Letter From Michfest 2012: “Man On The Land!”

August 15, 2012

It was reported to GenderTrender that women yelled loudly “Maaaaan On The Laaaaand!” at male Transbians at Michigan Women’s Music Festival  everywhere they went this year. Also received this missive:

“Michfest and the women born women intention policy: we were very well organized in showing visible support for the intention of fest. Those of us supporting the intention wore red throughout the festival. I attended a discussion about trans inclusion, which turned out to be mostly a bunch of trans allies and a MTT (Alice). They were all complaining about the “sea of red” which had been displayed at the opening ceremony and how “unsafe” it made them feel and how guilty they all felt for not being as organized with their t-shirts as we were with ours. I expressed that last year several women had been made to feel unsafe by males yalking about their penis in workshops with survivors. I was told there was a difference between feeling unsafe and uncomfortable and that penises do not really make women feel unsafe only uncomfortable.

I pointed out how crazy they were for believing that a t-shirt was more dangerous than a penis. Alice admitted that he had talked about his penis inappropriately but then dismissed his actions, saying that he is always hearing from women who “claim to be triggered” on the rape crisis line that he volunteers on, but that apparently all these women are just being neurotic and exaggerating (words to that effect). It is unfortunate that one of the women he traumatized last year was unable to come back this year because she does not consider the space to be safe after what happened last year.

Alice [Kalafarski] was the man who severely traumatized a survivor of sexual violence [and then publicly mocked her in a now edited but still incredibly despicable blog post– GM]  by talking about his penis in a workshop last year about female masturbation and sexual violence post male sexual violence. The survivor had never been to Michfest before and she was a young woman in her early twenties. She was not at fest this year, and may never come again after this experience with Alice. Yet Alice was there. How fucked up is that?

“Alice” : A Man who Hates Females

We walked past him on one of the feminist parades and X and a few others yelled out “Man On The Land” which I later got “told off” about, even though I didn’t say anything lol. Over all a very successful year for us, and I had a woman tell me she had concluded we were right after listening to us, even though she had gone to the workshops on this issue sympathetic to trans inclusion. I do worry about the presence of that Alice at fest and also him on that help line. I am concerned he gets off on women’s sexual trauma. We need to keep up the pressure to keep the policy and to find a way to deal with perpetrators on the land.

This year was excellent in terms of resistance to trans presence at the fest. There were hundreds of women wearing red and a group of women had made about 500 t-shirts with the slogan “Big Up The Female: Power, Power”. The support for women-only space at Michfest was palpable and heart-warming.

Other women had made patches saying, “Respect the Intention, Respect the Healing”. I met tons of women who were in support of the intention and didn’t cop shit from anyone despite being covered in red the entire festival. Quite a few of us women went up to Alice and asked him to leave. I think that we made the men on the land feel incredibly unwelcome and uncomfortable this year. I feel very positive and happy about that. ”

29 Responses to “Letter From Michfest 2012: “Man On The Land!””

  1. katieB Says:

    ick. I guess the red is scary to them beacuse they barge through everywhere they go without concern for others, just like bulls.

  2. Yisheng Qinqwa Says:

    That smug, self-satisfied smirk on his face makes me want to PUKE.

  3. ethicalequinox Says:

    Men: getting off on fucking shit up for women…since 4 EVA!!

    I really think the only thing they can’t get off to is radical feminism…which is why we all have to die in fires because the world exists for no other reason than to be their own goddamn personal orgy!


  4. SheilaG Says:

    Why wasn’t Alice escorted off the land? Did they have dyke security there?

    But good for every woman who stood up for principles at Michfest, perhaps the tide is turning, the trans finally tipped their hands a little too much, and women are taking back the land.

    Still escort the trans off the land, they shouldn’t be allowed to stay at all if they are caught.

    Imagine women kicking MEN OUT!!!

    • I also don’t understand this.

      The male inclusion crowd has posted before that trans are “allowed” because there is no enforcement. This is not true, that trans are allowed, and sadly, we do need enforcement–for our own safety. I think this seriously needs to be put into place.

  5. Liza Says:

    Glad there was resistance to trans this year. But have you seen this bs? http://www.bilerico.com/2011/07/anti-trans_company_producing_pflag_merchandise.php

    • GallusMag Says:

      Yes that lesbian was terrorized harassed and threatened with THOUSANDS of messages from anti-female transgenderists. They also published her home phone number and address as part of the terror campaign against her for the “crime” of printing t-shirts that said “Womyn-Born-Womyn” on them. She got hundreds of death threats and transgenderists also attempted to destroy her business and prevent her from earning an income.

      • GallusMag Says:

        That was a very sad episode in the transgender campaign against lesbians.

      • doublevez Says:

        Not that there are thousands of them, really I don’t believe that for a minute. I think they sit at their IT career computers running through all their proxies vomiting threats and hate until shift change. And another 20 addies sit down in the same chair and away he goes.

  6. River Song Says:

    Trans misogynists are dystonic FTMs.

  7. Ashland Avenue Says:

    Blech. I hate looking at his fugly face.

    I wonder if the people who run the rape crisis line he volunteers for are aware of his dismissive, condescending, cruel attitude toward the women who call in.

    Also? I’ll decide whether I feel “unsafe” or “uncomfortable,” thank you very much. Penises don’t make women feel unsafe, huh? Right. Keep on sucking that patriarchal dick.

    • Charlotte Says:

      When you don’t grow up having penises constantly trying to get inside you, regardless of your “nos”, then you can’t understand how women feel about it. This transexual’s inability to comprehend how threatening penis can be to women shows he’s not much of a woman at all..

  8. sonia calles Says:

    why is the fest attendee anonymous?

    • GallusMag Says:

      Because I wasn’t able to reach that individual for confirmation prior to publication and did not think it was important enough to hold up the piece.

      I try to be very careful about printing information that identifies trans-critical individuals because transgenderists believe that being gender-critical is a “crime” worthy of harassment, terrorism, rape, and death. And transgender people will immediately target any “gender heretics” with threats of violence, threats of stalking, bomb threats, murder threats, they will threaten their children with sodomy and murder, they will torment them by creating mocking posts of their dead grandmothers, they will harass their relatives who are dying of cancer, they will post photos of their elementary school children with grotesque and graphic captions calling the children “cocksuckers”, they will create and publish false claims of immorality or criminality including sexual abuse of children, they will gang up in packs and assault lesbians at dyke marches, they will slash women’s tires, they will publish women’s home addresses and phone numbers for the purpose of encouraging stalking and violence and to terrorize, they will try to get people fired from jobs, they will try to get licensing boards to recind professional credentials, they will threaten feminist conferences with Molotov cocktails, they will threaten lesbians with “corrective” rape, they will attack feminists at public appearances with glitter, they will throw glass jars at their heads, they will publish photos of their apartment buildings online to terrorize by implying and encouraging and conspiring to target and stalk, they will assault them in gay bars, they will create false –often disgusting sexualized- internet accounts to harass and post false (usually sexualized) claims, they will create false accounts pretending to be the target, for the purpose of harassment, they will target their publications, websites and discussion boards for censorship, DOS, and campaigns falsely reporting them as committing TOS violations, they will write to them claiming to know this or that friend or family member and threaten to harm that person as proxy for the targeted gender disbeliever, they will hack their email and websites, they will break into their homes and spray paint the walls with terroristic threats, and oh so much more. All of the above has been done to women and gender-critical individuals in the last few years.

      Even Gay men will also be instantly targeted for gay-bashing if they discuss gender critically. For example this exchange on last week’s Salon article where a gay man who is gender-critical is instantly and immediately notified that he has been targeted for terrorism and gay-bashing and should “watch where he goes” from now on:


      0. Southamptoner
      0. TUESDAY, AUG 7, 2012 01:03 AM EDT
      Yes, but Lana Wachowski is a very rich movie director in Hollywood. I am happy for her, but with all due love and consideration for transgendered people, isn’t constant hormone therapy and radically invasive surgery an incredibly high price to pay when absolutely no one really thinks you’ve changed gender, that everyone can tell instantly?

      And as a gay man, I suppose I should be careful with what I say, but: I think depending on hormones and radical surgery to unconvincingly change your gender is a waste of time. “I’m a man in a woman’s body!” Well show me your surgical fake dick and watch me recoil in horror.

      Why is it never talked about that M to F transsexuals having their penises butchered and shoved into their bodies to simulate vaginas by the surgeon’s knife and hands lose their ability to have an orgasm, ever again? Gee, I wonder why, since their genitals have just been mutilated and shoved inside their body cavities.

      Sorry, I just think that nature made our bodies as they are, and life is short, and sometimes I wonder how much easier my life would’ve been if I were a girl, when it comes to liking a boy. I admire the great bravery of trans people, but the effort and expense and genital mutilation it takes, after which a great many trans people seem not especially happy , makes me just be less than rah-rah here.

      I honestly do have immense sympathy for trans people. I also thing nature, our bodies, are marvels that cannot be improved by hormones or science, I honestly do not believe our physical genders can be changed by scalpel or prosthesis. Fool yourself all you want, people know instantly. I don’t believe physical sex-changes are anything more than artificial and cosmetic, dependent upon hormones and expensive maintenance. Oh, and genital mutilation where the person can’t have an orgasm anymore, surgeons turning a penis into a vagina like a piece of meat on a butcher’s table.

      Sorry, I think it’s pointless and appalling, the surgeries, the hormones, the drugs, the prosthesis dildoes. No, you’re not a man, you’re not a dude. We’re not lacking in such superficial ideas of what a “man” really is.

      Do what you want, find your happiness. I approve of that, If it makes you feel better that you’re a “man” now, good for you. What happens if you go broke and can’t afford hormone treatments though? Will you become a “woman” again, god forbid?

      Nature rules all of us, whether we like it or not. The very best intentions are nothing to the degree nature rules us, no matter how much we deny it. Life is short, and you can say and do what you like. But people will know instantly. We’re funny that way as a species, determining gender is built-in and primal. Sorry to say, but transgendered people don’t pass, 99 percent of the time, and saying otherwise just isn’t true. Good luck to you and best to you, but maybe you should know no one will take you for a man.

      So, how do you pay for all those hormone bills for the rest of your life? They can’t be cheap.

      0. Jess in SD
      0. TUESDAY, AUG 7, 2012 05:30 PM EDT
      Southamptoner: Who the hell are you to come on here and make such remarks? How DARE you make the incorrect assumptions you made? YOU KNOW NOTHING. Just spouting off your verbal defecation with NO RESEARCH WHAT SO EVER makes you a typical hater. How about you just keep your your stupid mouth shut and your hands off a keyboard until you educate yourself on some transgender issues. Your IQ is probably lower than your dick size and you have a complex about it so you feel the need to spout off incorrect BS on a very well written article. The truth is you are gay and you are envious that another sector of the LGBT community is getting more attention than you. GET OVER IT!! I am sick and tired of gay men like you spouting off about transgendered people. Yes, you need to be careful of what you say and now I would be care of where I go if I were you…FU Douchebag.


      Hope that answers your question.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        That was fucking BRILLIANT, Gallus. Brava!

      • Ave Says:

        That post by the guy in response to that article is very interesting and true about how all the effort, upkeep etc of physically transitioning all ends up amounting to nothing. even the “passable” ones still are always completely stressed out even if they won’t say it.
        Alot of those transes will also say that the way to prove it someone is trans is if they do the whole transition route…but that’s not objective in the least, it’s basically saying looks are everything ( a kind of social darwinist position?); it’s saying whoever is the best actor is authentic while everyone else isn’t it, it’s such nonsense lol (hell, that’s what the whole “real life test” thing is: it’s all about how capable you are of fitting in with a stereotypical image and how well you are at acting; either that or how much money you have to give to the doctors and how thickheaded you are about getting srs).
        If trans were a physical medical condition there’d be a bloodtest for it or whatever. It’s just as ridiculous as the idea of gendered brains.
        Trans mistakingly equate what they want to be with what they are.
        Certainly one can have feelings of wishing to have opposite sex traits (I have had such feelings, but i think they arose more in sense due to me rejecting the male role in society than a real desire for it. there’s also two levels of dysphoria bodily and social. one may have just one or both etc.), but actual physical transition is just foolish and doesn’t solve ones problems with genderism.
        Sorry to ramble on a bit..

        This is a bit off topic btw but, out of curiousity, has there been any more crazy drama with that one trans who made that disgusting video with the saline injection on youtube?

  9. Barbara Di Bari Visconti Says:

    Man on the land? Then 15 women ought to land on the man and throw his ass out of there. Just asking them to leave iss a joke.

    • fuckofftrannies Says:

      Exactly. Join together and scare the trannies shitless. Women always think that just being reasonable and polite will get them somewhere. It won’t. It also speaks volumes of how women feel they have no right to be aggressive and pushy. Everyone just grins and bears.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Scare people shitless? What the fuck for? No need to terrorize people to assert boundaries and kick male assholes out of female spaces. You, sir or madam, have been posting multiple inflammatory comments under various names. I have determined that YOU are a TROLL. Best of trolling to you sir. Elsewhere. This is your FINAL WARNING.

  10. Bev Jo Says:

    I agree, Yisheng, about that face. Why do they all look so smug? Mr. Alice has the exact same expression as Tobi Hill-Meyer does in photos(another man pretending to be a Lesbian, who Gallus posted about. He was at the last Butch Voices conference and, in a statement today from the organization, is now on their board. He is as far from being Butch as can be.) But of course they look extremely smug — they are in the midst of many men’s pornographic dream of being surrounded by Lesbians, with the added pleasure of Lesbians fighting over them. Even if half the fight is wanting them out of our sight and space, they still manage to be the center of attention.

    This is a great post, though, Gallus, because Michigan sounds much better than last year, and very hopeful for the future.

    And this letter explains why not one of these men playing at being a Lesbian and destroying female-only space should EVER be allowed into female-only space — women are not safe and do not feel safe. If even ONE woman or girl does not return, like the young woman who was traumatized by Mr. Alice last year, then that is reason enough.

    Anyone arguing for the inclusion of these men is doing it against the girls and women who say no.

  11. Or, (should I say it?) the red is symbolic for blood. Blood that only real women will experience, not some eunuch.

    • GallusMag Says:

      That reminds me of the time anti-female Transwhacktivist and 6’4″ 300lb MRA Valerie Keefe injected himself into a support thread for menstruation on the Michfest boards demanding attention for his troubles cutting himself while shaving his beard.

  12. Bev Jo Says:

    Oh Gallus, thank you so much for that horrific list of how trannies go after people to stop them from saying anything — I know we get rape and death threats (and threats to cut of clitorises, in my case) but that list is even more persuasive about how nasty, cruel and dangerous they are — and how they are as far away from being women as possible. I like also knowing how some gay men are responding and being harassed for such reasonable comments — this is one of the few issues I can think of allying with gay men on that would benefit both them and Lesbians and other women.

  13. KittyBarber Says:

    When I get back to Boston, I have scheduled to take training in the Rape Crisis Center where our little “Alice” (Alice the Goon?) is currently serving. I want to know exactly how a pig like that can be exposed to rape survivors. If he hasn’t been outed, he will be. I promise. I make no bones about it. It’s the least I can do as a survivor of sexual assault myself. I will keep you posted…

  14. jane hathaway Says:

    Good, Kitty. Good.

  15. […] Letter From Michfest 2012: “Man On The Land!” | GenderTrender […]

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