First Video of NYC Dyke March 2012 Transgender Anti-Dyke Attacks

June 26, 2012

This video was edited and posted by Dyke March Organizer Ida Hammer who confronted Cathy Brennan to inform her that feminist dykes were not welcome at NYC Dyke March 2012.

Hopefully video of the entire incident coming soon. Updates will be posted.

33 Responses to “First Video of NYC Dyke March 2012 Transgender Anti-Dyke Attacks”

  1. Thanks Gallus. I am so outraged at what Cathy Brennan has had to put up with since this coordinated attack (gang ambush) on her, at what ought to have been a lesbian-supporting event. It is beyond offensive, beyond bullying. The usage/ defiling of feminism, in order to gang up on a feminist lesbian and excuse their own aggression – utterly cynical and amoral.

    And in terms of social/ group dynamics, when people start behaving this way, they accept being led by the power interests of their clique – they accept acting amorally. Power is the driving interest.

  2. So, fuck you is now a legitimate argument in the eyes of the trans cult?

    • Adam Says:

      Listen again. Ida was merely quoting Cathy’s twitter feed: “I looked at your twitter feed and every twitter that you write is ‘Fuck you’ ‘@ so and so, Fuck you’ ‘@ so and so fuck you’”

  3. Darcie Says:

    interesting framework, pun intended. framed to show only 2 people. what would a landscape format have shown? this is clearly edited to hide all the other people involved, big surprise. people who have nothing to hide don’t have to do creative editing

  4. doublevez Says:

    I love Ida’s voice!! Nothing tells the story better than truth.

  5. Ah, is YouTube user ‘transfeminsm’ actually Hammer – LOL

    It is a terribly select portion, and it is *nice* that they edited out THEIR masses surrounding the lesbians, otherwise it would look more like the gang intimidation that it actually was.

    Did you read the spin with the video? Even more ironic now that I know Hammer was the poster. The story has completely changed from “poor widdle transwoman too frightened to approach Brennan by herself, so me a genderqueer had to do it”. Except that bad news for their spindoctoring, I have the screencaps of that post that is now deleted (surprised?).

    I swear, transactivists should consider a career in presidential campaign management – they would be GOOD at it.

    Speaking of that, I think we will see an M2T in the Whitehouse before we ever see a FAB. After all, they did go for an unknown male over a very known female.

    Anyway, we shall file away the evidence of their spindoctoring, just as we did for the McDonalds incident. Eventually most people will wake up to the fact that they lie all the time.

  6. […] The YouTube user ‘transfeminism’ I am told by GallusMag, is none other than Ida Hammer – speaking in the 3rd person of course! Share […]

  7. FCM Says:

    is his family name really “hammer” or did he make that up?

  8. FCM Says:

    its striking to me how much this “transwoman” sounds exactly like a man, when you hear him speak. in photographs, its not the same, where they can up the “femme” and downlay the “dood” as much as they want, or as much as their abilities permit. this dood was even LITERALLY doing the pearl-clutching motion with his hand in the stills we saw earlier, as well as the submissive head-tilt.

    but in real life, where you can HEAR THEM, its quite another story isnt it? no wonder these fucking assholes love the internets so much.

    see the comparison here, where dood who doesnt know hes being filmed just looks like a dood; then he is able to add some ambiguity (arguably) when posing for the camera:

    hammer clutching-his-pearls-with-submissive-head-tilt-combo here:

  9. FCM Says:

    also, “allyson” also looks like a dood from behind. when i first saw this pic of some dood yelling at cathy, i thought he looked exactly like an ex-bf of mine, hat and all. turns out it was a transwoman, who was unable to fake looking like a female FROM BEHIND while in the middle of a threatening confrontation. guess he forgot himself? surely cathy knew the truth of the matter, as she was standing close enough to smell him, from the looks of it. same with mr. hammer. its complete gaslighting to tell a woman who is in the midst of being physically threatened by an obvious man — or to armchair quarterback her later, which the trans horde is doing now even though they werent even there — that the man is really a woman, and therefore she “shouldnt” be afraid, or even worse that she shouldnt refer to him as male. the fact that cathy stood her ground — such as it was — is testament to her bravery in the face of aggressively threatening males. i imagine that if it were me in that situation, i wouldve been dissociating and cursing myself for “putting myself in harms way” like i have every other time ive encountered violent males, but she is apparently much braver than i am. i cant believe she is having to take one ounce of shit over this, but of course she is.

  10. SheilaG Says:

    Wow FCM, comparing those two photos in your links was indeed eye opening. The two shots from trans-queer-mob– where the guy is literally “turning on a fem persona” the way you’d turn on a light bulb.

    I see this in sales all the time. Surely men in the office, suddenly their client walks in, and on comes the charm— it’s a total act. That’s what that photo reminded me, the total act of “fem” for the cameras, guy when he doesn’t know a photo is being taken.

    No lesbians ever look like this I swear.

  11. SheilaG Says:

    A dyke march was always such a lesbian affirming space— but now they have a trans co-chair, and these male invaders now attack other lesbians at our own dyke march! The sheer outrage of this. If lesbians can’t put our collective feet down and boot these males from our events, and get them out of lesbian feminist space, what kind of community do we really have?

  12. feral opera company Says:

    Are transpeople the only people who recorded this? This shows that, from now on, all public confrontations must be recorded by women as well, so we can see the whole incident.

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  17. RoseVerbena Says:

    I have a request (on bended knee): I had a lot of trouble understanding what was being said (old ears?) and would be THRILLED if someone would make a transcript for me. If it’s hard for everyone else to hear, too, then never mind.

    I have to give a standing ovation to the words: “I AM NOT ‘CIS'”.

    Thank you!

    Anyone from the “trans” cult who thinks that they are going to stick that pernicious, woman-appropriating label on real women had better back the fark down. HELL NO women are not “cis”. No way.

    • GallusMag Says:

      This is a 50 second clip of a VERY LONG incident that photos show end up with Cathy being surrounded and pinned up against a bench with crazy-ass males who towered over her screaming inches from her face in an act of total assault and terrorism. The most aggressive perpetrator of which couldn’t even believe himself the level of aggression he sunk to as he later struggled to process the outrageous assault he had committed: ” this was pure anger coming out of me, something I can’t ever remember feeling.”

      These horrific bastards targeted a woman who was a Lesbian Avenger back when they started the fucking Dyke March and ganged up on her inflicting whatever insane rage they have against women with her as the scapegoat. And for what crime? Her statements that
      1.) Reproductive sex exists
      2.) Homosexuality exists.
      3.) Social roles based on reproduction are negative for females
      4.) Legal protections for those who transgress sexist tropes should not codify and enshrine those very same sexist tropes into law
      5.) Females have a right to gather and organize around female concerns free from male presence and oversight.

      These pricks targeted, attacked, surrounded, confined and assaulted DYKES at fucking NYC DYKE MARCH for their public history of making pro lesbian and feminist statements. They were TARGETED for their pro-female, pro-lesbian histories and activism AT DYKE MARCH ITSELF by at least one male who is ON the fucking DYKE MARCH organizing committee.

      Every woman reading this: You MUST participate. You MUST stop lurking. WE NEED YOU. You cannot allow males to SCAPEGOAT the women whose views you AGREE WITH. Every one of us MUST speak out. Feminists who question sex-roles, who question compulsory heterosexuality, who question “gender” and male supremacy MUST be supported by you. Through ACTION. You are NOT a bystander. Start a blog. Write a check. Speak up among your friends. Form a lobbying group. Upload that video. Do whatever. But do NOT keep lurking.

      One of the ironies of this whole fiasco is that Dyke March whose organizers now attack, assault and seek to silence lesbian feminists -claims to base their structure on ACT UP whose motto was “Silence Equals Death”. That message has obviously been compromised. Targeting and silencing women through terroristic assaults and fear MUST STOP. Lesbians and feminists MUST be allowed to speak without being attacked at Dyke March. Without terrorism, death threats, bomb threats. Without censorship.

      And trans allies: What are YOU doing to speak out against your crazy ass crazy cray cray “advocates”? STOP silently shaking your head and SPEAK OUT against such outrageous bullshit. These psychos are REPRESENTING YOU.

    • GallusMag Says:

      @Rose- the incident will be transcribed when the entire video is made public.

  18. ktsimilar Says:

    They don’t represent anything but enabled lunacy to me. I do hope more people of all persuasions speak up against it – few trans people will, either out of fear or because they’ve totally bought the dogma of the cult. They may struggle to even pass as human if this gets any worse. I like Cathy. She speaks her mind and that’s it. Attempted suppression of valid opinion is all-out Fascism IMO. It’s not like anyone, at least on the feminism side, least of all CB, is advocating harm to people – just logical distinctions that empower people to define their own space. The trans argument has nothing to do with rights. It’s about control. I think a lot of people see the implications of this only too well.

    My one issue on this thread: height comments not needed. I’m not especially tall myself, but to be fair it’s insulting to the loads of tall FAABs out there – I know a number of women with working ovaries who I have to look up to… actually the most passable F2T I ever met was slightly taller than me, curiously a lot of them are unusually short… the trans ‘passing’ issue is about much, much more than height…

    • RoseVerbena Says:

      I’m almost 6′ tall with my hiking boots on and I don’t find remarks on the height differential offensive in the least.

      Despite my Amazonian physique, when I am surrounded by men vs. surrounded by women, yes the height, skeletal bulk and muscular bulk of the people surrounding makes a major difference in how safe — or unsafe — I feel.

      Listen to women: when a gaggle of “trans women” gang up on a woman to shout at her, their male bodies DO make them more threatening because we are LIVING IN A PATRIARCHY where women all over the planet are beaten, raped and murdered by men every hour of every day for the “crime” of being female.

      A male “trans woman” is still male. He still raises the hair on the back of our necks, still triggers our fight-or-flight hormones, still triggers panic attacks in female survivors of abuse. That is reality and women shouldn’t have to apologize for reality!!!

      • Thanks Rose.
        My comment was referring to ‘the average range’ as shown in that photo, and apart from the odd bit of exceptionalism.

        The exception among the FABs (the female genderqueers) in that group was chub-rub, who is closer in height to the M2Ts (but not taller than the M2Ts). I am aware that taller females exist, but it is a bell curve. The average height for a female in the west is about 5’5″, sometimes a little less than that depending on the ethnic profile of a community. I am spot-on the average height, but it is fairly rare that I meet many FABs that I have to look up to. The M2Ts in that photo are probably between 5’9″-5’10”, which is on the shorter end of average for males.

        Other factors, apart from the common height factor that sets off the ‘fight or flight’ response in females is that males are often heavier (when comparing roughly the same body mass), usually have greater muscle mass than females – so even when there isn’t much difference in height between a female and a male, these other factors do come into play. And males usually have far more upper body strength than females. Of course these comparisons generally exclude females/males working out, and there are exceptions on the bell curve, but they are just that, exceptions and not the majority case.

        I have in fact been beaten (separate incidents) by two males who were not much more in height than myself (short males in other words) and fairly slim for males. It was really not a lot of contest between them and me, males having more muscle mass and also more previous fighting experience. So yes, I also worry about short males too. I have done martial arts to try to level the playing field.

        Overall, there are a number of differences between the general female body type and male body type, although exceptions do exist (my gawd, do we really have to keep saying that? anyone with half a brain should know that already). Hip to shoulder ratio is another one, with most males having greater shoulder width than hips (except for fat males). Generally it is a collection of these signs that tells your brain “this is male” or “this is female”. And the voice, don’t get me started on the voice.

  19. BadDyke Says:

    “… the trans ‘passing’ issue is about much, much more than height…”
    Yes, but then height differences between males and females (despite the overlap in the distributions, I’m not ignoring THAT) is probably a lot more diagnostic than any of the brain sex stuff that has been spouted.

    If you think tall females are going to be insulted by this generalisation, then how much more are ALL females insulted by the trans insistence that we’ve got proper female brains and a proper female innate gender……………………..

    (Actually, as far as I can recall, probably the best simple-measure diagnostic is hat size/height. Same for female and male brains, pretty much you can’t tell the difference even at autopsy, if it wasn’t for the fact that females brains tend to weigh quite a bit less than male (the hat-size thing).)


  20. ktsimilar Says:

    Well that’s kind of what I mean, Rose, the bulk, the stature, other things including overall manner – the height is a non-absolute value and, well, the trans community are the ones who want absolutes to prove their gender theories are Real Science. I mean the guy who tried to rape me a few years ago was a couple inches shorter than me – he was fairly short – but no less threatening. He was drunk as a skunk so I managed to throw him off. Eventually. You’re probably a bit taller than me but I don’t think I’d find you threatening. I don’t recall ever finding a (normal) woman threatening. I’m sure it can happen but it’s really rare. I have felt a bit intimidated by a few trans-women though.

    And BD, I take that point about degrees of insult. Interesting thing about the brain size-weight, I read in Delusions of Gender that overall a lot of these spotted differences (scans, etc) were due to size not sex – IOW, a small male brain shows similar traits, a sort of overcompensation in structure due to lesser size. Which can be falsely reported as ‘gender’ traits much to the delight of the trans community. I’m not the least bit convinced by brain sex arguments.

    But look at it this way, women who don’t fit the boilerplate (I mean REAL women) have enough pressure anyway. Uma Thurman is a good example, she suffered BDD for being six foot and having huge hands & feet. The media does a brilliant job of making women feel inadequate. They’d sell a lot less of their shitty products if they didn’t. The other downside of this trans explosion is that an amount of FAABs no doubt are burdened with questions and gossip about their own sex. It’s crazy and infuriating. But I think when you see a male you’re confronted with the sum of his parts rather than specific attributes. You can’t pin it on any one thing, it’s just an essence or something. I’ve seen really passable M2Ts – prettier than the average woman, slight build, etc – who still somehow came across as male. It’s a strange thing. There’s an ineffable something they very rarely can eliminate.

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