“Captain Hat” Allyson Clarke is an Insane Asshole and a Liar

June 30, 2012

More footage of the transgender attack on lesbian feminist activist Cathy Brennan at the NYC Dyke March 2012. Enjoy more insatanity from the psychotic Allyson Clarke’s flappin’ gums and lyin’ ass:



UPDATE: The YouTube has apparently been set to private but you may watch it HERE:  https://vimeo.com/45093846


40 Responses to ““Captain Hat” Allyson Clarke is an Insane Asshole and a Liar”

  1. bugbrennan Says:

    Two words: farmer’s tan.

  2. BlueLotus Says:

    Straight males like Allyson Clarke have been brought up with such privilege to not even question the implications of appropriating lesbianism for themselves. It seems nothing more than a me me me attitude, if women can be lesbians why can’t I!?

    They enclose upon Cathy and shake their fists upon her as Allyson’s harsh aggressive voice (very much not female) can’t comprehend a woman holding an opposing opinion of which doesn’t buy into their delusion.

    To state they weren’t even there, a lame cop out if I ever saw one, either they hold some remorse without admission or a full fledged coward who can’t even stand up to their own actions.

    Let me add that Allyson will never be a lesbian and lacks any of the soul and energy of females and sticks out as a complete predator.

    • RoseVerbena Says:

      Definitely predator energy there — which apparently he blames on his “feisty” mother, poor dear.

    • Elin Says:

      “It seems nothing more than a me me me attitude, if women can be lesbians why can’t I!?”

      True but this can not just merely be accounted on privilege. It is also because of the USA/NYC pomo “individual choosy choices” culture. In Europe trans are more likely to recognize themselves (and lesbians, etc.) as a separate *class* of people. Where the class has boundaries, based on (half-witted theories about) biology but also on lived experiences.

      It works both ways, like lesbians do not have transition operations, so if you ever had one, you are not really (or only) a lesbian, because if that *would make you* belong to the class of “lesbian”, at least a great majority of lesbians should also have had transition operations – and they haven’t. So because of this “addition” you must be something else.
      But in pomo only the current time is considered or so it seems.

      • Adrian Says:

        Various places have a similar thing where people can transition or just identify as trans* and they call themselves a separate group, third genders, or openly just “trans*” or whatever it is, and it seems that they too are accepted and there isn’t this strife.

        I suspect it’s because they are not insisting to be called “women” and horn in on another group, they are saying “here we are, accept us for us.” They are not saying “I am a woman (or better yet, “female!”) EXACTLY like you yes yes yes I am and therefore my voice should be listened to when we are talking about specifically women’s oppression.”

        Funny thing is so many people even in the pomo US will point to those various groups around the world as “evidence” to say that being trans* isn’t any sort of new thing (and they’ll bring in those half-witted biology theories you mention too, on occasion) but completely fail to realize that their audience never did have a problem with any of those people – the offensive behavior is claiming membership in the class of “born women,” not anything at all to do with “transitioning” per se.

  3. DaveSquirrel Says:

    LOL, it’s true!
    Although I do like to call him AllyHat! Captain Hat is way too respectful or something.

    I meant to document it too, the lying so-and-so.

    The main point is they are so used to people believing their other whoppers, that they (assume) people will believe anything.

    AllyHat is an unsane lying moron, as to his followers that deem him ‘the most conciliary’ twanzjacktivist. LOLOLOL Fairytale bullshit.

  4. DaveSquirrel Says:

    I really think that THIS meme is the accurate take:

  5. Young Teezy Says:

    Every time that colossal nerd tells Cathy he’s a lesbian I just (HRRRRK), excuse me, I mean I just (URGGHK)….Whew! I know how irritated you get when folks piss all over your blog, I should probably take my happy ass back to Magical Unicorn Land before I vomit all over it.
    On the bright side, this might just be the “hat heard round the world” for your movement. Looks like the strategy of letting fools open mouth and insert foot pays dividends after all.

  6. ethicalequinox Says:

    I’ll bet the little shit doesn’t even have the sense to be embarrassed by this.

  7. Adrian Says:

    I don’t see how Captain Hat can possibly think he’s passing, in any way shape or form. It’s not just that he’s aggressive (and assholish) – it’s the WAY he’s doing it. “Dudebro,” quite frankly.

    Meanwhile Cathy Brennan is beautiful.

    The discussion going on in the right earphone when listening to this is interesting – there’s discussion of outing that kid who was harassing on the internet, for one.

  8. I can’t help but notice that as a white male he has been born into the most privileged class on earth. Judging by his camp, effeminate behaviour I’ve no doubt he’s gay, which earns him a few oppression points I guess, but being male and white and American far outweighs anything else and he cannot BELIEVE, simply cannot BELIEVE, that a mere women is DARING to question him. PRivileged little asshole.

  9. RoseVerbena Says:

    WTW?! Is straight male “trans” asshole with ugly-ass hat now denying that he was even there?


    • WTW? He’s straight?
      As in Straight, White, Male?
      Okay, that earns him ZERO oppression points.( Sorry, no points for being a geek Allyson.)

      It’s pretty obvious why he’s flabbergasted that a female OF ALL THINGS would DARE question his worldview.

  10. feral opera company Says:

    Since these people are likely to remove the video if it causes them credibility problems, I suggest that everyone download a copy, using YouTube downloader or similar. I’d offer to do this, but my CPU is at 100% when I use youtube, so I won’t be doing any downloading until I solve the problem.

  11. weirdward Says:

    [previously get rid of gender – wanted a better name so I consulted the Wickedary]

    I also decided to see what Mary Daly had to say about this particular inhabitant of the foreground, and indeed Hatty, she has your number:

    [From the Wickedary]:

    Prig: ‘Thief, Pilferer’ – a snool who steals women’s words, ideas, and energy, foppishly displaying these as his own.

    And a final comment – in these stills, I love that you can literally see a vein popping out in anger from Mr Hat’s thick, manly neck. Exhibit A of the blind fury that happens when men meet a woman who doesn’t submit to their bullshit.

  12. Feuerwerferin Says:

    “Because of systems like this transwomen[sic] are getting killed.”

    So men kill the trans because they don’t believe that they are women and feel fooled by them. BUT if lesbians (and other women) believed that trans”women” are women, then men would also believe that these men are women and stop to kill them. 😀 Because women control men’s thoughts and actions 😉
    😀 Stupid, stupid, stupid.
    As if men listened to women in the first place. *shakes head*

  13. RQ Says:

    Brennan handled this much better than I would have. If that dude yelled ‘I’m a lesbian!’ at me I’d certainly not have humored him.

    • Which is what it all boils down to, really. Whether women are willing to humor them or not.

      • But I’D say to anyone that if you ever have a white heterosexual male (or any male for that matter) screaming and waving his hands in your face, the only safe option is to humor them. It’s not just their sense of entitlement they carry with them, it’s the power of the CLASS they belong to. And they’re not afraid of using those powers over women who cross them.

  14. Nicky Says:

    WTF. He’s saying he wasn’t their, but their is videos showing that he was their. It seems to me he’s engaging in double-speak. It clearly shows how delusional trans and genderqueer community can be. If he tried that in court and and under oath, he would be caught lying big time and in legal speak perjuring himself.

    • michelle Says:

      “If he tried that in court and and under oath, he would be caught lying big time and in legal speak perjuring himself.”

      but of course you know they would next be screaming about how ‘transphobic’ the justice system was for pointing out the perjured testimony…things like that just aren’t supposed to happen in magical unicorn land where reality is whatever they invent that day.

      They want their fifteen minutes and then turn around to use the re-living of those same fifteen minutes to assert the ‘persecution’ of them for their deluded belief system. Captain Hat will never live down his personal fifteen minutes. Asshats gonna asshat…and that video is proof into perpetuity…

      • Nicky Says:

        It just goes shows how delusional the trans and gender queer community. They want society to accept their delusions but you know it ain’t gona happen in anyone’s lifetime.

  15. Nicky Says:

    Reblogged this on Living Kallmann's Syndrome and commented:
    Classisc example of how how insane and delusional the Trans and gender queer community can be. It just makes me wonder why any sane intersex person would want to enable their mentally ill delusions. Judging by the video, this so called Allyson Clarke is not claiming he wasn’t their, but the video shows he was. It seems to me Allyson Clarke is engaging in double-speak.

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  20. Ida is cute, in an attractive male way. They need to rein in their obvious aspergers though.

  21. smash Says:

    The video is now private.

  22. andrada Says:

    who the hell would sexually harass him ?

  23. luckynkl Says:

    Personally, I don’t find anyone in these videos cute, but lol, that little nerdy dude looks like he could be knocked over with a feather. I don’t know why anyone would find him intimidating. But then again, I don’t know why anyone would waste their time talking to folks who are obviously a few french fries short of a Happy Meal. I know, I know, it’s fun to tease the animals, but Bellevue was only a short distance away if you really wanted to get some kicks talking to the insane. I wonder if they escaped from there?

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