Chopping off breasts of healthy young women: It’s a Living

July 2, 2012

Dr Michael Brownstein retires, sells his practice to another up-and-coming butcher of women, lesbians and girls:

13 Responses to “Chopping off breasts of healthy young women: It’s a Living”

  1. Some Fella Says:

    Wow, these guys could be saving lives with their kind of skills, but instead they chose to cut off healthy breasts.

    And what’s up with that chair at 35 seconds? Is that the “wacky chair”?

  2. Bev Jo Says:

    How horrible to think of the pleasure these disgusting men get at mutilating women’s bodies. But, like with other medical travesties, it’s about the money. Cutting up women is a bonus.

  3. FeistyAmazon Says:

    These guys should be exposed for the physical/genital mutilators they are! I wonder how many Butches I’ve known they’ve chopped off their breasts? Sometimes I can’t even stand to go to SF, cuz I’m afraid to see one more Butch I know with a flat chest announcing how proud she is now to be or becoming a ‘dude’!

    DISGUSTING! Getting rich off the Butch Dyke community. STraight pricks taking advantage of us! And teaching Butches to hate themselves and to want to become ‘male’! The bottom surgery doesn’t work period, which is why so few modern day FTM’s do it, and live in a limbo state, somewhere between male appearing with female genitals. “Hope to see you!” What a fucking asshole! Two fucking assholes!

  4. RoseVerbena Says:

    Horrifying unethical monstrous behavior.

  5. DaveSquirrel Says:


    Hi, my name is Dr Frankenstein, some of you may already know me as the butcher of California.

    For the last 35 years I have been performing butcherous and unnecessary surgeries on female patients.

    After 35 years, I checked my bank balance, and yep, I have all the money in the world and my private island in the Bahamas, so now it’s time to cash in and retire.

    You can see how totally unsane and narcissistic I am by the hideous large orange chair that I have in my office. If that doesn’t freak the patients out, I dunno what will.

    I have managed to con TNG (the next generation) my surrogate son into continuing the exploitation of vulnerable females.

    TNG: Thank you Dr Frankenstein, your practise looks to be the goldmine that I have been looking for. I too fancy my own private little island in the Bahamas.

    TNG: Very early on I saw trans surgery as lucrative and a real money spinner.

    TNG: I trained at some really dodgy places like Bangkok and Serbia, not exactly known for their human rights, so a great place to exploit poor people and experiment on them.

    Dr Frankenstein: Now you have met TNG. As part of the practise sale, I included the GoodWill of the business, which was way over the top and ripped off TNG (hee hee hee), and this is why I am doing this video. I also managed to write into the contract a percentage of future sales, so I have to protect my pocket money.

    So the name of the practise will be: Frankenstein TNG Butchering Services.

    I’d like to take this opportunity to show you what a misogynist I am, by showing you some very dodgy metalic sculpture of a female. Of course I hate females, that is why I mutilate them. Even I am perplexed by the teddybear.

    I would like to thank all the suckers for giving me money over the last 35 years. Here is another shot of the dodgy metalic sculpture if you really didn’t get how much I hate women.

    I would like to thank my probably poorly paid female office staff, while I raked in The Big Bucks. I would like to thank my HouseSlave for working for nothing, of course I will hook up with newer younger wifey when I get to my island in the Bahamas.

    So thanks again, and you suckers, keep that money rolling in!

    • GallusMag Says:

      SO freaking dead on. Jesus.
      Thanks Dave.

      • DaveSquirrel Says:

        It is how I heard what he was saying.

        It’s a bit bloody obvious that Dr Frankenstein has an ongoing profit-share out of the deal, which is the primary reason for the video – I since thought about the Goodwill portion, that alone would not be motivation to make the video.

        The chair is disturbing, the size points to an ego way out of control, as well as the colour being a very attention-seeking personality. It’s a hideous orange throne. He thinks he is gawd, and he really doesn’t want anyone to miss that.

        But even more disturbing is that hideous metalic ‘woman’ sculpture thing. Ironic that the breasts are over-sized and unnatural, considering he is in the business of chopping them off. Whatever, he really does not see women as human, only “things”.

  6. DM Says:

    Check out the robot-with-big-boobs sculpture next to the stairway at about 2:34. Creepy. (And the whole subject/video is creepy.)

  7. LJ Says:

    I really hate seeing the chest scars that this surgery causes (it makes me feel ill) and I hate the thought of any female with healthy breasts getting them removed. Given “bottom” surgery for women is not really available or successful, in a way I think this makes many FtMs focus on the “top” surgery as critical and perhaps makes females more eager to get this done. Personally I just see this surgery as mutilation of females. There is, in my view, a lie out there that says transitioning FtM is possible by removing the breasts yet retaining the vagina and with no attempt to create a penis. I’m not saying I want them to get better at mutilating vaginas into penises, but the result we get at the moment is a person who has had her healthy breasts removed but does not have a penis and yet has a vagina. This is a mutilated female. It doesn’t make someone a man and I just think the whole thing is very sad.

  8. 00000 Says:

    It’s these women’s bodies, they can do what they want with them. You people are the monsters. Guess what? They’re breasts weren’t created for you 🙂

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Right, we’re monsters for caring that so many young women are undergoing unnecessary and irreversible surgery because they’re buying into what is at best a deeply flawed belief system and at worst the latest trend. Got it. The atrocious spelling error in your last sentence speaks volumes about your intellect, or the lack thereof. Now shoo.

      • mieprowan Says:

        I have unusually large breasts and always hated them because they attract creepy hostile guys with mommy issues, and they’re heavy.

        It’s only since I started hanging out with radfems that I’ve been able to let go of that, and be proud of my fertility goddess body.

        That’s huge for me. That is such a gift. Thank you all so much.

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