From The Lesbian Mafia: LGBT, Feminists And Trans-Women’s Virulent Anti-Lesbian Misogyny And Bullying

July 17, 2012

Reblogged from the website of excellent, long-running, kick-ass radio programme The Lesbian Mafia:

We are tired of no one pushing back when self-described “feminist” sites with trans-women continually take Lesbians to task for possibly not wanting to have sex with trans-women and labeling Lesbians who want the right to decide for themselves who to sleep with, “transphobic.” The LGBT loud mouths are silent when Lesbians are constantly attacked and bullied for not accepting and promoting diversity with OUR vaginas.

None of them want actual diversity; they want diversity in appearance, drug use, sexual partners, employment, etc. but NEVER in thought and speech. Never anything that actually matters or resembles reality for most people. In their sick pursuit of what is “alternative” they have turned their backs on basic truths about the human condition. And their “alternative” view and choices have become the mainstream for LGBT and feminists and anyone else who doesn’t have ENOUGH PROBLEMS of their OWN. They want to HELP equalize everything and in doing so, alienate and ostracize anything that is not in lock-step with whatever fantasy equation they dreamed up about how the world SHOULD be but never actually CAN be without the loss of critical thinking and questions. Dissent is often at the heart of growth and creativity. They will NOT tolerate it.

And there is nothing even remotely new about this. It’s all age old patriarchal bullshit using women against women (and now LGBT have joined in). Ever since making and forcing a woman to do whatever you want became frowned upon in our society, it has been struggling for socially acceptable ways to allow men to do whatever the hell they want and ways to use culture and societal pressure to restrict women instead of just beating the fuck out of them. This is the same. Some men want to be women and they want to fuck Lesbians and they will get their way in the same fashion they always have: through oppression and dominance while using other women to silence and brow beat bitches so they get in line. Not new at all, just disguised as equality, fairness and tolerance. Only now they use feminists and the LGBT brand of Lesbian servant and the rest of the anti-lesbian misogynist LGBT.  You’re a lesser person and should be brought to task if you are a Lesbian who does not sleep with who they say you should sleep with. If you were more evolved and better, you’d have sex with who they say you should, you’d WANT to. 

This is more than bullying. What the hell would you call this twisted atmospheric war-crime-ish rapey sounding lunacy where they try to force you into fucking them and when you bring up how sick that is they say we don’t want to fuck you and you’re a transphobe blah blah blah? What they’re doing IS waaay more than bullying, they’re trying to take advantage of Lesbian culture, that desire to help and contribute and SHAME bitches into “working on themselves” and “challenging their prejudices and gender normative privilege” and FORCE us to “evolve” sexually AND deliver the message to the next generation that in order to really be a decent human being if you’re a Lesbian, you have to have sex with trans-women. You MUST. If you don’t, well you’re still enslaved and you have to free yourself BY being at least willing to TRY fucking trans-women. We don’t know one word for all of this other than manipulation but it’s on a sick, twisted, mind fuck level that just the word manipulation does not cover even remotely. Most of the time when something they want women to do is really fucked up they just force women into doing the sick shit to themselves, THAT is true and skilled manipulation.

And that shit works because the LGBT brand of Lesbian servant, feminists and libs have no real female identity and NO idea about what is going on in the world they live in so they fight for the helpless victimized bisexuals and trans-women (but decidedly NOT trans-men) because eeeeeeeveryone has it worse than women and Lesbians. What imbeciles. When the field is leveled for you by someone (parents, money, nepotism, education, etc) they don’t see the oppression of women unless they’re in Bangladesh somewhere because women like them aren’t oppressed in their minds. Women are EQUAL now but not the poooooooor bisexuals or transgendered.

Is it feminists’ hubris and condescension that they think their cherry picked pet groups can’t speak for themselves so they have to sound the rally cry for all the muted victims of tyranny but ignore women in general and work AGAINST Lesbians? For some strange reason EVERY other group has no voice according to their reckoning except Lesbians, “Eff you Lesbian bitches, you’re on your own AND your progress is the ONLY progress we curiously yet positively resent and we will work DIRECTLY AGAINST and endanger you by spreading lies and sick propaganda about how transphobic you are.” Like we don’t have enough problems as Lesbian women in this world we have feminists and trans-women wanting to oppress and villianize us just like the Right Wing does? How dare you! The real thing trans is how TRANSPARENT feminists’ and trans-women and LGBT’s hostility is towards Lesbians. Whenever we leave a feminist/trans site (which is rarely) we can NOT stop laughing at how they yammer about “female privilege.” We should make a site about “black privilege” and copy every idiotic thing they say with race to highlight what utterly moronic stupid fucking imbeciles they are.

Guess we’re not underprivileged and abused enough for feminists or LGBT to take up our cause (particularly if you’re a white Lesbian). Unless of course they need US to actually get something DONE.


Also see:

Anti-Lesbian Bashing In The Online Feminist Community

We think the online feminist community has officially lost the ONE marble it had, their lesbian-bashing is unprecedented and has reached freakishly irresponsible levels endangering lesbians and women in general with their rhetoric.

Someone brought our attention to a posting on a popular-ish feminist blogsite and apparently being a lesbian who doesn’t have sex with transgender women we guess makes you transphobic according to the feminist community now. Truly remarkable. Their dialogue around the topic is cause for alarm as it is straight up anti-lesbian misogyny “backed up” by bizarre “theory” that vilifies lesbians who are not sexually available to transgender women and in no uncertain terms sets lesbians up as targets of “justified” hatred.

These people are fucking coconuts and we’ll say it again, IRRESPONSIBLE!!! ”


9 Responses to “From The Lesbian Mafia: LGBT, Feminists And Trans-Women’s Virulent Anti-Lesbian Misogyny And Bullying”

  1. Interrobang Says:

    Hi, new here, been reading “back issues,” and while I’m not 100% in your target demographic (bi woman who primarily dates men), I’m behind this about 1000%, for several reasons:

    1. Gender needs to go away, the sooner the better. You want to pack peen and wear a skirt and heels? Fine with me; wish the rest of the world would catch up, but it also doesn’t make you a “woman.”

    2. Nobody has any business telling anybody else who they should sleep with.

    3. Some people’s children need to grow thicker skins about being told “no, I ain’t gunna fuck ya, pizzoff,” and most of those people have been raised to be men.

    4. Everybody ought to have the right to do their own particular thing socially and sexually, including lesbians. (I’m frankly not surprised gay men would be in on the deal; if I had a nickel for every rankly misogynist gay man I’d ever met, I’d own half the world and have a lien on the rest.)

    5. I have a shit-ton of trans-identified friends, and I think they’re all misdiagnosing the problem, fundamentally (see 1). If that makes me “transphobic,” tell them.

    6. Damn, GallusMag, you can write a little bit.

  2. Ashland Avenue Says:

    Damn, GallusMag, you can write a little bit.

    So can you, Interrobang. Great post.

  3. ethicalequinox Says:

    Thanks for introducing us to The Lesbian Mafia! I listened to a few of their podcasts and they are indeed hilarious – and frickin’ awesome. 🙂

  4. Jane Says:

    We need to kill these trannys they should not have human rights as they are monsters worse than pedos

    [STOP contacting me. This is your final warning. -GM

  5. Jen Says:

    This is very similar to tactics used by clinical psychopaths. They will also take on any new identity to gain “narcissistic supply.” Always the sob story, always women hurting them. Check out Thomas Sheridan’s book about psychopathy “Puzzling People.” I was in a relationship with one for two years, he totally usurped my identity, turned out he was poisoning my food and I almost died. I really feel like the M2T community is full of psychopaths. They create smear campaigns, lie pathologically, and gaslight women. They will convince you you are crazy for merely not wanting to sleep with them.

  6. Jen Says:

    I am also not really your demographic, same as Interrobang I am a bisexual woman who is in a heterosexual relationship. He and I both don’t fit into our respective assumed genders as I am more dominating, surly, with a higher libido. I agree completely that gender should be abolished. I grew up homeschooled and I believed it really helped me avoid a lot if the soul-crushing female socialization. Thank you for fighting the good fight.

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