Patriarchy vs. Planet Earth: Lierre Keith at RadFem Reboot

August 3, 2012

Lierre has invited folks to email her for a complete transcript at the following address:

Thanks Lierre!


8 Responses to “Patriarchy vs. Planet Earth: Lierre Keith at RadFem Reboot”

  1. doublevez Says:

    I thought the dust was from the Gobi desert, which is subject to high winds coming off the Atlai mountains in Spring. Going on forever, not just recently because of global warming.

  2. Bev Jo Says:

    Lierre’s book is beautiful and is saving lives. She’s a sweetheart too! Thank you, Gallus!

  3. […] I see that Gallus Mag also has this video at her place. Hello cross posting. […]

  4. Lydia Says:


    The dust storms are dramatically worse. See for instance wikipedia entry on “2010 China drought and dust storms.”

  5. I’m having to listen to this in parts. It’s so dramatic and overwhelming that I find my head swimming…but in a bracing way, like being plunged into a cold sea when warm and drowsy from a long sleep: WAKE UP!


  6. stephen Says:

    As a wasp-male I bow to Lierre Kieth ,alpha-female extrordinaire!!

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