Dear Asshole (Autumn Sandeen)

July 4, 2012

Author Comment In Response To
Author Comment
Autumn Sandeen
Submitted on 2012/07/04 at 4:10 pm

Gallaus Mag, it is incredibly irresponsible of you to publish addresses of people you disagree with. It appears to me to be the tactics of cyberharassment in the vein of those who were the enemies of Dr. Tiller.

Disagree with Dallas Denny’s and Jamison Greene’s point of view, and use your platform to do it, but publishing addresses — that’s facilitating those who may want to do violence towards Denny and Greene for their points of view.

I would hope you take the addresses down from this entry.


Dear Autumn Sandeen,

Thank you for dropping by accusing me of cyberstalking for posting an enedited copy of WPATH President Jamison Green’s call for the bookburning of Lesbian authors who discuss the impact of gender on women.

As you know, this letter was published and promoted by the authors themselves on Dallas Denny’s website and several other transgender sites.

Please show me copies of your comments to those transgender sites accusing the owners of cyberstalking for publishing the same letter I have copied here. Surely you didn’t SINGLE OUT AND TARGET a LESBIAN SITE to make these accusations, DID YOU? Oooooooooooh…. My………… OF COURSE YOU DID.

Because you were FINE with the perpetrators of Lesbian censorship and bookburning posting this letter unedited. It’s only a LESBIAN, one of the TARGETS of the transgender anti-lesbian anti-freedom-of-speech, anti-academic-and-intellectual-freedom CAMPAIGN (which you SUPPORT) that gets under your skin by showing the letter to her sisters. How DARE a DYKE exercise the same free speech as enjoyed by your gender-loving pals? Ammirite???

I will publish your accusations of cyberstalking against the other (transgender) publishers of this letter as soon as you reveal them. Show us how you didn’t just target a lesbian with false allegations of cyberstalking. Show us how you didn’t just demand a DIFFERENT STANDARD of free speech for Lesbians vs. your Gender Devotee pals. SHOW US where you accuse Dallas Denny, Jamison Green, Susan Cooke and the other transgender publishers of this letter of FACILITATING VIOLENCE against others. If you cannot produce such documentation then we must believe that you made no such allegations of irresponsibility, cyberstalking and promoting or facilitating the commission of violence against the other publishers of this letter AND that you reserved such allegations for the SOLE Lesbian site that published it.  THAT IS THE VERY DEFINITION OF ANTI-LESBIAN CYBERBULLYING AND THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE.


This is NOT an isolated incident in your ongoing campaign to silence, censor and cyberbully Lesbians. You have a long history of doing so.

GenderTrender says NO to you Autumn Sandeen.

NO : Lesbians will NOT be silenced by you Autumn Sandeen.

NO: Lesbians will NOT be held to a diminished standard of free speech by you Autumn Sandeen.

NO: Lesbians will NOT let your TARGETING and CYBERBULLYING of our Lesbian sites go on Autumn Sandeen.

Your anti-gay, anti-feminist, lesbophobic actions speak for themselves. And GenderTrender will continue to document them for ALL TO SEE.

Chew on THAT, asshole. OH and HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY .

35 Responses to “Dear Asshole (Autumn Sandeen)”

  1. bugbrennan Says:

    Reblogged this on You think I just don't understand, but I don't believe you. and commented:
    Desperate times call for desperate measures, huh Autumn?

  2. Om Kalthoum Says:

    If people like Jamison Green want to disseminate their professional correspondence widely and use an address which brings up a Google street view of a home and automobile, who is Sandeen to object? Maybe Green’s not too bright, who knows? He could have used an email address as his address of record. Many people do nowadays. But it was certainly his decision.

    Most professionals who lack offices separate from their homes get a post office box for their work mail, as witness Green’s co-author, Dallas Denny, who signs off on their joint letter with a p.o. box number.

    Much ado about nothing, which is Sandeen’s specialty.

  3. Autumn is a male (cannot be repeated enough), and a fraud. He was never authorized to wear that uniform that he is wearing in a picture. As a veteran I am insulted. His glasses are not regulation, nor is his earrings, nor is his fly away hair, nor is the uniform itself. He is a MALE con, fraud, liar, cheat, and misogynist.

    • RoseVerbena Says:

      Really? Can we report him to the proper authorities for conning people by misappropriating that uniform?

      How dare he? Really?

      • I doubt the Navy would do anything unless they caught him in the act. But, certainly he does not have the authority to wear that uniform. That is a female uniform. He was processed out/medically retired/ or simply retired as a male and left the NAVY with a male sea bag (uniforms). He probably uses his Navy exchange privileges to buy female uniforms. The navy diagnosed him as a loony. The V.A. diagnosed him as a loony. He is living on tax dollars as a loony. There are thousands of vets with bad backs, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, etc. all occurring while they were in the service those ailments are ignored by the Navy, and then by the V.A or given a paltry 0% or 10%, which essentially means they can be treated at the VA but only for the one ailment cited. I cannot bother to keep up with this fraudulent male, but I think I read that he retired from the Navy as an E-6 (There is no way he would have ever EVER picked up E-7 because at the E-7 level selection is no longer based on not knowing the candidate but knowing the candidate. LOL!) When a person retires from the military (Medically retired or not) they can then go on to submit a claim at the VA. I believe this fraud stated somewhere he is a 100% disabled veteran. This means he is getting a check from his retirement and a check from the VA all because he is diagnosed as crazy. But of course he has re-scripted that as being discriminated against because he is a tranny. He pretends he was an open tranny in the military and was abused but in actuality he lived as a male, worked as a male, (I believe he was even married for a time, probably back when a person could only get BAH (extra money) by being married). He didn’t dare go full all out tranny until after his military retirement check was secured. I am quite sure the VA is not indulging his gender issues but has attempted to dive into his psych issues. He does not care though. Because between the two checks he can sit at home and harass lesbians 24/7. The taxpayers are paying for a male to harass females, basically. Also, I am quite sure he sexually harasses veterans when he does go to his local veteran facility. There is always a trannie lurking around the restrooms offering head, especially when they look like him.

  4. Autumn Sandeen Says:

    Having recently been cyberstalked by someone who claimed they had my home address — and kept repeating the claim publicly while offering to give the address to others, I take the violence stuff seriously. I ended up having to move in this past year to protect not just myself, but a family member as well.

    My sincerest appology: Denny and Greene published the addresses themselves here, and I didn’t see their public publishing of the letter with addresses before I commented. I sincerely withdraw my statement that more than implied that you acted in a manner consistent with cyberharassment, cyberstalking, and cyberbullying.

    Frankly, If I were Denny or Greene, I wouldn’t have published addresses — it really is a safety thing.

  5. Bev Jo Says:

    You are so absolutely right, Gallus Mag! Thank you for your wisdom and courage, and refusal to be intimidated by these men.

    Some of us need class-change operations! The better to fight all the money, power, and privileged of the trans cult.

  6. sapphocles Says:

    Hey, Autumn… this:

  7. bugbrennan Says:

    “It appears to me to be the tactics of cyberharassment in the vein of those who were the enemies of Dr. Tiller.” – This is such massive amounts of bullshit. Rad fems have never published people’s home addresses with incitements to violence – you know who has? Trans women! Has Sandeen ever lectured them? NO!

    Why? Because males stick together.

    Sandeen, please don’t coopt every last fucking issue – bullying happens to children. You are no Dr. Tiller, either.

  8. GallusMag Says:

    Sandeen campaigning to censor GenderTrender in 2011.
    YOU LOST, dude.

    Sandeen campaigns unsuccessfully to censor GenderTrender 2011

  9. Bev Jo Says:

    Trap door is adorable!

  10. GallusMag Says:

    “Having recently been cyberstalked by someone who claimed they had my home address — and kept repeating the claim publicly while offering to give the address to others, I take the violence stuff seriously. I ended up having to move in this past year to protect not just myself, but a family member as well.”

    What Sandeen conveniently fails to mention is that his tormentors are…. wait for it…. VIOLENT MENTALLY ILL MALE TRANSGENDERS: ie “Transwomen”.

  11. DaveSquirrel Says:

    Yanno, I saw that there were addresses at the bottom of the letter, but really did not take any notice in the “aha, we know where you live!” sense, because radfems don’t stalk – we actually have no intention of violence/harassment towards twanz, we just want them to leave us the fuck alone.

    Of course Sandeen would think that way, being part of the stalker brigade that stalks/harasses radfems.

  12. GallusMag Says:

    Dear Males,
    GenderTrender has always welcomed all readers and commenters and your male voices are welcome to post. If you have discovered yourself to be banned it’s because you were PISSING ALL OVER MY SITE. If you are a male (genderist or not) who isn’t sure what this means or isn’t sure if this applies to you, then you are not a person this is directed to.

  13. GallusMag Says:

    “A Shopping List Of Trans Women’s Shame
    By: Autumn Sandeen Wednesday May 2, 2012 12:22 pm

    As many know, I read the essays and speeches of civil rights leaders. One I’ve been recently been reading recently is Riki Anne Wilchins, and one essay I recently read of hers is A Shopping List of Transexual Shame.

    So with Riki Wilchins shopping list in mind, I’d like to similar create a shopping list of shame trans women who transition — one that incorporates some of the same shames she included in her 1993 shopping list, as well as some added shames that apply to trans folk of a variety of transsexual experience.

    I’m sure the list isn’t complete and can be added to. And, I’m equally sure that every item on the list doesn’t apply to every trans woman who transitions — the list is a shopping list where some items apply and some items don’t apply to every trans woman who transitions.

    So here’s the list I assembled:

    When someone says to us they’d no idea that we’re trans, we feel complimented.

    When someone says to us they’d guessed we’re trans, we’re heartbroken.

    When we look in the mirror after beginning our transitions and see “male,” we cry.

    When children read us as trans and ask us whether we’re boys or girls, we experience pain in knowing that many adults can often read us as trans — and those adults will never say a word about reading us as trans to our faces.

    When nontranssexual adults read us as trans and then denigrate us to our faces, we feel weak and humiliated.

    When we see people pointing and laughing at us from a distance, we feel disheartened and despondent.

    We avoid discussing our dicks.

    We avoid discussing taking hormones with nontranssexual people.

    We avoid discussing our operative status with nontranssexual people because we don’t want to be thought of as men — no matter what our operative status.

    If we haven’t had a vaginoplasty at this snapshot in time, we avoid discussing our operative status with our post-operative trans peers because we feel obligated to justify why we haven’t had a vaginoplasty.

    If we have had a vaginoplasty, we grade the shape of our genitalia by how “normal” and nontranssexual these look.
    If we’ve had a vaginoplasty, we don’t discuss dilating and surgery with nontranssexual people.

    We convince ourselves after our vaginoplasties that we no longer have dicks.

    We convince ourselves after vaginoplasties that we’re “normal” women — even though our vaginas have no possibility of lubricating like nontranssexual women’s vaginas do.

    We convince ourselves after vaginoplasties we’re “normal” women — even though our vaginas have to be stretched with dilator to make the depth as close to nontranssexual women’s vaginas as possible.

    We convince ourselves after vaginoplasties we’re “normal” women — even though our vaginas will never be capable of passing a newborn through them.

    When we see nontranssexual women who are pregnant, we feel defective.

    We use “normal” to describe ourselves.

    If we have no children prior to surgery, we refuse to bank sperm prior to the genital surgeries that sterilize us.

    If we get breast implants, we make sure to get our implants a size or two too large for our frames.

    When nontranssexual people we’re talking with begin discussing trans people we try to change the subject because we don’t want to out ourselves.

    We feel legitimate when we’re in a relationship; we feel inferior when we aren’t.

    We avoid thinking about how many men who find trans women attractive think of us as flesh-and-blood blow-up dolls.

    We avoid thinking about how many men who find trans women attractive don’t think of us as fully human.

    We avoid thinking about how many men get turned on by transsexual porn.

    We avoid thinking about that everything many men know about trans women comes from watching transsexual porn.

    We avoid thinking about how sexualized we are by people in broader society.

    We publicly embrace transsexual as a term that applies to us, even if it sexualizes us to broader society, because we want to have our trans experience medicalized.

    We debate telling potential lovers before we date them that we’re trans.

    We settle for sex to validate our gender identity when what we really want is intimacy.

    We let many men and women treat us badly because we feel we deserve it for being trans.

    We tear other trans women down in an effort to build ourselves up.

    We don’t feel we deserve happiness.
    We avoid thinking about how, regardless of our surgical status, that many nontranssexual women don’t want to be in the same bathroom as us.

    We feel internal pain because we’re putting our mothers through this.

    We agree not to tell certain family members that we’re trans because we have embarrassed family members that ask us to say silent.

    We choose not to tell certain family members that we’re trans because we’re embarrassed.

    We agree to not come dressed as our true selves to family gatherings.

    When we answer phones, we raise the pitch of our voices.

    When someone calls us “sir,” we feel like failures.

    When someone calls us “ma’am,” we feel proud.

    If we have cleavage, we show it — just to make sure we “pass.”

    We avoid being seen in public with other trans women.

    We tell ourselves that lots of nontranssexual women have deep voices, large hands, and large feet.

    We avoid thinking about how many nontranssexual women have high voices, tiny hands, and tiny feet.

    We choose to be stealth so that we personally don’t experience employment and housing discrimination.

    We recoil in fear we’ll be outed as trans.

    We choose to be stealth, even knowing trans people who come after us will experience the same discrimination we did early in our transitions — and we do nothing to make their transitions easier than our own transitions were.

    We denigrate crossdressers, drag queens, and genderqueer people, saying we have nothing in common with them. We do this even though we know that many trans people intermediately identify as crossdressers, drag queens, and genderqueer people on their personal path to identifying with their true gender identities.

    We denigrate gay men, crossdressers, drag queens, and genderqueer people, saying we have nothing in common with them. We do this even though we know that broader society can’t tell transsexual women, gay men who are perceived to be too feminine, crossdressers, drag queens, and many genderqueer people apart — in fact we do it in some measure because they can’t tell us apart.

    We denigrate crossdressers, drag queens, and genderqueer people, saying we have nothing in common with them. We do this even though we know that they are human as we are.
    We treat our own trans experiences as universal trans experiences. We do this because we believe that if we acknowledge that there is a diversity of trans experiences we may be invalidating our personal trans experience.

    We denigrate gay men because we don’t want to be thought of as gay.

    We accept the medical diagnosis of Gender Identity Disorder (GID) if being considered disordered will get us hormones and the medical, psychiatric, and psychological letters we need to have genital surgeries.

    We use other terms other than GID to tell others what our medical condition is because we don’t want to be considered disordered.

    We spend so much time and energy responding to the voices outside, and the voices inside, that we never see qualities that make us incredible people — including courage, strength, creativity, humanity, and beauty.”

    • radicalwoman Says:

      That’s an interesting post. Being close to a lot of trans in my personal life and seeing their mental stress and gymnastics they go through, I would tend to agree. It is refreshingly honest, to see this all listed like this. To have GID sounds very stressful and painful, and I would have pity if it didn’t also cause them to be so hostile to women. To quote someone close to me, “being trans sucks.”
      This list also illustrates that trans are not women. This is not female experience. It is, to again defuse the “you are dehumanizing us!” objection, a human experience – but it is not female experience (since the list seems to be specific to male transsexuals.)

    • RQ Says:

      what a miserable existence being constantly concerned about others’ perceptions of oneself

  14. wildwomyn Says:

    Clue to Autumn and other men who “transition”: You still look like men. No reason to cry about it, it just is because you are men.

    • doublevez Says:

      LOL. Those damn children!! I read the first five. What a crock. All this suffering (sic) is self-inflicted.

  15. RoseVerbena Says:

    “Autumn” (WTF???) Sandeen just got his hat handed to him.

    Hey “Autumn” (is that an “escort” name or what?):

    Buh-bye sexist ass-hat in faux female guise. I’d recommend a therapist but apparently WAY too many of them have lost their frigging minds and are enabling dudes JUST like your self, while the rest of them are cowering in silence in fear of the crazy y’all would unleash on them for speaking the truth about “trans”.

    Sheesh. What a mess.

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