Hetero Hollywood Rich Kid Kathlyn Beatty on her “identity” as a “Faggy” Homosexual

June 19, 2012

FauxMo Beatty reclaiming the word “Fag” for hetero females everywhere


More on Beatty:





29 Responses to “Hetero Hollywood Rich Kid Kathlyn Beatty on her “identity” as a “Faggy” Homosexual”

  1. GallusMag Says:

    Happy Pride Week

  2. RoseVerbena Says:

    Goddess wept. These kids are so farking porn-sick. I weep for her mother.

    If she were mine, I’d be contemplating suicide. Seriously. The mother-guilt and shame would just about slay me.

    Someone needs to prosecute the doctor(s) who gave her T.

  3. dyksfunctional Says:

    Wowza!! Wtf is Beatty brewing and drinking out of that teapot to be going that fast??

    And whyyyyyyyyy…. why…. WHY??? When people put up these videos do they NEVER EVER take some of the time and energy, before they post… to clean their rooms that are OBVIOUS SHIT HOLES in the background??? It’s disturbing to see such a fucking mess and then be expected to take whatever they have to say seriously!!

    YOU CAN’T EVEN CLOSE A CABINET DOOR OR MAKE YOUR BED… what is happening here? Mommy and Daddy’s maid Lupe, the illegal immigrant doesn’t make house calls? Tough life of being a “trans fag” I suppose.

  4. feral opera company Says:

    When I saw this video a few weeks ago, I immediately thought she must be mentally ill because of the disordered way she talks. I get the same impression from her blog. Why isn’t anyone doing an intervention? I almost feel like a Greek chorus, watching someone who isn’t going to live very long.

  5. Noanodyne Says:

    What a terribly cute little boy she thinks she is. If she grows up (and that’s always in doubt when one is hanging around a bunch of arrested-development types), I hope she has an exit strategy for when this schtick has bored everyone to moving on to the next cutie-pie freak train. These days, this will be passe any minute. And when she’s 30? Yeah, not pretty.

    But the truly sad part is how many ways she says she has no creative talent. Doesn’t do poetry slams anymore; can’t edit a video (can’t frame it well, either), etc. That’s some insight into what may be driving her. Easier to be an up-to-the-minute identity-performer with the requisite YT toss-off video, than to pursue the harder work of finding a real skill, an individual purpose, a creative direction. And on top of all that, she wants to have babies; if it’s true she already had top surgery, how is she going to feel when she can’t nurse her baby?

    She needs real help, not enabling from transholes and other fake-identity clowns. Yes, this is a train wreck in the making. Maybe when all is said and done, she will be the one to reach out to other disaffected Hollywood youngsters around finding something to do with their lives other than this boring shit.

    • Adrian Says:

      I do have to wonder at some of the fad that’s going on right now, yeah – even if there have been people “transitioning” for a while, it just seems that lately it’s at a breakneck pace, particularly among the young “I’m too cool for school” types, and some of that (particularly among F2T) seems to be this idolization of a certain personality, nerdy, inventor, experimental, hacking, irony, playing with language, that’s been associated with “boy” for so long and it seems maybe some of them feel that they can’t “make it” that way without the body to match? The adventurers, the “free range kids” are always boys, aren’t they?

      Which makes me want to say as always “why can’t you do those things and have that personality as a girl?” Let’s call out that problem!

      “Nerd” is on the way back and even cool in some circles but it’s always boys, or maybe a girl IF she’s also conventionally “hot” of course.

      But additionally and more to your point I do wonder what will happen in a few years or a decade or so when the fad dies down (at least back to “standard” levels rather than every person on Tumblr claiming to be trans* in some fashion) and everyone is 40+ and for plenty of people it does turn out to have been “just a phase” yet there’s the few who really did go all the way… but the cool thing becomes those who have never done any procedures.

      I realize it’s hardly the same thing but I’m reminded of some of the other “bodymod” fads that peaked a few years ago and seems to be dying out somewhat now.

  6. RE Says:

    yes why is so much mental illness these days funneled right into ‘transness?’ i guess because it’s considered easy to ‘cure.’ (here in nyc it’s ‘pride week’ (what used to be called ‘gay pride’) and every ten minutes i keep hearing the letters LGBT when people are generally talking about homosexual issues. no more radio or tv for me this week!)

  7. Adrian Says:

    So the good thing about transitioning is that you can wear what you want (in your case, somewhat femmy clothing) and yet not be treated as a woman? Because now your face is slightly different?

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if it didn’t suck so much to be treated as a woman in the modern 2012? If people actually took women 100% seriously also? Regardless of what we’re wearing?

  8. re Says:

    also they get instant ‘cool’ cred & community or doing anything currently considered ‘queer’

    (if this is warren beatty’s daughter it looks like he made her pretty late in his life and i believe the older the sperm donor the more likely the child will have mental isues)

  9. Adrian Says:

    So I read a few pages on the blog (back into 2011) and I’m struck by the frequent mentions of unease with cis men. If someone wants to transition to being a man (accepting that language for the moment) and supposedly “feels like a man” (or a boy, in the case of starting so young) it just seems surprising to me that the same person would feel uneasy about others who were born in that very body and socialization that the transitioner supposedly feels she should have been born to. The more standard narrative (at least in the case of M2T) is “I always felt like a girl and I always socialized with girls and even now I want to socialize with women.”

    In that sense the “F2T” naming feels extra apt, somehow. It’s an always marked, set-apart space people are moving into. “Faggy homosexual” as Beatty puts it, I guess.

    Plenty of commenters on various news articles published around the time Beatty came out commented on a similar thing, namely that she’s going to all the trouble to transition but still wants to be femmy and likes boys. Newspaper comments are what they are, but there’s a bit of interesting observation in that, I think.

  10. la redactora Says:

    Given how fast she was talking I would go with ADHD or bipolar or maybe she was just talking quickly because she had limited time. Who knows. But really please don’t smear all mentally ill and disabled people with this trans business. And just because someone’s thinking or writing is “disorganized” it does mean they need an intervention.

    And I’m sorry but that room was not dirty. Or even really “messy.”

    Is this a gender critical blog or somewhere where we judge FAAB based on their housekeeping (!) and not being type A perfect at all things (video editing? Poetry Slams? who cares?).

    • noanodyne Says:

      SHE says she doesn’t do poetry slams anymore. SHE remarks on her video editing skills. SHE is calling out her inability to do these things and I am commenting on that because when someone makes a point to call out their own “failures” (relative to who her family is) there’s usually something behind that. It’s not about whether I think she’s good at those things — I couldn’t care less — it’s about why she made a point to say that she isn’t good at those things. And that’s a big deal given her childhood/young adulthood surroundings. She’s the daughter of two very creative people and the niece of another very creative person.

      She’s been surrounded by creative people her whole life, from all areas of the creative world and all levels and all experiences of “creativity.” And here she is bringing direct focus to her identity performance at the same time making a point to admit she doesn’t care about being creative. That’s a big fucking deal. Coming out as trans doesn’t hold a candle to coming out as uncreative in a creative family.

      Personally, I very much doubt that she isn’t creative (and for that matter, you could argue that everyone is creative in some way). My whole point is that if she has huge anxiety about her creativity (and really, who wouldn’t in that high-achieving family) that could be part of what’s going on with her “identity.”

      • noanodyne Says:

        Speaking of which, how much of this same thing is behind Chaz transitioning?

      • la redactora Says:

        I am sorry that I misinterpreted your comment. There was a general bent to the thread that caused me to see yours in the same light. I should have just held my tongue, though.

  11. RE Says:

    I think some people are just arguing that perhaps other mental illnesses are being ignored in favor of just labeling people/oneself ‘trans’ because of convenience and coolness.

  12. Bev Jo Says:

    Yes, Gallus, “Happy Pride Week” indeed! Every Lesbian who wishes me that makes me cringe. I see so little pride among Lesbians now. At a recent “queer women” event where we were to describe who we were, out of 35, the two who said “feminists” were the two who were bisexual sado-masochists.

    I agree about not using mental illness as an excuse to explain trans in any way. I know a variety of mentally ill women and see that they make choices like everyone else. Some would never do anything to hurt anyone, while others are horribly abusive. We are pressured to no longer believe in choices about the most important things in our lives, including about who we love and who we are.

    When I talk about the trans cult being narcissistic, I don’t think of them as mentally ill any more than I do of men who won’t take no for an answer. It’s about privilege and sense of entitlement for men who want whatever they can vampirize from women and Lesbians, and often privilege or wanting privilege by women who claim to be men. It’s also about being trendy and wanting to be the center of attention. In this case, it’s a het woman wanting male privilege while still wanting access to men. It would almost be laughable if it wasn’t for the damage they are doing. And if these women change their minds, they are stuck with the grotesque changes testosterone has done to their faces and rest of their bodies.

    Yes, porn has an influence, as does sado-masochism and the “do whatever you want” privileged GBTQ etc. culture. It’s all linked.

    I too wonder about the effects of very old high-status men having kids, from the physical effects to the psychological.

    The room looks like the home of a very privileged person to me.

    I agree about the similarities with Chaz Bono. Perhaps this is a way for this woman to get the attention she sees her family getting. Chaz was never accepted as a Lesbian, but as a “man” got on TV and magazine covers and was so complimented and praised for her “courage.” It even looked like her mother finally accepted her.

    I wouldn’t mind as much if these het women would not insist on being part of our communities and influencing other young females.

  13. Bev Jo Says:

    Thank you to Sheila G for the term “trans vampirism!”

  14. rahelle Says:

    F2Ts’ voices all sound the same. Creepy.

    I agree that she’s probably doing this, at least in part, as a way of trying to find an identity for herself, and and trying to be special in some way, not “just one of the crowd”. Identifying as a “faggy queen homosexual transman” gives her something to cling to, and a sense of not being bland. (As we all know, being a woman is so passé.)

    Agree about the parallels with Chaz, too. I’ve often wondered about growing up with accomplished and talented family members. I’ve definitely often felt like I should be doing something more with my life and it’s definitely been a pressure for me at times, can’t imagine how much greater the pressure would be in an environment like that.

    • Adrian Says:

      Somehow I got hooked on reading a bunch of her tweets and tumblr posts over the weekend (where do people find the TIME to tweet/tumble every few minutes??) and they remind me of some people I know in real life from a similar educational background, always with the very earnest efforts at being quirky and absurd – which sometimes work, and sometimes just come off as trying too hard and “hey, look at me, I’m quirky!” Hipster, perhaps. The blog is more thoughtful.

      Still I can’t help but notice two themes – (1) a continual mention of feeling unsafe around cis men, not blending in with cis men, not socializing with cis men (or maybe only heterosexual cis men?) and (2) an idolization of a certain image of femme gay men or otherwise men flirting with “feminine” tropes, particularly men in the creative fields, and the certain “outsider” space they inhabit.

      All of which has me pondering the idea of explicitly wanting to be F2T, or perhaps an “F2Q” with “Q” being “queer” with the very fuzzy definition that seems to have these days. Thing is, along with the fuzzy definition there seems to be a definite cachet, at least on the internet.

      It’s quite daring and outsider and breaking boundaries for a man to wear scarves and paint his nails and perform “femininity” but it’s just boring when a born girl does it. Far from daring, it ends up expected.

      Then I start to wonder why more of the F2T of this particular mindset (and there seem to be quite a few of them out there, transitioning to “man” but explicitly wanting to be – and perform – “femme gay men”) don’t specifically CLAIM a “third gender” status (since it sure seems that that’s where they want to be), but they don’t, they insist, male male male. Yet, “queer” male only, mainly associating with other trans* and building a life very centered around being trans* and trans* issues.

      I’ll admit I lean to the “get rid of gender and just be yourself with your own born equipment” side of things but particularly reading around blogs and writing of people like the above, I’m wondering, if you’re so darn sure that you have a “male brain,” how did you know that, and meanwhile, why is it that others who ostensibly share your “brain type” you don’t find commonality with? If gender identity is supposed to be a fundamentally different thing from sexual orientation (such that transitioning to “man” shouldn’t require one to want to have sex with women) what does it mean to transition but then to not have ANYTHING in common or associate with “cis” heterosexual men? (Perhaps there’s a “femme gay male brain”? Someone call Z…)

      Some of the newspaper comments were blunt about it, why go to all that trouble if it turns out you want to do girl behaviors? “I want to be a man who wants to be a woman…?”

      Better yet though the blog got a comment from some thoughtful person who seemed to have the same questions I do, namely, given all this, how did you know you have a “male brain” and can you define what that means?

      It didn’t get an answer.

  15. Jocelyn Says:

    I, too, believe Kathlyn’s issues are not gender related (although that’s the bandwagon of her choice). She may be bi-polar. She certainly craves attention and in that she differs so much from both her parents as well as her 3 siblings. On YouTube there were short production clips from when she was a student at Areté Preparatory Academy and what those prove is that she needs to be the center of attention: she was constantly trying to steal the focus away when other students were doing their bit. There’s something wrong with this girl and I feel sad for her and her family that they don’t seem to be able to seek the right treatment for her issues, instead agree with her mutilating her body for no reason.

    • I absolutely agree that there appears to be a strong streak of attention-seeking (histrionic personality disorder?) in many of these “trans” kids. It’s like they learn to do ANYTHING for attention — negative attention, positive attention, makes no difference as long as they’re the center of ATTENTION — but of course once they get the attention, they’re insatiable because whatever is broken inside of them needs serious therapeutic help, perhaps spanning a decade or more of HARD work and maybe needing medication, too.

      I think the seriousness of the mental illness/brain disease behind “trans” is getting swept under the nonsense of “transitioning will fix everything”, but of course it doesn’t. It’s a short-term band-aid at best, given the large percentage who de-transition or partially transition and then stop or commit suicide after they transition or become seriously self-destructive during and after transition: dangerous sex work, drug and alcohol addictions, courting abusive relationships, etc.

      I have a relative who is similarly f’d up but not “trans”. She has engaged in sex work even though she’s from a well-educated, well-to-do family, had every advantage growing up and there was ZERO real financial need for her to engage in that kind of dangerous behavior. She was hyper-sexualized as a teen and young woman, became addicted to alcohol and drugs, and was eventually diagnosed with histrionic personality disorder. Having known her my entire life, I’m pretty sure that her brain was damaged somehow either in utero or not too long after birth.

      She’s very intelligent but there is just something…wrong with her. She acts out violently (hitting, shooting a gun into the wall for attention when upset, throwing things, screaming at people for no good reason) and frankly I’m amazed that she’s made it this far in life without spending time in prison. I think there is a craftiness to histrionics in that they learn just how far to push people to get LOTS of (almost always negative) attention without crossing the line into abandonment or arrest/prison.

      My understanding of this kind of behavior (from decades of observing her and another family member who is similarly histrionic) has lead me to coin the term “histrionic manipulation” for the constant threats of suicide and accusations of “you want me dead” or “you’re trying to kill me” or “people who think the way you do are why so many transwoman are murdered” that come pouring forth from “trans” whacktivists.

      It’s as if they almost WANT to take a simple disagreement and use it to manufacture this grand “you want me dead” scheme. Reality is, no doubt, being jacked up by their histrionic emotional state.

      • Jocelyn Says:

        I think one of the main problems in this particular case is that Kathlyn Beatty IS an extremely gifted and intelligent person. Both her parents are no slackers in the intelligence department either, but Beatty already said of her when she was a child that “her intelligence is off the charts”.
        That may have been a problem in her whole evaluation by psychologists, a proces all trans people must endure before they are “allowed” to take certain steps.
        My – and not mine alone – theory is that these psychologists simply were not able to reason with her at her level of intelligence.

        Isn’t there a saying that there’s only a very fine line between genius and insanity? I believe this girl is so intelligent, that her head just about explodes, hence the warp speed speech pattern, the need to post something on twitter every nano second, the need to convince everybody of her being right about just about everything.
        Many people who have been following her since she sort of, begrudingly at first, became a known entity on the internet, think of her as a mad genius and of those people, a significant number are afraid she’s going to explode or implode at some point. It must be hard being her, with all these thoughts, ideas and facts running around in her head and very few people around to be able to communicate with on her level. I think part of her (trans) behavior is an expression of frustration because of this.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Your description of the gifted genius level intelligence reminds me of the brilliant FTM detransitioner who left a generous account of her experiences on this blog:
        (Note: the entries on that site are intended to be read chronologically- otherwise the last few posts will make little sense to the casual reader)

      • Adrian Says:

        @GallusMag – While the red on purple titles made my eyes bleed a little, the actual content was right on. Thanks for linking that blog, I quite enjoyed it and much of the stuff she talks about, particularly, in the middle sections and about the fetishization of the gay male “queer” expression, really did put the finger on some of the feelings I get watching the video up top that started this thread, and reading various print output from that same vlogger.

        “And while not everyone in [trans comic being critiqued] is gay, everyone is “queer” (remember kids, the queerer you are, the more speshul you are!). Lesbians are of course the only kind of cool woman, though obviously not as cool as “queer” women and not nearly as cool as gay and “queer” men. You see, the extremely sad thing about those heterophobic girls is that many times they are heterosexual (meaning: they like men), but glorify the kind of campy gay male culture that sees females as “fish”, and straight females as “breeders”. Add the yaoi (love between two extremely feminine fictional men) to the recipe and in the end you’ll get disaster: disasters in their self-esteem as females…”

        Absolutely as she points out the glorification of campy gay male culture is all over the place (in the various tumblrs I was reading this week sparked by the video), as well as this desire to become something rather in between, but always firmly from the “man” side, where it’s still cool, and there’s no bimbo-requirements happening… yeah, I’ll second the “Questioning Transsexuality” blog, for pointing out those same things.

      • doublevez Says:

        Jocelyn I think a male life-long womanizer who had his first child when he was near doddering has no idea of a child’s intelligence. Nothing to compare her to I’m sure. Children knock the socks off their parents, with just the things children put together in their searching child’s way. Unless she has given some proof of this stunning intelligence in recent years, ‘d forget about what a male childless until nearly a senior has to say on that topic.

  16. Jocelyn Says:

    On a sentimental note: what makes this already sad tale even sadder is that Kathlyn (now calling herself Stephen Ira) was named after Shirley MacLaine and Warren Beatty’s mother Kathlyn Corinne MacLean. Warren took care of his mother after his father died in 1987 until her death in 1993, which makes her granddaughter (now Stephen) the only grandchild by Warren and Annette she’s ever known. Of course, if Beatty hadn’t been such a hound and had gotten married earlier, he would have had kids earlier etc. But, the way things went, Kathlyn was his first child, the daughter he adored as much as his beloved mother after whom he named her. It must really have been a kick in the balls to have this first child that he longed for so long, do this to herself.

  17. Jocelyn Says:

    @ doublevez: I have it on good authority that it was tested after she showed to be quite precocious: reading at 4 (like her father and aunt). MacLaine and Beatty are offspring of educators and were also quick in development. Your arguments regarding Beatty not having any understanding about (a) child’s development simply because of his lifestyle is ludicrous and says more about your apparent personal dislike of the man and/or his past than about this particular case and his (and his wife’s mind you) experiences with Kathlyn as compared to their other children.

  18. Em Says:

    This is an old thread, so please bear with me while I catch up.

    Disclaimers: Yes, I consider Warren Beatty to be a superb physical specimen and skilled actor. No, he does not come across as a very nice person. He’s so vain, he probably thinks that song was about him.

    As mentioned upthread, he was a notorious pussy hound (and likely still is, albeit chemically enhanced these days). Consider for a moment what drives that behavior. You’re no making a formal analysis for peer review, prescribing medication for him, or deciding on whether to commit him to an institution. This is just a thought experiment, so think for a moment. What does common sense tell you about anyone who behaves this way?

    So let me ask you: Would you like to be this man’s daughter?

    Yeah, me neither.

    About Miss Beatty’s intelligence: Precocious reading is unusual, but not rare, and certainly is not proof of “off-the-chart” intelligence. Let’s say, though, that the girl is extremely bright. That’s only befitting the child of a specimen such as Beatty, no? His precious isn’t one of those dirty cunts he threw away like so many used tissues.

    And when, lo and behold, the precious begins behaving rather oddly, do you think this dood or anyone around him is going to suggest that maybe she’s mentally disturbed?

    Yeah, me neither.

    She probably was just born in the wrong body. That makes more sense, don’t you think?

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