I wanna be your man

July 20, 2012

13 Responses to “I wanna be your man”

  1. yttik Says:

    Interesting, Gallus.

    I was just thinking, that’s what hetero women go through, too. We want to be with a man, right? So we lose weight, color our hair, perch ourselves on a pair of heels, and do this whole performance of gender that really has nothing to do with who we are. We do it to appeal to men, but also to meet cultural expectations.

    I’ve had discussions with women where we wonder if men even like women, since they seem to demand that we alter everything about ourselves that we possibly can. The truth is, no. If somebody makes you feel like you have to alter yourself that much, they not only don’t love you, they don’t even like you very much.

    Anyway, I was just noticing that there’s nothing new or radical about this woman in the video, it’s the same old crap many women experience, just in a different form.

    • RoseVerbena Says:

      The only thing “new” is that women are being asked by the culture to completely erase their womanhood.

      It’s not enough to perform “woman”, especially if you’re a lesbian. You can only be one of the special, cool kids if your perform “man”.

      Excuse me while I throw my computer off a cliff…

  2. easilyriled Says:

    her tie’s crooked. i was thinking that too, yttik, about what women go through to appeal to men. I think lesbians are doing that stuff, too, as ‘queer’ ascends. So much work and energy toward appearances. butch or femme. exhausting.

  3. DaveSquirrel Says:

    Is it just me, or did anyone else think of our bestest buddy AllyHat?
    Kind of in reverse.

    Stoopid dress ups.
    Hip and edgy if you are 12, not so much when you are a grown-up.

  4. feral opera company Says:

    The video is quite good, except some people won’t get it. A social conservative or homophobe would see it as a critique of lesbians, but only trans-critical lesbians would see it as a critique of the self-hating ex-lesbian stealth FTM who wants to be a man so she can date straight girls.

    • Elin Says:

      I agree, it is clearly a song with a tragic overtone (the original by the Beatles is frighteningly happy). The “man” at the end isn’t convincing at all, and that’s probably deliberate. To a person that has never heard of transgenders, this would probably just be a song about homophobia / strict sex roles.

      Actually, English language is lacking in this regard. You can’t say “I want to be your wife” because the word “wife” denotes the submissive; the dependant.
      In German and Dutch (which share many cognates with English), the cognate word “Weib” or “wijf” is actually an insult, and when you marry, you are being declared “man and woman” (“Frau” / “vrouw”). But “I want to be your woman” sounds wrong to me, in English.

  5. Feuerwerferin Says:

    Thank you, I also thought that she wanted to date straight women because she thinks that lesbians aren’t good enough.


    “I want to be your man” – What is a man to a woman?

    I suspect as well that she wants to treat another woman with a man’s misogyny in order to feel better about herself (yearning for dominance). Maybe she just wants a housekeeper/sextoy of her own instead of a relationship among equals? I’m not saying it’s true for every one of them but I recently got to know a late-lesbian (or so she claimed) who told me that she wanted a conventionally beautiful woman who cooks for her and performs femininity while she herself wears comfortable clothes and is served. Sorry, but she was very fat and not that good looking. And a bad person who used lies and manipulation techniques. A man with such qualities may still get a woman. She didn’t mind that woman to be much younger too.

    There are women like that!
    So maybe some of the trans”men” are just assholes who want to get a housekeeper/sextoy through “transitioning”.

    • “Thank you, I also thought that she wanted to date straight women because she thinks that lesbians aren’t good enough.”

      As if straight women want a “man” with a vagina. I wonder when we will see “cotton ceiling 2 – how to seduce straight women”.

  6. bugbrennan Says:

    bilerico posted this, and all the trans ladies are commenting. it’s making me little nauseous.

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