WPATH President-Elect Jamison Green Calls For Lesbian Bookburning

July 2, 2012

WPATH President Jamison Green

Gender, the social convention that assigns various characteristics (behavioral, psychological, cultural) to humans based on biological reproduction, is a very interesting topic. Heck, it’s so interesting that you’re spending your valuable time reading a blog about it right now. Gender is the cultural expression of male domination and female subordination.

Lots of people want to talk about gender, including the modern practice of “trans”gender, which is the belief that medical and surgical treatments should be used to enforce conformity to the social tradition.

Transgenderism was invented by patriarchal medical and psychological institutions as an “escape valve” for individuals who might otherwise rebel against gender, and also as a lifestyle option for males who become sexually aroused embodying female subordination. This “escape valve” prevents strain on the cultural expression of male supremacy by siphoning off and channeling subversives into an alternate version of conformity enforcement.

Throughout human history there have been individuals – especially females- that have tried to escape the social conventions of male supremacy by disguising their biology and conforming to the cultural traditions of the opposite sex. (Any plan of actually challenging the male-dominant reproductive hierarchy itself would have been a suicide mission.)

The first female physicians disguised themselves as male and practiced medicine long before the first woman was permitted to do so openly by the male overlords. Medics in the US revolutionary and civil wars discovered hundreds of soldiers who were females disguised as males. “Passing” as the opposite sex through conformity to sex-based cultural traditions is nothing new. But some things have changed. Big things. Like the right of females to own property in many areas of the world. The right of females to vote in many areas of the world.

Hai. If we keep doing this can we vote?

Females have only been permitted to enter the workforce in the last 50 years. I mean fucking think about that. Very few females had ANY source of income – even part time-  in the 1950’s. More than 2/3 of the female citizens in the US were fully owned and operated by male overlords. And many women still are, both in the “western” world and elsewhere. We have not even BEGUN to fight. (You can shove that whole .83 cents on the dollar meme bullshit up your white male western ass.) And OH MY GOD birth control?!? The right of females to DECLINE lifetime servitude as reproductive hosts to those who cannot birth offspring (ie males) ?!? ALSO only fifty years old. For the first time in the history of the world females have the right to refuse. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. Holy shit. Revolution. Rebellion.

Where was I? Oh yes, the cultural expression of male domination and female subordination, or as I like to call it, “Gender”. Into the current revolutionary and rapidly accelerating war against male supremacy is introduced, by male power structures, a new version of conformity enforcement: Transgenderism.

The foundation of transgenderism is the wholly unscientific belief that human reproductive structures cause or contain (through an unspecified mechanism) the social behaviors of male domination and female subordination.

[*If any new readers are not following me here, go back and watch the video linked to in the first paragraph of this article.]

AND that nonconformity of such behavioral, psychological and intellectual traits constitute a defect.

AND that the clusters of behaviors traits and emotions that we call gender are native, natural innate artifacts of the human condition,

AND therefore the TRADITION of male domination and female subjugation is innate, natural, organic and healthy.

As lesbian feminist Sheila Jeffreys once stated succinctly : “…in order to support  transgenderism , gender has to be supported. So the subordination of women has to be supported in order for transgenderism to be supported.”

The transgender movement began as an answer to the women’s liberation movement, specifically the historic leaps forward in economic independence and reproductive freedom spurred by the so-called “second wave” of feminism, and also –notably- as a response to the homosexual liberation movement (the political psychiatric diagnosis of “Gender Identity Disorder” was inserted into the DSM as a replacement for homosexuality when homosexuality was de-pathologized ). The purpose of the transgender movement is the preservation of the cultural tradition of the continual, pervasive, social expression of male supremacy and female subordination (“gender”).

Transgenderism is a patriarchal conservative “trojan horse”. It forces it’s adherents to vigorously uphold and enforce the very traditions that it’s practice offers a tiny modicum of freedom from.  Without supporting those traditions, there IS NO state-sanctioned or cultural measure of escape. Their “escape“ from gender is dependent on supporting the sex hierarchy they are transitioning within. One has no pressing need to be “treated like” an impregnator or “treated like” an impregnable human if both are treated the same.

Now that patriarchal institutions support practitioners like Dr Norman Spack and Dr Jo Olson in chemically halting the maturation of children with “puberty blockers” followed by sterilization via cross-sex hormone regimes, we are effectively witnessing the rebirth of the practice of eugenics. “Sex-role corrective” eugenics in it’s current iteration, with predominately lesbian and gay children as the primary target. (The vast majority of children diagnosed with “Gender Identity Disorder” go on to mature into healthy well-adjusted lesbians and gays if left medically “untreated”.)

These are HUGE issues. HUGE recent social trends incredibly ripe for discussion, research, and analysis. Feminists, Gays and Lesbians, cultural observers, sociologists, sexologists, anthropologists, psychologists, researchers, academics, artists, etc. all want to talk freely about gender.

The transgender movement is also the first “social justice” movement whose platform is based on maintaining and contributing to the oppression of women, lesbians and gays.

The transgender movement demands the “right” to LIMIT THE FREEDOM of women, lesbians and gays.

Those whose liberation is being undermined by the transgender movement have a right and an obligation to critique it.

Nowhere is the impact of the transgender movement felt more acutely than in the lesbian community, as sex-role non-compliant butch dykes are continually pressured to “correct” their noncompliance, as male activists target, surround, and accost lesbians at Dyke Marches, and hold male-only closed seminars at Planned Parenthood to strategize “cures” for lesbians of their distaste for sex with males. Male activists post screeds on mainstream feminist sites demanding that female same-sex attraction “must be stopped”. Mainstream trans activists liken Lesbians to insects and vermin for rejecting sex with males. Transgender activists publicly, openly threaten Feminist conferences with firebombs. Officials from LGBT organizations publish their intention to crack open lesbians skulls with a Louisville Slugger and run over them with their cars. As a patriarchal social movement based on oppression of females and homosexuals the transgender movement has responded to critique with violence.

And now, bookburning.

Jamison Green: author, activist, “ex-lesbian”and the President-elect of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health is calling on the publishing industry to pre-reject unread Lesbian and Feminist manuscripts if authored by lesbians with a public history of critiquing “gender”. I’ll let you read Green’s words for yourself (all misspellings and grammatical errors are as published by Green and co-author Dallas Denny):

7 June, 2012

Office of the CEO

Taylor & Francis

711 Third Avenue

New York, NY 10017

Dear madams and sirs:

We are writing out of concern about the impending publication of Sheila Jeffreys’ and Lorene Gottshalk’s book Gender Hurts: A Feminist Analysis of the Politics of Transgenderism by Routledge Press.

It is highly usual for either of us to react to a book before it is published, but in this case we fear the publication itself will be a political act with grave consequences for transsexuals and transsexualism—and so we are writing.

Ms. Denny is the author of two books by Garland Press (now a division of Routledge, which is itself a division of Taylor & Francis), Gender Dysphoria: A Guide to Research (1994) and Current Concepts in Transgender Identity (1998). She held a license to practice psychology for many years, until she retired it.  Dr. Green is the author of Becoming a Visible Man (Vanderbilt University Press, 2004), and several chapters in Routledge academic anthologies.

Dr. Jeffrey’s writings about transsexualism have to date been highly political, based in opinion paraded as fact, and she has repeatedly said and written false and slanderous things about transsexualism in general and individual transsexual people in particular. She champions “solutions” which would make the well-established process of sex reassignment illegal. Her writing has, in the opinion of many people, clearly and repeatedly crossed the line into hate speech. She is, quite simply, on a vendetta.

Just last week she was barred from Conway Hall, the venue for the RadFem 2012 conference, on the grounds of fostering hatred and active discrimination.

In 1979 Beacon Press published feminist Janice Raymond’s The Transsexual Empire: The Making of the She-Male.  Based upon her 1977 dissertation at Boston College, the work was a polemic thinly disguised as a work of science. In it, Raymond asserted that male-to-female transsexuals symbolically rape all women by the mere fact of their existence. She (as does Jeffries) deliberately misused pronouns, using them as weapons. Like Jeffries, she argued for an end to sex reassignment—and she embarked on a tour of government agencies and insurance companies to accomplish just that end.  Thankfully, her project was never fully successful, but it did create immense suffering and damage, effectively restricting thousands of people from access to even basic healthcare.

Last month Ms. Denny had the opportunity of reading Raymond’s original dissertation. To her surprise the Method section gave no demographic information about her supposed subjects (the very existence of these subjects has been debated). There were no protocols for her interviews. And yet Empire had a profound effect on transsexualism, playing a huge role in lack of coverage by insurance companies and the formulation of transgender-unfriendly policies by the federal government. Even now, after more than 30 years, the original federal directives remain in effect and have never been reviewed.

We find it distressing that Dr. Jeffries has expressed her admiration of Raymond’s work—and even more distressing that her co-author was only recently her graduate student. We see disturbing potential for Dr. Jeffries’ work to be little more than an update of Raymond’s screed, and we fear it will have disastrous consequences for transsexual and other transgendered people—as individuals.

We are morally certain Dr. Jeffries will use Gender Hurts as a political weapon to attack transsexualism and transsexuals, and I urge Routledge and its parent companies Taylor & Francis, Inc., and Informa to ensure the following, at minimum:

1. That the work is rigorously based on empirical data (with no calls for action that are not evidence-based).

2. That the editor(s) establish and maintain correspondence with the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, the organization for medical and mental health professionals, to ensure #1, above—and moreover establish relationships with at least six medical and mental health professionals in the field so they can provide written feedback on the manuscript.

3. That the use of pronouns be controlled. I suggest the authors be required to write in accordance with the Associated Press Stylebook and relative to the lived experience of any transsexuals or other transgendered individuals discussed. They should not be allowed to see-saw between masculine and feminine pronouns, which a clever writer can do while adhering to the Stylebook’s standard.

4. That the authors not be permitted to libel any individuals they discuss—and indeed, that they should NOT be allowed to discuss individuals who are not by public figures by virtue of their writing or politics.

5. That the editor(s) require the work to have scientific validity and disallow any non-evidence based politicizing.

6. That the manuscript be rigorously policed to remove hate speech, slurs, and defamation.

We doubt those six points will be enough. We would like to further suggest that Routledge withdraw the work and seek a more rational, informed, and balanced author on the same subject. Please know we are not alone in our grave concerns about this book and about Dr. Jeffries in general.

A response to this letter would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your consideration.


Ms. Dallas Denny, M.A., L.P.E. (Ret.)

P.O. Box 256

Pine Lake, GA 30072-0256

Mr. Jamison Green, Ph.D.

2420 Clover St.

Union City, CA 94587



101 Responses to “WPATH President-Elect Jamison Green Calls For Lesbian Bookburning”

  1. Book-burning–as a political strategy– is more effective than physical violence. THIS is the battle we must not let them win.
    And at the same time, book burning is a sign of their desperation, and of how powerful Sheila Jeffrey’s words are, so we can take comfort in that.

  2. RoseVerbena Says:

    Goddess wept. The PATRONIZING, arrogant, self-satisfied tone of that letter is simply appalling. They want six of their own hand-picked “experts” to CENSOR a feminist author with advanced degrees writing on a feminist subject?

    They want to fucking CONTROL her use of pronouns?!?

    What is this? Brave New World made manifest? Are we living during the inquisition? Are the “cardinals” of the transgender CULT now going to pass judgement on what we can read or hear spoken aloud??!

    WOMEN: are you paying attention to this appalling crap, my sisters?

    Chilling doesn’t even come close. Just reading that letter made me physically ill. Nauseated.

    • ibleedpurple Says:

      They want to fucking CONTROL her use of pronouns?!?

      They want to control everything. They must control everything because their identity is a fragile thing since it only resides in their imagination.

      That shit is Orwellian. I am not even kidding. I hope Routledge does not give in.

  3. Fantabulous Wench Says:

    Wow. And they accuse radical feminists of silencing people. This policing of thought and language has to stop. I will defend anyone’s right to say what they want. I may not agree with them and I will respond and confront what they say. But preventing women from even speaking?

    The whole point of feminism is to give voice and action to women’s issues and lives.

    RIght now all I want to do is go out and buy every radical feminst work I can find. What we really need is a radical feminst ebook publishing collective that can publish anything these jokers manage to silence.

    • RoseVerbena Says:

      I have been planning for some time to start learning some new e-publishing software. This just fired me up.

      We’ll be publishing our own books and spreading them all over the Internet, on discs, in printed copies and sharing them world-wide on blogs and other websites.

      We will NOT be silenced by creepy, entitled, encroaching, appropriative and — let’s face it — emotionally disturbed MALES.

  4. bugbrennan Says:

    Reblogged this on You think I just don't understand, but I don't believe you. and commented:
    Gender is toxic for females.

    Transgender is toxic for females.

    This is toxic stuff.

  5. hearthrising Says:

    This letter is rather vague. Words used like “vendetta,” “slanderous,” “grave consequences,” “opinion paraded as face,” etc. No actual quotes or examples from Jeffreys past work. Much of the letter concerns Janice Raymond, who isn’t a co-author. Also, the qualifications of the letter-writers do not impress me.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Wow, you women are quick! Someone has already drafted a letter to Routledge Press since I published this two hours ago- I encourage everyone to click on the above link- You can copy and paste the letter into an email, insert your name and send.
      Thank You.
      And thanks to the woman who composed the letter (although apparently my blog was too stinky for her to link to- hahaha).

      • smash Says:

        The contact address has been updated. For those interested, please see http://shameandcupcakes.tumblr.com/post/26420572334/trans-organization-wants-to-censor-books

        Thank you!

      • Lydia Says:

        I sent an email but the contact info is WRONG. This is what I got back:

        Please be advised that I am not the correct editor for this book, and I’m not entirely sure how my name and e-mail address became associated with this book. I work in the New York office on Linguistics books, and this seems to be a Politics book coming out of the UK office. I’ve asked around to identify the correct contact, and have been informed that the editor of this book will receive these e-mails when sent to this address: routledgegenderstudies@tandf.co.uk

        I noticed that are a number of blogs listing my contact information, and if you are the owner of one of these blogs I’d like to ask that you please remove my contact info and replace with the above. I’ve been receiving MANY of these e-mails, plus the book is not at all one that I work on and I would like to get the correct information out there.

      • Lydia Says:

        Okay, I just tried the new email that the editor sent me.. and it’s not working, got bounced back. No idea where to go from here.

  6. White men explaining to women how to write feminist book? She better not publish it! It will hurt their feelings! /sarcasm

  7. Om Kalthoum Says:

    Well, a book has to be published before it can be burned, so the title is a bit over the top, no? Can we just agree that Green is calling for a major a priori censoring?

    The letter is an embarrassment. From the detour into another author’s work, to the misspelling of the name of the author being protested, to the lack of any citations for the various claims being made.

    At any rate, if Green’s request for censorship gains any notoriety, I imagine the folks at the publishing house will be high fiving each other over the free publicity for an academic text.

    In the irony department, Beacon Press, cited as the original publisher of Raymond’s Transsexual Empire is also the publisher of the recently-released, A Queer and Pleasant Danger by the self-proclaimed tranny, dyke and gender outlaw Kate Bornstein. I’m about half way through the latter work and have lost count of the number of Bornstein’s references to her “boners.” Only in transland, I guess.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Wow this must be my night for snobby academics to tell me how I’m “doin it wrong” as they hang on my every fucking word.

      • Om Kalthoum Says:

        I’m neither a snob nor an academic.

        You’re not much into discussions, are you? Can you point out where you disagree with anything I said. Jeesh!

      • GallusMag Says:

        You’re right Om. I was having a bad moment and you got caught in the crossfire. I apologize. I agree with everything you said. My bad.

      • Om Kalthoum Says:

        Thank you.

  8. anon Says:

    “We are morally certain”

    Thank you, Focus on the Family!

    • RoseVerbena Says:

      You’ve got to love (as in, “be thoroughly disgusted by”) how they are “morally certain” that something they’ve never read should be censored because it will be used as a “political weapon”.

      Do they mean use as a “political weapon” the way they use their special snowflake magical brain-jendah as a political weapon against lesbians and feminists?


  9. Nobody Special Says:

    Were you aware that Jamison Green is actually a female?

  10. DaveSquirrel Says:

    A short biog on both of them.

    Jamison Green, an F2T, born in 1948 and ‘transitioned’ in 1988 (age 40).

    Dallas Denny, an M2T, born 1949 and ‘transitioned’ 1989 (aged 40). Was cross-dressing in his teens. Gather he is still attracted to women, so a heterosexual cross-dressing male that went full time.

  11. Bev Jo Says:

    Brilliant post, as always, Gallus. Thank you for continuing to prove to women just learning about the trans cult that it is a right wing, fascist, male-supremacist, female-hating, Lesbian-hating movement.

  12. DaveSquirrel Says:

    but it did create immense suffering and damage, effectively restricting thousands of people from access to even basic healthcare.

    By “basic healthcare” trans usually mean breast augmentation, facial feminisation surgery and electrolysis – because yanno, very essential basic health services, unlike hip replacements.

    3. That the use of pronouns be controlled. I suggest the authors be required to write in accordance with the Associated Press Stylebook and relative to the lived experience of any transsexuals or other transgendered individuals discussed. They should not be allowed to see-saw between masculine and feminine pronouns, which a clever writer can do while adhering to the Stylebook’s standard.

    This cracks me up – the authors must ‘adhere to the AP Stylebook’ but but but, we jenduh-defendahs want to police that even well beyond the AP Stylebook just in case the authors cleverly get around it! So for the jenduh-defendahs, the AP Stylebook just isn’t good enough for their speshul snowflakiness.

    We doubt those six points will be enough. We would like to further suggest that Routledge withdraw the work and seek a more rational, informed, and balanced author on the same subject.

    We jenduh-defendahs want to make it sound like this is just the tip of the iceberg, but frankly, we were scratching just to come up with these six bullshit criticisms! And… don’t publish those twanzphobes – we are great tranny authors and can supply you nice jendah-defendah book instead to publish! Woo hoo!

    • Adrian Says:

      Sometimes they do mean actual required basic healthcare which everyone ideally should get (health checks on reproductive bits) but – they demand that people be able to get these checks from doctors of the wrong specialty.

      So you have M2T demanding that they be permitted to get their prostates (and or wangs, if remaining) checked at OB-GYN clinics rather than the urologist, because if they go to the usual urologist (1) it reminds them that they’re biologically male, and (2) the urologist might give them flack for their transition.

      Personally I think “trans-sensitive” health care means the urologist should check what needs checked and leave commentary on presentation out of it (get rid of gender!) but for some reason they expect the OB-GYN or various “women’s health clinics” to not have a problem with any of this. As in, women’s health clinics (particularly various charity clinics) should not focus only on health care of women’s reproductive bits but also they’re supposed to take on care of biologically male reproductive parts when they happen to belong to people “identifying as women.”

      That said, I suppose when it comes to hormones there’s probably special issues involved but I suspect that’s more of a GP issue? Dunno.

      • RoseVerbena Says:

        OMG I almost fainted when I read this.

        I just envisioned one of my (lesbian feminist) female friends who are women’s health specialists (OB-GYN and a couple of nurse-practitioners) being pressure by one of these DUDES to do a prostate exam on HIM at a women’s health clinic.

        Fucking porn-sick crazy-ass fuckers.

        No words…

      • DaveSquirrel Says:

        Maybe. But I have also seen them insisting that electrolysis and breast augmentation are “essential” treatments.

        The usual spin is “we must get BA or we will die, it is against our human rights” (no shit, this is the typical hyperbole).

      • Adrian Says:

        @DaveSquirrel – oh absolutely. It’s the “you must give me [whatever treatment] or I might kill myself, so it’s a life and death issue.”

        I find it interesting how the “transabled” use the same language too, they say “you must do surgery to paralyze me/cut off a leg (not that anyone is willing to) so that I don’t either kill myself out of depression directly or else harm myself by trying to engineer an accident – so it’s necessary, it’s life and death.” Same exact language (though they’ve been pushing the “this is just like transgender” now for ages).

        @RoseVerbena – yep, and even if by some crazy miracle everyone involved was willing to do the services, there’s still the issue of funding. Why should clinics set up specifically to help with women’s reproductive and sexual health (very much tied up with pregnancy issues too) be forced to divert money to care of the “female penis?” Ah but if they don’t they’re not “trans-friendly” and so should be scorned…

      • Darcie Says:

        wait a minute, if urologists have been medically trained to handle medical problems with peens and prostates, and if these are now considered ladybits according to trans logic, then in fact urologists are “ladybits” doctors, and thus according to their own logic, F2T can GO TO THE FUCKING UROLOGIST. reversing reversers

      • Darcie Says:

        make that M2T can go to the urologist

  13. rubyfruit2 Says:

    More ominous moves. Thanks for drawing attention to it. These attempts to silence and censor us only make us more determined to continue our work of analysing how gender oppresses women. Many of the posts above contain practical examples of how we’ll do that. Attempting to suppress radical feminist analysis will always backfire. Always.

  14. DaveSquirrel Says:

    On a side note, yep, I can see why the M2Ts are jealous of the F2Ts. The F2Ts usually more rapidly pass, many of the M2Ts never pass, even after ten years. Green passes really well.

    You can see the jealousy spring up, in the recent ramblings of Jos Twitt (“don’t sleeps with tranzmenz, sleeps with meee!”) and Allyson “blackhat” Clarke’s (“don’t let twanzmenz into female-only spaces, let meee in!!”).

    So already the movement is afoot with M2Ts throwing their “twanzbros” F2Ts under the bus to achieve the M2T aims.

    So F2Ts, who turned their back on FABs (because they are menz now, they don’t need to worry about the 80cents on the dollar!) will soon be shafted by the twannysisters (the M2Ts). The F2Ts are only tokens anyway, to justify the existence of M2Ts. With at least 75% of ‘transitioners’ being M2T.

    Remind you of anything? The way the Ls were left out in the cold after helping/supporting the Gs throughout the Aids crisis??? The payback for the Ls came in the form of allowing the Ts into the alphabet to really finish the job.

    • RQ Says:

      If you see Green in motion or alongside other people she doesn’t pass so well.

      • DaveSquirrel Says:

        Ah. Like some of the M2Ts in stills, can pass or almost pass – but not in videos or when they speak.

        There are a lot of M2Ts that think they pass so well, for example Anthony Casebeer when he was prancing around as a transwoman (no way in hell he would pass), but he was convinced he did. Back living as a male now.

      • RQ Says:

        for their photos they always pose in the most ‘gender-specific’ way

    • autumn11 Says:

      For your edification:

      M2T complains that M2Ts are MOAR oppressed than F2Ts because they are more likely to be killed. The designation “trans people” erases “transwomen.” Then a commenter points out that the M2Ts most likely to be killed are *prostituted* transwomen of color–ie that sex workers face serious risk of harm. The blogger then pitches a fit at the commenter for daring to imply that the sex industry isn’t all sunshine and roses.


      Here another commenter comes with a checklist for FAAB trans privilege!


      • DaveSquirrel Says:

        Ah. Both links are an example of the M2T > F2T hatred hotting up. In the second, the victim worked as a prostitute. Prostituted FAB deaths rarely make the paper at all – so there is one difference right there.

        Anyway, I can’t believe that F2Ts are being so sucked into playing the Oppression Olympics with the M2Ts, and declaring M2Ts the outright winners. Looks more and more like a whacky cult every day.

      • BadDyke Says:

        I checked out the second link, and what a load of utter crap!

        One juicy point from the F2T:
        “even if i’m read as my dabg (designated at birth gender), i’m able to distance myself from misogyny. after all, regardless of what other people may think of me, i know misogyny isn’t really aimed at me.”

        Hey, you can MAGICALLY escape sexism because you KNOW they don’t realy mean it, they’ve just mistaken your gender — so that makes it all okay!

        Just seems to add up to sexism (i.e. problems cos you’re FEMALE), are unimportant or just an honest mistake. Add possible male privilege, and M2T wins the oppression olympics.

        “because while some of us may face violence on an individual level, we don’t face violence on a societal level.” Because we jusy SHRUG off the violence aimed at women because they didn’t realy mean me with my sparkly MALE gender……….

        Can it get any stupider? I shouldn’t ask, because it will, there are obviously no limits to how daft this trans privilege logic can get. As we say in maths, if you start from contradictory assumptions, then you can prove anything.

      • Adrian Says:

        @BadDyke – I think it’s yet another symptom of the general inability to understand that oppression (as well as privilege) comes from judgements made ABOUT you by OTHER people – your own self-recognized or self-proclaimed sparkly “identity” has little if anything to do with it.

        The flip argument that comes from this same bad premise is the M2T argument that “yes we really were raised as girls and suffered misogyny in childhood because even though everyone around us recognized us a BOYS and raised us as BOYS, and gave us opportunities as BOYS, we heard the messages aimed at girls and that’s what really affected us more because it resonated and hurt us, inside. Doesn’t matter if they recognized they were talking about us or not.”

        …which is similarly stupid.

      • pegasusolson Says:

        The split between FtTs and MtTs does seem to be increasing, and I find it fascinating, but can’t quite articulate why. The hatred is coming entirely from the MtTs, who post crap like http://freedominwickedness.tumblr.com/post/26739164974/you-dont-know-a-thing-about-my-sins-trans-men-as-a and ignore anything the FtTs have to say. The FtTs continue to flay themselves for the privileges they supposedly have, being both trans and female.

        We were told for a long time by the trans activists that we weren’t privileged for being female (even though that’s what most of their rhetoric boils down to) but for being ‘cis.’ Well, now we have females who are NOT ‘cis,’ but who are also supposedly privileged, according to the male trans*. If both ‘cis’ females and ‘trans’ females are privileged, then the privilege has nothing to do with trans/cis, but with being female.

  15. FeistyAmazon Says:

    Goddess, I may not agree with everything Sheila Jeffreys says, and she’s a Firebrand(what about Firebrand Press, which is a Lesbian press?) when she says stuff. Many times I’ve disagreed with her, but with this above, I COMPLETELY AGREE with her, and Jamison Green can shut his fucking trap the fuck up when it comes to Lesbian and women’s issues. They must have so many straw hats when it comes to THEIR issues, instead of having rigourous debates and seeing who buys whose books, he’s gotta tell bio female DYKES how they should say pronouns, how many experts they should have reviewing Lesbian scripts, and that the trans movement cannot stand ANY criticism, especially from feisty, out there, nonsold out Dykes otherwise it’ll mean they’ll either committ suicide, or they will be murdered. Fact is, women are murdered throughout the world EVERYDAY, Bio female women and girls just for being women and girls and not kowtowing to men, or because girls aren’t wanted in families, and boys are….or they’re sexually used/assaulted/molested/raped. And severely oppressed under the fundamentalist religions of men!

    How many girls/women committ suicide cuz they can’t see their way out of an oppressive situation, especially in third world countries, and Dykes too…..how many sexually or physically assaulted cuz they won’t kowtow, gender conform or act independent and men gotta defend their ‘honor’??? And how many young Dykes/Butches are encouraged to take male hormones and ‘become’ men and remove their breasts, at a hugely alarming rate if they are under 35?????

    I think, just like in the case of the abortion debate, if you aren’t bio female, you shouldn’t have a say…..and if you aren’t Lesbian, you shouldn’t have a say in Lesbian political, social, scientific, psychological, nonfiction or fiction books. The trannys are always whining they are ‘more oppressed than us’ and any criticism we give ‘could mean more trannys are gonna commit suicide or be murdered’ What a motherfucking heavy guilt trip to be laid at the feet of the Lesbian/Dyke community, while hetero males try to pass themselves off as ‘Lesbians’, some with flesh penises, some who have had them removed, while still treating us like they did their wives and girlfriends and thinking we will kowtow to them, as those women were TRAINED to do with men. Something just by the very act of coming out, and getting in touch with our strong DykeAmazon natures we REFUSE to do! Which is WHY we are Lesbian in the first place. “No penis between us friends!”-Alix Dobkin

    There are many poorly written books that don’t have proper documentation that are far more threatening, like the Neo Nazi ‘Turner Diaries’ which from what I’ve heard advocate race war, and that many rightwing racist ideologues base their narrow and very frightening white power worldview on. I mean, this is the First Amendment, Freedom of Speech in writing, print and spoken words….So assholes like Jamison Green who now enjoys male privilege, unlike most Butch Dykes, and Dykes in general, are gonna tell US what to read, what we can print, what we can create?

    I think both the Lesbian and eventually the Gay Male community is going to tire of being attached to the ‘T’ and that at some point, if we wise up, we will divorce ourselves from the ‘T’ and let them go their merry way. Or not so merry. But I don’t think we can wait around for the gay men, so perhaps WE as Lesbians, ALL bio Female Lesbians should claim our Amazon territories, artists, writers, spaces and recreate our networks, our printing presses(including modern day technology, instant e-presses) ect. ect. and work on creating and supporting our own Amazon/Lesbian Nation, and remove ourselves from the GBT, which in the long run doesn’t support us anyway. And give much support to the young ones coming up, that they DON’T HAVE TO TRANSITION or conform in any way to hetero roles, by transitioning to imitate them, or to femme up and act straight to stay in their originally formed bodies. It’s all a form of real body mutilation anyway, in the long run. And considering how many women across the world are suffering from genital mutilation (80 million worldwide at least), this is just another form of it. All the transitioning business WON’T give you the freedom you crave in the long run anyway, especially if you are ‘outed’ as trans! Perhaps maybe for the FTM’s since they are appearing as bio males, and because male privilege is strong…but it is really built on a house of cards…and there will ALWAYS be a necessary attachment to the medical community to continue to dole out their drugs and surgeries and implements to keep the appearances up. This is no body/mind/spirit freedom at all!

  16. weirdward Says:

    “Just last week she was barred from Conway Hall, the venue for the RadFem 2012 conference, on the grounds of fostering hatred and active discrimination.”

    Said so innocently, as if they were not some of the ones calling for the banning!

    “We find it distressing that Dr. Jeffries has expressed her admiration of Raymond’s work—and even more distressing that her co-author was only recently her graduate student.”

    Erm…I think they will find that it is very, very common (approved of, even) for younger academics to co-author books and work on projects with their past supervisors.

    And all this panic about Janice Raymond…no one has even heard of her aside from a handful of feminists and transactivists.

    I seriously doubt that violent men sit down and have them a good reading of The Transsexual Empire to psyche themselves up before going out and beating up transwomen.

    btw: thanks for your blog, GallusMag, and thanks to all the intelligent women who add their thoughts here.

    • DaveSquirrel Says:

      I seriously doubt that violent men sit down and have them a good reading of The Transsexual Empire to psyche themselves up before going out and beating up transwomen.

      But are you REALLY sure weirdward?
      It just sounds so VERY LOGICAL!

      • weirdward Says:

        I can just see it now: tele-evangelical style readings of Janice Raymond by groups of extreme right wing men with big moustaches and southern American accents…

  17. RQ Says:

    Y’all have got to stop calling this Green character a ‘male-‘ she’s a female on testosterone. So funny how they address their letter to ‘madams and sirs’ and signed it with a Mr. and a Ms.

  18. radicalwoman Says:

    She uses pronouns as weapons.
    She uses PRONOUNS as WEAPONS.
    I know that this stuff is all very serious but sometimes it is very difficult for me to see how normal, reasonable people cannot see how ridiculous and hilarious these people really are in their statements.
    Because… seriously? People are being injured by the careless use of deadly PRONOUNS?!
    This is trans logic, folks.

    • DaveSquirrel Says:

      This is why the US army didn’t find Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction – they should have been looking for the SECRET STASH of DEADLY PRONOUNS. Doh!

      • RoseVerbena Says:

        LOL – We need to rewrite The Star Spangled Banner:

        “…And the misgenderings’ red glare, the pronouns bursting in air…”

    • Adrian Says:

      I am imagining someone taking heavy metal logo letters like they use for company names on the side of skyscrapers, making the word “he” out of it, and then throwing it around…

      “careful, the ascender on the h is sharp”

  19. […] adjunct to GallusMag’s post on WPATH President-Elect Jamison Green Calls For Lesbian Bookburning, given that both critics of the forthcoming book by Sheila Jeffreys and Lorene Gottschalk, are both […]

  20. Miska Says:

    It is highly usual for either of us to react to a book before it is published

    Bwahaha! Let me guess, proofreading is transphobic now.

    On a serious note, I think their call for censorship will be a good thing. As Om pointed out, it could result in extra publicity for the book. And it is negative publicity for trans activists. Controlling pronouns? LOL. They sound unhinged, and we can point to this letter whenever they or their handmaidens deny that they try to silence radfems.

    I just sent off an email to Rosenfeld in support of Jeffrey’s book.

  21. michelle Says:

    Whatever happened to the basic axiom of “I may not like what you have to say but I will defend to the death your right to say it”? I find it more than ironic that the twanny-whacktivists claim in so many places that the essential target demographic for such a text is relatively small in number…which begs the ultimate question of WHY ARE THEY SO SCARED OF A BOOK? After all, for all their froth and venom about earlier texts, it does not seem to have hindered their efforts to become men in frocks or to find someone to cut perfectly healthy organs out of women.

    The double standard is strong with them…it takes little, if any, effort to guess how they would respond if we were to undertake a similar effort against a publisher of a book they were to write.

    • Fantabulous Wench Says:

      I think it all feeds into their vision of themselves as the mostest oppressed people on the planet. They know most women will avoid conflict because that’s how we’re condtioned from a young age. We’re trained to be caretakers. So by arguing that words do damage to their fragile minds they get to control the very language itself.

      Personally if I find something traumatic I avoid it. I don’t expect the world to reorder itself for me.

      No one forces them to pick up the book.

    • RoseVerbena Says:

      “I may not like what you have to say but I will defend to the death your right to say it” is a radical, anti-censorship position.

      Obviously these “trans” whacktivists are ultra-orthodox, ultra-conservative, anti-free-speech nut-bags.

      Their letter sounds to me almost like it was written by a Scientologist — it’s pure cult-speak to use that “sensible and reasonable” tone as they propose the OUTRAGEOUS, anti-American, repulsive idea of allowing political opponents to censor the author’s Constitutionally protected free speech.

  22. BadDyke Says:

    What utter, utter crap. Dear publisher, we don’t think you should be allowed to publish anything without our say-so first. Thankyou.

    Hopefully the publishers will assign this load of crap to the waste bin where it belongs.

    Hey trans nitwits, Sheila Jeffreys is a respected academic, and what we do in academia is DEBATE contentious topics. We don’t send silly little letters to publishers and call for someone to be SILENCED, or only published once we’ve agreed to it.

    Which is ironic given the request:
    “That the work is rigorously based on empirical data (with no calls for action that are not evidence-based).”

    Yet, with NO evidence as to what the book will actually contain, they ask for it not to be published.

    For people claiming academic credentials (lookie, we have puiblished books too), this is utter, utter bullshit, because it’s a fundamental principle that academics debate issues, you DON’T try to suppress dissenting opinions by asking they not be published. It’s fundamental that writing is out there, then people are free to debate. Without the chance to present dissenting views, then academic debate becomes meaningless. Academic freedom becomes meaningless.

    Is Sheila Jeffreys asking for books by trans supporters to be banned? No, let ’em publish then we ALL can see how shaky the basis for their ideas is!

    And this call for control of pronouns — well, that would have had James Joyce and Ulysses thrown out………………..

    “………and written false and slanderous things about transsexualism in general and individual transsexual people in particular.”

    So sue her.

    Really, these jokers have no idea about academic freedom, or freedom of speech, of even the freedom to hold an opinion that someone else considers deeply offensive. Because it’s now totally obvious that they DON’T consider holding alternative opinions about gender to be legitimate — which should be news to all the scientists and academics I know who are still undecided about the issue, or who admit that a large amount of stuff is LEARNT, or merely think that we need more research.

    So, would these jokers also try to suppress research about gender, or research which MIGHT discover that gender isn’t as innate as they believe? I think they would, on the grounds that coming out with the ‘wrong’ answer (i.e., for example, that innate gender is a delusion ) would be damaging to all transgender people.

    Police the books, suppress the research, and finally, just plain ole STOP people thinking the unthinkable and disagreeing with you……………….

  23. BadDyke Says:

    “She champions “solutions” which would make the well-established process of sex reassignment illegal.”

    Just to point out, if people are claiming SRS as a medical solution, then are they also asking that MEDICS should not be allowed to study the effectiveness of SRS, in case they also come out with the wrong answer (for example, that suicide rates aren’t decreased, or that side-effects of the surgery and/or hormones mean that it can no longer be supported medically as an effective or safe treatment.).

    Thing is, I think they’re really WORRIED — they’ve realised they can’t convince people by logical argument, or by scientific argument, or by political arguments, or by any damn argument, so now they’re trying to stop the debate before it starts, and SILENCE all dissent.

  24. hagocrat Says:

    Reblogged this on Hagocrat and commented:
    “Dort wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man auch am Ende Menschen.”
    Write to Taylor & Francis to object to this blatant call for the censorship. Details here: http://academicsilence.tumblr.com/post/26314975655/trans-organization-wants-to-censor-books

  25. In my opinion, the book would sell better if she added a third co-author who was transgender. Some of us agree with her; that we’ve develped a disorder due to the oppressive gender strait jacket society attempts to enforce. Most unfortunately aren’t willing to look at the bigger picture. It’s a huge scam by medics to sell pharmaceuticals.

  26. luckynkl Says:

    Oh goody! The Transgendered Inquisition has arrived!

    LOL, The Big Lie is unraveling and coming apart at the seams. The only way The Big Lie can be preserved is by blind obedience and the silencing of any and all critique of it as it cannot hold up under scrutiny. Transgenderism holds no water and leaks like a sieve. The delusion has become so obvious that even men of the knuckle dragging variety are shaking their heads at this point. So I suspect the transgendered movement will be short-lived.

    In today’s news, 150 Mormons left the church as faith-based religions and cults can no longer sustain The Big Lie. Transgenderism is faith-based as well and it too will fall.

    Patriarchy is dying, my friends. Take heart. Women are revolting all over the world. As a result, men are pulling out all stops in their desperate attempt to stuff women back into the box. But we’re not going back. We may lose some battles, but in the end, we will win the war. In the meanwhile, buckle your seat belts, my sisters, cuz the ride is going to get more and more bumpier as the dragon dies and lashes out in frantic desperation. But hang in there as in the end, we shall overcome and be free and liberated, as we were meant to be. Deal with it, boys. Male supremacy is over. This is your last stand and you are going down.

  27. Bev Jo Says:

    You are right, RQ and Bad Dyke. It’s essential to not be lulled or tricked into using the wrong pronouns. Jamison will never stop being a female. Men appropriating our identity will never be women of any kind.

    Clearly this issue is the most important to them since it opens the door to their entire con. The trans cult know it, which is why they are so frantic in demanding we obey their rules — “She uses pronouns as weapons.” They are the ones who do that, bludgeoning women and Lesbians into submission.

    I had a friend who vehemently agreed about it not being possible for humans to change sex, yet she kept calling the man who stalked me into the Lesbian community “she” and “her.” When I objected, she said she had to because she might slip up in her community where she had to obey their rules or be punished. Yet every time a woman participates in the trans games, she inadvertently betrays us all. I’ve seen it in my community with immediate reprimands from women if you insist on not talking their bizarre language.

    It harms each one of us to obey their rules. It also harms our entire feminist movement.

    It is so important to say no to them in every way, every day.

    Using the real pronouns is such an important way to not go along with the lies and to support each other. It also drives them crazy.

    By the way, before testosterone, Jamison looked quite feminine. Loren Cameron’s “Body Alchemy” is very revealing that way.

  28. FCM Says:

    George Orwell
    The Freedom of the Press
    Orwell’s Proposed Preface to ‘Animal Farm’


    i didnt read the whole thing

  29. SheilaG Says:

    First they make fun of you, then they take you seriously, then they attack you, then you win.

    Radical feminism has always been a very small part of the larger women’s movement. Most people have no idea who Jan Raymond is or who Mary Daly is.
    Most women don’t know who Sheila Jeffreys is.

    But the trans movement really does want to destroy radical feminism, and it will make the classic error of publicizing Jeffrey’s book.

    Jan Raymond wrote several other powerful books — “A Passion for Friends” is one of her very best feminist books. I’ve meet her personally and support her international work against trafficking women and girls. She’s a very compassionate thoughtful woman, who has friends worldwide in the movement.

    Radical lesbian writers really are a big threat to the gender industry, and all its financial incentives — the male medical machine can make bucks on all this “corrective” surgery, and you know they love drugs people have to take for a lifetime.

    Gender itself is about social conformity, and most human beings are fearful of being themselves in whatever expression that happens to be. Women are in gender conformity all the time, the make-up, the outfits, the shoes…. the long hair, all one big fashion control industry. The conformity is the tip off behind the social pressure to stay in your woman’s place.

    Butch lesbians are a threat because we wear what we want, we are fully female, we are completely happy in avoiding all the money traps het women are stuck in. A friend over the weekend told me she spends $100.00 a month on condoms. Sex with men is very costly. Jamison has a vested interest in her power, in the cash cow that is the trans cult, and anything that would cut into her influence and connections wtihin the male medical machine will be dealt with.

    The porn industry pays women off to hawk its wares, the trans machine supports butchery and the latest and greatest drug experiments on gender non-conforming girls and boys.

    Drugs are doled out to pacify the population, to subvert the truth of radical feminist analysis…. they’ve got to keep attacking born women lesbian spaces, because we are a great threat to their entire worldview. But they will help us, because they are going too far, tipping their hands, no Mr. nice trans anymore, they are showing their true woman hating colors, and nothing infuriates them more than our truths. Hey, they’re bankers, they’re male medical machine flunkies…. they make money off of all of this.

    Maybe Jamison simply couldn’t get a date with a woman when he said he was a lesbian back in the day, or a dyke dumped him. She gets far more attention and specialness this way. Hey it’s a living for the trans world house of mirrors.

  30. Sheela Says:

    This blog is the f~ckin cat’s meow! I love it. Huge thanks GM for helping keep me sane…
    @ cole jacob, yeah, you’re right, the whole trans thing is a great big pharmaceutical plot. Their rhetoric strongly parallels the hysterical attack last year against complementary and alternative medicine by the pharma and pharma- funded media demanding that every treatment be ‘evidence’ based (as defined and funded by them) and that qualitative research showing that sometimes alternatives work be suppressed. All because the fail rate of conventional drugs was increasing while interest in alternatives was growing. This is so creepily similar.

    @ Michelle, too right about their double standards. If RFs are as marginal and insignificant as they’re always saying, what’s wrong with the occasional book? And also, given how libertarian and pro porn they tend to be, interesting how a single book by Sheila is so much more dangerous than 40 million porn sites, global advertising, mainstream heteropatriarchal culture, none of which (they claim) has any effect. But Sheila’s words–hang onto your hats, boys.

  31. karmarad Says:

    I went to Routledge’s site and searched pretty hard for the book so I could order it, but I couldn’t find it as listed for publication.

    • BadDyke Says:

      Well, Amazon has it listed for possible publication in October 2013. Which is possibly where the trans crowd found it. Too far ahead for RKP to list it, but Sheila Jeffreys mentions it if you google enough.

      From a typical blog:
      “Just as I do not want to roll out the red carpet for Klansmen and Neo-Nazis, nor do I want to aid and abet cis-supremacist Jeffreys from getting more and larger platforms from which to spread her transphobic vitriol. I hope that people continue to speak out against Jeffreys and use whatever power and agency they have to expose her dangerous bigotry and her attempts to negatively affect social policy regarding one of the most vulnerable and discriminated against groups in the world.”

      Oppression olympics and comparison to nazis, not exactly unexpected. Although even the dimmest can see a DIRECT link between neo-nazis and racist or homophobic attacks, we’ve yet to see one SHRED of evidence that ‘The Transsexual Empire’ has provoked a single violent attack on a trans person. What was all that guff about not making statements unless you could back them up with evidence?………………

      “That the work is rigorously based on empirical data (with no calls for action that are not evidence-based).”

      This is just LUDICROUS. If we disallowed any POLITICAL discussion or calls for action that weren’t based on evidence, then politics would die overnight (might be a good thing in many cases!). Opinion no longer allowed, according to this. Or, just ole-fashioned, the SCIENCE you raise as evidence we will ignore, whilst the SCIENCE we use as evidence we will declare to be the only valid science. And no debate allowed, because you’re not allowed to disagree with the trans interpretation of the relevant science.

      Odd that the trans lobby is no trying so HARD to hide themselves under the ‘it’s been scientifically proven’ umbrella, or sell the only trans people have a VALID opinion on trans issues (or gender) line.

      WPATH and similar ASSUME that gender exists in some meaningful sense, aside from the purely socially-constructed. Hence, by asking for this book to be banned, it’s like christians calling for a book promoting atheism to be banned. From the blurb for the book on Amazon, Jeffreys and Gottschalk seem to be arguing what we might expect — that gender is socially constructed by the patriarchy. A hypothesis that we’re not ALLOWED to publish or debate, according to the trans church. Gender atheism is NOT allowed.

      Title of the book: Gender Hurts: A Feminist Analysis of the Politics of Transgenderism
      ………quite clearly NOT parading as a healthcare book for GID, for which you could indeed ask for strictly evidence-based content. WPATH, after all, seems to promote evidence-based medical and health care for transsexuals — but this is NOT what the book is about but the POLITICS of transgenderism. Although I’ve no doubt that the standard WPATH line is just as ‘political’, because the evolution of SRS was probably surgery first, evidence later.

      And as we saw with the banned conference at which Julie Bindel was to appear, QUESTIONING the standard hormones and surgery line doesn’t go down that well either, and another supposed attack on the BASIC healthcare needs of trans people.

      • karmarad Says:

        Thanks, Bad Dyke, the book is supposed to come out of amazon.co.uk on August 31 and with shipping runs about $45 in paperback to the U.S.. Hagocrat, below, told me where to find it fast, and I wanted to.

        If the address the letter went to was received by the wrong person, maybe it just went into the circular file, heh heh.

    • doublevez Says:

      It took me some time to track down copies in university libraries. My public library had two copies which have disappeared. Not all “book burning” involves fire. Feminist reading resource: Hagocrat. Freedom to Read Week is in February. I’ll be observing it and reminding my library to do so also.

  32. feral opera company Says:

    OT: Tobi Hill-Meyer is planning a film about trans sexuality. I think Allyson Clarke or someone who looks like him (not sure) makes an appearance at 2:00, and a bit after that, someone else says, “I don’t know if I could have a really intimate relationship with a cis person.” (Bigot.) Here’s a link to the site, and I saw it first at mattachinereview (Stephen Ira).


  33. These woman-hating activists know no bounds. Where is the protest from the “progressive” blogosphere about this ?

    And thank you Gallus for setting it out so clearly. The hypocrisy, non-logic and violence of these people is turning my brain to mush everytime I look at it.

  34. hagocrat Says:

    FYI – Had a reply from Leah Babb-Rosenfeld whose email addy has been circulated as associate editor of women’s and gender studies at T&F – she has replied saying she’s nothing to do with the book and any complaints should be directed to routledgegenderstudies@tandf.co.uk

    karmarad – the book is listed on amazon.co.uk and available for pre-order. Haven’t checked amazon.com yet

  35. GallusMag Says:

    As far as I know we are directing the emails to UK marketing executive Gemma Walker at : gemma.walker@tandf.co.uk.

    Will someone please confirm this? Thanks.

  36. DM Says:

    I knew Jamison Green back in the 70’s when she was a dyke named Jamie. She was an interesting person: smart, great sense of humor, and very gifted. She had a MFA in Creative Writing if I recall correctly. She wrote amazing short stories and essays. And she had a gorgeous girlfriend with whom she was very much in love, and they were together for a number of years. (I think it was Jamie’s “transition” that triggered the breakup, as her partner, who has since passed away, was strongly lesbian-identified.)

    I remember that Jamie was quite ambitious and wanted a meaningful career. As a dyke, she was working a blue-collar job although she had a Master’s degree. She faced the kind of constant daily discrimination that butch women deal with in society, and it was far worse back then when they practically expected all women to wear panty hose to work. (She was more butch than the pictures on her “trans” website, which were probably selected to look more feminine for the sake of contrast.) Not only that, she didn’t feel like she really fit in with the dyke community, which could be kind of a conformist scene at the time. I can relate to these feelings myself.

    She moved to the Bay Area where she thought things would be more liberal and where hopefully she could have a real career. There she met a “trans guy” who turned her on to Testosterone.

    I remember feeling sad when friends told me she was now considering herself a “he”. I still think it’s sad that so many women feel they have to do this to themselves in the pursuit of making their life “better”. Especially when I see the young kids doing this. They need- we need- alternatives, like FEMINISM.

    I’m disappointed that Jamie has become a mouthpiece for the trans cult (and it really is cult-like- has all the features of a full blown cult: groupthink, censorship, conformity, etc.). What a waste of potential. I’m surprised by the letter suggesting censorship of books and ideas. That doesn’t sound at all like the Jamie I used to know, who was an independent and original thinker.

  37. RoseVerbena Says:

    Darcie: “…reversing reversers…”

    Pure genius! Let them worm their way out of that one! LOL

    • Darcie Says:

      Thank you RoseVerbena.. let me introduce myself properly, I am Darcie, M.D. (Magical Doctorate, I only have a Bachelors, but I feel like I have a more advanced degree on the inside)

  38. luckynkl Says:

    Her picture reminds me of one of those Wooly Willy toys I played with as a kid where I could draw hair on a bald face by moving metal shavings.around with a magnetic pencil.

  39. Autumn Sandeen Says:

    Gallaus Mag, it is incredibly irresponsible of you to publish addresses of people you disagree with. It appears to me to be the tactics of cyberharassment in the vein of those who were the enemies of Dr. Tiller.

    Disagree with Dallas Denny’s and Jamison Greene’s point of view, and use your platform to do it, but publishing addresses — that’s facilitating those who may want to do violence towards Denny and Greene for their points of view.

    I would hope you take the addresses down from this entry.

    [I have responded to this comment Here:
    https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2012/07/04/dear-asshole-autumn-sandeen/ -GM]

  40. ibleedpurple Says:

    I’ve noticed that WPATH seems to push Harry Benjamin’s model of in-born transsexualism. They have a deep interest in maintaining the myth that brains are inherently gender-coded therefore predisposing people to stereotypically masculine/feminine behavior. No small wonder that they are so alarmed about Jeffreys.

    • sapphocles Says:

      On the bright side, these endless hysterics confirm that at least some transactivists recognize that truth is powerful, and it is in their interest to suppress it wherever possible. I mean, honestly… How much would you care if Allyson or Tobi could get someone to publish their analysis of the issues? I like to think that every time one of them speaks, some young lesbian somewhere has a little voice inside her head that says, “WTF????”

      And this doesn’t just apply to jendah, either… Personally, I’d rather have a funfem pick up “A Passion for Friends” than “Transsexual Empire” — they’d learn a lot more about clear thinking, and why men don’t want us to cultivate it.

  41. “In 1979 Beacon Press published feminist Janice Raymond’s The Transsexual Empire: The Making of the She-Male. Based upon her 1977 dissertation at Boston College, the work was a polemic thinly disguised as a work of science. In it, Raymond asserted that male-to-female transsexuals symbolically rape all women by the mere fact of their existence. She (as does Jeffries) deliberately misused pronouns, using them as weapons. Like Jeffries, she argued for an end to sex reassignment—and she embarked on a tour of government agencies and insurance companies to accomplish just that end. Thankfully, her project was never fully successful, but it did create immense suffering and damage, effectively restricting thousands of people from access to even basic healthcare.”

    Since Sept 2009 I have read The Transexual Empire 3 times and I can safely say that the book I read bears no resemblance at all to this gross caricature invented by the author. With each read through I find the book to be (more) well researched,well-written,well-reasoned.And yes I would also say that I find the book to be a VERY LOVING book. Not just toward women who are of course Prof. Raymond’s primary concern,but also for transexuals who are provided with a means of escaping from the harm provided by a medical establishment only too eager to medicalize what is clearly a social/political problem.Raymond’s years of working with Mary Daly both in writing her own book and assisting Prof. Daly with the research for Gyn/Ecology seems to have provided her with an intimate knowledge of a sorry aspect of the Western Medical Establishment and how knife-happy and drug-happy they can all too frequently be.Pity she wasn’t listened to more closely.A lot of needless danger (operations always carry a risk of death) and suffering could have been avoided.

  42. Bev Jo Says:

    You’re right, Lucky!

    DM, that is so sad about Jamie. It’s always good to know the history of such women and is very sad that she has become such a strong spokesperson for the trans cult. She’s in deep with them. How could someone like that ever extricate?

    I see a woman at Lesbian events who looks like she’s taken testosterone for a while. Some of the younger ones still look quite female, but older ones who have had the bone structure of their faces and skulls change, and the balding and skin changes with other hair growth will still look male, even if they stop. I don’t know if she identifies as male now or female. It’s sad…

    • Yes it’s really sad. But I think it’s important to help the women who really want to live as women and lesbians again though some changes aren’t reversible. But they knew what the drugs will do to them.

  43. Wei Xin Says:

    Letter sent!

  44. GallusMag Says:

    Anon, I don’t know why you wanted your comment deleted, but since you did, I complied.

  45. doublevez Says:

    I don’t know why we would write to a marketing executive (aka public relations) when we are talking about a proposed massive edit. I think we’ve been fobbed off.

  46. […] although women like Sheila Jeffreys and Catharine MacKinnon continue to be published (although not without a fight).  The thriving radical feminist blogosphere is where some amazing – by which I mean […]

  47. “Transgenderism was invented by patriarchal medical and psychological institutions”

    Explain how Two-spirit and Hjira existed before the advent of these things.

    • Explain how this has to do with two spirit and hijra. We are not talking about religious believes. Also since when do people who are two spirit or hijra argue for the sterilization of gender nonconforming children? Since when do they harass and assault people? Or since when are they a threat to womens rights? This has nothing to do with western transgenderism.

  48. sipiy Says:

    Two-spirit is a white colonist phrase for the male people who were homosexual in *some* native cultures. Interesting how it is again primarily more white males appropriating stealing and colonising native people all over again.

    • Chocolattruffaut Says:

      You’re absolutely right! In Native American cultures where there were no enforced gender roles, there was no such thing as two spirits. Also hijras aren’t transgendered…at all. Hijras are castrated males who do it to venerate Shiva. Like Shiva, they consider themselves neither men nor women, but a third sex (NOT gender). There’s a very interesting anthropological book on them called Neither Men Nor Women.

      By why learn about other cultures when you can just cherry pick and distort details for what suits your agenda?

    • Oh I didn’t know that. Disturbing.

  49. Siobhan Says:

    I have been eagerly waiting for the publication of Jeffreys’ book Gender Hurts, which was listed in my pre-order as to be released in October 2013. I just saw that this date has been moved out to mid-2014. Does anyone know if this pushing out of the date had anything to do with the campaign against the book and the pressure to edit it as described above?

  50. […] The first is from Dallas Denny, who previously campaigned with Jamison Green, the President of WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health, a medical lobby funded by the pharmaceutical industry) in an attempt to censor the publication of this book BEFORE IT HAD EVEN BEEN AUTHORED. […]

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