Full Video: NYC Dyke March 2012 Transgender Attack on Lesbian Feminist Cathy Brennan

June 27, 2012


Full video showing how original Lesbian Avenger Cathy Brennan is targeted, surrounded and terrorized at NYC Dyke March 2012 by transgender activists due to her lesbian feminist activism.

The reason for the attack?

Her statements that:

1.) Reproductive sex exists
2.) Homosexuality exists.
3.) Social roles based on reproduction are negative for females
4.) Legal protections for those who transgress sexist tropes should not codify and enshrine those very same sexist tropes into law
5.) Females have a right to gather and organize around female concerns free from male presence and oversight.

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  1. hagocrat Says:

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    I support and stand in solidarity with Cathy Brennan

  2. I guess to watch the video we have to create a vimeo account?

  3. bugbrennan Says:

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    Just to clarify, I am not an original NY Lesbian Avenger. I was active with the Baltimore Lesbian Avengers.

  4. smash Says:

    Very upsetting and scary to be surrounded by a mob and then screamed at. I fear violence watching it.

  5. Good grief – blackhat Ally – he shouldn’t open his mouth if he wants to pass, I could only see male. He was fucking outrageous, as he screamed concurrently with chub-rub, then insisted he wasn’t getting a chance to talk (mmm, might time him for screentime vs talking).

    There was no chance of dialogue there, they only wanted to scream at gender dissenters. Cathy barely got uninterupted except in the last five minutes or so.

    The last time I saw shouty go down in a UK event was when the ECP were yelling and screaming (and claiming being silenced) to get their point across. Very similar tactics to the trans/queer crowd.

  6. radicalwoman Says:

    Truth is hate speech.
    War is peace.
    Freedom is slavery.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Hey radicalwoman, I visited your blog – that was a fantastic smackdown of the “Cis privilege checklist.” Well done!

  7. ethicalequinox Says:

    Hey dood with the shitty hat!

    Why don’t YOU back off and let Cathy finish her goddamn fucking sentence, YOU FUCKING GENDER FASCIST?

  8. thebewilderness Says:

    I in no way wish to diminish the fear we experience when ganged up on and bullied by a group of people. I hope everyone who sees this takes a lesson from it and calls 911 the hot second they are surrounded by a gang of bullies. You have absolutely no way of knowing which direction it is going to go in and you need to stay safe.
    However, may I just say that it is the height of absurdity to be taken to task for marginalizing a marginalized person by talking while a gang of bullies are all talking to you at once. You are in a gang of bullies and you have the nerve to try to police your victims manners? Srsly?

  9. RoseVerbena Says:

    I am IN AWE of Cathy Brennan.

    Watching her debate these ASSHOLES was so gratifying to me, it’s hard to put into words.

    THANK you Cathy for courageously, tirelessly standing up for women – and thank you GallusMag for doing the same.

    I of course disagree with Cathy Brennan on this point: I refuse to cede “woman” to this crazy jerks. I won’t do it. I will go to my grave calling them “he” and “him” and “trans woman”, NOT “woman”.

    They are beyond toxic, beyond delusional and they have NO RIGHT to appropriate “woman”. None.

    That “Ida” character was so offensively, oppressively MALE in word and deed that I would sooner call my own father “woman” before I’d call that prick “woman”.

    • doublevez Says:

      There is nothing disrespectful in referring to someone by their Sex, which is immutable. They are Males, or in context, Male gender essentialists.

  10. Nicky Says:

    I feel so sorry for all the women that have to put up with all the Men trying to push women into submission. I think Women, lesbian and intersex people should stand up to bullying by the trans community. It’s wrong what they are doing to Cathy and should be called out on their actions.

  11. radicalwoman Says:

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    So much for the “Cathy Brennan wouldn’t let us talk” whining.

  12. darthvelma Says:

    Dangit, I tried to post this once before and I think I messed up. If this ends up being a duplicate, sorry.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share a link:

    The hypocracy – it burns. I’m hoping someone who’s a better writer than me will give this the epic smackdown. And almost all the really good writers I know of hang out here. 🙂

    • doublevez Says:

      darthvelma I LOOOOVE your addy.

      And: imagine how upset Rene would be if we all decided we were Black, really I was born Black. Well at least my brain is Black. I just know I AM what with (pick stereotyped, racist, cornpone bigoted Black is X comment of your choice). And as a Black woman I want any helps accruing to me by way of affirmative actions that WE, (us) fought so hard for. And since I’ve been Black longer than Rene she can move the fuck over. I’m next in line.

    • Lysandra Says:

      I was so astonished reading parts of that post that a few times my mouth dropped open. Every critique she has of trans ethnic, trans fat, etc. is exactly what we are saying about transgender… and yet she makes NO compelling argument for how it’s different. None! Not an iota of reasoned argument for what makes gender transition any different than ethnic, race, body size, or any other type of transition. Just criticism toward all trans people except transgender/transsexual people.

      The incredible thing is that her criticism is actually spot on and those things ARE completely ridiculous, offensive and appropriative. But where she’s lost the plot is not recognizing that the exact same arguments made about transgender are being called transphobic… by HER!

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Oh my God, I should know that whenever I click on something at Renee’s site (which occurs very, very rarely), I’m about to witness a car wreck – both ideologically and stylistically. But with the cognitive dissonance displayed in that post, she has truly outdone herself. Congrats?

  13. Adrian Says:

    Yep, there it is – at 12:34. “I wouldn’t date you anyway. No one here wants to date you…”

    Classic male creeper line! EVERY. Single. Time.

    All I can say is, this video was quite interesting. From the voices, to the body language… there’s Brennan on the one side calm and logical, and on the other side, the agitated screaming full of the endless academic jargon that is always there.

    Let’s just say I’m not surprised at all if the one in the rainbow tie gets “misgendered” often. Using creeper lines is not gonna help with that!

    The crowd on the right wastes no time in getting to their issue, which is that they reject the idea that “female” is about biological sex. This just seems such a departure from even not so long ago when trans* partisans were happy to say that fine, sex is male, gender is woman. But now, no, we’re through the rabbit hole and we’ve got the “female penis…”

    What is with this entire obsessive focus on “identity” and “validating” or “invalidating” peoples’ “identities?” How about we just accept we are who we are as an accident of fate and fight for the right to DO STUFF?

    Short version: Go Cathy Brennan. That was awesome.

    Gotta love how the first response to “I’m not cis!” was a confusion of the “wait, what, she’s trans*??? now I have to be careful about her identity” though…

    • doublevez Says:

      Wasn’t that priceless?! I want a short clip that just keeps repeating that.

    • pegasusolson Says:

      “The crowd on the right wastes no time in getting to their issue, which is that they reject the idea that “female” is about biological sex. This just seems such a departure from even not so long ago when trans* partisans were happy to say that fine, sex is male, gender is woman. But now, no, we’re through the rabbit hole and we’ve got the “female penis…””

      What I don’t understand is how they can claim to be female, and then claim to be ‘trans’ — if they are completely female, as female as you or me or our mothers, what exactly are they trans-itioning to? And on what basis are they ‘more oppressed’ than ‘cis’ women? They are spewing bullshit faster than they can think it through. The whole video is them regurgitating one-liners that make no sense. I actually had to pause the video and laugh upon hearing that male in the hat loudly proclaim himself to be a lesbian! The whole thing is a horrifying joke.

      P.S.: Gallus Mag, I figured I should say thank you in my first comment here! I’m a 22 year old formerly pro-trans libfem, and your blog upended my brain.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Thank You! And welcome.

      • Adrian Says:

        You’re maybe gonna laugh, but… believe it or not, I’ve read an argument leaning toward the “…and actually maybe I’m also cis! Because I was born with a ‘female brain’ and I own my genitalia so my penis is female and so yeah I was born with ‘female genitalia’ too and so it does match up maybe! Er, wait…” before – in the very same thread where I first encountered the idea of the “female penis,” actually, when I tried to use the term “women born with female genitalia” and was piled on for “being stuck in 101, when this is not 101 space.”


        But I’m not too surprised to have read that, now that I think back and have read so much else in the meantime, because it seems to me that extrapolating from these arguments (such as the “but I’m female!” yelling in the video posted here), “cis” is probably destined to go by the wayside too eventually.

        Women stood up and said “we’re women, you’re transwomen. Majority of the time we socialize but – This is woman space, to talk about women’s issues specific to women, so leave” M2T then said “no, we’re all women!!! If we’re trans women, then you’re cis women!!! and right now some regular born women are refusing to use the “cis” label.

        But imagine the day if those women cave and say “fine, whatever – we’re cis women. So this is ‘cis-women space’ then, to talk about cis-women’s issues specific to cis-women, so leave.”

        Already we’ve got the “female penis” so sure enough, that’s when the “but maybe we’re cis!!!” will happen. Because it’s not about labels, it’s about insisting (and screaming it at the top of lungs to the rafters) that there CAN BE NO DISTINCTION, EVAR, between “women” and “M2T.” Nothing special or unique to women, nothing that only women born women or women born with female genitalia or females or women raised as girls or any term for the (obvious!!!) category you can think of, that trans* M2T don’t also share in the entirety (if not doing it better, of course). It’s about erasing that line, no matter what you call the line.

        And it needs to be called out.

        There are absolutely people on trans* sites who are now complaining about the term “MtF” as used there, too, precisely because of the “but I’ve always been a woman!!” idea.

        Guy in the hat and rainbow tie absolutely takes the cake though, yeah. It’s interesting too comparing the still photographs with the video – in the stills people “pass” far better than they do when they’re actually moving around (never mind yelling).

      • pegasusolson Says:

        Adrian, thank you for your comment! What you say absolutely makes sense, and I have also seen the usage of ‘cis’ become even more garbled and meaningless than it was to begin with — specifically I’m thinking of the lists of ‘cis scum’ being passed around tumblr (http://academicsilence.tumblr.com/post/25696959328/list-of-blatant-cis-scum-on-tumblr-in-no-particular), which specifically stated that ‘trans’ people can be cis scum…I guess if another trans person thinks their politics aren’t up to snuff! It’s about as politically useful a term as ‘cool.’

        “Because it’s not about labels, it’s about insisting (and screaming it at the top of lungs to the rafters) that there CAN BE NO DISTINCTION, EVAR, between “women” and “M2T.””

        YES. Unless it’s a distinction made by male transsexuals or “coercively assigned male at birth” people. An interesting thing I’ve noticed in the last couple of months (which I hadn’t seen previously, when I spent plenty of time on pro-trans blogs) is the increasingly vocal split between ‘CAMAB’ and ‘CAFAB’ people. The theory being spouted by some ‘CAMAB’ trans people (notably mylittlebaneling) is that ALL ‘CAFAB’ people, whether they ‘identify’ as women or as FtT or genderqueer, etc, are privileged over ‘CAMAB’ trans people, and FtTs are now expected to atone for their ‘transmisogyny’ endlessly. The cis vs. trans differentiation it no longer good enough, because females can identify as trans, and the males need some new ideas to support their desire to be the most oppressed people ever. So now there’s all this talk of females ‘appropriating’ terms and concepts from males, whether it’s the term queer or tranny, ‘femme’-ness, etc.

        I hope my overuse of quotation marks isn’t off-putting — it’s hard to express some of these ideas without using terms developed by trans activists, but the terms are generally such nonsense (transmisogyny being the worst offender, in my mind) that I don’t want them to sit too naturally in my own writing.

      • Adrian Says:

        As for “cis-privilege” though – the idea is, you (as a woman) might belong to an oppressed class or a “lower status,” but the ruling class or “high status” individual who merely wishes with all his heart that he was in your place in your “lower status” (because he has some idealized romanticized notions of what it’s like to be you, or better yet, romanticized notions of your noble suffering and your desire to be like him) – that guy suffers, constantly, with the knowledge that he’s not actually a member of this “lower status” group that he wishes to be a member of. It eats at him, and that pain is surely greater than all the pain and oppression involved in ACTUALLY being a member of the “lower status” group. You’re privileged, you know, because you’ve accepted your status and supposedly aren’t conflicted about it.

        As if.

        As I read somewhere (quite possibly here), perhaps as women we’re all conflicted, we’re “women on the outside, human on the inside.” Some privilege, eh?

        The other more benign(?) view is that gender-conforming people have privilege because they can do the behaviors they want to and their outside “matches” so they don’t get hate from the gender-policing mainstream society. Personally I think the answer to that one is “fine, get rid of gender entirely and wear whatever the heck you want and have the job you want, I’ll join you in that fight absolutely.” But as a non-conforming female I have no desire to be a male, I just want people to let me be myself in the body I was born in.

        I’ve long found the question of “how do you voluntarily join an oppressed group?” to be interesting though – there are loads of people who want to, for whatever reason, very much including the “transabled” and “transethnic” posted about upthread. In milder form, there’s all the people who seem to wish they had tragic childhoods, because wow, it’s just so cool.

      • Adrian Says:

        …and obviously I should have said “they think there can be no distinction between women and M2T,” up there.

        Can’t keep all these acronyms straight…!

        [I corrected it because it was confusing. Hope that’s okay. -GM]

      • Ah yes, the argument that they are exactly the same (as FABs) yet somehow different and more oppressed – at the SAME TIME, defies belief.

        Either you are EXACTLY THE SAME, or you are DIFFERENT. Can’t be both at the same time – but this is what they claim.

        Which is how they try to outlaw FAB-only spaces but uphold M2T-only spaces. Because of their claim “we are exactly the same” so therefore are entitled to be in FAB-only spaces – although these spaces do not technically exist, they are named woman-only spaces (because:’they are women’). But they feel entitled to M2T-only spaces, because:OppressionOlympics. This is where they had to invent ‘cis privilege’ – a term that completely erases all the centuries of females being oppressed specifically because they were born female, it’s anti-feminist at its core. Because ‘cis privilege’ means there is no institutional sexism towards females, only towards male-born M2Ts when they dress and try to pass as women.

        Big ol’ mindfuck.

      • BadDyke Says:

        The whole same but not the same thing — ‘argument’ I read was that transwomen have the ‘misfortune’ to be raised male, hence they don’t learn all that we supposedly learn about how to deal with misogyny, hence they FEEL IT WORSE.

        O boo-hoo, silly me not realising how privileged I was in that years of dealing with sexist crap means that I’m now magically immune, whilst those poor liddle transwomen have no sexism immune system, so they get the full on sexism flu, whilst in my privileged immune state, I barely have a sniffle………..

      • Adrian Says:

        @BadDyke – Yep. The other ‘explanation’ I’ve read is that while now yes they ARE exactly the same as us regular born women, in every respect, and always were inside, really, truly, they had to WORK so hard to be accepted, and to be women, while we had it “just handed to us on a silver platter.”

        Just… I don’t even. It’s like the goal is to prove they’ve arrived by being treated like crap as women, and then get to nobly fight against that, or something.

  14. […] of transactivists confronting Cathy Brennan at Dyke March here and here. Share this:Like this:LikeBe the first to like this. Category : Trans Tags : Allyson […]

  15. […] of transactivists confronting Cathy Brennan at Dyke March here and here. Share this:Like this:LikeBe the first to like this. Category : Trans Tags : Allyson […]

  16. FCM Says:

    very scary the moment allyson realizes hes been misgendered. “did you just misgender me?” he asks. this was the exact moment he decided that cathy brennan no longer had any human rights. you can hear it in his voice, and its fucking terrifying.

    also, “thats sexual harassment!” he says. as if ANY WOMAN EVER says that aloud when it happens. we just make a mental note that we probably need to start saving our money, and looking for another job or whatever. or looking for the nearest, safest exit. women do not use these things this way. allyson, being a man, would never know this of course. and we are supposed to pretend hes doing it right, and that we dont know better.

    • cherryblossomlife Says:

      LOL, I quit my job two months ago because of sexual harrassment. I did NOT aggressively accuse the man who did it of sexual harrassment right there and then. I didn’t even bother taking it further. I just quietly handed in my notice.

      That camp guy in the crappy hat is a fucking lunatic if he thinks that was sexual harrasment.

  17. […] more and watch the video of the Dyke March “confrontation” here. Like this:LikeBe the first to like this. from → douchebaggery, FCM, mansplainers, STFU, […]

  18. GallusMag Says:


    “Pride, Protest & Sexual Politics at the 20th Annual Dyke March
    by Winnie McCroy
    EDGE Contributor
    Wednesday Jun 27, 2012

    Marchers take Fifth Avenue, lead by Rebecca Triglianos (Source:Winnie McCroy)

    On Saturday, June 23, the New York City Dyke March celebrated 20 years of marching, sans permits, up Fifth Avenue from 42nd Street to Washington Square Park. To ensure that the event continues, longtime organizers passed the reins to the next wave of younger women. But clashes between lesbians and a contingent of transgender and gender-variant individuals following the march reveal the need for further bridge building.

    “We’re still marching for very basic things, first of all, visibility,” said longtime organizer Maxine Wolfe. “Lesbians are still not out there in the community, everything is about men, still. Lesbians have very particular perspective on things. We know that the economy sucks, because we’re the people most affected by it. And we know that it’s especially hard for out lesbians, even when there’s non-discrimination, because all kinds of things happen in the workspace that they can’t necessarily sue about. If they’re very visibly lesbian, they can’t get a job easily. So economics is still a big thing for lesbians. Even though there are poor men, there are a lot more poor women.”

    Other issues important to Wolfe included violence against women, the fair wage bill, the anti-abortion legislation and harassment of transgender women. “We are women; we have women’s issues,” said Wolf. “And we still need to march for our basic liberation.”

    After 20 years, Wolfe handed over the reins to some new organizers, among them Rebecca Triglianos, who rallied the marshals, and led the marchers to step off into Fifth Avenue at the New York City Public Library on 42nd Street.

    “I think as a dyke you don’t see a lot of your people around you all the time, so there’s something about gathering in New York City and taking Fifth Avenue that is so powerful,” said Triglianos, who hoped that the march would attract 20,000 people. “It’s powerful for other folks to see us for visibility, but it’s powerful for us to see each other, too. With all the other fights we have, this is when we come together. This is a protest march and a visibility march, but it’s also a celebration of our lesbian lives that are too often invisible.”

    Longtime organizer Maxine Wolfe with her new parade organizers (Source:Winnie McCroy)

    Attorney Yetta Kurland has served as the Dyke March’s legal observer for many years. She said that the event differs from the Heritage of Pride parade in that, “they apply for permits and get permission in advance from the police to march.” Kurland said that after the 2004 Republican National Convention, the New York Police Department mandated that if 50 people or more wanted to march or otherwise exercise their First Amendment right to assemble, they would be required to apply for a permit.

    “The women organizing the Dyke March have refused to do that, because they believe it’s important to assemble and show our visibility,” said Kurland. “And on the 20th anniversary of the march, it is so good to see that.” Kurland said that there were no arrests this year.

    Younger lesbians Katelyn and Beth marched topless holding signs, and said that among their main issues were marriage equality, equal pay, and youth homelessness.

    “I think it’s really important to build community,” said Katelyn. “The most important issue right now is marriage equality, and New York has taken a huge step but there’s still a long way to go and a lot of work to do. There’s a lot of people around the country and the world who don’t enjoy the freedoms that we do.”

    “We do a lot of work in shelters and a lot of time people there are people of color and economically disadvantaged, so we want to make sure they’re part of the queer movement, and that they are able to come to Pride,” said Keila, who works at the the National Center for Law and Economic Justice. “A lot of people forget they need access to money for a Metrocard and food and we want to make sure they are part of the movement.”

    Kella believes that “Gay Inc.” is throwing the underprivileged under the bus as gay leaders pursue issues like marriage and adoption. “Under the Bloomberg Administration, homelessness, especially among LGBT youth, has skyrocketed,’ she said. “I think our community is very focused on the white middle class right now, and that is not something that can be acceptable in a grassroots movement, when the people who are most affected are the people who are not heard.”

    The Hole-y Army lines up in front of the New York Public Library (Source:Winnie McCroy)

    Visible Trans Contingent Joins March; Infighting Ensues
    A new, very visible contingent in this year’s march was The Hole-y Army, a group of about 75 gender-variant and genderqueer people, marching under the banner of “Gender > Genitals,” promoting gender inclusion for all women-identified people.

    “We wanted to do a project for trans inclusion, gender queers, MTF butches and FTM femmes, no matter what gender we are and what we want to present to the world, anyone can self-define as a dyke,” said organizer Coral Short. “Some of my friends didn’t feel welcome at the Dyke March, and were asked, ’Do you belong here?’ But everyone belongs: part-time dykes, ’used to be a dyke.’ The Dyke March numbers were going down, and so we wanted to bring in the whole family.”

    With their colorful outfits, assorted “holes” on sticks, choreographed dance moves and prepared chants, The Hole-y Army added a lot of excitement to the Dyke March. But according to numerous participants, a dust-up between a lesbian activist and some of the members of The Hole-y Army has marred an otherwise unifying event.

    According to reports, Baltimore lawyer Cathy Brennan was walking past Dyke March organizer Ida Hammer when Hammer tapped her on the shoulder, flanked by about a dozen trans activists.

    “I had no idea who Hammer was, but she said that she knew who I was and wanted me to know this march was for all women,” said Brennan. “I said, ’Yes, I know it’s an inclusive space and I respect that, and that women have the ability to decide what their space should be.’ That seemed to flummox her; I think she was looking for an apology or a fight, I’m not sure.”

    Brennan has been vocal on her blog about her opposition to transpeople who “pressure lesbians to transition, or to identify as sexually open to trans women, or be labeled bigots.”

    Brennan said that she feared a confrontation, and asked the group to move away from where some young children were playing. She moved to a bench and sat down, and was surrounded by activists, one of whom got so close, Brennan asked whether the individual would like to sit in her lap.

    “They are saying I sexually harassed them, but I said, ’You stepped to me, and I’m harassing you?’” Brennan told EDGE. “It lasted a very long time — at least an hour — and during this time people were crowding my space, and I didn’t feel I could leave easily. I’ve been an activist for 20 years, done counter-demos against racist skinheads and KKK people and never felt as physically unsafe as I did at that moment.”

    Kim Propeack and Cathy Brennan (Source:Winnie McCroy)
    Hammer left soon after the conversation began, and Wolfe stressed that the remainder of the people involved were not representative of Dyke March organizers.

    “I think that transpeople telling lesbians who we need to find desirable is just like a man telling us all we need is a good dick,” said Brennan. “If you substitute your values for my values as a dyke, you’re going to have problems.”

    Another march committee organizer, Juniper, was among those that approached Brennan. “People went to speak with her because she has a long history of outing transwomen, and people went to speak to her about making transwomen feel unsafe,” said Juniper. “She was saying horrible things to transwomen, and some walked away crying; she was calling transwomen not female, and that was really hurtful.”

    One observer heard Brennan tell queer activists that while they may self-identify as “women” they were not “female.” She added that she was appalled by what she saw as a condescending tone activists took toward Brennan. She also took issue with the physical threats made against Brennan.

    “They paint themselves as all rainbows and hearts and want to love everyone, but they think everyone who values a space for women who were born female hates transwomen and is ignorant,” said the observer. “They approach you as if you are a bigot; there’s no agree to disagree happening. And these physical threats are a whole different degree of insanity to me.”

    Kurland said that infighting amongst the LGBT community is unfortunate, and while the Dyke March has always been a place for emerging ideas about gender and sexuality to be expressed, “at the same time, I think there has to be a kind of respectful intention that while we fight to ensure that our ideas are expressed, we also allow others to express their ideas.”

    Kurland cited as an example the religious protestor who pickets the Dyke March every year with a sign that reads, “Jesus Saves.” Last year, a young woman spent the march standing next to him with a sign reading, “This guy needs a hobby.”

    “She is not stopping him from doing his thing, she is just finding a thoughtful, creative and intelligent way to underscore his absurdity,” said Kurland.

    Although bullying on either side should not be allowed, said Kurland, “it is a testament to us in disenfranchised communities that we start to attack our own.” Kurland said that most of the people at the march came forward with thoughtful, political messages, talking anti-racism and a broader wealth of issues, which was very encouraging.”

    • Thanks for reposting that article GM.

      A new, very visible contingent in this year’s march was The Hole-y Army, a group of about 75 gender-variant and genderqueer people, marching under the banner of “Gender > Genitals,” promoting gender inclusion for all women-identified people.

      Calling themselves “The Hole-y Army” – omg, does anyone else find this an outrageous misogynist slur? The women=holes (to be fucked) is straight from the MRE/misogynist line of thinking. This is what we have been fighting against, since at least the 2nd wave, not to be thought of as the sex class to be used for fucking/breeding – and this is their entire misogynist platform.

      If you want proof that ‘transfeminism’/genderqueer is anti-female, look no further than “The Hole-y Army”.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Instead of the old Gay Pride chant “We’re here. We’re queer. We’re fabulous. Don’t fuck with us.” the genderists chanted “We’re Here. We’re holes. We’re fabulous. Don’t fuck with us. Except sometimes.”

      • GallusMag Says:

        YES!!!!! Can you fucking believe the gross. Dykes/Women=Holes.

      • jeezusfuckingchrist

      • GallusMag Says:

        The Hole Army carrying a specifically anti-homosexual “cotton ceiling” banner:

      • GallusMag Says:

        “Because the dyke march is for “all holes”

        by cathy brennan 4 hours 27 seconds ago

        QUOTING: A new, very visible contingent in this year’s march was The Hole-y Army, a group of about 75 gender-variant and genderqueer people, marching under the banner of “Gender > Genitals,” promoting gender inclusion for all women-identified people.
        “We wanted to do a project for trans inclusion, gender queers, MTF butches and FTM femmes, no matter what gender we are and what we want to present to the world, anyone can self-define as a dyke,” said organizer Coral Short. “Some of my friends didn’t feel welcome at the Dyke March, and were asked, ’Do you belong here?’ But everyone belongs: part-time dykes, ’used to be a dyke.’ The Dyke March numbers were going down, and so we wanted to bring in the whole family.”

        Coral Short on Twitter: twitter.com/#!/coralshort


      • I am sure I heard “please fuck with us” in there. 😯

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Those misogynistic creatures are not my sisters.

        I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: they just don’t get it, do they? Reducing women to “holes” is incredibly offensive, but they think they’re just being cute; that everything they do is just adorable and hilarious. The only bright side is as they continue to show their true colors, the more WBW dykes will recognize the misogyny and porn-sickness that lay behind their shallow veneers. And more and more WBW dykes will simply…walk away.

        You know who these porn-sick idiots remind me of? Oogie Boogie, the bad guy in Nightmare Before Christmas. Remember how Jack Skellington pulls on a thread on Oogie’s rag outfit, and Oogie not only quickly collapses, but is revealed to be made of repulsive bugs? Yeah, like that.

  19. Lafaye Says:

    How can you argue with people who don’t recognize biology? I don’t know how you tolerated that for so long, I have little patience for debates that aren’t based in reality. And on top of that the entire time watching the video I was on the verge of a panic attack. Cathy seemed to be trying to make basic statements (when she wasn’t being interrupted/shouted over) and perhaps offer explanations/facts for her stances; the arguments from the others seemed to be “a transwoman is a woman because I say she is!!” And “you’re marginalizing transwomen!!” I feel really bad she went through that whole experience, it was awful just watching it on a computer screen in the comfort of my own home 😦

  20. Nobody Special Says:

    Watching the video, the one thing that kept going through my mind about the dood in the black hat was “What a prick!” I guess that’s what you get when a geeky boy gets one too many wedgies on the playground.

  21. Lysandra Says:

    The body language is really interesting. I think others have pointed this out but all you have to do is watch the body language to know who is the bully and who is being bullied. And to know who feels harassed and who doesn’t. (e.g. hat-guy saying he’s been sexually harassed is complete bullshit).

    I have found myself wondering lately what systemic forces are at play leading to the kind of rage that comes from “cis-women” like chub rub. She’s not the first I’ve seen who claims to be feminist and be anti- all forms of oppression, but who has a special kind of hatred for females she considers transphobic. This happened in another social area in my life too–someone who normally is very anti-violent, and will call out racism, sexism, etc. but does so in a relatively calm and reasoned way, just went absolutely ape-shit over Radfem2012–calling the organizers all kinds of names, saying, “fuck radfem2012!” over and over. I still don’t feel like I totally understand why this is happening, but I am beginning to think that it is misdirected rage. The rage is really at the patriarchy, but somewhere deep down we (women) know we can’t rage at the ones who are actually blame-worthy (men). Radfems make such a safe scapegoat for that rage, because no-one, but NO-ONE, is going to defend us in a patriarchy. Except for us defending each other, of course.

    I also want to add, how kind of the person who posted this to do what she could, despite it obviously being difficult and time-consuming, to block out chub-rub’s exposed body. I was wondering why it took so long to get footage posted. Soon, I hope women like chub rub begin to realize who it actually is that gives two shits about their dignity and worth as a human being.

    • RoseVerbena Says:

      Well said, Lysandra. Thank you. I will always defend you and every other radical feminist from all comers. ;0)

    • Adrian Says:

      “The rage is really at the patriarchy, but somewhere deep down we (women) know we can’t rage at the ones who are actually blame-worthy (men).”

      You know, I find it interesting similarly that there is so much rage in the video about trans* people being killed, taken out against radfems or “second-wavers” or Cathy Brennan herself. Absolutely plenty of trans* people are killed and it’s a terrible thing but how does it usually happen? It’s usually homophobic MEN who discover the truth about someone they thought was female and find out is M2T and then are enraged at being “tricked,” or MEN who see someone obviously trans* and don’t like the entire idea – MEN are doing this. MEN are engaging in violence against M2T for “tricking” or against F2T for “not being real men and daring to try to come here” or whatever it is. But somehow all the hate comes out against women.

    • get rid of gender Says:

      I think Lysandra’s analysis is absolutely right. I also think there’s a couple of other factors at play that might not be so obvious. Many of the younger feminist activist women…say those under 30…have never experienced women-only feminist organising spaces. So they really don’t know that there is actually a massive difference in the vibe of women-only feminist spaces and mixed/inclusive (supposedly) ‘feminist’ spaces. And they don’t understand why those of us who DO know the value of these spaces are fighting so hard to keep them.

      Also, as I’m sure everyone here knows, the issue that tends to pop up over and over again in women only spaces – even non-political women only spaces – and the issue, that is never, ever talked about in mixed spaces is male violence against women, especially male sexual violence and intimidation, and the effect this has on women’s lives. I mean this in the specific sense of sharing personal stories of violence, intimidation and harassment, the effect this has on the individual, and also the general fear all women have of, e.g. walking alone at night and so on. Women understand on an instinctive, unconscious level that it is not safe to share these very personal and painful stories when men are around, and they also know that men will simply not ‘get it’ the way women do, because the vast majority of men never have to live with this kind of fear and danger every single day of their lives.

      Even if women do try to have these conversations, the issue quickly gets muddied by men who bring up the old ‘but men are raped too’ or ‘men are victims of DV too’ which disguises the fact that the issue is overwhelmingly one of sex-class violence committed by men against women. And as usual, the issue goes back to being all about the poor men who are oppressed by those bad, bad women. And women, instead of talking about their own experiences, get sucked into providing emotional support to the men who (supposedly) have it so bad.

      When you realise this, the reason for the amount of energy invested into keeping young women OUT of women only organising spaces becomes abundantly clear. Men are absolutely terrified of these young women finding their ways into spaces where they will actually be able to sort out and articulate their experiences of oppression – especially sexual oppression – because this could lead to these young women no longer being sexually available, and it is absolutely essential to the patriarchy that the bodies of young women are sexually available to men.

      • Hear, hear, getridofgender!

      • BadDyke Says:

        “Men are absolutely terrified of these young women finding their ways into spaces where they will actually be able to sort out and articulate their experiences of oppression – especially sexual oppression………..”

        and because then maybe they’re finally recognise that their supposed transwomen sisters are just like the rest of the menz anyway.

      • get rid of gender Says:

        “and because then maybe they’re finally recognise that their supposed transwomen sisters are just like the rest of the menz anyway.”

        yep, that too.

        thanks davina and bad dyke.

      • Lysandra Says:

        excellent points! Your analysis makes me grateful for an aspect of my conservative-ish Christian upbringing. I spent a significant portion of my adolescence participating in a Christian organization that did girls-only and boys-only retreats. I came to be intimately familiar with what female-only space felt like (the actual retreats themselves) compared to mixed space (the planning meetings, etc. that were for both). There were always 2 or 3 clergy on the retreats, and the clergy were allowed to be either sex (which I find ridiculous now, like, what, clergy are sex-less? riiiight), and it also felt different if you had just ONE male pastor there, even if he was all the way across the room. Your commentary makes me realize how much of a gift that experience was in that it helped me to understand the importance of female-only space in ways many of my peers likely don’t.

        Also, on the issue of being willing to talk about sexual assault, domestic violence, etc. when it’s women-only vs. when women are around, one of the things I found particularly striking on the Twiter conversation about RadFem2012 was how many trans & supporters said variations of, “organizing a female-only rape support group is okay, but this is not just a support group!” It’s like they acknowledge on one hand the reticence women have of talking about sexualized violence with men in the room, but on the other hand completely disregard the need to TALK about sexualized violence when organizing politically to STOP IT! Ugh, I just completely creeped myself out thinking about this. They’re perfectly happy for us to work on our own personal healing without them there, as long as it stays about in the realm of individual, psychological experience. But they can’t tolerate the idea that women might want to take that healing a step further into political activism, and insist on their policing male presence to be there to keep us in line. And this was both MtT and their female (“cis”) allies saying these things. *shivers*

      • BadDyke Says:

        Yes, I spotted the healing bit as well, but no mention of what also has to come — WTF are we going to DO about it. O dearie me, the menz have to be in on that!

  22. I seriously wanted to punch a wall when I was watching the video because the pro-gender crowd were being so rude! I once shouted “Shut the fuck up and let her finish” at my computer screen and face-palmed almost a dozen times!

  23. michelle Says:

    I loved Cathy’s comment around the 5:00 mark suggesting that the group “go back to magical unicorn land” -that has serious meme potential for those far more adept than I at doing screen grabs from video.

    I also have to give props for her ability to keep her calm much better than I would have in that setting. I don’t do well at trying to tolerate such fuckwittery…

  24. SheilaG Says:

    Yes, in a radfem context, we do not expose the bodies of women like Chub rub to the patriarchal pornographic eye. We have this idea that all women have dignity, and we will honor the dignity, even of women like Chub rub who do indeed have misplaced rage.

    Women often can’t attack men, can’t rage at them, so they rage at us, the radfems. They are fearful of going against the patriarchy, get conned into sex with trans, get co-opted because being radfem gains you NO status, no nothing.

    To be radfem is to be the most hated group of women on the Internet, hated by trans- women impersonators, hated by libfems and sex-poz women, and all the women who still serve the male penis machine.

    We are hated when we protect the honor and dignity even of the women who hate us and attack us. That’s just what we do, because we love women, we honor them, we know our enemies, we know the penis male impersonators…. and our pain comes from seeing women be handmaides to all that false consciousness that is the very heart of patriarchal indoctrinaction.

    • BadDyke Says:

      “Yes, in a radfem context, we do not expose the bodies of women like Chub rub to the patriarchal pornographic eye. We have this idea that all women have dignity, and we will honor the dignity, even of women like Chub rub who do indeed have misplaced rage.”

      Yes, that’s the rub, we can still respect the dignity of those women who disagree, rather than wanting to punch them in the face…………

      “To be radfem is to be the most hated group of women on the Internet..” Yeah, but once you’ve seen clearly, who would want to go back to being blindfolded.

  25. Yisheng Qingwa Says:

    Mobbed by aggressive males. How terrifying.

  26. Reblogged this on How to be a Rad Fem and commented:
    I am a straight woman and I am from Australia. I definitely stand in solidarity with Cathy Brennan on this one.

    As usual, transactivists look ridiculously ignorant, stupid, immature and delusionally self-righteous. They seem to have no idea how inappropriate their behaviour is.

    If only they knew that women like me – women with no previous experience, bias or opinions on transgender issues – but having witnessed their atrocious treatment of lesbians and radical feminists – have had no choice but to refuse support for their causes, due to behaviour like this.

  27. ktsimilar Says:

    That was so depressing and CB handled it as well as anyone possibly could. “Sexual harassment” – so funny. This is *always* about validation for these creeps and no opportunity is missed to seize it no matter how stupid it is. In fact the *whole* argument – being let into WBW spaces, cotton ceiling – is *all* about validation and nothing whatsoever to do with rights or fairness. Just this constant, impotent drive to make people enable their choices. And that guy in the hat – to me, is increasingly resisting the urge to make fists as the argument progresses (watch the hands), which speaks volumes.

  28. BadDyke Says:

    Two really offensive and stupid comments:
    “She was saying horrible things to transwomen, and some walked away crying; she was calling transwomen not female, and that was really hurtful.”


    “….no matter what gender we are and what we want to present to the world, anyone can self-define as a dyke,” said organizer Coral Short. “Some of my friends didn’t feel welcome at the Dyke March, and were asked, ’Do you belong here?’ But everyone belongs: part-time dykes, ’used to be a dyke.’ ”

    So, there you go in a nutshell, female is out the window (except male isn’t else how would transwomen BE trans if it wasn’t that at some point they were supposedly coercively assigned as male.).

    And dyke is out the window as well, since ANYONE can be one, no matter what GENDER they are. And they still ARE even if they’ve decided they’re not…………………….

    If some woman says horrible things to me, do I walk away CRYING? Not usually — I’ll either decide she’s an idiot and walk off, or I’ll have a discussion, but I don’t think I’ve ever walked off crying like that. Why is this walking off crying cos someone was MEAN so often cited? Seems to be yet another badge of REAL femininity according to planet trans.

    If some man says horrible things to me, do I walk away crying? Hell no, if I did that I’m be almost permanently in tears given the stuff I get on the street. When I was younger, I will admit I did physically grab one bloke and get right in his face and threaten him a bit — but then it was just me against a group of four men…………

    Transwomen aren’t female, don’t blub over biology you idiots!

    • Seems to be yet another badge of REAL femininity according to planet trans.

      Yes indeedy. Which is why their handmaiden chub-rub is convinced that “one of [her] transwomen friends is more woman than [herself]”. (my gawd, do the handmaidens ever listen to themselves?!)

      Of course, one can also try (faux) pearl clutching with a head tilt to prove just how womanly they are! I must try that! If it doesn’t work, I can always run off in tears. Maybe swoon a bit too.

      Pastiche and characterturisation of femaleness in the guise of femininity. M2Ts are closer to being full time drag queens than they are real females.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Real females can’t afford to burst into tears or show any vulnerability during an attack. As Cathy does in the video we will attempt to diffuse a situation with humor, with discussion/negotiation, by standing our ground as calmly as possible. Later, in a safe space we may have the luxury of permitting ourselves the vulnerability of tears etc.

      • doublevez Says:

        That was one very stressful vid to watch. I could not do it in one go, and I kept wanting to reach out and grab Cathy out of there. Absolutely right about tears Gallus. Be tough, because you are, When you are alone, cry. Don’t try to stop it. It’s very useful. You will feel a renewal after. We’re the only animal that cries. Don’t doubt it’s there for a reason.

  29. get rid of gender Says:

    I also really wonder how fun & liberating all this sexual play is going to seem to young women in a few years time when, quite possibly with the way things are going, they will no longer have access to safe methods of contraception and abortion. I think perhaps at that point, when their male partners are making the same demands as always & pooh-poohing their constant fear of pregnancy, they might start to re-think just how ‘liberated’ they are.

    Biological sex might not seem so irrelevant then. Indeed, they might even realise (to their horror) that Cathy Brennan and many others have been speaking sense all this time.

    Also: wow the undisguised and unashamed levels of lesbian-hatred exhibited at this ‘Dyke March’ are unbelievable. Lesbians are not sexually attracted to biological males. Lesbians do not like cock. Lesbian is not a word anyone can purchase in a shopping mall to put on and take off as they please. Deal with it, lesbophobes. Otherwise I’m sure the religious right has many openings for you and your bigotry.

    Also: go tell a gay man he has to like vagina as well as cock. See how far you get.

    • Adrian Says:

      I wonder that about the “sex positive” movements all the time myself too. Everyone being so “daring” by baring it all, never seeming to realize they’re just playing into the same old same old tropes.

      As for the words, the entire concept that words mean something by consensus of the general populace is just completely alien to these people – just read their writings, everything is about redefining this or that, packed with academic jargon. You can hear it in the screaming in this video too, the talk of “validation,” the accusation that Cathy Brennan is trying to “remove language from the conversation.”

      So yeah, I want to be a tomato? Boom, I AM! Inside!!!

      • get rid of gender Says:

        I could be wrong, but I suspect that a lot of the arguments these trans & genderqueer activists are using are actually very mangled and distorted versions of ideas put forward in a book called “In a Queer Time and Place: Transgender Bodies, Subcultural Lives” (2005) by Judith Halberstam. I’d look to that book, and what has come after it, to see what theories these activists are actually working with, rather than Judith Butler whose work is 20 years old now. (Notwithstanding the mention of Butler in the video).

      • hearthrising Says:

        Thank you grog.

    • A gay man on Tumblr (who is transcritical) receives death threats from the trans cult for speaking out for gay males who are harassed by the trans. Search Gay-Not-Queer.

    • ethicalequinox Says:

      They call themselves holes?? What the fuck?

      Do they have ANY understanding of feminist history at all?

      Oh stupid me, of course not! You can’t train yourself to have an orgasm from reading history books…

      • RoseVerbena Says:

        Yep. Can you say “porn-sick”?


        New flash jendah twits: I AN NOT A FARKING HOLE.

        Oh, and while we’re on the subject, jenda twits: Lesbians are not interested in having sex with men aka males aka “trans women”.

        Someone needs to buy these kids a clue, y’all.

  30. Nicky Says:

    Good Grief, I feel so sorry for every woman that had to put up with every genderqueer and every transwhactavist. Every women in that march has my sympathies for putting up with the whackjobs from the trans and genderqueer community. They should not be tolerating this and this video should be made public to show how badly trans people are in bullying, intimidating and threatening people. What trans are doing to Cathy is nothing more than harassing, bullying, threatening and intimidating her and people in general should not be tolerating it. I am not surprise, that Cathy didn’t press charges on them and using the video as evidence in court.

  31. […] Full Video: NYC Dyke March 2012 Transgender Attack on Lesbian Feminist Cathy Brennan (gendertrender.wordpress.com) Share this:PrintEmailTwitterFacebookStumbleUponRedditDiggTumblrLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. […]

    • This was truly funny. These trans are so used to denying truth and reality, and having everyone believe them about the trans playact, they figure they can deny truth and reality about everything else.

      *Shame* about the BLOODY EVIDENCE.

  32. RoseVerbena Says:

    @DavinaSquirrel: “…Big ol’ mindfuck.”

    EXACTLY. I want a huge banner to carry at the next Dyke March:

    “Trans” = Mindfuck.

    Do you damnest, whacktivists, I don’t care. Your mindfuck doesn’t work on people with normal brains. We see right through ALL of your bullshit.

  33. padawanrfboy Says:

    Here is the mindfuck for me, This is all about violence and men, and at a Dyke March! Please bear with me, I’m a teenage boy, and my wording and concepts may not be the best. I’m gonna put trans stuff aside and just call it like it is. So you have this man yelling at Cathy, cornered against a bench, and with such male body language, like try and intimidate much! That person should be shamed and embarrased to call themselves a man let alone a “Woman” to behave as such at a safe space for Women is disgusting and does his cause no good! There are avenues and places to address issues, this was certainly not the place! But the real mindfuck for me was how his violent and aggresive attitude, brought out violent thoughts in me, in a different way, In my mind while watching the video, I was standing behind Cathy, arms crossed and glaring that dude down, just an unconscious thought, but protective patriarchal bullshit! So here we have Cathy Brennan being attacked from one front, being protected from another, could she be surrounded with more male horseshit! I think not! So anyone who doesn’t think that trans activism and their attacks and attempts to invade the lesbian community doesn’t reinforce patriarchal constructs, they are living in lala land!


    • RoseVerbena Says:

      Thanks, Eddie. Very well said. I wanted to be there wearing a scowl and holding nunchucks under my arm in order to protect her, too, and I’m a partially disabled 56-year-old woman whose martial arts studies are about 25 years behind her!

      Situations like that bring out protective instincts in lots of folks. It’s really too bad that the “trans” whacktivist fringe and their twinkly handmaidens don’t have the emotional intelligence to see how threatening and offensive their behavior has become.

  34. Jen Says:

    I’m so upset by this. I don’t understand how these people could consider this a “conversation.” It is an attack. It is a violent attack on a female, a lesbian, who is daring to have a voice in this community. Who is guilty of the “heinous” crime of defining herself as a female based on her genuine female experiences.

    Also, for the record, hearing “trans clit” made me ill.

    • RoseVerbena Says:

      I can’t stand any of their porn-sick blogs or the porn-sick language they use to describe their body parts.

      I also keep wondering when the medical and psychological associations that train, license and supposedly supervise the “experts” who are enabling these nut-bags are going to wake up and see for themselves the Franken-creatures they have been ruthlessly inflicting on women in general and especially on lesbians.

      HELLO? Where are the Ethical Review Boards on this? Hmmm?

  35. Young Teezy Says:

    Oh wow GM, I need to stay away from all this. Or at least not write when I am mad, one of the two. I sent a little love letter to Captain Hat, I thought I would post it here for your amusement. Take care.

    I’d miss-gender you, but all you are is just a bipedal trash heap. Calling you anything else would be an insult to actual human beings.
    TRIGGER WARNING: you suck
    As a person desperately at the gym trying to get into any kind of physical shape to transition, I CAN NOT BELIEVE you’ve got your head so far up your own ass you can’t see that YOU PROVE ANDREA DWORKIN RIGHT!!! You went to a march for dikes and you shit all over everything. NO RESPECT! No respect for women that didn’t have to be transmogrified. The loser with the blowjob sign cries about being harassed, give me a break. It was a joke, moron, but you’re so thin skinned and pathetic you can’t even grasp the concept of that. You are really tough when you got your whole crew against one person aren’t you? OH WOW I’m scared of you.
    As far as the public relations department, you do a shittier job than Shinra’s Turks, and you need to be fired POST HASTE! Is this what a Trans inclusive Michfest would look like? Would you crowd around and yell at lesbians there too? I’ll never go, save you from being punched. I’d wear a real fancy dress just for the occasion, then mail Cathy your hat. That’s not a threat mind you, because it WILL NEVER HAPPEN viva women born women.
    None of you together made a pimple on Bug Breenan’s left ass cheek. You didn’t think she had the PERSONAL INTEGRITY to tell you how she feels to your face. You thought she’d cave because of superior numbers right? You thought you could shout her down? That’s awful big of you. And EVERY PONY knows “CIS” isn’t a REAL word, and not one you can just cram down someone’s throat. I don’t agree with everything she says, far from it, but you made her look like she cries 100 karat gold tears. My little heart bleeds for everyone she’s “ outted”. The soundtrack of my sympathy is:
    1. Sound of Madness by Shinedown.
    2. Step up by Drowning Pool
    3. Pawn by Epic LLyod
    The kind of battle she’s fighting goes back to the beginning of time. I hate to tell you, but there is no right to ownership clause for Trans people in the old testament. There is in Genesis for women born with uteruses! But we can’t all get on board with the program now and fight about who is or isn’t a woman later OH NO we’re more important, we’ve got to do this thing! Screw this anti-patriarchy stuff.
    The Matriarchy’s butch lesbian police squad is going to come to your house and “morally mandate” you, in your dream, which is not the world we live in. Wake the fuck up.
    We are going to win hearts, minds, and acceptance with bullying and intimidation. I can see it now. You braying jack ass. You complete obnoxious loathsome tool. You need to get out of that echo chamber you are in, breathe some fresh air, and realize the world doesn’t owe you a god damn thing.
    Lastly, I wanted to share a link with you I got from Lucille Sorella, http://www.voicefeminization.com/, for that hideous caterwauling you’re calling for feminine voice.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Fuckin A!!! Ammirite?
      lol @ Captain Hat.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Urrite! – is that a thing? Is that a word? Okay, I’m done trying to be hip. It’ll never happen anyway.

    • GallusMag Says:

      LMAO @ “TRIGGER WARNING: You Suck.”

    • GallusMag Says:

      Teezy we don’t always agree but you have a way of cutting through the bullshit that always makes me smile. Good to see you.

    • Although for the record, I do not approve of even the implied threat.

      These nutters are going off the rails, and fast. We need to show the world it is not a case of ‘two factions’ in conflict, but for what it is, entitled male assholes encroaching in our spaces – bullying in other words.

      And I reckon that 99.9% of the world would ‘misgender’ AllyHat, the only 0.01% exception being his genderqueer mates. He is completely delusional, he writes an entire post about how he was ‘the woman Cathy Brennan sexually harassed’, then in the comments (now gone) denies he was there or in the video. Whackjob.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Yup. Captain Hat (or as I like to call him, Allyson Clarke) is a total nutjob.
        However, absent our friend Young Teezy’s critique Mr. Hat seems to be well supported by his fellow transjactivists, and therefore an accepted representative for trans activism. I mean hell, Tess Yardney of the Leeway Foundation was there backing him up as well as many other upstanding social justice activists.

      • Which one was Tess Yardney, and is TY in the video?

      • GallusMag Says:

        Tess Yardney is the woman who posted a pic of lesbian feminist Cathy Brennan at NYC Dyke March 2012 saying “This is NOT my sister”. She helped surround Cathy during the attack- she stands to the left of “unknown restaurant stalker”. She represents the Leeway Foundation and also works for the Evil Twin Booking Agency. She has a blog here: http://www.t355.Wordpress.com

      • GallusMag Says:

        As always, this info is public and publicized by Tess Yardney. GenderTrender does not and has never posted private information, private emails or info from private facebooks or groups.

  36. Young Teezy Says:

    “I’m a rugged individualist who doesn’t carry water for NOBODY,” says the chubby anti-social recluse typing at his laptop. Thanks again GM. I try to go by the definition of tolerance, that way I can give my respect and admiration to the people I feel earn it regardless of viewpoint. Like you and Cathy.
    And yeah, my bad with the punch thing. I’m at the local mental health center trying to sort out my issues (although it’s been said many times here that’s part of the problem). I’ve never actually done that to anyone, don’t think I could stomach the outcome, but you know the whole ingrained male violence socialization thing. See asshole, see red. It is a real gas.

  37. delphyne Says:

    We really need to stop calling men women. It only allows them into our spaces and gives assholes like TinyBlackHat the opportunity to harass and intimidate women.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I use the word women to refer to adult females. But some women (:P) feel the term refers to the cluster of jender stereotypes applied to females and are detached from the term. Will I keep calling adult females women? Yes. Will I call males women? No. Do I disrespect the feminists that use “women” as a gender term instead of a term for adult females? No. I get their point and respect their view. Some of the most bad-ass radfems evah reject the term “women”. I don’t but hey I respect the thinking of my bad-ass sisters that do. I find it really tiresome that we all have to agree on every fucking point (not that you are saying that delphyne).

      • doublevez Says:

        Unfortunately some decisions such as who works at shelters will be legally argued on “common use.”

      • delphyne Says:

        If they reject the term women then they can’t be part of the women’s movement and fight for women’s rights. It’s basic logic.
        If women weren’t calling these women men, Cathy could say what happened to her was that a man intimidated and harassed her at the Dyke March and he was given a welcome by some women. The Gender Police have taken away our language though, so we can’t describe our experiences.
        I’m not really talking about respect, I’m talking about political strategy. At the moment we’re allowing our enemies to even dictate our language about ourselves. It’s extraordinary.

    • Nicky Says:

      I totally agree with you on that one. We really need to stop denying science and stop calling men women. It’s misgendering and quite frankly rude to women. I also think trans need to stop calling themselves intersex because it just gives then the excuse to invade intersex people’s spaces

      • doublevez Says:

        Nicky have I told you how much I appreciate your voice? 🙂

      • delphyne Says:

        You’re right. It’s misgendering. The real kind. Thanks for pointing it out.

      • audaxille Says:

        Absolutely agree. A ‘woman’ is “an adult female person” and that kind of excludes the male born who mostly don’t fit into the category of “intermediate sexual characteristics” either [Merriam Webster]. Healthy male bodies with unhealthy heads being extremely rude to the rest of us. I wonder why…..

        I’ve started referring to ‘transwomen’ as “non-cis”. Not that I’m in the least bit ok with them labelling *me* “cis” – it’s a term I vehemently oppose – but if that’s the new male defined word for ‘woman’, they’re still not it.

  38. padawanrfboy Says:

    @RoseVerbena Thank you very much Rose, and this whole situation has really opened my eyes! You know you read stuff and it affects you, but when you actually see it manifest itself it really brings things home! I made a little something, thought maybe some people might have fun filling in the banner, check out the pic and you will get what I mean,

    Anyways, thank you for replying, this was the first comment where I have really given my opinion and I was a little nervous about it. 🙂 Eddie

    I made this as a reply to Rose, but I couldn’t make it post? How do you post a reply?

    • RoseVerbena Says:

      Hey there, I’m glad you posted. Thanks for the super-cool template. I’m going to play with it in Paint tomorrow and see what I can do. ;0)

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Just click on the “Reply” below each comment, and the comment box will open for you. When you’re done replying and click “post comment,” your reply will automatically appear under the post you were replying to. Easy! And thanks for your post, Padawanrfboy. It was wonderful.

  39. cherryblossomlife Says:

    Cathy completely held her own. She was brilliant, and managed to remain calm despite having to deal with transwomen physically intimidating her. I\’m glad she told them she rejects the term \”cis\”. I too reject it, I reject ALL of their phony language.

  40. […] Brennan at the NYC Dyke March 2012. Enjoy more insatanity from the psychotic Allyson Clarke’s flappin’ gums and lyin’ […]

  41. Darcie Says:

    “cis” = stepford and if tranz decide for Cathy Brennan that they are going to have a conversation, she’s just expected to stand quietly, plaster a stepford smile on her face and agree with everything they say, and if she doesn’t she’s “invalidating” them. We’re just supposed to validate delusional thinking. If that isn’t the role women have been forced into for centuries, what is? These people have been validated all their lives. They got trophies whether they won or lost,”they are all winners just for playing the game” and it seems none of them were ever told they were wrong or told no, and they’ve never had to sit in a corner and pout without being coddled and just had to accept that they were wrong or that they lost and get over it and move on. We are not “cis” you’re wrong, get over it and move on. We are not required to agree with tranz thinking nor are we required to be silent about our thoughts on the subject, get over it and move on. We are not required to act on your behalf or be your personal posse of adoring sycophants. Cathy Brennan is not responsible for male violence, melting icecaps or sunspots (tranzmoon polkadots). We are here, we are not holes we are FABulous DON’T FUCK WITH US.

    Thank you Cathy, for standing up for females

  42. RoseVerbena Says:

    I just tried something that was fascinating. Watch this video with the sound off, and tell me what you see.

    • DaveSquirrel Says:

      oh yes, I already had noticed all the body language stuff anyway – including in the video Hammer posted.

      CB and chub-rub have similar hand gestures, both female.
      AllyHat and Hammer both have aggressive, dominating male hand gestures. I guess they didn’t teach that in Fake Woman School? LOL

    • padawanrfboy Says:

      Yup, interesting…. the body language, I recognize it, it’s me as a kid, other boys, on the playground, playing Hockey, various avenues, but it was our childish male behaviour when we didn’t get our way, or maybe losing a game or whatever. The tensing up, blocking out rational thought ( not that I knew I was blocking out “rational thought” at the time, but you get what I mean) just attacking! It’s how we dealt with certain situations, you don’t think, you just get aggressive and yell. Some of us outgrow it some of us don’t. Anyway’s Captain Hat is the epitome of a little boy on the playground not getting his way, and reacting as males always have! He is literally confronting Cathy Brennan, like the man he is biologically. I think it’s pretty obvious, Captain Hat is just a boy on the playground, not getting his way, and attacking through the selfish and aggressive ways he has always known.

      • RoseVerbena Says:

        Ass-Hat very much has the posture and body language of an immature MALE who is outraged that the wimmins are not showing his MALE self proper deference.

        LOL Dude you are SO busted.

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