You are SICK SICK SICK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 25, 2012

Submitted on 2012/07/25 at 6:30 pm

For being someone who discusses gender on a blog you are very insensitive. You ignored sherri’s pgp and it seems that you did not even think about what could have caused sherri to act out in the ways that she did. Everyone deserves safety and sherri will not get that by moving back to a male prison. Please also think twice before sharing someone’s criminal record online.


31 Responses to “You are SICK SICK SICK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. LJ Says:

    Good grief… Let’s sit around and feel sorry for the convicted rapist and all they have been through that made them rape women shall we?? I don’t fucking think so. Dear Lord some people will ignore every single other aspect of a person if they are under the “trans” umbrella. Not even rape convictions and this guy being an obvious and proven danger to women will dispel the “trans” bias.

    This guy is not a woman, does not belong in a women’s prison and anyone who feels any sympathy for him cannot have any real problems in their life to worry about. Oh and by the way… That’s the thing about criminal records. They tend to be matter of public record. A rapist who is upset someone has noted he is a rapist needs to get over that.

    • GallusMag Says:


      • doublevez Says:

        e.s. you have no time to waste. There are as of this hour, over 9 thousand mentions of Richard Masbruch the rape torturer on Google. Allowing for repeats, we can say, maybe 4,0000 original hits? You better hurry and harass them all.

        Men are outraged that their violent behaviour is NOT forgiven, will not be hidden, but passed around, written about. By WOMEN.

        (See what happens to a woman who is repeatedly called a cunt on Tumblr, complains to Tumblr support, and gets her account cancelled. Well what else? She caused it. Right? Right???? Didn’t e.s. just explain how that works?)

  2. Claudia Says:

    Yours has got to be a parody post, right?

  3. Claudia Says:

    My post was directed at the OP, btw.

  4. I love, love, LOVE your posts when someone accuses you of outing information. The information is right there, RIGHT there, but when it is used as subversion by feminists then it is outing. Wev.

  5. KittyBarber Says:

    Odd, how the same trans* who keep telling us that “women rape too!” etc., are the same ones who know damn well that NOBODY is safe in a men’s prison. Why do you think they have separate prisons for men and women?
    Thing about it is, mutilating your genitals doesn’t qualify you as a woman. At least, not for the purposes of having better access to your prey.
    Having worked in prisons, I know what I’m talking about. This is not smoke coming out of my butt, ok? MEN RAPE. They rape women, and men, and children, and babies, and animals, and dead people. Please, get real.
    If the state can’t keep this particular inmate safe, that shouldn’t become the problem for all of the women who will have to live with this perv.
    Sorry, but there are days when this bullshit just really starts to get to me.

  6. michelle Says:

    I don’t give a damn about what caused Richard James Masbruch to RAPE other women or to otherwise “act out.” There is nobody by the name of ‘Sherri Masbruch’ being housed in the custody of the agency being discussed. I don’t give a damn what HE ‘prefers’ to be called. For the purposes of discussion of the damage HE is causing females of the species, we will discuss HIM in any manner WE choose.

    As to the specious claim that HE cannot be housed in a male facility, I call BULLSHIT. He can very safely be housed in a single-cell environment if HE feels that he cannot survive in the general population as a person who is as vulnerable as the FEMALES that HE CHOSE to victimize. So, NO, I DO NOT care what damage might be done to HIS fragile little ego at this point in HIS life. MALE self-mutilators can be housed in a MALE facility.

    HE entered custody as Richard James Masbruch. HE chose to self-mutilate while in custody. How he manipulated the State of California into hormones is beyond me because we sure as hell weren’t giving them to HIM while he was in custody here in Texas.

    As to discussions of HIS criminal history…we will discuss public records all day long. Nothing HE did in the case at bar is hidden from public view. And yes, there are components of HIS Texas record that the public could not easily obtain that I could put my hands on if I were so inclined…

  7. Adrian Says:

    My first thought was “who in the hell is Sherri?” and then I realized we’re talking about the RAPIST from a few posts back, and my mind just boggles at the idea that somehow posting about someone’s officially publicly available criminal record for RAPE is somehow “outing.”

    I mean… SERIOUSLY???

  8. yttik Says:

    Good grief, who refers to the torture and rape of two women, and the attempted rape of another, as “acting out”? That is sick!

    “…you did not even think about what could have caused sherri to act out in the ways that she did…”

    So if anything bad happens to Sherri in prison, I’m sure you will show the perpetrators lots of compassion, empathy, and understanding. After all, they’re probably just “acting out.”

  9. weirdward Says:

    Something to think about perhaps:

    Obviously I don’t agree with the analysis in either of these articles about why women are drawn to relationships with violent men, or with how they romanticise women ‘saving’ men (at the expense of their own safety and life priorities). And I certainly don’t think it’s a good thing!

    But that is the societal mindset we’re dealing with. It’s a great thing for women to fall in love with and reform violent men! And even if they’re being sexually exploited that’s still okay – they like it!

    Adding in the trans factor is just going to mean there are even more brainwashed females who will stand up for him, as well as all the trans crowd and the MRAs.

  10. Feminist Rag Says:

    Hi Gallus Mag, I hope you don’t mind my posting a response to the emailer:

    I did and do think about what causes mostly men to so violently abuse mostly girls and women. I think about it a lot because it’s a huge sickness in this culture, and I thought about it when reading Gender Trender’s original post about Richard/Sherri. I’ve done and do much research into male violence because I feel that without understanding something, there’s no hope of fixing it. As such, the thought also crossed my mind whether Richard/Sherri mutilated his/her penis as an act of self-hate, as many violent men housed in super maximum prisons do – it is common for these men to stick pins and other such items in their anuses, scrotums and penises in order to feel *something* because they are so deadened inside (as per Dr. James Gilligan’s work & research with this population).

    But I am also a believer in BALANCE. As much as I am interested and concerned with how Richard/Sherri got to where s/he is today, I’m just as interested and concerned about the hundreds (thousands?) of female prisoners who are already traumatized from past sexual abuses and who will probably be hella triggered by Richard/Sherri’s presence in their prison, and rightfully so as s/he poses a real threat. Would you agree that Richard/Sherri’s rights DO NOT trump these female prisoners’ right to safety? Certainly everyone deserves dignity, even the most horrific predators (I say this with great difficulty and have to work hard to move past my reflexive outrage at the subject).

    The human race is supposedly intelligent with all this technology and brilliant ideas and inventions, not to mention millions/billions of dollars sunk into the prison industrial complex; surely we can come up with a solution to house people like Richard/Sherri that doesn’t throw one person OR an entire group of people under the bus and to the wolves.

  11. DaveSquirrel Says:

    What the fuck is it with trans supporters who excuse violent sadistic behaviour towards females?

    Here is another rapist (attempted rape in this case) who was “frustrated” by ‘gender identity’.

    Lack of penis does not equal ‘woman’. My gawd, how old is that thinking? And yet trans supporters think they are progressive.

    Even if I was to go along with genuine trans being housed in women’s prisons (which I don’t), sexual offences against females, as well as sudden gender identity after incarceration, should automatically exclude them from women’s prisons. Masbruch ticks both those boxes.

    He is a sadistic rapist. Why all the frickin concern if he gets a bit of return karma in a men’s prison?

  12. Craig Says:

    to the person /blogger that posted this about Sherri I personally want to say you are a jackass

    and think about sticking your noise in someone else’s personal life I will do my dammedest to find anything about you or anyone you are close to and post it all over the dam internet have a wonderful day

    • GallusMag Says:

      “Karoline Kay”, huh craig? What does your therapist Caroline Gibbs at the Kansas City Transgender Institute think about you going around threatening women who discuss your pal, the electrocution serial torture-killer Richard “Sherri” Masbruch?

      What do your four grandchildren think about what you are doing?

    • Motherhood Says:

      Oh good god these men are so stupid and repulsive. Hey dick head he is prison because he is a dangerous wacko and sexual predator. WTF are suggesting? Women should not ever talk about Richard the sociopath sexually violent animal. Why? Oh yeah Cause some dick with wi-fi says so–fuck you. And good luck– Richard is such a sympathetic dude we are all feeling buckets for him. Just so long as he stays away from human females and he remains in his cage where dangerous animals belong we are fine. Alls good. BTW rape kind of crosses the line from “personal.” But you have at it and good luck finding out anything that trumps what Richard is into. Put it all over the internet–women says truth about sicko violent rapist, or women holds job and pays taxes–yeah have fun.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Being threatened by a buddy, er, a “laydee friend” of a serial electrocution torture murderer and rapist. Just another day at old GenderTrender.

        Hey Craig/Karoline- I think I’ll look into what Richard’s been up too lately, just for you pal. And maybe I’ll take a gander into what YOU’RE doing too while I’m at it. You fucking pig.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Anyone with info on old Craig/Karoline Kay do drop us a line, won’t you? We’d love to hear it. Some of you Arkansas/Kansas folks perhaps? kthx.

    • Rhonda Says:

      Hey Craig/Karoline! Not all women are going to cower in fear from your threats You deranged sick fuck. Feel free to look me up while you’re at it. 😉

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Sure thing, Craig! Be that guy! Be that guy who threatens women and stands up for a torture killer! You so noble!

      You’re just the picture of mental health, dear. Congrats to your therapist.

    • Random Radfem Says:

      If you consider torture and rape of women as “personal business”, than I consider you as much of a violent, sadastic piece of garbage as your buddy Richard. You enjoy making anonymous threats against women who speak against violence animals like your pal?? Fucking coward- FUCK YOU!!!!

      • Random Radfem Says:

        *****For GM***** I just went back and read the post from July ’12 and Richard’s brother Craig is quoted several times in the articles.

  13. farishcunning Says:

    OMG, he’s a counselor! Check out this pack of lies:

    ” A Note from Caroline: “My chief asset, apart from my clinical skill, is my ability to be accepting and tolerant of all individuals, regardless of where they find themselves in life, and whatever emotional or psychological burdens they may be carrying. I do not shy away from anyone or any issue, and carry no fear or judgment into my work.””

    Gotta love how he displays that acceptance and tolerance. Wonder what’s the governing body for LPCs (Licensed Professional Counselors)? They might be interested in Craig’s comments. My therapist is an LPC–maybe I’ll ask her.

    • GallusMag Says:

      You’ve misread. Caroline is Craig/Karoline Kay’s gender therapist.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        What I love about that therapist is how she crams as many initials as possible after her name, even though they’re all essentially the same damn thing. I suppose this is an attempt to look all the more educated or something, but it comes off instead as desperate and laughable. Ultimately, she’s not even a psychologist. No offense meant to all the great LCSW’s out there, but for someone taking it upon herself to do this caliber of work, I’d expect at least a Psy.D.

      • farishcunning Says:

        My mistake–sorry!

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