“Transgender Children”: Pathology of childhood is NOT LOVE

August 17, 2012

Today The Advocate published – uncritically- a glowing excerpt from a book written by a woman who diagnosed her daughter as transgender at the age of eighteen months. The author and parent, Tracie Stratton,  describes being disturbed by her tiny infants lack of conformity to socially proscribed sexist feminine gender behaviors for infants.

She diagnosed her daughter as “boyish” and “different” at one year of age.

Hey guess what folks. People should not be examining one year olds for sex role compliance. No matter your politics, your religion, your horrific sexism, your munchausen’s syndrome by proxy, no one should be monitoring a one year old child for sex-role compliance.

But Stratton did. So much though that she claims that before two years of age her daughter was already parotting back to mom: “Me a boy, mama”.

“By eighteen months I knew that this child, my fourth daughter, was different from the first three. In particular, she was very boyish, a characteristic which I had never thought about much before.” Stratton says.

Hey guess what folks. Eighteen month olds do not even know what that means. HUGE red flags. Stratton claims that she “consulted with her pediatrician” about her infant daughter’s troubling “boyishness”. She does not report the result of that consultation. But the fact that she reports it occurred insinuates the deep, profound extent of her parental malaise with her  infants non-compliance to infant sex-roles. WHAT? Infant sex-roles?!?! HUGE red flags. One can only speculate that the pediatrician must have been either horrified -or quickly disregarded such concerns as the random mutterings of a possibly somewhat quirky parent. Since Stratton declines to report the outcome of her infant sex-role stereotype “consultation” we can only guess. Whatever the outcome, Stratton remained deeply disturbed about her child at home for two more years before “reconsulting” her physician about her perception that her child was failing at performing toddler femininity. This time she requested a psychiatric intervention to “fix” her daughter’s failure to perform femininity at the level mom required.

It isn’t as unusual as feminists might wish for a parent who is committed to strict sex-role fundamentalism to become disturbed when they perceive their infant child to resist the gender roles the caregiver has tried to inculcate in them. We even saw a toddler in recent years get beaten to death for not complying with socially mandated toddler sex-role behavior.

Stratton did not beat her child to death, but she was extremely disturbed by her infants “gender behavior”, and attempted to correct the infant. After three years the child had (according to the author) already been taught that she was “doing something wrong”.  Stratton was determined to correct this “wrongness” in pediatric sex-role behavior and requested and received a psychiatric consult for her child at the age of five.

Stratton does not go into depth about the psychiatric process she subjected her daughter to except to state that the psychiatrist did not see any problem and encouraged mom to let the child be- even if the child turned out to be a dreaded lesbian. Stratton’s reporting of this is interesting. She quotes the psychiatrist “who came with great credentials and was the head of the pediatric psych association here in Oregon” as stating “For God’s sake, just let her be a lesbian.” Fear of lesbianism was clearly on the consult agenda. Stratton found this offensive because for unstated reasons she rejects all of the rigorous recorded scientific evidence that lesbian and gay children tend to be less compliant with sex-role programming at an early age. Perhaps, as seems most likely, she just chaffed at the idea that her daughter was non-compliant and also had a higher than average chance of maturing into a flamingly lesbian adult.

After Stratton’s initial profound distress at her one year old infant’s lack of femininity, and multiple pediatric and psychiatric consultations that all assured her that her daughter was healthy and well, Stratton continued to be so disturbed by her daughter’s perceived “difference” that she rejected all professional advice and her malaise continued to fester on the child, day by day. “I was upset that there was so little help for children like mine, nor did I know of any other children like mine.”

Undaunted in her disregard of the advice of multiple highly regarded pediatric medical and psychiatric professionals (advice to just leave her daughter alone) Stratton states:

‘I then went to an endocrinologist, who drew some blood from Izzy for lab work. When discussing the results, we found that my child had been making both sets of hormones, estrogen and testosterone, in equal parts. We learned that in a child so young, however, hormones can ebb and flow, and that this was not conclusive to anything. So what could we think?”

Oh noez! Still not something “wrong” with her child!

Finally (!) she “consulted the Internet and found a gender therapist, who in turn recommended a child specialist. This specialist, [“super kink/queer friendly”]  Cat Pivetti, has been and continues to be our lifesaver, helping us navigate life with an intersexed, transgender child.”

Boy Talk, Girl Talk

Some of the horror:

“So, I started letting Izzy be a boy at home, wearing what- ever clothes he wanted, and playing with whatever toys he chose. Most of these things had previously been removed from our home after some really bad advice from ill-informed “experts.” We had been trying for a while to have everything be “female” around the house, and we even created a special “girls’ club.””

It’s so incredibly sick that anyone would do this to a child. Just let the kid do what she wants! Just leave her alone! How hard is that???

“One day my husband, Izzy’s stepdad Buzz, was having a hard time getting Izzy ready for school. He decided to just let Izzy wear the boys’ shirt with the car on it that day. His message on my phone went something like, “Honey don’t be mad, I know we said not to let Izzy wear boys’ clothes out of the house, but I had to get the kid to school.”

WHY are cars things for sperm producing humans???? WHAT?

Hai. Guess what folks. Cars are not only for people born with testicles and penis! Females like cars TOO! And fluctuating testosterone levels in female children is NOT an intersex condition! If Stratton’s child had an actual intersex condition, she, or her endocrinologist would have named it, instead of stating that things were normal and fine and a-okay! Hello? AND childhood hormonal imbalances (which Stratton’s child apparently does NOT have) are easily correctable, and such conditions have NAMES and demonstrable PATHOLOGIES and are represented in MEDICAL LITERATURE! This child has NO such condition, and even if she did, such a condition has NOTHING to do with socialized sex-role stereotypes at any age MUCH LESS AT ONE YEAR OLD. If Stratton’s child has an endocrinolgical disorder or intersex condition, let her name it! Stratton is deliberately misrepresenting the lived realities and medical challenges of children born with endocrine and reproductive disorders and trying to re-frame sex-stereotype-noncompliance with medical PATHOLOGY. This is an insidious tactic we’ve seen many times before: in the widespread pathologization, medicalization, (including institutionalization, lobotomy and electro-shock “treatments”) of homosexuality.

The transgender lobby, which trans activist Autumn Sandeen has stated succinctly, NEEDS to create “transgender children” to “take the sex out of” the public face of the transgender movement. And the trans lobby is willing to eugenically sterilize children- most of whom would otherwise grow up to be gay and lesbian- to do so.

Gay and lesbian children do NOT have a disorder!

Why is The Advocate providing an uncritical platform to an agenda of pathologizing and medicalizing the behaviors of young children that in majority grow up to be well-adjusted homosexuals? Why is the Advocate uncritically providing a platform for the pre-mature sterilization (via maturity blockers followed by sterilizing cross-sex hormones) of lesbian and gay children? This is the ultimate in pediatric reparative “treatment” of homosexuality, using the methods of the eugenics movement. Lesbians and Gays should be fighting this with every voice, every resource of the gay rights movement.

Here are the proposed diagnosis requirements for pediatric sterilization of lesbian and gay youth as outlined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the Americam Psychiatric Association. Children – including infants- who match six of the following eight criteria for a duration of six months will be treated medically as pathological and in need of treatment:

1. a strong desire to be of the other gender or an insistence that he or she is the other gender (or some alternative gender different from one’s assigned gender)

2. in boys, a strong preference for cross-dressing or simulating female attire; in girls, a strong preference for wearing only typical masculine clothing and a strong resistance to the wearing of typical feminine clothing

3. a strong preference for cross-gender roles in make-believe or fantasy play

4. a strong preference for the toys, games, or activities typical of the other gender

5. a strong preference for playmates of the other gender

6. in boys, a strong rejection of typically masculine toys, games, and activities and a strong avoidance of rough-and-tumble play; in girls, a strong rejection of typically feminine toys, games, and activities

7. a strong dislike of one’s sexual anatomy

8. a strong desire for the primary and/or secondary sex characteristics that match one’s experienced gender

Who does this describe? This describes Lesbian and Gay children! And “tomboys”. And kids that just reject sexist stereotypes! And kids going through a phase of sex-role experimentation! And kids that have internalized the grave discomfort of sex-role fundamentalist adults that equate behavior with roles assigned according to biological reproduction!

SPEAK OUT NOW. Stop this new eugenics trend. Support children who defy traditional sex-role stereotypes. Say NO to gender! And say it widely and loudly and NOW. This “transgender children” epoch will be written in history as a criminal medical human rights epidemic based on sexism and homophobia.

The title of Stratton’s book excerpt is “Mother of Transgender Toddler Gets Lesson In Love”.  Word up: Conformity to sex role stereotypes is NOT LOVE! Medically implanting pharmaceutical MATURITY BLOCKERS in non-compliant children is NOT LOVE! Placing infants on a pathology tract towards corrective sterilization to promote stereotype conformity IS NOT LOVE!


96 Responses to ““Transgender Children”: Pathology of childhood is NOT LOVE”

  1. Mark Says:

    This shit is so fake I smell a rat at that young how would a child even know what’s it suppose to be but a child

  2. wildwomyn Says:

    This is nothing short of child abuse. I’m writing The Advocate and telling them so. Trans* are now preying on children to make their own mental illness seem valid. It’s sick.

  3. This is evil. I honestly do not get why so-called progressives have bought into this gender-role crap. Hook, line and sinker supporting the abuse of non-conforming children. So, so wrong.

  4. I feel so bad for that little girl! I hope she fights her ass off! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4-17eUIckY

  5. Octavia Says:

    Here is my comment left on the advocate page. Prob be deleted due to FEE FEES…

    Really? Really advocate? You’re advocating for children to be “diagnosed” as not conforming to “sex roles” as infants and toddlers? This woman needs to stop putting all her focus on her daughter’s “non conformity” and go get some therapy to see why she’s so insistent on pushing her child down the road of puberty blockers and possible surgeries. I want to state that THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS CHILD. This “problem” is all with the mother and her insistance (even in the face of experts telling her nothing was wrong) that her daughter wasn’t being “girly enough.” Not conforming to gender roles doesn’t mean intersexed! It means gender roles are bullshit and I’m shocked that people are applauding this type of child abuse!

    • GallusMag Says:

      Thank You So Much! I appreciate the KICK ASS response SO Much! xoxxxxxx

      • Octavia Says:

        here are some of the comments left to me. naturally i’m just a bigot who doesn’t get it…*snort*

        You obviously did not read an understand the article. The child was the one doing the insistence … and said he would rather die than be a girl, and took some actions to make that true. Some children are way more mature that some adults I know, including you! You want to force someone to live by your standards, and your ideas are the abomination.
        Reply · Like · 56 minutes ago

        LOL! I love it when the butthurt cry and use the “argument” that your disagreeing with them is because you cognitively ” did not read an understand the article.” Logical fallacy 101 bro. Childish swipes aside, obviously you don’t give a shit about parents putting ideas about sex roles and gender characteristics into a child’s head. Where would this child even get an idea like ” she rather die than be a girl” at that age if it isn’t from her parents feeding her such bullshit!? Her mother has been overly “concerned” about her daughters gender expression since she was an infant and searching for ways to “correct” what she sees as something wrong. SHE IS FORCING HER DAUGHTER TO LIVE BY HER GENDER STANDARDS! I seriously doubt this child would say such a thing if her parents weren’t in her face reinforcing societal gender roles (really shirts with cars are for boys? lol!) instead of just letting her be in the first place. LIKING THE COLOR BLUE, PLAYING WITH “BOY TOYS” DOES NOT MAKE ONE TRANSGENDER FFS!

        And just exactly when did you get your Doctorate in Psychology with a specialization in Gender Dysphoria? You make too many assumptions about a person you do not know. And you show your ignorance when writing the crap you just wrote. You are a sick person indeed.

        Quit trolling our sites looking for an argument. You will not get one from me. You are silly and ignorant. I will not reply to any more of your stupid remarks. Go home, bigot!

        Appeal to authority, name calling, calling me a troll. Sorry you can’t argue and you want to take everything at face value but the fact still stands that this mother was so worried about gender norms that she self diagnosed her daughter. This is not bigotry. I do not agree with children being pushed into arbitrary gender boxes because of parental meddling. This isn’t a case of a trans gendered child, but a parent who is so warped with gender roles that she projects that her child is a boy because of things as arbitrary as liking “boy cloths.”

      • GallusMag Says:

        “..your ideas are the abomination.”

        Haha! wtf. Feminism as ABOMINATION. lolol

  6. Bev Jo Says:

    That is an absolute brilliant commentary, Gallus. This IS an attempt to wipe out the existence of Lesbians, Butches, and little girls who dare to be themselves. It IS child abuse and is horrific. On an fb thread about this, a Lesbian said that baby toys that used to be neutral now come in blue (boy) and pink (girl) versions. I think this is all still a backlash to feminism and anyone who challenges gender roles. It’s also very Stepford Wives-ish.

    The first time I heard of such a travesty was a radio interview in 1997 when a woman was saying she was just going to have to accept her three year old daughter was “transgender” because she hated dresses. I wrote an article called “Better to Be Anything than a Lesbian” about than report and about a documentary I saw in England showing teenaged girls going to the Netherlands for hormones and surgery to be “men.” Clearly the medical industry was making money off this.

    But here is a case of actually sensible doctors with multiple degrees supporting a girl to just be who she is, including if that means being a Lesbian, while our own (theoretically) “LGBTQ” community (who I never trusted because of the Lesbian-hating I saw there) is wanting the girl’s mental and physical health destroyed in an effort to force her into the trans cult. It’s really the stuff of nightmares. The Advocate sadly has enormous influence, and of course more money and media access than anything by Lesbians.

    • Loretta Kemsley Says:

      Bev, it isn’t just lesbian little girls who don’t like dresses, don’t want to play with toys that get girls ready for being wives and mommies and who do want to play games supposedly reserved for boys. I am not a lesbian and hated dresses even as a small child. I had to wear them in school because that was the dress code of the day. As soon as I graduated, I threw them all out and have never worn one since. I always hated dolls and tea sets, even though those were the gifts I was guaranteed to receive. I never even unboxed them. The only reason they were on my shelves was because my mother would not let me throw them out or hide them away. I hated even looking at them. I loved the outdoors, horses and playing games girls were not supposed play, like volleyball and basketball — all huge no no’s for little girls back then. This was back in the 1950s. I’m appalled the same insistence on gender roles is still being used to “diagnose” little girls as emotionally deformed. I agree with the doctors: leave her alone. Let her choose her own interests in life and if it turns out she’s a lesbian, then celebrate it.

    • amazondream Says:

      Bev, until about the turn of the last century the colors were really opposite. It was considered that pink was a too active color for little girls and the soothing blue was better.

  7. ethicalequinox Says:

    I’m just going to say this before I chicken out, so….

    To encourage a perfectly healthy child to “GO UNDER THE KNIFE” due to a perceived failure in GENDER CONFORMITY is now tantamount to torture. (In my mind. Because they won’t let me make the rules! If I did, these people would be in a world of very deep shit right now…)

    • ethicalequinox Says:

      (Yeah, I *almost* chickened out on publicly calling these trans evangelists torturers – got to stop doing that. And to be clear, I don’t actually consider the mothers who are brainwashed into this the “torturers”; it’s the people who encourage mothers to allow this to be done to their perfectly healthy children.)

      • Barbara Di Bari Visconti Says:

        In the Dalyan (Mary Daly) scheme of things those mothers would be token torturers.

  8. DM Says:

    I’m sure glad I didn’t have a mom like that. My mother said that she always knew that I was different (not feminine, not conforming), so she figured she was just going to have to do the best she could with me. I’d say that she did. She never pushed me to be more feminine, or more masculine for that matter. My dad took me fishing and played ball with me. For toys & gifts, I usually preferred board games, science kits, art supplies, and books, and I particularly disliked dolls and clothes- they were aware of that & did what made me happy. And by the way, this was back in the 50’s & 60’s.

    I fervently wish that our society would hurry up & get over the obsession with gender. All of this boils down to sex role stereotypes and blatant sexism.

    • sylvie Says:

      “And by the way, this was back in the 50′s & 60′s.”

      In some ways I wonder whether it was ‘easier’ back then, e.g. not as much ‘confusion’ or second guessing, less worry about outcomes, and therefore less need to try to control them. Dunno – just an observation. I realise there were other things that were not easy.

      “Undaunted in her disregard of the advice of multiple highly regarded pediatric medical and psychiatric professionals (advice to just leave her daughter alone)”

      Does this woman’s actions scream ‘Munchausen syndrome by proxy’ to anyone else??!

  9. DM Says:

    Oh, and when I was five, I wanted to be a dinosaur. A Pterodactyl.

  10. Adrian Says:

    As a gender non-conforming woman who is happy to be a woman but just doesn’t do “femmy” these are the articles that horrify me (and are the sort of articles that got me to comment here).

    Just let people be PEOPLE already!!

    While I vehemently disagree with it (because I’ve been there, done that!!) I can kinda see how someone might have a recipe for “properly girly” 5 year olds that some kid might be judged on. You know (sadly we all know, don’t we?), playing with dolls, princess, wanting to dress up in heels and make up, that sort of thing. Likes to play “house.”

    But at 1.5 years old? What even is the supposed RECIPE, I have no idea! An infant? How do they even have any idea of what their sex is? Surely they sit there wearing whatever anyone puts on them just thinking “wow big world I need to learn about this” and that’s it?

    I just want to tell all those girls, it’s okay, just be yourself, forget all those idiots telling you you need to wear a dress and makeup and constantly hide yourself lest you upset some guy’s ego, you can remain yourself and there ARE places for you. Might take a while, but there are. People might be upset, but eventually you can take pleasure in their upset because you will know they are in the wrong.

    As for those magnets? I have the profanity specialty set, myself. F-bombs of every sort, mixes well with a few generic sets.

  11. feral opera company Says:

    Tracie Stratton has written a children’s book, using Izzy as a character.


    “Follow Izzy and his sisters on an adventure as he learns that the world doesn’t mind what he his, and that he is loved for being himself. This is a wonderful novel about four superhero’s out to change the world. An endearing novel about a family coming together and a child learning that he is loved.”

  12. doublevez Says:

    Meanwhile a local dojo adds more sessions to accommodate the overflow registering for beginner girls fall Tae Kwon Do classes.

    • doublevez Says:

      …hoping to be HER: “(Ivett) Gonda has spent a third of her life practising taekwondo.

      She started at eight years old, describing her involvement as “just recreational, like any kid going into any sport.”

      Her commitment grew as she got older, she said: “It wasn’t until I was introduced to competitions in my early teens, that’s when I started competing locally, and then provincially, and it just escalated from there.”

      Initially, Gonda’s parents Joseph and Marta simply wanted her to try different types of extracurricular activities.

      “I wasn’t allowed to quit,” she said, with a laugh. “My parents – especially my dad – didn’t let me stop. They paid for a year’s worth of tuition! After that, they told me I had to stick with it.”

      It’s a good thing for taekwondo in Canada that Gonda decided to “stick with it.”

      She has won national gold 10 times, captured the gold medal at the 2004 Panamerican Championships in Mexico, and has represented her country at two previous Olympic Games.

      Gonda placed fifth at the 2004 Games in Athens Greece, and 16th at the ’08 Games in Beijing.

      Taekwondo continues to evolve, Gonda said, even more so with the introduction of an electronic point-scoring system.

      “It’s always [about] upgrading and challenging yourself,” she said. “You’re always evolving, trying to make yourself better, faster, stronger.”



      Obv, she’s doin’ it wrrrrrrrong. :/

      • doublevez Says:

        Hahaha. Ok I just couldn’t resist giving you this one. Emma-Jayne Wilson, formidable teeny Queen’s Plate winner (Longest running thoroughbred race in North America). Because we can always use more happy:

  13. wildwomyn Says:

    What I just posted on The Advocate site, but I don’t know if the comment made it. I used my Facebook account to post and it’s posted in Facebook.

    Why can’t Izzy’s mother love her despite her not liking pink or dolls? Why is this mother pushing her daughter so hard on gender conformity, then giving up and thinking that Izzy is transgendered? Why is it not okay for Izzy to be a tomboy, to grow up to be butch and perhaps a lesbian? Why is this mother erasing her daughter’s female essence no matter how the daughter wants to be? Why is this mother putting Izzy on the path of unnatural hormones and perhaps surgery when Izzy is not even capable of deciding for herself who she is?

    The actions of this mother and all parents who are now deciding that their children may be transgendered is simply child abuse. If an adult wants to play gender games with their bodies, then that is an adult. But to inflict the medical and psychological professions on children just to placate a parent’s buy-in of patriarchal delusions of gender stereotypes is just wrong. And in this case, even the psychologists say to leave Izzy alone.

    Leave Izzy alone! Let her be the female she is, regardless of how she presents. Stop the physical and mental abuse of Izzy!

  14. Lydia Says:

    I was just listening to a radio program about Alan Turing, the British gay man who broke the Enigma code in WW2 and helped win the war. The govt forced him to submit to chemical castration–to take estrogen–as “treatment” for his homosexuality. He committed suicide. The line that stood out for me was how progressives of the time considered this “treatment” a humane and compassionate protocol for gay men.
    Nothing changes. Same people are now taken in by the same argument–chemicals and surgery to “cure” a problem that is NOT A PROBLEM. Unless, of course, little girls liking trucks violates the order of the universe and outrages common, gendered decency. Little girls might get grease on their hands! The horror! The horror! They might even realize that they can use tools! Or earn a living! Or have a life that doesn’t revolve around being a sex object! Or refuse to submit to male violation as a matter of course! Quick, apply chemicals and scalpels! No one who wants the tiniest bit of freedom can be left in the category “woman”! Get her out before the others get ideas above their station!

  15. Grackle Says:

    Good grief, I’m glad my parents weren’t stupid and sexist enough to fall for this shit. I was a “gender non-conforming” little girl and deeply resented being told that I should put away my toy dinosaurs and superheroes for baby dolls and barbies. I ended up wearing the label “tomboy” with pride after receiving endless criticism from (some) of the people around me–including my grandmother, now that I think of it, who started her own insurance company in the 50s and ran it for 60 years, and who, until she started to go senile, loved cars/driving more than anything on the planet. I guess we’re BOTH secretly men. Who knew?

    Child abuse, pure and simple. I feel so incredibly sad for these kids.

  16. Bev Jo Says:

    This is all about such deep Lesbian-hatred and Butch-hatred. It is natural for girls to want to play with imagination rather than the boring ways girls are told to play in feminine roles and to not want to wear clothing that brings out sexual harassment and taunts from boys when they fall and their underwear is seen.

    But being natural or sensible doesn’t matter when women obey men in wanting their daughters to fit female-hating rules so much that they would want their little girls’ bodies destroyed with surgery and toxic hormones. This is so right wing, which, again, is why Islamic fundamentalist Iran pays for “sex changes” but kills Lesbians.

    This hated is aimed at girls who might perhaps some day decide to be Lesbians or become Butch. Just the thought of that possibility brings out the threats and punishment to damage little girls forever.

    A friend who was a very feminine little girl became lovers with another girl when she was twelve. Her liberal parents reacted with such fear and hatred that they took her to a psychiatrist to get her on drugs, which she has never escaped from. This is just evil, but it’s essential for us to know how female-hating such people can be. Because, again, it is natural and normal female behavior for girls to fall in love with other girls and/or reject male-defined femininity.

    Meanwhile, on a current fb thread discussion about Michigan, a Lesbian wrote about her Butch lover with her natural female beard (which used to be seen on many Lesbians, with the majority Fem, because about 90% of Lesbians are Fem) was harassed at Michigan because of suspicion that she might be male. I definitely support women at Michigan to keep that space female-only, but what has happened to our culture when a natural-looking woman who refuses to shave or have electroysis is suspected of being male? After all these decades of feminism and the existence of Michigan, women still believe the male propaganda and lies about how real women are supposed to look. Meanwhile, most men pretending to be women follow that male propaganda to looks as much false feminine as possible.

    It is all connected. Lesbians don’t realize that adopting male standards of femininity for themselves ends up meaning policing or marginalizing the Lesbians who refuse, and who, like this little girl, just want to be their natural, normal selves.

  17. Wolf Says:

    This isn’t fundamentally different from what happens to homosexual men in Iran. “Gender essentialism” is a gambit that the Trans activists lean on to push their agenda, and it’s backfiring horribly. These parents have no right to decide what gender classification their child MUST conform to at all costs. If the kids want to change their bodies, let them make that choice on their own, as adults. This is abusive.
    The greater acceptance and visibility of transsexualism in the media, and in the medical community, is being used to support the kind of rigid gender thinking that raises boys to be violent and competitive neanderthals, and girls to be submissive victims, and all of them self loathing and completely neurotic. “Little Johnny acting like to much of a poofter? Cut his balls off, that’ll fix ‘im. Little Sally like to fix stuff? Git that girl on some HRT, b’fore she turns into a real bulldagger.”
    I remember how harshly my parents rejected me for behaving “too butch” wearing “mens clothes”, told me I was setting myself for a life of ostracism and bitterness by my interest in feminism, boxing and bodybuilding. Apparently they were right, and this ultimately influenced my decision to take hormones to be perceived socially as a man. I understand that this is an unpopular decision on this blog. But wouldn’t my life have been so much easier if these destructive attitudes about gender hadn’t existed? I still made this choice, and I can live with it, because it was done by my own hand. I fear for these kids, they don’t stand a chance.

  18. FCM Says:

    Reblogged this on Radfem Hub.

  19. Bev Jo Says:

    Loretta, I didn’t say that it was just Lesbian little girls who hate dresses, but that a lot of the horrified reaction of girls not wanting to wear humiliating clothing that is designed to demean girls is because of the terror that they might be Lesbians — so rather than even consider such a thing, the parents and psychologists yell “transgender child!”

    I agree that it just makes sense for girls to hate all the things designated for females that defines us with inferior status. And they are also boring!!!

    By the way, I do think the extent of how fundamentalist Iran wants to wipe out all Lesbians and gay men is reflective how how liberal secular Iranian culture is and how the entire country except for a few Muslim fanatics once was. There sure are a lot of lovely courageous non-Muslim Iranian Lesbians.

    Pre-Nazi Germany in the Twenties and early Thirties had a very vibrant Lesbian culture which the Nazis destroyed.

  20. […] “Transgender Children”: Pathology of Childhood is NOT LOVE […]

  21. delphyne Says:

    Did any of the professionals involved check out the fact that this girl was her mother’s fourth daughter and maybe her mother (father?) wanted a boy this time? Because that’s a much more likely explanation for anybody, than born in the wrong body.

  22. justbunny Says:

    yeah I commented a few times.

    Maddy Ryder
    People always say that a child so young can’t know something like that, but all they really have to do is ask the child, because anyone who knows a kid like Izzy will be able to tell you different. Well done to his family for supporting him; if only all families were like them.
    Reply · 2 · Like · Follow Post · August 16 at 5:09pm

    Bunny Kramer
    when my youngest son was 4, he insisted he was a dog. IN-SIS-TED as only a 4 year old can insist.
    He refused to speak and would only “bark” and curled up on the floor to nap.

    Should I have simply gotten him a leash & collar? The occasional flea bath?

    Kids DO NOT know who they are at that are. They are however deeply and constantly influenced by parents, peers, and media which HELLO is all heavily influenced by PATRIARCHY which is heavily invested in enforcing gender roles for the sexes.

    Sheesh. Feminism 101, ok?
    Like · 16 hours ago

    Jordan Skeloric Zabel · Subscribe · Top Commenter · Plainview High School
    Frankly, I think this is one of those bullshit arguments fabricated specifically to attack the issue. Hell, my brother was RAISED by our Old English Sheep-Dog who groomed him and guarded over him as he ate from her bowl. My brother did not speak until he was 3 years old and then finally when he did, it was in complete sentences. My brother would scream and whine and cry and BARK! at other folks when we took him out anywhere until the age of three. There was no way in HELL that those first three years of my brother’s life can even come close to equating to a young child’s absolute suicidal need NOT to be the gender they are. Such is ridiculous. No matter how clear it was that my brother was pretty much being raised as a dog by the family dog and my brother was happily being raised that way, in no way proves or disproves the very real agony and pain of these people at being the wrong gender. It is a fallacious argument and thus a stupid argument.
    Reply · 2 · Like · 15 hours ago

    Bunny Kramer · SUNY Brockport
    so you’re telling me that I’m lying?
    Reply · Like · 15 hours ago

    Jordan Skeloric Zabel · Subscribe · Top Commenter · Plainview High School
    Pretty much, yeah. More importantly, the story was offered in a dishonest fashion with the sole Conservative purpose of undermining the validity of transgender people an their struggle for rights in this country. There is no way you can claim different. The whole problem is that you are one part of a large transphobic attack into this comment section. Which then becomes an issue of organizing the entire rest of the comments section against you in order to protect the transgender community.
    Reply · 3 · Like · 14 hours ago

    Bunny Kramer · SUNY Brockport
    no Jordan, you’re wrong on every count there. all of them. I didn’t lie about my youngest son, I didn’t lie that he thought he was a dog (ask a bunch of moms. I’m certain this is not an isolated thing).

    Offered in a dishonest fashion??? are you saying I lied because I lied in a lying type of way? wow. like tautologies much?
    “… with the sole Conservative purpose of undermining the validity of transgender people an their struggle for rights in this country.”??? nonsense. utter nonsense. yeah I do claim different! LOL You’ve no idea what I believe or fight for regarding rights. I’ve said nothing to indicate any such thing and your projecting and “undermining” onto me only serves to discredit your own self.

    I’m far from conservative, indeed my thinking that gender itself should be abolished instead of being reenforced is the hallmark of radicalism.

    The enemy here is patriarchy and gender essentialism. If you can’t see that, Jordan, then I can only conclude that you are blinded by your own privilege and choose to willingly participate in the patriarchal hierarchy that subordinates women and girls.
    Reply · Like · 14 hours ago

    Jordan Skeloric Zabel · Subscribe · Top Commenter · Plainview High School
    Geeze, you’re one of THOSE… That is almost worse. I support the sane part of feminism, as in the ASPCA part vs the more PETA part of the group. I do fully understand that there is a patriarchal domination that is equally opposition to GLBT issues as they are to Abortion and other “women’s Health” issues. But you just roared on by me in the express train directly bound for crazyland. Gender roles STILL work for at least a good 80% of the planetary population. Modify when necessary and even become more lax so that people can gravitate towards a more healthy norm which is still recognizably male and female just not to such extreme levels as some seem to take them. Plus there are all sorts of “bad brain” thinking associated with gender that just are not so. The guy who hunts down and murders his ex-wife because her refusing t…See More
    Reply · 2 · Like · 14 hours ago

    Bunny Kramer · SUNY Brockport
    it’s almost heartening to see that we do see a few of the same things as being issues. required adherence to gender roles harm and limit us all.

    some day, Jordan, if you work hard and are very lucky, you might develop the ability and desire to ask clarifying questions instead of presupposing what someone thinks which runs you at least a 50/50 chance of being wrong.

    I do not attack transgendered folk. I do think this mother was wrong from the gate to insist her daughter have only “girl” things to play with, wear dresses to church, etc.
    hell … a 5 yo standing in the street wanting to die? that did not come about naturally. the parents were complicit in creating this child’s extreme discomfort by trying to force her into their own rigid (albeit learned) ideas of gender roles. At this point, the child is comfortable being able to express her natural self which obviously has nothing to do with the typical trappings of femininity. That still doesn’t make her male; it makes her a non-conforming and perfectly natural female.
    Reply · Like · 13 hours ago

    Danny Maynard · Top Commenter
    Bunny, you are making assumptions about what the parents did or did not do, as you claim other have done here in the discussion.

    You are putting words in Mrs. Stratton’s mouth, and that is your abomination!

    You are projecting your values onto her, and trying to use a false argument to make your point. It does not fly on this forum … we a re a bit smarter than the sheeple you usually preach to!
    Reply · 2 · Like · 13 hours ago

    Maddy Ryder
    I didn’t mean to offend you, but I didn’t understand part of your comment. If Izzy was heavily influenced by enforced gender roles, so heavily that they affected how he acted and perceived himself, then wouldn’t he be doing the opposite of what he’s doing now? Like wearing dresses and such, because he was born with girl parts? All I meant to say was that he obviously knew from a young age what he was, when even parents and ‘experts’ (like that one that called him a lesbian) didn’t. Sometimes there are things about a person that only they can tell you.
    Reply · 2 · Like · 2 hours ago

    Bunny Kramer · SUNY Brockport
    Hi Maddy, Izzy was subjected to society’s categorizing of toys, activities, colors, and methods of expression as being either “boy” or “girl” as are all of us. Those are the enforced gender roles.
    It seems from Izzy’s mother’s own words that the child did not like dresses for church, etc and genuinely preferred the toys, activities, colors, and methods of expression that parents, peers, media all portray as for boys only.
    The child then has 2 choices … cave in and conform to the expectations (gender role expectations) for a girl …. or look at all the evidence provided by parents, peers, & media (basically EVERYTHING in this child’s life) that only boys like the things she likes … therefor she must actually be a boy. 😦 😦 😦
    Reply · Like · 2 hours ago

    Bunny Kramer · SUNY Brockport
    Danny Maynard, not sure where and how you’re reading what you claim I say. I’m going by the mother’s own description of the situation and not putting words in anyone’s mouth. Please point out where you read this.
    not projecting my values on her. I think she was wrong, super wrong for the situation to get to where her 5 year old daughter wanted to die! Is that projecting my values onto her?? She admitted that after her child’s suicide attempt: “So, I started letting Izzy be a boy at home, wearing what- ever clothes he wanted, and playing with whatever toys he chose. Most of these things had previously been removed from our home after some really bad advice from ill-informed “experts.” We had been trying for a while to have everything be “female” around the house, and we even created a special “girls’ club.” ”
    Well this pisses me off to no end! THIS was her trying to enforce the gender binary! RIGHT there in her own words! Seriously people! Are ANY of you suggesting the mother was right in having withheld “boy” clothes & toys from this child who clearly was rejecting typical “girl” things?
    Danny, really … ???
    Reply · Like · 2 hours ago

    Bunny Kramer · SUNY Brockport
    you all drank the kool-ade and I’m so out of here.

    you all clearly think the mom is oh-so-very right in reenforcing gender binary and because she’d rather her child undergo sex reassignment than allow her to simply be a normal natural gender non-conforming female! Gawd forbid!
    Reply · Like · 2 hours ago

    Maddy Ryder
    He tried to kill himself so that he wouldn’t have to be a girl. He felt so wrong in his own body that he thought it was only a matter of time before he grew the right parts “Why won’t my penis pop out, it hurts up there”. I get it, some boys wear dresses and are still boys, some girls play with cars and are girls. when my sister was little, she only answered to ‘Michael’. She wore boys shorts to school and still to this day has never worn a dress or skirt, from the age of five. The difference is that she is comfortable in her own body. She never hoped for it to change and she never told us that she was a boy. She knew that she was a girl, and still does. Izzy knows that he is a boy, and always will.
    Reply · Like · 2 hours ago

    Bunny Kramer · SUNY Brockport
    there is and was NOTHING about this child that had to or has to change! she’s perfect as she is!
    it’s our effed up society (hello patriarchy!) and it’s insistence on reinforcing the strict gender binary that needs to change! when was the last time you shopped for children’s clothing or toys or even movies? there’s a line out sharp clear line out there that you might not have noticed but it’s pretty pink princesses on one side and rough blue trucks on the other and heaven help the boy who prefers princesses and the girl who prefers trucks!
    Reply · Like · 2 hours ago

    Danny Maynard · Top Commenter
    Bunny, you are the one who drank the kool-aid … and are so staunch in your ideas of what is acceptable and what is not, that you are a bigot; that is the real definition of bigot and you should be greatly ashamed. Good riddance!
    Reply · Like · 2 hours ago

    Jordan Skeloric Zabel · Subscribe · Top Commenter · Plainview High School
    I think the real problem here is the extremist viewpoint that “women are only heterosexual when brainwashed into being so by men” or whatever similar crazytrain philosophy you are operating from. If people were that easy to brainwash, there would be only 100% happy heteros walking across the face of the planet. This wasn’t just a girl acting out against the politicizing of her uterus or rebelling against the assumed “role” of females in human society. This was a person looking down and not seeing the penis they fully expected to see there. Honestly, it’d be like not being born with legs and having everyone pretend such is normal. I’d be screaming, “not having legs is NORMAL?” This child looked down and saw an ABNORMALITY that did not corroborate with their expectation and was determined that such required rectification. Personal bias and other bullshit need not apply.
    Reply · 2 · Like · 2 hours ago

    Maddy Ryder
    There was a nine year old transgender girl who tried to cut off her own penis. It was her body that felt wrong, not her toys or her clothes. I know gender roles are enforced in ridiculous ways, but it was more than that. Ask a transgender person, any transgender person, and find out for yourself. The will all tell you pretty much the same thing. Like I said, I don’t mean to offend you, but I think you need to learn the facts. Go on a transgender website, talk to a transgender person, do whatever you like to hear what they have to say, but let’s stop arguing now because it makes me sad, and I agree with you on the gender roles thing – it is ridiculous how some people expect girls and boys to act.
    Reply · Like · 2 hours ago

    Bunny Kramer · SUNY Brockport
    omg Jordan, where do you get that crap?
    Project much?
    Reply · Like · 2 hours ago

  23. Ashland Avenue Says:

    That story was disgusting, and so’s the mother. I’ve cared for a lot of 18-month-olds, and let me tell you, they’re babies. BABIES. For this mother to look at her daughter and think she’s trans or even unusual just because she’s not quite as “femmie” as her older sisters is simply warped.

    Babies that age have no idea about which are “proper” toys for them to be playing with. They also don’t give a crap what you dress them in. They’re simply too young to know or care. Don’t try and tell me otherwise, because I have simply taken care of too many babies to not know this. It’s lived experience. I laugh any time I see a trans person claiming that they knew they were trans from the age of two or three – first, with rare exceptions, humans don’t clearly remember very much at all until the age of four or so. It’s simply the way our brains develop. We may have snippets of memories, but knowing that you’re in the “wrong” body at the age of 24 months? Nope. Secondly, babies that young don’t even KNOW about gender – sure, they’re curious about any genitals they see that are different from theirs, but that’s about as far as it goes.

    Do NOT try and tell me that this mother’s fretting and freaky neuroses didn’t influence little Izzy. That poor kid picked up on and heard her mother’s fears, not to mention all the visits to doctors and shrinks. Her own mother convinced her she was a boy. Her own mother convinced her there was something wrong with her.

    I am a lesbian now. As a child, I was very much the tomboy – a good athlete (better than most boys, I might add), and rough and tumble. Wore dresses only to dressy occasions. My parents had no problem with this. I received birthday and Christmas presents that most people would consider geared toward males. But you know what? I also loved to play with dolls and Barbies. I got those for Christmas too, and I was thrilled. So go figure. Thankfully, I was allowed to become my own person. I wish the same was happening for Izzy.

  24. Bev Jo Says:

    I’m so sorry, Wolf. Very hard to say no to a chance to gain a lot of privilege and lose a lot of oppression. I was a Butch girl, but really did not want to be a boy (all that sexual molestation and torturing of animals made me not want to be around boys.) I also always felt in a community of girls. Even with problems, there was so much love and kindness. And then finding Lesbian Feminism as a teenager solved it all for me. It is considered so terrible now for females to think of males as the enemy, yet having those Radical Feminist ideas is very protective against bring lured into the trans cult. Who wants to join the group who is raping and violent? And F2T I know says she’s creating a better kind of man. I told her she is fooling women into trusting men and that is not safe for women and girls.

    I liked the idea of being an Iguanadon….

    • Wolf Says:

      Hard to say how much was “gained” sometimes. The misogyny I deal with among men is far more blatant and it doesn’t “feel” any less painful, just because it isn’t directed at me. Maybe that’s the test that I’m not a “real” man, I “feel”. FtM’s often go from being a direct target of male chauvinism to an indirect one. In fact, I know a lot of FTM’s who seem to really enjoy degrading and belittling women in the company of men. It’s a sign of having arrived. Self loathing. Completely internalized hatred of everything female.

      Personally, I have a hard time identifying with most other FtMs.Most of them are pretty soft, honestly. I find I relate better to the few butch lesbian’s I’ve met. A shame they can’t recognize me. I’m “invisible”. Ha. Ha. Really, I’m too chicken-shit to properly introduce myself. Male-privilege is very convenient that way, and my version is pirated- I think it might be very bad if it got revoked by the wrong person.

      But don’t be sorry (I’m assuming you’re sincere). I knew what I was getting into when I took this route. I’m in my mid-20’s now, so maybe things where different for you. But these day’s, Trans is the word.There was no butch lesbian community to embrace me when I was first expelled from the nest.
      Younger femme’s used to mistake me for an FtM when I wore “men’s” clothes, or an MtF, (whenever I was forced to wear “women”‘s clothes, strange at my diminutive 5’1”) Trans is really incredibly trendy, and you can say you heard it straight from the horses mouth.

      Not to go on and on about me, but I recently consulted with an endocrinologist who mentioned something about one of his colleagues at the local children’s hospital. This controversial fellow is assigning HRT to young’n’s before they even get their learner’s permit. He’s quite infamous for it actually. I hate to sound like a hypocrite, but even *I*, of all unqualified people, think that’s a bit premature.

      Leads me to think that butch lesbians really are on the way out. Going the way of the… well. You wanted to be an iguanadon? Maybe you’ll get your wish after all.

      I always thought ankliosaur was pretty bitchin’

      • weirdward Says:

        Wolf, it sounds like you walk a difficult path.

        I’m sorry that the lesbian community wasn’t there for you in the way that you needed them – to give you a safe space in which to decide for yourself who you really were – instead of assuming and insisting you must be trans. Maybe you would have come to that decision anyway, but it wasn’t up to them to force it onto you whilst simultaneously not supporting you to be a butch or gender nonconforming lesbian.

        I wish you all the best.

  25. doublevez Says:

    Excuse ME!!!!!!!!! “Why won’t my penis pop out, it hurts up there”. This kid was being sexually abused. Children can react to sexual abuse by wanting to be the opposite sex, where they think it will be safe, and this comment is pure child-speak for “help me”.

  26. Bev Jo Says:

    Meishuu, what is with the “feminists” who are reclaiming male-defined “femininity?” I agree and remember the original article about that in the late Seventies, which was the beginning of the wave of Lesbians looking het, harassing Lesbians who looked like Lesbians (both Fems and Butches), and then the porn and sado-masochism that glorify femininity were on that same wave of anti-feminism. Femininity has nothing to do with real femaleness, and clearly is the stick used to beat little girls and any woman who refuses to obey those male rules into submission.

    But yes, if we try to give any Radical Lesbian Feminist political commentary about the misogyny in that, WE’RE called misogynist. It’s policing feminists on behalf of the patriarchy.

  27. weirdward Says:

    These stories always make me think about my own upbringing. My mother let my brother and I both do whatever we liked in terms of playing with toys and pursuing interests and activities. Result: both of us liked a whole range of stuff that crossed gender lines. My brother liked lego and action films but he also grew his hair long, painted his nails and sometimes wore make-up. He came home with pierced ears one day and my father flipped out because where I come from that’s considered a ‘girl thing’ that boys aren’t supposed to want.

    I had a collection of barbies but I also loved dinosaurs, lego, the outdoors, was fascinated by bugs and frogs and insects, never wore dresses cos they were hard to play in. When I got a bit older I started concentrating on doing well at school since I could see that education was just about the only way I was going to be able to get the skills I needed to get a good job and become economically independent.

    Of course, both my brother and I were regularly accused of being gay and lesbian respectively. Eventually he turned out straight (though is still gender non conforming in appearance) and I turned out as a lesbian. If we were growing up today, we’d both probably get called trans.

    But neither of us have any issues with being who we are. We’re quite happy to live as we want to live and to tell ppl who don’t like it to f-off. And we both have a lot of friends who accept us as we are and who respect us for the fact that we just don’t care about conforming to society’s expectations.

    So yeah…god forbid that mothers raise their kids to not care about gender expectations – looks what happens! Rabid dykes and men with pierced ears and long hair who don’t hate ourselves and don’t feel any sort of need to change our appearance or our bodies or our personalities to ‘fit in’.

    • I also had a whole range of toys…dinosaurs, Barbie dolls, toy cars, action figures…and my parents were completely fine with it. Thank god they didn’t know about trans because I was really a tomboy. I remember that I also cried because my parents bought me some barbie stuff as a christmas present but I wanted hot wheel toys. Instead of correcting my “jendah nonconforming” – my parents supported me, never denied that I’m a girl just because I loved “boy stuff, never dragged me to genderist doctors and so on. I guess I was very lucky. We are currently going back in time where everyone who doesn’t conform stupid gender roles has to be corrected. Wtf?

  28. Bev Jo Says:

    No, Wolf, Butches are not on their way out. I know proud Butches of all ages. The F2Ts are primarily Fem, and many actually are het or bisexual women who eventually return to men, though professing to be gay men. The male worshipping is horrific, but really, if we can get past worrying about losing Lesbians to this cult and recognize that many of the women are het or bisexual, their “male” posturing and posing begins to look a bit funny. And the woman playing man in a relationship with another man is just a trendy variant on the majority boring hets. Pat Califia, who has done so much damage to Lesbians, is an example. Never a Butch, but a game-playing bisexual.

    My dinosaur reference was a joke, adding to the others here. I just wanted to be a warrior girl in a community of girls, where we fought to protect each other against all who would hurt us (who I imagined as male). I did not have the support of a Butch community or any Lesbian community until I was 18. I was alone, without support, refusing femininity and being told I would have to get married and reproduce. I was always in love with other girls. Actually, the first Butch I knew, who I was in love with since five years old, had found some bisexuals when she was 18 and I was 14 (1965), They introduced her to role-playing, dildos, and sado-masochism, as well as self-hatred for being a Lesbian. They repulsed me and confused me even more, so I continued alone until I found a bar community and DOB in 1969 (though I was underage), and then the Bay Area Lesbian Feminist community in 1970. I was just me, which turned out to be Butch, but there was a lot more support for those of us who looked like Lesbians than there is now.

  29. Bilbo Says:

    I don’t understand how someone could do this to their children. Is even stronger gender typing what past feminists have fought for and what we fight for today?

    I have a penis. I have two boys. One is only a few months old and the other is 5. Being a 5 year old, he does all sorts of amusing and experimental things. He really likes wearing his gown-like tunic that a family member brought back from a visit to Pakistan. He likes helping me with his brother’s diaper changes and with the cooking. He loves anything with a rainbow color scheme and doesn’t like getting his hands dirty.

    Obviously (scoff!), these are girl traits. At least, according to both old style thinking and the new world of “feminism” and gender theory. In the old world of strong gender roles maybe these would have been beaten out of him. In the new world, I’m supposed to conclude he must be a little girl rather than a little boy. Am I crazy for just thinking that he’s a little kid?!

    I find it absolutely confounding that anyone would take a child like this and conclude that he’s obviously *really* a little girl trapped in a little boy’s body. It’s enough to make me want to cry… except- only crying about the plight of children is a “female” trait. And I do have a healthy set of man boobs. I must be a transwoman in denial and with so much internalised transphobia that I can’t bring myself to admit it.

    OK, I’m done. I’m going to go give my kids a hug and tell them they can like whatever the hell they want. Thank you for the fine analysis.

  30. Bev Jo Says:

    Yes, I know, Gallus, but I object to anyone adding to the myth that most F2Ts are Butch and that Butches are going extinct — especially from an F2T.

    DM started the joke of wanting to be a Pterodactyl at five. Yisheng continued with wanting to be an ankylosaur, and so I added iguanadon. Wolf seems to have missed that.

    I agree, Bilbo.

    • Wolf Says:

      Hi Bev Jo,
      I should apologize for the confusion, I see now that I wasn’t clear. I’m not trying to say that most FTMs are butch. This hasn’t been my experience, at the very least. I personally identified that way before transition, and I know a handful of others.The overwhelming majority that I’ve met are gay, and flamboyantly so, or feminine at the very least. Ok, so we’re on the same page about that.

      What I AM trying to say is that the majority of butches (at least in my age bracket, born between 1980 and 1995) are under increasing social pressure to transition. I think a lot of them do. I’ve just had too many run in’s with people I remember from years back, who were butches. “Oh, you too, huh?” To be clear, I am saying “Many A’s are B’s, but most B’s are NOT A’s.” I think this pressure comes from a number of directions, both within the Lesbian community, and outside of it. I think we can agree on that.

      My reasoning is simply this: if butch girls are identified at the first indication of rejecting “patriarchal femininity,” and told they are boys, and forced to undergo hormonal transition, where are you gonna get more butches? Are you going to set up a secret breeding facility in the woods of Michigan? I hope that the practice of “trans-ing” kids doesn’t catch on. Like you all’s, I think that’s a shitty solution to the problem of “jendah.”

      But there are several vested interests in this practice, and one of them happens to be an endocrinologist at the esteemed Children’s Hospital in Boston.He’s one of doctors who’s pioneered the use of hormone blockers to delay puberty as early as 12 years old, and has been administering hormones to teenagers as young as 16 yrs old. And yes, he does train other doctors in his procedures. Look him up if you’ve got some time to kill. Or maybe you know about him and you’re way ahead of me. What the hell do I know? I don’t have to tell you that sex reassignment is big business.

      I also don’t think that so many Radical Feminists would focus that much energy on the Trans political machine if they didn’t honestly think it had enough influence to threaten Lesbianism and set feminism back a few decades. I could be wrong. I have been wrong many times. I’m just a dumb, bearded lady, after all.

      I should have been more careful in my wording though. I by no means wish to offend. I’m not gloating. I do not I think the mass extinction of butches is a positive thing. If I’m wrong, and I hope I am, then good. Great in fact. I think that’s a very positive thing, for many reasons. I think automatically labeling a gender non-conforming person as Trans is abusive. People, and especially young people, should have options.

      I got the dinosaur joke, Bev. I do read the other comments
      Thanks for reading mine. Ok, I shut up now.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Norman Spack is almost singlehandedly responsible for the spread of the controversial practice of sterilizing gender-nonconforming children medically via the administration of puberty blockers followed by cross-sex hormones. Jo Olson and others have been trained by him. Last year’s conroversial Endocrine Society guidelines for the sterilization of “trans” children were headed by him, and the two Journal Pediatrics articles published this year which attempt to legitimize the sterilization of these kids were authored by him. Presumably he is trying to put into place legitimizing protocols to prevent retroactive lawsuits ahead of his impending retirement.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Also, girls are being sterilized by these doctors younger than the age of 16. Even in this thread here:

        Are several kids being injected with testosterone in the eighth grade.

      • GallusMag Says:

        That makes them what- 13? 14?

  31. Anne E Watmough Says:

    Mommie’s girl – This is sick. And child abuse. This child unfortunately is heading for a mental overwhelm during childhood. Which then probably will lead her to a life of abuse from the psychiatric system vis a vis psychiatric medication.

    I hate to say this but the woman should either be strongly advised good therapy or have her child removed as she obviously is damaging her daughter profusely. Poor little girl.

  32. […] bei vorschnellen Klassifikationen von Kindern oft Stereotype zentral sind, kritisiert etwa auch der Beitrag von ‘GenderTrender’, der ein Buch der Psychiaterin Tracie Stratton über ihre […]

  33. Not all gender nonconforming children are lost. In germany there is a father who started to wear skirts and dresses as he noticed that his son loves to do it. He thought his son needs a role model.

    the translated article:



    “He smiles when other boys (it’s almost always boys) want to make a fool out of him and says: ‘You just don’t dare to wear dresses and skirts because your fathers don’t dare to.”

    • doublevez Says:

      The father also smiled when a woman who had stared at him walked into a lamp post. The child “roared with laughter”. (Four year’s old’s only do this is they are taught this is the response to someone being injured, by the parent doing it). The son learned this idea of enjoyment of someone else’s pain. In the photo the father and son are barefoot in the town square. In a small German town. LOL. In fact the photo looks staged.

      And the story reads staged. We have seen this phenomenon on YouTube: parents putting their kids in unlikely situations, the kids saying preternaturally adult things. It’s the same game as the child beauty pageants.

      Read the paragraph with his enjoyment of “a woman” walking into a lamppost. Pure misogyny. This is no enlightened, feminist father.

      • How is that misogyny? Just because it was a woman who stared at this poor boy? I can’t see any misogyny here.

      • doublevez Says:

        The misogyny is his enjoyment of the women who stared at him and the child in skirts, was injured as she walked into a lamp post because she was staring at him. She dared to stare at 1.) a man in a skirt, with, 2.) a child in a skirt, 3.) both barefoot in the town square. Obvs, she deserved to smash her face in and he was righteous to laff at misery and injury. Because she stared. JFC.

      • Bilbo Says:

        I still don’t see how this is misogyny. I see two faults with your argument:

        1. Child psychology: I’m not sure how much time you’ve spent with kids, but even at the age of four they often can’t past themselves when something like that happens. At least not at first. There’s a reason young children find slapstick comedy so funny, and I don’t think it’s simply because they’re all violent racist homophobic misogynists.

        I’ve seen very compassionate children laugh at the sight of someone getting hurt, only to realize what the consequences of what they’ve just seen and then cry or offer help. Especially when it happens to an adult- they seem to be able to relate what they’ve seen to themselves far more when it happens to another child. They also seem to be better able to recognize a scene as negative when it’s an interaction between two or more people, as opposed to one person interacting with an inanimate object, like a streetlight. A Person-Object interaction rarely has the emotive or physical clues that pain is being inflicted or that a struggle is occurring that a violent Person-Person interaction usually does.

        At first glance, they think that the absurd seeming scene they’ve just witnessed was staged for their own amusement, followed by a lag between the initial impression and the realization that there was some sort of painful or violent act.

        2. The Woman: Even if you somehow knew that the child’s laugh was pure Schadenfreude, I still don’t think the claims of misogyny make any sense. I have seen vaguely similar situations where I’d accept your analysis- a woman stumbling out of a bar, utterly pissed, and tripping to the ground will likely get a big laugh from a group of “bros” outside smoking, whereas a man in the same situation would get either a head shake or a helping hand.

      • I hear you doublevez.

        I was just now reminded of a “funny story” told to me by an considerably older, male, white co-worker years ago in the Deep South. He could hardly relate his story, he was laughing so hard. Turns out, the “funny story” was about the look on a black man’s face just as he was hit by a car in a parking lot. I kept waiting for the punch-line, but that was it: “Ha-ha this black guy got hit by a car right in front of me and I can’t stop laughing over the look of shock/surprise/fear on his face just before the car struck him.”

        I felt this wave of nausea crash through as I realized that this man was still laughing about this :30 minutes after it happened. Laughing at a stranger suffering being rammed by a 3,000-lb. vehicle. He didn’t even know or care how badly the man was injured. It was just a joke to him.

        It still gives me this greasy feeling of disgust to think of it now, twenty-five years later.

        Let’s hope that the woman staring at this pair wasn’t actually injured, but if she was injured, that apparently isn’t cause for empathy or concern by many people. They laugh at other people being hurt…

      • doublevez Says:

        The “shadenfreude” is the father’s. and the poor manipulated used child is laughing because he already knows what to do to placate this potentially dangerous father. Refer: title of this post.

  34. Bev Jo Says:

    I agree, Wolf, that this should be stopped. It’s beyond child abuse and medical torture. I think Butches will always exist and continue though, but certainly a lot of girls will be damaged as a result of being given toxic hormones and surgery. So many doctors are criminals really. And of course I don’t support reproduction, let alone “breeding facilities.” In spite of the pressure on girls to transition, there is also more support for Lesbian and Butch girls now than there ever has been before. At least there are some positive images of out Lesbians in the media. When I was growing up, there was not one book or film that wasn’t Lesbian-hating. The word wasn’t mentioned. So the pressure then was to lock Butches up in mental hospitals and psychiatrically torture them with drugs and shock “treatments.” It’s just a change of tactics now, with the same goal to damage girls and make them obey male rules.

    But if patriarchy ever somehow ends and the constant pressure on girls to become male-identified unnaturaly feminine ever stops, then all girls will be Butch. So I don’t worry we’ll go extinct.

  35. Leilani Says:

    I wish we could condemn PC gender essentialism without all the trans skepticism. My partner is MtF and constantly degraded as not presenting well enough, questioned why she transitioned if she’s just a big tomboy. Because she likes Levi’s and basketball and all sorts of traditionally masculine interests, people don’t understand why she needs to pass herself off as female when that frequently raises problems for her to do so. Like every MtF did so just to feel comfortable wearing glittery make up and again womanhood is reduced to a color determined by department stores. Just like the mainstream media encourages third wave sex-friendly feminism to focus on sex and politics exclusive to heterosexuality, so do they limit their portrayals to liberal cases like transgendered people who are meant to prove the binary. The nonconforming ones (no-op genderqueers as a lesser representation) are routinely ignored. It shouldn’t have been as shocking as it was to see all the gushing, ignorant comments on The Advocate. Seriously, the mother had her kid pegged at 18 months and openly flouted pediatric doctors’ findings and recommendations! The mother pathologized her child from the beginning. This is her John Money moment. It doesn’t work in either direction.

    • First of all, count me in. I don’t understand it, either. If he is biologically male, looks biologically male, has a strong interest in traditionally acceptable male interests and pursuits, dresses very much as a traditional male, why is it so important to him to “pass [himself] off as female” to the rest of us? What’s wrong with just accept being what he is: a male? Have you asked him to try and explain it to you? Are you honestly satisfied with the explanation? (Note: As a matter of ethics, I do not use wrong-sex pronouns if I know the biological sex of the person in question.)

      Secondly, why shouldn’t we “routinely ignore” an individual we don’t know who is having gender issues? Why the need for attention or affirmation or whatever? I don’t expect people to pat me on the head or write stories about my “identity”. Frankly, I find the YouTube Nation’s need to have one’s “identity” affirmed and attended to all the time to be narcissistic in the extreme. I have no interest in attending the public therapy sessions of total strangers via YouTube or reality TV or invasive, inappropriate interviews in the new media.

      I am baffled at how so much of our culture became so needy, narcissistic and emotionally disturbed.

  36. doublevez Says:

    This will be an MP3 download at “Podcast” (upper right) later today or tomorrow morning. Doctor who promoted reparation therapy apologizes: 24 mins.

    I believe this is related to today’s version of reparation therapy — transgendering.

  37. Traci Stratton Says:

    Amazing how this is so off base and innacurate. You beleive everything you read. And what is fed to you. Did anybody ask me?You found a person who is inocent and formed a hate group. I hope you are judged as harshly. The age and times, names,are not even accurate, some to help with security. This is so very long ago and not current. Please stop this hate. So much hype is put into this. Its not what it seems. im sorry I even wrote anything. My kid is intersex/transgendet as diagnosed at age 5. By test and two endocrinologists. Not by me. It is treated the same, basically is the same as transgender in many ways. I had to do what makes the kid happy, likeall other parents of trans kids. I want my child happy and my child is. Please do not worry. Im not part of any religion or homophobic at all. One of my older kids is a lesbian and also very happy. And loved. I understand your concern though. If I see it through your eyes, yes it is frightening. But I know many children who are happy and can be who they are. I hope your parents granted you the same unconditional love.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Hello Traci. Thank you for responding to the post.

      You say that I “believe everything you read and what is fed to you”. And “the ages and times, names, are not even accurate, some to help with security”. Yet the article that I quote and respond to here was written BY YOU. Are you upset that I quoted inaccuracies POSTED BY YOU? Or are you now claiming that the Advocate altered or edited your article without your consent? Are you implying that I had a journalistic responsibility to ferret out your private family history, find a way to bypass the patient confidentiality of your child’s medical and psychiatric providers and expose inaccuracies that YOU YOURSELF PUBLISHED? That seems a very outrageous (if not bizarre) expectation. The article parsed here was WRITTEN BY YOU. Any inaccuracies, or what is “being fed” to a reader was WRITTEN and PUBLISHED BY YOU. Is that, or is that not correct?

      You state “This is so very long ago and not current”. This was published on August 16, 2012 in the Advocate BY YOU. Is that, or is that not correct?

      You state “Please stop this hate. So much hype is put into this. Its not what it seems. im sorry I even wrote anything”

      First of all, I feel no hate, and I have expressed no hate. As a sex-role rejecting (since birth) lesbian I feel I have a duty to respond to harmful messages in the media. This does not require “hate”. So please feel at ease that no one “hates” you. I’m very interested in hearing how what you published is “not what it seems”. Are you saying that you expressed the facts inaccurately? And if so, how? I, and my readers are very interested in understanding how what you wrote about your experience differs from your actual experience, and also why your written account was inaccurate. Through understanding, we all learn.

      You state “My kid is intersex/transgendet as diagnosed at age 5. By test and two endocrinologists.”

      What is that diagnosis? Intersex conditions HAVE NAMES. They are medical conditions. Transgender is NOT the same as intersex. What is the name of the intersex condition your child was diagnosed with?

      You state: “It is treated the same, basically is the same as transgender in many ways. I had to do what makes the kid happy, likeall other parents of trans kids.” [sic]

      WHAT intersex condition is treated that way? What medical condition – what disorder of sexual development- does your child have? Pediatric treatment of disorders of reproductive development are undertaken (or should be, there has been incredible medical malfeasance in this area of practice in the not too distant past) to optimize function, and not usually framed as “I had to do what makes the kid happy”. Treatment of chromosomal or congenital reproductive issues has little in common with supplying a child with a “happy meal”. You seem to blame your child for forcing (“I had to do what makes the kid happy”) you to treat an unnamed DSD (that by inference you would have personally elected not to treat) … frankly Traci: this all just doesn’t add up. It’s like my original post repeated.

      You are angry that an article was inaccurate BUT YOU WROTE THAT ARTICLE.
      You are angry that an article is “not current” BUT YOU PUBLISHED THAT ARTICLE SEVEN WEEKS AGO.
      You claim a mysterious medical condition for your child THAT YOU REFUSE TO NAME.
      And you frame that mystery condition as one whose treatment was FORCED UPON YOU AGAINST YOUR WILL BY YOUR CHILD.

      This is some cray, Traci. This is some serious-ass cray.

      “If I see it through your eyes, yes it is frightening.”


  38. Nila Says:

    It’s pittyful that Trans people are using the Intersex name to justify their traniness to people. What’s even more funny is that they all like to claim an intersex condition, but can’t name a Single intersex condition that they claim to be diagnosed with. It just goes to show how desperate trans are in trying justify and legitimize themselves

  39. Katie H. Says:

    Hi – My name is Katie and I am a graduate science journalism student with the NYU Science, Health and Environmental Reporting Program. I am preparing to write a piece on hormone blockers and gender-nonconforming children. In researching possible sources for this article I came across this blog post, and I’d really like to talk to you about it. I’d like to make sure the piece is fair and balanced, and you seem to make some valid points that are contradictory to the main stream. If interested please e-mail me at XXXXXXX. Thanks for your help!

  40. […] is actively, materially dangerous for gender non-conforming […]

  41. […] [xxiv] “Transgender Children”: Pathology of childhood is NOT LOVE, by Gallus Mag. August 17, 2012. https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2012/08/17/transgender-children-pathology-of-childhood-is-not-lov… […]

  42. […] are many things wrong and dangerous about trans activism and trans theory (for example the targeting of gender non-conforming children for chemical castration and a lifetime o…, or ‘trans inclusive’ guidelines that make it too easy for an abusive man to get into […]

  43. Reblogged this on TRANSGENDER is WRONG and commented:
    It’s just fucking evil when they do this to children. And stupid.

  44. Missa Ndrea Says:

    Thank you so much Gallus. Seriously, thank you. All these articles you’ve taken the time to research and write about, and this one in particular, are such a help to women. Just, thank you.

    Anyway. I think this one, I am going to print out (several copies worth) and give to doctors and a copy to their nursing staff of each department (with all the links etc included at the bottom — especially the link about the 18 month old who was beaten to death, and include the address of gendertrender of course). It’s just utterly pathetic that the entire medical community continues to remain silent regarding what a few of it’s members have been allowed to do in the name of profits, and confused pity for a few insane patients.

    I strongly encourage everyone else to also give a copy to your doctor and medical staff. If you don’t want to “make waves” then just act like the only reason you’re giving it to them is so they can make sense of it for you. The important thing is that they read it. If you don’t have a printer, copy and paste this page to a text file, include the links at the bottom, and take your flash drive to Kinko’s or some other printing shop. Then the next time you visit a doctor or a hospital, give one set to each department. Apologize to each nurse or doctor for adding to their amount of reading,but say you don’t understand why the medical community is pathologizing stereotypes.

    THIS ARTICLE IS EXACTLY WHY I DON’T TRUST DOCTORS. Why, why why are they remaining silent while their brethren continues to perpetuate such harm??? It is past time they speak up and demand that the sex-role compliant doctors within their midst, cease reifying harmful gender stereotypes. But they won’t speak up and risk “making waves” until they hear from enough patients who are concerned.

    Thank you.

  45. Thank you for this amazingly wriiten article, and “Say no to gender”. This Trans* is a weird mix of homophobia and using bullying and I don’t undestand how it became “Politically Correct” as of late. It’s a sick and twisted trend and we all need to quash it by being loud and publicly stand up against this.

  46. FeistyAmazon Says:

    Reblogged this on FeistyAmazon and commented:
    This more than anything pisses me off! Inwould have fit into ALL those categories..rejecting feminine roles, clothes and toys and hanging more with boys and adventures with them. Nothing bored me more than girls playing doll and house and imitating female domestic life!!!They had me in therapy I’m sure for that but it NEVER worked. Thank goodness I was never forced on hormone blockers, surgeroes or opposite sex hormones!!!!

  47. Amananta Says:

    “Why is The Advocate providing an uncritical platform to an agenda of pathologizing and medicalizing the behaviors of young children that in majority grow up to be well-adjusted homosexuals? Why is the Advocate uncritically providing a platform for the pre-mature sterilization (via maturity blockers followed by sterilizing cross-sex hormones) of lesbian and gay children? ”
    Follow the money.

    Cui bono?

  48. Sarah Says:

    Beautifully written. Thank you!

  49. Kaila Says:

    Can I just point out that making a children’s transgender section to “take the sex out of the face of transgender issues” does not mean sterilization, it means not calling young children transexual. As is the term often ascribed to adults. Which in and of itself is flawed because not all trans people want a sex change and it is not an option for gender fluid individuals.
    I hope that helps.

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