Comments like this hurt my soul. Gravely. And I get them all the time and I have for the two years I have run this blog. And I just can’t take it anymore. I’m sorry. Day after day after day these horrible men who think of us as less than dogs. Those of you reading this blog, those who value its existence – you have the option of reading when you want. I don’t. I have to sign in every day and absorb this shit. And it isn’t fair. My time is every bit as valuable as yours and my daily struggles are just as pressing. And I can’t take it anymore. I need your help. I need you to do something. And I don’t know what that something is exactly- that is up to you. Take POLITICAL action in some way. Any way. Do something. Do something about these horrible men who think torture rape and murder threats against women and gays are excusable when the perp gets erections wearing little girl’s clothes and shoving trash-picked soiled tampons up his ass. Do something about transgender males like “raindrops”. Speak out. Organize. Blog. Something. Make a plan of action. Make a commitment. Please. Thank you.

August 9, 2012

Comment received on this post: “Reed Barrow: Stop Making Rape and Death Threats Against Lesbians, Feminists and Gays”


Why is there so much hatred on your site? LGBT people have had to fight very difficult battles throughout history to get to where we are today. Surely we should be more understanding and tolerant of people who do not fit into a certain frame?

Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live.

Raindrops why is there so much profound hatred coming from you? Why are you defending a man that openly harasses and threatens women, lesbians and gays with murder and torture and rape? Why do you hate women lesbians and gays so intensely that you consider it “hatred” when we dare verbally protest such abuse? Raindrops why do you support a man that wrote to a lesbian (as seen in screen caps) and told  her he was going to contact the man who raped her and get him to torture and sodomize her? Why do you support a man who (as seen in screen caps) mocks and torments a woman dying of cancer? Raindrop, why do you think lesbians should be tolerant and understanding of men who do these things to us?

Why exactly are you proposing that women are “hateful” for protesting men who threaten us with torture, murder and rape and cruelly taunt those who are dying of cancer? Is it because the man threatening torture rape and murder gets erections by dressing up as a little girl and haunting playgrounds wearing soiled diapers he pulled from dumpsters and shoving used trash-picked tampons up his ass so he can “feel more like a woman”? Why do you, Raindrops, empathize with the perpetrator? What kind of sick twisted female-hating homophobe are you? The only hatred I see here is emanating from the rank, disgusting, pro-rape pro-torture pro-abuse sympathies you so proudly espouse.

I send out a silent prayer that every female, every girl, that comes into contact with you in your daily life is protected from your foul and hateful essence. May every female you poison with your hatred be shielded from your presence forever. A-fucking-Men.

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