Pretendbian Challenges and The Trouble With Lesbians

August 13, 2012

Lesbians = Privileged Assholes

Uniquely Lesbian Corrective

Lesbian Speaks! Call the Police!!

It’s about “correcting” Lesbians, yo

Sexualized Male Gaze = Lesbians. No fellas. Wrong.

If she wanted to be a girl she would dress like one!

On the Montreal Dyke March Facebook Page

All this and single too!

23 Responses to “Pretendbian Challenges and The Trouble With Lesbians”

  1. Wow. I felt sick just reading all this. Male entitlement to sex with lesbians (so many different ways of saying “lesbians who won’t have sex with me are discriminating against me”!), females thinking that the way we’re socialised to present ourselves is ‘natural’ to us, advocacy of ‘corrective’ rape towards a lesbian feminist on the Montreal Dyke March Facebook page.

    Gallus, your suppression of your stomach-churning impulses is amazing.

  2. Mind you, when we see MAABs fighting to keep the rapey ‘Cotton Ceiling’ concept for themselves, it’s illustrative of the fact that ‘gender’ is about the relations of structural privilege and oppression that one is thrust into from birth (sometimes before, if known then), rather than easily discardable ‘presentation’ and ‘performance’.

    Which is why the CC concept is at its worst when employed *by* those assigned male at birth, *towards* females. It can *never* be a good concept, because people not wanting to have sex with you is not oppression. Sex with them is not a right.

    But taking advantage of the social construction of female sexuality to be something that works in service of the interests of more privileged sectors, is always going to be abominable. Especially when done by those reared to believe they ‘deserve’ a woman to be sexually and domestically subordinate to them.

    • doublevez Says:

      .”..those reared to believe they ‘deserve’ a woman to be sexually and domestically subordinate to them.”



      • Doublevez at first I thought you were clarifying a meaning that was already apparent in what I wrote, but on second thoughts, it might be that some reading that genuinely don’t know that the male sector is reared that way (rather than some individual males).

        And this could be part of why this rapetastic CC concept has attracted far less criticism than it should.

      • Yisheng Qinqwa Says:


  3. Nobody Special Says:

    OMG Gallus, the stories I could tell! Over the years, I have had a few acquaintances who were M2T and called themselves lesbians. One common thread that I have seen is that online, they all make a big deal about it, as well as posting what I would describe as soft porn. One even went as far as to show me a collage he made from pictures of scantily clad women cut out of magazines and such, claiming that his shrink saw it and said that it was indicative of him being a lesbian!

  4. Ashland Avenue Says:

    I could only watch about 20 seconds of that video before stopping. I don’t have the time, nor the desire, to watch shaky footage of someone stumbling and mumbling through their ad-libbed YouTube pontifications. This has been brought up here before by others – the arrogance inherent in expecting viewers to patiently wait as you figure out what you’re going to spew next. Nope. Better things to do with my time than watch your unfocussed babbling.

    “By that I mean, we were both checking out the young ladies walking past. There were some very pretty outfits on the ladies strutting past our table.” – EWWWWWWWWW! The male gaze indeed. Look at how they reduce the women passing by to a) how they look, ’cause that’s just all-important; and b) objects that strut (?!) in order to be leered at. What a couple of dickheads.

  5. doublevez Says:

    I’m waiting for one of them to say WTF? Why have the doctors, psychs and panty-workshop facilitators been telling us we’re women? Maybe it’s them we should be angry at, not Lesbians and women?

  6. KittyBarber Says:

    It seems to me that an overly huge percentage of M2Ts come out calling themselves “Lesbians.” WTF, pretty transparent, isn’t it? Still heterosexual, still wanting a ‘weaker sex’ around to bully and coerce, nothing has changed except the clothes.

    Or is it just that they *know* actual men aren’t going to be attracted to them, but that they can sort of shove their way into Lesbians’ lives and underwear?

    By the way, what’s up with that stupid little hat they seem to favor? That’s three of them now.Is that what they think Lesbians wear, black Tyrolean hats?

    But *this* one really takes the cake. A VAMPIRE, too! And learned all about this online, right? I blame the internetz for the spread of this illness.

    • fuckofftrannies Says:

      “Or is it just that they *know* actual men aren’t going to be attracted to them, but that they can sort of shove their way into Lesbians’ lives and underwear”?

      No one can “shove” their way into anyones life or underware!! That’s precisely why they’re whining and bitching and inventing the cotton ceiling nonsense because trannies can’t get anywhere with lesbians. They’re far more likely to fuck straight males because straight males will fuck anything with a hole!

  7. omfg how high is he?!!! ahhahaa. the video gets really hilarious at around the 4:30 mark.

  8. GallusMag Says:


  9. Buggalugs Says:

    Oh feck. I have a little vomit in my mouth. Creeepy doooods klaxon!!!

  10. FCM Says:

    coopting a ceiling-related metaphor for discrimination…hmm where have i seen that before? thinking….thinking….

  11. Snarkurchin Says:

    Is it a trilby hat? If so, I don’t even know how to plumb the depths/layers of irony involved.

  12. Brunhilda Says:

    I hate the ‘mentally I ‘m a girl’ it reduces all women to having the same identity, as being the same interchangeable item for the patriarchy to use. Not to mention the ‘science’ for it is utter bs. It’s complete neurosexism, and is the same as saying ‘boys brains are better for math,’ when it’s been proven they are not.
    As for the lesbian thing, no one is REQUIRED to like you. Hell, some lesbians won’t date bisexual girls (lots of reasons; scared they’ll decide to be straight, scared they’re pretending, scared of extra stds as bi sexual people are often stereotyped as whores, scared of being cheated on, etc.), but you know what, that’s THEIR decision!
    If men are allowed to call themselves women with no understanding of what we are, then women have the right to deny it. After all, we have freedom of religion, and freedom from religion, why not freedom of gender expression and lack of thereof? I guess it would be called ‘gender atheism’ for those who don’t believe in gender.

  13. Lizzy Shaw Says:


    Agreeing with you. I don’t know if I’d say gender atheism since I do believe that gender exists as an oppressive social construct. However, I do think that this gender identity bullshit has no bearing on reality. You can never truly change your sex, and if you could, you can’t truly undo the years of socialization as a male.

    The genderist ideology does rely on neurosexism and the idea that their are “male” and “female” brains, which is a big loud of crap. Dudes have been trying to “prove” the existence of weak lady brains since forever and have failed. In countries with higher equality between the sexes, girls do just as well, if not better than, their male peers in math.

    Yes, there are some stereotypes about bi women, but I actually wouldn’t be into a lot of them myself. Not because I think they’re more likely to cheat, but because most of the ones I know are losers who whine and moan about “monosexism” and act like gays and lesbians are oppressing them and not, you know, straight people. Since when do lesbians and gays have any kind of privilege for just being sexually attracted to the same sex?

    Either way, no one is under any obligation to date or sleep with anyone ever. An individual’s sexual boundaries are not up for debate.

    I fucking hate pretendbians.

  14. Karen Says:

    Imagine my shock and horror to discover my ex-HUSBAND”s picture and his quote about everyone thinking they were two lesbians oogling the “very pretty outfits on the ladies strutting past” There is a lot more to THAT story. If you read a little more closely, you’ll notice that they were admiring WHAT THE WOMEN WORE, not what the women looked like. They are only able to think of “woman as artifice,” or woman as a CONCEPT. The REAL male gaze imagines woman as a sexual object. With these guys, it’s the CLOTHING that’s objectified. We “just happen” to be in them.

    What’s the difference between a crossdresser and a transgender?


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