CCWF: Stop male inmate Richard Masbruch from being housed in a Womens Facility

July 20, 2012

Central California Women’s Facility

This week the family members of women being housed at the Central California Women’s Facility began an urgent campaign for the removal of male serial torture-rapist Richard Masbruch from the female population. Anna Silver of Los Angeles has started a petition upon hearing the news that Masbruch is about to be transferred to her mother’s unit.

From the petition:

Today as I answered my Mothers phone call she spoke to me and sounded slightly more upset than usual, normally she tells me she misses me. Today she told me that Richard Masbruch would be housed at CCWF. He would be the first male to be housed in a womens facility. Not only would he be housed there he would also be housed within her unit 514. Richard Masbruch is a Serial Rapist. During his time in Mens prison after his arrest he cut off his penis, claiming to be transgender. Due to inmates being unable to be interviewed what wasn’t revealed was that Masbruch is in fact still raping women within the facility, just now with foreign objects. He has also brutally injured some of the women within the facility.
Please sign my petition against Richard being allowed in a women’s facility of any kind, so that he may return to a male penitentiary. It would not only help me and my mother but any woman in any facility. Thank you for your help and have a wonderful day.


                                                                          Anna Silver

Who is Richard Masbruch? Masbruch is a career criminal and serial torture-rapist who ties women up at gunpoint and splices together multiple electric cords which he then uses to torture, electrocute and shock his victims before raping and sodomizing them.

In 2005 while housed in men’s prison in texas he successfully castrated himself and began calling himself “Sherri”. Upon completion of serving his term for violent sex crimes in Texas he was transferred to California to begin his life sentence for the sexual torture and rapes he committed in that state. California officials opted to house him in the California Medical Facility in Vacaville where prison officials began providing him with cross-sex hormone treatments. In March 2008 he was reclassified as “female” and transferred to the California Institute for Women. According to Anna Silver, who started this week’s petition, Masbruch has continued to rape and injure female inmates during his incarceration.

According to the Fresno Bee article quoted below, he has been placed in segregation previously by prison officials due to conduct violations. It is unknown how long or how frequently this has occurred. As far as I can tell, he has been transferred back and forth between CIW and CCWF at least once before. (According to the LATimes he was housed at the California Institute for Women as of april 2011.)

A formal grievance was filed against him in 2008 by CCWF inmate Patricia Wright. The outcome is unknown. The Fresno Bee was unable to reach Wright for comment due to prison interview restrictions. From Wright’s letter to the Fresno Bee [pdf link]:

“To Whom it May Concern:

There is a critical situation existing at Central California Women’s facility (CCWF) that I feel should be brought to your attention. There is a man by the name of Richard Masbruch who is currently being housed in General Population at an all women’s facility. After a horrible self-mutilation, it became necessary for surgeons to amputate his penis. This does not by any means make this man a woman, it just makes him a man without a penis.

I am sending you a copy of the ‘body’ of the CDCR 602 Grievance that I recently submitted concerning this issue. I would appreciate your feedback and any help or assistance you can offer me. It is not right to force us women to live with a male offender who has been convicted of heinous crimes against women. I have a human right to a reasonable expectation of safety.

Perhaps if the public was informed of this outrageous situation, something could be done. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I would appreciate any advice you can offer me regarding this matter.”

From her complaint:

“This is a cruel and unusual punishment. His presence is a constant threat and my anxiety level increases daily. The placement of this man here is obviously bending the rules and yet my requests to relocate to California Institute for Women (CIW) are repeatedly denied. I should be afforded the same opportunity for flexing the rules as this man. This is blatant discrimination and I will pursue this matter to the highest court if it becomes necessary. I have the right to be housed with only women and be free of the threat posed by this predator.”

From the Fresno Bee in 2008:

“In 1984, Masbruch was convicted in Texas of arson. Seven years later, at age 23, he joined [brother] Craig Masbruch in Fresno to work for a roofing company.

On April 2, 1991, Richard Masbruch went to a small apartment complex near First Street and Shaw Avenue in Fresno, pretending that he wanted to sign a lease, according to court records. He forced apartment manager Mary Koop, then 45, at gunpoint to lie face down on the kitchen floor and hog-tied her with a telephone cord.

When Koop’s 68-year-old mother, Marietta Koop, came downstairs, Masbruch tied her to a kitchen chair, blindfolded both women, and started searching the house for money and jewelry.

Then he spliced together several electrical cords, plugged them in, and shocked Mary Koop’s leg and Marietta Koop’s arm, causing both women to scream.

Masbruch later raped and sodomized Mary Koop and threatened to kill her and her mother if they called police.

Koop, who has been unable to work or live a normal life, was shocked to learn that her attacker is now housed with women.

“That’s unbelievable, just unbelievable, ” said Koop, now 62. “Women should be worried. I would be worried.”

Koop’s mother suffered permanent injuries from the torture. She died five years later of brain cancer.

After raping Koop, Masbruch fled to Texas, where he was arrested less than a week later for theft and burglary with the intent to commit a sexual assault. He was convicted in November 1991.”


“Despite his pleas, a judge sentenced him to life in prison. But first, Masbruch had to serve the remainder of his Texas prison sentence.

There, his attempts at self-castration continued. Sometime in 2000 or 2001, he succeeded in castrating himself, Craig Masbruch said. He’s not sure if his brother was truly overcome by guilt or if he suffers from some form of mental illness.

“I don’t know what’s going through his head,” Craig Masbruch said. “The only thing I can think of is if you’re incarcerated so many years and went through all that … maybe he was so downgraded as a man that he felt better as a woman.”

Getting treatments

Prison officials say California offers hormone treatment to transgender inmates only if they already are receiving treatment when they enter the system.

Masbruch was transferred directly from the Texas prison system, where hormone treatment is not offered to inmates unless they pay for it themselves, Texas prison spokesman Jason Clark said.

Craig Masbruch said he doesn’t know when his brother first started taking hormone treatment. He said his mother often sent Masbruch money, which could have been used for hormone treatment while he was imprisoned in Texas.

Richard Masbruch first told family members about the treatment after being transferred to California.

Neither Texas nor California prison officials said they could comment specifically on Richard Masbruch’s medical treatment.

Hensley, the criminal justice professor at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, said it is uncommon for inmates to receive hormone treatment while in custody “considering that a lot of prisons are overcrowded and health care is already a major issue.”

When deciding whether to put a former man into a women’s prison, officials must balance the safety of the individual with the safety of the prison’s general population, Hensley said. Masbruch’s case is especially difficult.

“Of course, rape is a crime of power more than anything,” Hensley said. “Even with him being incarcerated, he could potentially rape a woman if the urge is still there.”

But, he added, “If they place him in a man’s prison, he’s at more risk for rape himself, which leaves them open to lawsuits.”

In 2006, a transgender inmate at Folsom State Prison who took female hormones was raped by a male inmate. She sued seven prison workers, saying they failed to protect her from her sexually aggressive cellmate. A jury trial ruled against her, but a state appeals court reinstated the lawsuit last month and the matter remains unresolved.

One solution, Hensley said, is to set aside a unit at one prison that would only house transgender inmates. Some county jails have such units, he said.

But Shannon Minter, a San Francisco attorney who sits on the board of the New York-based Transgender Law and Policy Institute, said the California prison system appears to have handled Masbruch’s case well.

“What we need to do is get past people’s knee-jerk assumptions and fears and biases and look at this from a reasonable, scientific point of view,” he said. “It’s very easy to accommodate transgender prisoners and house them according to their gender identity.”

According to this 2011 comment Masbruch was currently being housed in SHU (special housing unit) as of last summer:

“I just paroled from CIW and I am completely mortified that a violent MAN is serving time in a womans prison. Richard was arrested, tried, and convicted as a MAN, what is the problem here? The state of CA was, but, is no longer paying for the sex change of a STRAIGHT MAN, so HE can be housed in a womans prison. Richard reaps many benefits of being a STRAIGHT MAN in a womans prison. He is currently being housed in SHU due to attacks against women, wtf???? What is wrong with our state?”

Transgender activist Rebecca (Jared) Kling at had a different take on the priorities of this situation as he took time to post his personal email complaining to campaign organizer Anna Silver about her use of male pronouns to refer to the serial torture-rapist Masbruch in her petition to prevent the sadistic psychopath from being housed with her mother.

You can read the details of Masbruch’s California crimes at the following link but be advised. This link will take you to a legal record of Masbruch’s trial: As such it contains horrific graphic details of the sadistic torture and sexualized violence against the females victimized by Mr. Masbruch. If you click on this link you will become extremely upset. For that reason I am not excerpting this record here. You can choose to read it or simply sign the petition in support of the women who are being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment twenty-four hours a day by being housed with this monster.

Those of you in the media or with media contacts please do what you can to raise the profile of this campaign. Thank you.

88 Responses to “CCWF: Stop male inmate Richard Masbruch from being housed in a Womens Facility”

  1. RoseVerbena Says:

    Goddess wept.

    This is INSANITY.

  2. Miriam Berry Says:

    Absolutely crazy. Petition signed.

  3. “Of course, rape is a crime of power more than anything,” Hensley said. “Even with him being incarcerated, he could potentially rape a woman if the urge is still there.”

    But, he added, “If they place him in a man’s prison, he’s at more risk for rape himself, which leaves them open to lawsuits.”

    So what Hensley is saying is that they would rather protect a rapist from rape, than innocent women from rape.

    “What we need to do is get past people’s knee-jerk assumptions and fears and biases and look at this from a reasonable, scientific point of view,” he said. “It’s very easy to accommodate transgender prisoners and house them according to their gender identity.”

    This is where the language is incorrect, and ‘gender identity’ is completely trumping biological sex reality. ‘Gender identity’ should always be secondary. And females should not be subject to individual male fantasies of ‘gender’.

    One solution, Hensley said, is to set aside a unit at one prison that would only house transgender inmates. Some county jails have such units, he said.

    Definitely. Keep them away from the female prison population.

    After a horrible self-mutilation, it became necessary for surgeons to amputate his penis. This does not by any means make this man a woman, it just makes him a man without a penis.

    Yes, most women know the difference (except for trans-supporting libfems). The definition for female is NOT “someone without a penis” it is someone who has the sex organs of a female, which then makes them vulnerable to rape and impregnation.

    This whole situation of housing male transgenders in a women’s correctional facility is pure insanity. Doubly so for sex offenders, and ones who suddenly decide they are ‘transgender’ after incarceration.

    I am seriously wondering if the trans-supporting libfems will sign this petition, or support the rapist?

    • amazondream Says:

      “But, he added, “If they place him in a man’s prison, he’s at more risk for rape himself, which leaves them open to lawsuits.”

      Well following this disgusting bit of ‘logic’ I’ll expect that they’ll soon be putting Jerry Sandusky in a juvenile facility to protect him from adult male rape.

    • Feuerwerferin Says:

      “If they place him in a man’s prison, he’s at more risk for rape himself, which leaves them open to lawsuits.”

      That’s because they don’t think that rape of women leaves them open to lawsuits, right?
      In Germany, for example, 1% of rapists is punished. It’s not that high of a risk to take.

      • Feuerwerferin Says:

        Really, place one man’s lawsuit and the (nonexistent?) lawsuits of (how many?) women on the scales of justice. It’s that horrible.

    • I am seriously wondering if the trans-supporting libfems will sign this petition, or support the rapist?

      I got my answer. One of the radfems posted the link to the petition in a libbyfem group – they deleted it. Libfems have lost the plot, they aren’t even making the pretense of feminism any more – 24/7 handmaidening!

      • Grackle Says:

        These people are completely insane. What in the world do they think they’re achieving by acting as if this is such a black and white issue and that trans people are never, ever wrong or at fault for anything?!

      • Nah, it’s not even that. The handmaidens do actually know that M2Ts are male, so they protect/defend them (as per the Handmaiden Handbook). You can see that by the way they rarely (if ever) defend the F2Ts.

        It’s just a cozy way they can support males and call it feminism. Deep down, they seem to like being under the boot of men, and don’t really want things to change.

        It has gotten so bad now though, I don’t think I can even call them ‘libfems’ any more. Liberal anti-feminists is more accurate. I am exercising my choosy-choice to rebrand them!

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Dave- I disagree that females prioritize males because they enjoy being oppressed.

      • It can only be one of two things – either they don’t want things to change, or they are incredibly stupid. And the majority don’t seem that stupid. So they really don’t want women’s liberation from males. They do too much to keep the status quo, bargaining with males to just make things ‘a bit’ better. That indicates a fair degree of acceptance with male domination.

        I used to put it down to a degree of ignorance, but I have changed my mind on this one. It’s well beyond mass stockholming.

        Over on facebook, it has been a real eye-opener, with the degree of censorship around this article. Libfems have been deleting this story when posted in groups, throwing RFs out of groups for being critical of the situation. This is feminism-101 to protect a group of females from being raped, but all they see is ‘transphobia’ and to protect a male from rape at all costs, even throwing other women under a bus.

        It’s time to accept that some females like being subordinated to males, and they are doing everything they can to keep it this way. This is real active anti-feminism here, not a bit of misguided youth stuff.

        So either they like male domination, or they are too stupid to tie their own shoelaces.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “It can only be one of two things – either they don’t want things to change, or they are incredibly stupid. And the majority don’t seem that stupid. So they really don’t want women’s liberation from males. They do too much to keep the status quo, bargaining with males to just make things ‘a bit’ better. That indicates a fair degree of acceptance with male domination.”

        I see no difference between this and Sheila G’s controversial critique of heterosexual women. I have to believe that women comply with male supremacy structures because they are frightened of the consequences for disobedience, or because they can’t imagine another way. Maybe I’m a fool. It’s certainly a theory that has been forwarded on occasion 😉 .

      • I have to believe that women comply with male supremacy structures because they are frightened of the consequences for disobedience, or because they can’t imagine another way.

        I used to think that, I really did. Giving them an unbelievably free pass on all their anti-feminist crap – but in the last year or two, the anti-feminism is too obvious to ignore. That is way more than being scared, or unimaginative.

        You do know that a lot of the young ones want us dead don’t you? They want us to die out so they can reframe ‘feminism’.

        As much as I wish they would hurry up and get with the programme, I certainly don’t want them to die out – just wake the fuck up to all the ways male domination stays in place – not just tidy up the throw pillows on the sofa of patriarchy.

        It is above and beyond being afraid of consequences, or being incredibly thick. Wanting us dead – seriously wtf is that kind of ‘feminism’???

      • GallusMag Says:

        The terrified kind?

      • At the very least, the ‘save your own skin’ kind. Which in itself isn’t feminism either. None of the crap they do now is remotely like feminism.

      • Aren’t there always the equivalent to Tory peasants in 1775? People who have no vested interest in propping up whoever is the equivalent to George III, but who simply can’t visualize a New World without a king?

        I think a lot of these on-line “lib fem handmaiden” types are quite simply too ignorant — too lacking in real education — to comprehend the nuances of feminism or the issues surrounding the “trans” phenom. They certainly seem to have about a 7th-grade understanding of evolution, reproductive biology or history.

        Even the relatively intelligent once have been steadily, methodically brainwashed into believing that being “for transwomen” mean’s they’re hip, cool, progressive, blah-blah-blah… They’re not thinking it through rationally. They’re not seeing that were there are stark competing interests, they’re siding against THEMSELVES.

        Their analysis on this subject is about 1 millimeter deep.

        It’s the same mentality that makes people root for one sports team vs another, or one Baptist sub-set vs another, or one rock band vs another. They meet some “nice transwoman” or watch Glee or something and decide that they are going to be “pro trans” and that anyone who is not “pro trans” is a mean person. That’s about as deep as their thinking goes.

        But scattered within that unthinking herd are women who are like I was a couple of years ago — formerly not paying much attention but then definitely on the path towards educating themselves and making a clean and final break with the kind of INSANE cult-think that would — even for a nanosecond — consider it a good idea to house a serial torture-rapist in a women’s prison!

  4. michelle Says:

    Googling the images for the freak will result in the need for copious amounts of eye-bleach- freaky scary…I do not blame women in the facility population for not wanting him in their midst even if they made a decision to stick him in segregation instead of the general population. I have no idea what in the hell California prison officials were thinking when they classified him as a female for an act of self-mutilation…but then again, even during my career with the agency here in Texas, we never thought real highly of CaDOC practices.

    It is bad enough we cannot escape people like that from trying to invade our spaces in the community…that is simply magnified several times over when you are in the confines of the institutional environment and there IS no place to go to get away from it.

  5. Holland Carney Says:

    This is outrageous and so upsetting.

  6. oopster74 Says:

    Wherever this person is held, it seems to make sense to be on his / her own. I’d suggest that anyone that has been attacked in whatever way by this person, sue the jail or whoever is responsible for the jail, as I suspect that the reason for not having this person in a male jail is in case they get sued by him / her. No one seems to have any common sense though anymore. I’d be asking, why is he / she not in some mental health place rather than a prison, if they’re being as prolific as the reports suggest.

    • michelle Says:

      ” I’d be asking, why is he / she not in some mental health place rather than a prison, if they’re being as prolific as the reports suggest.”

      because mental health treatment/confinement is cost-prohibitive to begin with and won’t work with serial sex offenders. This is not a case where treatment is the answer or the solution.

      Further, housing in the correctional setting is NOT going to be predicated upon “oh no, he MIGHT sue us if we don’t cater to HIS whims and delusions.” Instead this is a situation of another California bureaucrat making a poor decision instead of showing some backbone and assigning HIM to the proper facility.

      Housing him in a women’s facility is NOT the answer. He can safely be housed in a male facility, although he may not like the fact that he has to be kept in a segregated status. To which I respond with “Tough Shit”- when you commit heinous offenses, you forfeit certain rights and when you decide to self-mutilate in the correctional setting, you further lose the ability to dictate where you will be housed. HE is not housed appropriately. I just wish the trans* demographic would be a little more vocal and acknowledge that fact…

  7. luckynkl Says:

    Signed. I swear men’s minds have gone completely around the bend. How is this justice? To give a man convicted of serial rape to be given access to an unlimited supply of females to further victimize? Sounds like a reward, not a punishment. Rape is not about sex per se. What these men get off on is violating, terrorizing and torturing women. Penises just happen to be a convenient weapon that men always carry around with them. Bonus: terrorizing women with the fear of impregnation. But any instrument of terror will do for these boys. Castration isn’t going to slow them down much.

    These trans boys can easily be accommodated. Just section off a block and segregate them from the rest of the male prison population. They do it with gang members all the time. They separate rival gangs from each other. Solitary confinement is another option. But that would miss the point. The point being – men’s war on women. Hating and punishing women for being women. The transgender phenomenon wouldn’t have gotten off the ground or past square one without it.

    So what’s next on men’s deranged list of things to do? Are they going to place pedophiles in juvenile detention centers?

  8. tumblize Says:

    Hello, this is Anna Silver, I am very thankful for your help in my efforts to show the women at CCWF that they aren’t helpless and can in fact make a change in their environment if it is cruel. I’m extremely grateful for this article and all of it’s supporters. Have a wonderful day.
    Sincerely, Anna Silver.

  9. delphyne Says:

    Signed. He’s definitely being rewarded for his sadism towards women with more victims.

  10. […] Example Of Hyper-Misogyny in America: The safety of one male who rapes females is more important than the safety of hundreds of females. Like this:Like4 bloggers like this. from → Bullshit, Dickism, Disposability, Male […]

  11. Darcie Says:

    How about, “I started using contraband drugs in prison, so I would like to be imprisoned at a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.” Or perhaps, “I started working out in prison, jail me at Bally’s.”

    This man would have been serving time in a California correctional facility from the first had he not been serving time in Texas before his immediate transfer to CA. I don’t believe transgendered people should be imprisoned in accordance with their assumed gender, but rather according to sex, particularly rapists, but in the meantime, how about assigning m/f prison facilities based on jenduh at time of conviction, rather than when some male predator convicted rapist prisoner gets it into his head he would like a transfer to a womans facility.

    I wonder if this a state run facility or corporate, that would rather endanger women than lose money housing tranz separately? Let the legislators who passed this bullshit spend a night in a jailcell with this monster. This is only going to encourage more of these assholes to transition before transfer to CA prisons or before conviction within CA.

  12. Adrian Says:

    Signed. It’s one thing if the criminal in question was in there for bank fraud or whatever (and still worth questioning!) but for THIS??? Hell yeah there’s no way that guy should be in any sort of facility with women.

    Again too it’s one thing if the guy had been living as a “woman” at the time of the crime but this????

    Signed. If it were paper I’d have pressed down really hard on the pen.

  13. feral opera company Says:

    Signed, also started a topic at L Chat. It’s mainly a zoo, but there are some real feminists there.

  14. Feminist Rag Says:

    Hi there Gallus, first time poster and new-ish reader of your blog here. Thanks for this alert, I’ve signed the petition and will pass it on.

    This is all very maddening and deeply disturbing. The decision-making around housing this sadist rapist was steeped in ignorance and complete disregard for women’s safety. Rape in men’s prisons is a common yet hidden reality (as far as reporting it), but why one rapist’s safety from getting raped trumps hundreds (or thousands?) of female prisoners’ safety from being raped & assaulted is beyond comprehension. It can’t make sense because it’s non-sense!

    I hope this gets corrected soon so that Anna’s mom and all those other women can serve their time in peace (well, as much as possible as far as prisons go). So many of these women have probably been victims of sexual violence in the past & Masbruch’s presence must be triggering and creating brand new traumas for them to deal with.

  15. I’ve just googled him, and apparently he’s got the AIDS virus, which he has most likely passed on to his victims, in which case he’s not just a rapist, but a murderer.
    And because of his tendency to perpertrate horrific violent crimes against women, we should not assume that he wouldn refrain from using his virus as a weapon against the female inmates he’s imprisoned with.

  16. This is truly awful. I’ve signed the petition and I really hope those responsible the decisions in this case realize what a terrible mistake they\’re making. Cutting off his penis does not make a man – particularly a predatory, rapist man – into a woman, and anyone who uses this situation to discuss the academics of the trans* debate instead of looking at the very real threat to these women if they should have this individual housed among them shows a profound lack of empathy.

  17. Barbara Di Bari Visconti Says:

    Signed. What an outrage.

  18. Ashland Avenue Says:

    Signed the petition, and will forward it along as well.

    Thanks for posting about this, GallusMag. Everybody has already said everything I’m feeling about this sick case, and said it well. I do think that Kling’s blog post about this case inadvertently reveals so much about the MtT mindset and how they really feel about born women. If men like Kling truly cared about women, he’d know that there’s absolutely no WAY that Masbruch should be housed in a women’s penitentiary. The very thought is insane. (OoooOOOooh! I used the word “insane”! Now I’ll be called ableist by the funfems for using a perfectly sensible word in a completely justifiable context!)

    I digress. I do wonder, though, exactly when Kling thinks that the rights of the female prisoners to safety kick in over the rights of a psychopathic sexual sadist. Ever? Apparently not, as he states that trans prisoners should be placed in “gender-appropriate housing,” while “working to reduce violent and sexual attacks against all prisoners.”

    Well, that’s just ducky. What safe and bland phrasing to protect himself from any possible criticism. Except from us, of course, who see right through his bullshit salad of words to his actions – that is, chastising a woman (Anna Silver) who’s got to be worried sick about the safety of her mother, and baldly stating that he thinks male-bodied persons belong in a female prison. (I think when Richard Masbruch tortured, raped, and sodomized his victims he pretty much gave up his right to be addressed by his fucking preferred pronouns. If Richard Masbruch or Jared Kling have a problem with that, TOO FUCKING BAD.) And exactly what are we supposed to do until the staggeringly enormous issue of prison violence is solved? According to Kling, go ahead and still house men with women, the women be damned. The narcissism and selfishness shown in his blog post is astonishing.

  19. fwancis Says:

    Signed. Sick fucks, him and his supporters.

    Rapist’s twanz “rights”>Women’s safety

    Rapist’s protection from rape>Women’s protection from rape

  20. John L. Says:

    There is an update to this story that is worth mentioning.

    A couple of days ago, Richard Masbrusch was severely beaten by a group of inmates that rushed his cell. He sustained serious injuries and had to be rushed to the hospital. According to my friend who is an inmate at CCWF, there was widespread protest over Masbrusch’s presence in the general population. Since this incident late last week, they have been on lockdown.

    I will keep you posted on any further developments as I receive them.

    • GallusMag Says:

      There are certainly a lot of rumors flying around…

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Good for the inmates – it’s nice to see women fighting back. According to people who have family in CCWF, Masbruch has already harassed and attacked female inmates. But now we’ll hear from MtT people saying how this just proves how much more dangerous it would be for Masbruch if he were to be in a male prison! L’horreur! Like I give a fuck.

      • And when someone reverts to French, you know they *really* don’t give a fuck LOL

      • michelle Says:

        “And when someone reverts to French, you know they *really* don’t give a fuck LOL”

        c’est vrai…c’est la vie 🙂

        I can only hope it was a beatdown outside of the presence of staff that could identify who was actually involved. Would hate to see disciplinary sanctions for taking actions against a person who presented a real physical threat to one’s safety…

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Cherry – *snicker* 🙂

        My only hope is that Masbruch suffered. A man who raped and sodomized a woman in front of her mother, and then went on to torture them both? Who has left his living victim unable to live normally? From this corner, NOT A SINGLE FUCK WAS GIVEN about Masbruch’s safety. Not a one, I’m telling you!

  21. Loretta Kemsley Says:

    Signed with a comment as to his delusions being catered to rather than women being protected. Also post to my FB page.

    • michelle Says:

      shaking my head…and they really believe the shit they shovel. Last time I looked, there IS no ‘Sherri’ Masbruch housed in the CaDOC. Rapist was convicted under Richard James Masbruch and that is the name that appears in the online locator. Claiming he has some other name is no different than when we used to have inmates that insisted on being referred to by some religious-based name instead of their name of record…

      Masbruch was convicted as a male and entered prison as a male (and was housed in Texas as a male). The fact that the ‘supporters’ of Masbruch care more about pronouns and names of a convicted rapist than they do the victim-class of female inmates lacking the ability to avoid Rapey McRapester is absolutely appalling!

  22. GallusMag Says:

    MON JUL 23, 2012 AT 05:32 AM PDT
    “Male” rapist put into women’s prison
    bySenor UnoballFollow
    I’m friends with a murderer.

    My friend is serving xx-years-to life in Central California Women’s Facilty in Chowchilla, CA, after having been convicted about 20 years ago on a charge of conspiracy to commit murder. (What she did, and was convicted of, is not relevant to this story, so we don’t need to get into that now.)

    So, today, when we got a letter from C, my jaw dropped with astonishment, and I was dumfounded with incredulity.

    You see, her letter detailed the admission to CCWF of a convicted rapist, a male, into the women’s prison.

    W. T. F.?

    On the face of it, that just doesn’t make sense. Why would California prison officials stick a man into a women’s prison?

    In her letter, C said that is was to protect the man, Richard J. Masbruch, from being beaten, raped, or killed, if he were incarcerated in a men’s prison.

    When we got C’s letter, I was outraged! Ready to blow up! How could this be?

    And I’m still outraged, but after a bit of Googling, I now have more of a picture of what’s going on, and more of an idea of the details.

    You see, Richard Masbruch is apparently transgendered through self-mutilation (not through surgery), and now goes by the name of Sherri Masbruch. According to reports, while incarcerated in Texas, Masbruch destroyed his genitals with acid a few years ago, after many attempts.

    The state of California now considers Masbruch a woman, so placed her in a women’s prison. (Because Masbruch and the state of California consider him a woman, I will use feminine pronouns in this diary where I cannot write around it.)

    But that does not matter to some of the women in CCWF, who are terrified of Masbruch. According to C, Masbruch had been scheduled to be housed next to her until her unit protested. Masbruch has now apparently been assigned to another unit in the prison.

    C’s letter stated:

    So, while (the state prison system) is busy worrying about protecting him, they couldn’t care less about protecting me! It’s like turning a shark loose in a pool of bloody fish. The predator in him seeks us out and takes over.
    C’s letter continued:
    We were in fear of our safety, not just in the day-room, but in our cells, showers, and beds.
    With that fear pervading the housing unit, C said that there was a terrible altercation after Masbruch was placed in the unit, and Masbruch was stabbed, sending her to the hospital. Some of the women involved are now facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon or attempted murder, according to C.
    Many women in prison, perhaps a majority, have been victims of sexual abuse and rape. My friend, C, was sexually abused and raped by her stepfather over many years starting in early childhood. So, when she heard that Masbruch, no matter the physical condition, would be housed in a nearby cell, she was horrified, scared, and upset.

    And who wouldn’t be? According to People v. Masbruch, here is what Masbruch did (WARNING: severe triggers following):

    At approximately 5 p.m. on April 2, 1991, defendant Richard James Masbruch came to the door to apply for an apartment. Mary gave defendant an application form to fill out and invited him into the apartment to get his name and phone number.
    As defendant and Mary walked into the living room, defendant turned around and pointed a gun at her face. He told her to put her hands up and give him her purse. Mary explained she did not have a purse, and defendant asked to see her checkbook. Mary complied. Defendant set the checkbook down and told Mary to go into the kitchen. She assumed the gun was pointed at her head. He told her to lie facedown on the kitchen floor and tied her hands and feet with telephone cord. He then “hog-tied” her, tying her hands and feet together.

    Marietta, Mary’s mother, then came downstairs. Defendant “polite[ly]” told her, “Your daughter wants to see you in the kitchen.” Marietta responded, “Oh, I wonder what she wants.” As Marietta entered the kitchen, she saw Mary on the floor, and said, “Oh, my God.” Mary told her, “Just do whatever he says to do, because he has a gun.”

    Defendant sat Marietta on a kitchen chair and tied her hands and feet with a cloth parrot cage cover. He then said he wanted jewelry and money. The two women directed defendant to various locations of the house. After exploring each proposed area, defendant returned to the kitchen, and the women suggested another location. They “figured if [they] cooperated that he wouldn’t kill [them]. When he would go upstairs, [they] would talk and think of different places where money might be, so if he got enough that he would just leave [them] alone.” Mary “could only really see [defendant’s] feet” during most of this period.

    Defendant then blindfolded the women. Mary noticed that “[i]t was quiet for awhile.” Defendant then turned Mary on her side. “[I]t felt like he had taken a butcher knife and started at [her] knee and just ran it as slow as he could all the way down to [her] ankle. [She] was screaming, because it was … the most excruciating pain you could think of. It was like to the bone. [She] kept waiting to feel the fluid of the blood coming out and [she] didn’t feel it and [she] didn’t know what he’d done.” Defendant had apparently spliced several electrical cords together and shocked Mary with this makeshift instrument. Defendant also shocked Marietta’s right arm. After he finished, defendant said, “That’s a warning to show you what I can do to you.”

    Defendant “unhogtied” Mary and went through her pockets for money. He then unzipped her pants. Mary said, “You’re not going to rape me?” [13 Cal. 4th 1005] Defendant said, “Shut up,” (and he then raped her.)

    A 2008 story in the Fresno Bee, quoted in the Prisonmovement blog, offers some other details about Masbruch’s subsequent captivity:
    California prison officials say decisions about where to house transgender inmates are made on a case-by-case basis. Generally, the decision is based on whether an inmate has male genitalia, prison spokesman Terry Thornton said.
    … California prison officials say they consider Masbruch a woman. A recent photo shows Masbruch has long hair, shaped eyebrows and other feminine features. Masbruch now goes by the name Sherri Masbruch.

    … (Thornton) said Masbruch was placed in the women’s prison also for safety reasons because transgender male-to-female inmates could be preyed upon in a male prison. Thornton said other transgender inmates in men’s prisons also are at risk, but are not allowed to transfer to a women’s prison because they are still anatomically male.

    However, whether or not Masbruch is still anatomically male, due to history of violence against women, C said that she and other inmates are concerned that Masbruch will come after them to sexually assault or beat them.
    Which raises the question: Where should transgendered inmates be housed? While Masbruch may no longer be anatomically a man, Masbruch’s history is one of violence against women.

    A column in the Fresno Bee looks at this issue:

    It does bother me that someone who committed such brutal crimes against women is now incarcerated with them. But leaving Masbruch in a men’s prison would leave the state open to lawsuits for not protecting the inmate from rape. Is the answer for the state to provide separate housing for transgender inmates?
    Perhaps, as an extremely violent offender, no matter the gender identity or sexual orientation, Masbruch should simply be cut off from other inmates, whether men or women. Yet, is a life in solitary confinement the best answer? Or, should Masbruch spend her prison sentence in a facility that is designed to hold, and separate, transgendered inmates?
    For more discussion regarding transgendered inmates, see this LA Times story.

    Still, matters of gender identity, of sex-change operations, of hormone therapy, are of no concern to C, my friend.

    The women in her housing unit are concerned only with their safety. Just because they have done terrible things in the past, and are now paying the price for their actions, does not mean that they — some victims of rape themselves — must live in fear of a rapist in their midst. has a petition asking that Masbruch be transferred to a male prison or to the California Medical Facility. To sign the petition, please go to this website.


  23. GallusMag Says:

  24. John L. Says:

    I spoke to my friend last night and she informed me that Masbruch remains hospitalized and there is a strong likelihood that he will not be returning to CCWF due to safety concerns.

    However, IF he does return, he will more than likely be housed in SHU for his own safety.

  25. zeph Says:

    I have also signed. I think it is appalling that one individuals perception of himself in the world is elevated above the perceptions of many others. While I except that trans men perceive themselves as women, I still perceive them as men; who do not know what it feels like to be a woman because they have never been one! I have the same reaction to women who say their sexuality is identical to men’s, the evidence is to the contrary, and how would they know?

    However this man perceives himself, we cannot make laws based on his personal vision of the world, especially as it does not concur with the vision of the vast majority of other people.

    My heart goes out to those women prisoners being faced with the prospect of doing time with him.

  26. […] Submitted on 2012/07/25 at 6:30 pm […]

  27. fwancis Says:

    Couldn’t help but laugh when he was hospitalized by female inmates sick of being terrorized. Well, the officials made it clear that he was being housed in the women’s prison for his safety, so how better to get rid of him than to make the women’s prison UNsafe for him?

  28. fwancis Says:

    In Australia, we have a now 40 year-old serial killer of teenaged girls/young women who, 10 years after sentencing, decided he was female (for proof, observe his pigtails!) and therefore required access to makeup, as well as a taxpayer-funded sex change. Luckily, the powers that be rejected his twanz identity; evidently, his claims of feeling like a woman were qualitatively different from other twanz’ claims of feeling like a woman. They didn’t explain exactly how, but I’m sure we can trust medical professionals not to let something like the bad publicity his being a serial woman-killer would generate influence their diagnoses.

    Gee, I wonder what he’ll try next.

    His explanation at the time of his crimes for why his victims were female was, “I just hate them”.

  29. Marian Says:

    I received a letter from a loved one and can’t believe this person is in general population. What about the security of the imprisoned women? This is ridiculous.What about the safety of our loved ones?

  30. Allie Platt Says:

    One of my best friend’s is housed at CCWF and I’ve had a very distressed letter from her this morning about the fact that this animal is being housed there. Which crack-pot idiot agreed to this? The man is a sexual sadist. Yes, man. With or without the body parts, he’s still male. This needs to be stopped.

  31. […] unusual punishment to be housed with males who target, torture, murder, rape and assault females. We witnessed the incredible trauma inflicted on women forced to live in the same unit as Richard Masbruch, the torture-rapist electrocutioner. It is cruel and unusual […]

  32. tabitha Says:

    so i was an inmate at c.i.w. and i was not threatened by this man but he is a man and was having man fun in prison, for a torturer and rapist he sure did have it cushy…. brand new stuff from boxes every quarter and even a GIRLFRIEND….. so if thats the point of prison then we’d all go……. send him back to texas mens and see how he fares…

  33. […] laws our right to sex-segregated space (i.e. to not have penises in our bathrooms, or in our prisons, etc) will disappear. Our language, needs, biological reality and history will be erased to reflect […]

  34. […] Rapist and torture-murderer  Richard “Sherry” Masbruch. […]

  35. Amberlin McHugh Says:

    I was incarcerated at C.I.W. when this violent predator arrived in general population.The staff was very aware of his violent and aggressive behavior at the last prison but still placed him on population,in the cell next to the communal showers which he would peek into frequently.The first day he wore make up and went by Sherri but less than24 hours later he was all Richard sans make up etc.I find it hard believe he is transitioning with hormones as he had facial and body hair and A very masculine voice etc. He immediately was caught in numerous public sex acts with women.He Also bullied the elderly women and when my friend and I attempted still him he pulled a weapon and got very aggressive with us.Inmates and staff are both very uncomfortable with him and I would advise any LGBT activists to avoid using this fraud to try to further the rights of their community.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I agree. I’m sorry you were subjected by the state to the cruel and unusual punishment of being forcibly confined with a violent male predator in the course of serving your sentence in a female facility. This is one lesbian who does not support this violation of your human rights. Thank you for sharing your report.

  36. Jan Says:

    I was there in ccwf when Richard was there.. I was an inmate and transferred to general population the day after the riot. I have been raped in my past and treated poorly in many relationships.. when I first heard about the male rapist in prison, that I would have to sit next to at a table and not punch his face in I was astounded… Are you kidding me!? Just that thought made do many memories come rushing back in my mind.. I know a lot of other women felt the same… so he got a little prison justice from the women in there to bad he is still alive.. but to the prison officials who thought this was ok should be arrested them selves for cruel and unusual punishment to the women who had to endure such unbelievable unnecessary trauma .. same thing as saying ” ok women here’s a real nasty man for you.. one that loves to hurt women.. a man you have to eat with and work next too.a man that you know is violent in every way and given the chance will hurt you too.. now play nice.” Yah Mr warden how did that work out for you?? The screening process needs a serious over haul because it was not the decision of one person but several when they decision was made to place him in a women’s institution ..

    • GallusMag Says:

      Jan- I am so sorry that your human rights were violated by the California Department of Corrections which confines women in locked facilities with male torture-rapists. I can’t imagine the degree of trauma inflicted on women such as yourself being confined as a victim of sexual violence with a violent male sex offender perpetrator. I am especially aggrieved as a Lesbian, because the well-funded lobbying groups that claim to represent my community, the “LGBT” community, are largely the ones facilitating these human rights violations against female survivors of sexual violence. Needless to say, Lesbians do not support these actions. My hope is that the feminist activists currently organizing will succeed in overturning any such policy, and that states will be forced to pay restitution to the incarcerated female victims of these blatant and egregious human rights violations. I will continue to raise public awareness of this practice. Thank you for sharing your story here, and I hope that you are now doing well.

  37. Artemis Jade Says:

    Regarding that British MTF who was transferred to a women’s prison after a petition with 150,000 signatures supported the transfer:

  38. Amber Mchugh Says:

    I was incarcerated at C I around 2007 with Richard. The first day he hit the general population yard as “Sherri” he had short hair but had on women’s jeans and shoes and a small amount of eye makeup. The next day he presented as Richard. No make up, no women’s clothes. He got a girlfriend right away and was caught being sexual on the running track. He was always spying at women in the shower. I saw him repeatedly bullying the elderly women out of phone time etc. The staff was also very uncomfortable with his presence. I worked in the medical clinic and was told by a nurse that he had ask if his parts, that he had damaged his penis but still had both a penis and testicles. I was informed by an officer that if there is a question of gender Trans men etc are housed at cmc or Vacaville. That under no circumstances should a man be biased at a women’s facility. He bragged that his brother found him a loop hole. Shame on everyone involved. Why was he raping women if he identifies as female anyway. Most women in prison are victims of rape or domestic violence. What about our rights.

  39. James Sterling Says:

    Hillary Clinton would have made sure that this oppressed woman was allowed to be incarcerated with her own gender. /s

    Common sense didn’t arrange bathroom access to benefit men, but to protect women and children. Since we’ve embarked on this campaign to allow people to claim a different gender based on their whims, and since we can’t read minds, we have this situation where a male sex offender has the right to be housed with captive women.

    Which never would have happened if we didn’t subjugate sanity and science to special interest groups and (absurd) political correctness.

  40. […] Richard “Sherri” Masbruch – serial torture-rapist who tied women up, tortured, and raped them. Raped female inmates after prison transfer:… […]

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