Transgriot Monica “Fishy” Roberts: RadFems Control the Internetz

June 11, 2012

Proving that delusional genderists know no bounds, Monica “Fishy” Roberts  claims his internet access at Netroots Nation was sabotaged! Who, pray tell, could be responsible for such malfeasance? The same folks who are responsible for every bad thing that ever happened to a transgender person: Radical Feminists! Yanno, the massive and all-powerful cabal of females that RUNS THINGS (apparently). LMAO


Moni reports:

“I was unable to access TransGriot on the Courtyard by Marriott Downtown’s computer after writing an initial post on it announcing my arrival in Providence at 6:26 AM EDT on June 6 with no problems or issues . 

My plan was to give you readers posts chronicling my thoughts as those days events unfolded and my take on the convention.  That plan went out the window because some Rad Fem Borg drone (or somebody else) had a problem with my post announcing that the Conway Hall venue that was supposed to host the July London rad fem conference was backing out due to concerns about violations of Britain’s Equality Act and the hateful transphobic rhetoric coming from keynote speaker Sheila Jeffreys and company.

I suspect a rad fem because the hotel computer browser history indicated somebody read radfem hub that day. 

So why was TransGriot blocked?  According to Uniguest it was for the word ‘hatemonger’.  Interesting coincidence that the most recent post with that word in it is talking about the rafems being called on their transphobic bigotry.

I was frustrated and angry that at one of the biggest progressive blogging conferences in the nation I was attending for the first time, my ability to blog about my experiences on TransGriot was thwarted by some BS. I was also pissed about the inability of the staff over the time I was a guest in that hotel from June 6 when I first brought it to their attention to June 9 to satisfactorily rectify the situation.”

Send the Trans Swarm Signal!

Ohhhh MiGodddddddddddd…. SOMEONE AT NETROOTS READ RADFEM HUB ONE DAY!!!!! Danger! Danger! Thought Crime Alert! A dastardly RadFem is among us! Sound the Alarms! Call out the Trans Swarm!


Hey Fishy: we’re the ones that made that mint on your fucking pillow so stale too! lolololol

52 Responses to “Transgriot Monica “Fishy” Roberts: RadFems Control the Internetz”

  1. KittyBarber Says:

    Yeah, and we have all the housekeepers on our side, too, Fishy, so you thought you were using a “clean towel” that morning? Bwahahahahaaaa!!!

  2. michelle Says:

    do their conspiracy theories ever end? Just when it seems they reached the pinnacle of idiocy and lunatic fringe-type rantings, here comes another doozy sure to top the last. It is almost the tranny equivalent to the southern stereotype of ‘hey, hold my beer and watch this…’

  3. RoseVerbena Says:

    When WILL dudes learn to not piss off women? Don’t they know that “Hell hath no fury…?” LOL

    I confess, it was ME. After I killed the interwebz for him, I made sure his lattes had too much foam, switched out his 300-thread-count pillowcases for cheap Percale, stole the lemon-wedges from his fish plate and caused it to sprinkle TWICE AS HARD when he was running between the conference venue and his lunch date.

    That missing sock? Don’t even bother trying to find it. It sleeps with the FISHes at the bottom of Occupessatuxet Cove!


  4. Shit, I thought I’d got away with it, but he’s clearly more on the ball than I anticipated.

  5. ethicalequinox Says:

    Well, golly gee, Marriott hotels are owned by a Mormon family! I’d look there first to see if they have a policy on the types of sites they deem acceptable for access by their guests. But do go ahead and blame the women/radfems first, “Monica”; we’re quite accustomed to ignoring your scapegoating by now.

  6. Darcie Says:

    Between the CMA Awards and Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, Nashville area was kickin on June 6, maybe the good folks at Uniguest had BETTER THINGS to DO than fix your little problem

  7. DaveSquirrel Says:

    LOLOLOL, Roberts is soooo funny!

    Apart from the fake-confessions above, there are not many radfems about (just ask bragger Joelle Ruby Ryan), and not that many radfems stay in Mariott/posh hotels. So let me see, the chances of it being a radfem, mighty slim. In fact, there is probably more chance of it being a homphobic MRExtremist looking at the RFH, because the male-born have more chance of having enough money to stay in posh hotels, just like Roberts.

    Roberts’ investigation and deduction skills are pathetic. Roberts should give up any dream to become a detective (private dick), and stick to his role as public dick instead. That he does really well.

    Roberts, this one is for YOU:

    • GallusMag Says:

      Note to readers: there is nothing even vaguely interesting that took place in this discussion. The only slightly amusing bits are: When Autumn Sandeen with his accent keeps calling Jos “Jaws Truitt”. And when Jaws says that “the whitehouse” is “reading” him. lololol. I laugh now, but seriously, was not laughing when wasted valuable ear space listening to this the other day. Save yourself.

      • GallusMag Says:

        BTW, note to “The Tranz”: THIS is the difference between feminists and trans. We actually LISTEN to the shit you say before commenting on it.

      • bugbrennan Says:

        Thanks for taking that bullet for us.

      • GallusMag Says:

        lol. OH and in the “stating the obvious” and “not a surprise” departments: EVERY blogger on the panel was MALE.
        F2T bloggers need not apply apparently. No female trans blogger was worthy. Not even a token. Let the menz talk about menz work. LOL

  8. DaveSquirrel Says:

    Could it be that THIS happened?

  9. DaveSquirrel Says:

    How could we forget:

    • ethicalequinox Says:

      HA! Yes, he is clearly the very model of a MOST oppressed individual:


      • RoseVerbena Says:

        I think they have trademarked it, yes?

        The Most Oppressed People On Earth ™


  10. Monica Roberts is an ugly and stupid male who will never in a billion years pass as a female. There is a particular paranoia that comes with this type of failure. Ego and delusion is a combination best avoided.

  11. amazondream Says:

    I seriously doubt that Fishy had access to the hotel’s computer browser anyway. Talk about imagining yourself so important….

  12. FCM Says:

    theres a “first-world problems” meme that could be put to use in so many ways, but the template is way off — its an actual woman crying, which is misogynistic and belittling of “first world” womens problems (which are real, BTW — “first world” women share the same problems as all women, thats the whole point of radical feminism, and classing by sex). liberal doodbro most likely uploaded the image and figured himself very clever — and progressive!

    the template really should be of a either a man or a transwoman fake-crying. thats a first-world problem all the way. and would definitely apply here. OH NOES. cant blog on my misognyistic hate-blog from the marriott from my conference that wasnt canceled — thats probably too long. oh well.

  13. RoterRubin Says:

    Why for goddess’ sake waste our precious energy for something like this?

    • Noanodyne Says:

      Because we’re so much funnier than they are:

      Gallus: “Hey Fishy: we’re the ones that made that mint on your fucking pillow so stale too!”

      Any funny shows just how pathetic they are.

  14. Leticia Says:

    It must really suck for you, knowing that transgenders are steadily gaining acceptance, while things like same sex marriage are routinely voted down when put to a vote of the people. No wonder you lezbos all have your panties in a bunch.

    Maybe instead of criticizing transgenders you all should work on getting over your daddy issues.

    • Yes, because remember folks, transwomen are Definitely. Not. Gay.

    • doublevez Says:

      You think those two things are unrelated don’t you?

    • RoseVerbena Says:

      Keep talking, nut bag. Every time one of you doods opens your trap to abuse lesbians, the whole LGBTQXYZWTF brelly gets that much closer to dumping out ALL of the gender asses and reverting to good old LGB.

      All this “gender identity” drama is CONSERVATIVE as in “serves to conserve patriarchal misogyny” — and being conservative is the antithesis of the twin movements for women’s liberation and LGB liberation.

      I know. You don’t have enough brain cells freed up to understand. Just get the fuck out of our way, sugar dumpling. The grown ups will handle it from here.

    • Guess what dickbrain, most people in the real world realize what weirdos you actually are. Seeing that a shit leopard can’t change it’s shit spots =\= daddy issues.

    • Kathrin Says:

      “It must really suck for you, knowing that transgenders are steadily gaining acceptance, while things like same sex marriage are routinely voted down when put to a vote of the people.”


      The reason same-sex marriage keeps getting voted down can largely be summed up by two entities: the Catholic church, and the mormon church. Both of these are highly patriarchal in nature – the mormons would have a harder time getting more patriarchal if they tried. Literally – they believe women need their husband’s permission to get into the highest degree of heaven. These exploitative, controlling, abusive organizations dedicate their time, money, and resources against marriage equality because it threatens their worldview.

      The reason the transgender community is getting the headway they are is because they are *seen as men*. If people saw trans women as female, they would be treated with the same institutional disdain that same-sex marriage is. It’s largely left alone because it doesn’t threaten the status quo – in fact, it reinforces it.

      There’s a reason that states that don’t support same-sex marriage are often trans friendly – even some of the very fundamentalist religious ones. Some of them have been for a long time.

  15. Autumn 11 Says:

    Off topic, but I just had to share this link. In a women’s health community called Vagina Pagina, a woman shares her worries and concerns coming to terms with her best friend’s ftm transition. Then the thought police charge in to address her “transphobia.”

    • RoseVerbena Says:

      What a bunch of nit-wits. That thread made my eyes throb. Women have every reason in the world to be afraid of men and not trust men: rape, epidemic femicide, human trafficking, battering, forced marriage, violent porn, so-called honor killings, etc. etc. etc. Hello?

      The mods scolded her for talking about her feelings of fear/distrust around men on a purported “women’s health” site? I guess it’s MEAN to name the agents of our systematic oppression?

      Uh, yeah. That makes ZERO sense.

      Have these idiots ever spent ten seconds thinking about what LIVING IN A PATRIARCHY does to women’s health, mental and physical?

    • Adrian Says:

      Oh, there is looooooooads of genderwank on livejournal generally. It’s up there with tumblr, only easier to follow threads. Lots of 20-something “social justice” warriors there who are very, very, very concerned with the big issue of pronouns, when to change them, which new-fangled invented ones to use, and woe be to anyone who gets them wrong, even if that only means you used zie instead of xe or what I don’t even know.

      I notice in the thread you linked someone has used the acronym “DFAB.” I had to look that up (just can’t resist peeling up those rocks to see what lies beneath). What is it? “Defined Female at Birth.” Meaning, an F2T. Apparently backlash already happened over “Female-Assigned at Birth” (FAAB) referring to F2T because of course there was no surgery involved at birth (unlike with some intersex people who had genital surgeries imposed to ACTUALLY “assign” them to one of the two SEXES at birth). Fascinating. Just… fascinating.

      • DaveSquirrel Says:

        It just shows how co-optive twanz are. It was radfems that came up with FAB/FAAB, which was inclusive of intersex raised as girls, but pointing out the male-bornness of M2Ts (yet another we invented, to over-ride MTF because we do not believe GRS changes sex, and MTF is about sex categorisation).

        So they came up with CAMAB (coercively assigned male at birth) to pretend like some grave injustice had been done to them. Now DFAB.

        They really don’t have any originality, parody and co-option are their stock tools. Just like they parody females.

  16. BadDyke Says:

    “Then the thought police charge in to address her “transphobia.””

    Yeah, NO recognition AT ALL that since her friend hasn’t ASKED her to use male pronouns, that it is, well, plain okay not to. Just, say he else you’re a transphobic bigot. And not LIKING men isn’t okay and you need to see a therapist.

    And no reocgnition AT ALL of what happened to me when a friend similarly transitioned — that I felt grief because of what she felt she had to do, and grief that I’d lost a woman friend — because she didn’t want to be a woman any more. Nope, not allowed to say that, she’s supposedly still the same person, even though the whole point of this transition nonsense is that she didn’t want to be the person I had known, but someone else.

    Damn, you don’t need to have a Phd in human physiology to worry that taking T MIGHT have an effect on a persons moods etc. O no, T is FINE, just gives you muscles and a beard, no effect on the brain (except for all those claims from females that their magic male brain runs better on T, mustn’t mention that).

    • radicalwoman Says:

      A lesbian couple I’ve known for a while now has one of the members tranzzing. The female remaining member of the couple is outwardly being supportive and immediately went to saying she is straight now and she’s saying she’s always wanted to be straight, blah blah, very sickening.
      At the same time she’s showing these great and terrible signs of stress and talking about wanting to just run away and she doesn’t know what’s wrong with her and such.Because she can’t admit to herself what an awful thing is happening. She just says she feels alone and doesn’t know why.

    • Adrian Says:

      Worse, there were commenters in there claiming how T is just great and all that because, wow, it made them ASSERTIVE!

      As if women with their regular born-with hormones can’t be assertive, or something. Just… no.

      I also didn’t appreciate the language they were using implying that the poster HAD to “do work” on various things. Because she’s wrong for having any feelings about this at all. Maybe she doesn’t want to. Maybe she decides that it’s not worth keeping contact with this friend. Or maybe things just plain don’t work out and she finds herself mourning the relationship despite best efforts.

      The friend is the one who changed. And sure, it’s okay to change, it’s a free country, but to act as if no one has the “right” to comment on it or be hurt by it or admit that it’s a big change that will at a minimum take quite some getting used to is just crazy.

      And heck yeah the “my ‘male brain’ of course runs better on T so I’m myself now” thing is just… wut?

      • Autumn 11 Says:

        Thanks for your analysis of the LJ thread, everyone. If it weren’t for you brave and wonderful women who dare to question the Thought Police, I think my head might explode . . .

      • BadDyke Says:

        And don’t forget the ‘makes me no longer able to put up with female gossip’ T-meme from Chaz Bono……………

      • Adrian Says:

        @BadDyke – Goodness how that one enrages me. “Oh, I’m an improved and further evolved person because I’m trans* and really a boy and so I just can’t ABIDE your silly girl gossip dontcha know…” Argh.

        Hordes of women the world over don’t like “silly girl gossip” and meanwhile not everything women talk about is “silly girl gossip” and maybe, just maybe, the stupid chest-beating dudebro posturing (if we want to find a similarly dismissive term) that you now proudly claim to be into is not actually all that better!

        It’s just one more variant on that same old, same old “oh you silly women, obsessed with pointless social games and clucking like hens rather than being useful” meme. When it comes from F2T it’s just sadder because it means a woman actually bought into it.

        (Of course menz social games are SRS BIDNIZ.)

  17. Linda Radfem Says:

    Are tranzes against same sex marriage then? That should be of interest to libfems.

    • Well Iran is against same-sex marriage, which is why they have such a high rate of sex change operations.

    • anon Says:

      They don’t have to be: all they have to do is say that whining about marriage rights is a white people problem, instantly marginalizing all gay and lesbian people while at the same time the transwomen overlords (mostly white males in patriarchy-accepted marriages to women) borrow on credibility from people of color.

      OTOH, the existence of a women only music festival OBVIOUSLY causes some males to murder other males (aka transwomen). But denial of marriage rights doesn’t lead to any other problems for gays and lesbians. Ever. It’s just a bunch of whiny rich crackas being upset for no good reason.

    • Kathrin Says:

      Some are, yes. After all, one can’t be a “real woman” unless you’re the legal property of a man.

      Some of us believe that while marriage is often a tool used to subjugate women, it doesn’t have to be. I lived (as a renter) with a lesbian couple who used their marriage marriage to help provide for each other, take care of each other, and protect them and their children. I think the world would be a better place if that option were available to everyone. Perhaps fewer women would be forced into relationships with men for economic, insurance, or other reasons.

  18. Nicky Says:

    Whoever did it is a genius in my book

  19. […] them keep thinking that when their hotel mints have gone stale, their toothbrush tastes a little funny, or their coffee is too frothy, that teh witches radfems are […]

  20. […] six inch neo-clitoris”, once threatened murder of a lesbian feminist and believes that radical feminists control his internet offers his view that women in non-medically corrected female bodies who identify as gay males are […]

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