Pornsick Trans MRA Jos Truitt Wants You to Shut Up & Spread Your Legs

July 7, 2012

Jos Truitt: shut up and spread your cissie dyke legs bitchez

“he also is the editor of a “feminist” website for young women. sounds like grooming to me!”


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  1. KittyBarber Says:

    I adore you. It’s so far past time that SOMEONE called this creep out for what he is–another “porn-sick narCISsist,” who likes to play dress-up. These MRA gasbags and those who revere them have a lot to answer for. Thank you, GM; keep spreading the word.

  2. amym440 Says:

    There is an easy way to put in end to all of this crap. All you have to do is push for polygraph testing of Transgenders. I guarantee you that you will expose the “Gender Identity” fraud that transgender is. If a person has a legitimate cross sexed identity they should easily be able to pass a polygragh test. If they have a transgender identity they won’t pass because they identify as Transgender. By choosing to identifying as transgender they are acknowledging they are their original birth sex.

    • Adrian Says:

      What kind of questions would you possibly ask in the test though?

      That’s been my confusion forever, just what IS this “feminine gender identity”?? What exact questions will you ask to make it show up? What exactly does it mean to “know you’re a woman?”

      I think it would in fact be fascinating to ask THEM what questions they’d put in such a test, though.

      • amym440 Says:

        Adrian the first question should be did you identify as the target sex before the age of five? If no then ask at what age then test for truth at that age (Adult onset GID.) Ask why at that age did you come to the conclusion you were the wrong sex? Then test for truth again. Have you always thought of yourself that way? Do you realize that you can never be that sex biologically only legally (That is a very painful question to answer for a Transsexual)? Do you identify as your original birth sex? Have you ever tried to harm your genitals or felt extreme psychological discomfort with them or physical pain from them or both ? Do they feel detached from you like you are not wired for them? Do you want to be the target sex because life is better as that sex? Do you feel like your lying when you refer to yourself as your original birth sex? Did you feel guilty about it ? These are a few ideas but its a start. I purposefully left out questions about sexual orientation because and I hope you would all agree you identified as female before you did as lesbian?

    • GallusMag Says:

      amym440 is an HBSer.

      • Adrian Says:

        Ha. You know, after making the comment I did, after hitting submit, I suddenly realized that was probably it, so it’s handy to see it confirmed.

        Which of course just means amym440 can be asked directly then, what kinds of questions should be on that test? Hmmm???

      • amym440 Says:

        I’m not an HBSer I’m an independent kind. A non LGBT attached freelancer :). I seriously very much want to see research taken to the next level and to eliminate bias and to set a higher standard for research accuracy which in turn can benefit everyone through better medical and psychological care. It benefits you because it eliminates the male identified people you don’t want in your group and it vindicates you by proving they are liars. The polygraph test seriously would work to prove a person doensn’t have a cross sexed identity. Take Meghan Stabler of HRC for example he legally declared himself male to marry his “lesbian partner even while claiming to be a post op woman.Bet if you tested him and asked if he identities as female he’d fail. Take Toby Hill Meyer if you asked him if he was only Transsexual for porn profit if he said no he’d fail. If you asked him if he was Transgender for the shock value if he said no he’d fail. If you asked him if he was female identified he’d fail. I can also point to Female to males that I know would fail. I’ll tell you all straight out I don’t need your permission to have a female identity I was born with it care to bet? I’ll take a polygraph and I plan to do one anyways in the spirit of doing quality research and to prove that being labelled transgender and being attached to the LGBT has caused me harm and that I am neither homophobic or transphobic. Nor do I suffer from either Internalized homophobia or transphobia I just can’t stand LGBT politics and drama. I also see forcing everyone who is born with a sexual variation into private incorporated non democratic organizations as illegal and a civil rights violation. I also can’t for the life of me can’t understand why you haven’t bitched about the misogyny that being called a member of the “Gay Community” is. Or the misogyny that calling a same sex attracted woman gay is. Misogyny in the “Gay Community’ involves more than male identified Transgender women it also includes a lot of gay identified men as well.

      • Adrian Says:

        @The Fabulously Mean Mutineer Queen of Power Kitty Glendower – HBS is “Harry Benjamin Syndrome,” named after Harry Benjamin (you should google him, he’s an early researcher). There are people who will insist that they are not “transgender,” no, they are “true transsexuals,” they have “Harry Benjamin Syndrome” as a form of intersex, and therefore aren’t “transitioning” in any way, their brains and souls(?) were always the target sex (i.e. “female” in the vast majority of cases) regardless of physical phenotype at birth, so, they just have “a birth defect” of the genitalia and they will have that corrected (via SRS) and then go 100% stealth and melt into the “cis” population – unlike those horrid, horrid, perverted, LGBT-to-the-whatever, “transgender” people who are just living out some fantasy, heaven FORBID you ever lump the two together, TS is a true true THING but “TG” is just about crossdressers and some sort of weird FETISH, don’t you know!!!

        ….erm. Sorry, maybe got carried away there!

        You can find fights about this on various trans* sites, “HBS” is a hot button topic. Usually you’ll see the fight start over “TG” versus “TS” and possibly quibbling over the inclusive term “trans*” (with the asterisk). Generally the “true transsexuals” will be lobbying to get rid of any association with “LGB” because, well, the HBS true transsexuals just want to be “cis” and living in the reified gender binary truly truly (TRULY!!!) passing, and if they hang out with deviants it might blow their cover.

        I need more popcorn.

      • Adrian Says:

        @amy440 – But COME ON, you can’t just ask “do you identify as female.” That’s way too simple and anyway if someone truly believes it, they’ll pass (that’s assuming that polygraph tests have any validity at all which I don’t, personally, but).

        I want to talk Turing Test style.

        What questions can you ask a person, behind a curtain – no, a person typing on a keyboard so the voice isn’t a factor – what questions can you ask an intelligence, a brain in a vat, that will let you determine the “gender” of that brain? I honestly want to know. Not just “do you think you’re a woman” but other things, what answers will say “oh a woman answered that?” What exact turns of speech?

        …and let me say too my home language (which isn’t English) has gendered ways of speaking, so it’s possible to tell how someone was raised most of the time, but still that’s socialized in. It’s not inborn (as has been proven because studies show that small kids routinely mess it up and adults will play with it for effect).

      • lydia Says:

        A hundred years ago there were whole wings of psyche wards filled with men who thought they were Napoleon, He’s fallen out of favor now. But Jesus is always popular. My point being: they would all pass a lie detector test as they truly believe they are Napoleon or Jesus… or a woman. Truly believing it does not turn a delusion into reality.

  3. Om Kalthoum Says:

    I guess it’s not so strange that the transmob direct this Orwell-speak at lesbians. Think about it another way. What happens when transwomen go to regular straight men and spring the penis and breasts on THEM? Oftentimes very, very bad outcomes. The sort of violence that produces so many names for the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

    Outside of the Tranny Chasers who actually prefer their sex partners (even if not their life partners) to have big dicks and big breasts, regular straight guys mostly aren’t interested in the penis. Duh. So why would Truitt think that lesbian women are? Total whack.

    If Truitt wants to prove that she’s serious, she’ll knock off trying to convince lesbians about her “up is down, left is right, lesbians who don’t dig the dick are cissexist” line of bullshit, and start preaching “up is down, left is right, straight men who don’t dig the dick are cissexist.” Preach it in the mainstream press. Preach it to the straight male demographic. What males would take that shit seriously for two seconds? Exactly. None.

    Truitt doesn’t deserve our outrage. Truitt and anyone else spouting this nonsense deserve our hearty laughter.

    • Adrian Says:

      Amen. They go after women (hence, lesbians) because they view women as the weaker target, and that speaks volumes.

      • amym440 Says:

        You all don’t think for a second that the actions of the women can have penises and men can become lesbians by buying a vagina crowd hasn’t hurt people with legitimate cross sexed identities that are attracted to men as a female identified person or god forbid a female identified person listed male at birth legitimately attracted to women? Don’t you all think you’ve bitched enough about that one to prove me right ? You don’t think for a second their actions have painted all of us with the slut brush? Or portrayed us as overly sexually charged gay HIV positive men so hot to hook up with straight men they’d put on a dress? Its polygraph test time like I said you’ll be partially vindicated for it and so will people like me. The thing is though if you see the results that say some of us for real are you going to be willing to accept it?

      • Darcie Says:

        amym440 You’ve proven everything I need to know about you by reducing discussion on this blog to “bitching” in 2 of your posts

      • Adrian Says:

        @amy440 – I don’t know anything. Specifically, I don’t know what is supposed to make a person “a woman inside” and I’d like to know. I want to know what “female identified” means. What is that “female” (or “feminine”)

        I was born female. Meaning, I have functioning biologically human female reproductive parts (and so presumably XX chromosomes, though there’s no need to check – I bleed monthly, thank you). No ambiguity in the slightest. I realized at some point that I did not like the “feminine” box that people are trying to push me in. I did not want to be a housewife, I did not want to be required to marry, I didn’t want to be required to follow my husband’s career and move where he said, if I married. I didn’t want to be told I should serve tea and then quit any job I had, if I got married. I didn’t want to wear women’s clothes. I was 100% math/science track all through school, couldn’t stand dolls, couldn’t stand pretend games. Liked sports. Hated being raised in fear of sex because sex is rape and if you do the slightest thing wrong you’ll be raped and then worthless – BUT you have to be sexually pleasing to look at anyway (but not slutty! No, not slutty!). Heck, I’ll even admit to fantasizing about sex as a male because wouldn’t it be awesome if I could “take it” rather than “giving it up?”

        But… I’m a woman. Maybe I should say “I’m a human inside.” But I’m not trans*.

        I’d rather say, let me be MYSELF, do what I want, and forget about my genitalia, my sex. I have no compulsion to change my bits, they serve me well, I just want other people to not think they have entitlement to my bits, y’know? And let me have whatever career I want.

        Hence I’m happy to find blogs like this one, and others that take the “smash gender” point of view. Because I never had a problem with being “female,” only with what those around me told me that had to mean.

      • amym440 Says:

        Darcie complaining about falsely being labelled a rapist is not bitching for no reason. I could very easily accuse you all of doing the very same thing to every born sterile at birth female with your reducing being a woman to reproductive capability. Accept I really don’t think you all have thought that one threw yet or nobody has pointed that out to you.

      • GallusMag Says:

        You’re the only one reducing women. That’s what men like you do. It is truly disgusting. Also, you are now boring my readers with lame tired transgender tropes. And you’re doing it in the same old tired mansplaining way that men like you do when you have no idea wtf you are talking about. Yawn. If you keep it up your comments will be deleted. This is for you:

      • Darcie Says:

        sheesh “Yawn” +1

    • GallusMag Says:

      Lesbians don’t really “chuckle” at rapey hetero cotton ceiling dudes. It is enraging and beyond offensive.

    • There’s a Transgender Day of Remembrance? I would love it if women were taken seriously when we wanted to remember our dead.

      • Adrian Says:

        It’s a legitimate thing – but people need to take a hard look at just who is getting killed and by who and for what reasons.

        The standard almost stereotypical case involves a M2T, a male dressed in stereotypical “feminine” gendered clothing and performing the “woman” or “feminine” gender role, hooking up with a “garden variety” heterosexual male who is expecting a female body, finds otherwise, gets paranoid about “ZOMG I was attracted to a dude what does that say about me ZOMG oh no oh no” and gets violent. Homophobia of the worst sort.

        I.e., it’s MEN who are engaging in this violence.

        Yet somehow that gets glossed over in the oppression olympics when it’s trans* vs. women and women (particularly lesbians, as the other potential sexual partners) end up getting blamed for it.

        And I do think that in large part it’s because people don’t want to confront those men. No one wants to ask the men anything, because it’s scary, they have power, and everyone knows in their heart of hearts those people don’t give a fig about “social justice” and the rest of it (in the venues where these discussions usually take place). Far, FAR easier to go after women who are already in the arena taking place in the various “social justice” conversations either as feminists or as lesbian feminists or whatever it is. It’s the low hanging fruit.

      • Om Kalthoum Says:

        Our Day of Remembrance as women is every time we open the newspaper, turn on the news, or talk among ourselves.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @OM: You are not a woman. You are an adult male transgender, ie a man.

      • Om Kalthoum Says:

        GallusMag Says:

        July 8, 2012 at 7:57 pm

        @OM: You are not a woman. You are an adult male transgender, ie a man.

        Shame on you. Why do you talk like this? Do you honestly believe what you’re saying?

        What have I said here that doesn’t pass your interwebz sex test? LOL. I’m baffled, but amused. Do you just like to fight? Are you really thin-skinned? Do you just not tolerate any woman who doesn’t totally align with your belief set?

        Quote anything I’ve written on your blog (or anywhere else, for that mater) as your evidence that I’m a man/male/transanything, please. Or even not sufficiently lesbian or feminist or female to suit you. What a hoot! Something’s seriously wrong here.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Om. Jesus. That’s just fucking sad.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Actually you know what? It isn’t sad. It’s fucking gross. I’m done feeling sorry for you pricks. You are fucking predators. Go fuck yourself.

      • “Our Day of Remembrance as women is every time we open the newspaper, turn on the news, or talk among ourselves.”

        Sorry Om, I have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about here.

      • Om Kalthoum Says:


        If you honestly don’t understand my simple observation about the worldwide violence against women we see around us 24/7, and aren’t just posturing with your “I have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about,” then feel free to contact me at [link removed- GM], and we can talk further. Maybe I don’t express myself as clearly as I think I do?

        Even living communally in a big house full of separatist dykes with strong opinions in the 1970’s, I never experienced anything like I’ve gotten here on this website from supposed radical feminist GallusMag after my few posts. It’s like walking on eggshells around her. Something just doesn’t feel right about her to me. Now I see Julie Bindel, of all people, is coming under attack in another thread. I trust Gallus won’t call her a male, but who knows? 🙂

        Can anyone point me toward a site where lesbian feminists are talking with each other with respect and affection? Thanks and goodbye.

        [link removed -GM]

      • GallusMag Says:

        Om you have commented here over twenty times since 2011- not including the comments that I’ve deleted. Most of your comments are bitching about me and trying to stir up some drama or another. You are a huge fucking troll.
        You have been around for years and everyone knows you are M2T. You are not fooling anyone.
        Goodbye and good riddance.

  4. Bev Jo Says:

    Yes, thank you once again, Gallus!!! xoxo! This particular man is particularly horrifying looking. It’s like their inside shows so completely on the outside. Truitt is male, so completely male. And yes, Om, the het men don’t want to be played with like these trannie men try to play Lesbians.

    I like the polygraph idea, but sociopaths can lie without it showing.

    I have been watching men come into Lesbian space for decades to leer, harass, and grope us. I first saw that in the bars when I was a teenager, and I saw it last year at a public cafe where a Lesbian band was playing and a few Lesbians were daring to dance, and an aggressive man insisted on dancing with one — she was too embarrassed to say no and probably didn’t want to hurt his “feelings,” but soon she had to push him off her because he began groping her.

    Really, I haven’t seen any change in how most men seem to think about us and treat us. Some have learned a few tricks on how to be accepted into our space as “Lez-bros” while still perving on us. Still, even the least feminist Lesbians often recognize these men for what they are.

    But of course the sneakiest version is the men claiming Lesbian identity. I know that many women felt fine saying no to men invading women-only space decades ago, but now the support goes to the men. Too many feminists are conned by these men, for various reasons. I mean, they don’t REALLY think they are women or Lesbians or they’d be with them. But they believe the men think they are and they so much do not want to hurt or upset them, ignoring how much they are hurting all girls and women.

    I do not understand how any woman can believe for a moment that these extremely female-hating men are women. Again, as one friend has said, “He’s not fooling anyone. Look at him!” And as another non-feminist friend said simply, “Men saying they are Lesbians is just plain creepy.”

    • amym440 Says:

      Polygraphs are accurate enough to establish baselines. Its not perfect but it is a hell of lot better than what we have now. Most narcissistic socio-paths can lie to your face but I do not believe most can get past a lie detector. They will also become angry when confronted with the truth and think of ways to negate it. This is why certain Transgenders are trying to eliminate fetishistic transvestism because it exposes them as being male identified and receiving sexual pleasure from cross dressing and I want to prove they are also socio paths that are so jealous of womens roles that they really hate women.. The lie detector testing I guarantee you will show many of them flew to Thailand to avoid being routed out during therapy. I want this because I feel that I am being exploited by socio-pathic men and an LGBT that defends them.

      • pegasusolson Says:

        We already have an established baseline — you (and other transsexual males) just choose to ignore it! The baseline is BEING female, as in having a female reproductive system, not ‘identifying as female’ or ‘really believing that you’re female’ or ‘being able to pass a lie detector test because you are deluded enough to think you are female.’

  5. Bev Jo Says:

    HBSer? Explain for those of us who don’t know.

    You are absolutely right that none of this is funny, anymore than rape is ever funny. And the trans con is all a version of rape, with “no” never being taken for an answer.

    Again, to all who seem to agree, please do not give these men the reward of encouraging and supporting them by calling them “she.” Mr. Truitt is not a she and never can be.

    Your blog is just the best, Gallus. I do not know of any woman who fights for male supremacy over women (which is what the trans cult clearly is) who can begin to answer what you present here. It is just brilliant. And at least it makes it clear what they are doing, rather than the pretense of supporting some women (the myth of “transwomen.”)

    By the way, National Geographic cable has a new series called “Strange Sex.” One story is about Nat, a young woman who seems to be a Lesbian — she falls in love with other girls and refuses male-defined femininity. But when she becomes lovers with another teenager at school, that girl is vehement that she is heterosexual so she refuses to touch Nat below the waist. She loves Nat’s love and love-making more than she liked what boys did to her though. So after a series of break-ups (that seem designed to manipulate Nat), to try to win her love back, Nat first has her breasts removed (still that troublesome obviously female vulva though), starts testosterone, and then plans to go to Yugoslavia to have the dangerous and painful “bottom surgery,” which of course can never make a female into a male. Now that she is considered a male, and appears so in public, the het girlfriend agrees to stay with Nat.

    Her parents are very supportive throughout.

    This is a very good encapsuled case of watching why and how a young Lesbian decides to” become a man.” Basically, it is all about getting her incredibly Lesbian-hating and selfish girlfriend to stay with her. I mean, why should the girl who insists she’s het give up any amount of her het feminine privilege when the price might be Nat’s life, and certainly will be Nat’s own sexual pleasure or ever having the support and love of a Lesbian community? Any Lesbian who has ever been in love with another girl as a teenager will remember how much you are willing to do for your love. Any woman confused as to why a girl or woman would consider doing such a thing to herself should watch this sad story. The part not described is how Nat’s life will have otherwise improved with now being perceived as and treated as male in the world.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Women that call themselves “stone femme” are female-hating heterosexuals and a butch can’t walk across a gay bar without bumping into ten of them. Hetero “queers” are swamping the lesbian and gay community. No wonder young dykes are struggling so.

  6. SheilaG Says:

    cis– being their middle names Nar-cis-sist

    The skeleton man looks so creepy, he should audition for Halloween 5.

    The uglier and more leering they look, they more creepy they become. When oh when are lesbians going to boot them out of lesbian spaces?

    That bit about a man cutting in and wanting to dance with a lesbian is just outrageous Bev. In the past, men were afraid to even go in lesbian bars, we were so tough and kick butt. Gay men still tell tales of being thrown out of lesbian bars, being kicked to the curb, and they are still angry at us for kicking them out of Artemis Cafe, Old Wives Tales etc.

    Where is the old kick butt lesbian anger? We are being attacked by a host of Mr. Skeleton porno men in dresses!!!

  7. GallusMag Says:

    HBSers are believers in what they call “Harry Benjamin Syndrome” which is the belief that there are “true” transsexuals and “false” transsexuals, creating a distinction between transvestism/autogynephilia and a proposed neurological brain reproduction or brain sex. In other words that “true’ transsexuality is a form of medical intersex condition or disorder of sexual development.

    Harry Benjamin was the grandfather of transsexuality. A sexologist who worked with Kinsey he was first to propose a separate category of genderism distinct from transvestism. He was the first to treat people with cross-sex hormones in the 1940s and almost singlehandedly created the medical genderism industry. He invented a “scale of transsexuality” to distinguish between “true” transsexuals and “pseudo” transsexuals/fetishists. HBSers believe in his theories.
    Here is his classification system:

    • amym440 Says:

      Between the scientific evidence which you all dispute and the polygraph testing I propose there should be no doubt left that some of us are truly born this way. It should also prove you atleast partially right as well that there are male identified people trying to invade your space for less than honest reasons.. As a person that has been molested myself I do find it highly offensive being likened to a rapist simply for trying to be comfortable in my own body. As for me trying to invade your space not really I’m just trying to engage you all in a conversation regarding this issue and trying to offer up a solution. If you don’t want to hear from me again simply say so and I will never try to post here again.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Are you talking to me amym440?
        If you were invading my space you wouldn’t be here.
        You are free to say what you want.

  8. amym440 Says:

    I would also like to point out to you one last thing since my last comment is still being moderated should you decide not to want to hear from me again. I am equally hated by both pro transgender and transsexual seperatist for suggesting polygraph testing. So I will offer you this warning if you do agree that my idea has some validity you will also find yourselfs attacked for it from all sides. Be safe.

    • But people attack her already. That’s just one more thing for them to rage about.

    • anon Says:

      OK, we know what the mythical polygraph will do for your ego. But what will it do for, you know, *women?*

      And good grief, this is the internet; you can and will make life long enemies for saying you like black jelly beans. Get over it.



  9. BadDyke Says:

    Except the polygraph is rather dodgy, and isn’t universally accepted. It’s just another way to try and give the whole trans thing a pseudo-scientific gloss.

    Even if it did work, it would only flag conscious deception.

    Just because some people are honestly convinced they are actually a woman, doesn’t mean we have to agree with their delusion, however sincerely it may be held.

  10. KittyBarber Says:

    Nice of you for the warning, amym440, but I think Galllus has been attacked from “all sides” already–unless there’s yet another “side” getting ready to come on out. The woman has some ovaries, believe me–and some awesome firewalls, too. So far, I see no evidence of her being easily frightened.

  11. anon Says:

    I spent like two minutes trying to look up how old Joss was (or year of graduation, etc.) and didn’t find anything besides a lecture given at a college about how “feminists don’t talk about gender enough!”

    I was just curious because this crowd mothballs women at 30; I wonder how much more slack these dudes get, whether they only turn virtually 18 on the day of their transition and the clock starts there — or what? These sites helped to make HugoBOY who he was so I’m guessing Joss has about to 45 years of age to be a “young feminist.”


  12. SheilaG Says:

    Adrian– your points about not wanting to be a second class citizen within hetero-patriarchy are right on target. As a woman, I don’t want men telling me what to do. I don’t want to live with males, I don’t want to associate with rapists and porn viewers etc. if I really don’t have to.

    When I socialize, I want to be able to have a few drinks with my women friends, het and lesbian, and not have to worry about men being around — I just don’t want their sexist rapist mentality.

    I am perfectly happy with my body, with my mind, with my aspirations, with my sense of accomplishment at helping to build radical lesbian feminism. I’m not interested in “feminine” or “masculine” I am interested in the liberation of women from all male terror tactics and the horrifying world men and male to trans are creating everywhere they go.

    I don’t give a damn what born men have to say, how they “feel” they are women, how they wear dresses, how they have their bodies cut up. I don’t give a damn. That said, I want a world where ALL PEOPLE are free of male violence, male dominance and male supremacy. That means male to trans who are killed and beaten by MEN. Lesbians don’t kill and beat up trans, men do. MEN buy male to trans prostitutes just as they buy born women prostitutes.
    Men promote SMBD, men promote the porn industry, men promote the SRS industry. Men are the threats NOT lesbians, and not het feminists. Let’s be clear here, we pose absolutely no threat to male to trans. We tell male to trans to stay out of our sacred spaces, few as they are, we expect them to let us have our revolution and solidarity. If we choose to have joint events over shared interests, that’s fine too, but we choose what our revolution is, not born men.

    So let’s be clear about where the greatest threat to trans safety and security lies. Now born women have every reason to distrust and not want male anything in our spaces. That means male to trans need to get the hell out of our woman identified spaces if we say so. And no, we don’t believe a word you say about our freedom, you’re men.

    You don’t know what a female body feels like because you don’t have one. You can help us overthrow male supremacy, you can report on the inner workings of the male machine, and do something useful for once.

    Women have every right to set boundaries, and as men or male to trans, you must simply stop violating our boundaries because that is VERY MALE!

    You need to confront males, not us. Males have the power, males run this system, and males kills trans.
    Name one, name one lesbian who ever killed a MTtrans. There are many male to trans who have killed women, and attacked women, and violated women and girls. Many.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “You can help us overthrow male supremacy, you can report on the inner workings of the male machine, and do something useful for once.”

      Fuckin A.
      They never do though. Because the transgenderist movement is purely regressive, conservative, and anti-female. It is part of the backlash against women’s liberation. The trans movement is fighting AGAINST the destruction of gender. Without female subordination there IS no gender and therefor no transgender. Transgender is built on the backs of females. Their “gender identity” laws are structured to limit sex-based legal protections only to those who PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE to gender by asserting persistence of their personal internal faith-based belief.

  13. SheilaG Says:

    Gallus, this is really something that I have wanted Male to Trans to talk about. Just what do they know about being male insiders, and how could they take this information to really help the liberation of women. Kind of like the resistance movement in France during WWII, or maybe like Daniel Elsberg who was an insider and blew open the Pentagon Papers in the 1970s.

    If they are older guys, they have been in a male career, they advanced through the ranks of male privilege and they really know how it works, and how to destroy it.

    There was something I came across at the website “Are Women Human?” in which K. Ryan Ziegler a female to trans black person talks about it. Take a look at “K. Ryan Ziegler on Black Male Feminism.” Once this female to trans person emerged, the feminist insights did not disappear.

    All the male to trans I’ve talked to about this seem confused about what information I am after.
    They seem to either not know or not want to tell the inside workings of patriarchy that would give feminists a real trojan horse advantage in our fight against patriarchal everything.

    They could do this, they could also really stand by lesbian feminists in our quest for a better world, but all they want to do is invade our spaces and take our energy, and now they seem to want to have sex with lesbians too— it’s all about body snatching rather than male supremacy secrets revealing. Or maybe, males just don’t even know who they are and what they do. They been so entitled and coddled for so many thousands of years, that they really have no ability to provide this information.

    I have encountered a few female to trans people who do seem to have a feminist ally type attitude, and have honored lesbians and respected what we have to say.

    But if they so into “imitating” gender and “imitating female submissive behaviors and clothing” well, they are imitating oppressed people, not free people, and therein lies the problem with their stupid obsession with female impersonation. As we all know, even het females do female impersonation according to Hugh Hefner standards, and Hollywood male exec standards and male fashion standards.

    It is a copy of servitude not real female behavior.

    Lesbians do not tolerate this, and so we naturally will come into ideological conflict with the male to trans oppressive standard conservative movement, that is anti-lesbian and anti-feminist to the core.

    Give us the inside information to destroy patriarchy male to trans— just do it!!!

    • Yes I completely agree with this! If they’re women, then why don’t they help us via a ninja stealth movement from the inside. Forget about the hair and lipstick. Why doesn’t even ONE of them put on a suit, get into parliament, and work on behalf of women. That’s what I would do if I was a woman trapped in a man’s body.
      But as you say, not one transwomen has the foggiest idea what I’m going on about here. Which proves they’re not women: neither on the outside, nor on the inside.

  14. ktsimilar Says:

    Polygraph? Piffle. I did have a funny idea once. If there was a drug that could temporarily induce amnesia and it was possible to be roughly sure about duration thereof (maybe complete amnesia in any meaningful sense) – and with the person given no gender priming or clues at all – the accounts given might be kind of interesting. I suppose there are ethical objections though (how many of them would agree to it?). Too bad – it might bear some rudimentary likeness to actual research. Whatever is going on, none of it’s ever been much burdened with science. Anyhow: the more noise it generates, the more likely people with an ounce of intelligence are apt to take some notice of it as opposed to the ridiculous morons who have attached themselves to this ‘field’ for the past 60 years… it’s kind of fallen under the radar of legitimate study so far due to its tinyness…

  15. Bev Jo Says:

    Thank you, Gallus, for letting us know who are pretending to be women here. And thank you, Sheila, for all that you said so clearly. It is so obvious that men claiming female identity do not every really identify with females, or they would be trying to support and defend us against men. It’s all just about them preening and undermining real women. It’s just them being men with a slight variation.

    And in terms of the women and Lesbians who hate and criticize us on behalf of these men, I had an interesting experience recently. I was trying to explain on fb why it is so important to still have some safe female only space, and described the man who comes to leer at Lesbians dancing at the cafe. I said how he intimidated one Lesbian to dance with him (or maybe she just felt sorry for him?), and then he started to grope and grab her and wouldn’t stop even when she tried pushing him away. I was actually accused of being “transphobic” at that site! Now I had said absolutely nothing about trannies. I was talking about a het man sexually harassing a Lesbian in public and grabbing her. But rather than identifying for a moment with the Lesbian, they chose to identify with the man, and somehow thought I was talking about a trannie.

    Isn’t that revealing? On some level, it must be clear to these women that M2Ts really are prurient het men for them to make that assumption. And the defense of such men is so automatic that they shout “transphobe” when it’s completely irrelevant. Except that it IS relevant, obviously.

    I realized that I would have been far more reluctant to tell this story if the man groping the Lesbian identified as trans. I thought this was clearly a case where there would be no harassment from women when I talked about het men harassing Lesbians. I mean, even one of the owners of the cafe, a het man, confided to me that he’s upset about that man and is not sure how to deal with him.

    But trans supporters turn a clear situation into something about trannies. I’m surprised actually that the rapist (he absolutely reeks of rapist mentality, and if he is so confident about grabbing a stranger Lesbian in a public place, what does he do to women in private?) hasn’t figured out that he could play trannie to get more access to Lesbians.

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