, isn’t it. Far easier to just go downtown in your own city and hit a conveniently located bank, and make some high-minded tenuous excuse how that bank is perhaps marginally involved at three levels out in the system.

  19. YpsiGypsi Says:

    I renounce any and all violence done in my name as a transsexual woman. Most of us want to live our lives in quiet peace.

  20. C Says:

    This is ridiculous and I can’t believe people aren’t considering the working class employees who would be affected (mainly MENTALLY) and harmed. Theyre trying to survive, but your political statement is mpre important? Disgusting. This trans nonsense is getting way out of hand and hurting innocent, struggling people. I can’t fathom wpeoe these “activists” are supporting this.

  21. ethicalequinox Says:

    Seriously—did they ever think that *perhaps* engaging in terroristic behaviors might not be the best way to secure long-term effectiveness in this current political climate? In an election year, at that? Have they ever heard of the Patriot Act, Gitmo, or do they not pay attention to things that don’t affect *~them~* directly (say abortion)?

    Their “activism” will implode for no other reason than their sheer, mindnumbing stupidity.

  22. “Incidentally, Chrishaun was on Social Security disability at the time of the murder because of disabling mental dysfunction due to his gender identity disorder.”

    So many of them are on the public dole.

  23. Imagine if women stabbed every man who ever bother her on the street.

  24. feral opera company Says:

    Could the perps be affiliated with the same people who broke the stained glass windows in that homophobic church recently (Mars Hill)? That occurred in Portland, and they left the same message about discrimination against transwomen of color.

    • RoseVerbena Says:

      Good call. I forgot about that. It very well could be the same people. Do some of these mentally ill kids with “gender identity” issues (or their enablers) think they’re anarchists now or something?

      Some wannabe anarchist kids made a HUGE mess here in Seattle just a few weeks ago. They seemed really dense, politically. I mean, what exactly is the political purpose of risking a long prison sentence for smashing the plate-glass windows at Nike Town or American Apparel or the Federal Courthouse?

      I feel confident that the people doing this in Seattle are from up and down the Washington/Oregon corridor, because we’ve seen that here before for big marches. Some of the ones smashing things here are probably living in Portland or Eugene, smashing things and building incendiary devices there, too.

      From the Seattle Times, “anarchists” with incendiary devices:

      Just after noon Tuesday, about 75 so-called “Black Bloc” anarchists broke off from a larger “anti-capitalist” march at Westlake Park. They sped through downtown, smashing windows at banks and national retail chains as well as the William Kenzo Nakamura U.S. Courthouse at Fifth Avenue and Spring Street. “All hell broke loose,” said David Madden, a spokesman for the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. In addition to people breaking windows, someone tried to ignite an incendiary device constructed from an orange-juice container, but it didn’t go off.

      Later, Seattle police arrested a man carrying several similar devices in a backpack.

  25. feral opera company Says:

    Here’s yet another Wells Fargo incident, done before May Day, and the website makes the same connection between the other bank incident and the church incident. If I were the police, I’d want to talk to those bloggers.

    • RoseVerbena Says:

      Fascinating. Do these idgets think that the police don’t also have computers? Hello?

      • Adrian Says:

        If they’re young enough, quite possibly they don’t. All I can say is, being employed in IT elsewhere, it’s long been a trope that “young kids all think that old fogeys don’t know how to use computers” while at the same time certain “old fogeys” also buy into it from the other direction thinking “young people nowadays grow up with computers so they should make good IT employees, surely they grow up knowing how things work” while the reality is that knowing how to use tumblr and text people is not remotely the same thing as “knowing how things work” so just as it is with your car, not all drivers knowing how the engine works (and not needing to!), we still have to train people.

        But yeah. The list of people who thought “I’m young! I know the internet because I manage to have a facebook account! Surely those old stodgy people in the security office don’t know what I’m doing!” is a long one.

  26. Interplanet Janet Says:

    I set out to join this comment thread, but the fanaticism, hatred, and lazy stereotypes on so many sides made it clear that it would be drinking brain poison. So instead I will just silently reaffirm my daily prayer that all bigots, terrorists, prudes, snobs, and separatists will die, individually and peacefully, in their own separate little fires. Fuck the whole lot of everyone involved on every conceivable side of this.

    I’m going to go return to the company of my sane trans friends, my sane radfem friends, my sane anarchist friends, my sane Christian friends, my sane agnostic friends, and… basically anybody but you. If this is the state of the movement, I’m about ready to hang myself from the highest tree and let even bigger maniacs like the Christian Right just have their way with the world, if these are the kind of people fighting for my side. Fuck all of this and all of you a million times, from the bomb-chucking imbeciles to the transphobic imbeciles to the misogynist imbeciles. Go hang, every one of you.

    • RoseVerbena Says:

      Here’s a helpful hint: when there are competing interests between groups of people, it’s helpful to read about, listen to and study all sides, make your own analysis, and decide what you actually agree with or disagree with.

      Saying, essentially, “Fuck all y’all” may be emotionally cathartic, but it doesn’t really help move things forward.

      The idea that there is a right “kind of people” and a wrong “kind of people” absent any analysis of their positions, strategies or tactics is the lazy person’s way of engaging in politics.

      Don’t agree with my positions because you like me or disagree with my positions because you dislike me. Don’t agree with me because I seem smart or disagree with me because I seem dumb. Don’t agree with me because you find me sexually attractive or disagree with me because you find me sexually repellent.

      Agree or disagree based on an in-depth analysis of what my positions actually are, who they help, who they harm, what their logical outcomes might be, etc.

      Lazy analysis is what started this whole “Free Cece” firestorm in the first place.

    • ethicalequinox Says:

      Return to your “sane” friends, then, Janet. No one wants to hear your whining, belligerent little temper tantrums here, I assure you.

      And do accept my apologies, but I’m afraid I won’t hang myself for you. Does that ease your aching psuedo-liberal conscience, as I’m sure you regret making such a statement publicly…

    • DaveSquirrel Says:

      I set out to join this comment thread, but the fanaticism, hatred, and lazy stereotypes on so many sides made it clear that it would be drinking brain poison. […] and separatists will die, individually and peacefully, in their own separate little fires. […] Fuck all of this and all of you a million times, from the bomb-chucking imbeciles to the transphobic imbeciles to the misogynist imbeciles. Go hang, every one of you.

      Janet the transsexual perhaps? Your mimicry only gets you so far, but your penis socialisation shines through. Sadly for you, you think you pass really well. You don’t.

      • Nika Jewell Says:

        “Sadly for you, you think you pass really well. You don’t.”

        Do you walk up to people in wheelchairs and say, “Hey, do you think you’ll walk again? You won’t.” Why not toss in a ‘neener, neener, neener’ while you’re at it? Sadly for you, personal attacks about appearance only show what a small-minded person you are. Why not toss in a ‘neener, neener, neener’ while you’re at it?

        There’s so much variance in appearance of any individual of any gender that the whole concept of passing is rather pointless, anyway.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Your SOLE concern, Nika, on a post about a man threatening to firebomb a feminist conference, is about a woman noting some guy’s failure at impersonating a woman? That is incredibly sick. I would say you are deeply deeply deranged. Underlining my assessment would be the fact that the comment you are responding to: “Your mimicry only gets you so far, but your penis socialisation shines through. Sadly for you, you think you pass really well. You don’t.” Never MENTIONS APPEARANCE, rather refers to male socialisation preventing men like yourself from “passing”. Then you go on to personally insult the woman who made he comment. Sir, your comment is a microcosm of the disgusting female-hatred and male-centrism of the transgender. But hey- you didn’t threaten to murder any women, you only tacitly approved another man doing so and chastised the threatened women. Go you!

  27. RoseVerbena Says:

    Thanks for all the links and information about the McDonald incident, y’all.

    If Molly Flaherty is smart — or has a smart lawyer advising her — she’ll keep her mouth zipped until her case is finished in court. Anything she says can and WILL be used against her, right?

    Whatever else she has done or will do, not further inflaming the fringe-most “trans” whacktivists and anarchist wannabes would be a very good idea. They’ve proven that they have no compunction about one of their own stabbing an unarmed man or vandalizing wholly unrelated properties with incendiary devices.

    What would they do to HER if they thought they could get away with it?!

  28. Can one be an anarchist and be on the public dole at the same time?

  29. GallusMag Says:

    Posted: Jun 08, 2012 6:53 PM EDT
    Updated: Jun 08, 2012 7:00 PM EDT
    By FOX 12 Webstaff – email

    Wells Fargo Bank won’t be participating in this year’s Portland Pride Parade because of safety concerns, a company spokesman confirmed Friday.

    The decision comes just two days after vandalism at a Wells Fargo Bank branch on Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, where it appears there was an attempt to throw a molotov cocktail through a window. Arson investigators and police responded, but it turned out there was no fire.

    A gay rights activist group claimed responsibility for the vandalism in an email to FOX 12. The reason for the vandalism, the email said, was that Wells Fargo funds a prison industrial complex where a transgendered woman is serving a sentence in a men’s prison. The group said this puts the woman at a higher risk of sexual assault.

    A Wells Fargo spokesman said the company doesn’t want to put employees at risk of assault or the company’s replica stagecoach at risk of vandalism during the parade.

    Wells Fargo workers will still have a booth at the Portland Pride Parade and Festival, and a spokesman said the company hopes to return next year.

    Anyone with information about this vandalism, which happened overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday, is asked to contact Arson Investigator Rick McGraw at (503) 823-3797.

  30. RoseVerbena Says:

    Where are they getting “gay rights advocate” from. Is the “umbrella alphabet” LGBTQXYZWTF… coming back to bite us? Again?

    Maybe these investigators need a map to the difference between “queer” pro-“trans” wannabe anarchists and “gay rights advocates” these days?


  31. […] are supportive of — and supported by — patriarchy, one might also ask oneself “Which side is supported by violence, particularly male violence?“  And again, the answer is clear.  Trans* activism is supported by actual male violence, […]

  32. Wow, do they actually think that acting like a violent, spoiled over indulged brat will make people want to side with them?

    I have a limited knowledge of the ideological workings of anarchy, however, one quote springs to mind “…radical feminism practices what anarchy preaches.”

  33. anon Says:

    Amazing how this story has been mostly firewalled. It’s been days, no blogs, no media, not even conservatives like Drudge Report seem to give a shit.

    And back to the prison industrial complex: it’s “very bad but still kinda ok” for men to be victimized by other men so long as all parties agree that they’re men and thus so identify? But the straw that breaks the camel’s back and requires an *immediate* firebombing is someone being misgendered by others? That’s what gets people off their couch? I’m not sure that’s what I took away from reading Michelle Alexander.

    • RoseVerbena Says:

      The police aren’t talking about it to the press, but you can bet that they’re busy connecting the dots between the anarchist wannabes who have been targeting banks and other institutions between Oakland, Portland and Seattle. The FBI is involved, too, as it’s multi-state and the banks are targets.

      These whacktivists are kicking a very BIG, very dangerous hornets’ nest. I almost could feel sorry for them. Almost. But when they stop using their words and start using rocks and sticks and fire?

      Oh, hell no.

    • cerulean blue Says:

      The thing I find strange about all this is the neighborhood they chose for this firebombing. I live about 2 miles away from this bank. It is in an impoverished, traditionally African-American (due to past redlining) neighborhood, the kind of place that has few grocery stores, banks, etc. So why hurt this community to make a point about something that happened halfway across the country?

      Oh, right. I forgot. We’re talking about Portland trustafarian anarchists who are still mad at their mommy and daddy about the BMW they didn’t get for sweet 16.

  34. […] liken Lesbians to insects and vermin for rejecting sex with males. Transgender activists publicly, openly threaten Feminist conferences with firebombs. Officials from LGBT organizations publish their intention to crack open lesbians skulls with a […]

  35. […] Molotov Cocktail incident was not conducted by an anarchist as Adams prevaricates nor would it seem that Janice […]

  36. anon male Says:

    everyone is entitled to their own facts

  37. Choco Says:

    I’m interested in other women’s thoughts here…could the targeting of a bank be considered veiled anti-semitism? As in “Oh Jews control all the money so they’re responsible for the transmisogynistglobalkyrkiarchy?” As another commenter said, all they would accomplish with the bombing is killing a janitor or minimum wage earning teller. And then factor in how historically Jews were barred from professions other than money lending. Hipster social justice activists really need to get a sense of history regarding both race and women.

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