F2T Activist Ira Gray on the “Cotton Ceiling”

June 11, 2012

F2T Trans Activist Ira Dalton Gray ‘splains to Lesbians how rejecting the peen is damaging and discriminatory to males.

TLDW: Start at 2:55

Ira conducts “Consent Workshops” for LGBT youth.

More on Ira Gray here: http://www.iradaltongray.com/post/24671437049/on-rape-allegations

31 Responses to “F2T Activist Ira Gray on the “Cotton Ceiling””

  1. rq Says:

    she’s on Dirt’s blog right now- been accused of multiple rapes!

  2. rq Says:

    OMG she makes no sense at all!
    And what’s with being topless, showing off her frankennipples!
    She does NOT even remotely resemble a male.
    Again, Dirt’s blog (dirtywhiteboi67.blogspot.com) has a lot more disturbing info about this person.

  3. Barbara Di Bari Visconti Says:

    We know that straight males have wanted sexual access to lesbians since forever. Now they have brainwashed females, in the guise of F2Ts, to help do their dirty work for them.

  4. yttik Says:

    “There’s no such thing as 100% good consent..”

    This is what this person believes and they’re doing a workshop on consent?! Bloody hell!

    “Consent” is really a patriarchal ideal. Women for example, exist in a constant state of consent so the burden of saying no falls entirely on them. We have to “prove” we didn’t want it in 6 different ways, because it’s presumed that we do. If we didn’t live in a patriarchy, we would use concepts more like “enthusiasm.” Unless your partner is completely and consistently enthused about the whole thing, you’re violating somebody’s boundaries.

  5. KittyBarber Says:

    Interesting, watching Ms. Thing there with the bare chest. She’s got a bad case of Transman’s Itch–oh, here’s my new flat man-chest. I have to keep touching it. Look, look, here it is, I have this terrible itch, how lovely is my man-chest, touch touch touch, words are coming out of my mouth but look at my chest. And when I break out into uproarious laughter over something that isn’t the least bit funny, I am LYING. And wow, does my beautiful man-chest ever itch!

  6. elec. Says:

    I was reading through her (extreeeemely narcissistic) blog, and the strange(st) thing is how sure she is that she ‘passes!’ Even at five foot one, and with those womanly hips and that give-away voice!

  7. Nicky Says:

    OMG, that’s the worse fake male chest I have ever seen.

  8. RoseVerbena Says:

    I confess: I cannot watch these kids’ videos. I get about two minutes in and they make the back of my eyeballs throb. The utter narcissism, the complete lack of appropriate social boundaries, the self-satisfied, willful ignorance…it just…burns.

    I have this dialog going in my head the entire time: “Put on a fucking shirt and pick up your trashy room before your film yourself for the entire universe.” and “Jesus Christ, who raised this child?” and “Why is this kid scratching her crotch in front of the world?” and “Could that Munchkin voice be any more irritating? She sounds like she’s breathing half helium.” and “Now she’s laughing at The Very Idea that lesbians might actually prefer FEMALE-bodied sexual partners? I think I’m going to throw something at my computer screen now.”

    Then I have to stop the video in self defense.

    A classical musician trains several hours per day, seven days per week for YEARS before we feel prepared to go in front of even a modest-sized audience and be worthy of people’s time and attention. We put in THOUSANDS of hours of work before we feel ready to say, “Hey, please stop what you were doing and look at me, listen to me, I have something to express that I hope might be of value.”

    These kids can’t even be bothered to dress, sit up straight, look into the camera. They think they have “something to say” that is worth listening to before they’ve even dried the amniotic fluid from behind their ears.

    This whole YouTube Is My Diary schtick is so arrogant, so self-involved, so self-important…pathological narcissism is the best term that comes to mind. They may be shamelessly unaware of how they are exposing themselves as ignorant ninnies to the world, but I cringe with embarrassment for them.

    • magicpoppy Says:

      Yes, it shows a real disregard for your audience to just switch on the camera and hem and haw without preparation for 10 minutes or more. Like that one guy who did four 10 minute videos rambling about Camp Trans. That was painful. And there’s usually empty 2 liter coke bottles all over the floor.

      It doesn’t occur to them that people are busy, and that there are thousands of other people we could be watching. You need to give us a reason to keep watching.

  9. Lydia Says:

    Disgusting. Telling lesbians that they have to question why they don’t want to have sex with a penis? F-ing outrageous. I can’t even find words. Oh, the poor MT2s are having their identities undermined because lesbians won’t date them! The poor, poor men! Always the poor, poor men. If this little twit wants to date men, with or without dresses, have at it, honey. But this is unbelievable.

  10. Bev Jo Says:

    I first looked her up on YouTube and saw a very silly acting stereotypically and extremely feminine girl. And then this. And then answering allegations of rape by basically admitting it. What a fast change from the giggling girl.

    You are so funny, Kitty!

    Yes, SO narcissistic, irritating, boring.

    I agree, Lydia! Let this little twit go off with the female impersonators.

    It’s about love. My being a Lesbian has always been about loving other female. That deep heart/soul/mind connection which sparks the passion, leading to beautiful love-making. I have never seen even remotely such depth in a male, and even less in men claiming to be Lesbians. The female-hating, narcissistic obsessing, and intense selfishness just is too repulsive on so many levels. Something very primal and deep is missing. Males can never be females, yet this silly male-worshipping woman reduces who we are to nothing, just because she doesn’t understand the depth and intensity and realness of what it means to be female….

    But yes, let her keep on exposing their shallowness and repulsiveness until all women and girls understand what this cult is all about.

  11. radicalwoman Says:

    What an idiot. The video was unwatchable. Hello, little dork – HAVING A PENIS is SOMEWHAT DIFFERENT than a FONT on your ID.

  12. doublevez Says:

    Ick. Put a shirt on. Really, what’s with all the stroking herself and Marlon Brando impersonation?

  13. traps Says:

    Being a lesbian is transphobic. Being a gay man is transphobic. Being a heterosexual male or female is transphobic. Biology is transphobic. Everything in the world that has ever existed before this queer explosion is transphobic. Are plants and animals also transphobic?

  14. bugbrennan Says:

    Another rapey prick. Yawn.

  15. Fucking hell! If lesbians don’t want to date transwomen, they should not be questioned for doing so!

  16. Adrian Says:

    I’m confused. Supposedly choosing only to date the set of {cis women, trans men} is not saying “I like people with these features” according to Ira?

    Of course it IS based on “these features” – the feature in question is “lack of a wang.” It’s lumping people into their SEX categories, sure. (Ira says “gender designation markers” there but who is doing that – it’s their “SEX designation markers,” i.e “wang or not wang.” Perhaps it’s Ira who’s confused!)

    Body parts are most definitely features! And genitalia are THE features you’re going to be using in the sex activities, so of course they’re relevant!

    I looked up the rape link just now and was surprised to find it wasn’t the case I was thinking of – a year or so ago there was some epic wank about a case in the news where a F2T person had sex in the dark with a woman, using a fake penis, and was found out (and arrested for rape, fraud, etc). Where it got interesting (on the internet!) was the long arguments over how the fraud charge was so unfair, the fake-penis wielder didn’t lie, if she says that’s her male penis, then it IS a real penis!!!! It was the usual “anyone saying otherwise is just transphobic” argument, and in fact I think that was the first post where I encountered the “saying gender and sex are different is now 101-level too simplistic, people who transitioned were always mentally their desired gender and since they own their body parts, are biologically that sex too – so check out my female penis!!” thing.

    • traps Says:

      She seems to be implying that it’s OK to prefer ‘femmey’ or ‘butchy’ people, but
      not to prefer biological females or males. Being lectured to by a very confused young person with admitted mental problems who considers herself some kind of authority is so insulting.

    • RoseVerbena Says:

      Normal people who don’t hang out on the internet are usually…shall we say ***incredulous*** when I tell them about the female penis, male uterus thing.

      It’s kind of fun to see their faces: “Wahhhaaah?”

      Gobsmacked. That’s the ticket.

      Then I get to say, “I WISH I were kidding.” Sigh.

      • RE Says:

        But I thought only ‘radfems’ thought this stuff was ridiculous!

      • cherryblossomlife Says:

        Haha, that’s so true. None of this makes sense outside the internet. That’s maybe why trans people are so obsessed with being online.

  17. luckynkl Says:

    She’d like to employ us why we like or dislike those things in the first place? Well for starters, pregnancy, AIDs, HPV and 101 other diseases. Males are walking viruses. Doncha just love how males and wannabe males blow off pregnancy, STDs, and rape, like it’s no big deal? No big deal to whom?! In the meanwhile, I wonder how disappointed her parents were when she failed biology 101?

    I guess the good, bad and sad news is, they’re all going to die young from slicing, dicing and poisoning their bodies and minds like that.

    • cherryblossomlife Says:

      When I look at a trans man’s chest, it brings up the same feelings as it does when I look at breast implants: all I see is women who have been mutilated and now have scars for their trouble. One set of scars are flat, the other set are raised but there really is no difference between the two.

  18. Bev Jo Says:

    You’re so right, Lucky. I’m still finding it interesting to compare her earlier video with this — where she was still a clearly feminine giggly girl with the most classict unnaturally male-defined feminine mannerisms and expressions (exclaiming how her various female body parts were “male”) morphed into what appears to be the typical insensitive, narcissistic, very male rapist. Of course it’s all about being male-identified and extreme femininity is on the male continuum. But also, beyond her intention of demanding acceptance as male when appearing as feminine as could be, this is a clear case of those toxic hormones having a powerful effect, and on more than just bone structure and (as a friend said) the cartoon hamster voice.

    I recently saw a documentary done by two Australian Intersex sisters who had been lied to about their bodies, and who were raised as girls, though having XY chromosomes. Proving that all beings are intrinsically female until certain male triggers happen, these young women never got the massive testoserone wash that other XYs get because they are Intersex. Their bodies appear female, though they are missing some female parts. And their bones, faces, voices, etc. never changed to looking male. Their facial bone structure is female, and so are their personalities. I do not accept that males can become females, but these women are women clearly. I saw and heard nothing male about them.

    Yet this female-born woman, with the effect of massive amounts of testosterone, has changed on so many levels, including facial bone structure. I refuse to accept that any women can be male, but I would certainly not accept this rapist as a real woman any more either. It’s way more than surgery or not — it’s an entire personality/mind change. And it’s like a horror movie, only real.

    I do hope she decided to make the objects of her sex obsession be men.

  19. del Says:

    FYI: From the home of Cotton Ceiling and the attacks on RadFem RiseUp. This man had huge support from the left:

    At a national media scrum, with his wife standing at his side (See vid) Ford refuted his alleged remark about wanting to “eat her pussy” re his former staffer:

    “I’ve never said that in my life to her. I would never do that. I’m happily married. I’ve got more than enough to eat at home.”


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