Reed Barrow: Stop Making Rape and Death Threats Against Lesbians, Feminists and Gays

July 26, 2012

Hai. This battery pack leads to something in my ass.

Unbelievably creepy scary dude Reed Barrow aka Forrest Reed Barrow aka SissyKrystalTG, aka Sissy Krystal aka Sissy Reed Barrow aka SissyKrystalHot aka RedheadTransgenderedFox has been sending out threatening rape messages to women on Tumblr ALL NIGHT LONG.

Here is a small sample of his handiwork:

Barrow, 55, of Whitby Island in Clinton WA describes himself thusly:

“I’ve been Transgendered since 3 years old and this uniqueness I’ve been Blessed with has followed me thru my whole life. Most people aren’t sure what to think of Transgendered people or are scared of us, only because they have never been educated to the third gender ( Transgender ). I’m just like you in every since, except I enjoy dressing and being a female as often as i can, and I’m a complete sissy when I’m dressed.”

Reed haunting children’s playground

Reed haunting Cedar Valley Elementary School

He posts tons of photos of “the uniqueness he’s been blessed with” wearing pedomorphic female children’s undergarments and clothing and expresses his desire to publicly humiliate himself by adopting the clothing and mannerisms that he imagines young female children might enjoy. He considers himself as something of a minor “transgender celebrity” in the local Everett WA area where he haunts children’s playgrounds seeking attention from horrified young girls. This gives him erections, which he is very proud to discuss at every opportunity, under his real name online, as part of his “transgender rights”.

“..almost every person in the Seattle area knows that I’m a sissy baby and it has even spread to other states. Everyone tells 2 friends etc. etc.

so now every!! place I go people I’ve never met hold there nose when they see me. I never! poop in my diapers and I only pee in them. At first I was very bothered by the pointing and laughing, but as time has gone by I’m glad everyone knows I’m a sissy baby and I now go out in public all the time wearing the cutest sissy dresses you ever saw and I’m always wearing Pampers Cruisers 7t and nursery print plastic pants that you can very clearly see under my very short sissy dresses and petticoats.

No one has ever tried to hurt me yet! but I do get pointed at and laught at everywhere I go ,even in boy mode with no diapers on. And surprisingly very few people call me names, most people just tell me how cute I look and how pretty my dresses are. OK so I personally love the attention now! ”

Hai. I’m here to work as a handyman in your house when you’re not home.

Under his real name, posting the same phone number that he uses for his business That Handy Man Guy (who the fuck would let this person into their home!) he describes how he trash picks used tampons and menstrual pads, sticks tampons up his ass, and dumpster-dives for soiled baby diapers which he then wears for his twisted erotic satisfaction.

This person appears to be completely unhinged. And it’s not his first time at the rodeo either. Apparently he has got himself into trouble with his disgusting antics before:

Whatever set him off: Lesbians, feminists, and gays on Tumblr awoke to find their in-boxes flooded with violent threats and abuse both under his account and apparently anonymously from an ISP originating from Clinton WA:

From a Gay Male site Barrow threatened overnight

Although Barrow’s account has now apparently been suspended, in their infinite wisdom Tumblr initially suspended Lesbian Feminist attorney Cathy Brennan’s site ( ) where she had documented Barrow’s spree of threats and abuse, and from where she had filed a complaint against him for personally sending her treats and abuse as well. That site has not yet been restored. Please contact Tumblr by sending an email to and ask them to restore it. It’s horrible to think a lesbian victim of Barrow’s abuse has had their account deactivated through administrative error as a result of that abuse. That is unacceptable.

Those who were threatened by Barrow please contact the Everett Police Department at:

Kathy Atwood, chief
3002 Wetmore Ave.
Everett, WA 98201
T: 425-257-8400
F: 425-257-6500

or contact Cathy Brennan @

Will the threats continue?  Stay posted…



134 Responses to “Reed Barrow: Stop Making Rape and Death Threats Against Lesbians, Feminists and Gays”

  1. Grackle Says:

    ARRRGGG why did I read the thing about used tampons and dumpster diving for old diapers while I was eating??

  2. Pixie Gurl Says:

    Let the word go out in Sissyland, the wicked old witch’s tumblr is dead!

    • GallusMag Says:

      Totally. What’s especially insane is that Tumblr has not yet sorted things out and reinstated Brennan’s account. As it stands they have censored and silenced a woman for being targeted by a psycho for rape threats.
      That is INSANE.
      But Tumblr is very overwhelmed with issues- that’s what happens when you market a site to both children and hardcore porn (and scary-ass pedo afficianados like Barrow).
      This is why is so successful: they don’t go off in confusion suspending the wrong accounts.
      I encourage everyone to help Tumblr sort through their issues by contacting them at: and informing them that should be reinstated IMMEDIATELY. Thanks.

  3. doublevez Says:

    What can I say? You’re amazing Gallus. What great work.

  4. DaveSquirrel Says:

    Woah! That’s how many fetishes and counting??

    Unfortunately I was tied up yesterday just after this went down, but the penny should have dropped on the ‘sissy’ thing with the menstrual fetish.

    Anyway, that is another one with multiple paraphilias, and yet another one that seems totally unhinged making threats – particularly as he targeted lesbians and gays, we may as well throw in internalised homophobia into the mix I reckon.

    Meanwhile, governments are rolling out ‘gender identity’ protections like there is no tomorrow, and unhinged weirdos like this one claim protection under the transgender legislations. In many cases, they need their own padded cell.

    The dude is 55. Isn’t it about time he grew out of dress ups and play acting?

  5. doublevez Says:

    Hahahaha. “I encourage everyone to help Tumblr sort through their issues …” Are you moon-lighting in public relations now?

  6. Violet Irene Says:

    I am not squeamish…I have lived through scary shit and I have been online long enough to see some classic craziness go down. But this may keep me up tonight. Sick. And, as a mom, I feel like I could go crazy if I thought for too long about the fact that my kids have to live in the same world as this creep. And I will seriously consider duct taping our diaper and tampon trash bags until they are hermetically sealed, now.

    • doublevez Says:

      I pour fish fertilizer over anything sensitive in my trash. The liquid stuff you buy at garden shops? Still, you never know… .

  7. *HOW* do you find these people???
    My jaw just kept dropping lower and lower as I read on, and just when I thought I’d read it all, yet more surprises awaited me.
    This is one disturbed human being.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I DON’T find them. I don’t WANT to know about them. Truth be told I’d like to keep this site a bit lighter. This asshole, like so many FORCE themselves into my attention by violently threatening feminists with rape and murder. I wish they would stop. Truly.

      • Feminist Rag Says:

        Hi GallusMag, I just wanted to say that you are quite the cybercop vigilante with this particular disturbed group of individuals. This person and his/her particular “tendencies” are so insane, absurd and almost quite funny if it weren’t true and a real threat to lesbian/gay/queer people.

        Thank you for bringing these problems to our attention, your dedication and detective skills are admirable, and I think you inject some lightness and humor into some of your posts – I usually do a combination of head-shaking, WTF’ing and lol’ing when reading your posts. OY!

        I wish they would stop too. Do you keep a tally of how many transwomen make up this particular unhinged group? I am really curious to know what percentage of the population we’re dealing with here.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I disagree with your categorization. It’s not hard to google the name of someone who contacts lesbian rape survivors to threaten them with more rape. Takes seconds. Doesn’t take a “cybercop vigilante” to sort that. In fact your framing is completely absurd because sicko fucked up rapetastic scum requires NO effort to locate. Jesus, they’ll come to you. I would question you why you need to frame femicidal perpetrators as some how “precious” when every crime statistic on earth shows male sexualized violence against females to be so epidemic, so common, that it is nearly rendered invisible, due to it’s ubiquity. Usually only a male would frame things as you have. There isn’t a woman on the planet that misunderstands the utter landscape of male violence that pervades and controls every minute of every female’s day.

        While you ask concernedly (whatz aboutz the mennnnnz?) What PERCENTAGE of males assault threaten and rape women (Not allll menz are rapists!) I would ask you the following:
        What percentage of raped women do you think are threatened with repeat rape?
        What percentage of females are at risk for rape and sexualized violence from (obviously) males?
        What percentage of males do YOU think rape?
        What percentage of males do YOU think perpetuate “rape culture”, that keep women across geography and ethnicity and class and sexual orientation and age and ability fearful of leaving their home after dark?

        Barrow may be a scumbag with a bit of rapetastic hateful murderous flair but don’t let his flaming disgustingness distract you from the everyday ubiquitous reality he represents. Or go ahead and do. But women won’t. We know skumfucking murderous rapist fuckery when we see it. GLARINGLY. EVERY FUCKING DAY. EVERY FUCKING MOMENT OF EVERY FUCKING DAY.

        Soooooo…. Percentages? I’d guestimate 98.20. Hope that helps.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Feminist Rag- Please explain why you think females that REJECT and EXPOSE male threats of rape and violence are “vigilantes”. DO EXPLAIN THAT. THANX.
        Per YOU, females who reject rape and death are “VIGILANTES”. Hahahahaha.
        Calling women who reject and defend against male violence “vigilantes” is such a tired old anti-female trope I’m surprised anyone is still trying it.

      • Well, yes rather than “How do you find these people??” I should have said, “How is it possible that these people exist??”

      • Maybe if we ask more nicely? LOL

        In all seriousness: thank you for your work outing this scumbag. He is SCARY! I did send the email I drafted to Tumblr support.

      • Good points, Gallus.

  8. bugbrennan Says:

    Gallus, as always, thank you. Thank you.

  9. bugbrennan Says:

    Also “Hai. This battery pack leads to something in my ass.”


    • doublevez Says:

      He’s in a motel isn’t he, except for the entryway piccy and the dawn playground pix. Another well off, privileged male, who is hiding his sick-fetish reality from his neighbours in some suburb with lots of children. People who make additions to their homes when expecting another child.

      • doublevez Says:

        Probably the only time a woman waiting for a tradesman will have him turn up right on time, and after he’s done the pix in her child’s playground.

  10. Feminist Rag Says:

    GM, I am a biological/natal/cis woman and ALL too aware of the rape culture we are trapped in and the everyday reality and threat of attack on all levels. I would say your estimate of 98.20% is pretty realistic, at least the way I feel as a woman walking into a rape culture every time I leave my home. I kind of expected mtf’s to have less violent traits/tendencies than their natal brothers, but due to yours and Cathy Brennan’s blogs, I’ve come to see mtf violence is a real problem, which is why I was expressing gratitude for bringing this problem to public attention and appreciating the dedication and humor you use in doing it, and wondering about the numbers.

    Thanks for the food for thought re. my % question being of a “what about the mennz” nature. My concern isn’t about “the mennz” (though I do try to understand violence with the intent of figuring out how to/what the hell will fix it) but what they do and how many of them are doing it within the mtf population, though I suppose it may not matter much because 1 person harming females is too many. But when I see one unhinged mtf after another after another on your blog, I get to wondering “What’s going on here? How many *transwomen* are like this?”

    I used “vigilante” in the protective, proactive sense of the word (I’m not a linguist so maybe there’s a better word for it) of you and Cathy doing what you do because of the growing popularity and acceptance of trans’ing, the backlash you two get, and how it all twists and turns and clashes and ends up hurting women as per the prison/Richard/Sherri post you did earlier (I am a fairly new reader so haven’t yet read through a lot of your blog). But were you to do this kind of spotlighting on male, non-trans rapists/predators/sadists, I would feel the same — not because violence against women is a new phenomenon, but because I haven’t yet come across/searched out other feminist blogs that reject and expose male violence in the way you and Cathy do.

    In short, I’m just trying to make sense of it all. Thanx.

    • DaveSquirrel Says:

      You know, you creep me out with the ‘natal’ talk – only the TS’ (and a few M2T TGs) do that – are you TS???

      ~signed 24/7 suspicious of everyone on the internet, including myself

      • Feminist Rag Says:

        Dave: LOLOL @ your signature! Hilarious. Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt by asking — I find it amusing/interesting that I’m sometimes accused/assumed to be male online, I think because my “speak” is a little different (I’m a neurotic first generation Russian Jew, maybe that contributes?), and I don’t know all the proper feminist internet lingo. So I can appreciate your suspicion. I am a female/faab with a natural, self-cleaning and monthly bleeding vagina and some rogue nipple hairs that sprouted when I hit my 30’s and which I’m trying to reconcile with my brainwashed-to-hate-self as far as female beauty standards go.

        I was born female/with a vagina, socialized as female, and remain female, though to be honest with all this trans, genderqueer and other lingo, I don’t know how the hell to describe myself anymore which is why I throw out different acronyms and words which now apparently make me suspiciously transsexual! I don’t want or like to have to ID as cis vs. trans or lesbian vs. dyke vs. queer, etc. but since all we have is words between us here on the interwebs, I’m doing my best. I’m also for the first time truly realizing just how restrictive labels and boxes are, not because I’m cool/hip/different or a special snowflake, but because boxes and labels really are limiting.

        Did I answer your question/put your mind at ease? Short of posting a pic of my vagina (which I didn’t and don’t even do with my wife), that’s all I got.

      • doublevez Says:

        Didn’t we recently hear from another “biological’ woman “Russian Jew” (aka male) who whined about the holocaust on here?

      • They’re trying to steal all our words.

        That’s why I cling to “woman” like a nuclear-powered limpet.

        I will NOT give up “woman” to them. It’s ours.

        These crazy dudes can go get their own fucking word.

        “Woman” means adult female human being. Use it or lose it, women.

      • Barbara Di Bari Visconti Says:

        Agreed, Rose!

  11. Feminist Rag Says:

    I just now saw the addition you made to your comment of:

    “Per YOU, females who reject rape and death are “VIGILANTES”. Hahahahaha.
    Calling women who reject and defend against male violence “vigilantes” is such a tired old anti-female trope I’m surprised anyone is still trying it.”

    Like I said, I’m not a linguist/english major/whateverthefuck. Yes Reed Barrow is rapetastic, and your response to my genuine comments and questions is harshtastic and anti-female. Not in the “tone” sense but the human being sense.

  12. Feminist Rag Says:

    Thanks for the hug GM. Saw it after posting my last comment so please disregard/delete it. Thanx.

  13. Ashland Avenue Says:

    Here, Reed Barrow, you old dog, I’ll throw ya a bone, and I’ll keep it simple: GARTER NOT SAME AS CUMMERBUND.

  14. moose Says:

    i am going to be traumatized by this forEVER
    and to think this is a part of our supposed ‘community?’

  15. Bev Jo Says:

    Thank you, Gallus, for yet again showing anyone who cares to know what the pattern is with men who claim women’s and Lesbian identity. There is no getting away from them in women’s community, or having them shoved down our throats in “feminist” spaces. No matter how many personal stories I tell, including the rape and death threats, to many “feminists” patronizingly say “I’m sorry I had a bad experience with ONE ‘transwoman.'” So I link to you because you chronicle story after story. You prove what we know. It’s inescapable, so you are such an important resource. You provide the proof needed to demand female-only space and to say no to men who masquerade as us.

    Mr. Barrow is not unique at all in how disgusting he is. This is just classic and typical. Women who support these men should know this and stop defending them against all females.

    Women who protect and defend these men either say how they are the nicest women they know, or, when presented with characters like this one or the “trans-paraplegic,” say how they are mentally ill from “body dysmorphia” and we should be even more sympathetic — or ignore them because they are not typical of all trannies. From what I can tell, if you know just a bit about them, they are almost all like this.

    I agree with your 98.20 percent. And then I say we never know what men do when alone with babies or animals. I agree that of these are just a bit more flamboyant, but, yes, “We know skumfucking murderous rapist fuckery when we see it. GLARINGLY. EVERY FUCKING DAY. EVERY FUCKING MOMENT OF EVERY FUCKING DAY.”

    Women aren’t doing this. “Transwomen” are not women — they are men fetishizing and caricaturizing women. From what I can tell, they are far worse that the average het man who does not appropriate our identity.

    I do not agree that your response to FR was “harsh” (in whatever form) or “anti-female.” I understand your response completely. “Vigilante” is quite the accusation. It’s not an obscure academic turn — it’s even commonly used on TV. You responded to being called something quite insulting and inaccurate. If that’s what FR didn’t mean, it’s not your fault. Instead of calling you “harsh” and “anti-female,” FR should understand. After all, you often get unfairly criticized for your brilliant work.

    And it’s not “lesbian/gay/queer people” these men are threatening to rape and kill — it’s Lesbians and other women. Have any of us heard of a man being threatened by them?

    • GallusMag Says:

      “I do not agree that your response to FR was “harsh” (in whatever form) or “anti-female.” I understand your response completely. ”

      Anti-female? I must have missed that part. LOL. Yeah, I know I was right, but she (?) seemed to get so bent out of shape I figured I must have hurt her feelings somehow. Just trying to give a newbie the benefit of the doubt.
      Whenever I’m nice it seems to come back and bite me on the ass. lmao.
      Thanks Bev!

      • Feminist Rag Says:

        DING DING DING let the rabid woman-hating begin with suspicious, paranoid feminists disrespecting and being downright CRUEL to FELLOW FUCKING LESBIANS – Round 8385!!

        Don’t know why it pisses me off and YES hurts my feelings (oh NO, I have emotions!! Apparently you don’t, GM?, or think emotions & feelings are a bad thing?) — this is not the first time this kinda shit has happened when I try to respectfully and genuinely join a feminist group/conversation but don’t parrot the exact same line of thinking as everyone else. God FORBID people be kind and welcoming to a newbie! Drive them out with your nastiness, it’ll work everytime so you can be left alone to preach to the choir and not engage in actual conversation (forget about making new connections!) but instead obsess about other people’s genitals and not believe them when they say who they are.

        Bev: ” “Vigilante” is quite the accusation. It’s not an obscure academic turn” — a) will prove otherwise, b) I don’t engage in academentia speak, and c) I already explained myself and my use of that term. Don’t know why I’m even engaging with you Bev, this is Natasha, we were FB friends til you unfriended me (totally fine with me) after we got into a row over a trans discussion (shocker lol) in an fb feminist group. We see things soooo differently about pretty much everything that there’s no point in engaging, as we’ve already learned.

        GM I let your half assed apology yesterday slide, but now you think you were RIGHT in your disgusting treatment towards me? AND you are questioning my femaleness: “she(?)” ??? after I very respectfully identified myself and continued dialoguing?! (I shoulda known better and left after your first nasty reply to me). Maybe I have stockholm syndrome since apparently I keep coming back for more abuse from feminists!

        Me and my VAGINA (yes I do have one, and I don’t give a rats ass if you believe me or not because apparently NOTHING I say proves otherwise) are exiting a feminist space with a fresh new wound. I get that females are wounded and shit from living in this culture (HELLO so am I) but it is ***unacceptable**** to treat people this way. You are females. I am female. That is what makes you behavior anti-female. Have fun with your so-called feminism. Either you have no clue what feminism is or if THIS space represents feminism, feminism has proven itself to be a gross failure. See ya, and definitely DON’T wanna be ya.

      • GallusMag Says:

        ..”this is not the first time this kinda shit has happened when I try to respectfully and genuinely join a feminist group/conversation ..”

        I believe it. Must be all the nasty women/feminists out to get you.

    • ..”this is not the first time this kinda shit has happened when I try to respectfully and genuinely join a feminist group/conversation ..”

      I believe it. Must be all the nasty women/feminists out to get you.

      I definitely believe it too.

      • DaveSquirrel Says:

        It would be the same reaction at a black civil rights meeting, if some whitey strolled in with blackface, yanno, being hip and cool and black and stuff.

        Females tend to get uppity at the minstrels. Go figure.

      • And Feminist Rag’s statement (joke?) that you can get traumatically bonded to radical feminists through the Stockholm syndrome by posting on their blogs just pisses on any human being who has ever experienced actual Stockholm syndrome as a result of male violence.

  16. Me Says:

    Dear Feminist Rag: Unless you have a camera on a scope, u r not going to be able to take a picture of ur vagina. But I guess you would know that if you were a woman.

  17. nichole Says:

    What he did was disgusting and inexcusable. No questions there. And naming perpetrators of violence is important.

    But, just for the record, sissies, adult babies, and diaper lovers are NOTNOTNOT pedophiles. Nor are most of them violent, rape-threatening assholes.

    • Anarchofem Says:

      Diaper too tight, ”nichole”? I’ts not really a habit of mine to take the word of the delusional on ANYTHING.

      • Chanel Says:

        It’s fine if you guys want to call out individuals for their behavior, but you are doing the same thing that men do to women, and white people do to everyone else on a regular basis: stereotyping an entire group of people based on the actions of very few of those people. Having fetishes is fine as long as nobody who does not or cannot consent is involved in them. Do not assume that everyone with a certain type of fetish is a pedophile or a bad person. Such behavior just makes you look ignorant and sex negative.

        Also, anarchofem, using an ad hominem, and a poorly constructed one at that, does not refute anything nichole has said. (if, as I suspect, you don’t understand what “ad hominem” means, it is attacking the personal traits of an individual in an attempt to disprove that individual’s claims. it is widely considered a logical fallacy. lrn2debate)

      • GallusMag Says:

        All men who sexualize children are pedophiles. So shut the fuck up.

      • nichole Says:

        I’m not delusional. I’m also a FAAB woman, and Nichole is my birthname. I also don’t wear diapers. But it’s great that you were willing to make tons of assumptions about me and be insulting even though I wasn’t denying the basic argument of this post.

      • DaveSquirrel Says:

        Such behavior just makes you look ignorant and sex negative.

        LOL, we iz trembling in our booties, being called “sex negative” oh the shame, the shame!

        Listen dickweed, not all fetishes are ‘harmless fun’, many escalate (like in porn viewing) and it has very little to do with ‘sex positivism’. Sure, it’s fetish positivism, so just come right out and cop to that one, don’t dress it up and hide it behind ‘sex positivism’ like you are some sort of liberal cruisader for orgasms or whateverthefuck you think you are promoting.

        What gets me is that these fetishes/kinks are rarely private/solo bedroom stuff, you immoral freaks like to push your crap onto the rest of the world so you don’t feel so bad for being such sickos.

        It’s hardly a satisfying sex life if one has to engage in their particular fetish in order to orgasm. More in common with Pavlov’s Dog actually.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Nichole I bet you have some interesting thoughts on the subject. Feel free to share them if you’d like.

  18. Feuerwerferin Says:

    “No one has ever tried to hurt me yet!”

    Of course not! There is hardly any heterosexual white man who will be attacked for doing anything or who will be hold responsible even for commiting crimes. This reminds me of the following post:

    Just imagine a woman did that! What would happen to her?

  19. Zoongitigozi Noodin Kwe Says:

    Question: How is applauding someone for their actions an insult?
    Feminist Rag said: ” I just wanted to say that you are quite the cybercop vigilante with this particular disturbed group of individuals.Thank you for bringing these problems to our attention, your dedication and detective skills are admirable “.

    I honestly do NOT understand how someone could take this as an insult but I would honestly like to understand. As far as I know “Vigilante” means “A person that takes the law into his or her own hands.” The root of the word is “Vigilant” – Keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties.
    HOW in even the most Orwellian double speaky world could that ever be an insult?

  20. Zoongitigozi Noodin Kwe Says:

    PS and BTW: I am Natasha AKA Feminist Rag’s wife. I held my words last night because I respect my wife and have have faith that she can handle her own but I will no longer be silenced. This is what I wrote last night to “GM”:

    ****I just wonder at what point are women sufficiently close enough to perfect for you? A woman reads your blog and applauds your actions and you bite her in the face then in the back when she turns around? You may not be “rapetastic” but you are certainly emotionally and psychologically ABUSIVE. I thought the whole point of Feminism was to empower WOMEN…. not to beat them down psychologically/emotionally because they didn’t perfectly understand you.
    Words can be powerful “Gallus Mag” and with that comes a certain amount of responsibility. I sense that you are wounded and angry and I am truly sorry for your pain but taking that out on your sisters is just HURTING women. By all means please be real but does that have to include using your sisters for sadistic target practice with knifey words? I don’t think it’s necessary at all. I see that you did a 180 degree turn and apologized and I would congratulate you but I don’t feel like having to protect myself from your potentially “harshtastic” response. You were harsh. Right out of the gate. Maybe this can be a lesson for all. I care about all of our sisters and I think we need to treat each other better, with more nurturing and more LOVE and more empowerment.****

    Of course now we know that you took your apology back.

    As far as the male accusations.- We are both women and fortunate enough to be married. Bev Jo knows this because she knew us on FaceBook.
    However, I am a natural Two Spirited Indigenous woman and very content with it.

    For what it’s worth my intent is to be respectful and had an interest in this public blog. I do not have an interest in being abused, esp. by people claiming to be women.

    • GallusMag Says:

      OK! Thanks for stopping by and taking a dump on my blog. Goodbye. Take care.

      • Zoongitigozi Noodin Kwe Says:

        Remember dear “gallus mag”, it started out as a compliment. Truly and it was from her heart. She really thought a lot of you but now things have taken an ugly turn. I Guess we shall just leave the “dump” as you say and not move on to try and fix things? It seems to be the MO around these places.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “Remember”? It’s already dismissed from my mind as completely unimportant. Goodbye. Take care now.

    • trap Says:

      what means this ‘natural two spirited indigenous woman?’ a man?

      • GallusMag Says:

        Zoo is not welcome back because Zer is out of Zis mind. Zey spammed me with Zeez comments last night:

        Two Spirit Dyke commented on Who Are The Males Who Sneak Into Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival?

        Bought up to be a girl,( and born female not woman, nor womyn, because NO ONE is born a woman, nor are they born a man, all were babies when born….a woman is an adult, just in case so many have forgotten)

        Anyway………. I was RAPED by my own mother. And molested by another woman. And my first girlfriend beat me to a pulp and actually tried to kill me. After breaking up with her, she stalked me for a few years, forcing me to move 4 times, before finally losing her. When I went to my lesbian \”sisters\” for help, all I got was scorn and this huge denial wall of silence and not even veiled contempt. All because I decided to seek out help. Did my lesbian \”sisters\” help or support me in any way? Nope. The very things done to me by women were complacently allowed to go on unchallenged. Had I experienced that from a man, I would have had loads of support. But, because I dared come out with the truth of my experience and I dared shatter the DELUSION that being female makes you safe and free from violent expression, I got ZERO help from lesbians. You\’re not born into sainthood just because you\’re female.

        Given my experiences, if I were to follow the rationale (and I use that term ironically) of so many of the women posting here, I should be crazy for dick, instead of still being attracted to women. Yes, the majority of rapists are men, but some are women. Stop idolizing people because of their gender, and get really real. ALL people have the potential to be either violent or peaceful or somewhere in between. No one is born a better human being than another simply because of their anatomy.

        And btw, don\’t even accuse me of being white, or privileged because my heritage gives me the right to say you\’re ALL colonizers unless you\’re First Nations, mmmmmmmkay? And, I am also by no means, young! I was at Michigan over 20 years ago. And I went 3 times. Don\’t worry. I have no intention of going back. Not with so many transphobic, hateful people attending. I can no longer tolerate being in such a hate filled space.

        Do I agree with abusive tactics? Following and harassing? No. Violence of any kind? No. But that again, is not the exclusive domain of men. Even though, it\’s actually women who were supposedly doing these things, I understand that most posting here are dead set against being respectful and calling these human beings, \”women\”. I have experienced many women who won\’t take no for an answer. The kind of women most posting here, actually see as women. Women who believe they should be able to bed any other women they want. Simply because THEY WANT to bed them/me. Well, after years of therapy, no woman or man will ever get away with that behaviour with me again. After being out for over 32 years, I can say I have never experienced a transwoman who disrespects my wishes. I\’ve been flirted with, been asked out, but never violated by a transwoman, while I have been violated by lesbians, non queer IDed women, and men. The only group of people who have never violated me were from the trans community, both men and women (and my apologies to ALL trans and gender queer people if my language isn\’t up to snuff. Please note that my INTENT is to respect you as the women and men that YOU ARE).

        And to those who believe that building bridges, or being accommodating is a \”weakness\”, I feel sorry for you. To be hateful is EASY. To be hateful is WEAK. I could easily hate all non first nations people who take up space on Turtle Island,and see them all as Nazis or less than human. But that would be easy and only hurtful to my own growth. I am lucky to have friends from every band of the rainbow, and multi gendered too ( there are more than just two genders). And I don\’t diminish them by using old tired hate filled language like \”colonizers\” simply because of gender or race (so laughable anyway coming from privileged white women)

        To be open, willing to learn, and kind, when so many think being hateful is cool, is the actual strength. To understand that no one knows everything, that no one can actually know what another feels inside and to be open to learning from each other is the actual strength. Hate is a weakness. A huge weakness and a detriment to growth.

        Many of the transphobic people posting here are parents or know other queer women who are parents. Some of your/those children will end up being trans. Don\’t think it won\’t happen. Karma, as they say, can be a beach ( I refuse to use the b word, and am offended that so many think it\’s cool and hip to be a _____, but I\’ll defend your right to call yourselves whatever). Those of you, whose children will end up trans, will have kids, most likely having read what their mothers or friends of their mothers have wrote in the past, not willing to share to those mothers that they are trans for fear of being ostracized. Those trans kids will be more likely than other kids to attempt suicide. In a recent and quite extensive survey, 43% of all trans people had one or more serious attempts of suicide. 19% of young trans people attempted suicide in the last 12 months. I am, at this moment, morning the loss by suicide of a beautiful transman in my community. A guy, who gave so much to all LGBTTIQ people. A guy who was instrumental in creating that very survey. A very gifted, sweet, and loving human being who happened to be trans. So loved was he, that even the police, who had probably been trained in sensitivity by him, were at his funeral reception and memorial, weeping.

        I know nothing I write will change hardened hearts, but I hope those of you who will end up being parents of a trans human being, will have opened your hearts by then, or you\’ll cast away your kids, like my own mother did for being \”a butch\” as she put it to me (and frankly, that was fine for me, to be cast away because she was a monster and abuser). My hope for those parents is that they open their hearts before that time comes, so their arms will be ready and waiting for their children. Because, those children will need all the support they can get. And if they can\’t get it from their parents, they may look to an alternative and very unhealthy choice/s.

        Hate IS a weakness. Doesn\’t matter whats under the clothing, hate is ugly coming from anyone.

        Two Spirited Dyke

        Two Spirit Dyke commented on NYC Dyke March 2012: Cathy Brennan Targeted, Attacked by Transgender Activists

        What a load of lies! I watched Ida trying to speak to you, and she was actually the ONLY person not screaming or raising her voice. She DID NOT \”come up to you with her gang\”. She\’s an official of the Dyke March, and as an official, when she\’s approached by other participants about how you were being aggressive and threatening towards other members of the Dyke March, she is obligated to attend to the matter or if she feels threatened by you, to have another official make you aware that the march is open to ALL women. You don\’t have to like it, but if you can\’t be respectful and keep your bigotry in check, then you had no business at the Dyke March.
        Ida was actually the least aggressive. In fact, she wasn\’t aggressive at all. She was trying to talk to you as an official concerned with your apparent bigotry. And she made no attempt to follow you, after you refused to let her speak to you about your behaviour, and you rudely walked away from an official of the Dyke March. You made other people at that march feel unsafe. Inclusion means they are all entitled to feel safe. Again, you don\’t have to like it, but in order to be a part of the march, you are expected to keep your hate in check.

        Please don\’t come to the Toronto Dyke March unless you can keep your hateful speech to yourself. Your prejudice is not welcome. The Toronto Dyke March is trans positive and it will stay that way. Keep your white oppressive privileged self state side unless you can keep your hate in check. You were far more \”threatening\” than anyone else in that video. Not to mention hateful.

        I can\’t believe I ever wanted to start a lesbian avenger chapter here, UGG.

        ps…just love how people just post pics of Ida, and claim she’s being “passive aggressive”, when it was Ms Brennan who was yelling and screaming. Why not post the actual video? Well, I know why. It’s so obvious from the tape, that the only one speaking mildly and softly, WAS Ida.
        Ida was the ONLY one not screaming. Her friends were a bit overly protective, but that is because they have probably seen their fair share of the hatred and venom spewed at transpeople. Her friends weren’t any louder than Ms Brennan and unlike Ms Brennan who invited the friends to have a “conversation” and then were spoken over so rudely by Ms Brennan, weren’t speaking over her. And they didn’t have a friend video taping and blurting out that anyone who was speaking in defense of transpeople were “delusional”. The long video tape which conveniently left out that part where Ida was trying to speak to Ms Brennan, in a very respectful way, was video taped by another transphobic person with an obvious agenda……nice way to edit something, leaving Ida out of it entirely, while simultaneously claiming she was being aggressive. I can smell the BS all the way across the border.
        Ida herself? Well, her tone was very muted and respectful, but people who hate trans people will only see what they decide to make of it; including bullshitting the whole event, claiming Ida is aggressive. Such BS.

        Ida, as an official was simply trying to have a conversation about Ms Brennan’s behaviour. If you all call that threatening, then NONE of you actually know what real violence is; if you lived my life, you would actually know. By calling that threatening and violent and all the other BS that it really isn’t, you MINIMIZE the real violence women like me have experienced, and that is ANTI-FEMINIST and YES I HAVE A VAGINA, since that seems to be part of the anatomy that “allows” me to have an opinion. AND, I am way older than Ms Brennan. So don’t even try to play that card. And non-white, so YES, in my eyes you are privileged if you’re white. Doesn’t mean I hate you, just means I have a right to make you aware of your privilege. And I don’t hate any of you. Just your bigotry. I’ve never been a fan of hate speech and exclusionary crap. But then, my people have been dumped on for centuries. I have had decades to get used to bigotry.

        Again, none of this BS is welcome at our Dyke March. If you want a separatist lesbian march, then create one, and call it what it actually is…..separatist lesbian. Trust me. None of the transwomen I know want to go anywhere near that, and I’d bet, the Dyke March would still have more of what YOU call lesbians marching in our march, than a separatist one.

        I used to be transphobic and bi-phobic, but never was as hateful and never made others aware of my phobias. Thank goodness I have changed my ways, and now have some of the most beautiful people in my life. A change of heart will do that for a formally closed minded person like me.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I will very likely delete all of Zere comments from Zis thread later in the day as Zey are a big fat troll. So get your screen caps while you can. LMAO

      • DaveSquirrel Says:

        I dunno, good reference material when zee/zoo/wtf turns up again in another guise. That was enlightening, to know the crap that zoo/zee/wtf said on the other threads.

        My spidey senses just went off with “feminist rag” as a TS – as did doublevez’s.

        Sounds like we have a couple of misogynist pretendbians in the mix eh? I am so happy for them, mincing around like real laydees…

      • GallusMag Says:

        Who knows? I don’t care enough to even look into it. All I know is that Bev Jo is one of the friendliest women on the planet. If she had to “unfriend” someone that’s a pretty bad sign.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “..My spidey senses just went off…”
        Big time.

      • DaveSquirrel Says:

        They might make us into a film “Trannyspotters”, LOL

      • doublevez Says:

        Two-spirited is a white(wash) word used by homophobic native/First Nations peoples to try to cover up what it really is.

  21. Ashland Avenue Says:

    O.K., I was all set to recommend that everyone just BREATHE and take five (I really didn’t think that Feminist Rag meant “vigilante” as an insult; it was just a poor choice of words), but now I see from those two posts that her partner “Zoon” is a troll. That is, if indeed Zoon is the same person as Two Spirited Dyke – same IP? Jeez. You must have to have eyes in the back of your head to run this place, Gallus.

    “Zoo is not welcome back because Zer is out of Zis mind” – you made my day with that, G!

    • DaveSquirrel Says:

      Generally they aren’t the sharpest crayons in the box…

    • The reason the “vigilante” characterisation rang so poorly to me is that it was doing that socialised male thing of responding to male abuse of women by attempting to reverse the focus of attention onto women by making them seem the aggressor (sometimes in a deceptively complimentary way, by describing us as ‘feisty’ or making a joke about how scary we are). As Gallus says, she doesn’t need to go out looking for this crap.

      How anyone can read that OP and conclude that this stuff isn’t being forced on us …

      So this wasn’t much to do with word selection, but with the apparent comfort with which this reversal was used.

      • doublevez Says:

        They are doing this reversal to Cathy Brennan, without any idea of the wrongness of it, or the truth of what really has been going on toward Cathy and what a huge break she is giving them by taking the action in response that she is doing rather than what she could, legally, do. Sorry if this seems harsh, but I think they are borderline intelligence.

      • doublevez – YES! I have wondered for some time if anyone has bothered to do a study of the intelligence of these gender-obsessed dudes.

        Maybe they all FAIL at biology for a reason? Hmmmm?

  22. BadDyke Says:

    “Don’t know why it pisses me off and YES hurts my feelings (oh NO, I have emotions!! Apparently you don’t, GM?, or think emotions & feelings are a bad thing?) — this is not the first time this kinda shit has happened when I try to respectfully and genuinely join a feminist group/conversation…”

    The language used sticks out like a sore thumb to me. Whether or not your FEELINGS are hurt isn’t a valid measure of the validity of your argument, except the trans posse always seem to use it as a VALID reason why certain things are not be discussed or doubted.

    ‘Respect’ is another one, since the trans posse also seem to like to point out how polite and respectful and sincere they are (along with we’re entitled to our own opinion just need educating and informing about how HURTFUL our opinions are) — until things suddenly change and out come the threats………………

    I dunno about the poster above BTW, just note that they seem to be singing from a similar song-sheet — language and style of argument-wise.

    O, and another phrase that stuck out:
    “but I will no longer be silenced” — Uh, NO ONE was trying to silence you, you had decided yourself NOT to join in (until you did). So using this phrase twists what was actually going on, and tries to play the poor victim card when no one even knew you existed…………

    Plus ignores the REAL silencing that goes on from the trans crowd, when rad fems try to have their say.

    “Why not post the actual video?” Uh, you can’t have been looking very hard, she DID post the whole thing.

    “I used to be transphobic and bi-phobic, but never was as hateful and never made others aware of my phobias. Thank goodness I have changed my ways,………” Nothing as rabid as a true convert. Hence explains the language and style of pseudo-argument, they’ve learnt the trans catechism well it seems…………………..

  23. RE Says:

    The whole anti-white thing being tied to Transism is also pretty disturbing; the only colonizing my people did was of Brooklyn in the 1910’s when fleeing the tsar…

  24. KS Says:

    Can’t believe Brennan’s tumblr’s not back up yet!?

    I’m a a gay man and don’t agree with everything radical feminism supports but I love Cathy’s rational views on sexuality.

    Straight men playing lesbian disgust me, such appropriation from a most privileged group should not be supported by liberal feminists, it strikes me as a complete joke. I love male bodies and males souls just as lesbians love female bodies and the female soul and energy. Transgender is a mockery and enforcement of gender stereotypes.

  25. Bev Jo Says:

    Thank you so much, Gallus!!! xoxo

    It’s true I go through hell trying to work things out and not unfriend anyone, but Natasha started out like here, with semi-compliments, trying to be friends, knowing all the right Radical Feminist things to say, and then got increasingly pro-male, pro-trannie, and female-hating (they can’t support men appropriating our identity without being misogynist) and then seemed to go wacko with the ranting and abuse. Exact same pattern. The partner doing a similar style does make one wonder. I hadn’t saved it, but great that you found the proof you did.

    Seeing an fb photo of Natasha and partner is not at all proof to me they are female and Lesbian, or even two people. They sure know all the feminist language quite well (including “special snowflake”), so that is clearly an attempt to con. After all our discussion, saying VAGINA in caps instead of vulva is also suspicious since trannies sure don’t like to think of vulvas.

    I was suspicious yesterday, which is why I answered in your defense, Gallus. You were more than generous, and Natasha did accuse you with “Like I said, I’m not a linguist/english major/whateverthefuck. Yes Reed Barrow is rapetastic, and your response to my genuine comments and questions is harshtastic and anti-female.”

    That’s enough for me. Anti-female? Projection. And using the charge of racism when most of the trannie cult are the most privileged of white males is continuing the con.

    Here I was working on more analysis and explanation, partly for other readers, when read on and realize I should post on my wall to save time “Zoo is not welcome back because Zer is out of Zis mind”!!!

    • jonainpdx Says:

      “After all our discussion, saying VAGINA in caps instead of vulva is also suspicious since trannies sure don’t like to think of vulvas.”

      What? Are you serious? Your kidding me right? As if you know all the minds of all Transexual? Get out of here!

  26. Interrobang Says:

    The misogyny is strong with this one. If you look at his paraphilias, he associates femininity (or womanhood, if you like) with filth, degredation, helplessness, infantilism, and a good healthy slug of the old Plato-filtered-through-early-Christianity “woman = fleshly = bad, man = soul = good” thing as well. The fact that he apparently enjoys degrading himself (in his own mind) is kind of irrelevant to the fact of it. It’s offensive, though, to anyone female and/or womanly for that matter.

    If I had a nickel for every toxically misogynist gay man I’ve ever met, I wouldn’t be here posting this, because I’d be off touring the world or doing something likewise expensive.

  27. OK, I haven’t read all the posts yet, but I just wanted to point out that there is some distance between Clinton, on Whidby Island, and Everett, WA. I’m under the impression that dude used to live in Everett and is now in Clinton (per his work-related blog stuff.) They’re a ferry-ride apart. Clinton is in Island County and Everett is in Snohomish County, so they’ll have different police authorities in each location.

    The Island County sheriff is located here:

    Now I’m going to go boil myself in Lysol, to try to get his stench off of me. He is THE most creepy creature I have encountered in quite some time.

  28. Hi, GM, I created a petition in support of getting Cathy Brennan reinstated on tumblr and to shame tumblr moderators into re-thinking their unstated policy of enabling sick ass-hats like this repulsive dude.

  29. jonainpdx Says:

    Ok people. First off I’ll tell that I am Transgender and this wierdo is not representative of all Trans Folk. Making physical threats is, um, against the law. And as far as the tampon diaper thing, which I find completely disgusting is again, just what this one person is into.

  30. Bev Jo Says:

    Why have I never yet met or read a man claiming Lesbian who wasn’t a variation on this repulsive man? At worst they threaten to rape and kill us. At best, they are so narcissistic that they completely ignore our saying no to them, and, like other het men obsessed with Lesbians, they force us to witness their fetishizing and objectifying and caricaturizing of women, or we have to give our going to women’s events.

    They are clearly seen to not be female even in their writing. At what point is our decades-long experience with these men taken seriously? Saying no to our oppressors is not bigotry. Harassing and oppressing women who say no to me is the true bigotry, and clearly male supremacist.

    • Exactly, BevJo. The ass-hat who has been stalking me off-and-on for two-plus years is a case in point. He started going on about all these things he wanted to do with (to?) me and I’m thinking, “HOLD THE FARKING PHONE, DUDE, who gave you the slightest hint that I was interested in you that way?!?”

      He was another heterosexual male pretendbian blinded by and obsessed with the bizarre caricature of “lesbian” in his head.

      Honestly, WHERE would one of these dudes get the idea that lesbians are sitting around the house of an evening, pining and sighing, thinking, “Gee, what’s missing from my life is a gelded male with serious mental health issues. If only I could find one, my life would be complete.”


  31. […] account.  yes, a woman protesting disgusting, misogynistic and likely psychotic and even criminal behaviors from a misogynistic male was said to be engaging in behavior that was equally violative of the terms of service as the rapey […]

  32. SheilaG Says:

    …a gelded man with serious mental health issues….. LOL 3 X 10!

    Oh, the things we lesbians are missing LOL LOL X 26.5

  33. Mortified Says:

    Poor dear GM. I’m so sorry. I can see that this is rough on you. I hope it helps you to know that you have the support of the people whose opinions should matter the most to you.

    This is a crazy world indeed, and you have had the misfortune of diving into the worst part of the crazy.

    Please cut back and limit how it hurts you. Please take care of yourself. If comments don’t get approved right away … or ever! … so what?

    You’re doing an important thing, getting the truth out against those who don’t want to read (Reed?) it. So I hope you don’t give it up entirely.

    The battle against crazy has only gotten much worse in my 50+ years. We’re not winning. But one who can can keep oneself sane has achieved something important. Remember that.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Thank you dear Mortified. It’s rough on anyone who has to deal with these incredible bastards day after day. I’m not hurt. I’m ENRAGED.
      And I think we’ve made great strides in consciousness-raising in the last few years- about the noxious effects of genderism on women and gays and lesbians. But we need EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US to actively take part in this consciousness-raising. EVERY VOICE MATTERS.
      A ton of women are speaking up now. And quite a few gay men. We need EVERYONE to speak up.
      There is NO EXCUSE for a “transwoman” to think it is okay to post telling lesbians we need to have “sympathy” for men who threaten us with rape and murder. IT IS OUTRAGEOUS. AND EVERY SINGLE PERSON READING THIS NEEDS TO START SPEAKING UP ABOUT IT NOW.

    • GallusMag Says:

      lol read/Reed. I wuv you!

  34. I love you GallusMag. If you shut down your blog, I would understand, and I would still love you until the day I die.

    You have helped me so much you can’t imagine. You gave me the courage to start my “trans” critical tumblr, my twitter, a new HuffPo account (I had closed my earlier one in dispair), to create petitions on-line, to send protest letters to the enablers of the worst-of-the-worst including those enabling criminals posing as “trans” in order to facilitate their predations on women and children.

    You have made it possible for me to stick it out and fight back and refuse to be intimidated into silence. You’ve giving me the information I need to be lucid, cogent and on-point when I argue against the too-common female passive acquiescence to “trans” appropriation of all things “woman”.

    I have remarked to myself many times on the filth that you filter for us and thought, “How can she do it?!? She is so brave!!!”

    If it’s too much, take a break. If there’s something concrete I can do for you, please let me know. You are an asset to women everywhere and you make me SO PROUD of being your feminist sister.

    ((((HUG YOU)))

    • GallusMag Says:

      Rose I have no problem with you. I love you! You are WORKING YOUR ASS OFF just like me AND MANY OTHERS to do something about these issues that are destroying the Lesbian community and setting back the cause of Women’s Liberation by a hundred years. What I have a problem with is all the head-nodders, who come round again and again nodding their head, and DOING NOTHING. They don’t comment, they don’t speak up, they don’t organize, THEY JUST NOD THEIR FUCKING HEAD and wait for THE REST OF US to do something about it. THAT is what I have a HUGE fucking problem with.




    • GallusMag Says:

      Thank you for your kind words Rose. xox
      The people I’m addressing don’t even ever bother to comment much less take any political action whatsoever.
      To those of you who are active in this fight, you have my highest regard and this tantrum is NOT directed at you.

      • doublevez Says:

        I’ve been banned from a 300-plus government funded medical professionals listserve because I spoke out against medical transitioning, posting some of your writings and some vids of regretters. I was warned, but I kept on. I also objected to the list, funded and mandated for women’s health issues, promoting Cotton Ceiling on their website!! and focusing on ‘all’ (read male) health issues, year after year. I was warned. The fuck! These people work to buck the med system on toxic drug prescribing, shoddy clinical trials, harm to children and youth from Gardasil lies, etc. But they silence any discussion or dissent on transing. Why? They champion whistleblowers, hold little award ceremonies for them, post their pathetic watercarrier articles on Common Ground and other left liberal pretendy activist sites, but will not even discuss what’s going on with people like Reed Barrow, because “marginalised” and “sexuality”. ??????????????

      • doublevez Says:

        And I, and others you know, have lost our sites and venues to trans abuse and unfettered stalking, threats, hate-mongering and incitement to violence. We just start over. We are here Gallus.

  35. GallusMag Says:

    I’m pissed. I am fucking pissed. There are actual fucking fucks telling me, a Lesbian, to be “more understanding and sympathetic” TO MEN THAT THREATEN TO RAPE TORTURE AND KILL LESBIANS.
    And like many of us I WORK MY ASS OFF.
    So if you are a regular reader of this blog and are doing NOTHING and NO WORK to help raise consciousness of, or do activism around the issues I write about here FUCK THE FUCK OFFFFFFFFFFF.

  36. weirdward Says:

    Gallus I also really appreciate your blog, and I know how much time and energy it must take, and how exhausting it is to have to deal with crazy shit like that every day.

    It shouldn’t even be a thing that women are told to be ‘understanding’ to the men who threaten to rape and kill us (and in many cases actually do rape, batter and murder us) – wtf is that even about?

    Oh you lesbians don’t have the right to exist if you get in the way of violent men wanting to have their violent fun at the expense of your body and your life and your mind/soul/spirit. Esp. if he wears a dress coz that’s like, destabilising gender which will cause all the baaaaad institutions of power in this world to automatically implode because queer theory says so (or so our professors tell us).

    Your blog and a few other radical feminist blogs did actually encourage me to start getting back into feminist activity after a few years of absence. That, as well as the cotton ceiling mess, and my more general observations of the lesbian hatred and lesbian erasure going on in lgbt and queer politics. (I was never a fan of either, but I think it has definitely been getting steadily worse nevertheless).

    And comparatively speaking I’m a young un’. Young enough that most of my political ‘peers’ (ha!) are somewhere on the queer-liberal spectrum and – well – quite frankly don’t even understand their own ideologies terribly well, let alone mine!

    So…not all of us have gone out of our minds on this crazy gender trip.

  37. Thanks to you and your blog I became a radical feminist ally and I also try to raise awareness. Before that I was annoyed by feminists and I could never imagine to support them. I also recommend your blog to others. I’m really thankful for your hard work! Thanks for enlighten me and so many other people. Your work is important and you can’t imagine how happy I’m that I found your wonderful blog. Although I it’s hard for me to read some topics because it makes me depressed and I always wonder how you handle this. Thank you for everything.

  38. SheilaG Says:

    This blog gives me essential information that I use out on the streets educating women’s groups about NOT allowing any trans in the women’s groups to begin with.
    It gives me the political intellectual tools to sharpen my conversation. Most women I meet don’t know about the male to trans threat, or how trans derail women’s liberation. Like most liberal “nice” women or even young women, they want to be “inclusive” so this kick butt blog really has helped me a lot in bringing the women support women 100% message out in the world.
    I am helping new groups of women avoid the trap of EVER opening the trans doorway. I tell them how trans derail and destroy even Dyke marches, and when I tell this stuff out in the world, a lot of women are truly shocked to learn about it.
    Yes, I agree Gallus, this is not entertainment and a parlour game, this is real life, with real consequences to all the stupids out there who sit back and let it all happen. Gay men who DO NOTHING to stand up to patriarchy, lesbians who are silent when trans waltz right into lesbian drop in groups, thus silencing newly out lesbians by their penis presense!
    I had to have arguments to combat this woman erasing and intimidating non-sense, so this blog and Dirt’s blog are go-to resources.
    Everyone needs to get out there and talk this up, and you can do things, you can turn the titanic around before it hits the iceberg!!

    When I present these ideas, women take notice or they report trans creeps in their own lives, stealth “women” who then revealed tran identity after gaining false friendships even with hetero women. Yeah they do this nonsense, and hearing how trans go to lesbian bars and try to pick up Dykes, just the creepy crawly things that go on.

    Yeah, I get mad as hell as lesbian culture is sold out to every damn group on the planet except OTHER LESBIANS and our great need for freedom, autonomy and yes places where we can meet and love each other in safety!! Now those safe places are under attack, like the NYC Dyke March, and if we don’t all step up, get out this message and put our feet down, we will be eliminated by these men in dresses invading everything we love most, and they will win this battle if we don’t fight back with everything we’ve got.
    Bring this subject up, the general lesbian public or even liberal het women don’t know this is going on!!

    Yeah!! Do, read, write, but DO DO DO SPEAK STAND UP out there and be counted, otherwise, yeah, stop wasting our time — this is a life and death issue for lesbian culture, nation and erotic freedom.

    Call out the rape cotton ceiling — call out the penis people and their hidden and not so hidden sexual rape agenda. These men will rape lesbians, and are doing it now. Don’t let them in the front door! It is our lives, we say NO and they bloody hell better hear that NO!

    • GallusMag Says:

      Well spoken my friend.

    • doublevez Says:

      Oh good god we are not even allowed to say it is MEN who abuse, rape and sexually exploit females, let alone say there is something wrong with men who appropriate us and that the whole idea of men becoming women/females is impossible, a fetish not a sexuality, and in most cases (of middle aged males) done with intent to harm.

  39. Bev Jo Says:

    I really understand your being enraged, Gallus, and that is so much better than fear or depression or apathy. One way to tell if anyone is your ally in the fight in defense of women is whether they have gotten rape and death threats. You don’t have to say much for that to happen. I’ve been getting it for over forty years. Banned for speaking out against trans. Lesbians I don’t know yelling “bigot” at me (for refusing to accept men as women, and men as Lesbians), so I never know when it is going to happen. I will not let that stop me from supporting women’s events, but the stress is constant. I will also not let it stop me from continuing to speak out, every single time the issue comes up, whether online, with friends, with strangers, in print. I know “Radical Feminists” who bow down to the men and their supporters and call them by female pronouns, but I will never do that. NEVER. It is not a little thing. It is everything. And it feeds the insatiable male narcissist.

    Thank you once again for being our Champion, Gallus. And do know that there are many with us in this battle for women and Lesbians, who are not online, in our country and across the world. It is inevitable for all women to find out the truth about how male supremacist and female-hating the men claming our identity are. And you’re in the forefront of making that be known.

    • GallusMag Says:

      ” way to tell if anyone is your ally in the fight in defense of women is whether they have gotten rape and death threats”
      Love you Bev, now and forever.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “know that there are many with us in this battle for women and Lesbians, who are not online, in our country and across the world.”

  40. Hi Gallus, Thank you for doing this blog in spite of the hate and vitriol aimed at you. A group of RadFems are working together to challenge all this stuff. There are a number of projects being developed to challenge this whole pile of crap. For obvious reasons we can’t share any details, but please be reassured, this is NOT being ignored.

    In terms of your blog, is there someone you can trust who can log in and syphon out all the hate stuff so you dont have to read it? I know I would happily do this for you. If you want to contact me speak to Davina. Take care.

  41. Bev Jo Says:

    Thank you, Gallus!!! Love you too now and forever, our courageous champion! x!

    It can be hard with us spread across the earth, to know how many agree. I have friends across the earth who have been in this fight for decades. In Sweden, they lost their last women’s center when some women yet again brought up the fight to include men pretending to be women. The trans won and soon the center closed. It’s like here — they go after what little we have and then do destroy it. Those most committed to the women’s projects are driven out.

    But we do continue and are not alone!

  42. GallusMag Says:

    Thank you everyone and thanks for private messages- some of them from quite unexpected sources!

  43. Bev Jo Says:

    Love that Gallus!!!

  44. EqualRightsAndProtection Says:

    My sweet Lord!!! It seems like every acting out twisted pervert in the world seems to call Everett, Washington home.

  45. […] SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE of the flaws inherent in current Trans Theory, we are berated, attacked, threatened, marginalised and […]

  46. FeistyAmazon Says:

    Yeah, some sick fuck that dude is. Wanting to steal away our blood mysteries for HIMSELF and his truly sick fetishes? Wearing other womyn’s menstrual pads and tampons? Heck I know about many fetishes, and that is about one of the sickest I’ve EVER heard of. Was at one party where most of the bio women left, and all that were left were a few bi women, and a whole bunch of MTF’s. I was sitting there with my partner and heard them converse. They were all bragging trying to ‘one up’ each other(and this was supposed to be a WOMEN’S party), and I realized how vain, how shallow, and superficial they all are. And how absolutely narcissitic. It doesn’t matter whether they are on the MtF side or the FTM side, the thing they BOTH have in common is the whole narcissism thing. You just watch Chaz’s documentary as she absolutely berates her partner, in what I consider an emotionally abusive and very pricky manner, and it’s the same.

    I could see this guy with his little pink girly and diaper fetishes(which is wayyy out there anyway), especially the girly thing in children’s playgrounds, could so identify and sexualize them, I can’t help but think he MUST BE a pedophile. Could be wrong, but most pedophiles are emotionally immature and cannot relate to other adults, that I can’t help thinking that he must have molested one child, been molested himself, or is fantasizing about it.

    Men are sick, they’ve created a sick society and feminization does NOT make them female.

    I am coming off of attending Pantheacon, the big Pagan conference held yearly in San Jose. And while there were many Goddess workshops NONE were women only, or WBW only, none strictly Dianic either, since the trans attacked all the Dianic leaders and whined about being ‘discriminated against’ when they had their OWN trans workshops this year, and there were AT LEAST 3 men only workshops dealing with men’s mysteries.

    Literally EVERY venue we go in, we are silenced and discriminated against, but the trans and the menz can STILL have their own spaces, but we cannot? And here, I have to decide whether AGAIN, like Pantheacon, I’m going to War and having to put my Amazon Armour on again to go to a discussion on women only space that trans will be ALLOWED IN. If I cannot be assured that MY work and my workshops are by and for wbw only, or that there is at least SOME wbw space, I don’t want to attend. And I’m burnt out doing the work. I have done this work ALL my life, and like Gallus and others been entirely shot down by it.

    You have some very astute observation skills Gallus, cuz personally I don’t have a problem being thought of being ‘vigilante’. I believe in defending women, and myself, and will do whatever to bring that about, and protecting them/us/myself. We have done such vigilante actions in the distant past, that were really radical and Dyke led and organized. Somehow you read between her/ze’s lines…and anytime they go on and on about how victimized they’ve been by women, somehow I don’t believe it..or that there is an agenda behind it. Most violent women have violent men behind them. Sure there are women who are violent, who are abusers, my mother was one. As far as sexual abusers, that’s rare. Yes it does occur but not with the absolute continual frequency as with men/bio males. Maybe 10:1, if that…

    And if I had my choice to choose between a Lesbian/Dyke or a ‘gentle’ MTF, I’d choose the Dyke everytime…course it depends on who she is too….but deep down, I will NEVER trust MtF’s because they have male socialization, assumptions and the attitude of privilege. They’re just pissed off they lost it in claiming ‘womanhood’. But to me, they will NEVER be female. Femininity doesn’t equal Female, and IT NEVER WILL!!

    I am truly in awe of your powers of observation and how you ferreted out Feminist Rag and her GF. I initially thought you were being mean, but somehow, YOU KNEW….and the truth was exposed. This is what we ALL must do Sisters, if we are EVER to rebuild our Dyke communities again.

    Like I said, I’m coming off Pantheacon and I went to one Queer workshop led by a ‘genderqueer’ seeing her in person she looks like any other Butch. But it’s what’s in their head that’s so male identified. It was to be all about the intersection between Queer sexuality and spirituality, and I thought maybe I’d learn some interesting things, all it was was the same ole, same ole, conform to the heteropatriarchal system and find your way in it. She was INCREDIBLY male identified, and I felt as if I was dealing with someone who was strongly Catholic, not alternative Pagan, homosexual, Butchly and giving her Lesbian/Butch/Dyke sisters or Gay brothers or Queer Femmes voices to their differing experiences. NO, it was more of the same..and it incredibly disturbed me on a very deep level. I am blogging about it and calling it the “War on Words”. First thing she did was ask how we identified. Were we genderqueer like herself, cis male, cis female, trans male, trans female? NEVER did she ask were we Butch, Lesbian, Dyke, Gay Male or ANY other ‘queer’ designation. I wanted to say that ‘cis’ was a hate term for many of us, and we don’t like it or want to be called that term. I should have said that, but I wanted to ‘wait and see’ where she was going with the discussion.

    I raised MANY objections later and shared my experiences which emboldened others to share theirs. She could not silence us, but I don’t think she learned from the diversity of our experiences and how we reconciled our spirituality and our sexualities in a diverse and opening way having NOTHING to do with heteropatriarchy. I don’t think she could ‘get it’ or a place between male/female roles, or even QUESTION them. Because anytime anyone says they are ‘genderqueer’ or ‘gender nonconforming’ I say: “According to WHOSE standards?” I do not define myself by hetero standards, but sadly, so many of them do, and find they cannot fit within them, so they MUST BE the other sex. She admitted to binding her breasts, and already I know she’s lost to the other side……

    When I did a Gallus Mag and FOUND her TRUE profile on another site, not how she described herself in the pantheacon booklet, I saw indeed she’s a practicing Catholic no matter what else she claims and how she really believes in MALE power over diety. Ummmhummmm, explains it all….and the narrowness of her definitions(hence the War on Words) of male and female. And the roles both play.

    -In Sisterhood and Support,

  47. SheilaG Says:

    We now meet in each other’s homes, and there are no trans problems. We have lesbian only events, things are working out very well. We just don’t expose our lesbian energy to the stupid Gay Gender Queer machine anymore. It’s what has to be done.

  48. […] for what? So a man can really truly feel like a woman? This isn’t all that different to the guy who goes raking around women’s rubbish bins to find used tampons to shove up his arse. These men want to literally consume us and they have willing volunteers in young women like […]

  49. […] transgender movement claims that any male who derives sexual satisfaction from inserting used tampons  into his anus is female, or for any other reason, and should be legally recognized as female in order to access female-only […]

  50. Double X Marks The Spot Says:

    Where I live, menstrual products are put into a green bin and collected by the municipality for composting. So is used kitty litter. What with three women living here, and three cats, if this guy came round to my house for some fetishistic dumpster-diving, he’d end up elbow deep in cat shit.

    We’re ready for you, dude.

  51. Just a reader Says:

    I know this is an old post, but I just ran across this page from a couple of months ago & wanted to share it:

    Reed left two comments at the bottom of the page. It sounds like paranoid schizophrenia at this point.

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