NYC Dyke March 2012: Cathy Brennan Targeted, Attacked by Transgender Activists

June 25, 2012

Lesbian sign in support of Cathy Brennan NYC DykeMarch 2012

Participants in the 20th anniversary NYC Dyke March on Saturday were treated to a frightening surprise when groups of transgender activists surrounded lesbians who carried signs in support of feminists who challenge stereotypical gender roles – and those who speak out on preserving lesbian community and events from the incursion of anti-feminist practices. Once surrounded, the transgender bullies screamed, yelled and threatened the women, who the mob felt were “disrespecting” non-lesbians and non-feminists.

This is the first time in the history of the NYC Dyke March that lesbians have been accosted, attacked and threatened with violence. Unbelievably, one of the attack instigators was a trans activist calling himself “Ida Hammer” who actually claims to serve on the official NYC Dyke March organizing committee!  Like  “Hammer” , several of the other anti-lesbian bigots had strolled along the march route among the lesbians, some carrying signs saying “free blow jobs”, “free [convicted transgender murderer] CeCe” and chanting “We’re Here, We’re “Holes”, We’re Fabulous”.

The pack of anti-lesbian protesters focused most of their homophobic rage against lesbian feminist activist Cathy Brennan, who was marching with a few friends. The mob surged towards her, backing her up and surrounding her, screaming and cursing into her face as close as they could get where they had pinned her. The transgender and hetersexual protesters tightened around her to ensure that she could not move or escape.

Lesbian bystanders called for the mob to back up and give Cathy space and let her move: and to cease the harassment, the verbal abuse and the physical threats but the pack would not let her move and continued to terrorize and hurl abuse and profanity while threatening to violently assault her.

Many of the attackers were apparently enraged by Cathy’s public statements asserting that biology (reproductive sex) is not the same thing as social gender roles and internal gendered self-concepts.  Also, her definition of lesbians as females (who are sexually oriented to other females) and her belief that lesbians should not be sexually coerced or labeled “transphobic” for rejecting sexual relations with males. Some were angry that she has verbalized support for the right of females and lesbians to have gatherings and support services that exclude males.

Ultimately Cathy was able to break away but the harassers continued to stalk her and the other lesbians at a restaurant.

Not only did the Dyke March Marshal‘s fail to intervene and protect the safety of Cathy Brennan and the other lesbians present but according to photos recording the incident posted on Cathy’s website HERE, several of those assaulting her were actually wearing red t-shirts identifying them as March Marshals. Details on the perpetrators of the  2012 NYC Dyke March attack are being posted on Cathy’s site as they become known. Video of the attack will (hopefully) be posted on GenderTrender shortly, as well as updates on the investigation and the organizing committee response to the Transgender Anti-Dyke Attacks of NYC Dyke March 2012.

Other posts with more information on the incident are here:

[More links will be posted shortly- please contact me with updates-GM]

CALL FOR ACTION: Please contact NYC Dyke March Organizers and request a public statement denouncing this incident and demanding that Dyke March co-organizer Ida Hammer, seen in photos physically threatening and preventing Lesbian Feminist Cathy Brennan from her right to free movement– be removed from official position IMMEDIATELY.

You may reach them here:

Kelly Cogswell:!/NYCDykeMarch

Gabrielle Korn:!/Gabrielle_Korn

From HuffPo:

Kelly Cogswell is an independent journalist and columnist for New York’s Gay City News whose work has been recognized by the New York Press Association. She was co-founder and editor of The Gully online magazine, one of the first online LGBT publications and the only to offer “queer views on everything.” A founding member of the Lesbian Avengers, she was co-organizer of the first Dyke March in Washington, D.C. in 1993 that mobilized 20,000 lesbians to march to the White House. Afterwards, the Avengers turned into a national and international movement, with more than 60 chapters worldwide. In 2009, she created the Lesbian Avenger Documentary Project.

Gabrielle Korn is a freelance writer, activist, and organizer. She received her B.A. in queer and feminist theory from NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study in May of 2011. She is the former editorial assistant at On The Issues magazine. Currently, she’s a member of the New York City Dyke March committee and a coordinator at the Lesbian Herstory Archives.”

54 Responses to “NYC Dyke March 2012: Cathy Brennan Targeted, Attacked by Transgender Activists”

  1. Yes, the organisers have yet to denounce the actions of one of their co-organisers.

  2. The level of violent rhetoric being aimed at Cathy Brennen on tumblr is absolutely obscene. People have posted things like “I should have hit her” or “I should have pooped on her” or that she “doesn’t deserve to breathe” or “I swear to Amon if I see Cathy Brennan anywhere in NYC y’all are gonna see headlines. ‘Deranged Asian woman stabs another on the N Train'” or “Once there are prisons for trans* folks I will be there for murder.”

    These are some seriously, dangerously mentally unstable people — and NO feminist should be enabling or encouraging their sick, abusive behavior, especially not at a Dyke March.

    Participating in Dyke March should be a 100% lesbian-only safe space, not a gathering place for mentally unstable “trans women” and their “gender queer” handmaidens to harass, abuse and threaten lesbians!!!

    Goddess wept. Has the _entire_ planet gone insane?

    • michelle Says:

      It amazes me how they insist that they don’t have a ‘mental disorder’ and want their condition out of the DSM while at the same time demonstrating a level of psychopathy that is clearly far beyond their keyboard warrior’ing.

      With what I have read about the incident, they have shown their true colors, that it truly IS their way or no way, and that the slightest disagreement with that will let them apply their ‘mob rule’ tactics. Even worse was their claim that THEY were the victims in the incident.

      Perhaps the only saving grace is that they left enough rat droppings all over the internet to serve as Exhibits 1-20 (or so) in any trial proceedings that SHOULD follow. Their NYC conduct satisfies the legal element in most jurisdictions of having taken an action that did or could have placed a person in fear for their physical safety.

  3. Cheryl Says:

    “Many of the attackers were apparently enraged by Cathy’s public statements asserting that biology (reproductive sex) is not the same thing as social gender roles and internal gendered self-concepts. Also, her definition of lesbians as females (who are sexually oriented to other females) and her belief that lesbians should not be sexually coerced or labeled “transphobic” for rejecting sexual relations with males. Some were angry that she has verbalized support for the right of females and lesbians to have gatherings and support services that exclude males.”

    Isn’t it interesting that when you reverse their reversals (also known as *telling the truth*) the result sounds like parody?

    (I’m trying to think of a supportive platitude to offer Cathy, but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t need one from me. 🙂 Just in case: hope you’re OK…hang tough.)

  4. moose Says:

    I won’t go near that Dyke March- I assume some annoying or psycho trans/queer shit will be going down… it’s a shame really since I went to the first one as a Riot Grrrl teenager and had a blast (and it was all women! put together by the Lesbian Avengers if I remember correctly)

  5. moose Says:

    (sorry for not reading thoroughly- did lesbian avengers originally involve biological males? i’ll look into it later (posting from phone and tipsy after having just discussed trans/queer stuff over dinner before seeing that what i expected to happen at dyke march did indeed)

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  9. ethicalequinox Says:

    Is there any doubt now that these people are terrorists?

    Transpanqueergendersexuals are becoming so predictable. Is it not clear by now that they have the ethics of a mob boss?


    How very progressive of them. This really brings to mind the violent protests that came about because someone DARED to draw a cartoon of muhammad – patriarchal value systems can’t stand to be criticized or mocked because their adherents KNOW there is little else to back them up, besides the benefits that come along with at least appearing to agree with a group of potentially violent people.

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  13. […] threatening to kill Cathy Brennan with a shotgun.  Read more here and here and here and here and here. Share this:Like this:LikeBe the first to like this. Category : Trans Tags : Dyke March, male […]

  14. Nicola Says:

    Cathy Brennan has repeatedly put people at risk with her hateful spewing. She recently identified and “outed” a UK child by posting their full name and school on her blog. She deserves what she gets.

    • GallusMag Says:

      What you’ve just said is completely untrue. You’ve created a (provably false) rumor and story to justify your disgusting malevolence towards a lesbian feminist and now you are wildly flinging that false story around the internet: an act which by it’s very nature demonstrates you have not even bothered to substantiate the false allegation you are haphazardly iterating.

      Why would a person make false claims – libelous, defamatory claims- about a woman and post them online? I would have to say they do it with the deliberate intent of using falsehoods to damage or injure the target’s public reputation. It also implies that there is no genuine justification for the perpetrator’s animus (hence the need to create a fiction).

      What SORT of person would do what you just did? I’d say a demonstrably hostile and unethical person who acts out of a transparent and UNJUSTIFIED desire to inflict harm.

      That is the kind of person you are. Look at yourself in the mirror. YOU are the monster. YOU are the malevolent unethical bastard.

      • doublevez Says:

        “She deserves what she gets”.

        Did that commenter just make this potentially litigious statement and leave a traceable footprint?

    • michelle Says:

      Discussions of BIOLOGY do not place people at risk. Nothing Cathy Brennan has ever posted placed someone in a position to fear grievous bodily harm. And, as GM points out, it is clear that you (Nicola) have not bothered to read up on the complete backstory to the incident with the ‘child.’

      Instead, you want to invade this space and use the transwhacktivist/male model of essentially insisting that speech is only a one-way street (your way) and that someone who disagrees with you is somehow oppressing you by THEIR exercise of free speech.

    • Yisheng Qingwa Says:

      “She deserves what she gets.”

      Spoken like a true male.

  15. RE Says:

    I liked the Dyke March because the regular Gay Pride march was so dick-centered; now the Dyke March is as well!

    • RoseVerbena Says:

      Heartbreaking, isn’t it?

      Personally, I’d rather hang out with reasonable gay men than these whacktivist “trans women” dicks any day of the week.

      • anon Says:

        Those of us who support you don’t need you to hang out with us for us to consider you all role models.

        As a male, the trans thing doesn’t affect me much, other than

        1. I’m offended that my being labeled “cis” potentially means this or that about me both personally and politically (and all mostly negative stuff) by dint that I haven’t decided to transition.

        2. If trans vs. cis is the primary or root oppression, even before biological sex, I’m uncomfortable with the idea that males/men who have experienced more privilege in patriarchy (whether before, during, or after transition) than myself calling me their oppressor based on their internal identity.

        3. I’m disturbed by the wholesale borrowing (and perversion) of radical feminist ideas by genderists to support points 1 and 2; concepts like “mansplaining” or “male violence against women” cease to have anything to do with reality but become silly props in dumb arguments between males trying to out-other each other.

        4. A few individual trans have done some really fucked up shit (criminal and violent) to people I care about and yet have received institutional support *as trans* despite that, enabling their behavior, as their victims — or those who tried to protect the victims — were the ones who required “sensitivity training” or were silenced or forcefully manipulated in various ways.

        But really, 1-3 are *no big* compared to what this is doing to female culture, spaces, and lives. Which is why Brennan is a hero.

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  17. bugbrennan Says:

    Gallus, thanks for your support, I very much appreciate it.

  18. Cathy is very brave to continue standing up to these anti-female activists. Looking at all the threat and shit she gets, it is no wonder this is not an issue more women are willing to take on. But, because more of us have not taken it on, lesbian communities have become “queer” communities and lesbians who put female’s interest first are the least welcome in these places.

  19. rubinskaja Says:

    Thanks for this comment, womononajourney! It actually makes me think. Because honestly I am one of those radical feminist lesbians, who – although I will never conceal who’s side I am on – doesn’t want to spend all her precious energy on this issue. I think this is a practice to keep us away from our own issues and I am really sick of it …

    I watched the video today on and I salute Cathy for staying so calm.

    in sisterhood

    • Hammer’s body language was very passive-aggressive. Particularly in the downward hand gestures.

      And not really neutralised by the pearl-clutching head tilt.

      And oh noes, most FABs have ‘hip to shoulder ratio’ privilege!
      The classic V body shape is another giveaway, along with the height combo.

  20. doublevez Says:

    I know when I stand with a clipboard (?) I always hold it in front of my crotch.

  21. Nicky Says:

    Reblogged this on Living Kallmann's Syndrome and commented:
    Need any more reasons why Intersex people should avoid Transgender people like the plague. Just look at their bullying tactics and look at how they are threatening and intimidating women. That alone should give intersex people enough ammunition to dump Trans people from the Intersex community. It’s already being done in women’s and lesbian community as well. It’s why every Intersex person should wise up, wake up & smell the coffee to see trans for who they are.

  22. FeistyAmazon Says:

    And Nicky, they’re even going around saying they were ‘coercively assigned male at birth’, that kind of nonsense, not even intersex! Yeah, it was a disgusting incident, I watched the whole video, which was hard to watch. It would have been one thing if two individuals confronted Cathy, one with what they wanted to say, and the other, like was there for Cathy, as backup support, just a silent ally, but this Ida got a whole posse to attack her. The rat a tat language, fast paced talking, the MTF individual with the hat, Allyson somebody, and the woman with the bared breasts were entirely disgusting and there was NO DIALOGUE. Only ‘trans women are female and that’s the way it is’. And ‘why would you be offended by the term cis, you have no right to be offended by the term cis’ type of stuff, as well as the most precious gem that Cathy picked up on: “I’m queer and have sex with trans women, I’m not a Lesbian” and Cathy saying “THAT IS EXACTLY MY POINT!”. And of course the MTF has to pipe in and say “I’m a Lesbian.” NOT! This really shows their very male tactics, their transapologists allies, and shows how unDykely the Dyke Marches have become, whether on the East Coast or here on the West Coast where these fools are so accomodated. And out here(at least in SF) there’s a Trans March the night before! And then they have the gall to crash OUR space and coopt it as well. The SF Dyke March no longer requires that marchers identify as ‘women'(much less as Dykes), because of our ‘genderfluid communities’. Saw that in print just this weekend, will see if I can find it. Maybe instead of a ‘hole’ contingent, we need a very, very strong Dykes For Dykes contingent, which we arrange completely beforehand, wear our red(like the wbw at Michfest will be doing), and have it be completely for bio female Lesbians/Dykes who DON’T HAVE SEX WITH MEN, whether past, present or future male! That we go ourselves as a group, so none can be singled out. Concede NO MORE TERRITORY. But it will take us being DykeAmazons to really stand up to this shit. Each will have to decide how much crap she is willing to risk, cuz I can tell you, I am very, very tired of this struggle, and having our communities coopted from within. I’d rather work on creating places and spaces and events where we can be ourselves and NOT have to be so under siege,just to meet and connect with other Dykes. Like Alix Dobkin used to say in her song “No penis between us friends!”

    • Nicky Says:

      It’s why more of this needs to be shown to Intersex people and show them why cozening up to trans can be very harmful and damaging. We need to make it known and show everyone how bad trans people behave in public and documenting their actions so people can see what Trans people are for.

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  24. […] to “correct” their noncompliance, as male activists target, surround, and accost lesbians at Dyke Marches, and hold male-only closed seminars at Planned Parenthood to strategize “cures” for lesbians […]

  25. whitetears Says:

    I find it hilarious that you all speak of oppression, but are mostly white women. None of you will ever experience the amount of oppression that is put on the women of minorities or even that of transgender people. Heck, even this group is oppressing transgender people by refusing to include them as women. Using pronouns such as “he” to describe an individual who has transitioned from male to female is unacceptable in any case. While I do not condone the mobbing tactic, I feel like it should be recognized that transwomen are WOMEN. Plan and simple.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Moni? Is that you? *snicker

      • DaveSquirrel Says:

        They haz sekrit spy cameras that verify the stereotypical trope that all radfems are white middleclass ladies who sip tea from china cups and saucers.

        Sadly, the sekrit spy cameras are wrong.

        But hey, it never hurts to repeat an old trope, hoping it will stick without proof!

  26. FeistyAmazon Says:

    Yeah, like Lesbian Separatism is ‘racist’, when there are also Lesbians of Color that are quite Separatist themselves if not by word, by action. And it doesn’t matter what color we are. This is how we feel, and ALL TRUE DYKES I know who are not transapologists are pissed off at the cooptation of our communities, and MANY of those are Dykes of color! In fact, I have seen the Lesbian of Color communities hold down their space far more strongly and far more woman identified than the white Lesbian community which doesn’t defend it’s territory, kowtows, people pleases while being erased at the same time, and the young Butches/genderqueers, mostly white, transitioning at an alarming rate!

  27. NewlyOut Says:

    I haven’t been out a year and I’m already scared. I spent almost 34 years battling with myself about being a lesbian, trying (very hard) to change myself, trying to be “just bi” to avoid dealing with the real issues of my own internalized homophobia, my own self loathing, my feelings of hypocrisy and worthlessness, the things done to me as a girl, and on and on, and I finally came out in January, thinking maybe now things will start to get better, maybe just a little, since I’m being honest with and about myself for the first time ever. And then I started to read. I started out thinking transgender people need protection, and are oppressed (though I’ve never been able to refrain from mentally calling bullshit on the idea that it isn’t a disorder when surgery and hormone therapy are needed to make a body fit one’s own self-image, sorry, that’s just crazy illogical). Then I read more. I discovered that if I refuse to sleep with a “woman” who “happens” to have a penis, and reject even the possibility of having sex with a “transwoman,” as a lesbian, I will possibly be verbally attacked for being a bigot. I read that some of these “transwomen” are calling themselves lesbians, and don’t understand why lesbians who were BORN women don’t want to be in relationships with them. I spent enough years traumatizing (dare I say it? punishing) myself by having sex with men, while loathing sex with men, and I am now expected to have sex with, or be open to having sex with, “women” with penises, or eunuchs on hormone therapy?! What the fuck is going on here? What did I just come out and walk right into? Seriously?! I don’t know much, and I have a lot of educating myself to do, but I’m scared of this. Is this real? I mean, is this really for real? Can someone point me in the right direction with links, books I should read, anything to educate myself on what is going on?

  28. Bev Jo Says:

    Oh, NewlyOut,

    You are doing everything right. You have the common sense to know what many women who have not been indoctrinated in the anti-feminism of much of today’s “feminism” just know to be true: men are not and cannot ever be women.

    Yes, the trans cult and lies are real, but you don’t have to be afraid. You already know the drill and patriarchal reality and this is just the same. Men hit on girls and women. Men don’t take no for an answer. They demand access to fuck girls and women. They don’t care that you don’t want to. They don’t care about you at all.

    Just because these men have altered their technique slightly to off-center women by saying THEY are women and Lesbians, doesn’t change the reality from it being the same old tired offensive and disgusting intrusion of trying to get sexual access to women against our will. You read them, talk with them, and they reek of self-centered predatory male, with not a hint of femaleness about them. Clearly they watch too much “Lesbian” porn made by men. They have no idea what real women or Lesbians are like.

    So just do what you always do with men who won’t take no for an answer. Do be prepared to physically defend yourself because I do see them going further than verbal harassment. And try to find ways to be with Lesbian where these men are not around as much. They do intentionally pick women-only events over public Lesbian events, but it’s possible to avoid them. If they continue harassing you, talk about it with other Lesbians since keeping it quiet makes it easier for them to harass and assault.

    I have two articles at my blog about the trans cult:


    “Transmen Are Still Women” — part 2 of The Pretenders — Defining Lesbians Out of Existence

    My collective and I may have been the first to write against the trans cult in “Dykes and Gorgons” in 1973, but the first book I know of was Janice Raymond’s classic, ”The Transsexual Empire.”

    Sheila Jeffries later wrote excellent books on the trans cult —
    “Unpacking Queer Politics: A Lesbian Feminist Perspective” and
    “Gender Hurts: A Feminist Analysis of the Politics of Transgenderism.”

    There are quite a few blog posts also, but then,of course, what I think is the best rebuttal to the lies and con of the trannies of all: Gallus Mag’s GenderTrender!

  29. NewlyOut Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! After I post this, I’m heading over to your blog and bookmarking it. Good, solid information is always the best defense, and you’ve given me a great start. I appreciate that very much. I’ll be getting those books asap as well. I’ve also found a site called Pretendbians: Exactly Like Lesbians, But Not, which I’d bet you’re aware of, and I’ve been reading a lot there as well, along with Cathy Brennan’s blog. *Takes a deep breath* Thanks for reminding me that this is just another version of the same old hetero-male patriarchal BS we’ve all been dealing with since forever, but in a dress. I needed that reminder. At least it’s not too hard to distinguish between actual women and trans.

    • BadDyke Says:

      “I discovered that if I refuse to sleep with a “woman” who “happens” to have a penis, and reject even the possibility of having sex with a “transwoman,” as a lesbian, I will possibly be verbally attacked for being a bigot.”

      Well, let’s face it, we CAN tell the difference, so then it boils down to just dealing with unwanted attention, unless you get pressured into ‘admitting’ that the reason you don’t want to date them is ‘cos they’re male……..

  30. […] should have written something when trans women organisers of the NYC Dyke March took part in harassing and threatening Cathy Brennan, and when part of the march was the ‘Hole-y Army’, trans and ‘queer’ women […]

  31. galla lubertad Says:

    various hate speech. I do believe many of the comments attributed to trans*womyn are manyfactured ones. but angers do flare in what appears to be a war that could only take place in a country as privileged as ours.I’m amazed at how much energy is wasted that could be used to actually effect change. instead of feminism being an instrument by which we defend ourselves on a social battlefield it has become the battlefield.
    I am a transwomyn who has not thought it necessary to pursue surgical options.
    I am a womyn born womyn. I was born a womyn whom society transitioned at birth to a male identity. I have a penis but it doesn’t define me as a man. instead I am a womyn who instead of possessing a womyns vagina possess’s a womyns penis. it is said that I didn’t’t grow up experiencing what those who are termed cis womyn have undergone. those things are indeed terrible. it is said I enjoyed male privelege. however as I asserted I am a womyn born womyn who was transgendered at birth to a male identity it must be considered an absolute identity theft and an absolutely oppressive situation. any attempts to escape this are met with varying forms of violence by both cis men and womyn so you see that it can be shown that I have known considerable patriarchal oppression and in many cases and personally I’ve been violated by matriarchal oppression as well. some gave called trans* womyn rapisIts. that’s a strong word that should not be thrown around without a very real and not abstract context. we should never diminish the force of that word in order to meet political ends. I don’t know the individuall womyn who have used this language. I don’t know their bio’s. have they been sexually assaulted? if so they should above all others uunderstand this. if they haven’t then in respect for those who have please show the decency and asserted alliance you claimto leave tthis word with whatever little power it has in our culture.
    please furthermore understand that you are not the force of nature itself you are not Adam in the garden with the power of absolute nomenclature over all living things. you have eaten of a poisoned Apple, the fruit of a tree in which you”ve learned good and evil and you have sought a power which belongs to no oneand sshould be handled only by the nurturing touch of the goddess. shame on you.
    you have attacked my body but you can’t touch it …I am goddess born, goddess loved, and goddess protected.
    you have attacked my way as a lesbian but you can’t have it. from the thighs of the goddess I came and to the thighs of the goddess I go and in these thighs of a goddess I am known. from the fertility of two womyn can come little goddess’s and yeeeeeeeeeessssss even kind little boys who love their mommy’s.
    and finally please uhh bless you are willing to actually take a trip to seattle to,ask my love if she is the victim of rape in our marriage bed than please don’t missaproprate her voice.
    remember it’s never to late to change a path you are on. you have hurt many people both directly and obliquely….but we are still womyn who must draw common cause from the multi dimensionality if our oppression. let us put this away…take our fruit from another basket.

  32. […] of courageous lesbians staged an effective demonstration today at the march, raising awareness of how Dyke Marches worldwide have been aggressively colonized by “male […]

  33. leovelymu Says:

    Can you stop being a fucking TERF???? You’re the reason Transgender folks face so much discrimination. How disrespectful are you to have deadnamed IDA and misuse HER pronouns. Fuck outta here.

    • GallusMag Says:

      No. Ida is a very abusive man.

      • michelle Says:

        It always cracks me up when the tranny brigade shows up to post on an item that is close to five years old, thus resurrecting the very thing they claim was harming their kind (nevermind that it does no such thing).

      • GallusMag Says:

        I know, right? Enjoy reading about Ida, new readers! He’s a male “dyke” in a long term relationship with another man who inserts himself into Dyke March to harass lesbians! What a dick!

      • LQ Says:

        “It always cracks me up when the tranny brigade shows up to post on an item that is close to five years old, thus resurrecting the very thing they claim was harming their kind (nevermind that it does no such thing).” HONESTLY! The jokes write themselves folks! But really, I appreciate going over the archives and seeing the historically stellar reporting, remembering my peak trans moments (for me my first knowledge of this situation was via Derrick Jensen and Deep Green Resistance expecting WBW sleep space on their retreats I think and getting massive criticism and shit for that, then it rabbit trailed to Michfest). At any rate, thanks lovelmu for being an abusive idiot and reminding me of this event!

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